Overnight-Oats: The Insider tip of Fitness bloggers

Have you ever wondered how you can lose weight without torturing yourself and starving yourself during the day? We have an opportunity for you that will sweeten you every morning! Almost all fitness and food bloggers swear by it and prepare a healthy breakfast every evening. You want to know how this works and what different ways he can make the Oats?

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Overnight-Oats: Make the most important meal of the day with your favorite meal!

Healthy, Tasty and Varied

You are still a little skeptical and not sure if you want to do the work for the preparation? Before I describe to you how to get to breakfast, here are the advantages it brings to making your decision easier.

  • fast
  • promotes muscle growth
  • healthy
  • varied (various forms of preparation)
  • body is freed from toxins
  • saturates long

The preparation

In principle, the preparation is always the same. You take a milk, yoghurt or a mixture according to your taste and mix it with the oat flakes. It is important that the liquid is always added in double quantity compared to the oat flakes. At this point creativity is required. Most consumers of the popular breakfast like to add Chia seeds. What do you mean? The magic seeds provide energy, protein, are intestinal cleansing and have a high content of omega-3 fatty acids. So if you want to lose weight, Chia seeds should always be at the start. Here I have selected a few preparation suggestions for you, so that you can make your basic recipe every morning varied.

This tasty overnight oat has been refined with a spice that is especially hammering in winter: cinnamon! After you have mixed your oat flakes with milk and if you wish Chia seeds, you have to leave the glass to swell overnight in the fridge. The next morning most of the work is already prepared. From this moment on, not only creativity, but also your taste is in demand. There are innumerable different variations with what you can eat your Oat. If you like bananas, the next morning you can simply cut them into slices and mix them with your Oat. Hazelnut kernels, cinnamon and honey go well with this. Cinnamon is not only very tasty in combination with banana, you can also add other nuts or fruits, such as grapes, apples, mandarins, plums or raspberries.

What you need to prepare such a delicious overnight overnight, I’ll tell you. Apart from your Basic-Oat, you need apple pieces, pomegranate seeds, cinnamon and yoghurt. Since you don’t feel like cinnamon every day and that doesn’t fit everyone in every season, I have something completely different for you here. In this Sally shows three super simple and fast variants how to design your overnight out.

Lifestyle of food and fitness bloggers

Famous food and fitness bloggers present among the other beautifully prepared, healthy dishes, which they also always like to post overnight oats for breakfast. For example, the 26 year old Austrian Vallentinaballerina, who is also very committed to the topic of fitness.

And now someone comes along who everyone knows for sure. Sophia Thiel.  The 23-year-old bodybuilder and fitness blogger has 1.3 million followers on Instagram. It motivates an incredible number of people and exemplifies a healthy lifestyle. In this video she shows healthy breakfast variations, including an overnight overnight. If even Sophia Thiel feeds on this, it has to mean something.

What you imagine for an Overnight-Oat was not there and is not to be found otherwise on the Internet? Then let your creativity run wild and discover your own perfect variation. Who knows, maybe you can also convince others of your variant!


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Vegan food in London – delicious!

No matter where you look, in London you will always find something to eat as a vegan. No matter if you like to eat healthy smoothies, bowls and salads or if you love to let off steam with all unhealthy things that are not vegan, in London you will find everything. Not as in Germany the usual French fries with ketchup but burgers, sandwiches, smoothies and above all vegan cakes or donuts. A paradise I find. Here are some of my absolute favorites I can recommend to you again and again.

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Zizzi – A vegan restaurant

This restaurant is an Italian restaurant – completely vegan! Yes, you’ve read correctly. Pasta dishes, cheese pizza, ice cream. Anything that makes our vegan heart beat faster. And one of the delicious Italian wines tastes a little bit better.

The Diner

This restaurant makes you think you’re in Riverdale. Arranged like a typical American diner with red sitting bays and neon signs as far as the eye can see. And now the best: really greasy American food BUT vegan! Vegan burgers, pancakes, French fries au gratin with cheese… in any case nothing for the healthy plant based vegan but once really tasty soulfood you can treat yourself!

Yorica – With a refreshment through the day

Vegan Fro-Yo with vegan toppings. What do I have to say about that? Shakes, smoothies and ice cream are also available here.

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The Green House

Perfect for breakfast. Here you can find homemade granola made from oats, nuts, cinnamon and fennel, of course British porridge with fruits or avocadotoast.


Another top address for vegan breakfast: Nama. Here you get vegan scrambled eggs, but not as usual from tofu but from cashew nuts! There are also vegan walnut and mushroom sausages, aubergine bacon, mushrooms and walnut bread. Wraps, Pancakes or Avocadotoast can also be found here.

Farmacy Restaurant

Delicious, healthy food in a wonderful ambience. Vegetarian and vegan dishes without industrial sugar and dairy products.

By Chloe

Known from New York, “By Chloe” has now worked its way as far as London. Delicious sweets like cupcakes or cookies with a soft core compete with vegan Mac and Cheese and as topping there is even vegan bacon. Delicious!!

Vegan Cross – the insider tip

This restaurant is located directly at the King’s Cross, for this play on words alone the restaurant is worth a visit. But it’s not just tasty food, though. Beside all the unhealthiest vegan junk food you can imagine (hot dogs, wraps, kebabs, particles, cakes, etc.) you can also find vegan clothes here! So the whole project started and now there is even a second store in Bristol.


Here there are many nutritious meals for a quick stop at noon. Salads, homemade bread, soups and grilled mushrooms on toast with avocado are just a few of the delicious things you can order here. Add to this the typical British freshly brewed tea and perfectly strengthened and you can continue to explore the city!

