Christmas Events in and around Cologne 2018 – The Top 8

Most people love her. The Christmas season in Cologne has begun and not only the Christmas markets in Cologne have begun, but there are also many other Christmas events in and around Cologne. Your diary is not fully booked yet and you are still looking for suitable events during the Christmas season? We’ve put together the coolest events for you so you don’t miss a thing.

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Christmas Events – Top 8 Events in Cologne 2018

At Christmas there are always a lot of great events, which are not always quite cheap. Here are the top 8 events for which it is really worth it to sacrifice money and time.

Theatre at the Dom – Christmas on the balcony

How often do you go to the theater? Most of them don’t find enough time or the right company in their everyday life to go to the theatre. The comedy “Christmas on the Balcony”, which is performed in the Theater am Dom, is very worthwhile. Here you also feel when you come alone, not out of place. The arrangement of the rows of seats gives a feeling of community and shared joy. It is laughed together, because six actors play 12 roles at the same time and only on 2 balconies. Theatre lovers should not miss this play at all and even newcomers to the world of theatre can let themselves be inspired by it.

Cologne’s biggest Christmas party

On December 7, Cologne’s biggest Christmas party will take place in the LANXESS Arena. Here you will find a Christmas show with Cologne stars and a huge Christmas market with various delicacies. You have to spend a little more money for this event. The cheapest ticket for this event is 89,00€. This price then includes 4 beverage vouchers, 3 meal vouchers, 1 confectionery voucher and of course admission to the show. So you’ll get full in any case and you’ll get a great show on top of that. If you don’t want to miss this event, you can get it here: Tickets.

Christmas markets in Cologne

It is worth visiting a Christmas market every year. The scents and the atmosphere on a Christmas market let you get really into the Christmas mood. In a city like Cologne, there are many different Christmas markets every year. In Cologne there is something for every taste. In our article Top 10 Christmas Markets in Cologne, we have selected the best for you.

Ice Rink Heumarkt

The ice rink at Heumarkt is a spectacle every year. Under 10,00€ you can go round with friends or family and enjoy the Christmas season. If you like, you can combine ice skating with a leisurely stroll through the Christmas market Heinzel’s winter fairy tale. After you have turned your rounds on the ice, you can usually eat a hot crêpe or a small mushroom pan very well. If you want to change your eating habits at the Christmas market, read the article: Christmas – Food – Trends.

Christmas Market Round Trip to different Christmas Markets

If you want to visit several Christmas markets on one day, you can take a train from one Christmas market to the next in Cologne. Especially for tourists who don’t have much time to discover everything in Cologne, it is very convenient that they can visit the most important Christmas markets in Cologne in a relatively short time. The Bimmelbahn takes the passengers to the Christmas markets: Market of the angels at Neumarkt, market of the Heinzel at the old market, to the harbour – Christmas market at the chocolate museum and to the Christmas market at the cathedral.

Phantasialand as Winter Dream

From 23 November 2018 to 20 January 2019 you have the chance to admire Phantasialand as a winter dream and feel comfortable there. There are breathtaking fireworks every day, Christmas treats, Christmas shows, rides, a water train and a fantastic backdrop. The cheapest tickets are available from 29,50€. A day will definitely be unforgettable!

Christmas Tree Beat

There are several places near Cologne where you can make a real event out of buying a fir tree for your home with your family. Especially for the children it is usually an unforgettable day. The advantages: The children are “exhausted” and one can see how his tree will look in the living room and does not buy the “cat in the bag”. If you have a car at your disposal, you can drive to the Hückeswagen, 40 km away, and choose a Christmas tree, saw it off and drink mulled wine on the second and third Advent weekends, or between 18.12. and 23.12. from 9:30 am.

Cologne Christmas Circuss

A Christmas circus will take place from 06 December to 31 December in Cologne-Mülheim. Let yourself be enchanted by unbelievable tricks and a dreamlike Christmas fairy tale. Ticktes are available in the cheapest category from 21,00€. If this is still too expensive for you, if you go there with one person, you can use one of the partner days to buy a ticket for two persons. Also as a family there is the chance to get away cheaper. For 150€ you get already four tickets in the cheapest category here.

FIV wishes you an unforgettable Christmas season!

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Christmas Food Trends

In a few days the Christmas markets begin and the most beautiful time of the year begins. Family gatherings, Christmas shopping for loved ones, and above all good food are the order of the day. Every year we want to eat the same delicacies, either because you associate them with beautiful memories, or because you simply can’t get enough of the sweet or hearty delicacies.

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Christmas – Food – Trends

We, at FIV Magazine, have put together some of the most popular Christmas food trends for you so that this year you can try some of the things you haven’t seen before. From sweet to hearty food, everything is included. We have also collected the famous drinks, which are often served at Christmas markets, for you.

Loving Apples

The apples coated with a red sugar icing are very popular not only for Christmas. They are also part of the confectionery for sale at every fair. This incredibly sweet, sticky affair can also be done by yourself in a short time. See this video:

Baked Almonds

Just like the love apple, roasted almonds are popular with most people all year round. The almonds are placed in boiling sugar water and get their delicious caramel crust.  This is also super easy and you can do it very easily.


Marrons are a little more special than that. Not everyone can claim to have eaten something like this before. The chestnut is a type of chestnut that can be bought from the end of September until the beginning of the new year. Chestnuts can be processed and prepared in many different ways. It is typical for the Christmas market that chestnuts are sold roasted. Those who want to prepare the treat at home can also consider something special, like preparing a chestnut soup.

Cotton Candy

The famous cotton candy is probably something everyone has tried before. The soft sugar threads are especially popular with children. They are usually available in white, pink and light blue. Even though sugar is the only ingredient needed to prepare cotton candy, the clouds on the wooden sticks always look impressive.

Cinnamon Stars

Around Christmas time, often the first appointments for baking cookies are planned. The recipe of the cinnamon stars for Christmas is used by many people. Juicy on the inside – friable on the outside, that’s how they should be. Getting them to do the same thing isn’t that easy. Here we have a recipe for you with which you should succeed at home. Cinnamon stars are definitely a must at Christmas!


Crêpes always go. They shall be wafer-thin and soft. Whether hearty or sweet, crêpes are a wonderful snack for in between. At Christmas, the sweet varieties are especially popular. With Nutella, banana or apple sauce with cinnamon, this delicacy brings you into the Christmas mood!

Lard Biscuits

Lard cakes are pastries made from yeast dough that are baked in fat. These delicacies are offered at any festive occasion, such as carnival, carnival, fairs or of course Christmas markets! Those who have never tried them should do so as soon as possible.

Germ Dumplings

Germ dumplings are hemispherical dumplings filled with plum puree and boiled in water. They are usually served with melted butter, vanilla sauce and poppy seed sugar. Germ dumplings are not quite as well-known as other food trends from this article and are definitely worth trying.


Krapfen, often also known as Berliner, are traditionally eaten on New Year’s Eve. They are available with different fillings, such as strawberry jam, orange jam or Nutella. They also consist of a yeast dough, which is fried at the end.

Hearty Trends


The famous Christmas market – mushrooms are known by many. Roasted with onions, well seasoned, served with garlic dip and bread, a feast for many visitors.

Grater Cake

Who doesn’t know them? The famous potato pancakes. The anticipation as a child was always great when the famous potato pancake was on the menu again. There are countless other names for this snack, but they know most do. Crispy crispy, fried in oil, a must for the Christmas season!

French Fries

French fries are eaten all year round. Whether at the snack bar in between, or in the restaurant as a side dish to the schnitzel, they are usually not considered a highlight. But, if you find the right stalls, you can buy handmade chips at the Christmas market. Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside and a full potato flavour – that’s what you get when you find a stand like this. The fries are usually longer and wider, like here in this video:


Bratwurst is particularly popular at the Christmas market. Many who go to the Christmas market look forward to their bratwurst and mulled wine the most. Served with a roll and mustard, a dream. It is probably not the best choice of food to lose weight with, but at Christmas time you should treat yourself to something.


If you ask your friends or relatives what is on the table at Christmas, raclette, fondue and roast goose with red cabbage are the most common. If you now notice that one of these variants never existed at Christmas before, you should definitely change that. To eat raclette for Christmas, however, you absolutely need a raclette grill and then it can start. Everyone gets a raclette pan, a wooden spatula and can fill his pan with ingredients such as cheese, vegetables, potatoes and fruit. Then you can put the patella in the appropriate place in the raclette grill et Voilà! You can fry the matching meat side dish yourself directly over it on the grill plate.


There are many different types of fondue. A distinction is made between meat fondue, cheese fondue and chocolate fondue. The meat and cheese fondue are particularly often taken out at Christmas. Everyone has his or her own fondue fork and can skewer the desired type of meat during a meat fondue and cook it in fat. In cheese fondue, crispy pieces of bread are dipped in melted cheese and simply enjoyed. Try it, it’s worth it.

