Fashion Week Paris – 2018

Fashion Week in the City of Love is one of the four most important fashion weeks along with New York, London and Milan. This fashion week takes place twice a year. The designers present their spring – summer collection with airier and shorter works of art and the autumn – winter collection, which often also presents coats and boots. In this article we give you the most important information about the last Fashion Weeks in Paris.

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Fashion Week in the City of Love

Whenever the time comes in Paris, and Paris Fashion Week begins, all fashion lovers are tense. What new trends are being set now? Which models attracted the most attention this time? What was best received by the viewers? Who attended Fashion Week?

Highlights, Trends & more

In this video you get a good overview and can be enchanted by the beautiful models and stage sets.


The latest trends from Gucci, Dior, Saint Lauren & Balmain

Here we have some videos for you, where important participants of the fashion week present their new collection. Form your own opinion about who has stood out this year. One thing is already clear, the Paris Fashion Week is very varied!

Look forward to the next Fashion Week, because there we will not only collect the best videos for you, but we will also be very close to you and keep you up to date.


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Men Watches – The Fashion Trend for Men

At the word men’s watches, most men think directly of Rolex, Patek Phillipe or other luxury brands. But there is also a wide selection of cheap men’s watches, from brands such as Diesel, Fossil or Casio. Here we have listed everything you need to know, from Smartwatches to watches for men cheap up to 50€ up to watches in gold and silver.

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Watch brands: Casio, Rolex, Fossil or Diesel?

When choosing a watch there is more to consider than one thinks. The model – automatic or not? Do you value a certain brand such as Diesel, Fossil, Casio or a good Rolex? Of course this is all a question of budget, not every normal earner can afford a Rolex, so you have to pay 10.000€. Each brand has its own designs, and it’s up to you to decide what you want to do with your watch. Sport, business, fashion or no special preference? Read on if you want to know what to consider when buying and the different types!

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The Chronograph, not automatic and yet Modern

A timeless trend among men’s watches is the chronograph, which actually only stands for the time recorder of a watch. Nowadays mainly analogue clocks with a stopwatch function are called that. This makes this watch not only elegant, but also sporty. Considering that this had its origin in 1821, it is hard to believe that it is still considered high fashion today.

What you should look out for when buying

  • make sure that the time of the clock is well readable
  • Mass goods or manufactory chronograph? – The difference is in the accuracy, but the manufactory chronograph is much more expensive
  • Shift wheel or scenery control? – The ratchet wheel is very expensive to manufacture, the splitter control in turn is ideal for cheap watches
  • look at the water resistance of your watch
  • what about additional functions?
  • the processing – do you notice flaws?
  • the robustness
  • the accuracy of the movement is an important aspect

Close on cash? Men’s watches at special price

You have a limited budget and are looking for a cheap men’s watch up to 50€? There are also some possibilities, it is not a Rolex, but even the “cheap” watch market continues to expand. Of course, you can’t expect a 20€ watch to last long, but a cheap, good-looking accessory can now all be found. Be it in the city centre or in an online shop, the market is big and growing constantly!

Which watch type are you?

Now comes the question, the question. With so many watch types, it’s important to know which type suits you? From automatic watches, chronographs, pilot watches, radio controlled watches to pocket watches, diving watches or Swiss watches. Less is often more, but not always. The watch says a lot about you because it is one of the few “male” accessories. While a thick watch cries out for attention, you show more discreet seriousness, which of course leaves a much better impression in management consulting or banking. Men in suits are recommended to wear a flat, classic watch that radiates “understatement”. Silver, gold or black, steel or leather bracelet is not so important. Whether you wear them left or right is also irrelevant. The only important thing is that it “fits” the watch, because a watch belongs under the shirt.

Watch care – you extend the life of your men’s watch

Finally it’s here, your new fashionable gentlemen’s watch. Of course you want to get something from her for as long as possible. Here are a few simple tips for you on how to extend the life of your watch.

Notice the water density #1

  • Water resistant up to 3 bar – hand washing, splashing water
  • Waterproof up to 5 Bar – Bathing, Showering
  • Water resistant up to 10 Bar – Swimming, snorkeling
  • Water resistant up to 20 Bar – Diving

Note that the jump in the water briefly increases the pressure start and you can damage your beautiful, expensive watch.

