Rebecca Mir – Model & Moderator

When is it more annoying to fail than to reach your goal? Rebecca Mir had to leave the 6th season of Germanys next Topmodel as runner-up. In retrospect Rebecca is much more successful than her then competitor and winner Jana Beller. Rebecca proved she was born to stand in public!

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Model, Moderator & Wife

Rebecca has a face that looks familiar to everyone. It is hard not to know the 26 year old, because she is not only booked for various catwalks and advertising jobs, but also hosts many well-known TV shows.

Her Childhood

Rebecca was born on 23 December 1991 in Aachen. Her mother is German and her father is originally from Afghanistan. Rebecca was always busy at school, she attended St.-Michael-Gymnasium, but then dropped out of school prematurely to take part in the GNTM casting show. The young girl has already completed a six-month model training course while still at school.  However, she always wanted to make up for her high school graduation.  It was important to her not to rely on her looks and her success. After finishing second at GNTM, Rebecca was even more than that.

Rebecca’s Successes

Shortly after the casting show Rebecca was allowed to run at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week and present fashion by Lena Hoschek and Minx and Jorge Gonzalez. That was just the start of everything good. A little later she was allowed to run at the New York Fashion Week for the designer Christian Siriano. During this time she was also featured on the covers of the Cosmopolitan, the GQ and the TV feature film. Rebecca is booked very much by German designers. She runs especially often at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week for different labels. Rebecca also took part in Let’s Dance. She only took second place at this show, but she got to know and love her dance partner Massimo Sinató. Her boyfriend then became her husband on 27 June 2015. Rebecca is also allowed to present backstage at the GNTM finals. On July 30, 2012, the successful model hosted the television show taff on ProSieben for the first time and is staying with this job. She is simply a multi-talent; she has also played in three different television series. Rebecca can hardly save herself from jobs since then. The 26 year old is incredibly in demand in both industries.

The Family planning of Rebecca & Massimo

Since Rebecca received an application from her boyfriend Massimo Sinató after a two-year relationship, the two have been happily married.  The two have no children yet, but they have a bitch that they love everywhere. Your bitch, a Goldendoodle even has her own Instagram account: Macchia Instagram. On this account there are always new pictures of the enterprises, which Rebecca undertakes with the bitch. Rebecca even presents her bitch Macchia during Agility Training. However, it should not take long with offspring for both of them. In an interview with “Promiflash” her husband reveals: “We are both in love, on cloud nine, overjoyed. “In the years to come, we will at some point begin to address family planning.” Let’s see when it’s time. But the fans are really looking forward to it. Among other things, they clearly show this on Massimo’s Instagram Account. The proud husband keeps posting beautiful photos with his wife. More and more fans are commenting on them with baby wishes.

Secret Tips from Rebecca

Being a model, presenter and actress is not always easy. They must always be top styled and prepared. Besides, such a great body does not come by itself. Rebecca goes to the gym 2-3 times a week for her dream body. She also enjoys dancing with her husband standard dance.  Her insider tip for great, slim legs has always been squads, as she admits in an interview with Cosmopolitan.

The readers of the FHM voted Rebecca number 1 of the 100 Sexiest Women in the World. Rebecca is an incredible power woman who has achieved almost everything you could wish for. Now Rebecca has the luck to present a new dance show on ProSieben. The goal of the participants is to convince one of the four jury members to get ahead. The broadcast of this new series is scheduled for 2019. To keep you up to date with Rebecca’s career, here is her Instagram account for you. Rebecca Instagram.


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Sarina Nowak – From the unhappy average model to the successful Curvy Model

There are so many beautiful women in this world. But only a few fit into the dimensions of the perfect catwalk model. For a girl to be perfect for modeling, she should ideally be between 15 and 18 years old and her body proportions should be close to 84(chest)/60(waist)/89(hip). However, it is not always the case that every girl has had it put into her cradle to be slim. Girls who are more likely to have problems maintaining such a weight feel pressured by such benchmarks and thus get anorexic or bulimic.

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Sarina Nowak – From GNTM to the Globally Sought-after Curvy Model

After her participation in GNTM, Sarina Nowak had no more desire to starve for the given values. Why should it adapt to the fashion world when the fashion world can also adapt to it? Since a few years there is the category Curvy Model, or Plus-Size-Model, which refers to models that have a dress size larger than 38. Most women are between 18 and 40 years old and have good proportions. Sarina Nowak has discovered this industry for herself. She is now a very successful Curvy model. What’s the best part? She can eat what she wants and feels comfortable in her skin.

Sarina as a Role Model for other Girls

Through the establishment of Curvy Models in the fashion industry, many girls who do not correspond to classic model sizes learn to find themselves beautiful and to be satisfied with themselves. As you can see immediately from Sarina’s pictures, she is very proud of her body and likes to present it. But not only her body is beautiful, also her face is unique and beautiful. She has bright blue eyes and a beautiful mouth. She also has thick, prominent eyebrows and a beauty mark on her lip.

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Sarina’s Past

Sarina was born on 03 December 1993. When she was a young girl, she suffered from an eating disorder and weighed only 45 kg. She paid constant attention to the number of calories in her meals and sometimes even skipped them altogether. The young woman has always described herself as rather shy and introverted. She needs a little time to get out of herself. At the age of 15 Sarina applied for the casting show GNTM and reached sixth place at the end. After Sarina, in her search for new model jobs, was repeatedly told that she had to lose weight in order to have a chance at jobs, she started the change. She introduced agencies to her idea of trying out as a Curvy Model and she got encouragement. Today she works for model agencies in Hamburg, London and Cape Town.  Through her instagram presence even the Kardashians became aware of the 24 year old. On Instagram we learn that she modelled for the jeans label “Good American” founded by Khloé Kardashian. A great dream has come true for Sarina. She got a job for the famous Sports Illustrated. Their dream is to have a normal family life with children in a beautiful place at some point. In addition to modeling, Sarina is also enthusiastic about standard dancing. Who knows, maybe we’ll see Sarina at Let’s Dance someday?

Sarina’s New Lifestyle

Just because Sarina now has a little more kilos on her ribs doesn’t mean that she can let herself go and do whatever she wants. In order for her body to remain suitable for modelling, she must pay attention to a balanced and healthy diet and also regular sport must not be missing. At the moment the young model lives in Los Angeles. Sarina has discovered boxing as a sport and regularly does boxing training. She has also written a book called “Curvy: My way to more happiness and self-confidence”. With this book Sarina wants to motivate other girls to love themselves as they are and to encourage them to go self-confidently through the world. In this book, Sarina honestly reports on her life story and the problems she faced in the fashion world. Sarina’s book – Curvy: My way to more happiness and self-confidence.

Sarina is one of the girls who, although they did not win GNTM, was one of the most successful. A premature GNTM-out is therefore not decisive for the future of girls as models. Sarina proved it to us. The strong, young woman has achieved what millions of girls dream of. Sarina Instagram.


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GNTM – Successful, even without Heidi

Approximately 20,000 young girls apply to GNTM every year.  From that moment on, the jury segregates. Who would have the best chances in the fashion industry? Who performs the tasks best? Who is going through the strongest development? According to such criteria, the jury decides who will stay at the casting show and who has to leave. But that doesn’t mean that the average 2.38 million viewers have to agree.

