Rebecca Mir – Model & Moderator

When is it more annoying to fail than to reach your goal? Rebecca Mir had to leave the 6th season of Germanys next Topmodel as runner-up. In retrospect Rebecca is much more successful than her then competitor and winner Jana Beller. Rebecca proved she was born to stand in public!

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Model, Moderator & Wife

Rebecca has a face that looks familiar to everyone. It is hard not to know the 26 year old, because she is not only booked for various catwalks and advertising jobs, but also hosts many well-known TV shows.

Her Childhood

Rebecca was born on 23 December 1991 in Aachen. Her mother is German and her father is originally from Afghanistan. Rebecca was always busy at school, she attended St.-Michael-Gymnasium, but then dropped out of school prematurely to take part in the GNTM casting show. The young girl has already completed a six-month model training course while still at school.  However, she always wanted to make up for her high school graduation.  It was important to her not to rely on her looks and her success. After finishing second at GNTM, Rebecca was even more than that.

Rebecca’s Successes

Shortly after the casting show Rebecca was allowed to run at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week and present fashion by Lena Hoschek and Minx and Jorge Gonzalez. That was just the start of everything good. A little later she was allowed to run at the New York Fashion Week for the designer Christian Siriano. During this time she was also featured on the covers of the Cosmopolitan, the GQ and the TV feature film. Rebecca is booked very much by German designers. She runs especially often at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week for different labels. Rebecca also took part in Let’s Dance. She only took second place at this show, but she got to know and love her dance partner Massimo Sinató. Her boyfriend then became her husband on 27 June 2015. Rebecca is also allowed to present backstage at the GNTM finals. On July 30, 2012, the successful model hosted the television show taff on ProSieben for the first time and is staying with this job. She is simply a multi-talent; she has also played in three different television series. Rebecca can hardly save herself from jobs since then. The 26 year old is incredibly in demand in both industries.

The Family planning of Rebecca & Massimo

Since Rebecca received an application from her boyfriend Massimo Sinató after a two-year relationship, the two have been happily married.  The two have no children yet, but they have a bitch that they love everywhere. Your bitch, a Goldendoodle even has her own Instagram account: Macchia Instagram. On this account there are always new pictures of the enterprises, which Rebecca undertakes with the bitch. Rebecca even presents her bitch Macchia during Agility Training. However, it should not take long with offspring for both of them. In an interview with “Promiflash” her husband reveals: “We are both in love, on cloud nine, overjoyed. “In the years to come, we will at some point begin to address family planning.” Let’s see when it’s time. But the fans are really looking forward to it. Among other things, they clearly show this on Massimo’s Instagram Account. The proud husband keeps posting beautiful photos with his wife. More and more fans are commenting on them with baby wishes.

Secret Tips from Rebecca

Being a model, presenter and actress is not always easy. They must always be top styled and prepared. Besides, such a great body does not come by itself. Rebecca goes to the gym 2-3 times a week for her dream body. She also enjoys dancing with her husband standard dance.  Her insider tip for great, slim legs has always been squads, as she admits in an interview with Cosmopolitan.

The readers of the FHM voted Rebecca number 1 of the 100 Sexiest Women in the World. Rebecca is an incredible power woman who has achieved almost everything you could wish for. Now Rebecca has the luck to present a new dance show on ProSieben. The goal of the participants is to convince one of the four jury members to get ahead. The broadcast of this new series is scheduled for 2019. To keep you up to date with Rebecca’s career, here is her Instagram account for you. Rebecca Instagram.


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Sarina Nowak – From the unhappy average model to the successful Curvy Model

There are so many beautiful women in this world. But only a few fit into the dimensions of the perfect catwalk model. For a girl to be perfect for modeling, she should ideally be between 15 and 18 years old and her body proportions should be close to 84(chest)/60(waist)/89(hip). However, it is not always the case that every girl has had it put into her cradle to be slim. Girls who are more likely to have problems maintaining such a weight feel pressured by such benchmarks and thus get anorexic or bulimic.

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Sarina Nowak – From GNTM to the Globally Sought-after Curvy Model

After her participation in GNTM, Sarina Nowak had no more desire to starve for the given values. Why should it adapt to the fashion world when the fashion world can also adapt to it? Since a few years there is the category Curvy Model, or Plus-Size-Model, which refers to models that have a dress size larger than 38. Most women are between 18 and 40 years old and have good proportions. Sarina Nowak has discovered this industry for herself. She is now a very successful Curvy model. What’s the best part? She can eat what she wants and feels comfortable in her skin.

Sarina as a Role Model for other Girls

Through the establishment of Curvy Models in the fashion industry, many girls who do not correspond to classic model sizes learn to find themselves beautiful and to be satisfied with themselves. As you can see immediately from Sarina’s pictures, she is very proud of her body and likes to present it. But not only her body is beautiful, also her face is unique and beautiful. She has bright blue eyes and a beautiful mouth. She also has thick, prominent eyebrows and a beauty mark on her lip.

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Sarina’s Past

Sarina was born on 03 December 1993. When she was a young girl, she suffered from an eating disorder and weighed only 45 kg. She paid constant attention to the number of calories in her meals and sometimes even skipped them altogether. The young woman has always described herself as rather shy and introverted. She needs a little time to get out of herself. At the age of 15 Sarina applied for the casting show GNTM and reached sixth place at the end. After Sarina, in her search for new model jobs, was repeatedly told that she had to lose weight in order to have a chance at jobs, she started the change. She introduced agencies to her idea of trying out as a Curvy Model and she got encouragement. Today she works for model agencies in Hamburg, London and Cape Town.  Through her instagram presence even the Kardashians became aware of the 24 year old. On Instagram we learn that she modelled for the jeans label “Good American” founded by Khloé Kardashian. A great dream has come true for Sarina. She got a job for the famous Sports Illustrated. Their dream is to have a normal family life with children in a beautiful place at some point. In addition to modeling, Sarina is also enthusiastic about standard dancing. Who knows, maybe we’ll see Sarina at Let’s Dance someday?

Sarina’s New Lifestyle

Just because Sarina now has a little more kilos on her ribs doesn’t mean that she can let herself go and do whatever she wants. In order for her body to remain suitable for modelling, she must pay attention to a balanced and healthy diet and also regular sport must not be missing. At the moment the young model lives in Los Angeles. Sarina has discovered boxing as a sport and regularly does boxing training. She has also written a book called “Curvy: My way to more happiness and self-confidence”. With this book Sarina wants to motivate other girls to love themselves as they are and to encourage them to go self-confidently through the world. In this book, Sarina honestly reports on her life story and the problems she faced in the fashion world. Sarina’s book – Curvy: My way to more happiness and self-confidence.

Sarina is one of the girls who, although they did not win GNTM, was one of the most successful. A premature GNTM-out is therefore not decisive for the future of girls as models. Sarina proved it to us. The strong, young woman has achieved what millions of girls dream of. Sarina Instagram.


