An Idol for All – Stefanie Giesinger

Stefanie Giesinger is the winner of the ninth season of Germany’s Next Topmodel. After her victory at GNTM, the 22-year-old expanded her Instagram account and now counts with 3.3 million fans on Insta as a role model around the topics: Models, Fashion and Lifestyle. But for the pretty brunette everything is not always as easy as it might seem, because a serious illness accompanies her.

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From Siberia to Germany: Giesinger’s family emigrated

One year before her birth, Stefanie’s Russian-German family emigrated from Russian Siberia and built a new life for themselves in Germany. The German model was born on 27 August 1996 in Kaiserslautern.

Max Giesinger: Steffie’s brother, cousin, uncle or husband ?

The singer and musician Max Giesinger reached the finals of the casting and music show “The Voice of Germany” in 2011 and even sat on the jury of “The Voice Kids” this year. Despite many releases of his songs, a really successful breakthrough of the singer has been missing so far. Within Germany, however, his compositions are well known.

At the latest after the release of the music video for the song “80 Millionen” by Max, where Stefanie Giesinger plays the leading role, many fans ask themselves the question: What exactly connects the musician and the model? The answer to this question is nothing but friendship. The same name is just a coincidence.

Stefanie in a music video ?

Yeah, you read right. At Max Giesinger’s side, the model plays a special role in the music video for his single 80 million.

Does Stefanie Giesinger have a boyfriend ?

This question is also gladly asked. Anyone who has been following this pretty model for some time knows the answer to this question, for sure: Yeah, Stefanie’s been taken for two years. British YouTube star Marcus Butler (26) is the happy man at Steffie’s side. The two successful social media stars got to know each other in 2016 at an Amfar gala in Cannes. Katy Perry also performed at this event, which was the perfect occasion for Marcus to address Stefanie. He asked if she liked Katy Perry. Dances and conversations followed. They stayed in contact after the gala and quickly fell in love.

Is her boyfriend really making her happy?

As YouTuber, Marcus films half his life. So is his holiday with Stefanie in the Caribbean. Here you get private insights into the love happiness of the two lovebirds.

Life threatening disease and their last OP

The model suffers from the so-called Kartagener syndrome from birth. It’s a hereditary disease. Organs are arranged mirror-inverted or twisted in the body. Stefanie herself describes this as “wandering organs”. Stefanie’s life expectancy is low, but so far the fighter nature has held out extremely well.

At the age of 13 Stefanie could only eat unnaturally little because her stomach was so extremely twisted. This was followed by a life-threatening emergency operation that lasted a full eight hours. Since that day, her belly has been adorned with a ten-centimetre scar. Also in March of this year, the instagramerin had to undergo a severe operation, but she also mastered this procedure successfully.

How it all began

With a young age of 17, the 1.77 meter brunette took part in the ninth season of Germanys Next Topmodel in 2014. Of over 15,000 applicants, Stefanie was one of 70 chosen to be invited to a casting in Berlin. There the high school student met for the first time the jury consisting of Heidi Klum, Wolfgang Joop and Thomas Hayo. At the beginning Heide saw Stefanie as a permanent nodding candidate but in the course of the relay the 17 year old could also convince top model Mama Heide of herself and finally took the first place in the final.

Germany’s Next Topmodel: And what then ?

After winning the title “Germany’s Next Topmodel 2014” the then 17 year old appeared on the cover of the German Cosmopolitan and was under contract for two years with the model agency of Günther Klum ONEeins. A small guest appearance in Matthias Schweighöfer’s film Der Nanny and the cast of the leading role in the music video to the single 80 million by Max Giesinger followed. Stefanie expanded her Instagram account and got jobs for big brands like L’Oréal again and again.

Idol of the year 2018

Behind Stefanie is much more than just an ordinary model. They are characterized above all by their proximity and their personality. She strives to make every day the best in her life and to infect her fellow men and fans with her joie de vivre. These and other aspects ensured that Stefanie received this year’s About You Award Idol of the year.

Steffie as Victoria’s Secret Angel

The 22 year old model unfortunately failed this year at the casting in New York for the fashion show of Victoria’s Secret and will not be allowed to walk in December. Steffie is proud to have made it this far and hopes for another chance to run as Victoria’s Secret Angel, because she is and remains a huge fan of the brand and the show.

Model, Instagramerin and Actress: “Asphalt Gorillas”

Yes, that’s right, Stefanie really must have a multi-functional talent. In addition to her life as a model and instagramer, she is now immersed in the life of an actress. Since 30 August 2018 she has played the role of Oxana in the film “Asphaltgorillas” by Detlev Bruck. The film team is enthusiastic about the newcomer and she herself has a lot of fun to slip into the skin of another person.


On Instagram, the 22-year-old shares her life with 3.3 million subscribers. She does not post new articles every day, but only when she feels like it and there is something to report. So she shares her life with her fans and friends in a very appealing and honest way. Because she is a huge fan of photography and admits quite honestly: not every photo was taken spontaneously but it is not only her job but also her hobby to stand in front of the camera and so she likes to use her free minutes and produce with her friends, but especially with her best friend photos for fun and share them with her fan community.

Not enough Internet for today ?