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GNTM – Independent & Successful

There are countless candidates who have become successful at the casting show even without reaching the 1st place.  Whether it was someone else who saw the talent in the GNTM participant or whether she fought her way up herself, there are various examples. Here is a list of the 10 most famous ex-participants, excluding the winners.

1. Sarina Nowak

Sarina Nowak had applied to Germanys next Topmodel at the age of 15. In 2009 she reached the sixth place at the Catingshow. After that she wanted to continue working as a model and become successful. However, she was repeatedly put under pressure that she had to hang in more in order to keep the model measurements so that she had chances in the model business. In the meantime Sarina Nowak is a very successful Curvy model who is in demand all over the world and who feels comfortable in her body. She is not afraid to proudly present her beautiful curves. Sarina Nowak Instagram.

2. Rebecca Mir

In 2011 Rebecca reached the second place in Heidis casting show. Today, however, she is much better known than the winner Jana Beller. She is now not only a model, but also a successful presenter.  Among other things, the 26-year-old presents the Prosieben magazine taff. In the end, her self-confident appearance and ambition led her to success. Meanwhile Rebecca is married with the dancer Massimo Sinato. Rebecca Mir Instagram.

3. Jüli Mery

The beautiful brunette had to leave the squadron because Heidi didn’t think she had enough self-confidence.  Jüli proves exactly the opposite with her career. She is a very popular model who is under contract with the agency PMA Models. For the 20-year-old, social media is also a steep ascent. Jüli Mery Instagram.

4. Anh Phuong

Anh was already very conspicuous during the 12th GNTM season. The 27-year-old was then known for her cheerful nature and her positive charisma. Now she is a successful influencer with 345000 subscribers. Anh provides her fans daily with excerpts from her varied life. Anh Phuong Instagram.

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5. Elena Carrière

At that time Elena was already the runner-up and even today Elena is very successful in the fashion world. She is now under contract with an international model agency called “Metropolitan”. She receives various international job offers and is in great demand. It is also among the top three influencers in the “Lifestyle” category. She stands there with Sofia Tsakiridou and the Youtube woman Lisa-Marie Schiffner. On Instagram, the 22-year-old now has 475000 followers who are keenly interested in her life. Elena Carrière Instagram.

6. Anna Maria Damm

Anna Maria took 5th place at the casting show GNTM. Today, it is one of the most successful influencers ever. She has 1.3 million subscribers to Instagram, is a popular model and Youtuberin. Meanwhile she is still a mother and proudly presents her daughter Eliana. Anna Maria Damm Instagram.

7. Abigail Odoom

Abigail was successful on Youtube even before she joined GNTM. She has over 200,000 followers and makes videos about her lifestyle, beauty and fashion. At GNTM, she has performed countless well and has often impressed Heidi. In the end it wasn’t enough and Abigail had to leave the casting show. Abigail Odoom Instagram.

8. Lara Helmer

Lara Helmer had to make it to the final of Germanys next Topmodel shortly before entering the final. But that didn’t mean that her big dream of modeling had blown. On the contrary, Lara is a very popular model. She has done several catwalk jobs, is pictured on the cover of the Harper’s Bazaar and is about to be part of the Victoria Secret Show. That’s not the end of her career. She’s well on her way to getting even more successes. Lara Helmer Instagram.

9. Carina Zavline

During her participation in GNTM, Carina stood out for one thing in particular and that is her ambition. In her GNTM days, Carina gave her all at whatever. But in the end it wasn’t enough for the final. At Instagram she has a proud 248.000 followers, which she regularly takes along with her latest photos. Carina Zavline Instagram.

10 Greta Faeser

Greta Faeser was considered a favourite for a long time, until she finally left the casting show earlier out of longing for her boyfriend. But that hasn’t hurt your career, though. Greta Faeser is currently under contract with MGM Models and gets several catwalk jobs. But it is not only interesting for the model world, because it has 226.000 followers on Instagram. Greta Faeser Instagram.

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These examples make it clear that a GNTM exit does not necessarily mean a career exit. Some of the participants even had a greater career than the actual winners of the respective relay teams. Would you like to know more about the most successful participants? Then read our articles about each person.


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GNTM: All winners – The most successful candidates

All year long, we’re looking forward to the fact that it starts again. The new GNTM season from Heidi Klum. Meanwhile there were already 13 seasons of the popular casting show on pros seven. If you follow GNTM regularly, you’ll usually have your favorite during the season and be disappointed if you have to leave early. But which of those who made it after the exhausting time and were chosen as the most beautiful girl in Germany has actually become successful afterwards. Here I have compiled a list of the winners of all seasons and found out who has remained successful beyond GNTM.

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GNTM – Winners and their successes

The highlights from 13 seasons of GNTM! Here I have compiled a list of the winners of all seasons and found out who has remained successful beyond GNTM.

Season 13 -Toni, The Tough one

After GNTM winner Toni secured the title on 24 May 2018, the winning streak is not yet over for her. At the Berlin Fashion Week Toni runs for Michael Michalsky and Lana Müller. Toni’s also trying to be an influencer on Instagram. She now has 182,000 followers on Instagram and her community is growing steadily. In her Instagram photos, the 18-year-old is particularly often seen posing with her former GNTM rival Julianna.  This is Toni’s Instagram for you.

Season 12 – Céline, The Quiet

Céline was very reserved during the season and was rather less noticed. But she still passes everyone in the finals. Céline remains successful after its victory in 2017. She is now under contract with the agency “Elite Model”. Three months after her victory at GNTM, she left HeidiKlum’s OneEins agency. In the meantime, the 20-year-old is really successful, she ran at the Paris Fashion Week in spring. She is even allowed to present the collections of the luxury brand “Balmain” on the catwalk. Céline does not neglect their Instagram account either. She has 362 000 loyal followers on Instagram and entertains with images from her fashion and private life: Céline Instagram.

Season 11 – Kim, The Ambitious

In 2016 Kim Germanys next became a top model. Not much has been said about her since. The 22-year-old did run for the Berlin Fashion Week, but afterwards she is more likely to attract attention with her private life. During the season she was particularly noticed for her relationship with Alexander Keen, also known as “Honey”. Her boyfriend, who is a model himself, often tried to join Kim in the spotlight.  He did not make himself particularly popular and shortly after the final it was over with them. Kim Instagram.

Season 10 – Vanessa, The Versatile

The then 18-year-old Vanessa Fuchs won the title in 2015. Following this, it is successful on two tracks. She has not only established herself as a model, but also sees herself as an influencer. She now has 289,000 subscribers and keeps her fans informed about her life:Vanessa Instagram.

Season 9 – Stefanie, The Natural

If you talk about which of the GNTM winners is the most successful after the final, Stefanie Giesinger is definitely one of them. At the age of 17, she prevailed against her competitors in the final. She is not only popular as an influencer, but has also managed to assert herself as a model. She already had many jobs, among others for Opel, she ran at the Belin Fashion Week and did a covershooting for the Cosmopolitan. Stefanie Giesinger with her 3.4 million subscribers is also at the top of the list as an influencer. What could be the reason? Stefanie acts quite naturally in front of her fans and doesn’t pretend. She also does not hide her illness the Kartagener syndrome and keeps her fans regularly up to date. Let yourself be inspired by her likeable person: Stefanie Instagram.