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GNTM – Successful, even without Heidi

Approximately 20,000 young girls apply to GNTM every year.  From that moment on, the jury segregates. Who would have the best chances in the fashion industry? Who performs the tasks best? Who is going through the strongest development? According to such criteria, the jury decides who will stay at the casting show and who has to leave. But that doesn’t mean that the average 2.38 million viewers have to agree.

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GNTM – Independent & Successful

There are countless candidates who have become successful at the casting show even without reaching the 1st place.  Whether it was someone else who saw the talent in the GNTM participant or whether she fought her way up herself, there are various examples. Here is a list of the 10 most famous ex-participants, excluding the winners.

1. Sarina Nowak

Sarina Nowak had applied to Germanys next Topmodel at the age of 15. In 2009 she reached the sixth place at the Catingshow. After that she wanted to continue working as a model and become successful. However, she was repeatedly put under pressure that she had to hang in more in order to keep the model measurements so that she had chances in the model business. In the meantime Sarina Nowak is a very successful Curvy model who is in demand all over the world and who feels comfortable in her body. She is not afraid to proudly present her beautiful curves. Sarina Nowak Instagram.

2. Rebecca Mir

In 2011 Rebecca reached the second place in Heidis casting show. Today, however, she is much better known than the winner Jana Beller. She is now not only a model, but also a successful presenter.  Among other things, the 26-year-old presents the Prosieben magazine taff. In the end, her self-confident appearance and ambition led her to success. Meanwhile Rebecca is married with the dancer Massimo Sinato. Rebecca Mir Instagram.

3. Jüli Mery

The beautiful brunette had to leave the squadron because Heidi didn’t think she had enough self-confidence.  Jüli proves exactly the opposite with her career. She is a very popular model who is under contract with the agency PMA Models. For the 20-year-old, social media is also a steep ascent. Jüli Mery Instagram.

4. Anh Phuong

Anh was already very conspicuous during the 12th GNTM season. The 27-year-old was then known for her cheerful nature and her positive charisma. Now she is a successful influencer with 345000 subscribers. Anh provides her fans daily with excerpts from her varied life. Anh Phuong Instagram.

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5. Elena Carrière

At that time Elena was already the runner-up and even today Elena is very successful in the fashion world. She is now under contract with an international model agency called “Metropolitan”. She receives various international job offers and is in great demand. It is also among the top three influencers in the “Lifestyle” category. She stands there with Sofia Tsakiridou and the Youtube woman Lisa-Marie Schiffner. On Instagram, the 22-year-old now has 475000 followers who are keenly interested in her life. Elena Carrière Instagram.

6. Anna Maria Damm

Anna Maria took 5th place at the casting show GNTM. Today, it is one of the most successful influencers ever. She has 1.3 million subscribers to Instagram, is a popular model and Youtuberin. Meanwhile she is still a mother and proudly presents her daughter Eliana. Anna Maria Damm Instagram.

7. Abigail Odoom

Abigail was successful on Youtube even before she joined GNTM. She has over 200,000 followers and makes videos about her lifestyle, beauty and fashion. At GNTM, she has performed countless well and has often impressed Heidi. In the end it wasn’t enough and Abigail had to leave the casting show. Abigail Odoom Instagram.

8. Lara Helmer

Lara Helmer had to make it to the final of Germanys next Topmodel shortly before entering the final. But that didn’t mean that her big dream of modeling had blown. On the contrary, Lara is a very popular model. She has done several catwalk jobs, is pictured on the cover of the Harper’s Bazaar and is about to be part of the Victoria Secret Show. That’s not the end of her career. She’s well on her way to getting even more successes. Lara Helmer Instagram.

9. Carina Zavline

During her participation in GNTM, Carina stood out for one thing in particular and that is her ambition. In her GNTM days, Carina gave her all at whatever. But in the end it wasn’t enough for the final. At Instagram she has a proud 248.000 followers, which she regularly takes along with her latest photos. Carina Zavline Instagram.

10 Greta Faeser

Greta Faeser was considered a favourite for a long time, until she finally left the casting show earlier out of longing for her boyfriend. But that hasn’t hurt your career, though. Greta Faeser is currently under contract with MGM Models and gets several catwalk jobs. But it is not only interesting for the model world, because it has 226.000 followers on Instagram. Greta Faeser Instagram.

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These examples make it clear that a GNTM exit does not necessarily mean a career exit. Some of the participants even had a greater career than the actual winners of the respective relay teams. Would you like to know more about the most successful participants? Then read our articles about each person.


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Charts Records – German rap music at the Top!

German-speaking rap breaks charts again. New genres are coming from France and America, which the artists can pick up and refine here. Many long-term musicians or newcomers are pushing the rap scene in a new direction. Drugs, violence and sex are no longer the main topics, so that more and more people like to listen in. Spotify, Youtube, Soundcloud, even on the radio rap music is getting more and more popular.

Extremely celebrated – women in the rap scene

SXTN – a German hip hop duo from Berlin, two rappers Juju and Nura. In 2015, the girls achieve a breakthrough. Sold out tour tickets and on the lists of the top 20 charts take the two to the top. Their announcements are unmistakable: SXTN demonstrate self-confidence and cannot be talked into. The trapbeats come hard and demanding, the lyrics are vulgar and coarse. The provocation is undoubtedly successful.

Eunique – known as the Hustler. She simply raps down the themes of social injustice, sexism and racism. The Hamburg girl put in her freestyle rap video at that time and thus began her career as a rapper – who dares. Eunique also known as Kobra, founds a fan club Kobra Military – to expand their community.

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Another Day … Another?

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Rap Genius – Which man can keep up?

Besides long-term musicians, more and more newcomers are making a quick start into the rapper charts.  More and more male musicians rap about topics like drugs, sex, violence, love, music, friends or other soft areas.

With Sido, Miss Platum and RAF Camora & Bonez MC Bausa can be heard since a long time. His music is played up and down on the radio and with a few titles he is in the top three of the charts.

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Alles ist besser wenn man lacht 😁🕉

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Ronny Trettmann , a reggae and dancehall artist, conquers the country’s single charts for four weeks. With his Saxon dialect and a sexy autotune voice, he arouses attention. Besides big appearances at different festivals, he records songs with other German rappers like Gringo, GZUZ, Materia and Megaloh, which everybody should know by now.

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Sunset mood 🌅

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Gross lyrics, big feelings and questionable poses – his songs have been at the top of the trend charts at Spotify and Apple Music for weeks now. His tour in all cities almost sold out. In 2017 he won the award for Best Newcomer National at the Hip Awards.

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Overnight-Oats: The Insider tip of Fitness bloggers

Have you ever wondered how you can lose weight without torturing yourself and starving yourself during the day? We have an opportunity for you that will sweeten you every morning! Almost all fitness and food bloggers swear by it and prepare a healthy breakfast every evening. You want to know how this works and what different ways he can make the Oats?

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Overnight-Oats: Make the most important meal of the day with your favorite meal!

