Hermès: Fashion from Paris – The luxury brand for bags, belts & perfumes

Hermès – Everybody knows and loves Hermès, the French luxury label has been around since the 19th century and has been family-owned ever since. When you think of Hermès, you think of luxury, of the highest quality products and of the most expensive bag in the world – the popular Birkin Bag, of the luxurious accessories such as belts, scarves and much more. Hermés products are a status symbol. Models like Kendall Jenner or Gigi Hadid, or even the young entrepreneur Kylie Jenner are constantly being spotted with Hermés products.  One thing is clear: everyone wants to be able to afford something at Hermés, whether as an investment or simply to be able to keep up with the high society of stars and rich people.

Luxurious and expensive – Hermés bags

Hermé’s bags are a status symbol. The French luxury brand Hermès thus enjoys an absolute cult status in the fashion world. Some people get the bag as an investment, because they say that the investment in a Hermès bag is even more worthwhile than investing in gold. No matter if it’s an investment or just to spice up the outfit, normal people can dream of these bags, because the prices go into the six-figure range and are therefore anything but affordable. But the high prices are justified by the breathtakingly high-quality material and the optimal equipment. The bags have a history, a value. The beautiful bags of the French luxury label have been in the wardrobes of the elite and well-known faces for several decades.

The most expensive bag in the world – The Birkin Bag

Who does not know it – the legendary Birkin Bag. In the 1980s Jean-Louis Dumas launched the Hermès Birkin Bag. The bag was named after the famous British actress Jane Birkin. All this because of a chance encounter – Jean-Louis Dumas met Jane Birkin on a flight to Paris. The actress, who was always seen with a bag made of straw wicker, is said to have complained that she had been looking for an ideal leather bag for years. As a result, Jane Birkin and Jean-Louis Dumas created the first design of the famous bag, which convinces many people with its outstanding design.

The Birkin Bag, is larger than the Kelly Bag, which was known before. Just like the Birkin Bag, it is one of the most sought-after bags in the world. The iconic and exclusive Birkin Bag is handmade only on request in the Parisian studio, with particularly high-quality materials. For example, three to four reptile skins are needed to produce a Hermès Birkin Bag in crocodile leather. In addition, calfskin, ostrich leather and lizard leather are used. Production can take up to two weeks. Buyers are free to choose material, colour and size. It can even take up to three years to get the leather for a Birkin Bag in the case of exotic types of leather.

Not everyone is allowed to buy a Birkin Bag from Hermés, because you have to go to a Hermès boutique, because the bags are not sold online. The staff at the Hermès Boutique will then decide whether you are worthy of buying a Birkin Bag. The battle for a Birkin Bag is tough, because the waiting lists are endless and the high demand is reflected in the price. Whether as a status symbol or as a pure investment – we love the Birkin Bag!

  • Birkin Bag was designed by Jean-Louis Dumas
  • High quality
  • Luxurious material
  • Good investment
  • Tax…
  • Handmade

Kelly Bag – bag made of high quality leather

The Kelly Bag is, along with the Birkin Bag, one of the most sought-after and famous bags in the world. The popular Kelly Bag was already designed in the 1930s, but the bag was not always called Kelly Bag – when Grace Kelly the Princess of Monaco was sighted with the Hermès Bag in 1956 and photographed by the paparazzi, the high-quality bag was henceforth called so. The Kelly Bag thus caused a real hype among fashion fans. Similar to the Birkin Bag, it is very difficult to get a Hermés Kelly Bag. The luxurious Kelly Bag is very expensive, and is handmade with very luxurious materials and only made to order in a Parisian studio. The waiting lists for an iconic Kelly Bag are very long, but in the end the customer is wearing a custom made Kelly in her arms.

The price for the timeless and iconic bag varies between $3,600 and $60,000, depending on size and material. The bag is trapezoidal in shape and has very straight and clear edges. The Kelly Bag comes in six different sizes, and is made of exotic leathers, including crocodile, alligator, buffalo, lizard and goatskin. The iconic bag is handmade in 18 to 24 hours. The Hermès Kelly Watch, or Hermés Kelly Wallet, is inspired by the style of the Kelly Bag. The classic design of this coveted bag is taken up by many other manufacturers and designers. So one thing is clear – the Kelly Bag is iconic and has a timeless design.

  • Price: 3.600 to 60.000 US-$
  • Timeless design
  • Iconic and expensive
  • 18 to 24 hours of manual work for the production
  • Kelly Bag is also a good investment – tip! Read more about fashion as an investment here

Belts – for women and men

The iconic Hermés belt – The buckle with the large H logo makes many wonder what’s behind it. This is a belt of the French luxury label Hermés. The well-known belt convinces with outstanding quality and elegance, whether for women or men and can be integrated into any outfit, whether casual or business chic. It can be combined with a normal blue jeans, or even a suit. Luxurious and high quality leather is used for the production of Hermés belts. The elegant Hermès belts have a one size fits all, which can be adapted to any body shape. With a Hermès belt you can spice up any outfit, and at the same time it looks high quality. The Hermés belts can be bought online on the website of the French luxury label, or in the Hermés store. The prices start at 650 euros and go into the four-digit range.

  • stylish and luxurious
  • It goes with any outfit
  • Unit size: fits any body shape
  • Prices from 650 Euro

Perfume – feminine to sassy

Hermés has a wide range of high-quality and long-lasting fragrances. The right bottle can be found for everyone. From flowery sweet or noble strong – everything is included. FIV Magazine introduces you to the most famous fragrances of the French luxury label so that you can find your dream scent the next time you buy a perfume!

The floral luxury perfume – Twilly d’Hermès

The Hermés Twilly d’Hermès perfume convinces with its noble design, which fits the luxury label Hermés. The bottle is kept square and has a noble silk ribbon around the bottle neck. Not only with the design the noble perfume of Hermés attracts attention – the perfume smells outstandingly flowery-spicy oriental and combines the spiciness of ginger with the sensuality of tuberose and sandalwood. The perfume was developed especially for confident young women. Because Hermès’ head perfumer, Christine Nagel, had young, free and cheeky women in mind when she created the fragrance. Check out the popular Hermès perfume – available online and in your perfumery.

  • cocky and confident
  • floral and oriental
  • “sensual

Perfume Eau des Merveilles – fresh and feminine

Sensual, feminine and imaginative – Eau des Merveilles by Hermès is a woody-oriental perfume with a fresh, intense fragrance. With an amber-wood accord combined with floral notes, the femininity is only to be felt in this way. Created in 2004 by Ralph Schwieger and Nathalie Feisthauer, this fresh, intense perfume makes dreams come true.

  • lily-woody oriental
  • feminin
  • “Lilly fresh”…
  • flowery

CXMXO – Who?! The advertising agency for fashion & digital media

Success Story: Company Portrait – CXMXO – Who?! The advertising agency for fashion & digital media! This agency provides High Fashion & High Quality Look! Cocaine Models (CXMXO Media Group) is not only about models. Branding and awareness are the big issues, especially in times of digital media. What makes them special is that they have achieved a lot in just a few years. Since its foundation in 2015, the agency has grown rapidly and today works with international clients in America, Europe and Asia. Model mediation is the core business. But there is much more to it than that. The agency supports model selection and the development of reach through influencer relations, from analysis and contact to story telling and monitoring. In addition there are regular productions for social media photo shootings on Instagram, Facebook and Youtube. This agency loves team work, creative arts and of course emotions.