#Trend Drinks


Mulled wine is the drink most often drunk at the Christmas market.  When some think of visiting a Christmas market, they hope for a cosy get-together with friends and drinking mulled wine together.

Apple Punch

Some who don’t want to drink alcohol at the Christmas market grab a non-alcoholic apple punch.  It can also be easily prepared by yourself when the family is due to visit and a drink is needed for a cosy get-together in the cold season.

Fire Tongs Punch

Feuerzangenbowle is not to be found on every Christmas market. Nevertheless, it is very popular at Christmas time and you can also prepare it at home. The Feuerzangenbowle consists of rum, red wine and a sugar loaf. The Feuerzangenbowle is seasoned with cinnamon and cloves so that it also tastes Christmassy.


Lumumba is a drink that is also often offered at the Christmas market. But this drink is not as well known as mulled wine. It consists of cold or hot cocoa with a dash of rum and, if you like, whipped cream. If you’ve had enough of mulled wine, you can try something new this year!

Egg Punch

The egg punch is also popular at the Christmas market. The drink typically consists of egg liqueur, white wine and cinnamon and sugar. This drink could also be a change from the annual mulled wine for you.

We hope FIV could inspire a varied Christmas!


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Christmas Markets 2018 – Top 10 in Cologne

Hot mulled wine, delicious crêpes and love apples! The Christmas fans are already eagerly waiting for the time of the Christmas markets to start again! From November 22nd it will start in Cologne. We have compiled a list for you with information about all Christmas markets in Cologne.

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Christmas Markets in Cologne 2018

1. Christmas Market in the Stadtgarten – 22.11. – 23.12.

The Christmas market in the Stadtgarten is the first to open its doors in Cologne this year and thus initiate the Christmas season. A Christmas market in the middle of the city! In Cologne’s oldest park, surrounded by trees, this always very popular Christmas market takes place. Here you will find everything your heart desires, from delicious delicacies to unique craftsmanship! There is a cultural program with more than 30 different events, which provides varied entertainment. And the children don’t miss out either! Stories and fairy tales are regularly read out on stage. An ideal meeting place for families.

Opening hours & Address

Mon – Fri – 4 p.m. – 9:30 p.m.

Sa. & Sun. 12 o’clock – 21:30 o’clock

Venloer Straße 40, 50672 Cologne, Germany

2. Harbour Christmas Market – 23.11. – 23.12.

What could be nicer? A Christmas market right by the water! The Christmas market at the Chocolate Museum is also one of the large Christmas markets in Cologne. The decoration and the design of the market are in line with the motto port and water. There is a varied cultural programme for adults and children. For the children there is a play tent and a play boat and the adults are thrilled with singing and entertainment. But also those who like to eat at the Christmas market get their money’s worth here. There are all kinds of food and drinks.

Opening hours & Address

Sun. – Thu. 11 o’clock- 21:00 o’clock

Fri. & Sat. 11 o’clock – 22 o’clock

Am Schokoladenmuseum, 50678 Cologne, Germany

3. Christmas Market at Cologne Cathedral – 26.11- 23.12.

This Christmas market is probably the most visited from all over Cologne. There are 150 stalls selling food and drinks such as mulled wine, almonds and sausages, as well as stalls selling quality handicrafts. The Christmas market looks particularly impressive because it is covered by a huge starlit tent. There is a varied stage programme with approx. 100 events, which inspire the visitors.

Opening hours & Address

Sun. – Wedn. 11 o’clock – 21 o’clock

Thu. – Fri. 11 o’clock – 22 o’clock

Sat. 10 o’clock – 22 o’clock

Roncalliplatz 1, 50667 Cologne, Germany

4. Christmas Market in the Old Town 26.11. – 23.12.

The Christmas market “Heinzels Wintermärchen” is the biggest in Cologne. There are several alleys, which are subdivided by topics. The atmosphere here is magical! For example, there is a Handwerkgasse, a Naschgasse, a Goldgasse and also a Spielzeuggasse.  As far as the delicacies are concerned, it couldn’t be more varied. Here you will find specialities such as potato noodles, baked goods fresh from the oven and smoked salmon. And also delicious sweets like baked apples, hot chestnuts and Belgian waffles.  Everyone gets their money’s worth! The highlight? There’s a 110-meter skating rink. Visitors can do their rounds here and have a lot of fun! Great experiences and a lot of fun are pre-programmed here. This year even another highlight will be added. There is an apple house directly at the Heumarkt where fried apple specialities, apple pancakes and apple punch are sold. Also a children’s carousel and a small Ferris wheel make children’s hearts beat faster.

Opening hours & Address

Mo. – Sun. 11 o’clock- 22 o’clock

Heumarkt 50, 50667 Cologne, Germany

5. Market of Angels at Neumarkt 26.11. – 23.12.

The Market of Angels, which is centrally located on Neumarkt, has the advantage that it is in the immediate vicinity of various, diverse shopping opportunities. So you can practically combine a stressful Christmas shopping trip with a leisurely stroll through the Christmas market. This Christmas market is also known for its particularly cosy atmosphere. Also the children don’t miss out on this Christmas market, there are many great attractions! Santa Claus comes to the Christmas market and raffles presents, children can get make-up for free, the winter queen with eagle owl comes to visit, a Christmas angel, the accordion plays enchants the visitors and there is also a great Kasperle theatre on Mondays!

Opening hours & Address

So. – Thu. 11 o’clock – 21 o’clock

Fri. & Sat. 11 o’clock – 22 o’clock

Neumarkt, 50667 Cologne, Germany

6. St. Nicholas village on Rudolfplatz – 26.11. – 23.12.

As the name Nikolausdorf suggests, it is a cosy little village with a homely atmosphere. In the middle of the village there is the so-called Nikolaushaus. Creativity is lived out together here. They paint, do handicrafts, draw and listen. In the Nikolausdorf handicraft articles can be acquired and it can be partly before even still watch with the production of the works of art. Also the delicacies, which one is used to from a Christmas market, are not missing here. There’s everything from delicious mushrooms to delicious potato pancakes.

Opening hours & Address

So. – Thu. 11 o’clock – 21 o’clock

Fri. 11 o’clock – 22 o’clock

Sat. 10 o’clock – 22 o’clock

Rudolfplatz, 50674 Cologne, Germany

7. Heavenue at Rudolfplatz 26.11. – 23.12.

As a replacement for the gay and lesbian Christmas market “Christmas Avenue” there is this year at the same place the Christmas market “Heavenue”.  The new organizer reveals on its Facebook page that behind the new Christmas market there is also a completely new concept. Nevertheless there is everything that belongs to an ordinary Christmas market, such as mulled wine and bratwurst. Come by and also enjoy a unique stage program.

Opening hours & Address

Mo. – Sun. 12 o’clock – 22 o’clock

Mauritiuswall, 50676 Cologne, Germany

8. Veedelsadvent at Chlodwigplatz – 26.11. – 23.12.

There are about 25 stalls offering classic dishes such as sausages and mulled wine, as well as vegan dishes. There is also a huge selection of hot drinks, a singing choir and even a children’s carousel for the little visitors. The Christmas market is described by the makers as the most kölscheste of the city. Especially for tourists this could be an interesting place to go!

Opening hours & Address

Mo. – Sun. 12 o’clock – 22 o’clock

Chlodwigplatz, 50678 Cologne, Germany

9. Mini – Christmas Market in Cologne South 26.11. – 23.12.

The smallest Christmas market in the city consists of about 10 stands that change weekly. There is also a small stage where Cologne bands and artists perform for a good cause. The proceeds from the Christmas market are donated to a good cause. Visitors can leave their money in good conscience in this place. Due to the weekly changing food and artist stands, it is definitely worth several visits!

Opening hours & Address

Mo. – Sat. 16 o’clock – 22 o’clock

Sun. 14 o’clock – 22 o’clock

Martin-Luther-Platz 2-4, 50677 Cologne, Germany

10. Christmas Bazaar Körnerstraße – 09.12.

In a single day, a street full of Christmas stalls. There are homemade delicacies and drinks and you experience a familiar atmosphere. Every year, the money collected is donated to charitable causes. In the year 2016 the donations went to Jugend rettet e.V. We are curious to see what this year will be donated for!

Opening hours & Address

13 o’clock – 00 o’clock


FIV wishes you a Merry Christmas with many great experiences!


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The Bread and Butter – then a fashion fair for the professional audience, during Fashion Week. Today a fashion and cultural festival for everyone. In 2016 the fashion fair was taken over by the Berlin online shop Zalando and is now called “Bread&&Butter by Zalando”. The event takes place once a year at the beginning of September. The perfect chance for fashion & lifestyle enthusiasts to spend a weekend in the Arena Berlin with incredible specials. With more than 20.000 visitors and 24 business partners a fashion, music and food festival of the finest class!