Then have a look at the Instagram account of Stefanie’s girlfriend Caro Daur. Because even this pretty blonde has more than one talent. Although she is at least one head smaller than Stefanie, she still models successfully and is also a blogger, influencer, entrepreneur and businesswoman at the same time. Get infected by Caro’s joie de vivre and maybe check out some cool looks.


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YouTuberin TamTam Beauty – organic, show and breast surgery ?

Styling expert, YouTuberin and industrial engineer. Tara, better known as “TamTam Beauty”, is a young and successful woman who can do just about anything. Despite her success, the 27-year-old remains as approachable and down-to-earth as at the beginning of her career. Her hobby developed into a vocation.

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YouTuberin “TamTam Beauty” alias Tara was born on May 10, 1991 in Iraq. Four years later the family fled to Turkey, where they lived with their grandfather. A few years later the family moved on to Germany, to be exact to Baden-Baden. After passing his Abitur at a grammar school, Tara moves to Gummersbach. In the meantime, the brunette has her bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering in mechanical engineering in her pocket and continues her studies in a master’s degree. Meanwhile Tara lives mainly in Cologne.

Cologne girl

How comfortable Tara feels in her new home Cologne is written all over her face. At least that’s how her smile suggests it.

3 facts: Size, weight and nationality

  • YouTuberin Tara is 1.70 m tall
  • The influencer weighs 56 kg
  • Tara is half Iraqi and half Kurdish

YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter

In 2013, Tara opened its YouTube channel “TamTam”. It now has over half a million subscribers on YouTube. For years she has been publishing three videos a week and postest on other social networks such as Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter all around the topics: Beauty, lifestyle and fashion. It is one of the most successful influencers in the whole of Germany.

Tara’s Wonder Weapons and Beauty Hacks

Full lips, long eyelashes and an even complexion. These are probably a woman’s greatest wishes when it comes to her looks. Here Tara reveals her tips and tricks for the perfect look to her viewers.

TamTam Beauty Shop

Tara impresses not only with her inner beauty, but also with her appearance. Her fans love her style and can’t get enough of the authentic brunette. No wonder that a merchandise shop is desired by TamTam. Unfortunately she doesn’t have her own shop yet, but Tara regularly shows her subscribers what she has bought from other shops.

Shopping with Tara: Autumn do’s & dont’s

Slowly but surely the hot summer says goodbye and autumn gradually breaks in. In keeping with the change in the weather, the YouTuber has shot an autumn Haul and is presenting her favourite products for this season.

Showtime: Girls evening with tare

Correctly read, the beauty queen goes on tour ! Next February Tara will travel all over Germany and will be there for her fans during her tour “Mädelsabend”. There’ll be goodie bags and pop-up stands. Tara takes pictures with her viewers and is available for open conversations, because it should be a real girls evening. Tickets are available from 27,10 € on

beautiful, beautiful, tare

Colour, fullness and length amaze their audience. Nobody says no to what Tara’s got on his head. YouTuberin Tara is known for her beautiful hair and has been squeezed out for years on this subject. The biggest thanks goes of course to the mood of nature but with a few tricks everyone can beautify his hair. And the influencer is happy to pass on these tricks.

Curls without heat

A beautiful hairstyle in the twinkling of an eye and also gentle on the hair ? Tara shows you how to do it easily.

Breast OP

Although the successful YouTuberin, unlike others in her industry, has only a few Hater, she is not immune to rumors. That’s how the first rumors start: Tara had her breasts enlarged. And although the pretty brunette is fundamentally not a big enemy of beauty surgery, she has not yet put herself under the knife and does not intend to do so. She is satisfied with herself and feels comfortable in her skin.

Tara’s idols

Influencer Tara also likes to be inspired by other social media big names. And although the Instagramerinnen differ clearly in their style, Tara is a big fan of Camila Coelho and Taraneh. These girls also radiate from the inside out and stand by themselves. Tara loves and admires these qualities.


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Dounia – Mom, Youtuber, Make-up Artist and influencer

Dounia Slimani, a power woman. Since 2011 she has been one of the best German influencers. With her personality, the 33-year-old creates a great platform for everyone. No matter if mummy everyday life or beauty tutorials, her positive charisma is always appreciated by her followers. As a full-time mother and blogger, she is also a make-up artist at various fashion weeks around the world.  Our editors have conducted an exclusive interview with her where she talks about her love, family and job.

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Dounia: I’m a workaholic

FIV: Very inspiring: You are a young mama, make-up artist, influencer and YouTuberine. How do you manage to get all these components under one hat? Despite your busy schedule and the many journeys, you always come across very sympathetic and relaxed. What are your tips for relaxation?

Dounia: My tips for relaxation: I’m a workaholic I have to give honestly because I love my job so much. The best way for me to relax is when I go for a workout or take a nice bath and do a beauty treatment. As a mom, you hardly have time left for it, so I have to consciously clear my time. Painting nails, applying a mask, watching a video are highlights for me. If my parents or my husband have time, then I also treat myself to a massage or a hydrafacial from time to time. It’s very important for me to have me-time. This is my personal relaxation oasis.

FIV: In the last few months you’ve been travelling all over the world with the Maybelline Trendsquad to track down beauty trends. Which journey has influenced and interested you the most?