The Hive Wellbeing

At noon healthy juices and smoothies with vegan lunch, in the evening it becomes a tapas bar! I like this concept. Cakes and other sweet things can also be found in this open and bright ambience. But be careful, some dishes contain honey!

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Oi Hanoi

Surprise! A Vietnamese restaurant where vegan dishes can be found on the menu. But: a super sweet restaurant with very friendly staff. Good curry, vegetables and tofu. What more could you ask for?

Nama Foods

This restaurant is not only 100% vegan but also raw! There are many different types of pasta here, but they are made from vegetables. In any case a visit for the particularly healthy vegans among us!


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Social Media Hype Foodporn – Tips for Food Photography

Here a few more salad leaves, there a little more dressing on the edge of the plate, the meat put in the right light – no doubt well arranged food tastes not only very good, it also looks great. But instead of jumping straight onto the food, more and more people are turning to cameras. They take time for a few photos – and then post them on the social networks. But Foodporn is not that easy. The following tips will help you stage your curry sausage and chips as successfully as possible.

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art of photography – presentation of food

Foodporn is nothing more than the spectacular visual presentation of food in cooking shows or social media. Exotic dishes, foods with a high calorie and fat content are presented in such a sophisticated and provocative way that your mouth waters. The professionals work on the different foods and dishes by a professional food stylist before even a single picture is taken. But anyone who wants to photograph the culinary masterpiece that has just been produced in their own kitchen will often find that this is not so easy. Before getting started in food photography, there are a few things to consider.

How to make your picture as a photographer

There is no rule that dictates how food must be arranged. It does no harm to practice the arrangement of the individual dishes a little beforehand. The entire decoration such as dishes, cutlery, etc. is prepared, the tablecloth finely smoothed. A complete picture is not bad, but also detailed shots can give a meaningful photo. A few test photos wouldn’t be bad. How’s the light? Is another lamp needed or is the flash enough?

Food Photos – Do it yourself!

Food is often presented on Instagram or other social media channels. Not only the great stars of the world, but also your friends and family are happy to tell the world what they had to eat today. But many lack the right attitude or quality of these food photos. Tobias helps with 10 tips to make and share better such photos. You don’t urgently need a reflex camera, even with a mobile phone, you can take a meaningful food photo. That’s how you make everyone jealous of your food!

Tables, boards, fruit boxes: Pay attention to the environment

Anything is allowed: old tables, boards, fruit boxes can be very decorative. The colours of the decoration should be matched to the colours of the food. Example: Red tomatoes on a red blanket do not even show to advantage. A simple, single-coloured background is best for colourful dishes. Pictures are often supposed to convey a mood (for example Christmas cookies), but too much decoration harms the presentation. The picture seems overloaded and food is no longer the focus of attention. By deliberately blurring the focus can be directed to a certain image detail.

Golden cut – also with Foodporn pictures

Anyone who has paid attention at school knows that the golden ratio in photography means nothing else than not placing the main motif in the middle of the picture but slightly offset it. This brings the image proportions into the right proportion. By the way, the third division applies not only horizontally but also vertically.

How to use the golden ratio?

Especially in the field of photography, not only light and shadow play a role, the golden section of the image also ensures a high-quality presentation of a photo. If you are interested in getting to know the basics of photography and how to use them, you should watch this short video by Tom. In just a few minutes, it explains the most important design features when taking photographs. His five encyclopedia tips will help you present your pictures more professionally and your food more tastily.


The right angle, little shadow in photography

Eating photographed from above rarely brings a good result. The pictures look flat and unimaginative. The correct shooting angle depends on the details to be displayed and the light conditions, because there should be as little shadow as possible in the photo. An irrefutable rule is that liquids (wine, beer) are always depicted straight. If there are no liquids, try to align the photo to a straight line (horizontal or vertical).

The right light for your food picture

The best way to photograph food is in daylight. If this is not possible, additional light sources can be used. It is often better to illuminate the food with a daylight lamp than to use a flash. Exposure times can be extended when using a tripod.

Smartphone photography – Using the right app

If you use your smartphone to take pictures, you should use the right app. There are countless photo apps for these devices, which have many functions and make great effects possible.

Caution: Some menus are copyrighted. Posting photos on social networks can be expensive. Many elaborately arranged dishes may be protected by copyright. A star chef could consider himself to be the author of these menus and react with a warning.

Conclusion: Foodporn Images – The Instagram Trend

Foodporn pictures are very trendy and belong on every Instragram profile. Anyone who has conjured up a great dish might want to immortalise the culinary masterpiece in a photo. The above tips for food photography also help ambitious amateur chefs and grill masters to take successful photos of the prepared food without artificial effects. Before we finally get to dinner.

10 tips: You have to consider this

Here I also found 10 simple tips for the optimal food photography. If you take these ten steps into account, almost nothing can go wrong.

  1. Image design – prepare as much as possible
  2. Coloring – Environment
  3. Supporting objects
  4. Figure: Full or partial?
  5. Thirds division – The golden ratio
  6. Frame angle
  7. General rule – image history
  8. Exposure
  9. White balance
  10. Depth of Field


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Fitness photo shooting: Preparation as a model – nutrition, tanning and training

In order for a fitness photo shoot to be perfect, precise preparation is very important. Experience has shown that it makes sense to think about the right diet, the strengthening of the important muscles and the precise reduction of body fat 2 to 3 months before the appointment. After that the models can fully concentrate on the training again.