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4 specials

The Bread & Butter invites you to cultural and fashionable exchange. Numerous fashion and cosmetic brands present exclusive products. Over the weekend there are daily different programs and everywhere something to watch.

Talk show

Special Guests – Bloggers, influencers, models and designers are invited and give open panel discussions about current and future fashion or cultural topics. It discusses sustainability, the hype of instagram, beauty trends and beauty ideals of today, as well as taste and expression through social media.

Pre-launches and limited collections

Levi’s, Nike, Adidas, Reebok or Vans – various brands sell limited fashion and with some brands you can even have sneakers, jeans jackets or socks with your own initials made. The most famous brands are presented in various showrooms. Not only to look at and buy, with some brands there is something to take part in. The cool Bread&&Butter team has been offering photo shoots, tattoos and selfmade key rings for the last few years. Of course there are also Goodie Bags and other small things to take with you – with a lot of patience and time, you can spend a wonderful weekend at this festival!

Streetfood – just the thing for food bloggers

While one falls in love with the fashion of the Bread&&Butter, there are noble stalls for the hungry in a beautiful atmosphere. Fries with feet in the sand or a gin tonic with petals on the Spree? – Just the thing for connoisseurs! There are snacks and drinks to try.


The pop-up event invites you to various concerts. Besides DJ gigs and live performances by different artists, Bread & Butter offers an after-show party with live acts like Evian Christ, Hamza, Kitty Cash, Sheck Wes, Paigey Cakey, Princess Nokia, Stefflon Don, Ufo361, Yung Hurn, Luciano and many more.


You didn’t have time to show up at Bread & Butter? – After the event, there are selected products to buy online and you can view all possible specials later.

Want to participate next year? In recent years, prices for the pop-up event have been 15 euros per person or 45 euros for group tickets.


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Ariana Grande – Broadway, Nickelodeon, World Star

Hardly any music star is currently more successful than the US superstar Ariana Grande. Known for her unique voice and her acting talent, she has been celebrating success after success in recent years. Everything you want to know about the young star FIV has summarized for you.

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Who is Ariana Grande

That Ariana Grande is already considered a pop legend is undeniable, but many wonder where the young artist comes from. She was born on 26.06.1993 in Boca Raton, Florida (USA).  She was discovered at the age of just 15 on Broadway and overnight to become a Nickelodeon star. In 2011 she signed her first record contract and released the single “Put Your Hearts Up”. In summer 2013 she released her first album “Yours Truly”. Her breakthrough in the music industry followed with her second studio album “My Everything”. In the following years their success has steadily increased until today. In the meantime she has recorded songs with many great artists, such as Nicki Minaj.

Acting career at Nickelodeon

Ariana was cast by Nickelodeon in 2009 for the role of Cat in the series “Victorious”. In 2010 Ariana performed together with Youtube Star Mirandasings at the Birdland Jazz Club in New York City. 2 years later Grande played with Noah Munck, Jennette McCurdy and Ciara Bravo in the Nickelodeon feature film “Der große Schwindel”. In 2012 Nickelodeon ordered a pilot film for an offshoot of the series Victorious and iCarly entitled Sam & Cat, which was again produced on Schneider.

One Love Manchester

On 22.05.2017, after Ariana’s concert in Manchester, a horrible terrorist attack took place in which 22 people lost their lives and more than 800 were injured. The Islamic state has admitted to this attack. On 04.06.2017 “One Love Manchester” took place, a charity event from which the proceeds went to the families of the victims. The event generated total proceeds of 11.million Euro. A total of 19.78 million was collected together with the “We Love Manchester Fund”. In addition to Ariana Grande, music greats such as Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, Liam Gallagher, Robbie Williams, Niall Horan, Imogen Heap, Pharrell Williams, Marcus Mumford, Take That, Little Mix, Victoria Monét, The Black Eyed Peas, Parrs Wood High School Choir, Chris Martin, Coldplay and Stevie Wonder are also featured.

From Big Sean and Mac Miller to Pete Davidson

Jai Brooks

Ariana Grande has already had some well-known partners in her young career. It all started in 2012 with the Australian Youtuber Jai Brooks. At that time Jay had a bet with his brother which of the two could attract the young singer’s attention first. Ariana’s mother noticed and told her to contact him. So fast it can go, some time they have started to date. The love story between them, however, lasted only a year, followed by a big quarrel and the separation.

Big Sean

a year after the end with Jai Brooks following began their relationship with Big Sean, a rapper at Kanye West’s music label. In 2015 the two made it official at the Grammys that they were a couple. Unfortunately the relationship lasted only 8 months, then the separation followed. However, there was no big quarrel or anything like that, everything was peaceful and they remained good friends. The reason for the separation was that they could hardly spend time together, as both had a very tight schedule and Ariana was always on tour.

Mac Miller

The longest relationship so far has been with Ariana Grande and singer and rapper Malcolm James McCormick AKA Mac Miller. The first time they met was in 2016 and until April they were together in 2018. The last gig together was when they performed “No Tears Left to Cry”, Ariana’s hit single, at the Coachella Festival. Fans and friends were shocked when the two announced their separation. The reason was that Ariana couldn’t cope with being with someone who couldn’t control his life. Mac Miller had a problem staying clean. Since the death of Mac Miller on 07.September.2018 due to an overdose, Ariana is emotionally depressed and is currently taking a break.

Pete Davidson

The strangest of all relationships was definitely her last one with Pete Davidson. After only a few weeks together, the headlines “Arianna Grande and Pete Davidson are engaged” followed. What looked like fake news turned out to be a fact. However, this relationship lasted only a few months, because shortly after the engagement the separation followed, which brought even more headlines than the positive times. Pete Davidson has even deleted his instagram channel and reveals intimate details about Ariana and her mental health since the Manchester stop.

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Overnight-Oats: The Insider tip of Fitness bloggers

Have you ever wondered how you can lose weight without torturing yourself and starving yourself during the day? We have an opportunity for you that will sweeten you every morning! Almost all fitness and food bloggers swear by it and prepare a healthy breakfast every evening. You want to know how this works and what different ways he can make the Oats?

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Overnight-Oats: Make the most important meal of the day with your favorite meal!

Healthy, Tasty and Varied

You are still a little skeptical and not sure if you want to do the work for the preparation? Before I describe to you how to get to breakfast, here are the advantages it brings to making your decision easier.

  • fast
  • promotes muscle growth
  • healthy
  • varied (various forms of preparation)
  • body is freed from toxins
  • saturates long

The preparation

In principle, the preparation is always the same. You take a milk, yoghurt or a mixture according to your taste and mix it with the oat flakes. It is important that the liquid is always added in double quantity compared to the oat flakes. At this point creativity is required. Most consumers of the popular breakfast like to add Chia seeds. What do you mean? The magic seeds provide energy, protein, are intestinal cleansing and have a high content of omega-3 fatty acids. So if you want to lose weight, Chia seeds should always be at the start. Here I have selected a few preparation suggestions for you, so that you can make your basic recipe every morning varied.

This tasty overnight oat has been refined with a spice that is especially hammering in winter: cinnamon! After you have mixed your oat flakes with milk and if you wish Chia seeds, you have to leave the glass to swell overnight in the fridge. The next morning most of the work is already prepared. From this moment on, not only creativity, but also your taste is in demand. There are innumerable different variations with what you can eat your Oat. If you like bananas, the next morning you can simply cut them into slices and mix them with your Oat. Hazelnut kernels, cinnamon and honey go well with this. Cinnamon is not only very tasty in combination with banana, you can also add other nuts or fruits, such as grapes, apples, mandarins, plums or raspberries.

What you need to prepare such a delicious overnight overnight, I’ll tell you. Apart from your Basic-Oat, you need apple pieces, pomegranate seeds, cinnamon and yoghurt. Since you don’t feel like cinnamon every day and that doesn’t fit everyone in every season, I have something completely different for you here. In this Sally shows three super simple and fast variants how to design your overnight out.

Lifestyle of food and fitness bloggers

Famous food and fitness bloggers present among the other beautifully prepared, healthy dishes, which they also always like to post overnight oats for breakfast. For example, the 26 year old Austrian Vallentinaballerina, who is also very committed to the topic of fitness.

And now someone comes along who everyone knows for sure. Sophia Thiel.  The 23-year-old bodybuilder and fitness blogger has 1.3 million followers on Instagram. It motivates an incredible number of people and exemplifies a healthy lifestyle. In this video she shows healthy breakfast variations, including an overnight overnight. If even Sophia Thiel feeds on this, it has to mean something.