Dounia: I was most inspired by the Bahamas journey with Maybelline together. I will never forget to watch the sunset and this beautiful blue of the water. Bahamas and Tokyo were also my places of inspiration for my two looks.

FIV: You made up your sister at the Maybelline show. To what extent was this an emotional moment for you and what made it so special?

Dounia: At the Maybelline Show I made up my sister Lamiya Slimani. For me it was a mega emotional moment, because I always wanted to make up on a fashion show. It was on my bucket list. The additional fact that my sister, who is curvy and a full-wife, was also allowed to run across the catwalk as a model, was doubly emotional for me. On the one hand, to show that we celebrate the body of a woman with all its facets. And on the other hand, because I was allowed to make up my own sister for such an event. It all felt so surreal.

View this post on Instagram

Happy Birthday @mikaelslimani Vor genau einem Jahr wurde uns vom lieben Gott das größte Geschenk dieser Welt gemacht -nämlich du mein Schatz. Es ist ein Jahr voller Glück, schlaflosen Nächten, Kraft, Sorgen, Freude und unendlicher Liebe gewesen. Wir sind als Eltern gewachsen und sind so stolz, dass wir dir jeden Tag dabei zuschauen können, wie du mit deinen unschuldigen Augen die Welt entdeckst. Ich wünsche mir, dass du nie verlernst zu träumen, zu glauben, zu lachen, neugierig zu sein, unvoreingenommen bist und immer die Welt mit deinem Herzen siehst. Ich liebe dich so sehr mein Schatz, dass ich dich manchmal einfach nur beim Schlafen beobachte und weinen muss. Als du geboren wurdest, habe ich ein Teil meines Herzens für immer dir gegeben. Für alle Zeit. Ich liebe dich ❤️ Nhebek Mikael ❤️

A post shared by Dounia Slimani (@douniaslimani) on

Time out from everyday stress?

FIV: Besides your sister Dounia, you also grew up with your brother Sami. Both are also in the limelight and very successful on social media and YouTube. Is it sometimes difficult for you to distinguish professionally and privately?

Dounia: For us it was no problem from the beginning to separate professionally and privately. We always treat ourselves to breaks as a family, not only between the years or at Christmas. Since the three of us are so different and complement each other so well, working together is a wonderful and successful experience. Everyone has their strengths and can contribute them. In addition, all three of us are creative and we have now opened our own office in Berlin.

FIV: You three have a very intimate relationship and are very close to each other. Do you wish for your son Mikael also siblings with such a firm connection?

Dounia: I would so much like my children to get along with their siblings as well as me, Lamiya and Sami do. My brothers and sisters are a blessing and the most beautiful gift my parents could have given me.

Youtube has changed

FIV: In mid-June you will celebrate your 6th YouTube anniversary. Happy birthday! How has YouTube and the social media changed over this period?

Dounia: Youtube has changed a lot as a platform. It’s become more diverse. Youtube and social media are suddenly a household name for many. Almost everyone I know at least has Instagram. People network faster and you’re not looked at crooked anymore because you’re dealing with social media. Many professions and areas have also developed that did not exist before: social media managers, influencer marketing…. We ourselves have thus created a profession for ourselves, which to this day cannot be titled with a single term. We are influencers, consultants, entrepreneurs, authors, brand ambassadors and people. My job has a new challenge every day. We work worldwide, internationally and together as a family. At that time I studied economics (controlling, international management, business informatics) and thought I would pursue a classical profession. Years later I found my dream job, which has hardly anything to do with my studies anymore.

FIV: Do you like the “old” or the “new” social media world better? Which one would you choose if you had to?

Dounia: I like the old, new and future social media world. I am curious which new platform will be in, which trends there will be and what we will all do in 5 years already. I find the whole thing so exciting.

Thank you Dounia for the interesting interview!

Here you can learn more about Dounia:
Instagram: Douniaslimani
Youtube: Douniaslimani


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Invisalign: The way to beautiful teeth – #1 experience with cost, duration and process

Invisalign in the Smile Club – Beautiful straight teeth, a theme that for many people belongs to the ideal of beauty and absolute “must have”. However, this has always been associated with painful treatments or braces. A price that not everyone was willing to pay to make their dream of a beautiful smile come true. Today I report about my experiences and my way to perfect teeth. More about Invisalign Smile Club.

It starts with a smile

Everyone has one or two things to decide for themselves. Whether it’s the receding hairline or the protruding ears, it’s always been my teeth. Most outsiders think I’m crazy, because my teeth aren’t that crooked either, but even on something like that you always have a completely different view than strangers, which is why it’s always bothered me. I never liked smiling open-mouthed, so there are hardly any really smiling pictures of me.

I have often thought about alternatives, but my affinity to dentists was never really high and braces were out of the question for me. The pain, the limitations and of course the appearance, were decisive points for me not to let this treatment come into the closer selection. Unfortunately I didn’t find any other way to fix the bugs, so I had to put up with leaving it as it was and living with this flaw.

Invisalign – what is the & how does it even work?