Beware magnetism in everyday life #2

Magnetism affects the accuracy of your watch, depending on the watch model, you are well protected nowadays. Magnetism comes from your mobile phone, fridge magnets, speakers and many other devices. However, you should avoid leaving your watch right next to your mobile phone overnight.

The safekeeping of your watch #3

Make sure that your watch is not lying unprotected next to you on the bedside cabinet, but in a matching case. There it is safe from shocks and other accidents in the early morning.

Movement for the movement #4

If you don’t wear your watch every day, you should consider getting a watch winder. This small device keeps your watch moving, which prevents the wristwatch from winding up and also keeps the oils in the movement moving, which prevents it from resinifying or running.

In less than 1 minute, this video explains how to clean a metal watch.



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Luxury ladies watches

In 1810, Breguet invented the wristwatch. Since then, they have been available in a wide variety of variants. Whether digital, analog, with a leather or a stainless steel bracelet, the wristwatch now belongs to almost every outfit. So that you can find exactly the watch you are looking for, here is a compilation of the best ladies’ watches.

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Luxury ladies watches – the right thing for every budget

There are so many different people in the world and everyone has a different taste. It’s a good thing that the world of watches now also offers a huge variety. From expensive to cheap, everything is included. Here you can find out which watch might suit you best.

Watch type – Which watch suits you?

There are many different types of watches. There is not only the mechanical wristwatch or the Smartwatch. The pocket watch was particularly popular in former times. You can get these things at flea markets these days. Pocket watches are not only popular as tattoo motifs. At the flea market you can find great, unique pieces of jewellery that will make your outfit something special. The special thing about a pocket watch is that you can attach it to your clothes with a small chain.

Then there’s the automatic watch. The good thing about an automatic watch is that no battery can go empty. The energy for the watch is either gained from movements or there is a wheel on the side where you can wind the watch.

You’re more of a sports guy? Then probably a chronograph watch is the right thing for you. With it you have several functions at your disposal. These watches still have a stopwatch function. A watch like this can be very useful, especially when you are highly motivated to play sports. Whether you need to measure time on push-ups or sit-ups, your watch ensures you can’t cheat.

As the last watch type there is still the radio clock. With this watch, you don’t have to turn the little wheel to set the time. It receives the correct time via radio at regular intervals.

Leather or wood – How do I protect my watch?

Once you have indulged yourself in an expensive watch, you often wonder where to put it now? Do I need an extra watch drawer in my closet? Do I treat myself to a watch box? Or a separate box for each watch? That’s definitely a matter of taste! If you do not necessarily have the space to set up a drawer only for watches, a watch box is a noble alternative. There you can store several watches in a box and through the window in the lid you can also present them beautifully. Here you can order beautiful clockboxes from Christ.

Bargain hunting: reduced luxury watches

You always wanted to own a luxury watch, but you always lacked the money for something like that? Under this link you can fulfil your dream and save a lot of money: cheap luxury watches.  There’s just everything. You can get a Tommy Hilfiger watch, which cost 189Euro before, here for less than 132Euro. If that’s still too much, it doesn’t immediately mean your dream of a luxury watch is over, because you can get hold of used brand watches that look like new on Ebay classified ads.

The most popular luxury watches

Here I have collected a few suggestions for you, so that you can orientate yourself a little in the brand world.

Something for every taste – Michael Kors, Rolex, Fossil

When you think of luxury watches, you immediately think of famous brands like Rolex, Breitling and Patek Phillipe. But what watch should you choose? Should it be something modern, like a Smartwatch with great features or would you rather have a vintage pocket watch to stand out from the crowd? Find what you are!

Smartwatch – the most modern of the modern

Smartwatch has been around for a few years. With some you can set music, receive notifications and with some even pay at the checkout. The Smartwatch is constantly evolving.

With this golden luxury smartwatch from Michael Kors you can take calls, plan appointments and view photos, among other things. The best part is she looks super good at the same time.  The golden design looks great with almost any outfit, because it is not overloaded with rhinestones, so the occasions when you can wear such a watch would not be fixed in any way.