What you imagine for an Overnight-Oat was not there and is not to be found otherwise on the Internet? Then let your creativity run wild and discover your own perfect variation. Who knows, maybe you can also convince others of your variant!


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Retro-Statement – Luxury brands present fanny packs

Bellybags are vintage? – The Fanny Bags are celebrating their fashion comeback. At that time the belt bags were worn by Claudia Schiffer, Chanel or in Sex and the City Star Carrie Bradshaw. After a long flop, they appear more and more in luxury labels. Brands like Valentino, Gucci and Burberry bring the belly bag back on the runway. Also hippie streetwear labels like Supreme or Alexander Wang present their fanny packs in different colours and material combinations in their collections. The bag is not only practical and handy – it is super casual, modern and can be combined to any outfit!

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Valentino,Miu Miu, Prada & Co. – The bum bag for every style

If you think belly bags are for people without taste and class, then you are wrong! Fanny back, belly bag, belt bag or bum bag, the list for the small buckle bag is endless. Streetwear brands and also luxury brands present in their latest collections various forms of the bag. There is something for every taste and shows an incredibly beautiful side effect!

The different styles and combinations are presented to you in this video. Here you get an insight into the world of Fanny Back!

Top 7 the luxury Bum-Bag

Gucci – GG Marmont Leather GG #1

Gucci presents a very ladylike belly bag in red. It’s a perfect eye catcher for the lady among you.

Balenciaga – embroidered belt bag Wheel #2

Balenciaga presents the sporty model of a belt bag with a logo print typical of the label. The model can be worn as a belt bag or as a crossbody – a unique street style moment.

Prada – Saffiano belt bag – leather #3

Prada introduces the black belt bag made of high quality leather. A luxurious finish is provided by the large golden label logo. On top there is even a removable chain, so you can carry it as a normal shoulder bag. Perfect size for smartphone, wallet and lipstick!

Saint Laurent Paris – Kate #4

This time a rectangular Kate belt bag with red smooth calfskin from Italy. Centrally on the bag, there is the YSL logo. Can be worn as a waistband or across the shoulder. Nobly combinable with an evening outfit!

Valentino Garavani – Free Rockstud Spike #5

A Belt Bag of Valentino? – Perfect for autumn and winter sessions. Made of red lamb leather and decorated with gold pyramid studs, it’s your it piece to stand out!

Burberry – Belt bag with leather #6

The label-typical vintage check pattern of Burberry is familiar to all of us. With dark leather details the bag is an Essentials in autumn!

Miu Miu – Matelassé Leather #7

A pinch of Italian luxury! The Miu Miu bag is a luxurious way to add to your everyday look. With the curved shape and the golden zipper, unlike the other belly bags!

Special: Top 3 – sporty bum bag

Adidas Originals – Funny Bag#1

You like colorful bags and eye-catching colors? Adidas has different patterns for you and already your outfit looks casual!

Tommy Hilfiger – Waistbag #2

Not only women can combine belly bags well. Men also have the right to stylish bags. Tommy Hilfiger presents a big men bag, in the colors of the label!

Supreme – Bum Bag Unisex #3

Supreme – a favourite with influencers and stars. Not only known for sporty outfits, but also belly bags, in any color and shape. The style is simple and therefore suitable for boys and girls!

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❤️🖤 กระเป๋าคาดเอว คาดอก Supreme 🖤❤️ 💰 ราคา : 219 บาท 🛍 รายละเอียด : กระเป๋าหนัง 🌈 สี : ดำ 🔰 ขนาด : 30cm*13cm*2cm 📮 จัดส่ง 📬 ลงทะเบียน + 50 บาท (ชิ้นต่อไป + ชิ้นละ 20 บาท) 📬 EMS + 70 บาท ชิ้นต่อไป + ชิ้นละ 20 บาท) 📌 พร้อมโอน พร้อมส่ง 😊 🆔 Line : piipriw 🍀 Line : 🎏 Facebook Fanpage : DD_DOUBLEd_DD 🌀 Facebook : 🏞 IG : dd_doubled_dd #dd_doubled_dd #dddoubleddd #dddoubledddshop #กระเป๋า #กระเป๋าแฟชั่น #กระเป๋าแฟชั่นเกาหลี #crossbodybag #bag #กระเป๋าเป้ #กระเป๋าsupreme #กระเป๋าsupr #เป้supreme #supreme #supremebag #supremethailand #shouderbagsupreme #supremewaistbag #supremebumbag #กระเป๋าคาดอกsupreme #กระเป๋าคาดเอวsupreme #กระเป๋าคาดอกสุพรีม #กระเป๋าคาดเอวสุพรีม #กระเป๋าคาดอก #กระเป๋าคาดเอว #waistbag #waistpack #waist #bumbag #bumbags #waistbag

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Chassis For Men: Powder instead of deodorant spray for the intimate zone – Sport & Business

Intimate care for the bottom – Between us men and in private! Today it’s 37°. I just saw a large group of young girls jogging by. None of them looked like it was hot. I, on the other hand, have just come from sport, dripping with sweat and yes, it doesn’t feel pleasant. The girls, on the other hand: Fresh as if they’d just taken off. I still hung my gym bag around half-heartedly, but knew, for the whole summer, I need a plan against unpleasant sweat, no matter whether at the editorial meeting without air conditioning or after the sport.

I’m definitely not the classic deodorant spray fan, so I went to YouTube once to look for new trend products from the USA – they always have a solution for everything, why not for that. At some point I often met Chassis For Men. The world’s biggest perfume youtuber Jeremy Fragrance, entrepreneur and men’s model, but also kickboxing world champion Michael Smolik talks about Chassis For Men. If two experienced men and experts celebrate the product, perhaps I should test it once?

Done, with Amazon Prime it was already in my mailbox the next day and for the training in the evening I could test it directly once.

The Clou of Chassis For Men

Most deodorant sprays often cause unpleasant residues or stick together. Stop it!

Thanks to powder no skin irritations and 24 hours protection

The powder from Chassis For Men, on the other hand, is very easy to apply on portable, dry powder products. No unpleasant coolness, no sticking, directly ready for the sport! Chassis For Menhat has developed the product especially for high demands – just like for real world champions. It also dispenses with many of the ingredients that are commonplace in most deodorant sprays, especially the cheap ones. Powder is not only more pleasant to apply, it also feels very natural and light. There’s no spray feeling from an extra layer. The intimate zones, perfectly dry, even for more demanding exercises.
Chassis For Men: freshness for top and bottom

Chassis For Men Premium Body Powder: Optimized for men and especially for the intimate zone:

Ingredients of Chassis For Men

Of course, it is not only important to me that his product works perfectly, but also that it has no harmful ingredients for me. Here is the list of the Chassis For Men ingredients.

    • Hamamelis – “Hamamelis has an astringent effect; it helps to care for and protect the skin. It is also used to reduce irritations caused by mild skin abrasions”

Aloe Vera – “Aloe Vera is a succulent plant known for its healing, calming and rejuvenating properties. It is often used for its anesthetic, antiseptic, antibacterial and skin regenerating effects.”

  • also pumpkin seeds (sounds kind of tasty)
  • Hop (always works for us men)
  • Allantoin (moisture regulation and peeling effect)
  • uvm.

The Promise:

The first and only premium men’s care line specifically formulated for better performance “down there”. Working together, our products keep guys fresh, dry, and friction-free all day long.

My description wasn’t that good, so here are the most important facts about Chassis For Men: It is the finest body powder in the world – specially developed for men, as it says when looking at the description in Amazon. In addition, it is the longest lasting powder with the so-called “Hydro-Shield technology”. It soothes and cools irritated skin without talc, aluminium, parabens or menthol. And of course there is also a little bit of power for all of us men: namely the power extract mixture with hops, pumpkin seeds, aloe, witch hazel and oat flakes. By the way, a few days ago I discovered a mega cereal bar, with oats! More about the delicious Trouser pocket muesli” from Hafervoll.

Business – Sweat is a No-Go for men!

Maybe you know it too? Always on the move to the next meeting, whether it’s an editorial meeting, an interview, a fashion show, an airport or a hotel. No matter when you meet people, customers or even employees, especially in industries that pay attention to the outside, not only in fashion magazines but also in real estate, fashion itself, advertising or media, your own self must be right. It does not only depend on a good body feeling and outfit, also not only on a chic hairstyle or the suitable accessories in the form of high-quality or luxurious watches. Let’s be honest, also the body odor must be right! Chassis For Men has only been available in Germany for a few weeks now and worldwide, for sure. The product has already enjoyed great success in the USA, where the biggest youtuber promote the new men’s beauty product, as well as Alpha M.

Alpha M. x Chassis For Men (USA)

Here you find the Alpha M. Youtube Channel, civil Aaron Marino.