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Season 8 – Lovelyn, The Sweetness

After Lovelyn’s GNTM victory in 2013, she was hardly reported. After she had won, the 16-year-old first of all caught up with her Abitur. However, the 22-year-old has not completely withdrawn from model life. She takes model jobs from time to time, for example for Breuninger. On your Instagram account you can get an overview of your current life. Lovelyn Instagram.

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Season 7 – Luisa, The Industrious

Luisa won the race in 2012. After she had won, she moved to New York to really take off as a model. There she got many jobs and developed further. Luisa even took part in the New York Fashion Week. In the meantime, however, the 23-year-old is living in Munich again and would like to develop further here. Her big goal is to be allowed to run on a Victoria Secret Show once. Can she do it? Luisa Instagram.

Season 6 – Jana, The Reasonable

Who still remembers the GNTM winner Jana from 2011? Three years after her victory, the pretty blonde worked in her modeling profession. Meanwhile she does this only by the way, she has several bakeries and models only by the way. Why turn away from the dream job of many girls, many would ask themselves now. Jana admits in an interview with the magazine stern that she considers the model world to be superficial and that only isolated cases in this area make the big money. Too bad, but that’s not why she’s out of the world. You can still track them on your Instagram account: Jana Instagram.

Season 5 – Alisar, The Beauty

Alisar was after her victory in 2010 an example for someone who made a real career. After she won, she ran first at London and then at New York Fashion Week. Here she was even booked for 17 different fashion labels. Alisar is contracted by international fashion agencies and does countless jobs in New York. Alisar is lucky to present the collections of the star designer Philipp Plein. More success is almost impossible. Alisar Instagram.

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Season 4 – Sara, The Goodhearted

Sara Nuru. The then 19-year-old winner of the Castingsow has already stood out at that time. She’s just doing modeling now, by the way. Sara has a very good heart and through her nuruCoffee, founded together with her sister in 2016, is committed to women who need support to lead a self-determined life. It has also become the face of uberGREEN and is therefore committed to the environment. Because with uberGREEN you can be on the road with electric cars. On Instagram, beauty is still active. Sara Instagram.

Season 3 – Jennifer, The Mommy

The 16-year-old winner from 2008 could not complain after her victory. Many catwalk jobs followed, among others by the designers Philipp Plein and Talbot Runhof. 6 years later Jennifer said goodbye completely to model life. She became pregnant, is now a mother of two and is training as a tax clerk.

Season 2 – Barbara, The Exceptional

The second pretty GNTM winner Barbara is contracted by a model agency called IMG Models after her victory, followed by an advertising contract and a job for Cosmopolitan. But that wasn’t all by a long shot. She advertised C&A, Mc Donalds and the Pantene Pro-V hair care range. But Barbara is not only successful when it comes to being a model. In the meantime she is also an actress and played in several movies. You’ll probably be hearing from Barbara for a long time. Have a look at the beautiful photos of the model on Instagram: Barbara Meier Instagram.

Season 1 – Lena, The Successful One

The first GNTM winner is by far the most successful of all. After she has won, Lena finishes her Abitur. After that she gets a lot of jobs in the big fashion metropolises like London and Milan. From 2009-2012 the blonde will present “Austrias next Topmodel”. In 2013 she was a member of the jury for “Das Supertalent”. Lena also hosted many other television shows, such as “The Voice of Germany”. Since 2013 the model has hosted the star magazine red. Lena Gercke is under contract with countless model agencies worldwide. Her work as a model is incredibly popular. Lena Gercke is a real star in Germany. For four years Lena was together with the soccer player Sami Khedira. After that she actually wanted to marry her friend Kilian Müller-Wohlfahrt, but the two have separated again. Lena has an incredible winning streak that is far from over. Lena Instagram.

After we’ve updated ourselves on the latest winners, there’s more to the GNTM theme to learn. There are rumours that Heidi Klum will be alone in the jury for the next casting show. There is also an article about who made it to the top without Heidi Klum. You’re welcome to read the articles: GNTM’s jury is disbanding. Ex-GNTM participant and still successful.

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An Idol for All – Stefanie Giesinger

Stefanie Giesinger is the winner of the ninth season of Germany’s Next Topmodel. After her victory at GNTM, the 22-year-old expanded her Instagram account and now counts with 3.3 million fans on Insta as a role model around the topics: Models, Fashion and Lifestyle. But for the pretty brunette everything is not always as easy as it might seem, because a serious illness accompanies her.

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From Siberia to Germany: Giesinger’s family emigrated

One year before her birth, Stefanie’s Russian-German family emigrated from Russian Siberia and built a new life for themselves in Germany. The German model was born on 27 August 1996 in Kaiserslautern.

Max Giesinger: Steffie’s brother, cousin, uncle or husband ?

The singer and musician Max Giesinger reached the finals of the casting and music show “The Voice of Germany” in 2011 and even sat on the jury of “The Voice Kids” this year. Despite many releases of his songs, a really successful breakthrough of the singer has been missing so far. Within Germany, however, his compositions are well known.

At the latest after the release of the music video for the song “80 Millionen” by Max, where Stefanie Giesinger plays the leading role, many fans ask themselves the question: What exactly connects the musician and the model? The answer to this question is nothing but friendship. The same name is just a coincidence.

Stefanie in a music video ?

Yeah, you read right. At Max Giesinger’s side, the model plays a special role in the music video for his single 80 million.

Does Stefanie Giesinger have a boyfriend ?

This question is also gladly asked. Anyone who has been following this pretty model for some time knows the answer to this question, for sure: Yeah, Stefanie’s been taken for two years. British YouTube star Marcus Butler (26) is the happy man at Steffie’s side. The two successful social media stars got to know each other in 2016 at an Amfar gala in Cannes. Katy Perry also performed at this event, which was the perfect occasion for Marcus to address Stefanie. He asked if she liked Katy Perry. Dances and conversations followed. They stayed in contact after the gala and quickly fell in love.

Is her boyfriend really making her happy?

As YouTuber, Marcus films half his life. So is his holiday with Stefanie in the Caribbean. Here you get private insights into the love happiness of the two lovebirds.

Life threatening disease and their last OP

The model suffers from the so-called Kartagener syndrome from birth. It’s a hereditary disease. Organs are arranged mirror-inverted or twisted in the body. Stefanie herself describes this as “wandering organs”. Stefanie’s life expectancy is low, but so far the fighter nature has held out extremely well.

At the age of 13 Stefanie could only eat unnaturally little because her stomach was so extremely twisted. This was followed by a life-threatening emergency operation that lasted a full eight hours. Since that day, her belly has been adorned with a ten-centimetre scar. Also in March of this year, the instagramerin had to undergo a severe operation, but she also mastered this procedure successfully.

How it all began

With a young age of 17, the 1.77 meter brunette took part in the ninth season of Germanys Next Topmodel in 2014. Of over 15,000 applicants, Stefanie was one of 70 chosen to be invited to a casting in Berlin. There the high school student met for the first time the jury consisting of Heidi Klum, Wolfgang Joop and Thomas Hayo. At the beginning Heide saw Stefanie as a permanent nodding candidate but in the course of the relay the 17 year old could also convince top model Mama Heide of herself and finally took the first place in the final.