Healthy, Tasty and Varied

You are still a little skeptical and not sure if you want to do the work for the preparation? Before I describe to you how to get to breakfast, here are the advantages it brings to making your decision easier.

  • fast
  • promotes muscle growth
  • healthy
  • varied (various forms of preparation)
  • body is freed from toxins
  • saturates long

The preparation

In principle, the preparation is always the same. You take a milk, yoghurt or a mixture according to your taste and mix it with the oat flakes. It is important that the liquid is always added in double quantity compared to the oat flakes. At this point creativity is required. Most consumers of the popular breakfast like to add Chia seeds. What do you mean? The magic seeds provide energy, protein, are intestinal cleansing and have a high content of omega-3 fatty acids. So if you want to lose weight, Chia seeds should always be at the start. Here I have selected a few preparation suggestions for you, so that you can make your basic recipe every morning varied.

This tasty overnight oat has been refined with a spice that is especially hammering in winter: cinnamon! After you have mixed your oat flakes with milk and if you wish Chia seeds, you have to leave the glass to swell overnight in the fridge. The next morning most of the work is already prepared. From this moment on, not only creativity, but also your taste is in demand. There are innumerable different variations with what you can eat your Oat. If you like bananas, the next morning you can simply cut them into slices and mix them with your Oat. Hazelnut kernels, cinnamon and honey go well with this. Cinnamon is not only very tasty in combination with banana, you can also add other nuts or fruits, such as grapes, apples, mandarins, plums or raspberries.

What you need to prepare such a delicious overnight overnight, I’ll tell you. Apart from your Basic-Oat, you need apple pieces, pomegranate seeds, cinnamon and yoghurt. Since you don’t feel like cinnamon every day and that doesn’t fit everyone in every season, I have something completely different for you here. In this Sally shows three super simple and fast variants how to design your overnight out.

Lifestyle of food and fitness bloggers

Famous food and fitness bloggers present among the other beautifully prepared, healthy dishes, which they also always like to post overnight oats for breakfast. For example, the 26 year old Austrian Vallentinaballerina, who is also very committed to the topic of fitness.

And now someone comes along who everyone knows for sure. Sophia Thiel.  The 23-year-old bodybuilder and fitness blogger has 1.3 million followers on Instagram. It motivates an incredible number of people and exemplifies a healthy lifestyle. In this video she shows healthy breakfast variations, including an overnight overnight. If even Sophia Thiel feeds on this, it has to mean something.

What you imagine for an Overnight-Oat was not there and is not to be found otherwise on the Internet? Then let your creativity run wild and discover your own perfect variation. Who knows, maybe you can also convince others of your variant!


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GNTM: All winners – The most successful candidates

All year long, we’re looking forward to the fact that it starts again. The new GNTM season from Heidi Klum. Meanwhile there were already 13 seasons of the popular casting show on pros seven. If you follow GNTM regularly, you’ll usually have your favorite during the season and be disappointed if you have to leave early. But which of those who made it after the exhausting time and were chosen as the most beautiful girl in Germany has actually become successful afterwards. Here I have compiled a list of the winners of all seasons and found out who has remained successful beyond GNTM.

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GNTM – Winners and their successes

The highlights from 13 seasons of GNTM! Here I have compiled a list of the winners of all seasons and found out who has remained successful beyond GNTM.

Season 13 -Toni, The Tough one

After GNTM winner Toni secured the title on 24 May 2018, the winning streak is not yet over for her. At the Berlin Fashion Week Toni runs for Michael Michalsky and Lana Müller. Toni’s also trying to be an influencer on Instagram. She now has 182,000 followers on Instagram and her community is growing steadily. In her Instagram photos, the 18-year-old is particularly often seen posing with her former GNTM rival Julianna.  This is Toni’s Instagram for you.

Season 12 – Céline, The Quiet

Céline was very reserved during the season and was rather less noticed. But she still passes everyone in the finals. Céline remains successful after its victory in 2017. She is now under contract with the agency “Elite Model”. Three months after her victory at GNTM, she left HeidiKlum’s OneEins agency. In the meantime, the 20-year-old is really successful, she ran at the Paris Fashion Week in spring. She is even allowed to present the collections of the luxury brand “Balmain” on the catwalk. Céline does not neglect their Instagram account either. She has 362 000 loyal followers on Instagram and entertains with images from her fashion and private life: Céline Instagram.

Season 11 – Kim, The Ambitious

In 2016 Kim Germanys next became a top model. Not much has been said about her since. The 22-year-old did run for the Berlin Fashion Week, but afterwards she is more likely to attract attention with her private life. During the season she was particularly noticed for her relationship with Alexander Keen, also known as “Honey”. Her boyfriend, who is a model himself, often tried to join Kim in the spotlight.  He did not make himself particularly popular and shortly after the final it was over with them. Kim Instagram.

Season 10 – Vanessa, The Versatile

The then 18-year-old Vanessa Fuchs won the title in 2015. Following this, it is successful on two tracks. She has not only established herself as a model, but also sees herself as an influencer. She now has 289,000 subscribers and keeps her fans informed about her life:Vanessa Instagram.

Season 9 – Stefanie, The Natural

If you talk about which of the GNTM winners is the most successful after the final, Stefanie Giesinger is definitely one of them. At the age of 17, she prevailed against her competitors in the final. She is not only popular as an influencer, but has also managed to assert herself as a model. She already had many jobs, among others for Opel, she ran at the Belin Fashion Week and did a covershooting for the Cosmopolitan. Stefanie Giesinger with her 3.4 million subscribers is also at the top of the list as an influencer. What could be the reason? Stefanie acts quite naturally in front of her fans and doesn’t pretend. She also does not hide her illness the Kartagener syndrome and keeps her fans regularly up to date. Let yourself be inspired by her likeable person: Stefanie Instagram.

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Season 8 – Lovelyn, The Sweetness

After Lovelyn’s GNTM victory in 2013, she was hardly reported. After she had won, the 16-year-old first of all caught up with her Abitur. However, the 22-year-old has not completely withdrawn from model life. She takes model jobs from time to time, for example for Breuninger. On your Instagram account you can get an overview of your current life. Lovelyn Instagram.

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📸 @marvin_kampermann

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Season 7 – Luisa, The Industrious

Luisa won the race in 2012. After she had won, she moved to New York to really take off as a model. There she got many jobs and developed further. Luisa even took part in the New York Fashion Week. In the meantime, however, the 23-year-old is living in Munich again and would like to develop further here. Her big goal is to be allowed to run on a Victoria Secret Show once. Can she do it? Luisa Instagram.

Season 6 – Jana, The Reasonable

Who still remembers the GNTM winner Jana from 2011? Three years after her victory, the pretty blonde worked in her modeling profession. Meanwhile she does this only by the way, she has several bakeries and models only by the way. Why turn away from the dream job of many girls, many would ask themselves now. Jana admits in an interview with the magazine stern that she considers the model world to be superficial and that only isolated cases in this area make the big money. Too bad, but that’s not why she’s out of the world. You can still track them on your Instagram account: Jana Instagram.

