Ariana Grande – Broadway, Nickelodeon, World Star

Hardly any music star is currently more successful than the US superstar Ariana Grande. Known for her unique voice and her acting talent, she has been celebrating success after success in recent years. Everything you want to know about the young star FIV has summarized for you.

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Who is Ariana Grande

That Ariana Grande is already considered a pop legend is undeniable, but many wonder where the young artist comes from. She was born on 26.06.1993 in Boca Raton, Florida (USA).  She was discovered at the age of just 15 on Broadway and overnight to become a Nickelodeon star. In 2011 she signed her first record contract and released the single “Put Your Hearts Up”. In summer 2013 she released her first album “Yours Truly”. Her breakthrough in the music industry followed with her second studio album “My Everything”. In the following years their success has steadily increased until today. In the meantime she has recorded songs with many great artists, such as Nicki Minaj.

Acting career at Nickelodeon

Ariana was cast by Nickelodeon in 2009 for the role of Cat in the series “Victorious”. In 2010 Ariana performed together with Youtube Star Mirandasings at the Birdland Jazz Club in New York City. 2 years later Grande played with Noah Munck, Jennette McCurdy and Ciara Bravo in the Nickelodeon feature film “Der große Schwindel”. In 2012 Nickelodeon ordered a pilot film for an offshoot of the series Victorious and iCarly entitled Sam & Cat, which was again produced on Schneider.

One Love Manchester

On 22.05.2017, after Ariana’s concert in Manchester, a horrible terrorist attack took place in which 22 people lost their lives and more than 800 were injured. The Islamic state has admitted to this attack. On 04.06.2017 “One Love Manchester” took place, a charity event from which the proceeds went to the families of the victims. The event generated total proceeds of 11.million Euro. A total of 19.78 million was collected together with the “We Love Manchester Fund”. In addition to Ariana Grande, music greats such as Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, Liam Gallagher, Robbie Williams, Niall Horan, Imogen Heap, Pharrell Williams, Marcus Mumford, Take That, Little Mix, Victoria Monét, The Black Eyed Peas, Parrs Wood High School Choir, Chris Martin, Coldplay and Stevie Wonder are also featured.

From Big Sean and Mac Miller to Pete Davidson

Jai Brooks

Ariana Grande has already had some well-known partners in her young career. It all started in 2012 with the Australian Youtuber Jai Brooks. At that time Jay had a bet with his brother which of the two could attract the young singer’s attention first. Ariana’s mother noticed and told her to contact him. So fast it can go, some time they have started to date. The love story between them, however, lasted only a year, followed by a big quarrel and the separation.

Big Sean

a year after the end with Jai Brooks following began their relationship with Big Sean, a rapper at Kanye West’s music label. In 2015 the two made it official at the Grammys that they were a couple. Unfortunately the relationship lasted only 8 months, then the separation followed. However, there was no big quarrel or anything like that, everything was peaceful and they remained good friends. The reason for the separation was that they could hardly spend time together, as both had a very tight schedule and Ariana was always on tour.

Mac Miller

The longest relationship so far has been with Ariana Grande and singer and rapper Malcolm James McCormick AKA Mac Miller. The first time they met was in 2016 and until April they were together in 2018. The last gig together was when they performed “No Tears Left to Cry”, Ariana’s hit single, at the Coachella Festival. Fans and friends were shocked when the two announced their separation. The reason was that Ariana couldn’t cope with being with someone who couldn’t control his life. Mac Miller had a problem staying clean. Since the death of Mac Miller on 07.September.2018 due to an overdose, Ariana is emotionally depressed and is currently taking a break.

Pete Davidson

The strangest of all relationships was definitely her last one with Pete Davidson. After only a few weeks together, the headlines “Arianna Grande and Pete Davidson are engaged” followed. What looked like fake news turned out to be a fact. However, this relationship lasted only a few months, because shortly after the engagement the separation followed, which brought even more headlines than the positive times. Pete Davidson has even deleted his instagram channel and reveals intimate details about Ariana and her mental health since the Manchester stop.

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Faye Montana multi talent! The youngest German youtube star, actress, singer and presenter

Faye Montana is an actress, singer, youtube and even a presenter. With her many talents she has the potential to become a big star. Here you can find out everything you need to know about them.