Eyecatcher, Rhinestones, Silver – Rolex enchants

For most people it is important that a watch can not only show you the time, but also make a statement about yourself. So a watch can show the person likes it more conspicuous and tall or rather filigree? How does the person see himself ?

This Rolex watch is a real eye-catcher! Due to the many rhinestones and the pleasant size, this watch will certainly not remain undiscovered by anyone. If you don’t like it so much in everyday life, you can get the watch out on special occasions and give your outfit that certain “something”.

Simple Elegance – The Secret Weapon of Fossil

The Fossil brand is famous for watches with beautiful, simple leather straps in a wide range of colours. Leather wristbands have the advantage that they sit particularly comfortably on the wrist. In addition, the costs for the watches at Fossil are kept within limits. You can get a great, high-quality watch for a little money. This watch is an elegant blend. It can be worn and combined in everyday life and is also a great accessory on festive occasions.


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Crazy Town Dublin – St. Patrick’s Day, Phoenix Park & 770 Pubs!

Dublin is the capital of the Republic of Ireland and the largest city in the country. Located on the east coast, Dublin has a total area of 155 km² and thus occupies about 0.2% of the approximately 70,300 km² island. A little more than 550,00 people live in the capital, i.e. just under 12% of the total population of Ireland. Due to its proximity to the coast, the climate in Dublin is strongly maritime: winters are mild and summers cool, extreme temperatures are the absolute exception. As everywhere in Ireland, Dublin is also subject to a lot of rain – the rainy days are in August, while between March and April almost no rain falls. The city itself is divided by the Liffey into a northern and a southern part, whereby in the south mainly the somewhat more prosperous population of the city lives. Together with the main axis from the three streets O’Connell Street, Grafton Street and Harcourt Street, the structure of the city is cross-shaped from a bird’s eye view. There are many department stores and many more pubs in Dublin. The famous Trinity College – world-renowned for its extensive library – and the urban Saint Steven’s Green Park are also popular destinations for young and old.

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Discover Dublin – drone flight in sunshine!

From Celtic settlements and Viking graves

The first known mention of Dublin took place about 140 AD under the name “Eblana”. Originally, however, it was a small Celtic settlement called Áth Cliath: Hurdenfurt – a ford is the shallow part of a river that allows crossing and probably refers to the river Liffey, which flows from Wicklow via Kildare and Dublin into Dublin Bay and the Irish Sea. This aspect can still be found today in the Irish name of Dublin, because in the Irish language Dublin is called Baile Átha Cliath, which translates as “city at the hurdle ford”. Within the city, the Liffey is underpassed by the Liffey Service Tunnel. In addition to the Celtic roots, the Vikings also had a great influence on Dublin’s development. Not least with regard to the name of the town itself, because in the middle of the 9th century the Vikings built a small village in the immediate vicinity of the settlement Áth Cliath and they called it Duibhlinn, the black pond. As the Vikings gained power and influence, Duibhlinn became the Kingdom of Dublin, which lasted until the English conquered it in 1170. In and around Dublin, tourists can still visit the old Viking tombs today.

From British, Commonwealth and Easter Rising

At the beginning of the 13th century King John of England had a fortress built – now known as Dublin Castle – but it was not until 1801 that the city became the British administrative headquarters of the newly founded United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland in Ireland under the Act of Union. After the Great Famine in Ireland and the Irish uprising against the British in 1916, which went down in history as the Easter Uprising, and the Declaration of Independence a few years later, the Irish War of Independence and the Irish Civil War, the city of Dublin was extensively destroyed and its population severely decimated. In 1949 Ireland left the British Commonwealth and became an independent Republic of Ireland. Since Ireland’s accession to the European Union in 1973, Dublin has flourished again and developed into a European metropolis. Today Dublin can look back on 1,040 years of existence with all its ups and downs.

All roads lead to Dublin

Ireland’s transport system is completely geared to Dublin. The city is thus the centre of the Irish road network – all major national roads run from Dublin to all parts of the country. The city’s port is connected by ferry to the cities of Liverpool in the northwest of England, Holyhead on Holy Island, a British island off the Welsh coast, and Cherbourg in northern France. Since 1940, air traffic has also been developed via Dublin’s international commercial airport, which is located just under 10 km north of the city centre – a service used by around 25 million passengers a year. Dublin Airport is one of the 20 largest airports in Europe and the home base for the airlines Aer Lingus, Ryanair and CityJet.