Season 5 – Alisar, The Beauty

Alisar was after her victory in 2010 an example for someone who made a real career. After she won, she ran first at London and then at New York Fashion Week. Here she was even booked for 17 different fashion labels. Alisar is contracted by international fashion agencies and does countless jobs in New York. Alisar is lucky to present the collections of the star designer Philipp Plein. More success is almost impossible. Alisar Instagram.

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Season 4 – Sara, The Goodhearted

Sara Nuru. The then 19-year-old winner of the Castingsow has already stood out at that time. She’s just doing modeling now, by the way. Sara has a very good heart and through her nuruCoffee, founded together with her sister in 2016, is committed to women who need support to lead a self-determined life. It has also become the face of uberGREEN and is therefore committed to the environment. Because with uberGREEN you can be on the road with electric cars. On Instagram, beauty is still active. Sara Instagram.

Season 3 – Jennifer, The Mommy

The 16-year-old winner from 2008 could not complain after her victory. Many catwalk jobs followed, among others by the designers Philipp Plein and Talbot Runhof. 6 years later Jennifer said goodbye completely to model life. She became pregnant, is now a mother of two and is training as a tax clerk.

Season 2 – Barbara, The Exceptional

The second pretty GNTM winner Barbara is contracted by a model agency called IMG Models after her victory, followed by an advertising contract and a job for Cosmopolitan. But that wasn’t all by a long shot. She advertised C&A, Mc Donalds and the Pantene Pro-V hair care range. But Barbara is not only successful when it comes to being a model. In the meantime she is also an actress and played in several movies. You’ll probably be hearing from Barbara for a long time. Have a look at the beautiful photos of the model on Instagram: Barbara Meier Instagram.

Season 1 – Lena, The Successful One

The first GNTM winner is by far the most successful of all. After she has won, Lena finishes her Abitur. After that she gets a lot of jobs in the big fashion metropolises like London and Milan. From 2009-2012 the blonde will present “Austrias next Topmodel”. In 2013 she was a member of the jury for “Das Supertalent”. Lena also hosted many other television shows, such as “The Voice of Germany”. Since 2013 the model has hosted the star magazine red. Lena Gercke is under contract with countless model agencies worldwide. Her work as a model is incredibly popular. Lena Gercke is a real star in Germany. For four years Lena was together with the soccer player Sami Khedira. After that she actually wanted to marry her friend Kilian Müller-Wohlfahrt, but the two have separated again. Lena has an incredible winning streak that is far from over. Lena Instagram.

After we’ve updated ourselves on the latest winners, there’s more to the GNTM theme to learn. There are rumours that Heidi Klum will be alone in the jury for the next casting show. There is also an article about who made it to the top without Heidi Klum. You’re welcome to read the articles: GNTM’s jury is disbanding. Ex-GNTM participant and still successful.

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Learning to photograph in practice: feelings, emotions, moods

At some point you get tired of simple photography and want to take better photos. Good photos don’t just show what once was, they transport feelings, emotions, moods. That’s what matters. It’s a long way to the really good photo. But it’s worth it.

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Learn photography in theory and practice – especially practice!

Photography is a craft – and like any other craft, photography is best learned by doing it as often as possible. But if you’re really at the very beginning, it can’t hurt to buy a book about photography and read it with your camera in your hand. Such books are available in a more technical orientation and in a more image-oriented orientation. For the beginning we recommend a more technical one, so that you can familiarize yourself with the basic terms like aperture, exposure time, ISO and so on.

After that, it’s a good idea to study your camera’s manual carefully and make the appropriate settings directly on the camera. In this way the technique becomes more and more in your blood and that’s exactly what you want: not to have to think long at the right moment. Like driving a car. Workshops are recommended for practical exercises.

There you can learn directly on the job from very experienced (professional) photographers. There is no better exercise! No book in the world can tell you what a photographer can tell you who stands next to you and looks at your photos immediately. There are workshops for beginners and advanced, for architecture and wildlife, for nature and city, portraits, in short, for everything that can be photographed.

Photography to read

You don’t know which book to start practicing with? Need someone to motivate you? Benjamin’s book is a great introduction to the world of photography. You will find texts and pictures on every topic. After a long time as an amateur photographer, one would like to get an insight into the world of professionals. Not only color and light are important to take beautiful photos, also the technique of the camera itself, is a component of photography. Benjamin manages to package a complicated photographer’s knowledge pleasantly. Look at it!

Learning with motifs and image design

You probably don’t want to learn to take pictures for fun, but because you are particularly interested in certain topics and want to portray them photographically. If not already done, find such a theme and practice finding and photographing exactly the motifs you want. As I said, there are numerous books about image design; it is worth reading a few of them.

Even though nothing is more instructive than your own experience, you can still be instructed by others. It doesn’t hurt to know which image compositions work and which ones don’t from the outset. And then you go. Looking for your own motives, your own way of dealing with them, your own way of approaching the subject: Your own style. For example, divide your motifs according to the rule of thirds.

The rule of thirds

This means, divide it vertically and horizontally into three equal parts (9 equal squares in total) and place the main motif at one of the dividing lines. In this context, it also makes sense to learn something about the so-called golden ratio. Change the camera perspective, play with the light (a photo doesn’t always have to be correctly exposed!), steer the viewer’s gaze with the depth of field or think of something else that expresses yourself. Nothing can replace your own style! In the beginning there is always imitation, no question. But at some point your inner self must appear in the photo – and only yours!

Take a close look at your photos at the end of the day. There may also be some time between the recording and the critical examination. Take a look at your photos and write down what you think is good and what you think is bad (and why). Look at the metadata of your photos. What focal length did you use, what aperture, and so on? Be critical with yourself and do it better next time – but don’t exaggerate. Mozart also had to learn how to compose first!

If you are at the very beginning, read books about the physics and technique of photography. Then read the camera manual and follow the reading directly at the camera. Workshops are a very good opportunity to put theoretical knowledge into practice. You’ll realize why you want to take pictures. And then practice!


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Fashion Week New York 2018/2019

The international fashion marathon starts in New York. Twice a year all New York has a fashion show fever and everyone can be inspired by different styles. International designers and labels offer different collections. Even if you weren’t among the stars in the Front Rows, our editorial team will show you the designers and trends of Fashion Week New York 2019.

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Ralph Lauren Fall Winter 2018/2019

Victoria Beckham Fall Winter 2018/2019

Philipp Plein Fall Winter 2018/2019

Philipp Plein’s show started with a rap concert, a light show. The models were accompanied by robots. Come in and enjoy the exclusive show of his collection!

Dolce & Gabbana Fall Winter 2018 / 2019

Dolce & Gabbana presented this year the collection with flying bags. An unforgettable highlight of the Fashion Week!