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Faye Montana goes on tour with Lukas Rieger

A big dream comes true! Faye can join the big tour of the German megastar Lukas Rieger. Overjoyed she posts on Instagram that she will be on the Lukas Rieger tour and will perform some songs with him on stage. But with this information a huge shitstorm breaks loose. The thousands of female Lukas Rieger fans get jealous! They don’t like the fact that Lukas Rieger is on stage with another pretty girl. The comments under Faye’s latest instgram images and YouTube videos are full of insults and hate messages that often go below the belt. “Go kill yourself”, “Are you deaf or why can’t you hear that you can’t sing?! It’s not an easy phase for a young girl like Faye, because she has to learn to deal with such haters and not let the messages get to her. Luckily she also has many loyal fans who encourage her to do the right thing and give her a lot of strength, courage and love.

Who‘s ready for the Code tour🔥?

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Faye Montana Profile – All you need to know about her

How old is Faye Montana?

She is 14 years old and has her birthday on September 6th.

What’s Faye Montana’s real name?

Her first name is the same but in real life her real name is Faye Briest. Her stage name was inspired by the world-famous Hannah Montana.

Does Faye Montana have a boyfriend?

There are many rumours about Lukas Rieger and Faye since they went on holiday in the Caribbean together and announced afterwards that Faye will join Lukas Rieger on the Code Tour. Again and again they argue that they are a couple and emphasize “We are just friends”. Lukas Rieger seems a bit annoyed when he says: “I have no idea how this rumour came about.

Where can I get the phone number of Faye Montana?

Faye’s phone number has never been published and she probably won’t do it voluntarily in the future, because as a star admitting the mobile number brings many dangerous risks and robs the young girl of every spark of privacy, which is already a little too short because her whole life can be followed on Instagram, Youtube and Snapchat.

Who’s Faye Montana’s mother?

The actress Anne-Sophie Briest is Faye’s mother. At the age of 6 she played her first role in a children’s film. After that she became famous in 1994 with the Sat 1 production Natalie- Endstation Babystrich. She also appeared in the series Polizeiruf 110, das Traumschiff or In aller Freundschaft. After Faye’s birth she took a 4-year baby break and then started again in movies like Kokowääh. Anne – Sophie is a great role model for her daughter and the two maintain a close relationship with each other. Because the actress knows the business so well, she can always support Faye, but above all she can understand her. But she also knows from her own experience that you have to be very careful in this industry and therefore always keeps an eye on her daughter’s public relations. Even though she is very proud of her daughter’s creative hobby, the school remains the number one for her and she must not suffer under any circumstances.

What about Faye Montana’s father?

Few know the sad story about Faye’s father, for she does not show the painful loss. The rapper Markus Oergel aka Big Sal died of bone cancer. With only 35 years he had to leave his daughter on the earth. He and Anne Sophie Briest had already split up in 2008, but Faye still had a very close relationship with him and even if she knew about her father’s illness it was a hard blow for the family. But Faye is a strong girl! She visits her father’s family a lot and has stories told about him. Of course she would have liked to spend more time with him and remembers the best moments of the two of them.

Does Faye Montana have siblings?

Jahmar Walker is Faye’s big brother. He’s five years older than she is.

Where does Faye Montana live? Faye lives with her family in Berlin. Where exactly does she keep top secret to have a place for privacy.

How important is school to Faye Montana?

School is her mother’s priority. Only when it’s going well at school can Faye live her dream, that’s a great incentive. It is important that she does not miss important things at school because of the social media. Her mother was very proud when Faye did not miss a single lesson on the report card last year.

What are Faye’s hobbies?

Sure, she loves making music, making videos and acting, but in her spare time Faye Montana is also a cheerleader. She even trains several times a week to be successful at competitions.

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She sells her own school calendar

For the 2017/2018 school year, Faye designed a school calendar with space for notes, formulas and mnemonic notes as well as tips on food, beauty and DIYs. The pages are decorated with sweet sayings, funny games and cute motifs. That way the school won’t be boring!

Wer hat schon meinen Schülerkalender bestellt?🙈💓

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Instagram #fayemontana

Over 320,000 people follow Faye on Instagram. Every day she posts new pictures to keep her fans up to date. Instagram is part of her life and you can see she enjoys posting new photos of herself on Instaram. She posts pictures from holidays, big events, selfies or pictures with friends. She wears cool outfits on all posts and is therefore also a great role model for her fans in terms of style. The many insights into her life make the fans feel connected to her and they are always happy when they find out what is going on with the young star.

spread your wings and fly☁️💖

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The versatile power career of Faye


The music was put into Faye’s blood by her father. Therefore the Multi Talent released their very first single “Numbers” on April 21, 2017. The song reached almost 5 million hits on YouTube, a complete success. The song was produced by the Berlin music producer Andre Brix, who was also responsible for Lena Meyer-Landrut’s hit “Satellite”. A short time later she released a cover version of the song red by Taylor Swift. After that she produced songs like “Wie ich bin” for the movie “Liliane Susewind”.