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Date and location for a fitness photo shoot

To make the photo shoot as perfect as possible, an early appointment and the location are recommended. This is also important to ensure surprises and unpleasant stress for the model. The date, time and duration of the shooting should already be specified during preparation. It should also be clarified where the images are to be taken. If the shooting does not take place in the photo studio or in the fitness center but outdoors, the photographer can start looking for a location such as an old industrial setting or factory building in good time. The temperature on the day of the shooting should also be taken into account, as this may have a negative effect on the model’s muscle pump and vasodilation. The photographer should also know the date and location in good time so that he can prepare himself for it and determine the price for the shooting.

Price models for fitness shootings

So that no dispute arises later, it is agreed in advance with the photographer in writing whether it is a pay shooting (the fitness model pays the costs) or a so-called TFP shooting (Time For Prints). At a TFP shooting neither the photographer nor the fitness model get money. The photographer provides his time and equipment and the model receives the photos taken without payment. This agreement is especially interesting for beginners and amateur photographers. Not to forget the duration of the shooting, which can be very strenuous and can last several hours. Sufficient drinks and food should be considered.

Experienced fitness models will select the photographer according to his experience, his professionalism and his references. Also important is a personal contact to the photographer to see if the chemistry between the two parties is right. Mutual sympathy is of great importance for a relaxed and relaxed atmosphere during the shooting. Professional photographers often work with assistants who also perform tasks such as masks or hair styling.

Fitness shooting – Behind the scenes

And as such a shooting looks like, you can look at Agota Domokos. In this short clip she shows the everyday life of a fitness shooting. Not only her facial expressions and gestures, but also her body tension and muscles are very much staged in the pictures.

Now it’s not just watching. You have it in your hands to maybe one day be present live at fitness shootings. In the following you will find further tips in the area of fitness training, nutrition and motivation.

We’re ready to go – the last preparations for the model

Once the above questions have been answered, the fitness model can fully concentrate on the physical preparation. The model may have been training for several years, but now it is important to be fit to the point. In the time before the shooting the training should be set to maximum fat burning. The diet is designed to reduce the intake of carbohydrates. During this time it is not so much a matter of building up muscles, but rather of working out the details of the muscles well.

To achieve a healthy skin tone, the model lies down on the tanning bed about 10 days before the appointment. Afterwards the artificial sun is no longer recommended, otherwise the skin turns red and the photographer has difficulties to compensate for this. Some use a tanning shower to compensate for shadows on certain parts of the body. About one or two days before the shooting, a full body shave is required, which should be done by another person if possible. To make the skin look smoother and younger, it is rubbed with oil immediately before the shooting. About 20 minutes before the first images, the warm-up for chest, shoulder and arms is performed.

Training, Training, Training – First class fitness program

You wonder how hard models train to get a perfect body? How did Giselle Bündchen, Gigi Hadid or Alessandra Ambrosio make it as one of the best Victoria Secret models? Kelsey and Michelle are testing the Viktoria Secret Models’ workout for a week. The training is not for weak nerves. Both are accompanied by a personal trainer and after seven days they come to a satisfactory result. Even after this short workout, changes in weight, build and well-being are noticeable.

Food Diary – Nutrition Tips & -tricks for your dream weight

To get the perfect body as a model, you don’t have to do without everything. In the area of nutrition, many professionals offer tips and recipes that will bring you closer to your dream weight. To stay happy and motivated, you need to develop a plan to combine exercise, nutrition and motivation. Anne understands you and explains to you in a short video clip how to proceed. Even as a beginner in this industry and as a desire to become a model, you should stick to these plans to achieve your goals healthily.

Conclusion: Preparations in terms of nutrition, training and location are the A & O of a fitness shooting

Without proper preparation, a fitness photo shoot cannot succeed. Sometimes the fitness coach can help with a sophisticated nutrition and training plan, often an athlete knows after years of experience how to prepare himself individually for the recordings. After that, nothing stands in the way of a perfect photo shoot.


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Colourful Kyoto – sake, shopping & imperial palace in the heart of Japan

Kyoto is located in the Kansai conurbation on the main island of Honshu in Japan. The city is located about 400 km from today’s capital Tokyo and 40 km from Osaka. About 1.5 million people live in Kyoto on an area of about 830 km². The former capital is surrounded on three sides by mountains, only the south is accessible – this area is also called Rakunan, the traditional access area of the city. Besides its wealth of temples and shrines, and numerous educational establishments, Kyoto is known for its sake production, silk textiles, the special Kyo-Yuzen dyeing technique and its outstanding cuisine.

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Kyoto is the sister city of many world-famous cities, such as Prague, Paris, Florence, Zagreb, Kiev and Cologne. It also maintains an official partnership with Istanbul, Qingdao and Viantiane, among others. Read more about Japan’s metropolises Tokyo and Kobe.

The highlights of Kyoto in 4D

Kyoto is Japan’s number 1 destination for tourists from all over the world. The former capital offers so many different impressions and experiences, something new, exciting or unusual can be discovered in every corner of the city. From a bird’s eye view Kyoto is breathtakingly beautiful – Fushimi-Momomiya Castle and the paradisiacal mountain village Miyama are a real insider tip! Arashiyama has been a popular excursion destination since the 8th century and has lost nothing of its beauty to this day. The Zen Buddhist temple Tenryuji, for example, impresses with its beautiful gardens, designed by the famous Japanese Muso Soseki, who was the first abbot of the temple. At least as worth seeing is the small temple Senkoji. The river Hozu invites you to extensive sightseeing from a boat, while the Togetsukyo bridge may be familiar to some from historical Japanese films. Simply beautiful!