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Fashion Week Paris – 2018

Fashion Week in the City of Love is one of the four most important fashion weeks along with New York, London and Milan. This fashion week takes place twice a year. The designers present their spring – summer collection with airier and shorter works of art and the autumn – winter collection, which often also presents coats and boots. In this article we give you the most important information about the last Fashion Weeks in Paris.

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Fashion Week in the City of Love

Whenever the time comes in Paris, and Paris Fashion Week begins, all fashion lovers are tense. What new trends are being set now? Which models attracted the most attention this time? What was best received by the viewers? Who attended Fashion Week?

Highlights, Trends & more

In this video you get a good overview and can be enchanted by the beautiful models and stage sets.


The latest trends from Gucci, Dior, Saint Lauren & Balmain

Here we have some videos for you, where important participants of the fashion week present their new collection. Form your own opinion about who has stood out this year. One thing is already clear, the Paris Fashion Week is very varied!

Look forward to the next Fashion Week, because there we will not only collect the best videos for you, but we will also be very close to you and keep you up to date.


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Never out of Style – Jeans

Finding a pair of matching jeans is not easy these days. Apart from different sizes, there are also new styles for men and women. Every fashion store, online shop and every brand now sells jeans.

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4 Female Cuts

Bootcut jeans #1

The classic of jeans. Narrowly cut at the thigh and slightly flared at the hem. These jeans can be worn with almost any type of figure, only people with wide hips should try the cut first.

Straight Fit Jeans #2

Also called Regular Fit, they are body-focused, but rather straight cut. Fits perfectly to the classic casual look!

Slim Fit Jeans #3

These jeans have a tight fit on the whole leg. So girls – if you have body-hugging and narrow silhouettes, she is very comfortable.

Super Slim Fit Jeans #4

Also known as Skinny Fit, these jeans are characterized by their particularly narrow fit.

Styling Tips For Woman

You can also make a normal pair of jeans look more beautiful, especially for women.

  • High-Heels make the legs longer and stretch them optically
  • a jeans should be a bit too long rather than too short
  • attached pockets make your bottom rounder and fuller
  • prefer rather dark jeans, lighter jeans often wear

As soon as a shopping tour is due, one is prepared to try on different trousers. Usually you try out every brand and are often desperate because no jeans fit right. What should the perfect jeans look like? Taff has tested the 3 newest jeans models for you and shows you what to look out for!

4 Cutting forms for the man

Loose Fit Jeans #1

These men’s jeans stand out for their casual fit. Also at the waistband they are usually very loose and belong to the most comfortable models. Jeans with very straight legs are called baggy jeans – a real all-rounder!

Slim Fit Jeans #2

Also known as skinny jeans, it is a newer variant of men’s trousers. Very narrow and body accentuated, these models are mostly seen in younger people.

Regular Fit Jeans #3

Straight and yet body-focused cut. These jeans are the most classic fit and can also be found under the name Straight Leg.

Shorts #4

An all-rounder in summer time. Loosely and casually cut cargo or skater fits.

Styling Tips For Men

Not only the woman, also the man can hide with the purchase of a jeans well!

  • do the trousers fit perfectly during fitting? – Buy one size smaller, because the trousers will widen after wearing several times
  • Undecided? Less is more, a classic model always fits
  • Rule: The further a jeans goes, the more can be carded
  • Belt: To decorate a jeans something, a man can very well tie a buckle
  • Today the trend is – jeans to jeans – you can combine jeans trousers with a jeans shirt or jacket as well

Men have the hardest time shopping. Often we all need good advice after all. In less than 6 minutes, this video explains exclusively for men which jeans are hip, now in autumn!

The jeans conquer the world

In addition to fashion chains that produce and represent their own trousers, there are labels that have been known for many years for their jeans. Not only through their quality, but also through name recognition or a certain trouser cut, the jeans become a unique specimen.

Levi’s #1

A brand that has existed for over 150 years and has a turbulent history. Levis Strauss, a German Jew who emigrated to America in the middle of the 19th century and invented jeans.

  • 1600 first production of denim fabric in France
  • 1853 first production for cotton trousers from brown tarpaulin fabric
  • 1882 first production with indigo dyed
  • 1926 first jeans with zipper
  • 1949 first German jeans are produced in a clothing factory in Künzelau
  • 1990 new jeans forms and cuts like Baggy Pants – new foundations of many jeans labels

Diesel #2

The Italian fashion label was founded in 1978 and with the sale of jeans they managed to educate a billion dollar turnover as a global player. The assortment of Italians is constantly extended by shoes, wristwatches, glasses, perfumes and underwear. The philosophy of designer Renzo Rosso was, as diesel was an alternative to petrol in the oil crisis of the 1970s, not to equate fashion with current trends, but to develop its own style. So in 1985 the new jeans began to work with sandpaper and stones as if it had been worn for years. At that time the jeans style was called “saddle”. Diesel’s jeans jacket also achieves cult status. In 2008, the brand presents a luxury collection “Black Gold” for the first time. More expensive than the previous products, but worn by many celebrities.

Rossos success concept : “be stupid”

G-Star #3

G-Star has the revolutionary success with the G Star Elwood 1996, Pierre Morisset designed the first 3D jeans.  With more than 10 million pieces sold, these jeans are among the best selling jeans in the world. G-Star has always stood for a rejuvenated and harmonious image. While trends, styles and fashion epochs changed, G-Star always remained attractive and authentic.

G-Star property : ” original and genuine, stylish, fashionable and functional “

Pepe Jeans #4

It’s a story, like in the book. Three brothers – Nitin , Arun, Milan had a small market stall in the middle of London in 1973. Made of boring, anonymous trousers, the boys let their creativity run free and turned these trousers into detailed creations that the youngsters bought in Notting Hill. The fashion label was created on the street of London. Today, Pepe jeans are known for the perfect fit and urban look.


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Cathy Hummels – the young presenter of German TV

Barbara Schöneberger, Birgit Schrowange, Nazan Eckes, Sonja Zietlow or Michelle Hunziker – these presenters have been on German television for a long time and have been incredibly successful. Cathy Hummels, also known as the wife of Dortmund’s soccer player Mats Hummels, is a pretty good presenter in the TV industry.

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Lifestyle of the Hummels family

Cathy was born in Dachau, near Munich, in 1988. While she was still dancing as a cheerleader at school, she met Mats Hummels in 2007. When her friend Mats continues his football career with FC Bayern Munich at Borussia Dortmund, Cathy moves with him and studies business administration at the TU Dortmund. She graduated with a grade of 2.3. The wedding bells are ringing in 2015. After a romantic Dubai vacation with engagement Cathy Fischer becomes a Cathy Hummels and in the luxury hotel Bayerischer Hof in Munich is celebrated despite rain properly! Private happiness will be perfect in January 2018 when their son Ludwig is born. Since then, Cathy Hummels on Instagram has repeatedly taken a stand on her mommy existence, even though she always censors her son’s face there or only shows him from behind.