Germany’s Next Topmodel: And what then ?

After winning the title “Germany’s Next Topmodel 2014” the then 17 year old appeared on the cover of the German Cosmopolitan and was under contract for two years with the model agency of Günther Klum ONEeins. A small guest appearance in Matthias Schweighöfer’s film Der Nanny and the cast of the leading role in the music video to the single 80 million by Max Giesinger followed. Stefanie expanded her Instagram account and got jobs for big brands like L’Oréal again and again.

Idol of the year 2018

Behind Stefanie is much more than just an ordinary model. They are characterized above all by their proximity and their personality. She strives to make every day the best in her life and to infect her fellow men and fans with her joie de vivre. These and other aspects ensured that Stefanie received this year’s About You Award Idol of the year.

Steffie as Victoria’s Secret Angel

The 22 year old model unfortunately failed this year at the casting in New York for the fashion show of Victoria’s Secret and will not be allowed to walk in December. Steffie is proud to have made it this far and hopes for another chance to run as Victoria’s Secret Angel, because she is and remains a huge fan of the brand and the show.

Model, Instagramerin and Actress: “Asphalt Gorillas”

Yes, that’s right, Stefanie really must have a multi-functional talent. In addition to her life as a model and instagramer, she is now immersed in the life of an actress. Since 30 August 2018 she has played the role of Oxana in the film “Asphaltgorillas” by Detlev Bruck. The film team is enthusiastic about the newcomer and she herself has a lot of fun to slip into the skin of another person.


On Instagram, the 22-year-old shares her life with 3.3 million subscribers. She does not post new articles every day, but only when she feels like it and there is something to report. So she shares her life with her fans and friends in a very appealing and honest way. Because she is a huge fan of photography and admits quite honestly: not every photo was taken spontaneously but it is not only her job but also her hobby to stand in front of the camera and so she likes to use her free minutes and produce with her friends, but especially with her best friend photos for fun and share them with her fan community.

Not enough Internet for today ?

Then have a look at the Instagram account of Stefanie’s girlfriend Caro Daur. Because even this pretty blonde has more than one talent. Although she is at least one head smaller than Stefanie, she still models successfully and is also a blogger, influencer, entrepreneur and businesswoman at the same time. Get infected by Caro’s joie de vivre and maybe check out some cool looks.


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Toni Mahfud: From photographer to model

The 23-year-old is the absolute leader among male influencers in Germany. For he not only convinces with his beautiful appearance, but also enchants his fans with his art in the form of photography and drawings. Not to forget Toni is also characterized by his casual style and his cool personality. All of this ensured that the pretty artist, photographer, communication designer and model now has 3.5 million subscribers to Instagram and 148 thousand fans to YouTube.

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To the point: Toni’s origin and nationality

Toni Gabriel Mahfud was born in Hamburg on 2 December 1994. However, Toni’s parents are originally from Syria, which should solve the mystery of his even complexion and black hair.

Is Toni available twice ? All about his brother

Toni Mahfud grew up with his twin brother Jan Mahfud. The brothers cultivate his very intimate relationship, but they live their lives differently, because unlike Toni, Jan prefers to live in seclusion and not like his twin brother in the worldwide limelight.

The rapid construction of his career

The 1.85 metre tall Hamburger uses the social media to show his talent to the world. He used YouTube, Facebook and Instagram and already shared photos of his artworks in the form of photos and drawings during his graduation. It didn’t take long and Toni also gained recognition beyond Germany. Because he not only put nature and the like in the right light, but also himself, top agencies like Givenchy and Tommy Hilfiger quickly became aware of him.

Art: Drawings and Photography

Already at the age of four Toni discovered his passion for art and started to draw his favourite cartoon characters on blank paper. Modelling and creative art fascinated him the most. When he began to spread his values publicly in 2011, it didn’t take long until he received countless positive feedback.


Toni publishes speed drawings of actors and musicians such as Channing Tatum, Cara Delevingne and Adele on his YouTube channel Toni Mahfud Mahfud. These videos are the main reason for Toni’s rapid mega career.


Nature, countries, cultures. Toni Mahfud is inspired by this. His heart beats not only for the art of drawing but also for the artistic representation of objects through photography. Toni not only likes to stand in front of the camera, but also behind it. He loves to travel in order to be inspired by foreign cultures in different countries. He loves to express the beauty of nature through his photos. He also enjoys capturing everyday moments photographically. With the help of Fotoshop he gives free rein to his creativity. The Social Media Star also shares the resulting works of art on its social networks.

<font color=”#ffff00″>-= proudly presents


After he drew attention to himself with his drawings, the first model agencies approached Toni. He worked together with IMG Modelagentur and started his first advertising campaigns. Over time, he modelled for well-known brands such as:

  • Tigha
  • Nike
  • Hugo Boss
  • Adidas
  • G-Star Raw
  • Tommy Hilfiger
  • Gillette
  • Edited
  • Daniel Wellington
  • OnePiece
  • Filling Pieces

Question of all questions: Does Toni have a girlfriend ?

One look into Tony’s eyes and pretty much every woman gets weak. Of course, the question immediately arises whether this handsome man is already in steady hands or not. His Instagram Page is decorated with many photos of beautiful women, but of course this does not stop with a model. At the moment it is not known whether Toni Mahfud is forgiven or not. But there are no suspicious photos among his posts that could give the impression of a new love. So girls: Open your eyes, maybe you’ll soon have the chance to convince the successful hamburger of you.

All facts at a glance

Here again a short video, in which all important facts about Toni Mahfud were summarized.


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How the dream works – Become a model

Paris, London, New York – commercials, catwalk jobs, showrooms, shootings. As diverse as the fashion metropolises are, as different are the requirements for the profession of a model.
Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid and Adriana Lima are one of the best paid models worldwide. But in no other industry is fantasy and reality linked as in the fashion scene.

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Become a model

Exciting personalities, as well as the cooperation with stylists and photographers, journeys through many cities of the world, that’s what many young girls wish for.
But to get that far at all, you have to be prepared for a long way. You have to meet the requirements and still have that certain something.
Models learn at a young age to deal with unpleasant working hours and to be far away from family and friends.
In order to be professional and prepared, it is important to have experienced test shootings and to be able to present a professional portfolio.
Gestures and facial expressions, posing and behaviour at castings, cannot be taught at home in front of the mirror.

Prerequisites for female and male models

As a general rule, not every model fits directly into every area. Over time you learn to cover different areas and to put your own strengths to the fore.
Potential candidates should have as good a command of English as possible, as it is an advantage to be able to communicate independently. To hold your own in this business, you should have a certain stamina, whether you’re a boy or a girl. Every well-known model does sports and eats healthy to stay in shape and keep fit.

I’m pretty enough?

No model has to be flawless, quite the contrary. There are an incredible number of models who are attractive to agencies because of their gaps in their teeth, large moles or scars on their faces. Also tattoo models are more and more in demand. Body size and measurements, as well as age depend on the employer. Often the job display shows how these should be. At many model jobs there are samples for the models and at best it should fit the model directly.