Sport and fitness exercises do not have the greatest focus when it comes to preventing unpleasant smells or sweat: It’s all about Business. Berlin, Cologne, London, Shanghai, you are always on the move and at the end of the day or even right in the middle of it, you always have to be perfectly styled for the appointment. What good is the best styling if we feel uncomfortable about ourselves, e.g. unpleasant body odours? The more insecure we feel about ourselves, the more uncertainty we spread in our daily lives, private lives, but also in business appointments.

That is why it is important to develop beauty products for men who keep their promises. The world’s largest and most successful perfume Youtuber Jeremy Fragrance has also included the product in its YouTube channel. Of course, every youtube meticulously ensures that the products advertised are the best of the best. Because nobody would follow them if they gave bad tips!

Fitness Sports: The good life

After a long working day, sometimes even in the morning, we go to the gym! For a quick training session, without much distraction and with absolute focus on the training equipment. As I have just written, my day sometimes looks stressful, which you may know from your own profession. When it comes to my sports exercises now, it is directly double load and of course double developments of sweat.

The more the better? Some women say that they are attracted to a man’s light sweat smell, but I don’t feel so attractive myself, so I need something effective against sweat development, even in the intimate area. After Jeremy Fragrance shot a chassis over Nivea, I found this one from Michael Smolik, the current kickboxing world champion. If the heavyweight kickboxing world champion isn’t a reference for us men, who is?

Michael Smolik Video, Kickboxing World Champion x Chassis For Men

Chassis For Men is now also available in Germany!

Two strong men have convinced me on Chassis For Men’s YouTube – as I said, every youtuber takes care of the quality for his community. I have also tested it extensively! Everything wonderful and top, only the price you have to be able to afford. Currently a Chassis For Men can costs just under 18 €. That sounds a lot at first, but you have many days and weeks of stress-free time from unpleasant smells, which disturb you, for example in the intimate area. A topic that we absolutely had to discuss today, among us men, in private!

Chassis For Men: Fresh into the summer

Chassis For Men Premium Body Powder: Optimized for men and especially for the intimate zone:

Invisalign: The way to beautiful teeth – #1 experience with cost, duration and process

Invisalign in the Smile Club – Beautiful straight teeth, a theme that for many people belongs to the ideal of beauty and absolute “must have”. However, this has always been associated with painful treatments or braces. A price that not everyone was willing to pay to make their dream of a beautiful smile come true. Today I report about my experiences and my way to perfect teeth. More about Invisalign Smile Club.

It starts with a smile

Everyone has one or two things to decide for themselves. Whether it’s the receding hairline or the protruding ears, it’s always been my teeth. Most outsiders think I’m crazy, because my teeth aren’t that crooked either, but even on something like that you always have a completely different view than strangers, which is why it’s always bothered me. I never liked smiling open-mouthed, so there are hardly any really smiling pictures of me.

I have often thought about alternatives, but my affinity to dentists was never really high and braces were out of the question for me. The pain, the limitations and of course the appearance, were decisive points for me not to let this treatment come into the closer selection. Unfortunately I didn’t find any other way to fix the bugs, so I had to put up with leaving it as it was and living with this flaw.

Invisalign – what is the & how does it even work?

One day, I found by chance on the Internet an ad of so-called Invisalign. It was about beautiful straight teeth, which of course immediately caught my attention. So I started researching and quickly found out how it all works. Invisalign work like a rack, but have enormous advantages over conventional wire braces. The Invisalign are a transparent splint that are specially manufactured for each patient. These move the teeth exactly like a normal rack, but first of all have the optical advantage that you can’t see them. It is removable, which also makes it easier to clean. Sport is possible with the Invisalign without problems and you can also drink with it. To eat, take out the splint. Spinach residues cannot get caught here either, as in normal braces. But one of the biggest advantages is that you don’t have pain and aren’t restricted by the treatment.

My experiences with Invisalign – the first treatment

Enthusiastic about my research, I found a practice near me that specializes in Invisalign. I had already made an appointment directly in the chic practice. The technique was explained to me again by a professional and for the first time I held an Invisalign in my hand. Super light, very pleasant and super inconspicuous. My enthusiasm continued. The dentist told me how a treatment works from scanning the teeth to wearing the splints. After my little introduction to the topic, I started the scan. I’m sure many of you remember that hated dental impression. A huge piece of modelling clay has to be stuck on my teeth for eternities I felt so that you can see the exact impression of my teeth. I reckoned with something like this when I was told to scan your teeth, but something completely different awaited me. With a small camera, which takes many photos in a row, my teeth were removed, while at the same time an exact model of my teeth gradually became visible on a screen. A very pleasant treatment that only lasted about 5 minutes. Afterwards I could see the before / after pictures directly on the monitor and thus also the result, which is to be obtained. This scan is sufficient to order the rails. Very progressive, innovative and above all uncomplicated! My mood was no longer subdued and I was excited about the new techniques.

More about Invisalign Smile Club.

Gen Y – Urban elegance and 100% Made in Italy

Discreet designs for everyday life, “black is the new black”! Today I want to introduce you a new fashion label from Italy – thanks Instagram. Unlike many, Gen Y does not rely on sparkling extras or bright colours but on simple designs, soft materials and elegance. Typical Italian! My name is Stephan, I like to wear simple designs in everyday life and rather an accessory or a piece of clothing that catches the eye. In summer the pockets are missing, of course, shorts, tank top, that’s it. But somewhere the mobile phone has to go in and the water and and and and. But with backpacks and bags I have the problem that a mix of elegance and fashion is hard to find. All have embroidered fancy logos or are too conspicuous for me. I didn’t want to search forever at 32 degrees downtown either: In sport, everything is a little too much of everything. But even in the big shopping houses in the city centre, from Zara to H&M, you won’t really find what you’re looking for. Instagram brought Gen Y to my attention! Already one hour later I had our Iva on the phone for a quick photo shoot, because I had the first samples sent to me directly! You can find the looks at: Gen Y Instagram.

Videos and shop with the Pieces you can find here on Gen Y.

Samples from Italy with Iva: Summer Look + Gen Y

Besides the shirts and caps for me, there was this bag among others: Dare.

Gen Y for Men

More of Gen Y – Italy

You can find the looks at: Gen Y Instagram


The perfect summer look works this year with Espadrilles – styling tips

There are some shoes that represent casualness, sun, beach and sea as well as a relaxed attitude to life like hardly anything else. These include Espadrilles, which are experiencing a real fashion revival again this year and are scoring with a variety of facets.

Why summer and espadrilles are simply inseparable

The carefree feeling of life in the South, expressed in a shoe: these are espadrilles with their soles made of plant fibres such as hemp or jute. The shaft is mostly made of linen or cotton, this year there are also manufacturers who rely on leather. In any case, these are materials that are simply ideal for warm summer days. They can even be worn barefoot, most fabrics and leather are breathable and very pleasant to the skin.

Espadrilles are simply slip shoes and have no closure, making them very uncomplicated. On short distances and in dry and warm weather they are the perfect summer companion. They are also perfect for the holidays, after all the lightweights can be stored very well in the case and do not need much space.

The variety of models brings a wide range

While a few years ago the Espadrilles were mostly single-coloured and simple, this summer the shelves of the shoe brands contain numerous variants of Espadrilles (German). In addition to the classics in numerous colours, models with a wedge heel now score points. These have the advantage that they can also be worn very well by women who are not used to high heels. The continuous sole and the stable wedge heel guarantee these Espadrilles wedges a safe gait and optimum wearing comfort – even on different surfaces such as lawns, cobblestones and sand or lawns. Every woman is not only safe, but also comfortable on the go and shows a relaxed feminine touch in her outfit.

Another facet of this year’s models are also those with laces. These can be looped over the ankle and a part of the lower leg and score with a very feminine touch. Espadrilles, which are cut out like ballerinas in the forefoot area, can also be found in shoe shops. The result is a perfect mix of practical shoes with a touch of girl feeling.

Espadrilles style correctly

There are numerous models with different colours and styles. Perhaps this raises the question of how these can be combined correctly and well. The answer is simple, because the trendy summer shoes are best worn with light summer dresses or ankle-length trousers. Models with wedge heels are particularly suitable here, which make the foot visually slim and direct the view to the ankle.

Espadrilles with glitter effects and a small wedge heel are also very well suited in combination with a wide chiffon skirt for a summer barbecue party. The most suitable models are those in natural colours with a floral pattern and straps that extend from the heel to the cuffs. This optically lengthens the legs and creates a casual summery look. If you like it a bit more sporty in your outfit, you can also wear these shoes with a sporty outsole. It consists of a mix of bast and grooved rubber, which ensures a perfect stand on the lawn. Happy prints such as starlets or polka dots are very well suited here, which can be worn perfectly with a look of white shorts and light blue polo shirt.