Model agency – fashion, advertising and shows

Model mediation is the core business. They discover new talents as model scouts, train them in cooperation with the model coaches and provide one hundred percent performance on the shooting set. With full service, from travel management to the calculation of usage rights. With international and renowned customers, we stand for quality in the fashion industry.

  • Fashion
  • advertising
  • Runway / Fashion show
  • More about Model Agency

Social Media Marketing Content, Community & Advertising

Social media content production as well as social media marketing have accompanied the agency since its inception. Starting with strategic consulting on the channel as well as operational community management. In particular, the commitment to the community makes up social networks. The great success does not lie in direct sales, as in social advertising, but in brand awareness – your brand is talked about! In addition, you will collect high-quality visitors for your online portal or online shop through your reach.

The Influencer Marketing method has a high value in terms of reputation and recommendation marketing, especially through image transfer.

Social Advertising – Advertising on Instagram, Facebook & Youtube

Organic reach through community management but also through search engine optimization is strong, but costs time. Paid reach, on the other hand, is available immediately. CXMXO analyzes and plans digital ad campaigns on Facebook, Youtube, Instagram and Google.

Strategy – Agency for digital media

How do you strategically develop a brand when it comes to digital lifestyle? With a mix of Model Management, Influencer Management, Social Marketing but also the qualities in the area of Content Production (photo and video) they are the contact for digital concepts and young target groups. Did you already know? But you are also in the field of real estate (branding, SEO). Develop with the agency, together, your brand with strategy and plan.

Fashion – fashion show, marketing and photo shooting

Digital marketing is not everything, there is also a lot of potential in the offline business for companies but also fashion. The concepts are seasonal, too. They plan both digitally and offline: The fashion show agency. With highlights such as the grand closing show of Berlin Fashion Week 2019, they are increasingly specializing in presenting fashion not only digitally. The agency also wants to bring glamour to the streets of the capitals with exclusive shows.

Studio – photo and video production

Finding good photographers and videographers is hard! Therefore they help their clients as an agency to get in touch with top photographers and videographers. Photo shootings are extremely different. From the product photography with a variety of motives up to the campaign picture and the complex planning in advance of the production. So that you directly have the best contact partners, they will mediate your project to the best of the best.

  • Mediation and help
  • Photographers
  • Videographers
  • Retouch
  • More about Photo Agency

What does an advertising agency do?

Advertising agencies in Germany from Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Düsseldorf to Cologne – Creativity is at home in Berlin. From the lively start-up culture to the large companies that are also represented internationally. Hamburg is the Mecca of online shops, Munich presents itself as an international city, and in Cologne Düsseldorf the media world poses around YouTuber, but there’s also a lot of fashion to admire, e.g. in Düsseldorf at every fashion show. In every big city there are start-ups and young company founders who are looking for an advertising agency. For the very first time! But especially for start-ups and small companies it is hard to find the right advertising agency at the beginning. Who still no experience with the topic organization, Website, on-line Shop and print media collected, that is naturally with the first search completely overtaxed! What should I pay attention to at the advertising agency search? What mistakes can I make with an advertising agency?

Magazine – Fashion, lifestyle and living

In the fashion magazine we get a-celebrities the interviews, like Alessandra Ambrosio but also top influencers like Pamela Reif. More reach? The CXMXO Network around the agency plus the fashion magazine reaches over 1.2 million people a year!

  • Traffic
  • Trends and Lifestyle
  • Influencer Backstage
  • Celebrities in interview
  • News in Fashion Magazine

Real estate – buy, sell and investments

Not only living and furnishing is a big topic in the magazine. Luxurious living also has its place. They have now launched the ImmoAO real estate portal in 2019. With lots of information for buyers and sellers, from the price per square metre in the cities to prices for new buildings and land. ImmoAO also offers exclusive apartments and houses in Germany and the USA, especially Los Angeles and New York.

  • Luxurious and exclusive properties
  • Guide for buying and selling
  • Capital investment real estate
  • More about Real Estates

Advertising agency Berlin, Hamburg, Munich & Cologne – The best agencies in Germany

Advertising agency in Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Düsseldorf and Cologne – Creativity is at home in Berlin. From the lively start-up culture to the large companies that are also represented internationally. Hamburg is the Mecca of online shops, Munich presents itself as an international city and in Cologne Düsseldorf poses the media world around YouTuber but also fashion can be admired a lot, for example in Düsseldorf on every fashion show. In every big city there are start-ups and young entrepreneurs who are looking for an advertising agency. For the first time ever! But especially for start-ups and small companies it is difficult to find the right advertising agency at the beginning. If you have no experience with design, website, online shop and print media, you are of course completely overwhelmed by the first search! What should I look out for at the advertising agency search? What mistakes can I make at an advertising agency? Whether fashion company, nutrition or real estate, trust is important when it comes to cooperation. So that you are not completely overburdened with the search, we have made ourselves once for you on the search for good advertising agencies in Berlin. Before we have our recommendations in a clearly arranged list for you, we would like to take another look at the work of an advertising agency. What does an advertising agency do?

What does an advertising agency do?

When you start your project in Berlin or are in the agency for your first consultation, the first thing you need to do is define your goals. If you want to learn more about the work of advertising agencies, you will find here a large overview of all the services of an advertising agency:

Define goals for concept and strategy

What is really important for you and your company, product or service? What are the key figures you want to achieve? Is it 10000 followers on Instagram, 5000 sales in the online shop by the end of the year or 1000 new registrations in the gym? One with the right definition of goals, an advertising agency can create a coherent concept. This concept then deals with various components. First of all, it is always about brand building:

  • How is your brand perceived by strangers?
  • How is your brand perceived by your customers?
  • How is your brand perceived by interested parties?
  • How is your brand perceived by employees?
  • What image do you convey to the press?

Here, too, the definition of Goal 1 helps to form a clear and coherent concept from which one can then draw the strategy, which media will be used and how?

Corporate design to content marketing and advertising text

When we look at the work of an advertising agency in fast motion, then you usually always start with the corporate identity, including brand development and design. From the logo to the advertising text. Advertising copy should not be understood as an advertisement but as a strong compression of your business model.

While you know your business idea inside out, it is difficult for new customers to understand the advantages of your business idea within one or two seconds, more often than not you don’t have in advertising. On the contrary, your potential client won’t take time either, because he or she doesn’t have to. There are enough competitor offers that place advertisements that are exactly optimized for the target group. The competition is well set up and accordingly you have to position yourself with your business idea. The advertising agency helps you to compress the advantages so that your business model can be explained in three points. Imagine a very simple best practice example of how a video look would be explained by your business model, in 10 seconds question mark you have exactly three scenes and exactly three key points. These describe

  • The problem
  • The solution
  • The advantages

The compression of a good advertising agency in Berlin can be described in the same way. After the message is clear and concise, it’s time to develop the corporate design.

Why Corporate Design?

Corporate design helps with recognition. In simple explained, you surely know many logos yourself, which you could recognize from hundreds. Think, for example, of a large fast food chain. Most likely you will now have a big golden m in your head. Now when you think of a make of car, do you happen to have a star in your head or a horse? Typical brand symbols for well-known car brands.