From Miyama to Senkoji – the enchanting Arashiyama in the West of Kyoto

Kyoto 794 – the imperial residence

As “Heian-kyo” Kyoto was the second permanent capital of the country since 794. At that time, Japan’s political power essentially originated there, which is why it also served as the imperial capital. When the emperor moved to Tokyo 400 kilometres away in 1185, Kyoto lost its position of power and the slow and gradual decline of the city began. 1568 came with the first Christian place of prayer, Namban-ji, then also the Christian influence to Kyoto. Only in 1580 did the reconstruction of the city begin and the first temples were built within the city – this had previously been strictly forbidden. Kyoto recovered and flourished and was one of the few cities in Japan to be spared from nuclear bombs and air strikes during the Second World War due to its cultural importance.

Kyoto Cultural Center – nearly 1,600 temples and more

Today Kyoto is the best preserved city in the country and is known as the cultural centre of Japan. Inside the city there are about 1,600 Buddhist temples and another 400 Shinto shrines, palaces and gardens. Many of these shrines and temples are part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site “Historic Kyoto” and are therefore particularly protected. This is one of the reasons why many of the country’s most famous buildings are located in Kyoto. The most important sights are in the east, north and west of the city – the majority of the temples are a bit remote in the north and on the surrounding mountain slopes. Every year Kyoto hosts the “Gozan no Okuribi” festival – large fires are lit on the mountain tops in the north whose flames simulate Japanese characters seen from a distance.

Ghostworld & Beacon – how to celebrate Gozan no Okuribi in Kyoto

Excessively polite in dialect

In Kyoto dialect is spoken, especially by the older inhabitants of the city. What distinguishes the Kyoto dialect from other language variants of Japanese is its strong historical influence, because here the old courtly culture is reflected in a form that cannot be found anywhere else but within the former capital. That is why the Kyoto dialect is also regarded as the higher variant of the generally regionally widespread Kansai dialect.

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The most beautiful buildings in the 11 districts

The city of Kyoto is divided into 11 districts, all of which are worth a visit. – Because in every district there are beautiful temples and shrines and many other attractions and tourist destinations.

Fushimi – the best water of the country

The district of Fushimi is known for its particularly soft and clear water, which is of great importance for sake production. That’s why this is also where sake producer Gekkeikan is based. Also worth seeing are the Fushimi Inari Shrine, Fushimi Castle, Teradaya Inn, Gokogu Shrine and the ruins of Yodo Castle.

Kamigyo – from Imperial Palace to University Campus

The high-quality silk textile Nishijin-Ori has been produced in the district of Kamigyo for centuries. The old architecture of the Imperial Palace as well as various temples and shrines, including the temple of Shokoku-ji and the shrines of Kitano Tenman-gu and Seimei, meet modern structures such as the Imadegawa Campus of Doshisha University.

Kita – golden pavilion and oldest shrine in Japan

Kita belonged to the district of Kamikyo until 1955 and is rich in sights. Here is the Daitoku-ji and the Imamiya Shrine with its famous Yasurai Festival and Japan’s oldest shrine, the Kamo Shrine. There is also the golden pavilion Kinkaku-ji, the mountain Funaokayama and four large universities.

Higashiyama – National Museum Kyoto

The entertainment district of Gion is located in the heart of Higashiyama. There are numerous temples including Kiyomizu-dera, Tofuku-ji, Kennin-ji, Kodai-ji, Imakumano Kannon-ji and Sanjusangen-ji.

Minami – the southern city entrance

Until 1955 the municipality was still part of the Shimogyo district. Minami is located in the south of Kyoto, the only area of the city that is not bordered by mountains. Here is the former southern entrance to the city, Rajomon, as well as the famous temple complex To-Ji, where monk Kukai taught. By the way: Minami is home to the Zainichi, a population group with Korean roots.

Nakagyo – the tourist center of the city

The district of Nakagyo is located in the city centre of Kyoto and is therefore also the hub for administration, consumption, tourism and entertainment. Three of the city’s most famous festivals are held annually in Nakagyo: the Aoi-Matsuri, the Gion-Matsuri and the Jidai-Matsuri. Of particular note in Nakagyo are Nijo-jo Castle, Tokugawa’s former seat of the Shogunate, the Rokaku-do Temple, rebuilt after a devastating fire in 1877, and the Kyoto International Manga Museum.

Nishikyo – the Imperial Katsura Villa

The district of Nishikyo is of particular importance because of the imperial Katsura Villa, which was built over the Katsura river of the same name. The old moss temple Saiho-ji and the Yoshimine-dera are also located here.

An ode to Katsura Rikyu

Sakyo – rice fields and botanical garden

The district of Sakyo is very close to nature. It is the only district of Kyoto that has been able to preserve its rice fields and prevent new development areas and high-rise buildings due to urban planning restrictions. The wood industry has also been a constant in Sakyo for many years. Besides temples and shrines like Ginkaku-ji, Nanzen-ji, Kamo Shrine, Heian-Jingu Shrine, Kurama-dera, Kifune-jinja, Sanzen-ji and Manshuin Temple there is the Imperial Villa Shugakuin and the botanical garden of Kyoto. The Kyoto International Conference Center, in which the famous Kyoto Protocol to the climate protection agreement was adopted, and the Kyoto University for Art and Design are also located here.