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Faye started making videos at the age of 9. A short time later she published it on her YouTube channel Faye Montana. Today, it already has over 300,000 subscribers who regularly follow its videos. The young girl has a real talent for making the audience laugh. Particularly popular are challenges in which she has to put on make-up blindly, for example, or the well-known flat wit challenge. She also likes to shoot Hauls and product recommendations, show her favourite outfit and summer favorites or test crazy beauty products. Your youtube site is really varied and creative, so check it out for yourself: Faye Montana youtube


In 2009 Faye Montana started out as an actress in the film Zweiohrküken. Due to the friendship to Till and dana Schweiger she got her first film role at the age of 6. From the beginning it was fun for her to stand in front of the camera and she felt comfortable. That is why her career as an actress continued in 2010 in the film Inga Lindström – Princess of Hearts. In 2013 followed a role in the film Polizeiruf 110- Fischerkrieg and in 2016 she took part in Cruise to Happiness. A short time later she is allowed to play the leading role in the film to the bestseller of Anne Will’s companion Miriam Meckel. The movie was called Letters to my Life and was quite a challenge, because it was about burn-out, but Faye could surprise and convince everyone with her talent. Her most recent appearance as an actress was in 2017 in the film Hanni&Nanni – More than best friends. She particularly enjoyed making this film because she was always with a lot of girls and boys her own age.


In 2012 Faye was already allowed to appear as a news reporter for the fundraiser “A Heart for Children” at the age of 11. Only three years later she was already working as a real moderator. She hosted the ZDF game show “das Spiel beginnt” from 2015- 2016 alongside Johannes Kerner and gained a lot of important experience.

The lyrics from her first song “Numbers”

Remember playing in the summer house

Wondering what it is all about

Wondering where the day went

Sleeping in the makeshift tent in the bedroom

Glad that you could stay I remember coming right to see you

Wishing I could be you

Wishing I was older

Someone should have told her to stop wishing those days away

We were thirteen going on fourteen wishing we were eighteen

When we’re nineteen we’ll be famous And we’ll buy some happiness

When we’re twenty, we’ll have plenty, with no worries

Cause we’ll have money in the bank

And it’s all a game of numbers, it’s all a game of numbers

It’s all a game of numbers, it’s all a game of numbers

It’s all a game of numbers (it’s all a game of numbers)

Remember things getting darker, wishing for some laughter

Fights getting longer, words getting stronger everytime

Can we run from here Remember tension rising, so it’s not surprising

How it all ended, no one could amend it you but then But I still would pray

We were fifteen going on sixteen wishing we were eighteen

When we’re nineteen we’ll be famous And we’ll buy some happiness

When we’re twenty, we’ll have plenty, with no worries,

‘Cause we’ll have money in the bank And it’s all a game of numbers, it’s all a game of numbers (Yeah)

It’s all a game of numbers (it’s all a game of numbers) It’s all a game of numbers (it’s all a game of numbers)

Wish that I could fix this, wish that I can mend this Try to find a way, pray to

God for you to just be happy The fighting to be over

There must be a way, I’ve learned the problemsolve, it’s only numbers

It’s all a game of numbers (it’s all a game of numbers)

It’s all a game of numbers (it’s all a game of numbers)

It’s all a game of numbers


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Namika – the singer of the summer hit 2018 had a difficult childhood

Namika is a German singer and rapper. Their music style is based on German hip-hop and is celebrated by many people. Despite her successes, she has remained extremely sympathetic and on the ground. Music is simply the most important thing for them!

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Namika’s career and her music is reflected

There are hardly any songs with such a great catchy potential as Namika’s top hits. The 26-year-old specializes in German texts that are oriented towards the German hip-hop scene. She sings pop songs with a soft voice, which are combined with gentle rap elements. As a result, she was also warmly recorded in the German rap scene and was allowed to sing along to songs by Ufo361 and Ali As. Their songs are in a good mood and are the perfect companion for the summer. Their songs are about love, difficult relationships, experiences and nightlife.