Kulturbrauerei Guinnes – Panoramic view over the roofs of the city

By the way: From a historical point of view the city of Dublin is the centre of brewing in Ireland, with a special focus on the Guinness brewery founded in 1759. The Guinness Store House is located at Sankt James’s Gate in Dublin and is now a seven-storey museum that illustrates over 250 years of history and the production of the beer. Samples are of course included in the entrance fee and can be enjoyed almost all year round and seven days a week in the Gravity Bar on the top floor of the museum – ironically, almost 90% of the Guinness in Ireland is sold exclusively to tourists. Many locals don’t like Irish strong beer at all! The 360° panoramic view over the roofs of the city is definitely worth a visit!

Late-Night Show Comedian Conan O’Brien at the Guinnes Store House

St. Patrick’s Day – Ireland’s most famous holiday

On 17 March, the Republic of Ireland celebrates the world-famous St. Patrick’s Day. It is synonymous with the national holiday and is celebrated in Ireland with great festivities and parades. St. Patrick’s Day is the commemoration day of the Irish bishop Patrick, who probably lived around the 5th century in Ireland. Patrick is historically known as Ireland’s first Christian missionary and the 17th of March each year is for him a high celebration and legal holiday in Ireland to commemorate. Also many tourists, who don’t know anything about the historical background or Patrick’s importance for the Republic of Ireland, like to be infected by the big parades and the exuberant atmosphere and celebrate with us.

Who’s Patrick?

Patrick is considered the first Christian missionary in Ireland. Within the Catholic Church, Patrick is venerated as a saint. Not much is known about his days of birth and death – his day of death is first mentioned in the 7th century, but his birth is a mystery. Also otherwise some details from his life are still unclear to historians even today. Some even go so far as to say that the person Patrick was composed of two – if not more – individuals, and today’s definition of Patrick is not actually a real person.

Celebrate in Dublin – hot coveted!

On St. Patrick’s Day Ireland is like one huge folk festival, including many activities, stalls and of course – how could it be any different? – also live music. Dublin in particular is often a hot spot – perhaps that is why the attraction for people outside Ireland is so great, as the city’s hotels are usually fully booked many, many years in advance! So it takes some luck, good connections or angelic patience to get a room in Dublin for St. Patrick’s Day. In the rest of the republic, however, things don’t look much better, as many Irish living outside the island also come home for St. Patrick’s Day to enjoy the colourful hustle and bustle among their fellow countrymen.

Celebrate until the beer turns green

Green, as everyone knows, is the colour of Ireland – and for Irish from all over the world, St. Patrick’s Day Green is the predominant colour. In some cities even the rivers are dyed green – the beer anyway! By the way: in Munich/Germany and New York City/USA there is also a big celebration with colourful parades and loud music.

Other festivals in Ireland: film festivals, novel character and sheep

Jameson Dublin International Film Festival

The Jameson Dublin International Film Festival is a 10 day marathon of celebrations and events held annually in February. On this occasion numerous international stars gather in Dublin and celebrate Irish and international film together with the Irish people. During the festivities, the audience chooses the best film from the presented possibilities – a great honour!

Bloomsday Festival – novel character creates holiday

The Bloomsday Festival is traditionally held on 16 June. The festival refers to “Ulysses” by James Joice, whose main character is Leopold Bloom. In the context of Leopold Bloom’s narratives, the Dublin of 1904 is often sketched as the setting, which is why on Bloomsday itself these same locations are also visited by fans similar to a pilgrimage in memory. 16 June will be accompanied by a week of celebrations, book readings, performances and drama performances, excursions to the novel venues and city tours of Dublin in the context of Leopold Bloom.

Fertility resistant – sheep thanks

The Irish are a very natural people and even today there are many farmers and shepherds in Ireland. Historically, the first milking of sheep after the long and hardscrabble winter break was of immense importance, which is why even today the 1st of February is still remembered by the Irish as a fertility festival.