Players and career women

beautiful, successful and happy

Even before Cathy met the famous footballer, the 19-year-old was not exactly inconspicuous. In April 2007 she was elected “Miss FC Bayern”. Despite her reputation as a player’s wife, Cathy Hummels tries to advance her own career in the media world. In 2013 she works as a columnist for Closer magazine. She visits Berlin’s Fashion Week as a reporter for the Prosieben show Red. Shortly after, she gets a permanent place as a presenter at Sky Sport with her own lifestyle program: Cathy on the road. Cathy is not only professionally successful, but also privately she tries to get everything under one hat. Despite constant work, she can organize yoga, marriage, child and grandparents well. In 2013 she was voted the most popular player woman by the magazine “Closer”. During the World Cup, however, the tide turns and Cathy has to struggle more and more with criticism from fans and media. After that, too, Cathy Hummels comes to her long-awaited marriage proposal in Dubai.

Here we see the beautiful mama with her little son. In this post she talks about combating famine around the world. How important her own son is to her and how happy she is to have him is clearly visible in this picture.

Social Media – Hater, criticism and negative vibes

On Instagram, Cathy takes her fans a lot with her. A picture that does not appeal to the fans will not be deleted immediately, as is the case with many other people in the public eye, but will remain on their Instagram account. Again and again criticism came up on the side of her fans that Cathy revealed private things on Instagram by posting to revealing pictures or writing about her period in public.  As a gambler’s wife, you also have to have a thick coat. Instagram users don’t just use their profile to give their opinion on Cathy’s pictures, they also like to criticize her husband Matts Hummels way of playing. Despite constant criticism from her followers, Cathy continues to post as a strong woman and does not let herself be diverted from her life on Instagram. In spite of constant criticism from her followers, Cathy doesn’t let herself get bogged down and continues to post what she likes.

Hummels – Shoe brand

At the moment there is also a lot to read about Cathy. The 30-year-old has launched a shoe brand called “Hummels”.  Small bumble bees are printed on the shoes and a writing with their surname is legible. Cathy herself says she likes the bumblebee, the animal, very much and doesn’t want to switch to another name not only because of the design, but also for this reason. There is even a small Hummel brooch attached to some of their models. There is everything from open shoes with ribbons to closed shoes with brooches. To their regret, the whole thing didn’t go off without problems. The brand name resembles too much the already existing shoe brand “Hummel”. It was clear to Cathy from the beginning that she wouldn’t let herself get away with it. The young mom’s lawyer stressed: “The use of her family name cannot be forbidden even by the Hummel company of our client.” Cathy himself spoke on this subject about Instagram. “My name belongs to me like clouds in the sky.” The ambitious woman is once again showing herself strong.

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Weil mich jetzt schon wieder so viele Medien angeschrieben haben, äußere ich mich zu einer Sache die eigentlich NICHT öffentlich werden sollte. Ich denke aber eine gewisse Firma versucht über mich, meinen Namen (um den es bei diesem Fall auch geht) und über meinen Schuh-Kooperationspartner eine gewisse Medienaufmerksamkeit auf sich zu ziehen … warum? Das frage ich mich auch und kann es daher nicht wirklich beantworten. Ich kann nur so viel dazu sagen. Das ist MEIN Name. Mein Name gehört zu mir wie Wolken am Himmel. Mein Name steht für meine Identität, meine Persönlichkeit, meine wunderbare Familie. Folglich werde ich erneut, auch wenn ich das persönlich nicht verstehe, mal wieder kämpfen. Kämpfen für meinen Namen in dem nun mal die HUMMEL steckt 🤷‍♂️🐝 PS: Wahre Hummeln sind friedlich ❤️

A post shared by Cathy Hummels (@catherinyyy) on

You are a big Cathy Hummels fan and want to buy shoes from her collection? On this page, you can choose a suitable pair of shoes: Cathy Hummels shoes.


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Fossil: Retro and yet Modern

Retro fashion has long been “in” again. Fossil, a fashion brand known for selling retro style accessories. A US-American company founded in 1984 is the shop if you like vintage or retro style. In addition to its own brand, Fossil also sells other fashion brands such as Burberry or Armani, so all price ranges are represented there and there is something for everyone.

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Fossil – Cheap Luxury

If you’re not looking for a Rolex, but you’re still looking for a good looking watch, or a cheaper handbag instead of Louis Vuitton, Fossil is a great alternative for you. The brand offers elegant men’s watches for little money. If you are of course more interested in Luxus watches we have an article for you. Fossil has been around since 1984 and was founded by the American Kosa Kartsotis. Meanwhile, his brand markets fashion sizes such as: Diesel, Emporio Armani, DKNY, Burberry, Michael Kors, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Adidas, Tory Burch and Karl Lagerfeld. Of course they also offer products of their own brand “Fossil”. However, you can also get accessories for less than 100€ instead of 15000€, which is attractive for you and other young people.

You want to know more about Fossil? Here we have summarized some important data of the Fossil Group for you.

  • 2001 – Acquisition of Zodiac brand from Genender International for approximately $4.7 million
  • 2004 – Takeover of the Swiss watch brand Michele through the acquisition of Tempus International Corp for approx. 50 million US dollars
  • 2007 – Acquisition of Watch Station International, a watch retailer with global sales operations, from Sunglass Hut
  • 2012 – Acquisition of Skagen Designs for approximately $225 million and 150,000 fossil shares. (Skagen is a more established watch and jewellery brand with Danish design)
  • 2013 – Fossil acquires Latin American distribution business of partner Bentrani Watches, LLC from Miami, Florida
  • 2015 – Fossil takes over Wearable Computing provider Misfit Wearables from Burlingame, California for approx. 241 million US dollars

Vintage on sale: Fossil Brands Outlet

Alternatively to the online shop or Amazon, you also have the possibility to visit one of the numerous Fossil Outlets. They lure with great offers and who can say no if a vintage handbag is on sale? There are a total of 13 outlets in Germany alone, including those in Cologne and Wolfsburg. In the shop you will find everything from handbags, over ladies watches, mens watches, leather bracelets or even shoulder bags at fair prices.

Necklaces, earrings and other jewelry

Every fashionable outfit of a woman needs the matching earrings, a handbag or matching rings, also there you will find at Fossil. Silver, gold, Swarovski there is an incredibly wide selection of jewelry from your own brand to Swarovski. Also here it applies, cheap chains with engraving or a noble designer chain – no matter what it is, you will find almost everything. From high fashion to casual, no matter how you want to dress, you are sure to find the right accessories.

Anything other than retro – BMW and Fossil bring out Smartwatch

Who would have thought it from a brand known for its retro and vintage styles? BMW and Fossil launch a Smartwatch collection. Sales start in January 2019. The Smartwatches are to be offered for sale in over 4000 BMW sales outlets. It is still speculated whether the watch will have a touch screen similar to the Emporio Armani Smartwacht. They are also waterproof, have GPS distance tracking, heart rate monitoring and are compatible with iPhone and android phones. Fossil confirms that this is the first time they have worked with an automobile manufacturer. Furthermore, thanks to the NFC payment system, you should be able to pay in many shops with your watch instead of your card.