Model by H&M, Zara, Otto & Co

Usually production companies or model agencies work together with H&M, ZARA &Co and take care of your sedcard and applications.
The Hamburg-based company OTTO works with 20 agencies worldwide and Claudia Schiffer, Cindy Crawford, Heidi Klum and many other professional models have already appeared before Otto Linse. At Zara, you can personally look at the lookbooks, designers, stylists and photographers and even remember the names of these people.
An application for H&M can be done via an online portal by entering your personal data and adding some photos. In general, the Internet explains very well how you can apply for a company or agency.

In order to find a serious model agency, you should inform yourself well beforehand. Agencies pay in advance, create sedcards and photos and build you up strategically as a model.

Become a male model: What do I have to consider?

More and more men models are appearing in public. As with the female models, the size, dimensions and charisma must be right. A certain acting talent would be an advantage. The designers want their collections to be presented by models by giving the outfit that certain something. Currently, many model agencies want men with distinctive facial features, a beautiful profile, long legs and sporty bodies. So – if you feel addressed, apply today!

…. It’s a shame guys, but you can’t apply for Germanys next Topmodel. Did you know that every year over ten thousand girls apply for Heidi Klum’s Modelcasting Show? Many have the dream of becoming models and try it out on the springboard TV casting show. Not only Heidi Klum is looking for young models, but also Angelina Kirsch is every year, together with her jury, Germany-wide on the way to find the next Super Curvymodel. The application for TV casting shows is of course different than in a classic model agency.

GNTM & Curvy Supermodel: TV Casting Shows as Breakthrough

Why do most young girls love GNTM? Especially because by participating you can collect many followers on Instagram. Whether you win in the end or not, the participation has already paid off, as most of them can work very well as influencers afterwards. So easy you do it! These casting shows come up with creative ideas every year. At GNTM you can fill out a registration form online and deposit your documents at a specified location on a certain date. For example, in 2017 the applicants should post a video about Instagram with the hashtag #ichbinGNTM2017 by explaining why they of all people are Germanys next top model. You don’t have the measurements like the models at GNTM? Meanwhile more and more curved models are booked. For example Ashley Graham, she is a world famous pluse size model and even ran with Viktoria Secret. In Germany there is now also the casting format Curvy Supermodels. For young women who are not very slim and wear clothes of size 40 or larger, this is an incredible opportunity to become a model. To participate in Curvy Supermodel you apply via an online portal and will be called if there is a promise.

Supermodel: The dream of great success

Let’s take Lena Gercke. She’s not Germanys Next Topmodel winner for nothing. With her open, sporty and communicative nature, she makes customers happy. She doesn’t just look great as a fashion model, she is also a sports model, juror and presenter. Everything is possible in the fashion industry!

TOP 6 – the best models in the world

  • Kendall Jenner ( 22 million US dollars*)
  • Gisele Bündchen ( 17.5 million US dollars*)
  • Gigi Hadid ( 9.5 million US dollars* )
  • Bella Hadid ( youngest newcomer, $6 million* )
  • Ashley Graham ( first Curvy Model with 5,5 Mio US Dollar* )
  • Adriana Lima (Victoria Secret Model with 10.5 million US dollars* )

*annual income

Models of the 90s

  • Claudia Schiffer

    she was discovered in a disco and with the jeans
    Advertising campaign for Guess she got the breakthrough

  • Naomi Campbell

    at the age of 16 one of the first
    colored models as a cover at Vogue

  • Kate Moss

    at the age of 14 she is discovered by the model agency Storm
    and the advertising contract for the underwear label.
    by Calvin Klein her androgynous look becomes the new trend of the fashion world

You want to be a model? Let’s go!

Behind the scenes of the newcomers

Our editorial staff has accompanied the model everyday life of a newcomer Lisa, for one day. She is only 15 and is already working with a renowned model agency to professionally design her portfolio. At a daily meeting with the photographer, she accompanies her mother as her legal guardian. As a minor, you have no choice but to take your parents with you. Like Lisa, many young girls this age are still in school. That doesn’t mean you have to drop out of school to be a model. No – a good time management and a lot of discipline are the a&o. Since the shootings sometimes take place in Milan, New York or Paris, Lisa has to be prepared to spend her holidays abroad and run from casting to casting. We are all over Lisa and her photographer is also incredibly fascinated by her looks, but doesn’t want to force her to do anything.
In the meeting, the photographer often emphasizes the motivation and sociability that Lisa has to maintain in order to be successful in this industry in the long term.
In the time of puberty the build of the body and the appearance of the skin changes in girls. That is why the photographer often wants to make Polaroids of her and check her measurements constantly to make sure that her model measurements are fair to the industry. Besides, he emphasizes that her Instagram profile needs more structure and that she should put in her shooting photos. Many bookers take a look at the internet profiles of the girls before booking in order to get a picture of her again. At the end of the day, our editorial team comes up with an astonishing conclusion: It’s very challenging for girls aged 14 and over to get a place in the fashion industry. Apart from hobbies and school, starting out as a model is not for the faint hearted. We have noticed that with the help of a model agency, the work is made much easier and a lot of support is offered. Especially personal coaching helps young models to get a certain feeling for the world of models.

Modelcoaching & Model Agency

Before you apply to a model agency such as Modelwerk, M4 Models, Cocaine Models or Louisa Models, we suggest you as an editor a special. You finally got all the important information you need to get started in this industry. Now you have to collect step by step information which model agencies meet your expectations in order to fill your Sedcard with professional photographs. Before you apply to a model agency like Modelwerk or Cocainemodels, we suggest you, as editors of a special, a selected expert, who even goes on tour in 2019 as a model coach. Lutz Marquart is a renowned personality coach. For over 25 years he has been on the road as a men’s model and has played in several series. His previous coaching sessions were always well attended and helped girls to prepare perfectly for their model career.
There will be topics like: Behavior on set, portfolio compilation, fashion show, castings and much more offered. The Do’s & Don’ts of this business are getting close to you.

From the model portfolio to test shootings and personality checks, Lutz Marquart trains and supports you best!

Get a ticket now for a coaching day with Lutz Marquart, the personality coach!


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Sofia Tsakiridou aka Matiamu

Sofia Tsakiridou alias Matiamu is a blogger and infuencer with Greek roots. Since this professional field is no longer too rare, one wonders what exactly are the reasons why people like to share their private lives in such a public way. Now you can find out what Sofia’s motivation is, who her boyfriend is, what she is looking for at Germany’s Next Topmodel and why she chose the name “Matiamu” for her blog.

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Matiamu by Sofia Tsakiridou

Matia… what ?

“Matia mu” is Sofia Tsakiridou’s blog. The pretty brunette regularly fills her blog with new posts about the popular topics:

  • Beauty
  • Food
  • Fashion
  • Lifestyle
  • Models
  • Travel
  • Sport

“Matia mu” is Greek for “my eyes”. This is exactly what Sofia wants to communicate to the whole world – she wants to show what the world looks like for her. The concept is very well received by their readers. They like her enchanting, cheerful and honest manner, because the popular blogger doesn’t mince her words, instead she always clearly takes her personal position on the most diverse topics. This fascinates and motivates their fans.

Who is behind the blog ? (age, place of residence and home )

As you already know, the pretty brunette with Greek roots, Sofia Tsakiridou, is behind the blog. The family model was born on 01 June 1993 in Hamburg and lives after a short break in Cologne, again in the Hanseatic city.