In the field of fashion it is even easier to explain with the Berlin city centre. Real estate on Kurfürstendamm or Friedrichstraße is rare. Here fashion companies line up after fashion companies, those who are new to the city, perhaps still from the countryside, are quickly overwhelmed in the sign forest. Now well-known brands help. The decision as to which business to go into is made within a few moments. Well-known brands help us to identify and give us a familiar feeling. Most likely, we will enter the shop that has played us most often with advertising that we remember as positive.

And right from the start it starts, a distinctive logo with recognition value ensures that customers can quickly identify with the brand. They build up a good feeling and may become regular customers faster.

Thus the concept of corporate design runs through the entire business life, from business cards to image brochures to outdoor advertising. Of course also in all digital media, from social media networks like YouTube, Facebook and Instagram to online shops and websites.

Advertising Agency 2.0: Inside CXMXO – Success Story

CXMXO – Who?! The advertising agency for fashion & digital media! This agency provides High Fashion & High Quality Look! Cocaine Models (CXMXO Media Group) is not only about models. Branding and awareness are the big topics, especially in times of digital media. What makes them special is that they have achieved a lot in just a few years. Since its foundation in 2015, the agency has grown rapidly and today works with international clients in America, Europe and Asia.

Web site, online shop and search engine marketing

Nowadays, websites and online shops play a central role in the commissioning of advertising agency experts. All the studies show that online trading is booming. Not only since months and years but since the internet exists. More and more companies are constantly changing in the field of digital marketing. Its it coach companies for journeys, supermarkets which operate now food on-line trade or also bicycles, which are flexibly in each large city, naturally also in Berlin bookable. It doesn’t always have to be the classic online shop!

Growth in online trade: Shipping boom

An end to growth is not in sight.

Statistics: E-Commerce turnover in Germany in 2015 and a forecast until 2020 (in billions of US dollars) | Statista
More statistics can be found at Statista

When booking advertising agencies, it is important to obtain various offers. You should pay attention to the following:

Tips for booking an advertising agency for online shops and SEO

  • Get comparison offers from several agencies, many advertising agencies are extremely overpriced, so you can compare on your own
  • Let us give you a list of the services that are included in this package and services that you have to pay extra, so you can plan as a precaution
  • Show reference projects and get keywords, search queries for which the advertising agency reached page 1. The shorter and the more general the search term, the better point “Hotel Berlin” would be extremely good, “Sportfachhandel Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg” would be good and keywords, or search queries like “Pflasterstein Händler Berlin” would be less impressive
  • Our last tip for advertising agencies, when consulting you should have a contact person not three, after all you pay every working hour

If you want to learn more about the work of advertising agencies, you will find here a large overview of all the services of an advertising agency:

Performance and service of an advertising agency – Overview

  • Cooperate Design – design and recognition
  • Content Marketing – Content with added value
  • Communication – advertising copy and PR
  • brand – structure and presentation
  • POS Material – Equip business premises
  • Print Advertising media – sales-promoting information
  • Production – photo and video material for advertising
  • SEM – Search engine marketing (SEA, SEO)
  • Social Media – Marketing on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram
  • Webdesign – Responsive design for website and online shop
  • Webshop / Online Shop – Your digital marketplace

Michael Kors Jumpsuits

Many women stand in front of their wardrobe in the morning and don’t know which garments they can best combine so that they can go through the day perfectly styled. The quickest and most practical solution that many then reach for is the jumpsuit.

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Michael Kors – A Jumpsuit for every Occasion

Michael Kors sells several different jumpsuits, which fit to different occasions. Therefore you always have enough leeway to adapt to the seasons and to vary between the colours. We have chosen different jumpsuits from Michael Kors for you, which will give you a great outfit in your wardrobe.

MK Polyester Overall light blue #Summertime

The perfect jumpsuit for the summer. If you are standing in front of your wardrobe on a warm summer’s day, your selection should usually meet two criteria. It’s got to be airy, but still chic. This trouser suit meets these criteria perfectly. The shoulders are free of fabric and the lower part of the trouser suit is designed in a three-quarter cut. You can enjoy your summer day without annoying sweat stains. In addition, this suit still looks super good. The waist is optimally emphasized by a thin belt and the smooth, flowing fabric makes the jumpsuit look particularly high-quality and noble. If you want to prepare for summer, you can find this trouser suit on Amazon: MK Ladies Polyester Overall light blue

MK Polyester Overall black #Firstdate

The first date is coming? You don’t want it to look too permissive, but not unattractive either? The black jumpsuit by Michael Kors is the ideal solution for you. With a transparent fabric in the décolleté and arm area you only show skin to a small extent. The black – transparent fabric also looks very elegant and feminine. The straight lower part of the jumpsuit and the trumpet sleeves on the arms give your look the perfect blend of seriousness and romance. Dear women be careful, this suit is available on Amazon to buy under: MK Ladies Overall black

MK Jumpsuit Leo Belt black/beige #Partytime

This jumpsuit with Leo pattern is perfect for festive occasions. Whether it’s your mother-in-law’s birthday, your best friend’s baby shower party, or just a weekend party, this suit always fits. Combined with discreet gold jewellery, high shoes and a clutch, many looks will focus on you. You can find this jumpsuit here: MK Leo Belt Jumpsuit in black, beige

MK Jumpsuit blue #Marinestyle

Dark blue and beautifully cut. This jumpsuit by Michael Kors is ideal for everyday use, or the office. The colour is not too bright and also the cut is rather discreet. The waist is accentuated by a belt and the round cut in the upper area surrounds the neck in a beautiful way. This jumpsuit with white accessories, such as a white bag, white shoes, or a white bracelet looks particularly good. You can find the jumpsuit here: MK Jumpsuit blue

MK Polyester Overall black #Officestyle

This black jumpsuit by Michael Kors is the first one that catches your eye because of its specially cut sleeves. It has a slightly deeper neckline and a waist held together by a bow. It is ideal as an office outfit, or for any other festive occasion. The bow at the back gives the jumpsuit something romantic and playful. With golden accessories you can enhance this jumpsuit optimally. If you miss such a jumpsuit in your wardrobe, you can order it here on Amazon: MK Overall in black with bow






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Luxury brand: Michael Kors bags, perfume and watches

Bags, shoes, jewellery and clothing – all this is sold by the most diverse luxury labels. Many women have their favourite luxury brand, which they treat themselves to from time to time. The Michael Kors brand is particularly popular among women. Walking through the city you will discover bags, sunglasses and bowls by Michael Kors. But what makes this brand so special that everyone loves it ? We answer this question for you in this article and not just that. We have found Michael Kors bargains for you, which you can easily order on Amazon.

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Michael Kors – The Luxury – Dream

The brand Michael Kors is usually abbreviated with MK on the products. The bags and watches are particularly popular with Michael Kors. The brand label is never hidden at Michael Kors, it is always obviously presented. When you walk through the streets with a Michael Kors product, you are quickly associated with a certain level of prosperity. However, the goods are not only so popular because they serve as a status symbol. Characteristic are the high-quality label inscriptions and the good processing of the products. Even without the inscription, it immediately becomes clear that this bag will accompany you half your life.