One day, I found by chance on the Internet an ad of so-called Invisalign. It was about beautiful straight teeth, which of course immediately caught my attention. So I started researching and quickly found out how it all works. Invisalign work like a rack, but have enormous advantages over conventional wire braces. The Invisalign are a transparent splint that are specially manufactured for each patient. These move the teeth exactly like a normal rack, but first of all have the optical advantage that you can’t see them. It is removable, which also makes it easier to clean. Sport is possible with the Invisalign without problems and you can also drink with it. To eat, take out the splint. Spinach residues cannot get caught here either, as in normal braces. But one of the biggest advantages is that you don’t have pain and aren’t restricted by the treatment.

My experiences with Invisalign – the first treatment

Enthusiastic about my research, I found a practice near me that specializes in Invisalign. I had already made an appointment directly in the chic practice. The technique was explained to me again by a professional and for the first time I held an Invisalign in my hand. Super light, very pleasant and super inconspicuous. My enthusiasm continued. The dentist told me how a treatment works from scanning the teeth to wearing the splints. After my little introduction to the topic, I started the scan. I’m sure many of you remember that hated dental impression. A huge piece of modelling clay has to be stuck on my teeth for eternities I felt so that you can see the exact impression of my teeth. I reckoned with something like this when I was told to scan your teeth, but something completely different awaited me. With a small camera, which takes many photos in a row, my teeth were removed, while at the same time an exact model of my teeth gradually became visible on a screen. A very pleasant treatment that only lasted about 5 minutes. Afterwards I could see the before / after pictures directly on the monitor and thus also the result, which is to be obtained. This scan is sufficient to order the rails. Very progressive, innovative and above all uncomplicated! My mood was no longer subdued and I was excited about the new techniques.

More about Invisalign Smile Club.

Make Money on Instagram: This is the worth of your account!

Are you a blogger and have you built yourself a strong reach? If you want to use your community now to earn some advertising on Instagram to make your channel even better, there is now a super handy tool that lets you now calculate your own Instagram value online for free. Thanks to the social analytics software, everyone can now analyze their Instagram profile data. The evaluation here in our price calculator is kept small, so especially young bloggers have a quick overview. With a screenshot you can easily insert the statistics in your offer. With the price forecast you can either justify your own price or the other way around, as an agency or company to influencers. Calculate your Instagram value for free now!

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The Instagram value calculator: So much you can at least demand!

Depending on the level of awareness and, of course, the more cross-network activities you do, the more you value. Basically, however, customers always book reach or target groups. This is defined and comparable by the TKP (Thousand Contact Price) in the advertising industry. An advertising agency will always look at how much you “cost” compared to another advertising campaign. A small example:

  • Advertising ad in the fashion magazine reaches 100,000 people for 10,000 euros. If you want to reach 1,000 people, they cost 100 euros.
  • You reach 100,000 people and write in the offer 1,000 euros. Thus, the agency reaches 1,000 people for only 10 euros.
    This gives you chances to be booked for the job.


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Bonjour Paris! Fashion Week Paris – the latest trends of the new season

The fashion month is almost over and finds its conclusion and climax in the capital of France. The cream of the fashion industry is gathering this week to see the trends of the new season A / W 2018/19. Of course FIV Magazine is right in the middle and reports on the trends for the coming season!

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Fashion Week Paris – my personal experiences

My journey started early Wednesday morning when I boarded the train from Cologne to Paris. With full anticipation in the luggage, I arrived in Paris and checked in first in my hotel. At the reception the first invitation to the show on Friday awaited me, which was deposited there for me. After unpacking and sorting after a small suitcase, we went straight to the city of love.

For my short trip, I was allowed to make a little stopover on Reservations before the departure on Tuesday and equip myself with some parts for the Fashion Week, because especially at a fashion event, the matching outfit is of course crucial. The new collection from Reserved is very trendy and characterized by eye-catching color accents, elegant fabrics and modern influences. Which parts I have chosen and how I combined them for the special event you can see in the videos + photos in this article.

In the following days a wild mix of typical Touri sightseeing, Fashion Week feeling, and great insider spots awaited me – you’ll learn more about that at the end of the article. Of course it is very important to have the right footwear for such an eventful trip. Personally, I am a human being, I wear almost always high shoes in everyday life, but I can not recommend this even for high-heels lover in a city trip, because you are running but more than you think and of course thank the feet the flat shoes. My luck – at Reserved I found quite a few super comfortable sneakers that proved to be perfect travel companions. Because they are not only comfortable, but also visually a highlight and something very special.

Paris is so much variety and variety that you would probably need weeks to look at all the highlights there. But my absolute favorite spots in the city have a special wow factor. The small island in the Seine, on which Notre Dame and Sainte-Chapelle are located, because especially in summer this small patch of earth is surrounded by so much magic. Small markets with an incredible selection of flowers and food, stroll along the banks of the Seine and just let your mind wander. This peace in a city that is still so big radiates from the Eifel tower. Strolling through the park or sitting in a small café and enjoying the sun on your skin makes Paris something special.

Last but not least, I still have some restaurant recommendations, as they have me so excited, of course, it is not difficult to find great restaurants in Paris, because they are there like sand on the sea, but these three I can for personal tests only recommend. Very close to the hotel I found by chance the pizzeria Lucky Luciano. The pizzas are a dream come true. I tasted the pizza with buffalo mozzarella and rucula – just great (and not overcrowded).
In a completely different corner, it was me for lunch. Directly at the Sacre Coeur is a great and above all local restaurant with traditional French food. There you get a menu (3 courses) already for 16 euros – and that is really a bargain for Parisian prices. I tasted French onion soup, traditional potato casserole and – how could it be otherwise – Crepe.