The project Emporio Armani Connected was published in 2017 and combines the classic high fashion Giorgio Armani with the Smartwatch technology.

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Toni Mahfud: From photographer to model

The 23-year-old is the absolute leader among male influencers in Germany. For he not only convinces with his beautiful appearance, but also enchants his fans with his art in the form of photography and drawings. Not to forget Toni is also characterized by his casual style and his cool personality. All of this ensured that the pretty artist, photographer, communication designer and model now has 3.5 million subscribers to Instagram and 148 thousand fans to YouTube.

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To the point: Toni’s origin and nationality

Toni Gabriel Mahfud was born in Hamburg on 2 December 1994. However, Toni’s parents are originally from Syria, which should solve the mystery of his even complexion and black hair.

Is Toni available twice ? All about his brother

Toni Mahfud grew up with his twin brother Jan Mahfud. The brothers cultivate his very intimate relationship, but they live their lives differently, because unlike Toni, Jan prefers to live in seclusion and not like his twin brother in the worldwide limelight.

The rapid construction of his career

The 1.85 metre tall Hamburger uses the social media to show his talent to the world. He used YouTube, Facebook and Instagram and already shared photos of his artworks in the form of photos and drawings during his graduation. It didn’t take long and Toni also gained recognition beyond Germany. Because he not only put nature and the like in the right light, but also himself, top agencies like Givenchy and Tommy Hilfiger quickly became aware of him.

Art: Drawings and Photography

Already at the age of four Toni discovered his passion for art and started to draw his favourite cartoon characters on blank paper. Modelling and creative art fascinated him the most. When he began to spread his values publicly in 2011, it didn’t take long until he received countless positive feedback.


Toni publishes speed drawings of actors and musicians such as Channing Tatum, Cara Delevingne and Adele on his YouTube channel Toni Mahfud Mahfud. These videos are the main reason for Toni’s rapid mega career.


Nature, countries, cultures. Toni Mahfud is inspired by this. His heart beats not only for the art of drawing but also for the artistic representation of objects through photography. Toni not only likes to stand in front of the camera, but also behind it. He loves to travel in order to be inspired by foreign cultures in different countries. He loves to express the beauty of nature through his photos. He also enjoys capturing everyday moments photographically. With the help of Fotoshop he gives free rein to his creativity. The Social Media Star also shares the resulting works of art on its social networks.

<font color=”#ffff00″>-= proudly presents


After he drew attention to himself with his drawings, the first model agencies approached Toni. He worked together with IMG Modelagentur and started his first advertising campaigns. Over time, he modelled for well-known brands such as:

  • Tigha
  • Nike
  • Hugo Boss
  • Adidas
  • G-Star Raw
  • Tommy Hilfiger
  • Gillette
  • Edited
  • Daniel Wellington
  • OnePiece
  • Filling Pieces

Question of all questions: Does Toni have a girlfriend ?

One look into Tony’s eyes and pretty much every woman gets weak. Of course, the question immediately arises whether this handsome man is already in steady hands or not. His Instagram Page is decorated with many photos of beautiful women, but of course this does not stop with a model. At the moment it is not known whether Toni Mahfud is forgiven or not. But there are no suspicious photos among his posts that could give the impression of a new love. So girls: Open your eyes, maybe you’ll soon have the chance to convince the successful hamburger of you.

All facts at a glance

Here again a short video, in which all important facts about Toni Mahfud were summarized.


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Vegan food in London – delicious!

No matter where you look, in London you will always find something to eat as a vegan. No matter if you like to eat healthy smoothies, bowls and salads or if you love to let off steam with all unhealthy things that are not vegan, in London you will find everything. Not as in Germany the usual French fries with ketchup but burgers, sandwiches, smoothies and above all vegan cakes or donuts. A paradise I find. Here are some of my absolute favorites I can recommend to you again and again.

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Zizzi – A vegan restaurant

This restaurant is an Italian restaurant – completely vegan! Yes, you’ve read correctly. Pasta dishes, cheese pizza, ice cream. Anything that makes our vegan heart beat faster. And one of the delicious Italian wines tastes a little bit better.

The Diner

This restaurant makes you think you’re in Riverdale. Arranged like a typical American diner with red sitting bays and neon signs as far as the eye can see. And now the best: really greasy American food BUT vegan! Vegan burgers, pancakes, French fries au gratin with cheese… in any case nothing for the healthy plant based vegan but once really tasty soulfood you can treat yourself!

Yorica – With a refreshment through the day

Vegan Fro-Yo with vegan toppings. What do I have to say about that? Shakes, smoothies and ice cream are also available here.

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Werbung// it was a blast 🍦

A post shared by Janina (@janinantz) on

The Green House

Perfect for breakfast. Here you can find homemade granola made from oats, nuts, cinnamon and fennel, of course British porridge with fruits or avocadotoast.


Another top address for vegan breakfast: Nama. Here you get vegan scrambled eggs, but not as usual from tofu but from cashew nuts! There are also vegan walnut and mushroom sausages, aubergine bacon, mushrooms and walnut bread. Wraps, Pancakes or Avocadotoast can also be found here.

Farmacy Restaurant

Delicious, healthy food in a wonderful ambience. Vegetarian and vegan dishes without industrial sugar and dairy products.

By Chloe

Known from New York, “By Chloe” has now worked its way as far as London. Delicious sweets like cupcakes or cookies with a soft core compete with vegan Mac and Cheese and as topping there is even vegan bacon. Delicious!!

Vegan Cross – the insider tip

This restaurant is located directly at the King’s Cross, for this play on words alone the restaurant is worth a visit. But it’s not just tasty food, though. Beside all the unhealthiest vegan junk food you can imagine (hot dogs, wraps, kebabs, particles, cakes, etc.) you can also find vegan clothes here! So the whole project started and now there is even a second store in Bristol.


Here there are many nutritious meals for a quick stop at noon. Salads, homemade bread, soups and grilled mushrooms on toast with avocado are just a few of the delicious things you can order here. Add to this the typical British freshly brewed tea and perfectly strengthened and you can continue to explore the city!

The Hive Wellbeing

At noon healthy juices and smoothies with vegan lunch, in the evening it becomes a tapas bar! I like this concept. Cakes and other sweet things can also be found in this open and bright ambience. But be careful, some dishes contain honey!

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It's salad season again!

A post shared by The Hive (@thehivee2) on

Oi Hanoi

Surprise! A Vietnamese restaurant where vegan dishes can be found on the menu. But: a super sweet restaurant with very friendly staff. Good curry, vegetables and tofu. What more could you ask for?

Nama Foods

This restaurant is not only 100% vegan but also raw! There are many different types of pasta here, but they are made from vegetables. In any case a visit for the particularly healthy vegans among us!


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Simon Desue – one of the best Youtuber in Germany

Simon Desue is probably a name for every Youtube fan. He is regarded as one of the biggest Youtube stars in Germany. But what is behind the sympathetic facade? We have researched and selected some interesting facts for you.