Watch Smartwatch Sofie

Smartwatches are especially popular this year. You see it everywhere, whether at galas or other events. Also the average citizen wears them meanwhile, because Smartwatches come in all possible executions. From luxury watches made of gold decorated with precious stones to affordable alternatives. Even the luxury label Michael Kors has not disappointed its loyal customers in this area. There are the most different Smartwatches of Michael Kors. The Smartwatch we found for you can inform you about social media messages, play music, be controlled by speech and much more. On the online marketplace Amazon there is this Smartwatch reduced at the moment. You can save about 80€. MK Ladies Smartwatch Sofie on Amazon. In the fashion world it is hard to imagine life without these technical accessories. More and more celebrities wear them in the meantime. With their glamorous appearance, they are hardly distinguishable from conventional luxury watches and yet they offer so much more possibilities.

Michael Kors Perfume for Women – Sexy Amber femme

Perfume is always a topical issue. There are the most different smells of the gentle flower smell for the woman up to the hard smell of the man. There are so many different types such as an earthy, pithy or wooden scent. A perfume is an experience for every occasion. You want to stand out? Then choose an intense, woody scent. The women who know this fragrance love it and can now order it on Amazon. An ideal gift for a birthday, Christmas or anniversary. MK Sexy Amber Femme. This oriental experience is unique on the market and highly recommended. Our editorial staff is also crazy about him. Michael Kors brings us a unique olfactory experience and advertises it with a fragrance that is always recognizable and thus seeks its equal. Because on the market there are countless perfumes from the most diverse designers. But hardly anyone could convince us like Sexy Amber Femme from Michael Kors.

Ladies Handbag – Jet Set Travel Saffiano Leather

This simple bag probably every woman would like to have in her wardrobe. It is simply black and therefore fits to every outfit. Due to the golden accents it also looks noble and high quality. The Ladies Bag Jetset Lg Ew Crossbody Shoulder Bag is not to be missed. This crossbody bag is perfect when you’re out in the evening. She looks noble if you hang her loosely over your shoulder, or even by crossbody technique around your whole body. Quite simple, in white, it fits to everything. The typical MK pattern provides for the recognition value of the bag. Thus an optimal supplement for your outfit. Luxurious yet simple, it never goes out of fashion. It doesn’t always have to be totally over the top.

Ladies Backpack – Rhea Zip Backpack

Often you are on the road and have to do some shopping in the supermarket, or generally in the city centre. If you are on the road with a rucksack in such moments and have your hands free for other things, it’s worth its weight in gold. Practical and yet noble and chic? That’s the Michael Kors ladies backpack. This rucksack in a brown tone fits to various outfits. The MK logo is repeated repeatedly on this backpack so that anyone who sees the backpack immediately associates it with the luxury brand Michael Kors.

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Chanel, Versage, Gautier, Lagerfeld – the most famous designers of the fashion world

Back then called tailors, today it is our fashion designers who bring us closer to the latest trends and stylish combinations. The design of fashion and accessories influences fashion-conscious people every day. In addition to fashion weeks and other exhibitions, where the best designers present their latest collections, everyone else can follow the latest trends in everyday life on the Internet, TV and shop windows of the various brands. There are many newcomers, but only a few are permanently known as Mode Olymp and convince with their creations.

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The epochs of fashion – 100 years in a video

A wide variety of trends are returning again and again. Bellbottoms, leoprint, different colour combinations and patterns change from season to season. The oldest designers still shape us today. Stylight presents you 100 years of fashion in a video.

Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana, failure – these are the best designers

Famous and important fashion designers – including Karl Lagerfeld, Coco Chanel, Dontella Versage and Yves Saint Laurent. The list of good designers is long and is constantly updated. They not only present on catwalks in Paris, Milan, London or New York, but also create great brands with their own names. We have compiled the most important names for you.

  1. Coco Chanel
  2. Gianni failure
  3. Jean Paul Gautier
  4. Calvin Klein
  5. Dolce & Gabbana
  6. Alexander McQueen
  7. Miuccia Prada
  8. Tom Ford

Coco Chanel

Gabrielle Coco Chanel Bonheur is probably the most influential fashion designer. The women’s fashion of the founder Chanel was known for its functional and clear designs. You created the timeless fashion classic “the little black”.

Gianni failure

The Italian fashion designer is a legend and was the bird of paradise of the fashion world. He was known for his eye-catching colours, bright patterns and his reckless combination of fabrics.

Jean Paul Gautier

Frenchman designed hardly wearable fashion. Besides the playful and at the same time strictly formal looks, he made an unusual selection of his models and led the style in the direction of pop culture. Just Madonna was a huge fan towards him

Calvin Small

A US American fashion designer, especially known for designer underwear, still stands today for timeless modern fashion. Calvin Klein also markets perfumes and watches

Dolce & Gabbana

Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana are the founders of this huge company. Clothing, jewellery and shoes for both sexes are presented in different fashion lines

Alexander McQueen

The British fashion designer was known for his scandalous yet perfectly staged fashion shows. His style was futuristic with dark elements

Miuccia Prada

She is a partner in the Prada fashion house. Known for her minimalist designs mixed with traditional style and modern influences, she is one of the most creative minds on the fashion scene.

Tom Ford

One of today’s famous names. As creative director at Gucci and later with his own fashion label, he focuses in particular on accessories and exclusive men’s fashion.

Designer’s characteristics

Well-known fashion designers not only create clothes, they also deliver a message that reflects their philosophy. You can recognize the outfits by the style of the designers and even quotations reflect the attitude to life of the designers. Fashion designers polarize and create emotions. While Harald Glööckler presents pompous outfits and jewellery with his rhinestone-studded and glittering creations, the fashion label Chanel creates the world of women’s fashion, bags and make-up with clear lines.

Quotes from Chanel, YSL or Lagerfeld

Coco Chanel – “Most women choose their nightgown with more sense than their husband.”

Yves Saint Laurent – “The most beautiful thing a woman can wrap herself in are the arms of the man she loves. For those who are not lucky, I am here.”

Karl Lagerfeld – “Anyone who wears sweatpants has lost control of their life.”

The most famous designers in Germany – Jil Sander, Hugo Boss and Guido M. Kretschmer

With many international names, one should not underestimate the German designers. Jil Sander, the label of the self-made woman, has been in existence since 1967. 1923 Hugo Boss, as a workwear company, also managed to enter the most successful fashion world. Guido Maria Kretschmer creates with his own series “Shopping Queen” at VOX, a new wave of fashion attitude in Germany and our beloved Karl Lagerfeld is the international star of fashion history.

Stylish, fashionable, sustainable – the fashion wave of fair trade

Besides the mass production of some fashion brands, headlines of cheap fashion labels, other designers manage to produce fairly and remain environmentally friendly. Timeless cuts and perfect processing of the fabrics show the craftsmanship of a designer. The sustainable fashion labels prove that such fashion can also be worn and is absolutely necessary. These labels include Nuuwai from Hamburg, Piwari with swimsuit & bikini models and Wild Fawn with jewellery or:

  • Wunderwerk – Environmental protection and social responsibility combined with cool Outifts. The two founders show that fashion can also be produced with ecologically certified and good materials from Europe.
  • Frieda Sand – This label produces with Mongolian Fair Trade cashmere, organic cotton and animal friendly production. The big theme of the label : Resistance and women’s rights
  • ekn Footwear – ecologically produced sneakers. This label exhibits stylish and cool sneakers and boots in many stores in Germany

Of course the interest of the Fairtrade fashion scene is growing and so are the labels. Whether shoes, trousers, wedding dresses, jewellery, bags or jackets – anyone interested in sustainable fashion is guaranteed to find what they are looking for.