Fashion Week Paris – shows & the trends of the new season

Of course, the shows were the highlight of the trip, because in Paris means Fashion Week again something different, as in Berlin. Fancy outfits, special celebrities everywhere cameras and everything according to the motto: ‘See and be seen’. Not only the so-called “Buyers” visited the special events, but also a lot of press, special personalities, like Blogger and of course the fashionistas and real Parisienne of the city. With lots of kisses, old well-known people were greeted before the show and then, of course, the main topic of conversation was first of all the designer and guesses about the new collection. The collections were especially staged and thus presented the trends of the new season.

#TB to paris fashionweek with @ivaivaofficial ? #paris #fashion #week #runway #show #model

Ein Beitrag geteilt von FIV MAGAZINE (@fivmagazine) am

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Uma Wang Show A / W 2018/19 – Warm Colors, Oversized & Unisex

The Uma Wang Show took place on the 1st of March in an impressive presentation. An old library in a still active school. The parts of the Asian designer were very unusual. Particularly eye-catching, the warm colors stung. Many red, beige and brown tones. Many parts were oversized, such as giant bags, coats, blazers and dresses. The women’s fashion was characterized by many masculine influences. Jackets, trousers and thick wool coats. The designer interprets the trends of the new season in a very own and creative way, thus keeping to her style.

Andrew Gn Fashion Show AW 2018/19 – Velvet Boots, Ruffles & Timeless Elegance

The Andrew Gn Fashion Show took place on the 2nd of March in a beautiful ballroom of a classic Parisian hotel. The pink catwalk matched the elegant parts of the collection as well as the beatiful music. The designer’s collection was reflected in the versatility and influence of different cultures. Concise stitched out embroidery, which emphasized both garments tone on tone and in contrasting colors. From the special collection, the designer sets trends for the next season. Velvet Boots both over – and Underknee in colors such as dark green or magenta, but also ruffles, which the designer put oversized scene.

Travel Tips & Tricks in Paris – Restaurants, Attractions & The Best Photo Spots

A weekend in Paris can quickly get stressful. There is a lot to see in the city of love and of course you want to take as much as you can. But what are the Places To Be and which sights can one also save?

Restaurants Paris – something for every taste

Paris is teeming with cafés and restaurants. My personal recommendation (after careful consideration) is definitely the ‘Le Comptoir de Pantheon’, where you can enjoy not only delicious coffee and desserts, but also the traditional French Croque Madame – a crusty bread topped with ham, cheese and an egg French fries and salad – and of course Mamma Primi, an Italian restaurant that offers incredibly tasty buffalo mozzarella pizza and the ‘Gnocchi Gnocchi on Heaven’s Door’ (gnocchi with tomato sauce baked with cheese). Two real insider tips for the Schlemmer among us.

Sights & Photo Spots – the most beautiful places Paris

Nobody can deny that Paris is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, but as a tourist it is important to plan well and be prepared. To save you some work here are the tips for the best sights and photo spots:

Arc de Triumph – Champs Elysee – Pont Alexandre III – Grand Palais – Tour Eifel

You can plan these sights for a day, because once you have reached the rest on foot. Starting at the Grand Palais (where, among others, the Chanel + Louis Vuitton Show took place) a beautiful palace, which is also great for photos, you walk only about 100-200m until you are in the middle of the Pont Alexandre III. A stunning bridge with golden ornaments, from which you can also take a look at the Eifel tower – this is also a popular spot for beautiful photos. From there, it’s a 5-minute walk to Avenue Montaigne. Nothing for Shoppaholics, because there are the most luxurious fashion houses housed. From Chanel to Dior, Prada and Yves Saint Laurent you will find everything your luxury heart desires. If you run this to the end, you are already in the middle of the Champs Elysee with the Arc de Triumphe, which drifts at the end of the road. Also, this one is great for pictures but watch out – goes to the opposite side of the Arc de Triumph (not where he goes to the Champs Elysee) because there is much less bustle and your pictures are all the more beautiful! Not to forget, of course, the Eiffel tower, the spot of spots in Paris for great pictures!


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The Swedish Nomad: A Innovative explorer

Alex, who is better known as ‘Swedish Nomad’ on Instagram, is a passionated full-time traveller and blogger. He made travel into his business. We interviewed the Swedish Nomad and he told us what you need, to be a traveller blogger, why it is easier to fall in love on the road and what he wants to achieve in his life.

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Innovative explorer with a neverending wanderlust

Fiv: Hello Alex, hope you are good. For everybody who does not know you till now, would you please introduce yourself.

Hi everyone, I’m Alex. You may know me as Swedish Nomad, and as you might be able to tell, I’m originally from Sweden. I might not be so typical Swedish though, as I don’t live that ordinary Swedish everyday life. For the last 1,5 years, I’ve been traveling around the world with my girlfriend, and we made travel into our business. Some people refer to me as a digital nomad since I make my living through internet. But I would rather describe myself as an innovative explorer with a neverending wanderlust who loves to showcase the world through photography.

Fiv: You are a full time traveller and my first question is which country/city do you call your home?