Shimogyo – Shopping, Travel, Rivers

Shimogyo is home to the large Kyoto railway station and the city’s largest shopping district at the corner of Shijo Street and Kawaramachi Street. Three rivers flow through the district and the famous Kyoto Tower rises far beyond the city.
Ukyo – Bridge to the Moon

The temple complex Ninna-ji, the Zen temple Ryoan-ji, Daikaku-ji as well as Koryu-ji and the bridge with the mystical name “Bridge to the Moon”, Togetsu-kyo are located in this district. The Kyoto Prefecture University is also located here. By the way: Ukyo is also seen as the centre of the Japanese film industry and is home to one of the two film studios Toeis.

With Kenny Lee in Arashiyama: from the bamboo grove to the “bridge to the moon”

Yamashina – the oldest imperial tomb of Kyoto

Yamashina station is only one stop from Kyoto station in Shimogyo. As a former imperial residence, a number of emperors have of course also been buried in Kyoto. In fact, the oldest imperial tomb in the city, the tomb of Emperor Tenji, together with that of General Sakanoue no Tamuramaro and other important historical figures are located in the Yamashina district. The famous Oishi Shrine is also located here.

The Top 10 City Attractions

  1. Fushimi Inari Shrine
  2. The golden pavilion Kinkaku-ji
  3. Kiyomizu-dera
  4. Eikan-do
  5. Sanjuzangdo Temple
  6. Shoren-in Temple
  7. Emperor Shugakuin Villa
  8. Imperial Katsura Villa
  9. Ninna-ji Temple
  10. Sanzen-in Temple

With Shan Axe in Kyoto – 11 recommendations in less than 3 minutes!

University City Kyoto – Studying at the highest level

Due to its status as a university city, Kyoto is home to many young people, but in fact the students are not only city residents and regional residents, they come from all parts of the country to study at one of the approximately 40 universities and colleges in the city. Since the opening of the first Shinkansen line in 1964, Kyoto can also be reached by high-speed trains, which makes commuting much more pleasant. The main station in Shimogyo was completely rebuilt and modernised in 1997, which makes it more attractive to the young population, but in the eyes of many it is too much in contrast to the traditional Kyoto architectural style.

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Japan’s Top 5 Universities & Colleges

According to a foreign ranking of Japanese universities and colleges from April 2018, the national universities of Tokyo, also known as Todai, and Kyoto, aka Kyodai, ranked first for the first time together; until now, the national university of the capital was considered Japan’s undefeated top university. In the 2018 global ranking, however, Todai is still one step ahead; with 46th place on the world list of universities, it is 28 places ahead of Kyodai (74th). By the way: the universities of Oxford, Cambrige and Stanford occupy places 1-3 in the worldwide ranking.

  • 1st Tokyo University & Kyoto University
  • 3rd University of Tohoku
  • 4th Tokyo Institute for Technology
  • 5th Kyushu University

Catch your dream! Studying at Kyoto University

The three pillars of Kyoto – Tourism, Tradition & Modernity

1. tourism

Its long-lasting architecture and the many historical sites of Kyoto make the city Japan’s most popular tourist destination. In fact, tourism is the city’s main source of income and the tourist infrastructure is well developed here.

2. traditional handicraft

There are also many small businesses and family businesses dedicated to traditional Japanese crafts, for example Kyoto is famous for its silk manufacture and the production of kimonos, which are often worn here for festive occasions, but also in everyday life. A very special dyeing technique, called Kyo-Yuzen, was passed down from the 17th century and was developed many years ago by Yuzen Miyazaki in Kyoto. Outside Kyoto there are few practitioners, most of them in Kanazawa – but even within the city, Kyo-Yuzen is only used by a few.

3. electronics

The third pillar, besides sake production of course, is electronics. The headquarters of renowned companies such as Nintendo, Murata Eletronics, OMRON, Wacoal, Kyocera and many others are located in Kyoto. Nevertheless, many of the working population have to commute daily to Osaka, 40 km away, since the jobs in the city centre are no longer sufficient.

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Eating in Kyoto – a culinary feast for all the senses

Kyoto is also famous for its excellent cuisine. The stylish, often simple dishes focus on mainly vegetable ingredients such as pickled vegetables, called tsukemono. Many vegetables, which are seasonally found in the city’s specialities, come from the immediate vicinity of Kyoto and are known for being somewhat smaller in growth, but also significantly more intense in taste than in the rest of Japan, thus giving Kyoto cuisine a very special touch. By the way: a popular souvenir from Kyoto is the candy Yatsuhashi.
Most poular: Nama Yatsuhashi

Kaiseki Ryori – luxury dinner in several courses

Kaiseki Ryori is a multi-course and often expensive menu whose origins lie in the traditional tea ceremony. In the course of time it enjoyed great popularity at the Imperial Court and became increasingly pompous and extravagant. A variant of Kaiseki Ryori is Kyo Kaiseki, which is primarily based on seasonal vegetables from the Kyoto region.
Shojin Ryori – pleasurable modesty

The Shojin Ryori comes from the abstinent monks in Buddhist temples. The simple dishes consist exclusively of vegetarian ingredients, but are still rich and filling. A popular example of Shoji Ryori is a vegetable broth with tofu, called yudofu.

Obanzai Ryori – Food like Mum

The Obanzai Ryori is originally traditional cooking at home. Typically it consists of several small dishes that are not very complex to prepare. Restaurants that specialize in Kyoto cuisine often create a homely atmosphere to create a sense of home and togetherness among their guests.

Kawayuka – Food above the water

Kawayuka or Kawadoko refers to food in nature. But not somewhere, but on wooden platforms floating above rivers! These platforms are built by restaurants all over Kyoto during the summer season as a kind of terrace over rivers and streams, offering a refreshing alternative to stuffy restaurants and oppressive heat. The culinary district of Pontocho in the city centre is particularly suitable due to its proximity to the Kamogawa River, but also the two mountain villages Kibune and Takao in the mountains north of Kyoto invite you to Kawadoko from May to September – an absolute recommendation!