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Virginie Viard – Karl Lagerfeld’s successor at Chanel

It was only on Tuesday that fashion tsar Karl Lagerfeld died surprisingly, now his right hand Virginie Viard takes over the creative management of the Chanel fashion house. Whether she can follow in Lagerfeld’s footsteps remains to be seen. The two have worked closely together for the past 30 years and Karl himself describes them as the most important person in the studio. Karl was the only person to be visited by Viard.

Since Coco Chanel the first woman to lead Chanel

Now Virginie Viard takes over the creative management of the Chanel fashion house. Originally she was the Directrice who was responsible for supporting Karl and making important decisions about outfit allocation at shows. Here we have summarized the milestones of her career for you:

  • born as daughter of a surgeon in Lyon
  • Virgine Viard hosted at the French designer Jacqueline de Ribes
  • Learns costume designer at the theatre and studies film and fashion
  • Went assistant for bags and gloves at the age of 23 with Chanel
  • In the studio she was regarded as a “secret weapon” and what the closest confidante of Karl Lagerfeld was
  • At 27 she is responsible for Haute Couture at Chanel
  • 1992 she is promoted by Karl Lagerfeld to Directrice by his own label
  • At the same time she was also responsible for the costume design of Krzysztof Kieślowskis Cult films “Drei Farben: Blau” with Juliette Binoche and “Drei Farben: White” responsible
  • 1997 Virginie Viard returns to Chanel
  • After her return she is still Directrice at Chanel and is responsible for accessories, prêt-à-porter and haute couture
  • On 18.02.2019 she took over Karl Lagerfeld’s position as head of the creative department at Chanel

View this post on Instagram

Ahora ella es CHANEL ❤❤❤ Virginie Viard la sucesora en Chanel.La francesa, que llegó a la firma en 1987 como ayudante en el equipo de bordados, era hasta hoy la sombra y el mayor apoyo del creador alemán además de la directora del estudio y la coordinadora de todas las colecciones en las que trabajaba Lagerfeld. Aunque ella misma ha confesado en alguna ocasión que no se considera tan buena creativa como Karl Lagerfeld y que su punto fuerte es el estilismo, podríamos decir con cierta seguridad que Viard es la sucesora lógica del káiser. Lo dijo en una entrevista para Vogue España: "sé traducir exactamente lo que [Karl] quiere". Más aún, la nueva directora creativa de Chanel sabe cómo se trabaja en la casa, domina su lenguaje, conoce al equipo y maneja desde hace muchos años los tempos y las exigencias comerciales que implican trabajar en una marca mayúscula como Chanel. #chanel #virginieviard #fashion #moda

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Virgine Viard as Lagerfeld right hand

Viard has never liked the title “Directrice”. In an interview she revealed “This title is common in France, but I don’t like it. I find all these titles terrible”.
Viard was always used when Lagerfeld had completed his sketches. Together they discussed them. He wanted their opinion, because it was important for him. The fabrics, materials and embroideries of the outfits were also discussed. Viard did not make the clothes, but it was her job to bring them to life by explaining the designs to the seamstresses and “stimulating” their imagination. “Sometimes they show me their first sketch, and it corresponds to the sketch, but the right wit is still missing. Then I explain that Karl meant it differently, that you might have to shorten it here, blousieren there, strengthen the fabric in another place.”

The future of Chanel with Virgine Viard

Now many are wondering what the future of the fashion group will look like and whether everything will change completely with the change of leadership. However, we think this is very unlikely. Karl Lagerfeld revolutionized Chanel but at the same time remained true to his roots. We can expect the same from Virgine Viard. Her style is rather a mixture of denim and rocky leather outfits, always in black, but in her 30 years with Lagerfeld she learned a lot about Chanel and is the label. In addition, in 2017 the company had a turnover of 9.7 billion dollars. A completely new look would therefore be extremely counterproductive.

The responsibility of a Chanel leadership

Virgine Viard’s job is anything but relaxing. It is incredibly complex. Every year, Viard has to create two couture collections, two prêt-à-porter collections and two intermediate collections, as well as the Métiers d’Arts-Defilee, which is always shown in a different metropolis and celebrates the craftsmanship of the company’s own workshops. In addition, there are countless PR appointments. For many designers this would be too much stress, because there are more than enough who have already collapsed under less pressure. But there is confidence that Viard will master this task, because her mentor was none other than Karl Lagerfeld, the Mozart of the fashion world, personally.

Luna Farina – Singer presents her own merchandise!

Nice! Luna Farina we already met for an interview and we already accompanied you to Super Candy! Now Luna Farina has a new surprise for us, her own little merchandise line. With hoodies, shirts and everything that goes with them. Because meanwhile consequences Luna, only once 16 years old, nearly 300,000 people. Your community grows every day. What’s Luna doing today? What’s Luna wearing today? When we first saw the Power Girl on TV, when she was selected by Lena Meyer-Landrut for “The Voice Kids”, we knew directly: Wow! She’s very special! At the beginning of the year she was even in the Italian final. Now she makes her own music, makes music videos, makes live performances.

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Update! Watch her new Music video: Wenn du Lachst (German)

Today Luna Farina introduces her first merchandising line and we wanted to show you directly some of the pieces. Because they are only the prelude to the first own fashion collection 2019!

Luna Farina, the first fashion collection is coming soon

As an Italian, Luna has fashion in her blood. That’s why two very special designers were interested in her. Her clothes are worn by megastars the Heidi Klum but also international supermodels like Cara Delevingne. We will definitely be the first to tell you exclusively about the collection, even as it is being created. If you don’t want to wait so long, you can now find first Merch Pieces in Lunas Shop.

Daniel Wellington – Simple Elegance

“Less is more!” This is the motto of many when it comes to styling, make-up and outfits. It doesn’t always have to be the most conspicuous of the conspicuous. The simple elegance is usually convincing. The watches of Daniel Wellington are made for this motto. They’re simple, but very noble. Not only do they adorn the wrists of the famous stars, but the average citizen also likes to save a little longer to get such a piece of jewellery.

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Who’s Daniel Wellington?

It was during an Australian stay right after finishing school that Filip Tysander came up with the idea. He met an Englishman named Daniel Wellington, whose appearance impressed him very much and who wore a Rolex with a Nato watchstrap. Since most people cannot afford a Rolex, he recognized the market niche and wanted to found his own watch brand called Daniel Wellington. Back in Germany, Tysander began studying business administration and founded two companies of his own for ties and simple watches. With the money he earned through the two companies, he founded his third company. He designed his own watches at Photoshop and founded his own online shop. He had his bracelet idea produced in China and in the social media he quickly managed to draw attention to his product. The income increased and increased and and his watch brand became a complete success.

Daniel Wellington Ladies Watches Top 5

As far as Daniel Wellington watches are concerned, there are many different designs, so there is something for every taste. With most watches by Daniel Wellington you can even change the watchstrap. If you have had your fill of a colour, or another colour or style fits better to your outfit, you have the free choice. Nevertheless, there are always models that appeal to a lot of people and therefore we have put together the Top 5 Daniel Wellington Ladies Watches for you.