Motivation and inspiration of the model

Read correctly – Sofia is not only a blogger, but also a model. She combines her passions and thus lives out her dream. She is allowed to travel a lot in her job, discover the world and get to know and love creative people. It quickly became clear to the model that the beauty of a country is carried into the world by the beauty of its inhabitants. For this reason she has set herself the goal of being a good role model, inspiring others and infecting them with her joie de vivre.

Saggy: What does the blogger say ?

Sofia is grateful for her success and happy to be inspired by others. Thanks to this attitude, the 25 year old has already gained some experience. As a result, she has found that life as a model is not always as unconditionally perfect and simple as it may seem on the outside. For this reason she would like to tell everyone that nobody has to look so unhealthy and skinny and should look like many models from fashion magazines.

Sofia’s definition of beauty

Of course it is important to look beautiful as a model, but here the question comes quickly: Who or what is beautiful at all? Sofia is sure that every person can be beautiful in their own way. It’s not about pleasing the majority or looking like someone else. No, it’s about feeling comfortable in your skin and bringing that happiness out. Because only those who are beautiful from the inside can do so from the outside.

Goal of your blog

So Sofia, as mentioned before, uses her blog to share this message with the world. Their readers should be able to see the world through their eyes, be inspired by it and then see how the world looks perfect for everyone personally. Everyone should have the opportunity to make the most of their life, to love themselves and to follow their dreams.

Fans and feedback

The feedback from her fans, which the brunette receives daily, is Sofia’s biggest motivation. She realizes that it’s really worth the effort and time to put into both her blog and her Instagram account.

The Blogger now also as YouTube-Star ?

Sofia doesn’t really produce her own videos for YouTube, but she often stands for the format Fashion & Lifestyle by OTTO in front of the camera, as for example in the following video. Sofia and fashion blogger Kira Bejaoui have teamed up to create a feel-good outfit for cosy evenings.

Sofia Tsakiridou in GNTM

Yes, Sofia already had her big appearance in the casting show Germany’s Next Topmodel (GNTM) but not as a participant, but as guest juror in this year’s season. In retrospect, the blogger even openly admitted that the winner of last season’s season (2018) had already been her absolute favourite at Sofia’s guest appearance. She would also like to be part of the show again in the upcoming season and get to know the candidates personally.

What agency is the model under contract with ?

As a professional model Sofia is of course also under contract with a model agency. To be exact, the Hamburg agency PMA, which gives Sofia’s exact measurements on its website.

  • Size: 175 cm
  • breast: 82 cm
  • waist: 61 cm
  • Hip: 89 cm
  • Fabrication: 36
  • Shoes: 39

Who’s Sofia’s friend?

The man at Sofia’s side is the Swiss men’s model Jérôme Palaz. Although both like to post photos of themselves together, the couple keeps questions about their relationship rather closed. The two look happy nevertheless or maybe just because of that.

The face for Betty Barclay

Since the beginning of March this year, fashion blogger Sofia Tsakiridou has been the face of the new Betty Barclay fragrance Beautiful Eden.


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Beauty tips and tricks on the subject of models are presented with Hair Stylist & MUA Maria!

Nowadays, many girls and boys want to become a professional dream model. But this is not easy! We have for you a number of little tricks or important tips from make-up artist Maria (Marie Instagram). Here you can learn what is helpful for models, whether at the beginning, already professional or what you can pay attention to, should you want to become the dream model, come closer.

Beauty Tips for expectant models!

Maria is a professional make-up artist from Cologne and Senior Artist of the Pro Academy (Cologne / Düsseldorf), who has been working in the fashion industry for almost 20 years. She herself always had an artistic streak and started her job as a hairstylist and make-up artist (MUA) with a make-up artist education.  Stylist and Make-Up Artist have the first contact with the models at the shooting, because they prepare them. The models get the first reception at the make-up and are therefore also a big aspect if the model feels comfortable during the shooting. She told us something about her area, gave us tips and explains which points are important for a model, so that a shooting can be successful.

General for women and men Models

For New Faces it can be quite exciting when you go to the first shooting. So that you know how much you have to pay attention to, what you shouldn’t do and what points Male and Female Models all have to pay attention to, Maria has given us some General Things for you to consider. As a New Face it is important to always have good communication. It starts with the model informing herself well at his agency. What will the model expect at the shooting? What should it bring with it or how should it appear? The make-up point is also incredibly important. If a model has allergies or very sensitive skin, this should be communicated so that the styling can adjust to it. When the model comes to the shooting, it is professional to introduce yourself, ask who the people are and what they are responsible for, to greet the whole team and create a good pleasant atmosphere for a successful shooting. Apart from general hygiene and care that a model should always maintain, Maria has again listed important points for explicitly men and women who make it easier and possible for styling to do good work.

Here are the important points:

  • No Go: Come to the set with make-up
  • Availing tattoos / piercings or etc. like extensions communicate
  • Polas should be current
  • No drastic look changes without agreement
  • All avoidance that additional time costs (make-up removal, wet hair etc.)
  • Always slept in / come to the set relaxed
  • Fresh hair (wash the evening before)
  • face peeling (evening before)
  • Coloured models must bring their own products, depending on skin tone

Tips for women

Apart from the fact that models should always come to the set without make-up, female models must also make sure that their nails are not lacquered or gel nails. Lacquering nails off, or blow-drying wet hair dry, always costs make-up and hairstylists time that should be used for the shoot. Nails and general appearance should be maintained, however, the model should never come painted to the set, unless it is expressly required otherwise. The model should be well shaved, girls with greasy hair must make sure that they appear with fresh hair to the set and generally inform their own agency always up to date, should there be problems with the look or change.

Tips for Men Models

Men should still pay attention to the care of the shave for their face care. If a model is to be seen in all pictures with beard and has been booked with beard by the customer, it should appear in such a way, or always current pictures should come. A professional model has a fresh haircut (depending on the haircut, the hair should end just above the ears, for example, otherwise they disturb) and a fresh shave. Male models always have to bring their own shavers because of hygiene, since shaving can cause burn and irritated skin if you have to shave directly on the set after. Men models should also make sure that all nails are well groomed and not too long.

points why a shooting can’t take place?

There are requirements that a model must meet in order for everything to work. Here are a few examples that Maria came up with of the fast one, so a shooting didn’t work or a model couldn’t be shot.

  • bad skin (pay attention, what can be a trigger: food, make-up etc.)
  • Party before the job (Sleepless: dark circles, skin and model cannot do the job)
  • skin inflammation / rash (avoidance of hands on face due to everyday bacteria)

How to make a shooting successful for Model & Team:

It’s simple! If a model feels comfortable in the industry, is open and friendly, when introducing and getting to know the team, half is already done. Every model who works professionally or wants to work professionally should have a skin analysis done. So you have direct information about problem zones, and which are most optimal for products for your own skin. Every skin is different and if you should use oils, moisturizing or oily creams, you can easily find out. Mary’s Tip: Skin Analysis at Dermalogica! For everything else it is important to maintain good communication between the model and the agency, as well as the photographer and the rest of the team.