Dublin Fashion Festival – Shopping & Fun

The Dublin Fashion Festival was created with the aim of bringing fun and theatre together with the shopping of fashion items. Fashion retailers and distributors of beauty products are invited to the centre of Dublin and there is a great mix of special offers, live fashion events and business promotions that nobody wants to miss. The Dublin Fashion Festival has existed since its inception in autumn 2010 and is held every year in September.

Dublin Fashion Festival 2017 – make-up, styling, catwalks, drinks

Dublin Fashion Festival 2016 – Merger with Galaxy Chocloate

Fashion in Ireland – the top 10 fashion brands in the country

Manley – trendy & feminin

Manley is the fashion brand of Emma Manley, a successful graduate of the Graftton Academy of Fashion Design. Manley is one of the most important contemporary fashion labels in Ireland and is characterised by “trendy femininity” and a combination of delicate frills, hard cuts and modern fabrics.

Danielle Romeril – funny & striking

Danielle Romeril designs her women’s clothing with inspiration from anywhere, anywhere in the world. This global perspective is what makes your brand so versatile and successful. Danielle Romeril’s designs are funny, but also striking and remain in the memory and are also very popular with fashion icons. The fact that Danielle makes her own fabrics fits seamlessly into the unique energy of her brand.

Edel Traynor – timeless & minimalist

Edel Traynor is a young designer and was awarded the “Future Maker Award” by the Design and Crafts Counsel of Ireland for her creative achievements. She started her label in Atelier 27, a program for young designers – now she works on her fashion creations from the Chocolate Factory Arts Center in the heart of Dublin. Due to her strong interest in the longevity of structures, Edels fashion line is characterized by elegance, pragmatism and minimalism and takes on a timeless character.

Petria Lenehan – simply & casual

Petria Lenehan’s designs are strongly influenced by the beauty of nature. The characteristics of the typical Irish landscape are reflected in the simple and modern fashion line – the high-quality everyday clothes impress with their simplicity and beauty.

Natalie B. Coleman – creative & breakout

Natalie B. Coleman is known for all kinds of innovative and wonderfully asymmetrical designs and is therefore worn and presented at all major fashion weeks. Natalie has already won several awards for her fashion brand, including the “Future Maker Award” by the Design and Crafts Counsel of Ireland in 2012.

Umit Kutluk – tailor-made & hand decorated

The Turkish-born Umit studied fashion design at the Grafton Academy before founding his own label in 2011. Since then he has worked in the Merrion Square studio and produces seasonal fashion. Umit also creates haute couture and is known for its dream wedding collections. The designer says about himself that he has the desire to redefine “minimal chic”. Umit Kutluk is characterised by tailor-made fabrics and delicate handcrafted decorations.

Fashion Feed: Umit Kutluk SS18 / FW Istanbul

Zoe Jordan – full of life & temperament

Zoe was born in Dublin, but has been at home almost everywhere in her life. Before she got involved with fashion, she worked in finance and travelled a lot due to her job. The fashion brand Zoe Jordan expresses the designer’s curiosity and zest for life as well as her adrenaline-charged lifestyle. Zoe herself describes the ideal “Zoe Jordan Girl” as an unobtrusive maturity embodying natural self-confidence, subtlety and temperament.

We Are Islanders

The designers at We Are Islanders prefer expensive fabrics from Ireland and around the world with the aim of creating sustainable and ethically produced women’s fashion. Your clothes should be worn, loved and not passed on or disposed of for decades. Premium quality is another aspect of their fashion line. We Are Islanders explore cultural narratives and combine the impressions of their surroundings with their work, which often manifests itself in signs of distant horizons or moving landscape motifs.

Sorcha O’Raghallaigh

Sorcha is an advanced designer whose fashion is typically characterized by strikingly heavy embellishments and embellishments. Well-known fans of the fashion brand include Lady Gaga and the Canadian musician Grimes, who appreciate Sorcha’s creations precisely because of their uniqueness. Visually, they would often fit into a museum exhibition rather than be worn, and in fact Sorcha mainly works on demand. The label Sorcha O’Raghallaigh is often seen on the pages of well-known fashion magazines like Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and Elle. Recently, the designer also designed a jewellery collection, which was presented in London’s Stylist Magazine.