Unisex Analogue Quartz Watch with Leather Bracelet

This simple, black Daniel Wellington watch has the advantage that it fits everything. No matter which colours you wear, or what kind of clothing style you have chosen, this watch can always be with you. It is therefore not only very popular with ladies, but also men can enhance their outfit with this watch optimally. If this is the right watch for you, you’ll find it here: Analog quartz clock on Amazon.

Bracelet for your DW

On Amazon you can also order bracelets to change once you have a Daniel Wellington. Here we have found a bracelet set for you, with which you can independently change your watches bracelet. Match the color of your bracelet exactly with your outfit. The advantage: You won’t be bored and your friends will think you have 5 different Daniel Wellington watches. To make this diversity possible for you, see here: watch strap pack Nato Strap

Lady’s watch Southampton Analog quartz nylon

When some people hear the name Daniel Wellington, they think exactly of this clock. She has always been very popular, especially with women. It shines through the perfect mixture of elegance and extraordinaryness. In contrast to most other watches of this brand, it immediately catches the eye due to the colored bracelet. It captivates with its ivory-coloured dial and its harmoniously designed Nato bracelet. If you think that watch is missing from your watch collection, you can get it here: Analog Southampton Clock on Amazon

Unisex Adult Digital Quartz Watch with Stainless Steel Bracelet

This beautiful quartz watch with stainless steel bracelet makes a great costume for work, or for a festive occasion. This watch can also be combined very well and enhances the outfit unobviously. Not only does it adorn women’s wrists, this watch is also perfect for men.  The black dial looks serious and therefore men can combine this watch ideally to a black or grey suit. No suitable gift idea ready? Here you can buy the quartz watch: Quartz watch with stainless steel bracelet

Ladies Wristwatch Classic St.Mawes Analog Quartz Leather

This ladies watch convinces by its rose gold/brown leather strap in combination with the ivory white dial. Especially ladies who prefer to pick up their coloured and flowery clothes in front of the wardrobe in the morning can bring a little “peace” into their appearance with this watch. The combination of funky and yet simply elegant, can look wonderful and affect others. With a weight of 68 grams, you hardly notice the watch on your wrist. You can live your everyday life undisturbed and still chic.  Classic St.Mawes Analog Quartz Leather Amazon

Unisex Adult Digital Quartz Watch with Stainless Steel Bracelet

This rose gold watch is something special. Special to blouses, noble dresses or skirts fits this watch perfectly. It is an absolute eye-catcher and enhances an Oufit. The time when only women wore rose gold is clearly over. In the meantime also gentlemen have Roségoldene Accesoires more and more frequently. If the rest of the outfit is kept a little more simple, then this watch also works very well for a man. If you don’t dare, you’ll miss something. Digital Quartz Watch with Stainless Steel Bracelet on Amazon

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The Bread and Butter – then a fashion fair for the professional audience, during Fashion Week. Today a fashion and cultural festival for everyone. In 2016 the fashion fair was taken over by the Berlin online shop Zalando and is now called “Bread&&Butter by Zalando”. The event takes place once a year at the beginning of September. The perfect chance for fashion & lifestyle enthusiasts to spend a weekend in the Arena Berlin with incredible specials. With more than 20.000 visitors and 24 business partners a fashion, music and food festival of the finest class!

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4 specials

The Bread & Butter invites you to cultural and fashionable exchange. Numerous fashion and cosmetic brands present exclusive products. Over the weekend there are daily different programs and everywhere something to watch.

Talk show

Special Guests – Bloggers, influencers, models and designers are invited and give open panel discussions about current and future fashion or cultural topics. It discusses sustainability, the hype of instagram, beauty trends and beauty ideals of today, as well as taste and expression through social media.

Pre-launches and limited collections

Levi’s, Nike, Adidas, Reebok or Vans – various brands sell limited fashion and with some brands you can even have sneakers, jeans jackets or socks with your own initials made. The most famous brands are presented in various showrooms. Not only to look at and buy, with some brands there is something to take part in. The cool Bread&&Butter team has been offering photo shoots, tattoos and selfmade key rings for the last few years. Of course there are also Goodie Bags and other small things to take with you – with a lot of patience and time, you can spend a wonderful weekend at this festival!

Streetfood – just the thing for food bloggers

While one falls in love with the fashion of the Bread&&Butter, there are noble stalls for the hungry in a beautiful atmosphere. Fries with feet in the sand or a gin tonic with petals on the Spree? – Just the thing for connoisseurs! There are snacks and drinks to try.


The pop-up event invites you to various concerts. Besides DJ gigs and live performances by different artists, Bread & Butter offers an after-show party with live acts like Evian Christ, Hamza, Kitty Cash, Sheck Wes, Paigey Cakey, Princess Nokia, Stefflon Don, Ufo361, Yung Hurn, Luciano and many more.


You didn’t have time to show up at Bread & Butter? – After the event, there are selected products to buy online and you can view all possible specials later.

Want to participate next year? In recent years, prices for the pop-up event have been 15 euros per person or 45 euros for group tickets.


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Never out of Style – Jeans

Finding a pair of matching jeans is not easy these days. Apart from different sizes, there are also new styles for men and women. Every fashion store, online shop and every brand now sells jeans.

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4 Female Cuts

Bootcut jeans #1

The classic of jeans. Narrowly cut at the thigh and slightly flared at the hem. These jeans can be worn with almost any type of figure, only people with wide hips should try the cut first.

Straight Fit Jeans #2

Also called Regular Fit, they are body-focused, but rather straight cut. Fits perfectly to the classic casual look!

Slim Fit Jeans #3

These jeans have a tight fit on the whole leg. So girls – if you have body-hugging and narrow silhouettes, she is very comfortable.

Super Slim Fit Jeans #4

Also known as Skinny Fit, these jeans are characterized by their particularly narrow fit.

Styling Tips For Woman

You can also make a normal pair of jeans look more beautiful, especially for women.

  • High-Heels make the legs longer and stretch them optically
  • a jeans should be a bit too long rather than too short
  • attached pockets make your bottom rounder and fuller
  • prefer rather dark jeans, lighter jeans often wear

As soon as a shopping tour is due, one is prepared to try on different trousers. Usually you try out every brand and are often desperate because no jeans fit right. What should the perfect jeans look like? Taff has tested the 3 newest jeans models for you and shows you what to look out for!

4 Cutting forms for the man

Loose Fit Jeans #1

These men’s jeans stand out for their casual fit. Also at the waistband they are usually very loose and belong to the most comfortable models. Jeans with very straight legs are called baggy jeans – a real all-rounder!

Slim Fit Jeans #2

Also known as skinny jeans, it is a newer variant of men’s trousers. Very narrow and body accentuated, these models are mostly seen in younger people.

Regular Fit Jeans #3

Straight and yet body-focused cut. These jeans are the most classic fit and can also be found under the name Straight Leg.

Shorts #4

An all-rounder in summer time. Loosely and casually cut cargo or skater fits.

Styling Tips For Men

Not only the woman, also the man can hide with the purchase of a jeans well!

  • do the trousers fit perfectly during fitting? – Buy one size smaller, because the trousers will widen after wearing several times
  • Undecided? Less is more, a classic model always fits
  • Rule: The further a jeans goes, the more can be carded
  • Belt: To decorate a jeans something, a man can very well tie a buckle
  • Today the trend is – jeans to jeans – you can combine jeans trousers with a jeans shirt or jacket as well

Men have the hardest time shopping. Often we all need good advice after all. In less than 6 minutes, this video explains exclusively for men which jeans are hip, now in autumn!