Maria’s Links:


  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • New: The super cool merchandise from Cocaine Models

    Cocaine Models is one of the best agencies in Germany and even internationally it is becoming more and more established. Although it is a very young agency, which was founded only 3 years ago, it is incredibly successful. It is really impressive that an agency has made it to the top in such a short time. Even the magazine Bravo is fascinated and officially ranks Cocaine Models for the second time among the TOP 10 agencies in Germany, thus the agency has managed to push worldwide known agencies off their places. If you are looking for a good, professional and reliable model agency, Cocaine Models is the right place for you. They work with many good, experienced models but also with many New Faces. Whoever models for Cocaine Models has the best prerequisites for a successful career.

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    Cocaine Models designs their own merchandise

    To be successful you have to set yourself apart, always be a bit better and faster than the competition, have creative ideas and implement them. That’s why the trendy agency now has its own online shop. How cool is that? They sell their own merch, just like the stars do. There are different T-shirts, sweaters and even cool college jackets in all trendy colours from black to red to apricot. You can also buy sports trousers and jute bags. The garments are printed with either the CM logo or the Cocaine Models logo. If you want to order something you can easily do it in the online shop. The shop is clearly arranged and modern designed and reminds of the trend shops Zara and Asos. The models represent their brand perfectly and convince with their looks. The 4 models also show that fashion can really be worn and styled cool by everyone. So that everyone can find the right outfit for themselves, all garments are available in sizes XS – XXL. Prices range from 10 to 50 euros. Really a great idea!

    How to become a model at Cocaine Models?

    First you should meet the basic requirements for modeling. That means that as a girl you are between 1.75 – 1.81m tall and have a slim figure, just like a beautiful or unusual face. As a boy you should be between 1.84 – 1.90m tall and have a slim, athletic figure. A well-groomed and natural appearance is very important. Beautiful teeth, good skin, well-groomed hair, hands and feet are a must. Naturalness means no extensions, false eyelashes and no artificial nails. You should also avoid strong make-up and ideally have no tattoos. Working in the model business also requires strong self-confidence, professionalism and a positive charisma. Here you will also find a very detailed description of all requirements for models. Then you can apply via The Website with all information such as size, measurements and natural photos of your face and figure. If you are interesting for the agency, the scout will contact you within 2 weeks.


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    Curvy Supermodel by Angelina Kirsch: Jury, Candidates and Final 2018

    On July 26, 2018 the 3rd season Curvy Supermodel started on RTL 2. For 7 weeks the show runs on TV on Thursdays at 8.15 pm. In the 7 episodes the girls have to master different tasks, develop themselves constantly and in the end convince the jury of their talent – this season will be more exciting than ever, promises RTL 2.

    + AD + Do you know?

    The jury has two new faces and two familiar faces

    This year again, the girls will be supported and promoted by a professional and experienced jury. The four-man jury accompanies all participants on their way and will do everything to get the best out of their protégés. At the end of each episode they decide who was convincing and for whom the dream of the title “Curvy Supermodel 2018” is unfortunately over.

    Curvy Model Angelina Kirsch

    Already for the third time the German Curvy model Angelina Kirsch sits in the jury. It is highly successful in Germany and internationally and represents brands such as Zalando and H&M. She knows exactly how the business works and what is expected of the girls. At the same time Angelina can put herself in the shoes of the young candidates and support them personally.

    Jan Kralichka: The Men Model

    Yan Kralichka will be there for the first time in 2018. He became famous through the TV show ” der Bachelor” in 2013, but even before that he was already in front of the camera, because he is a professional model.  Through his experience he has the best tips for the girls in front of the camera.

    Jana Ina Zarella for Power!

    The second woman on the jury is Jana Ina Zarella. She is a model, TV presenter and designer, a real multi-talent. The participants can judge her through her versatile career from different points of view but also help to try themselves out. She was already with Curvy Supermodels last year and was so enthusiastic about the development of the girls that she definitely wanted to be part of the jury again in 2018.

    Say cheeeeeeeese 😬 #smile #lachenistdiebestemedizin #weekend

    A post shared by Jana Ina Zarrella (@janainazarrella) on

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    Oliver Tienken is coach, choreographer and dancer

    Oliver Tienken completes the jury this year. As a successful coach, choreographer and dancer he will rehearse great performances with the girls. From him they learn how to move as a successful model and present themselves on the catwalk to be successful. Oliver knows how to do it! He ran across the runway ready with Naomi Campbell.

    What must the Curvy supermodel 2018 bring?

    charisma and self-confidence! A very important topic, because a Curvy model must be able to inspire people and get them on their way. She must be able to present herself and her body self-confidently and above all with pride. Discipline and ambition are also part of it. It’s often a tough job and you really have to want it to be on top. It is important to fight for one’s dreams and to keep working on oneself and improving. It is a job where you should always be in top form to satisfy the customers, you have to be able to deal with precipitation and sometimes stamina. One of the most important things about a Curvy model is of course the curves. A beautiful hourglass silhouette and no hunger hook is sought. There is no minimum size and no exactly specified dimensions. You can take part from 16 years upwards there is no limit. 2016 was the oldest participant 32.

    The last episodes decided about the big chance

    More than 5,000 girls applied for the show this year. On the basis of the application photos, the jury made a pre-selection and invited the more than 50 girls selected to the casting in Düsseldorf. The girls were allowed to put together their outfits themselves without any specifications and so some walked down the catwalk in evening wear and others in bikinis. As a surprise, the girls received professional make-up and hairstyling before their performance. Then we went onto the catwalk for each one separately. To go one round further, the girls had to convince at least three jurors. For the girls who did it, it went directly to round 2, where they had to present themselves in a group walk, the difficulty was that it was a photo shoot at the same time. In the end Ines, Victoria, Tessa, Larissa, Tessa and Yolanda made it to the next round.

    In the second casting there was the same principle and the same Prerequisites as a model. Before the Canadians came onto the catwalk, a voice message recorded by them was played on which they introduced themselves and tell what influenced them and thus made them a strong, self-confident woman. They also completed a rehearsed group catwalk in round 2.

    In the next episode the last potential models will be selected! It’s the last casting of this season and then it really starts! In the last casting, touching stories of models who talk about the negative experiences with their bodies await us once again.

    Here you can find more videos about the Curvys:

    These candidates have already made it to the next round

    • Viktoria (24) – business administration student from Bremen
    • Tessa (22) – graduate financial economist in training, Koblenz (dimensions: 107-90-117)
    • Ines – high school graduate from Cologne (dimensions: 102-86-112)
    • Yolanda – Flight Attendant from Frankfurt (113-88-110)
    • Larissa – model candidate from Grünberg (dimensions: 98-83-111)
    • Vera – student from Zurich (dimensions: 94-72-114)
    • Alina – pediatric nurse from Düsseldorf (dimensions: 110-80-110)
    • Natalia – Associate Editor from Vienna
    • Pauline – student from Frankfurt (dimensions: 100-81-101)
    • Sabrina – Photographer from Munich
    • Schoolchild from Stuttgart (dimensions: 100-77-100)

    Here you can get more information about the Canadians:

    The last winners of Curvy Supermodels

    The first season 2016 was won by 23-year-old Celine Denefleh. She was present throughout the season and delivered. All in all, she had the greatest development of the participants and gave the jury goose bumps. The 23-year-old was delighted with a great model contract with Ted Linows Model Agency and became the face of a winter campaign for a well-known plus-size fashion label.