Special look due to extravagant material

To style themselves for a relaxed fashion stroll in the city, fashionistas now reach for espadrilles made of fine leather. These are available in the natural colours beige, brown or black, as well as in light pastel colours. In addition, many models score with extras such as rivet trimming and platform soles. In addition, an elegant sheath dress is a daring break in style, but also a real eye-catcher this summer. Something special are Espadrilles made of satin, which shimmers and thus fits very well for a festive and at the same time casual look. Golden creoles and a black jumpsuit are a perfect match and make you feel good in summer. If you are looking for romance, Espadrilles is the right choice for you. Because the choice then simply falls on models with lace trimming, which with a tube jeans and a shirt with lace trimming result in a perfect look.

Correct care

As casual as the shoes may seem in summer, they are also sensitive to care. Basically Espadrilles are made to slip in barefoot. If it is particularly warm, however, cotton boots can also be worn underneath. These absorb moisture and minimize odour nuisance. We always recommend barefoot soles. If they are dirty and stink, they can be washed easily. If the espadrilles have to be cleaned, moisture or wetness must be used sparingly. The soles dry very slowly. It is therefore better to ventilate the shoes regularly. Coarse impurities or dust are removed with a brush. If actual stains are present, the textile can be cleaned with a soft cloth and soapy water. However, subsequent drying should not take place under direct sunlight.

The Bikini Trends 2018 – These are the beach highlights this year

This summer, women in this world will once again be able to attract attention at all costs! After our travel reports from Tokyo to Milan, today we look at the Bikini Trends 2018 and your must-haves for your holidays!

This year’s beachwear follows last year’s bikini trends and offers the right bikini for every woman. Most women are looking for a bikini that optimally underlines the figure and is a real eye-catcher. From the retro look of a high waisted bikini to brightly colored, hip-tight bikinis, the designers have a broad portfolio on offer to ensure that you conquer the beach this year. Most women go shopping again before a holiday or the bathing season. But especially when looking for a suitable bikini it is difficult to find the right model. The many colours, cuts and patterns do not make the selection easier. That’s why we’ve made it easier for you to choose and have compiled the 2018 bikini trends for you.

Trend #1 – The High Waisted Bikini

The High Waisted Bikini is one of the trends for the beach in 2018. The bikini panties, which reach to the waist, are particularly well suited to cover the problem zones at the hip and abdomen. If the High Waisted Bikini Panties is combined with a sexy and playful top, you get a real eye-catcher on the beach. Many other bikini trends this year can be combined with the High Waisted bikini panties to create a wonderful look for the beach. Even a belt on a high waisted bikini panty can highlight a playful and sexy bikini outfit.

Trend #2 – The color trends this year

A real trend of Fashion Designers are bright colors. Here it is said: The more conspicuous the better. But also fashion bloggers like Kim Kardashian contrast with colors like pastel, olive, nude or metallic and show the direction of bikini trends this year (German). Here it depends primarily on one’s own taste. If you just want a bikini to look sexy and graceful, dull colours like pastel or nude are more suitable, but if you want to attract all eyes, bright colours are exactly the right thing. Also retro-look stripes or flower patterns and fruits are totally IN this year.

Drip Drip💧

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Trend #3 – The Baywatch look is back

The 90s celebrate their comeback on the beach this year. The Frong, which consists of a one-piece with a particularly high leg neckline, is becoming more and more popular with designers and fashion bloggers this year. The simple swimsuit looks particularly sexy when lacings, patterns and cut outs come into play.


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Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia 2018: Fabianxarnold explores fashion in Down Under

Model and social media influencer Fabian Arnold or better known as Fabianxarnold is currently in Australia doing one year of work and travel. He takes his fans not only into the jungle, but also to numerous fashion and fitness events. The Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia, which took place from 13.05. to 19.05.2018 in Sydney, was of course also visited. What bizarre trends he encountered in Down Under, what personalities he got to know this week, and even more you can find out in this blog post.

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Fashion Week Sydney – My Personal Experiences and Experiences

I have been living in Sydney for more than a month now and can say that it is an incredibly horny city. Not only the weather, but also the people, the air and the vibe give you an incredible life energy! Just before Fashion Week, this vital energy was transformed into a huge anticipation. I hadn’t looked forward to a week as much as I did to the #MBFW Australia 2018! As a backpacker I was very limited in my selection of outfits and actually had nothing reasonable for the fashion week, so I was kindly provided with outfits for Fashion Week by the International Fashion Group. Many thanks for that!

On the month 14.05.2018 I finally started to the Fashion Week to visit my first show. Of course I was extremely excited because I didn’t know a single person at Fashion Week. But luckily this has changed in no time at all! On the first day I was still alone and very lost, but on the second day I met two stylists from Melbourne, a model and a social media star from Sydney, whom I can now count among my friends. With these, Fashion Week was even more fun than I had actually thought. Unlike Fashion Week in Berlin, Fashion Week in Sydney is centrally structured. That means the shows are, with few exceptions, all in the same place. This makes it very comfortable for the visitors, because you don’t have to change places between shows all the time. I also felt that the #MBFW Australia was much smaller than any other fashion week I had visited before. After 2 days I had already seen all visitors, photographers, models and bloggers. All in all it was an extremely cool week in which I got to know a lot of nice people and gained experience! Oh…Almost forgotten… The fashion was of course also very cool 😀 But more about that in the next section!

The most bizarre trends in Down Under 2018

On this topic I have to say right at the beginning that fashion in Australia is not as bizarre as I imagined it to be. Of course there were outfits there, which are very unique. But even that I would wear. And anyone who knows me knows that I dress rather simply and in street style. By the way… I was even on the cover of the best streetstyle of #MBFW Australia 2018 on the GQ Australia website.

But now back to the topic Trends in Down Under 2018: The video below shows a small excerpt from the St George Nextgen Show. The colours yellow, green and orange are often used. The neck is always covered, whether by a scarf or a turtleneck sweater. Personally, I really like this style. It’s something different and stands out from the normal black, white, grey street style. Besides the shows of Double Rainbow, Blair Archibald and Justin Cassin I liked this show the best. But maybe it was simply because men’s outfits were introduced. Almost all the other shows were about women.

But I would also like to deal with that. For this I fade in here again a short video of the show The Innovators. The outfit shown here represents the women’s fashion at #MBFW Australia 2018 very well! A lot of work is done with white. The small details are very beautifully worked out. Furthermore, the outfits are often played with sex appeal.

Personalities at the #MBFW Fashion Week 2018 in Sydney

As I already told in the article above, the first day was really shitty… I didn’t know anyone at the Fashion Week in Australia… Unfortunately there was no opportunity to meet people either. But there are days like that. The most important thing is not to be discouraged and simply to continue. Tuesday, the second day, was much better. I had met several models, stylists and journalists. Everything went like a pyramid scheme and within one day I got to know 50% of the people who were at the Fashion Week in Sydney. Among them were many photographers, bloggers and models. My closest friends include Caspar Thomas (@caspar_thomas), Phillip Robert Holmes (@philliprobert) and Charlie Taylor (@charlietaylor). The most famous person was Matthew David Johnson (@matthewdavidjohnson), the Bachelor Australia of last season, with whom I talked briefly. On Instagram I saw Tammy Hembrow (@tammyhembrow 8.2m Followers) visiting the GIA show. But I was already at home, maybe next time… 😀

A week full of stress – Fashion Week

For me, not a week has been as stressful as the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia 2018 in Sydney. I met so many people this week and experienced so much that I can’t remember everything. I was at Fashion Week from Monday to Thursday morning to evening and took almost every show with me. Even if I have to wait a bit until I have the next big event, I am very happy that this week is finally over! Now it’s time to review and evaluate all the photos, videos, impressions and contacts!


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Oats – Snack to go! Muesli for your pocket #spotted in the supermarket

Today I stood in the supermarket and at the checkout a new product appeared, Hafervoll. Usually I don’t pay so much attention to new products but here the design was so cute, sweet and appealing that you almost have to look at it by yourself! A real eye-catcher. Of course I had to buy a bar to see if it really is as tasty as it looks. Energy for everyday life and sports: You know the story. The selection: Apricot/poppy, protein/walnut or date/chia/pistachio. Creative!

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Oat-full? If it’s new, I must have it!