The jeans conquer the world

In addition to fashion chains that produce and represent their own trousers, there are labels that have been known for many years for their jeans. Not only through their quality, but also through name recognition or a certain trouser cut, the jeans become a unique specimen.

Levi’s #1

A brand that has existed for over 150 years and has a turbulent history. Levis Strauss, a German Jew who emigrated to America in the middle of the 19th century and invented jeans.

  • 1600 first production of denim fabric in France
  • 1853 first production for cotton trousers from brown tarpaulin fabric
  • 1882 first production with indigo dyed
  • 1926 first jeans with zipper
  • 1949 first German jeans are produced in a clothing factory in Künzelau
  • 1990 new jeans forms and cuts like Baggy Pants – new foundations of many jeans labels

Diesel #2

The Italian fashion label was founded in 1978 and with the sale of jeans they managed to educate a billion dollar turnover as a global player. The assortment of Italians is constantly extended by shoes, wristwatches, glasses, perfumes and underwear. The philosophy of designer Renzo Rosso was, as diesel was an alternative to petrol in the oil crisis of the 1970s, not to equate fashion with current trends, but to develop its own style. So in 1985 the new jeans began to work with sandpaper and stones as if it had been worn for years. At that time the jeans style was called “saddle”. Diesel’s jeans jacket also achieves cult status. In 2008, the brand presents a luxury collection “Black Gold” for the first time. More expensive than the previous products, but worn by many celebrities.

Rossos success concept : “be stupid”

G-Star #3

G-Star has the revolutionary success with the G Star Elwood 1996, Pierre Morisset designed the first 3D jeans.  With more than 10 million pieces sold, these jeans are among the best selling jeans in the world. G-Star has always stood for a rejuvenated and harmonious image. While trends, styles and fashion epochs changed, G-Star always remained attractive and authentic.

G-Star property : ” original and genuine, stylish, fashionable and functional “

Pepe Jeans #4

It’s a story, like in the book. Three brothers – Nitin , Arun, Milan had a small market stall in the middle of London in 1973. Made of boring, anonymous trousers, the boys let their creativity run free and turned these trousers into detailed creations that the youngsters bought in Notting Hill. The fashion label was created on the street of London. Today, Pepe jeans are known for the perfect fit and urban look.


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Fossil: Retro and yet Modern

Retro fashion has long been “in” again. Fossil, a fashion brand known for selling retro style accessories. A US-American company founded in 1984 is the shop if you like vintage or retro style. In addition to its own brand, Fossil also sells other fashion brands such as Burberry or Armani, so all price ranges are represented there and there is something for everyone.

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Fossil – Cheap Luxury

If you’re not looking for a Rolex, but you’re still looking for a good looking watch, or a cheaper handbag instead of Louis Vuitton, Fossil is a great alternative for you. The brand offers elegant men’s watches for little money. If you are of course more interested in Luxus watches we have an article for you. Fossil has been around since 1984 and was founded by the American Kosa Kartsotis. Meanwhile, his brand markets fashion sizes such as: Diesel, Emporio Armani, DKNY, Burberry, Michael Kors, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Adidas, Tory Burch and Karl Lagerfeld. Of course they also offer products of their own brand “Fossil”. However, you can also get accessories for less than 100€ instead of 15000€, which is attractive for you and other young people.

You want to know more about Fossil? Here we have summarized some important data of the Fossil Group for you.

  • 2001 – Acquisition of Zodiac brand from Genender International for approximately $4.7 million
  • 2004 – Takeover of the Swiss watch brand Michele through the acquisition of Tempus International Corp for approx. 50 million US dollars
  • 2007 – Acquisition of Watch Station International, a watch retailer with global sales operations, from Sunglass Hut
  • 2012 – Acquisition of Skagen Designs for approximately $225 million and 150,000 fossil shares. (Skagen is a more established watch and jewellery brand with Danish design)
  • 2013 – Fossil acquires Latin American distribution business of partner Bentrani Watches, LLC from Miami, Florida
  • 2015 – Fossil takes over Wearable Computing provider Misfit Wearables from Burlingame, California for approx. 241 million US dollars

Vintage on sale: Fossil Brands Outlet

Alternatively to the online shop or Amazon, you also have the possibility to visit one of the numerous Fossil Outlets. They lure with great offers and who can say no if a vintage handbag is on sale? There are a total of 13 outlets in Germany alone, including those in Cologne and Wolfsburg. In the shop you will find everything from handbags, over ladies watches, mens watches, leather bracelets or even shoulder bags at fair prices.

Necklaces, earrings and other jewelry

Every fashionable outfit of a woman needs the matching earrings, a handbag or matching rings, also there you will find at Fossil. Silver, gold, Swarovski there is an incredibly wide selection of jewelry from your own brand to Swarovski. Also here it applies, cheap chains with engraving or a noble designer chain – no matter what it is, you will find almost everything. From high fashion to casual, no matter how you want to dress, you are sure to find the right accessories.

Anything other than retro – BMW and Fossil bring out Smartwatch

Who would have thought it from a brand known for its retro and vintage styles? BMW and Fossil launch a Smartwatch collection. Sales start in January 2019. The Smartwatches are to be offered for sale in over 4000 BMW sales outlets. It is still speculated whether the watch will have a touch screen similar to the Emporio Armani Smartwacht. They are also waterproof, have GPS distance tracking, heart rate monitoring and are compatible with iPhone and android phones. Fossil confirms that this is the first time they have worked with an automobile manufacturer. Furthermore, thanks to the NFC payment system, you should be able to pay in many shops with your watch instead of your card.

The project Emporio Armani Connected was published in 2017 and combines the classic high fashion Giorgio Armani with the Smartwatch technology.

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Louis Vuitton – the French luxury brand

Louis Vuitton has been regarded as the status symbol par excellence for over decades. For decades, the high fashion brand has been an indispensable must-have for every fashion lover and combines easy individuality, personality and fashion awareness. From burned bags to litigation. We’re uncovering all the secrets.

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Louis Vuitton: The genius behind bags, shoes and high fashion

Here I have collected all the facts for you once again!

When was Louis Vuitton founded?

The French luxury fashion company was founded in 1854.

Who invented Louis Vuitton?

The company was created by the designer Louis Vuitton.

How old is Louis Vuitton?

The designer and entrepreneur was born in 1821 and died at the age of 71 (1892).

Where was Louis Vuitton born?

Louis Vuitton was born in a small town in the east of France, in Anchay.

History: From craftsman and designer to superstar of fashion

In 1854, the French designer and craftsman Louis Vuitton (also entrepreneur) founded the Paris luxury goods company Louis Vuitton Malletier S.A., which initially concentrated on the production and sale of exquisite luggage and suitcases. Over the years, the company has gained worldwide popularity and expanded its products as a result. Even today, luxurious luggage is still an important part of Louis Vuitton. In addition, precious clothing for him and her, bags, backpacks, belts, wallets, shoes, jewellery, perfumes and watches are also available. The monogram pattern of many Louis Vuitton products, consisting of the initials of the company founder, “LV”, was first introduced in 1896. It was originally intended to protect against the production of counterfeit goods, but over time it achieved exactly the opposite.  Since 1987, the Louis Vuitton company has merged with the spirits producer Moët Hennessy to form the luxury goods group LVMH Moët Hennessy & Louis Vuitton S.A.. Meanwhile, the Group also represents other luxury brands. All products are available in international boutiques as well as in the Louis Vuitton online shop. You can find out how to get your dream of a luxurious Louis Vuitton product on sale or at low outlet prices in the course of this article with the help of our insider tips.