Streetfood in Kyoto: Yakitori, Okonomiyaki & Dango

Read more about Japan’s metropolises Tokyo and Kobe.


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Oats – Snack to go! Muesli for your pocket #spotted in the supermarket

Today I stood in the supermarket and at the checkout a new product appeared, Hafervoll. Usually I don’t pay so much attention to new products but here the design was so cute, sweet and appealing that you almost have to look at it by yourself! A real eye-catcher. Of course I had to buy a bar to see if it really is as tasty as it looks. Energy for everyday life and sports: You know the story. The selection: Apricot/poppy, protein/walnut or date/chia/pistachio. Creative!

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Oat-full? If it’s new, I must have it!

The cereal for your pocket. Okay? Sounds interesting! Especially after sports, whether in the gym or basketball, you lost energy. Often you reach for a cereal bar, in the supermarket, at the gas station or in the kiosk around the corner. Most of the bars I know are full of sugar or preservatives. That’s why I prefer “real” muesli and oatmeal when I want to eat something tasty. Add a few tasty nuts or a few slices of fresh fruit. Already I have my perfect snacks for in between! You can read more about Hafervoll here:

ᖴᒪᗩᑭᒍᗩᑕK ᖴᖇIᗪᗩY ⠀ ⠀ Habt ihr das gewusst? 🤔⠀ ⠀ Hierzulande erreichte Kakao seine Berühmtheit durch einen spanischen Eroberer, der vor viiiielen Jahren von einem großen Aztekenherrscher eine Kakaopflanze geschenkt bekam. Er kochte daraus ein Heißgetränk, das er mit Honig 🐝 süßte – was ja wiederum ebenfalls großer Bestandteil all unserer Flapjacks ist. ⠀ ⠀ Natürlich könnten wir jetzt behaupten, wir haben uns von diesem uralten Rezept zu unserer Sorte Kakao Haselnuss inspirieren lassen – das wäre aber gelogen. ⠀ ⠀ Auf die Idee sind wir nämlich von ganz allein gekommen 🤓😌 ⠀ ⠀ #hafervoll #flapjack #kakao #haselnuss #haferriegel #oatbar #müsliriegel #snack2go #unterwegs #friyay #freakyfriday #haferflocken #foodfact #foodie #foodlover #wiederwasgelernt #flapjackfriday

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Looks like: Power Food for breaks between work, friends and sport

Many of you know the daily situation from Monday to Friday, there is so much work but little time. In between, of course, we try to eat healthily. We go to the next small salad shop and buy something tasty, until we are back in the office, the break is almost over. Of course we do without sweets, donuts or the delicious chocolate mochacino during the lunch break. Why? We have to stay fit for the rest of the day. Projects have to be completed, customers wait… phew. Not only stress at work, but also at the end of the day, after sport. And then my girlfriend wants to go out for dinner and sometimes I go into town with the guy… where’s time for a good snack?

Snack to go instead of McDonald’s, Burger King & Co

In addition, one rarely finds good snack to go in the city: everywhere there are only Burger King, McDonald’s, doner shops and fast food. Again? No. And I could probably name ten more reasons that ultimately lead me to optimise my everyday life a little more.
My insider tip: milkshake, bananas and delicious toppings

At the beginning of the year I fell in love with simple milkshakes! It’s super easy and everything is quickly cleared away. I have always had a good supply of bananas and toppings (berries, lemon, etc.) for a long time, so I can, for example, make a healthy shake immediately after exercise. In a banana there are many minerals and vitamins, you wouldn’t believe it. Small mixed in a milkshake, an absolute dream. Add a few other fruits or a little lemon for that special little kick.

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I like it! Oats is my snack for the summer

Practically there is the nearest supermarket in Berlin but also in Cologne at every corner. And meanwhile I also find this small, tasty snack in my trouser pocket more and more often. Meanwhile I almost got used to buying one all the time, because the variety is really fantastic. Hafervoll does not have all these standard products around strawberry or chocolate. It’s all about true creativity and variety, from apricots and poppies to sour cherries and hemp seeds. There are always new variations of the delicious cereal bars on the market. So they don’t get boring at all, but there is always something new to experience. When does something always have something “new”, especially when you constantly come across the same products in the supermarket?

A real insider tip that is finding more and more fans, also Joko Winterscheidt (famous German TV host):

Hafervoll wins competition with Joko Winterscheidt

Hafervoll even made it on TV & on YouTube. With her victory at the Seven Ventures pitch, supported by Joko Winterscheidt among others.

You can read more about Hafervoll here:

The video clip is as sweet as the flapjacks from Hafervoll:


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Weddings, sports bras, sustainability and new designs | FIV Fashion Week

Guess what’s new on FIV Magazine: the FIV Fashion Week is there! We bring the hottest, the newest, the most wanted news on all things fashion to you – read all about what’s going on in the fashion industry and which topics the most important fashion magazines in the USA are writing about in a weekly frequency! Today’s top magazines include Wonderland, StyleCaster, Esquire and Cosmopolitan – and their headlines are only one click away! Don’t waste your time on clicking through online search results, find out what’s really going on in the celebrities’ life and learn more about fashion and the newest trends in the metropolises today! We checked out more than 20 magazines for you and present here the most hottest headlines: Fashion News.