The cereal for your pocket. Okay? Sounds interesting! Especially after sports, whether in the gym or basketball, you lost energy. Often you reach for a cereal bar, in the supermarket, at the gas station or in the kiosk around the corner. Most of the bars I know are full of sugar or preservatives. That’s why I prefer “real” muesli and oatmeal when I want to eat something tasty. Add a few tasty nuts or a few slices of fresh fruit. Already I have my perfect snacks for in between! You can read more about Hafervoll here:

ᖴᒪᗩᑭᒍᗩᑕK ᖴᖇIᗪᗩY ⠀ ⠀ Habt ihr das gewusst? 🤔⠀ ⠀ Hierzulande erreichte Kakao seine Berühmtheit durch einen spanischen Eroberer, der vor viiiielen Jahren von einem großen Aztekenherrscher eine Kakaopflanze geschenkt bekam. Er kochte daraus ein Heißgetränk, das er mit Honig 🐝 süßte – was ja wiederum ebenfalls großer Bestandteil all unserer Flapjacks ist. ⠀ ⠀ Natürlich könnten wir jetzt behaupten, wir haben uns von diesem uralten Rezept zu unserer Sorte Kakao Haselnuss inspirieren lassen – das wäre aber gelogen. ⠀ ⠀ Auf die Idee sind wir nämlich von ganz allein gekommen 🤓😌 ⠀ ⠀ #hafervoll #flapjack #kakao #haselnuss #haferriegel #oatbar #müsliriegel #snack2go #unterwegs #friyay #freakyfriday #haferflocken #foodfact #foodie #foodlover #wiederwasgelernt #flapjackfriday

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Looks like: Power Food for breaks between work, friends and sport

Many of you know the daily situation from Monday to Friday, there is so much work but little time. In between, of course, we try to eat healthily. We go to the next small salad shop and buy something tasty, until we are back in the office, the break is almost over. Of course we do without sweets, donuts or the delicious chocolate mochacino during the lunch break. Why? We have to stay fit for the rest of the day. Projects have to be completed, customers wait… phew. Not only stress at work, but also at the end of the day, after sport. And then my girlfriend wants to go out for dinner and sometimes I go into town with the guy… where’s time for a good snack?

Snack to go instead of McDonald’s, Burger King & Co

In addition, one rarely finds good snack to go in the city: everywhere there are only Burger King, McDonald’s, doner shops and fast food. Again? No. And I could probably name ten more reasons that ultimately lead me to optimise my everyday life a little more.
My insider tip: milkshake, bananas and delicious toppings

At the beginning of the year I fell in love with simple milkshakes! It’s super easy and everything is quickly cleared away. I have always had a good supply of bananas and toppings (berries, lemon, etc.) for a long time, so I can, for example, make a healthy shake immediately after exercise. In a banana there are many minerals and vitamins, you wouldn’t believe it. Small mixed in a milkshake, an absolute dream. Add a few other fruits or a little lemon for that special little kick.

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I like it! Oats is my snack for the summer

Practically there is the nearest supermarket in Berlin but also in Cologne at every corner. And meanwhile I also find this small, tasty snack in my trouser pocket more and more often. Meanwhile I almost got used to buying one all the time, because the variety is really fantastic. Hafervoll does not have all these standard products around strawberry or chocolate. It’s all about true creativity and variety, from apricots and poppies to sour cherries and hemp seeds. There are always new variations of the delicious cereal bars on the market. So they don’t get boring at all, but there is always something new to experience. When does something always have something “new”, especially when you constantly come across the same products in the supermarket?

A real insider tip that is finding more and more fans, also Joko Winterscheidt (famous German TV host):

Hafervoll wins competition with Joko Winterscheidt

Hafervoll even made it on TV & on YouTube. With her victory at the Seven Ventures pitch, supported by Joko Winterscheidt among others.

You can read more about Hafervoll here:

The video clip is as sweet as the flapjacks from Hafervoll:


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IVA NIKOLINA X NA-KD Store Opening + Interview and Styling Tips

NA-KD is known for a wide range of fashion and well-known brands. The great popularity of NA-KD is mainly among younger audiences, which is also due to the various collaborations with influencers. This time the online shop inspires with a collection in cooperation with the well-known fashion blogger Iva Nikolina. The beautiful Croatian, who lives in Germany, inspires almost 900,000 people every day at Instagram with her elegant style. With this collection she takes another step in her career and proves that she has what it takes to become a fashion designer.

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The collection – flowing fabrics, summer & great colors

In an interview Iva tells us that she wanted to create a collection that was perfect for the summer. She implemented this by not only integrating many dresses, but also using flowing and elegant fabrics. Her collection is characterized by a dark green tone and a magenta red. She combined these colours with some parts in white and rose. She designed a total of 25 pieces together with NA-KD, not only giving her followers the opportunity to shop their own style directly after, but also inspiring many to great own combinations with their clothes. The collection is probably just like Iva, distinguished by elegance and lightness.

The Event – Drinks, Talk & Shopping

For the launch of its collection NA-KD organized an event which took place in Breuninger in the city centre of Düsseldorf. There you could not only shop exclusively for the collection, but also meet Iva Nikolina personally. NA-KD organized a great afternoon with DJ, snacks, drinks and of course shopping. There was also a small make-up area where you could get styled. Iva was there and could talk directly to her followers about the collection and these meetings.


Photo: Linda German

IVA NIKOLINA x NA-KD – how to style the collection

At the event I was allowed to choose some pieces and now show you how you can combine and style the pieces from the collection. Among the styling tips you will find photos from the store opening in Dusseldorf!

Chiffon Short Dress – cute & with cool details

This white summer dress is very cute the outer fabric has small applications and is cut on one side. The cut makes it move very smoothly and the belt for tying is also a nice detail. I combined the very cute dress a little cooler with black boots, a black lace ballet and an elegant black bag. This gives the outfit a cooler overall look and still looks very elegant. The dress is very uncomplicated and fits simply super. The perfect summer dress to not be dressed too warm on hot days and still look great.

Photos: Robin Plate / Cocaine Models

Short Flounce Short elegantly combined as a highlight

These great satin pants from the collection can be combined in many ways. It is perfect both for a walk to the beach and to wear in everyday life. I combine it with a tight black body with a lace adornment, which makes the trousers look even more elegant. Gold jewellery goes perfectly with the dark green of the trousers. I combine two gold chains with coin pendants and a watch with bracelet. The pants are perfect for summer days because they fit perfectly. It does not slip and adapts to all occasions.

Halterneck Off Shoulder Dress – the elegant all arounder

This Bordeaux colored dress is a real all arounder, because you can wear it very elegant for a special occasion with high shoes as well as in everyday life with boots or espadrilles. I combine the airy dress with boots and a belly bag. When worn like this, the dress looks fashionable and modern. This dress is also perfect for the summer and especially for warm summer evenings. Personally, I particularly like the flowing material. This not only feels incredibly good on the skin, but is also very high-quality and elegant.

Store Opening Düsseldorf with Iva Nikolina

Photos: Linda German

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Photos: Linda German


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Experience Tokyo: Travel tips & experience reports from Adachi to Taitō

As one of the best-known metropolises in eastern Asia, Japan’s capital Tokyo is well known to almost everyone. But how many different faces Tokyo has, one learns only if one has been there once. In the city centre, the city is brightly lit – the view from the many billboards, billboards, company logos and lights is almost impossible to turn away – and lively. People are everywhere, determined on their way to work, school, university or happily dancing to the current charts in the subway shaft. Tai Chi in one of the city’s numerous parks, street artists, men and women in kimonos, small children in panda costumes – the people in Tokyo are as multifaceted as their city. Read more about Japan’s metropolises Kyoto and Kobe.

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Tokyo through the ages

Today, more than 9.5 million people live in Tokyo, but if you look back only a few centuries, there was nothing but a small settlement with a fishing port called Edo. By the way: its roots even go back to the Stone Age! In the 15th century a castle was built near the settlement, but the present world metropolis only gained historical importance at the end of the 16th century, when Shogun Tokugawa Ieyasu took possession of the settlement and castle and a few years later in 1603 became the capital of his shogunate. As the seat of the Shogunate, the city of Edo underwent numerous changes and changes until Emperor Mitsuhito moved from Kyoto in the middle of the 19th century and renamed the city – now home to around 1 million inhabitants – the “imperial residence city in the east”, i.e. Tokyo. Tokyo is now a real cultural metropolis with numerous theatres, museums and parks, yet it has never forgotten its origins. Thus, in addition to the numerous modern blocks of buildings that tower up into the sky, historic buildings and temples are also lined up everywhere. It is an unusual and unique harmony between modernity and antiquity, so typical of Tokyo, and is also reflected in the two largest and most important sights of the city: the old Imperial Palace and the Tokyo Tower with a height of 333 meters.

Drone flight – sight seeing over the rooftops of Tokyo

Tokyo’s 23 boroughs and their special features

Adachi – impressed with large Senju bridge

A small district in the north of Tokyo. An important sight is the large Senju Bridge, which connects the individual areas within the district.

Arakawa – directly on the banks of the Arakawa River

This district is named after the river of the same name.

Bunkyō – Location of the World-class University of Tokyo

The educational district of Tokyo with numerous educational institutions and sights, including the University of Tokyo and the Tokyo Dome.