Sweden will always be my home, more specifically Helsingborg, and I’m very thankful for having the luck of being raised and born there. But since leaving Sweden to explore the world I have found quite a few places that I like. Gran Canaria was my first long-trip abroad and will always have a very special place in my heart and soul. Another place that I always feel welcomed and home is Greece. No matter where I go in Greece, it’s always the same warm feelings that arise just as soon as I walk out of the airplane.

However, home is where your heart as, and it’s not as much about the place as the people around you that makes you feel like home.

Fiv: Why and when did you start traveling? What made you fall in love with it?

Ever since I was a little boy I have dreamt of traveling the world. My passion for it was awakened by National Geographic and various tv-shows about dinosaurs, nature and old temples. It was just so mesmerizing to see, so I always knew that I had to get out there and see it for myself. 2010 was the year when I left Sweden for the first time, but it wasn’t until 2015 I decided to travel full-time.

I’m a curious adventurer. I want answers, I enjoy other cultures, and there is just so much out there. I want to go where others haven’t been and tell stories, but also inspire others to explore and go beyond their comfort zone.

Travel, family and friends

Fiv: As a full time traveller, we can imagine you are not home a lot. Do you have a family/children at home. If yes how do you handle it?

I actually have the luck to travel full-time with my girlfriend, who shares my passion for traveling, animals and photography. That make things a lot easier, but of course I do miss my parents and my little brother Adam, who I wish I could spend more time with.

I try to talk with them as often as I can, but it’s hard as we’re traveling all the time, and on top of that we also need to update on social media and our blogs. But there’s also a positive aspect of this. When I actually do travel back home to Sweden, the time spent is more valuable and appreciated.

Fiv: Asides the basics (passport, ATM card, backpack), which 3 items are must-have things for you on your trip?

My Camera bag with camera, lenses and such. Other than being a necessity for my work, it’s also one of my biggest passions and I would never travel without it.

Besides that I would never travel without my eye-mask for sleeping. Having my 7-8 hours of sleep is vital, and to be disturbed by light is definitely a big no-no.

On top of that I always bring a Spork, which gives me a fork, knife and a spoon, all in one. It’s a handy travel gadget and very inexpensive, costing less than 2 dollars. It can save a lot of money since it enables you to buy food from supermarkets on the go, and not have to worry on how to eat it.

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Fiv: With over 40k followers you are a successful travel blogger and impress the people with your breathtaking pictures. Do you have any advice for one who would like to start a travel blog or any blog for that matter?

Enjoy writing or photography? go for it, and follow your passion. That will give you the best possible motivation. And if you’re serious about blogging, make sure you see it as a business from day 1. If you do that, people will take you more seriously, thus giving you more opportunities and followers.

Love at first sight truly exist

Fiv: Sometimes, we all know travelling is very stressful. Do you as an expert, have a trick for stressful situations?

Take a deep-breath, think about a person that inspires you and ask yourself “what would he/she do in this situation”?

Another good trick is to come prepared. Sure it’s more fun to go with the flow, but if you take the time to read about your destination and other people’s experiences you might notice things before they actually do happen, e.g common scams and such, which could be very stressful.

Fiv: It looks like you travel since a long time and you might have met a lot of people from all over the world. Have you ever fallen in love on the roads? Tell me about it.

I actually met my girlfriend on the road, while I was working on Rhodes island in Greece. I was selling tickets for one of the clubs, and there she was, on the beach, and her smile instantly caught my attention. It was almost like in a movie, and if it were I’m sure the background music would be the famous song “happy together” by the turtles. Love at first sight truly exist. With that said, it’s actually a lot easier to fall in love while traveling as you won’t experience everyday problems in the same way.

Fiv: Every country has its own culture and rituals, some countries has animals we never seen before. every country is special. Have you ever come face to face with some extra-ordinary experience? What was it ?

Yes, quite a few. One animal that was very special to meet was the tarsier, who lives only in a certain part of the Philippines. They are so small and super cute with their big eyes! The size of a tarsier is like a normal palm of a human.

“My biggest success so far has been that I’ve found myself and my passion”.

Fiv: You as a professional traveller, do you have some traveling hacks, which is generally not known by people?

Pack everything you think you need and remove half of it, or even better 2/3.

Another travel hack if you’re not a morning person and like to visit famous landmarks. Go there after the tour groups have gone to the next stop.

Most tours begin between 9 and 11, and finish around 1-3 pm. If you go there after that time you’re likely to avoid the biggest crowds But, of course the best thing is to go there by sunrise, as you’ll have it to yourself.

Fiv: Looks like you are very successful in what you do. What has been your biggest success in your opinion so far?

Few people know that the first time I picked up a camera was in November 2015. So, just in one year I have gone from knowing nothing about photography to be a self-taught professional photographer. Now I sell my photos to magazines and have been featured by some of the largest travel magazines out there.
Besides that I must say that my biggest success so far has been that I’ve found myself and my passion. Now I know what I want in life and who I really am and want to be.

Fiv: My last question is. What is your biggest dream, what do you want to achieve in your life?

I want to raise awareness of animal rights. Far too many think of animals as lesser beings than humans, and that’s something I want to change. My biggest dream is to open up big rescue and release centers for endangered animals

Thank you Alex, for the great Interview and your breathtaking pictures!