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Who’s Simon Desue?

Joshua White Leather. Rather known as Simon Desue, was born on August 20, 1991 in Hamburg. Before he started school, he lived a year with his father, who came from the Ivory Coast and lived there. However, this stay was interrupted due to a civil war and Joshua returned to Hamburg. 12 years later he opened his first Youtube channel, followed shortly after by a second one. This was followed by guest appearances in numerous television programmes, roles in feature films and series and book publications. In 2016 he left his home in Cologne and since then has been producing his web videos in Miami, USA. His videos are mainly about comedy, entertainment and music, which are followed by over 3 million people.

Questions about Simon Desue – already known?

Does Simon have pets?

No, he once had a little dog called Simba, but unfortunately he gave the dog away again. He probably didn’t have time to take care of the dog the way he deserved.

What’s his favorite show?

For Simon, the absolute best series is Breaking Bad. Nothing’s gonna get there.

Who’s his favorite musician?

There’s a lot of good music out there, Simon thinks. But his favorite artist is and remains Drake.

Why was Simon on Celebrity Big Brother?

He was looking for a challenge and that was just right for him! He played a young hooligan there and with success. His fans and numerous other spectators enjoyed it. We at FIV have also been big fans.

Facts about Simon Desue

  • Optimal day: “get up, eat, sleep”
  • Simon has published 4 books
  • He makes his money only through Youtube
  • Simon owns its own Merchshop
  • In his first video he criticized the platform SchülerVZ
  • His girlfriend is Enisa Bukvic and is model

More Simon for you:

Here is a video where Simon baths in jelly, incredibly funny.

Simon’s 7 ways of kissing. Sympathetic and humorous as always, he shows us the craziest ways to kiss.


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Dounia – Mom, Youtuber, Make-up Artist and influencer

Dounia Slimani, a power woman. Since 2011 she has been one of the best German influencers. With her personality, the 33-year-old creates a great platform for everyone. No matter if mummy everyday life or beauty tutorials, her positive charisma is always appreciated by her followers. As a full-time mother and blogger, she is also a make-up artist at various fashion weeks around the world.  Our editors have conducted an exclusive interview with her where she talks about her love, family and job.

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Dounia: I’m a workaholic

FIV: Very inspiring: You are a young mama, make-up artist, influencer and YouTuberine. How do you manage to get all these components under one hat? Despite your busy schedule and the many journeys, you always come across very sympathetic and relaxed. What are your tips for relaxation?

Dounia: My tips for relaxation: I’m a workaholic I have to give honestly because I love my job so much. The best way for me to relax is when I go for a workout or take a nice bath and do a beauty treatment. As a mom, you hardly have time left for it, so I have to consciously clear my time. Painting nails, applying a mask, watching a video are highlights for me. If my parents or my husband have time, then I also treat myself to a massage or a hydrafacial from time to time. It’s very important for me to have me-time. This is my personal relaxation oasis.

FIV: In the last few months you’ve been travelling all over the world with the Maybelline Trendsquad to track down beauty trends. Which journey has influenced and interested you the most?

Dounia: I was most inspired by the Bahamas journey with Maybelline together. I will never forget to watch the sunset and this beautiful blue of the water. Bahamas and Tokyo were also my places of inspiration for my two looks.

FIV: You made up your sister at the Maybelline show. To what extent was this an emotional moment for you and what made it so special?

Dounia: At the Maybelline Show I made up my sister Lamiya Slimani. For me it was a mega emotional moment, because I always wanted to make up on a fashion show. It was on my bucket list. The additional fact that my sister, who is curvy and a full-wife, was also allowed to run across the catwalk as a model, was doubly emotional for me. On the one hand, to show that we celebrate the body of a woman with all its facets. And on the other hand, because I was allowed to make up my own sister for such an event. It all felt so surreal.

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Happy Birthday @mikaelslimani Vor genau einem Jahr wurde uns vom lieben Gott das größte Geschenk dieser Welt gemacht -nämlich du mein Schatz. Es ist ein Jahr voller Glück, schlaflosen Nächten, Kraft, Sorgen, Freude und unendlicher Liebe gewesen. Wir sind als Eltern gewachsen und sind so stolz, dass wir dir jeden Tag dabei zuschauen können, wie du mit deinen unschuldigen Augen die Welt entdeckst. Ich wünsche mir, dass du nie verlernst zu träumen, zu glauben, zu lachen, neugierig zu sein, unvoreingenommen bist und immer die Welt mit deinem Herzen siehst. Ich liebe dich so sehr mein Schatz, dass ich dich manchmal einfach nur beim Schlafen beobachte und weinen muss. Als du geboren wurdest, habe ich ein Teil meines Herzens für immer dir gegeben. Für alle Zeit. Ich liebe dich ❤️ Nhebek Mikael ❤️

A post shared by Dounia Slimani (@douniaslimani) on

Time out from everyday stress?

FIV: Besides your sister Dounia, you also grew up with your brother Sami. Both are also in the limelight and very successful on social media and YouTube. Is it sometimes difficult for you to distinguish professionally and privately?

Dounia: For us it was no problem from the beginning to separate professionally and privately. We always treat ourselves to breaks as a family, not only between the years or at Christmas. Since the three of us are so different and complement each other so well, working together is a wonderful and successful experience. Everyone has their strengths and can contribute them. In addition, all three of us are creative and we have now opened our own office in Berlin.

FIV: You three have a very intimate relationship and are very close to each other. Do you wish for your son Mikael also siblings with such a firm connection?

Dounia: I would so much like my children to get along with their siblings as well as me, Lamiya and Sami do. My brothers and sisters are a blessing and the most beautiful gift my parents could have given me.

Youtube has changed

FIV: In mid-June you will celebrate your 6th YouTube anniversary. Happy birthday! How has YouTube and the social media changed over this period?

Dounia: Youtube has changed a lot as a platform. It’s become more diverse. Youtube and social media are suddenly a household name for many. Almost everyone I know at least has Instagram. People network faster and you’re not looked at crooked anymore because you’re dealing with social media. Many professions and areas have also developed that did not exist before: social media managers, influencer marketing…. We ourselves have thus created a profession for ourselves, which to this day cannot be titled with a single term. We are influencers, consultants, entrepreneurs, authors, brand ambassadors and people. My job has a new challenge every day. We work worldwide, internationally and together as a family. At that time I studied economics (controlling, international management, business informatics) and thought I would pursue a classical profession. Years later I found my dream job, which has hardly anything to do with my studies anymore.

FIV: Do you like the “old” or the “new” social media world better? Which one would you choose if you had to?

Dounia: I like the old, new and future social media world. I am curious which new platform will be in, which trends there will be and what we will all do in 5 years already. I find the whole thing so exciting.

Thank you Dounia for the interesting interview!

Here you can learn more about Dounia:
Instagram: Douniaslimani
Youtube: Douniaslimani


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