Chiyoda – from Imperial Palace to Sega World

The administrative district and headquarters of numerous large companies. Here you will find the imperial palace, the old castle Edo and many other historical buildings. Chiyoda also has the famous Akihabara entertainment district, the heart of the Japanese electronics trade and THE place to go for all fans of video games, anime and manga – the eight-story Sega World is just one example of many. Cosplay cafés and fan meetings are the order of the day here and the last celebrants often leave Akihabara only the next morning. Chiyoda is one of Tokyo’s least populated districts, but during the day there are 20 times as many workers and commuters here!

Chūō – extensive shopping in Ginza

One of Tokyo’s main business centres, including Ginza (THE shopping and entertainment district in Tokyo!) and the famous Tsukiji fish market.

Edogawa – birthplace of trend musician Kazuya Kamenashi

Named after the nearby river and hometown of Kazuya Kamenashi, member of the successful J-pop band KAT-TUN.

Itabashi – medical pioneer of Nihon University

Tokyo’s industrial district with business district in the north and four large universities, including the medical faculty of Nihon University

Katsushika – Residence of over 400,000 Japanese

This district was originally a union of several villages and small towns and now provides mainly housing for the population of Tokyo.

Kita – attractive for young & old: Asukayama Park

Although this is one of Tokyo’s smallest districts, it is also one of the most populous with 80% of the population. Next to Akabane railway station is Tokyo’s first public park, Asukayama Park.

Kōtō – world important exhibitions in the Tokyo Big Sight

The Tokyo Big Sight international exhibition hall and the Toyko Gate Bridge are located in this district, which was largely built by reclaiming new land.

Meguro – full of diplomats & embassies

A combination of a residential area and diplomatic quarter. It is the seat of numerous international embassies, especially of the West Asian countries and Africa, but also of the Honorary Consulate General of Iceland.

Minato – Tokyo Tower, Tokyo Midtown & Roppongi

In addition to a large number of educational institutions, some sights such as the Tokyo Tower and the Toyko Midtown high-rise complex with the highest skyscrapers in the city as well as the luxury district of Roppongi can be found here. Minato is also home to the tech companies Sony, Toshiba and NEC Corporation.

Nakano – divided into 18 individual districts

This district consists of 18 districts and is divided by several rivers. Nakano is connected to the subway network, but has no motorway of its own.

Nerima – over a hundred years of carousel

In this district there are mainly residential buildings and individual parks. In the Toshima-en amusement park you can marvel at the oldest still operated carousel in the world – it was put into operation for the first time in New York in 1910!

Ōta – Temple complex Homon-ji from the 13th century

This is the largest district in Tokyo and the third largest in terms of population. Here you will also find the famous Homon-ji, a Buddhist temple from the 13th century.

Setagaya – Luxury district with over 800,000 inhabitants

This is by far the most populous district of the city. Of Tokyo’s more than 9 million inhabitants, over 800,000 live here in Setagaya. It is one of the more expensive residential areas with about 60% pure residential development. The Carrott Tower with a height of 124 meters is also here.

Shibuya – Shopping & Fun in Shibuya

The Shibuya entertainment district is part of the district of the same name. The shopping street Senta-gai is one of the most popular shopping opportunities for Tokyo’s young population. The world famous statue of Shiba Inu Hachiko stands directly in front of Shibuya station. By the way: due to the mass of information technology companies Shibuya is often called Bit Valley!

Shinagawa – 6,000 hotel rooms near the station

A variety of universities and offices are located here in Shinagawa. However, due to the highest concentration of hotels and accommodation in Tokyo, the district attracts special attention with 6,000 rooms around Shinagawa station alone!

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Shinjuku – bigger, nicer, better

Shinjuku station in Tokyo is one of the stations with the highest passenger volume in the world! But everything else in Shinjuku is bigger, better or more successful: Japan’s most important commercial and administrative centre is here, as is the largest shopping district in the whole of Japan, Japan’s largest and oldest entertainment district… Yayoi Kusama, one of the most important Japanese artists of the post-war period, had her own Yayoi Kusama Museum built here. By the way: Shinjuku maintains a partnership with the Dongcheng district in Beijing and the Mitte district in Berlin.

Suginami – Education in over 100 institutions

This district is mainly a residential area with only a few industrial settlements. There are 47 primary schools, 32 secondary schools, 21 secondary schools, 6 universities and 11 libraries!
Sumida – Sumo & Sumida Hokusai
Sumida is also mainly populated by people. There are several museums here, including the architectural Sumida Hokusai Museum and Ryogoku Kokugikan Sumo Hall.

Toshima – International in Tokyo

About 47% of this district consists of a residential area, in addition there are public places and some commercial enterprises. With a non-Japanese population of about 15,500 people, Toshima is one of Tokyo’s international districts. Here, too, there are several educational institutions, including the Tokyo Conservatory of Music.

Taitō – Sumidagawa-Hanabi, the biggest fireworks festival

In Taito there are the entertainment districts Asakusa and Ueno. The National Museum of Western Art, the Daimyo Clock Museum and the Ueno-Zoo are just some of the places to visit for culture and entertainment. Taito is also a popular place to celebrate Sumidagawa-Hanabi, Japan’s largest fireworks festival, and Sanja-Matsuri are both held here every year.

The travel guide for Tokyo

Holidays Extras Travel Guides explains the easiest and most convenient way to travel to Japan and what sights and attractions you should not miss on your first visit to Tokyo.

The Tokyo Metro – immortalized on a Nike sports shoe

Nike has drawn inspiration from the world’s major cities in creating the new Air Max series. The Tokyo Metro’s labyrinth-like rail network is reflected in the “Tokyo Maze” model and also gives its name to the new sports shoe.

Luxury life Tokyo – the most expensive apartments in the world

Living in Tokyo is a costly thing – especially the house prices are horrendous, one is not satisfied with the absolute minimum. In Ginza, for example, for a 13m² apartment you can expect about 800,00 Euro per month, for 50m² in Shibuya even between 2.500,00 Euro and 3.000,00 Euro per month and in Akihabara a monthly rent of 1.200,00 Euro for a 35m² apartment is a real bargain!

Between pressure to perform and late pension

That is perhaps why the people of Tokyo are particularly ambitious. Demands on academic and professional performance are high, which is particularly noticeable to the children time and again. You have to be diligent and work hard later so that your own children will have a better time. Only the factor of public school or private institute has a decisive influence on future careers. The pressure of expectations to which people here are exposed – both in their private lives and in society – means that everyone works late from morning to night, a 40-hour week plus 40 hours of overtime per month is the standard here and an after-work time after 11 p.m. is not uncommon. This is very harmful to Japanese health, and people are retiring very late – at 67 years of age – but on average the Japanese are getting much older than anywhere else in the world.

Creative outburst of opposites

In this context, it is understandable that the people in Tokyo sometimes seem a little chilly – like ants driving them from one place to another, always purposefully, always focused – like little wheels in a gear. There is no time for a nice smile or an apology and the necessary energy for it is better spent on more work. Nevertheless, the lifestyle in Tokyo in particular is rich in contrast, colourful, loud and shrill. There is nothing that does not exist – and what does not exist is probably invented here! This principle is reflected in music, art and, of course, fashion. From elegant women and men in kimonos to doll-like Lolitas with lace umbrellas to young men in flashy designer suits and colourful streetfashion – the main thing is to stand out. But of course there are also the normal suit and costume wearers as well as the students in their uniform uniforms – a surreal mix, especially if Spiderman and Sailor Moon are walking around the corner, closely followed by an adult in a Pikachu costume.

Impressions from Style ID: Tokyo Fashion Week A/W 18/19

A short impression of the last Fashion Week in Tokyo with designs for the autumn-winter collection of the year.

Designer Tokyo

Dice-K with its GlamHate brand is a prime example of a young Tokyo designer who once again redefines the term fashion for himself and takes up elements from GlamRock, vampirism and Lady Gaga’s stage outfits. His current collection VAMPYRE has been running for several weeks and is aimed specifically at Japan’s youth scene.

Tokyo – overwhelming and beautiful

All in all, Tokyo is definitely worth a trip – one should only plan enough time to take in all the different impressions. In seven days, not even a 100th of what the world metropolis has to offer! Fortunately, there is a sophisticated and 100% reliable rail network that transports you from one district to another in the shortest possible time. Only during rush hour it is hard to stand in the Tokyo Metro, so you shouldn’t have any fear of contact and claustrophobia. As an alternative to the subway’s local trains, there are also the Shinkansen, the famous Japanese high-speed trains with a network across Japan and an impressive top speed of up to 320km per hour. Aomori, Kyoto, Osaka, Yokohama and Sapporo and many other cities are only a stone’s throw away.

Read more about Japan’s metropolises Kyoto and Kobe.


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