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The Fro girl Ginny – Big hair, don’t care

The Instagram Star Nia better known as ‘Fro Girl Ginny’ is a 19 year old girl from London who got roots in Zimbabwe. She is famous for her volumninous curls on Instagram and over  Read more

Krystalclearmakeup: Mother, Wife and Instagram Star

Krystal is a 30 year old Canadian stay-at-home mum and a Instagram Star. Over 474K people are following her daily makeup post on Instagram and Youtube. We asked her how her career get started, all about her beauty secrets and how she is managing her social media career while being a full-time mum. Read the exclusive interview with the ‘Beauty Chameleon’ now.

Fiv: You are very popular under the name @krystalclearmakeup on Instagram. Before we start would you introduce yourself really quick.

Absolutely! My name is Krystal and I am a stay at home mom of two boys and have been married to my husband for 5 years. I’ve lived in the same area my whole life and was raised in the country. I’ve always had a passion for being creative and am one to push the boundaries and take risks. I love and welcome change!

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“push the boundaries and take risks”

Love and welcome change

Fiv: You as a ‘Beauty Chameleon’ would you tell us: what are your top 5 beauty essentials that you cannot travel without?

I can’t travel without my Dove Bar soap, it’s the only thing that doesn’t break me out. A good perfume, I’m currently loving the YSL Black Opium (it’s heaven in a bottle). A pair of black dress shoes, whether it’s plain black pumps or black strappy heels, they are a must! Long wearing Foundation, right now I’m completely hooked on the Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation. It’s long wearing and has beautiful coverage. And last but not least, nude lipstick. I always have a nude lipstick in my purse!

Fiv: For all the people who are not as experienced as you, what are your styling-tips?

Take a risk and try new things, You won’t know what works for you until you try it out. I have made plenty of makeup/style mistakes over the last 10 years, but it’s those mistakes that helped me discover the styles I love and the techniques that work.

the way music & makeup work together

Fiv: Where do you got all you Make-Up looks from, who inspires you in your look?

A lot of looks come to my mind when I’m listening to music, as weird as that sounds! I spent a lot of my childhood watching music videos with Jennifer Lopez wearing all sorts of different makeup looks and have always felt inspired by the way music & makeup work together.

Fiv: You show yourself with and without Makeup on Instagram. What would you say: when do you feel most beautiful?

Good question! It honestly depends on the day and my mood. I have to be in the mood to wear makeup and feel inspired to do it, it doesn’t turn out right if I’m not and in those cases I feel better without it. I haven’t always been confident without makeup and now that I am, I like to embrace it.

Fiv: Mother, Wife and Instagram Star! How does a normal day in your life look like?

CHAOS! Lol! It’s absolute insanity and it’s a constant struggle to find balance. My boys are at an age where they are constantly busy and our house requires a lot of upkeep to keep things clean. I have felt it was all too much to manage at times and questioned my ability to do it all. However, I’m extremely fortunate to have a husband that supports and helps me any way he can and that had made a world of difference!

Discover me again

Fiv: Do your children know that their mother is popular on instagram? discover me again

They know that I do makeup for a living and that it’s mommy’s job, but I don’t think they quite grasp the scope of what it is I do. Owen (my oldest) loves being on camera and asks all the time if he can help with my makeup.

Fiv: When and how did you start your career? What inspired you to choose your profession?

I had been waitressing for 5 years when I had my first son (Owen) and became a full time stay at home mom. I was so immersed in being a hands on mom that I didn’t take any time for myself and became really lost in who I was. My husband asked what I was passionate about and what made me feel like me and I said “makeup”. My husband enrolled me into an online makeup artistry course the next day. I graduated after 6 weeks and started freelancing that summer. I freelanced for 2 years when I realized it wasn’t fulfilling my need for creativity and I needed more. So I started my Instagram. I would create looks while my boys napped or in the middle of the night and although very challenging at times, it helped me discover me again and I found my passion.
The rest is history.

Fiv: What has been your biggest success so far?

Raising my children. There have been many times I didn’t think I was doing a very good job or that I was dropping the ball and failing them as a mother. But then I’d have these moments where I would have a stranger tell me “you have really kind and well mannered boys” or they would say something so profound and smart that I would sit back and think to myself “Wow, my children are wonderful little people.” Sure they are crazy people most days, but when it’s all said and done, they’re kind, thoughtful, loving and smart and I couldn’t be more proud of the people they are becoming.

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Everything can change in an instant

Fiv: What are your plans/goals for your professional future? Any upcoming events?

I don’t have any upcoming events to attend that I know of but that could change in a split second. I think that’s the fun of this business, everything can change in an instant & it keeps you on your toes. My future plans/goals are to have more opportunities to collaborate with companies and create amazing products that I can pour my heart & creativity into. I am just finalizing my first collaboration with a well known cosmetic company and am so excited to share it, It’s unlike anything I’ve seen on the cosmetic market!

Fiv: You as an ‘Influencer’ and ‘Make-Up Artist’ meet a lot of interesting people e.g Ruby Rose. Would you tell us who of all the stars and influencers you met on events impressed you the most and why?