  1. Sustainability in H&M stores protects nature
  2. Affordable wedding dresses at H&M

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Sustainability in H&M stores protects nature

If you’re not completely clueless about what’s going on in the world these days you surely have come across the term “sustainability”. Almost everthing can be sustainable: food, production, energy, and of course fashion! Sustainability means that the method used for whatsit is not as pollutive and poisonous to our environment than many more old-fashioned ways of reaching the same goal. In terms of clothes this involves the harvest or production of all materials and fabrics used for creating a piece of clothes, but further is about production methods and fair treatment and payment of the workers. Sustainability is of absolute importance to our world and mroe and more people try to further the awareness of everyone towards the protection of nature. Be one of the people who actually care! Read more about how H&M sets a new and sustainable trend with Marie Claire: Make Room in Your Closet for H&M’s Latest Sustainable Clothing Collection.

Safe choices for every wedding

Have a look outside and see: winter is finally withdrawing and makes space for summer and sun! The nice weather does not only have a positive effect on our nature, the people are happier and joyfull as well. What better time can you think of to not only celebrate the beauty of life but the beauty of love as well? Many people find the courage to ask their significant other to spend their lives together from now on or made plans in the cold and dark winter time to exchange rings between blossoming flowers under a beautiful blue and sunny sky. It’s wedding time! And because weddings are a very special and important thing in the life of the bride and groom, you don’t want to be the one responsible for ruining the wedding. The wrong dress, the wrong shoes, the wrong tie – and the couple to celebrate will ahve a nervous breakdown in front of the altar instead. To prevent these mistakes and others check out what’s safe to wear and celebrate with your loved ones this very important moment! Stay up to date with StyleCaster: What to Wear to Every Wedding This Season.

Affordable wedding dresses at H&M

Didn’t I just say it’s wedding time? Wedding dresses, expensive jewelery and many lists of dos and don’ts are the hot topic in this week’s fashion news, But even if you know how to avoid trouble and that a hot pink dress rarely goes well with a light blue wedding suit, you still need to find something to wear! For men this is usually a simpler task, for a simple black suit with a white shirt underneath is always a safe choice and most men’s wardrobes include at least on example of suits or tuxedos for all sorts of events. For women it tends to be trickier to find the perfect outfit. There is no safe choice in the female fashion world when it comes to wedding dresses, and there’s lots to think about before you hold the best item in your hands. So check out what beautiful options there are at H&M – fashion doesn’t need to be expensive! Read more about it with Flare: H&M Now Carries Wedding Dresses—Starting at Just $70.

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Fashion Week! All fashion news stacked

Check out the most recent news about fashion!

Wonderland presents new Gucci design by Alessandro Michele

The recent headlines of Wonderland are “Take five designers, two photographers, one fashion week…” and “To Harlem for romance designed by Gucci’s Alessandro Michele: a preview.”. Read more about the recent news:

Elle writes about hiking boots and work-out leggings

This are the most recent headlines of Elle like “The Leggings I Wear to Work Out (or Not)” and “5 Off-Trail Ways Hiking Boots Can Work in Everyday Life”. You like to read more about them? Check the agencies recent blog posts:

Cosmopolitan’s focus is on the Met Gala 2018

This week Cosmopolitan shows new “The 22 Best Met Gala Memes of All Time” and “Everything You Possibly Need to Know About This Year’s Met Gala”. The recent headlines:

Vogue raises its glass to Sofia Carson

This are the most recent headlines of Vogue like ““Heavenly Bodies,” the Met’s Biggest Show Ever, Earns Its Hallelujahs” and “Happy Birthday, Sofia Carson! At 25, The Disney Star Has a Style That’s All Grown Up”. Headlines and news of the week:

Harper’s Bazaar explains why polka dots are trendy

The most newest agency Harper’s Bazaar writes about “The Earrings You’ll Never Want to Take Off” also “Polka Dots Are All You’ll Want To Wear This Spring”. More headlines:

L’Officiel refers to Marc Jacobs unusal proposal

Here are the most recent news for L’Officiel like “Alain Mikli and Alexandre Vauthier Celebrate New Eyewear Collection” and “Four Trends You Need to Know for Spring 2018”. Read more about the news:

StyleCaster shows how to survive in storm and rain

New by StyleCaster, this week “What to Wear to Every Wedding This Season” and “Weather Any Storm in These Wildly Chic Raincoats”. More new topics of the blog:

Marie Claire relates to new sunglasses by Madelaine Petsch

Headlines and stories of Marie Claire like “Make Room in Your Closet for H&M’s Latest Sustainable Clothing Collection” and “The Best Pieces to Shop from the Hunter for Target Collection”. News of the week:

Shape lists the best sports bras for all cup sizes

This are the most recent headlines of Shape like “The Best Sports Bras for Big Boobs” and “15 Gym Bags for the Sweaty But Stylish”. More headlines:

Flare accounts the current fashion diversity issue

News by Flare are “Tessa Virtue Just Taught Us the Perfect Way to Remix Pieces You Already Have in Your Closet” right now and “Hiring More Models of Colour Isn’t Enough to Fix Fashion’s Diversity Problem”. More new topics of the blog:

Esquire informs about this week’s sneaker release

Main topics of this week from Esquire was “How a Soggy Pair of Boots Changed My Whole Perspective on Life” and “Mr Porter Just Made Dressing for Spring and Summer So Much Easier”. Discover more headlines of the blog:


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5 Tasty Food Trends: Paleo, Clean Eating, Vegan, Detox & Low Carb

2018 is coming like new trends for a healthy life and nutrition. We just took a look at Instagram to discover the recent postings for trends like Paleo, Clean Eating, Vegan, Detox & Low Carb. This is our december ranking for the trends of the year Read more

Store Openings: 6 reasons why they are great for bloggers!