The music was laid in Namika’s blood. Already as a young girl she sang in the school choir and spent her free time in the youth centre where she could make as much music as she wanted. She started writing her own songs and gave herself the stage name Hän Violett. Then she finds her own style of music with which she feels comfortable and can identify, namely flow singing. Rap is not rapped but sung. After graduating from high school she fulfills a dream and releases her own mixtape ” Flow zum Gesang”. The label boss of a daughter label of Sony music becomes aware of the singer and offers her her first contract. Hän Violett accepts the offer. That’s when things change. First it becomes Namika as we know it today. She changes her sticking style from the typical rapper style fashion to elegant, sweet and girlish outfits. In 2015 her very first single “Lieblings Mensch” is released. from one day to the next she becomes famous. The song shoots through the ceiling, reaches number 8 in the German charts and shaped the summer of 2015 so much that the song moved up to number 1. Because the catchy song runs 24/7 on the radio, is sung and celebrated by everyone. Nobody will forget this song! He not only spread a good mood but also touched emotionally. It says exactly what everyone is looking for but cannot find the right words for. The song was watched 50 million times on YouTube. Shortly thereafter, on 21 July 2015, the entire album “Nador” will be released. Already at the end of July the whole album reaches number 13 in the German charts. She is nominated three times for the Echo, once for the 1Live Krone and the Radio Regenbogen Award.

After a break, their success continued in 2018. On 13 April the single “Je ne parle pas francais” was released. Very fast the song becomes a mega hit and shoots to number 1 in the German charts! Wherever you go this summer you can hear the success song everywhere. You turn on the radio and already the good mood melody flows towards you and you can be sure that it accompanies you the whole day. The lyrics are simple and so you can hear people singing about everything: “Je ne parle pas français But please continue…” The whole lyrics to sing along and the official music video can be found at the bottom of the page!

The second album was released on June 1, 2018 and is called “Que Walou”. In German it has two meanings. Once it means “for nothing”, i.e. if something you have worked for has not paid off. On the other hand, it means “not for that” in the sense of “gladly done”. The songs in this album are a bit more serious, are supposed to say more and are very personal. It is about Namika’s difficult childhood and she wants to encourage people that no matter what circumstances you come from, you can still make something of your life, make your dreams come true and that there are no limits.

The official music video for her first hit “Lieblings Menschensch

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The Que Walou Tour 2018 will be personal

In September Namika gives 3 concerts in the beautiful cities of Hamburg, Cologne and Munich. She has her new album “Que Walou”, which she will present on stage with a lot of love and pride. The concerts take place in somewhat smaller halls and are therefore rather in a personal atmosphere. The three concerts will take place on September 3, 4 and 5, 2018. The tickets are very limited, if you really want to see Namika live you can check on Eventim for the remaining tickets.

Letter- All you need to know about Namika

How old is Namika and when is her birthday? Namika was born on September 7, 1991. Today she is 26 years old.

Where does Namika come from? She was born in Frankfurt am Main and is a German citizen. But its roots are Moroccan.

Who are Namika’s parents? Namika’s mother is the most important person in her life. She has learned a lot from her and can always rely on her support. But you can’t say that about her father. She never met him. Even before he was born, he left his family and concentrated on criminal business. He also had to spend some time in prison for that. Nevertheless, it was Namika’s wish to meet him, because when he left he left a big hole with her. The opportunity to meet him disappeared when Namika was 14 years old. He died of cancer. The song “Ahmed” is addressed to him.

How was Namika’s childhood? Namika’s childhood was no easy time, after her father had left the family before she was born and the father of her siblings also disappeared, Namika’s mother could not go to work and was dependent on the help of the state. Nevertheless, they were able to travel to their family in Morocco every summer, but there was also a difficult situation there. For example, Namika’s father wanted to kidnap her once when the rest of her family were protecting her, he threatened to make sure that she would never leave Morocco.

What’s Namika’s real name? Namika’s real name is Hanan Hamdi. She is also known under her old stage name Hän Violett. The name Namika is Moroccan and means something like the writer.

Is Namika with Farid Bang?

There are rumours that there is more going on between Namika and the German rapper than just a cooperation about songs. The rapper was allowed to sing along in her song “Hände”. More and more pictures appeared on the Internet of those who show them together in their free time. In any case, they have enough in common, like their Moroccan origin, their friend Ali As and their love of music. Besides, they’re both single.

Instagram #namikamusik

On Instagram Namika is followed by 98,000 people. She regularly posts selfies and videos from her life. In her Instagram Stories she shows the fans something of her everyday life, special events or simply funny moments, so the fans always know what’s going on with her. The loyal fans always comment on their pictures with their favourite words for their star. For Namika, however, the music is clearly in the foreground and not the presence on social media.