Out of everyone I have met this far, I’d say Alex Faction and Samantha Ravndahl stand out in my mind. I have been a huge fan of their work for years and so the moment we were at the same events, I knew I had to walk up and say hello! I was crazy nervous because let’s be honest, you never know how you’ll be met with. But both Alex and Sam were AH-MAZING! Alex was beaming of positive energy and kindness and Sam was so chill and down to earth. Both left a lasting impression on me and inspire me even more now.

Personal growth

Fiv: Has fashion and beauty been present in your childhood?

Absolutely! I use to take my mom’s old sewing scraps and make outfits for my barbies and continued making my own fashion well into high school (not my proudest fashion moments I must admit). I received my first mini lipsticks from my cousin when I was 7 and was immediately obsessed! I use to be the “go to girl” for makeup before high school dances or any special events.


Fiv: If you had to choose between burger or pizza what would you take?

Pizza! I love me a good piece of pizza.

Fiv: My last question is : What makes you happy?

Personal growth. I think it’s important to focus on self improvement and always strive to be the best possible you. Where I am right now in my life is a place I could have never imagined being. I have two happy children, a strong marriage, a place to call home and a successful career doing what I love. I literally couldn’t ask for more! Some people think that it’s luck that others have the lives they have, But it’s all just hard work. I have struggled with depression and anxiety and use to be a very negative person to be around. So in turn my life and the people I attracted were negative. I have spent the last 16 years working on myself daily and it’s paid off in a huge way! I will forever be a work in progress, But it’s not if you fall that matters, it’s how you pick yourself up. Looking at all I have accomplished thus far makes me really happy.

Thank you Krystal for the nice Interview. If you want to know more about Krystal:


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Emma Rose – the Woman who can do it all

Emma Rose is 27 years old and is a health, lifestyle, fitness, beauty and fashion blogger who is based in Sydney Australia but currently in L.A. She is the co owner of an Online Marketplace. She also works as an active ambassador for International health brands Read more

Rick Genest: The real life Zombie! Becoming a super model

We met the a real Zombie – Rick Genest. He is the the person with the highest number of insects tattooed on the body. He has 176 insects tattooed on his arms, torso, back and head. We talked to the real life Zombie about his life on the streets of Montreal, his favorite food and his carrere. How he thinks his life will look like in 20 years? Have a look on the interview.

Update! A few hours ago, Rick Genest was found dead in his apartment. We are incredibly happy that we were able to ask a freedom-loving person like Rick again and hope that his family, his wife and his children are doing well. RIP Rick.

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Growing up, living as street kid

Fiv: Hi Zombie Boy, could you tell us who invented your name?

Growing up, living as street kid, my comrades aliased me as ‘Zombie’. This was due to my couple of tattoos & macabre t-shirts/apparel I’d be fashioning, as well as the music and movies I’d be into. I had also previously survived a brain tumor operation; hence, the shoe fit like chocolate & peanut butter. Down the line, it was Bizarre Magazine that dubbed me as the Zombie Boy.

Fiv: When asked what your profession is, what do you answer?

In a nutshell, my profession is Zombie Boy.
I started entertainment performance in freak-show as “the boy who ate worms” . I have since worked as a model and have done some acting. I am currently striving to make my way into music as the front man (lyricist/vocalist) of our currently under-construction band ‘Zombie Boy’.

Fiv: How did your present day career begin? What were you doing before that?

As a teen, I was a squeegee-kid and doing odd jobs before getting into freak-show performing. Some people would want pictures, and so it was a modeling gig that interested Nicola Formichetti to scoop me up. It was shooting with Mugler and hand-in-glove shooting of Lady Gaga’s ‘Born this Way’ that trumped everything else I had previously done.

Fiv: What do you particularly like about your job?

Sometime a photographer will use a snap that shows the obscure Zombie Boy character that I manifested for myself. Also, once in a blue moon, I get a gothic/horror gig alongside other misfit strangers in the strangest places.

My favourite tattoo is the one on my skin

Fiv: It looks like there is no free space on your body for any other more tattoos but is there a part of your body that is not yet tattooed?

Yeah there’s a little space left, but that’s after-dark real-estate territory.

Fiv: What would you say is your favorite tattoo?

My favourite tattoo is the one on my skin.

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Fiv: When and why did you start getting inked? Would you tell us something about your first tattoo and the story behind it?

I was 16 when I got my “Skull & crossbones” tattoo on my left shoulder. It represents “no rules & no master”.

human flesh, and brains are a cultural delicacy

Fiv: How do you picture your life in 20 years from now?

Logical reasoning leads me to believe that I will by then in-turn be the worm food.

Fiv: Our special question: what does a zombie eat? What is your favorite food?

Zombies generally vice on human flesh, and brains are a cultural delicacy. Though if you ask me, worms are great for snacking and candy-corn everyday keeps the doctor away.

Fiv: You lived on the streets of Montreal for a while. What would you say was the hardest part of this?

Trying to squat the harsh and unforgiving winter, with a dash of Police.

Fiv: You have traveled a lot over the last few years. Many other people leave their hometown when they work in your business. What is so special about Montreal for you that you want to stay?

This is my home. The people and grew-up with and love are here. I know where my resources are, and familiarity is my comfort zone.

Thank you Zombie Boy for the great Interview.

Do you want to know how Zombie Boy looks with out all his tattoos? Watch the transformation video.

If you like to see more of him, check his website and Instagram:


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