Store Openings. They are a great way to draw attention to their brand and their new store. A lot of advertising, specials and a cool event help one or the other store to attract many new customers and make a name for themselves. As the topic of influencers and bloggers has become increasingly important lately, many of them are being invited to reach even greater reach. As I’ve recently been invited to one or the other store opening, I have summarized my 6 reasons why I became such a big fan of store openings and why you too should look over at the next opening near you.

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6 reasons why store openings are great for Bloggers

Store Openings are of course mainly intended for the normal customer. He expects great little things here and usually also great discount promotions or competitions. Since I was invited to one or the other event now even as a blogger, you can look at the whole again from a different angle. So here are my 6 reasons why store openings are just great.

Great catering – a little refreshment while shopping can never hurt

Most store openings entice you on the front door with great little things, such as champagne, lemonade, popcorn, iced coffee, sandwiches or other goodies, because of which it is worthwhile to take a look in the store. With a little refreshment, it’s much better and you’re happy when you have something to snack on.

Event factor – the fun should not be forgotten

Give the customer a good feeling, and keep good memories of the store. So you get the customers to come back again and again. And how could that be better than music? At almost every store opening you can now find a DJ who plays music for the customers. That makes shopping a very exciting experience.

Discounts! – Is there anything better?

Be presented or make a bargain. Is there anything better than knowing that you’ve got something cheaper than it actually is? Almost the best thing about store openings in my opinion are discount promotions or sweepstakes. Whether a wheel on which you can win something, coupons or competitions, it’s just fun and increases the fun factor for the customer enormously.

Star Watch – Meet Stars in Real Life

Stars are often invited to such events, the moderators or just bloggers who use Youtube Cam and Equitment to inspect the store. A store opening is the perfect event to meet someone you know, as the store invites many influencers to showcase the event in a targeted manner. Advantage of these. They usually get something for free or are paid for their performance.

New products, new brands

At Store Openings, depending on the store, you can discover new brands or find products that you did not know before. Quickly you fall in love with the new It-Piece and here comes reason # 3 again to the advantage, because this one gets with a little luck then even cheaper! And what is better?

Specials – Earlier in the Store?

Here’s a small reason for the bloggers or influencers among us. Store Openings are great events that will interest your followers and that you will enjoy. Often by agreement great specials are possible, such as one hour before anyone else in the store to be able to show your followers exclusively products etc. A great idea to make a great new video or just on Instagram live with to take.

My store opening experiences

I was already invited to one or the other store opening and of course also made videos. I have here again a short overview for you.

Onygo Store Opening

This was very spontaneous but was great fun. I was at a store opening in Cologne together with my collegue Soraya and a friend of mine.

Reserved Store Opening

Also this opening was super cool. Nikeata Thompson was there and we were able to get in the store and movies an hour before opening. Also one day before the opening we were already there, and were allowed to put together an outfit for the opening.

Those were my 6 reasons why Store Openings are just great. I hope you liked the little mini blog in between and motivated you to go to an opening soon. Until then, I wish you a great week!

Your Iva ❤


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London Vibes – Fashion, Food, Travel & more

Hello my love! Today, my blog is all about London! I was there a few weeks ago and wanted to give you some impressions of my experiences and of course show my outfits and new parts! The trip was a gift from my aunt for my 18th birthday, which I over a year finally with my friend redeemed. I had chosen London, since I was there and the city had just thrilled me.

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London Shopping – Oxford Street & Shopping Tips

Of course, I could not resist taking a day’s shopping in this city. From Topshop, River Island to Victoria’s Secret, everything was there that a woman’s heart desires. There I also found my one or another new favorite part for spring!

For example, this coat by Topshop. I bought it on sale in the Topshop Store on Oxford Street. I love the color and especially the length, as it is perfect for spring.

My 2nd It-Piece is this jeans skirt! I also bought it in a small boutique on Oxford Street and I love it. He is not only great for the spring but also in the summer, jeans skirts are back in fashion. I also bought the red bag from the English brand Pauls Boutique in London. She is a real eye-catcher and great in the spring.

My last favorite is this T-shirt by Philipp Plein. It’s actually from the men’s section, but I find the rhinestone-studded lion on the back also fits great in my wardrobe.

☠ #ootd #fillingpieces

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London Tour – Harry Potter and Lion King

In London you can do so much and see so much! Of course, I did some sight-seeing, such as the London Eye or Buckingham Palace. But as I am a true Harry Potter fan deep in my heart, I could not resist taking Track 9 3/4 and stopping by the Harry Potter Shop. Unfortunately, the snake was so long that I could not take a picture. For that we were in the evening at the ‘Lion King’ at the Lyceum Theater and watched the Stunning Musical. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a great evening program in London !!

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London Food – Cheap but delicious! The insider tips

Since no food was included in our hotel, we were often out and about and tried out spontaneous restaurants. One of them was Burger & Lobster directly on a side street off Oxford Street (6 Little Portland St, Fitzrovia, London W1W 7JE). In addition to lobsters, some of which still alive in the aquarium next to the table to swim up to super delicious burgers with frieze is here to have everything. A real insider tip and quite affordable!

My second tip is a cupcake shop directly in the Topshop on Oxford Street. There are super delicious cupcakes in all imaginable flavors and that for only 2 pounds. I tried Red Velvet and it was just heaven!

This was my blog about London, its sights, food tips and shopping experiences! I hope you enjoyed it and you will be back at my blog next week! Until then, I wish you a great week and a nice day!

Your Iva ❤


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