Berlin Fashion Week x Model Agency Casting | FIV #takeover on 4th July

Soon it will be time again, Berlin Fashion Week is knocking on the door! With shows from 02.07. – 07.07.2018 at E-Werk, Berlin Mitte. The renowned designers of the German fashion scene meet in Berlin to present their collections for the coming season. Of course we will be there for you live every day! We report live for you from the important shows and from our “Editorial Office Apartment” in Berlin Mitte with three editors – from the first welcome drink early at 10 am to the aftershow sunrise at 9 am. This year not only the usual suspects are represented, as well as Berlin designer Irene Luft, new labels are also in the game, including HUGO… Whether we can sneak up on the HUGA aftershow party? You’ll find out in a few days!

Fashion Week and model castings

As already in winter with the big curvy model casting, we also accompany Berlin model agency Cocaine Models during their Fashion Week castings. If you have always wanted to work for the big designers yourself, you need one of the big and renowned model agencies as management. Cocaine Models works with many big names, some of their reference customers are PRADA but also DIOR as well as many German fashion customers around C&A, Peek and Cloppenburg but also ABOUT YOU and Zalando. That’s why this year again we will be accompanying young talents at their first model casting with magazine and as Vlog.

Recommend models + models

If you’ve been dreaming of becoming a model for a long time or if you know someone who should definitely try to be a model, then recommend the casting on 04.07 in Berlin-Mitte. You can find all information about the casting here:



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Store Openings: 6 reasons why they are great for bloggers!

Store Openings. They are a great way to draw attention to their brand and their new store. A lot of advertising, specials and a cool event help one or the other store to attract many new customers and make a name for themselves. As the topic of influencers and bloggers has become increasingly important lately, many of them are being invited to reach even greater reach. As I’ve recently been invited to one or the other store opening, I have summarized my 6 reasons why I became such a big fan of store openings and why you too should look over at the next opening near you.

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6 reasons why store openings are great for Bloggers

Store Openings are of course mainly intended for the normal customer. He expects great little things here and usually also great discount promotions or competitions. Since I was invited to one or the other event now even as a blogger, you can look at the whole again from a different angle. So here are my 6 reasons why store openings are just great.

Great catering – a little refreshment while shopping can never hurt

Most store openings entice you on the front door with great little things, such as champagne, lemonade, popcorn, iced coffee, sandwiches or other goodies, because of which it is worthwhile to take a look in the store. With a little refreshment, it’s much better and you’re happy when you have something to snack on.

Event factor – the fun should not be forgotten

Give the customer a good feeling, and keep good memories of the store. So you get the customers to come back again and again. And how could that be better than music? At almost every store opening you can now find a DJ who plays music for the customers. That makes shopping a very exciting experience.

Discounts! – Is there anything better?

Be presented or make a bargain. Is there anything better than knowing that you’ve got something cheaper than it actually is? Almost the best thing about store openings in my opinion are discount promotions or sweepstakes. Whether a wheel on which you can win something, coupons or competitions, it’s just fun and increases the fun factor for the customer enormously.

Star Watch – Meet Stars in Real Life

Stars are often invited to such events, the moderators or just bloggers who use Youtube Cam and Equitment to inspect the store. A store opening is the perfect event to meet someone you know, as the store invites many influencers to showcase the event in a targeted manner. Advantage of these. They usually get something for free or are paid for their performance.

New products, new brands

At Store Openings, depending on the store, you can discover new brands or find products that you did not know before. Quickly you fall in love with the new It-Piece and here comes reason # 3 again to the advantage, because this one gets with a little luck then even cheaper! And what is better?

Specials – Earlier in the Store?

Here’s a small reason for the bloggers or influencers among us. Store Openings are great events that will interest your followers and that you will enjoy. Often by agreement great specials are possible, such as one hour before anyone else in the store to be able to show your followers exclusively products etc. A great idea to make a great new video or just on Instagram live with to take.

My store opening experiences

I was already invited to one or the other store opening and of course also made videos. I have here again a short overview for you.

Onygo Store Opening

This was very spontaneous but was great fun. I was at a store opening in Cologne together with my collegue Soraya and a friend of mine.

Reserved Store Opening

Also this opening was super cool. Nikeata Thompson was there and we were able to get in the store and movies an hour before opening. Also one day before the opening we were already there, and were allowed to put together an outfit for the opening.

Those were my 6 reasons why Store Openings are just great. I hope you liked the little mini blog in between and motivated you to go to an opening soon. Until then, I wish you a great week!

Your Iva ❤


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Influencer Events

The topic of influencers and bloggers is currently becoming increasingly important. Many brands and, above all, beauty companies are currently organizing events exclusively for influencers to introduce new products or to draw attention to the brand. But one question remains open. What do you do on such an event? There are so many possibilities and that’s why I took a look around what other brands did, thought things over for myself and summarized them for you.

Program highlights on influencer events

The A & O: food!

Food is in a good mood and of course you want to have it at an event. It is great if you can connect the food with a conscience Fun Fact. Of course, there are many different ways to present food and, of course, different things to serve. What arrives good and what is fun, I’ll show you now.

The classic: buffet from the catering

Of course this is the easiest way to serve food. There is a lot of choice, everyone finds something and you can sit comfortably together while eating, exchange ideas, meet new people or just enjoy.

The Candybar: My highlight with cupcakes & more

There are many ways to put the candybar around. Whether macarones, cupcakes a gummy selection, cotton candy or chocolate. The Candybar offers a wide range of options. Everyone can choose something and it’s more than finger food. People eat while standing it’s a laid back atmosphere.

Gold & Sweets – mein Paradies ☺ ? #benefit #influencerevent #beauty #coffee #cupcakes #gold #loveit

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The mixture of both: Fingerfood & Candy!

You want more than just finger food and sweet serve but not directly a huge buffet must build. Of course, there is also a variant where you can mix light food with the fun of a candy bar. These include, for example, salad bars, where you can put together salad yourself, plates with hearty finger food on the tables and possibly a few sweets as a dessert here and there. People can sit and choose whether they want a proper meal or just appetizers. Especially since this variant can run in parallel next to the normal program.

Influencer Events: Full program with products and talks

Of course, the influencers do not just want to go to an event to eat and meet others. Often the program specializes in the brand. Such a program is easy for beauty manufacturers, as they can work a lot with their products and themes. For all the others I have some ideas here.

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Individual events: Personalize and do it yourself

It has a certain fun factor and after the event you have a very special memory of the day. Personalizing clothes or accessories is possible in a variety of forms. For example, patches, small stickers made of fabric, which are pressed by heat on clothing. A great way to quickly and beautifully turn your clothes into something special.

Social Media Content: Great Class Reunion

The intention of such a meeting is, of course, a large reach of people to talk to. Of course, using the followers of the Influncer on such a meeting is the main intention. In order to provide the influencers with good footage for posting, things like a boomerang box or a photo wall are great.

Make-up and Styling Corner: The Must Have for Bloggers!

Since most influencers are female, make-up corners are great. The influencers can get make-up tips and the fun factor is missing there by no means.

MWAH! ? #benefit #theyrereallips #influencerevent

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