Mit Lilly am chillen. 😍 🐶 #officedog #animallovers #jive

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The lyrics of the summer hit 2018

*translated in English

Je ne parle pas français

But please go on talking

Anything you say

Sounds kind of nice

And time just stops

I wish I could understand you

Je ne parle pas français

But please go on talking

Oh la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la

Your long wild hair

The small scar on the face

Even the dust on your jeans

Has wit when you speak

The butt tastes of Liberté

As long as we both share it

You tell in body language

And I hear between your lines

I’m on your lips

I don’t want to leave here anymore

And you talk and talk

But I don’t understand a word

Je ne parle pas français

But please go on talking

Anything you say

Sounds kind of nice

And time just stops

I wish I could understand you

Je ne parle pas français

But please go on talking

Oh la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la

The sun falls behind the houses

Ships are passing us by

And all we want

That the moment remains a little longer

To get us over a thousand people

They talk to each other

But the language we speak

Only the two of us can understand them.

Je ne parle pas français

But please go on talking

Anything you say

Sounds kind of nice

And time just stops

I wish I could understand you

Je ne parle pas français

But please go on talking

Oh la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la


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Lina Larissa Strahl: Music star, actress, influencer, multi talent!

Young, successful and happy. She did that when she was only 15 years old. Lina Larissa Strahl, the German actress, singer and singer-songwriter fights her way to the top. Starting with a self-written lyrics sent out for the fun of it and already being seen in the cinema as an actress and on tour to present her own album.

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Past and casting show breakthrough

How old is Lina anyway? Lina is 20 years old today, just before the famous age “21”, which many artists like Taylor Swift have sung about. She was born in 1997, more precisely on 15 December, in Seelze and she grew up there with her parents, without siblings. The small, tranquil town with just 30,000 inhabitants has left its mark on Lina on her way to becoming a music star. Music star, that’s always been her dream. So is the dream of many young people. Not in Seelze now, but all over the world.

Lina Larissa Strahl, also often known as a singer only as Lina. In Swedish, her name means the blonde, which goes well with her appearance. Very often Lina is accompanied at the moment by her golden retriever poodle hybrid Ilvie.

Lina attended the Georg-Büchner-Gymnasium and finished school with a 1.9 Abitur. She always wrote her own songs. Besides school, she made her breakthrough in 2013 when she won the casting show “Dein Song” with her self-composed song “Freakin’ Out”.

News from Lina to Instagram

On her Instagram account _lina_official_ she provides her 528k subscribers with current pictures from her private and public life: Lina Instagram.

Your most recent successes from “Glitter” to “Egoist”

Among her most successful songs are “Glitter” and “Egoist”. In her lyrics Egoist she sings about selfish behaviour and how it can affect other people.

Does that song have something to do with Lina’s boyfriend?  Since December 2016 she is officially together with her acting colleague Tilman Pörzgen. At the beginning it was not quite obvious and there was a lot of speculation. But now the two are regularly happy on Lina’s Instagram account. Nevertheless, Lina wants to concentrate on her career, especially as a singer. She even has a record deal. She signed with BMG Music Plubishing. BMG also represents great and international artists like Alicia Keys and Kylie Minoque.

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Lina is not only known from the music business. She is also a successful actress. Most people probably know them from the well-known films “Bibi and Tina”. Bibi plays the witch in these movies. That means she not only enchants us with her great new music videos, but also plays a leading role with witchcraft. In 2015 Lina won the special award of the “New Faces Award” for her role in Bibi&Tina for her acting.

In the Disney cinema film “Vaiana”, which appeared in cinemas on December 22, 2016, Lina is allowed to speak to the princess. In this role she particularly likes the strength of character, courage and optimism, which she likes to take as an example.

She also writes lyrics. In her free time she also likes to play piano and guitar. Lina is an all-round talent. But she wants to concentrate more on her singing career. Something “down-to-earth” should not be missing from her opinion either, which is why she plans to study history at some point.

Fan articles and tickets for their tour

There is a cool online shop where you can find everything about Lina. Whether you’re looking for a T-shirt, a bracelet, a cell phone case or a pillow, you’ll find it all. Everything you need to be a “spotlight”, as Linas fans call themselves, well equipped for the next fan meeting or the next concert. The next live gigs are just around the corner. Lina goes on tour with her own album. The title of the album is “Ego”. She describes the album as more mature and more reflective than her previous album “Official”. Tickets can now be pre-ordered: Lina concert tickets.

Tour Vlog by Lina #backstage in Hamburg, Berlin and Hanover


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