    In 2017 Hanna Wilperath surprisingly won the title. She wasn’t one of the favourites but that only strengthened her fighting spirit. The 24-year-old convinces with her naturalness and her motto “The curve with the most sex appeal is your smile”.

    This year the winner is expecting a cover and a model contract

    This year the winners of the show will be on the cover of the German fashion magazine “Joy”. In addition, she is awarded a model contract by Peyman Amin’s renowned agency Pars Management.


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    Zombie Boy aka Rick Genest dead (†) in his apartment – our last interview

    Rick Genest (†) a gifted artist, originally known as a tattoo model, was found dead in his apartment last night at the age of 32. We are great admirers and were allowed to meet Rick Genest for an interview for the first time two years ago. He died in his native country, Canada, in his apartment, which his management confirmed today during the day. According to official information, he took his own life. His last posting was just as gloomy.

    + AD + Do you know?

    We remember a great artist

    But remember the Rick Genest, who took the world by storm as a zombie boy, who had a good life, a wife and children.

    Our last interview with Rick aka Zombie Boy

    Official Release after his death on Instagram

    More of Rick Genest on Instagram.

    ZOMBIE BOY OFFICIAL PRESS RELEASE MONTREAL, August 3rd 2018 The statement made by the police of Montreal is accurate in terms of time and location. Zombie Boy’s death occured in Montreal’s Plateau–Mont Royal neighborhood on Wednesday afternoon August 2nd. The classification of his death is yet to be determined, contrary to reports. We received the bad news early afternoon yesterday and members of the Dulcedo team rushed to support his family and loved ones, in this dark and difficult moment. We want to offer them our deepest condolences. Dulcedo Management is shocked and saddened by this tragedy. Zombie Boy, Rico, was loved by everyone who had the chance to meet and know him. Icon in the artistic scene and in the fashion and entertainment industries, this innovator has charmed all hearts. As you can expect, this is an incredibly difficult time for everyone involved. We ask that the privacy of his family be respected as they grieve and in the next coming days, an official statement will be made by his family. For any media requests, please contact Karim Leduc – CEO of Dulcedo and Zombie Boy’s manager – at 1.514.578.4396 or by email at – Dulcedo Management

    A post shared by Zombie Boy (@zombieboyofficial) on

    Rick Genest – Life, Inspiration, Super Model

    Rick Gin is an inspiring personality for us, raised in Canada, he rebelled early on, and was later even a squatter. He got his first tattoo at the age of 16, at the age of 19 he decided to tattoo himself completely to and “undead people” with tattoo templates, which he combined little by little and could create something completely new from it.

    Who was Rick Genest?

    The most important facts about one of the greatest men models of our time! Read more in the interview with Rick (above).

    • First tattoo with 16 years a “Jolly Rogers”
    • He was punk, anarchist and squatter in Montreal
    • At 19 he decided to become a “living corpse”.
    • Born: August 7, 1985 in LaSalle, Montreal, Canada
    • Died: August 1, 2018, Le Plateau-Mont-Royal, Montreal, Canada
    • Was in movies like 47 Robin (2013), Carny (2009) and Love at Last Sight (2014)
    • He was on the catwalk with 1.78 m

    Rick Genest: The last instagram posting before his death

    Heartbroken: Friends and loved people

    Rick x L’Oreal: Famous Uncovered Video


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    Emma Rose – the Woman who can do it all

    Emma Rose is 27 years old and is a health, lifestyle, fitness, beauty and fashion blogger who is based in Sydney Australia but currently in L.A. She is the co owner of an Online Marketplace. She also works as an active ambassador for International health brands Read more

    Rick Genest: The real life Zombie! Becoming a super model

    We met the a real Zombie – Rick Genest. He is the the person with the highest number of insects tattooed on the body. He has 176 insects tattooed on his arms, torso, back and head. We talked to the real life Zombie about his life on the streets of Montreal, his favorite food and his carrere. How he thinks his life will look like in 20 years? Have a look on the interview.

    Update! A few hours ago, Rick Genest was found dead in his apartment. We are incredibly happy that we were able to ask a freedom-loving person like Rick again and hope that his family, his wife and his children are doing well. RIP Rick.

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    Growing up, living as street kid

    Fiv: Hi Zombie Boy, could you tell us who invented your name?

    Growing up, living as street kid, my comrades aliased me as ‘Zombie’. This was due to my couple of tattoos & macabre t-shirts/apparel I’d be fashioning, as well as the music and movies I’d be into. I had also previously survived a brain tumor operation; hence, the shoe fit like chocolate & peanut butter. Down the line, it was Bizarre Magazine that dubbed me as the Zombie Boy.

    Fiv: When asked what your profession is, what do you answer?

    In a nutshell, my profession is Zombie Boy.
    I started entertainment performance in freak-show as “the boy who ate worms” . I have since worked as a model and have done some acting. I am currently striving to make my way into music as the front man (lyricist/vocalist) of our currently under-construction band ‘Zombie Boy’.

    Fiv: How did your present day career begin? What were you doing before that?

    As a teen, I was a squeegee-kid and doing odd jobs before getting into freak-show performing. Some people would want pictures, and so it was a modeling gig that interested Nicola Formichetti to scoop me up. It was shooting with Mugler and hand-in-glove shooting of Lady Gaga’s ‘Born this Way’ that trumped everything else I had previously done.

    Fiv: What do you particularly like about your job?

    Sometime a photographer will use a snap that shows the obscure Zombie Boy character that I manifested for myself. Also, once in a blue moon, I get a gothic/horror gig alongside other misfit strangers in the strangest places.

    My favourite tattoo is the one on my skin

    Fiv: It looks like there is no free space on your body for any other more tattoos but is there a part of your body that is not yet tattooed?

    Yeah there’s a little space left, but that’s after-dark real-estate territory.

    Fiv: What would you say is your favorite tattoo?

    My favourite tattoo is the one on my skin.

    + AD + Do you know?

    Fiv: When and why did you start getting inked? Would you tell us something about your first tattoo and the story behind it?

    I was 16 when I got my “Skull & crossbones” tattoo on my left shoulder. It represents “no rules & no master”.

    human flesh, and brains are a cultural delicacy

    Fiv: How do you picture your life in 20 years from now?

    Logical reasoning leads me to believe that I will by then in-turn be the worm food.

    Fiv: Our special question: what does a zombie eat? What is your favorite food?

    Zombies generally vice on human flesh, and brains are a cultural delicacy. Though if you ask me, worms are great for snacking and candy-corn everyday keeps the doctor away.

    Fiv: You lived on the streets of Montreal for a while. What would you say was the hardest part of this?

    Trying to squat the harsh and unforgiving winter, with a dash of Police.

    Fiv: You have traveled a lot over the last few years. Many other people leave their hometown when they work in your business. What is so special about Montreal for you that you want to stay?

    This is my home. The people and grew-up with and love are here. I know where my resources are, and familiarity is my comfort zone.

    Thank you Zombie Boy for the great Interview.

    Do you want to know how Zombie Boy looks with out all his tattoos? Watch the transformation video.

    If you like to see more of him, check his website and Instagram:


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