Richard Malone

Richard Malone was originally from Wexford and studied fashion design at Central St. Martin’s College in London. He has won numerous awards, including the Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton SE Grand Prix Scholarship (LVMH), and was recently described by Vogue US as a “rule-breaker”. Three years ago, the BBC described him as one of the best young artists in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Fashion Feed: Richard Malone SS18 / FW London

Education in Dublin – Trinity College ranked number 1!

Dublin is home to several universities as well as scientific and cultural institutions. In 2018, 11 Dublin colleges will be among the top 15 within the county of Dublin, with Trinity College, which was founded in 1592 and has between 15,000 and 20,000 students and an annual tuition fee of 750.00 euros to 1,800.00 euros, naturally leading the way.

The 10 Best Colleges of Dublin County

  1. Trinity College Dublin, University of Dublin (Ireland, Rank 1 – World Rank 219)
  2. University College Dublin (Ireland, rank 2 – world rank 261)
  3. Dublin City University (Ireland, rank 4 – world rank 488)
  4. Dublin Institute of Technology (Ireland, rank 7)
  5. Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (Ireland, Rank 9)
  6. Dún Laoghaire Institute of Art, Design and Technology (Ireland, rank 18)
  7. National College of Ireland (Rank 19)
  8. Institute of Technology Blanchardstown (Ireland, rank 20)
  9. Institute of Technology Tallaght (Ireland, rank 21)
  10. National College of Art and Design (Ireland, Rank 25)

Important sights of the city

Temple Bar – Party & Nightlife in Dublin

Temple Bar is located on the southern bank of the Liffey River and is famous for its nightlife. It was named after the Temple family who lived in the area in the 17th century. The entire quarter is medieval in architecture and is home to numerous pubs, such as the Porterhouse or the Bad Ass Cafe, as well as many Irish cultural institutions, including the Irish Film Centre with the National Film Archive and the Central Bank of Ireland.

The Spire – “The Longest Toothpick in the World”

The word “Spire” comes from English and stands for a spire. In Ireland, however, “The Spire” refers to a 123 m high stainless steel column directly on O’Connel Street, designed by the British architect Ian Richie and declared a landmark of the Republic of Ireland in 2003. 3 m in diameter at its base, but only about 15 cm at its tip, the Spire’s tapering column is teasingly referred to by the Irish population as “the largest toothpick in the world”.

The Liffey Bridge – unofficial landmark of the city

The Liffey Bridge is one of many bridges in Dublin spanning the river Liffey. The 43 m long pedestrian bridge connects the cultural quarter Temple Bar with Bachelor’s Walk and is one of the most photographed sights of Dublin. It is popularly known as the Ha’Penny Bridge, the name comes from the pedestrian toll of half a penny (“Half Penny”), which in earlier times had to be paid when the bridge was used.

City Hall – the old town hall from stock market to museum

The historic town hall dates from the 18th century and is one of the best examples of the finest Georgian architecture. City Hall is located on Dame Street and was originally a meeting place for Dublin’s merchants and businessmen. The royal stock exchange also had its place here until the economic downturn in the 19th century. Throughout its history, City Hall has also hosted funerals and state funerals, including those of Michael Collins and Arthur Griffith. A small exhibition in the vaulted cellar tells the story of Dublin and gives interested visitors an insight into the development of the city.

Leinster House – Trendsetter of Nobility

The Leinster House is a former ducal palace and was the first official state residence on the south side of the river, while the rest of the nobility lived on the noble northern bank of the river. The Earl of Kildare thus set a trend which soon led to the south becoming the preferred area of the Irish aristocrats, while the houses in the north gradually perished. After several renovations, Leinster House is now the official parliament building for 166 MPs, 60 Senators, the press and staff, while the statue of Queen Victoria was relocated from the front of the house to Sydney.

Leinster House – inspired by the White House

The Irish National Library – beautiful and full of knowledge

The Irish National Library on Kildare Street is a pure reference library and does not allow the lending of its media. Books, maps, manuscripts, magazines and other materials may only be viewed on the premises of the library. At the same time, it is the venue of many exhibitions and houses a vast archive that houses the complete collection of all Irish newspapers.

Dublin Castle – Record Tower survives the time

Dublin Castle was built on a former fortress from the 10th century and is located on Dame Street, in the heart of Dublin’s old town. The only remnant from this period is the so-called Record Tower, all other parts of the building date from the 18th and 19th centuries. The Royal Chapel Royal was renamed the Church of the Most Holy Trinity in 1943 by the Roman Catholic Church and now serves as the cultural centre of Dublin.