Bags, backpacks, wallets, shoes – the collections

In today’s world, the biggest do’s and don’ts in the fashion industry are determined especially via social media. What is striking, however, is that one repeatedly comes across products of the luxury brand Louis Vuitton. This makes it clear what a diversity the brand is characterised by. For decades, the most diverse personalities have been discovering their very own favourites among the numerous Louis Vuitton products.

Kylie Jenner: The It girl is a huge fan of the luxury labels LV

Kylie Jenner shows here how the status symbol can be combined simply and suitably for everyday life.

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Happy Monday 💥

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Bags for women and men: Not cheap but chic

From bright colours and slanted shapes to simple classics such as the popular “Neverfull” model, there is something for every taste. So it’s all in your hands how your new shoulder bag or shopper from Louis Vuitton should turn out. But one thing is certain, whether simple or colourful and crazy – every available model is considered an eye-catcher.

Backpacks from LV: Montsouris Vintage Look

Montsouris is not only a park in the French capital Paris, but also the namesake of a Louis Vuitton backpack. The “Montsouris” model is considered one of the most popular in the luxury class. In the on-line Shop is the up-to-date for 1.450,00 ? available. But Louis Vuitton can also be used with other variants such as vintage look or with mini versions.

Belt: “Damier” the model of the luxury class

The belt model “Damier” by Louis Vuitton, which is meant for the gentlemen among us, is considered a particularly popular eye-catcher. Available in the online shop for 335 €, the belt is valid for a comparatively cheaper status symbol of the luxury class.

Portemonnaie for women and men: The accessories for every day

If one thing is needed daily, then it is probably a purse. Accordingly, these are of course available pretty much everywhere. This is also true of the French luxury brand. Among the ladies, the “Sarah” (from €475.00) and “Emilie” (from €335.00) models are particularly popular. However, even with a smaller budget, a large selection is available to customers for both men and women.

Shoes: High Fashion Boots or Sneaker in pink, red

Here, too, the motto is: colourful or simple, high or flat, closed or open, summer or winter. From sandals and sneakers to pumps, ankle boots and boots. There is something for every occasion and every type.

Everything for men: From belts to watches to sunglasses

Not only that, but also everything else Louis Vuitton has to offer the ladies is available to the same extent for the men of creation. Especially in demand are the casual travel bags and the jackets of the luxury label. These are also available in every imaginable variant.

Fashion Show Autumn/Winter 2018/2019

Louis Vuitton´s Fashion Show of the current autumn and winter collection took place this year at the Louvre in the French capital. With this collection the perfect balance between the past and the future has been created. The show as a whole can be described as a masterpiece. What is striking is that this autumn and winter, very eye-catching garments are to be combined with simpler ones. Thus, the individual outfits are to be relieved of strictness and given casualness. The designer also created true to the motto “opposites attract each other”. So he combines to a girlish pleated skirt, shearling coats or leather jackets. All looks are fused together in a lovely French way.

French mode in the Louvre

Louis Vuitton’s High Fashion Autumn and Winter Looks 2018/2019 were presented at the Louvre this year. Here is a video of the Fashion Show, so you can get a first impression of the looks yourself.

Insider News

You’re probably hearing about these three cool news for the first time right now.

Burnt at the stake! Bags Inferno #1

You have been looking in vain for a long time for an outlet store to get cheap products from Louis Vuitton? Unfortunately we must inform you at this point that you will never find such a store. If a Louis Vuitton shop has any shopkeepers that are simply not sold, these products are first archived and then (and now hold on tight!) burned. This is all because the company does not want to create the reputation of having to sell such high quality bags below their value.

LV punching bag from Karl Lagerfeld #2

For the 118th anniversary of the luxury label, the management came up with a very special project to celebrate the day. So they had global top designers create very special products. Among others, the well-known designer Karl Lagerfeld created such a punching bag, decorated with the Louis Vuitton Monogram. According to the manufacturer, prices for this unusual product are only available on request.

legal dispute after film shooting #3

In 2011, the movie “Hangover 2” caused a lawsuit from the luxury label. In one scene Alan, aka Zach Galifianakis (42), defended his apparent travel bag from Louis Vuitton. The label quickly realized that it was just a cheap duplicate and filed a lawsuit against the Warner Bros film studios. You should change the scene before sales start. The federal court in NYC, however, proved a great sense of humor and dropped the lawsuit because the spectators would not even recognize the fake in the few seconds the bag took to break in.

Secret tips for your bag purchase

Here I have a few more tips for you when buying bags of the luxury label. As promised, we will share last insider tips with you before you decide to buy. Not only online, but also on the street lurk nasty trick shops with the sale of avoidable products of the luxury brand Louis Vuitton. Cheap prices, alleged bargains are waiting for you. But as you already found out in the article, there is no Louis Vuitton outlet store. With a bit of luck and patience you will find a few sale offers waiting for you in the official online shop.

Tips and tricks for your Louis Vuitton purchase

Here I have a few more tips for you when buying bags of the luxury label. As promised, we will share last insider tips with you before you decide to buy. Not only online, but also on the street lurk nasty trick shops with the sale of avoidable products of the luxury brand Louis Vuitton. Cheap prices, alleged bargains are waiting for you. But as you already found out in the article, there is no Louis Vuitton outlet store. With a bit of luck and patience you will find a few sale offers waiting for you in the official online shop.

Buy Louis Vuitton Bag? Tips from Charles Gross

Beauty Guru Charles Gross tells you in the following 13 minutes exclusively how exactly you should buy a bag of the high fashion brand.

Kitty Cat! Sweet cat all in love with LV

Now you know all about the history of the luxurious fashion label, know the most popular products and know what to consider before and during your purchase. But before you jump into the next Louis Vuitton Boutique, take a minute and watch this sweet video of a Louis Vuitton crazy cat.

Here you can find the official website:

  • https://de.louisvuitton.com/deu-de/homepage

Fake or real? Louis Vittion cheap Sale

Many are looking for well made imitations, especially if they can’t afford an original Louis Vuitton handbag, shoes or belt. Also on Amazon there are some pieces where you only see at a second glance that it is not an original. Here are three finds!

Hand Bag: Shopper Bag in all colours

This bag looks very similar to the original and costs only 39,99 Euro. Here you can find the bag on Amazon: Shopper Bag

Travel bag: The XXL carrier bag for ladies

If you are travelling soon, you can get a real bargain for the next short trip to London, Barcelona or Paris for only 23,99 Euro! The offer: Travel bag XXL

Einkaufstasche: Schultertasche mit Clutch Bag Designer Look

Shopping 2 in 1 für nur 21,59 Euro! Hier bekommst du direkt das zwei in eins Paket, mit praktischer Designer Einkaufstasche und passender Clutch. Die Kombi auf Amazon: Einkaufstasche + Clutch


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