Four Courts – Ireland’s main courthouse

The Four Courts is not only one of the most beautiful buildings of the city, but also the most important courthouse of the Republic. It consists of the Supreme Court, the High Court and the Central Criminal Court – before the restructuring of jurisdiction in the late 19th century, the Four Courts housed four different courts and was a silent witness to the Easter Uprising and the Irish Civil War.

Memory of Molly Malone and Phil Lynott

Dublin is home to a number of monuments to famous historical figures, including a statue of Molly Malone, a beautiful Dublin fishmonger from the famous Irish folk song “Cockles and Mussels”, the city’s unofficial anthem. Other monuments refer to the Irish politician Daniel O’Connell, also known as “The Liberator” and the Irish national hero Charles Steward Parnell. The ornately decorated tombstone of thoroughbred musician Philip Parris Lynott, founding member of the Irish rock band Thin Lizzy, is also one of the monuments of Dublin County and is located on the Howths Head peninsula.

Live: The Dubliners with Cockles and Mussels aka Molly Malone

The Great Cathedrals of Dublin

In Dublin there are two important cathedrals of the Church of Ireland, a member church of the Anglican Community with about 390,000 believers. On the one hand the National Cathedral and Collegiate Church of Saint Patrick, Dublin, short: Saint Patrick’s Cathedral, and on the other hand the somewhat smaller Christ Church Cathedral with the alleged tomb of the Welsh warlord Richard “Strongbow” de Clare.

Top recommendations for theatre and museum lovers

There are many good theatres in Dublin. The Abbey Theatre, the Gate Theatre and the 3-Arena are definitely worth a visit. The National Museum as well as the Irish Museum of Modern Art and the National Wax Museum should be mentioned as museums. Special and unusual is the Kilmainham Gaol, a museum located in a former prison. Last but not least: the Dubliner and the Guinnes Store House!

The famous “Irish Pubs” – more than 10,000 in the country!

There is an endless number of pubs in Ireland. Even if you go to a different pub every day – or to several pubs on the same day as part of the popular and convivial Pub Crawls – it will be difficult, because there are almost 10,300 pubs in Ireland! Not for nothing the Irish like to say about themselves that their second living room is the pub. With an average pub density of 315 inhabitants per locality one can imagine the active pub culture of Ireland. In Dublin, the capital city, there were just under 770 pubs recently – a proud number for a single city! In addition, there is live music, which is so typical for Irish pubs and sounds from every corner. Everywhere in Dublin you can hear the traditional Irish folk music and partly also modern arrangements. By the way: the O’Donoghue’s Pub is a prime example of first-class live music and rousing performances.

The 5 best pubs in town

  • Sweeney’s Bar, Lady Street
  • The Mercantile Bar, Dame Street
  • The Living Room, O’Connell Street
  • Broxelles, Harry’s Street
  • The Globe, Great George’s Street

Enjoy nature in and around Dublin

The Irish island is sufficiently well-known for its breathtakingly beautiful nature, the endless intensively green meadows, the rugged coasts, the flower splendour. The closeness to nature is an important part of the Irish culture, therefore there are of course also numerous parks and green areas in the capital Dublin. Amongst others the St. Steven’s Green, the National Botanic Gardens of Ireland as well as the Iveagh Gardens, but the most beautiful park is by far the Phoenix Park.

Phoenix Park – between wildlife and presidential villa

Phoenix Park is probably the largest park in Dublin and consists of almost endless meadows and forest strips. It is the home of many wild animals such as deer, which can sometimes be quite trustful. By the way: the Irish President and the American Ambassador are both based in Phoenix Park and live in the midst of nature and in the immediate vicinity of Dublin Zoo, Ireland’s largest zoo!

The true size of Phoenix Park – from a lofty height in 4D!

Top sights in the surrounding area

  • Beach and golf course Portmarnock
  • Wicklow Mountains
  • Fishing village and peninsula of Howth
  • Seaside resort and Malahide castle
  • Killiney Hill
  • Hill of Slane
  • Passage Tomb of Fourknocks


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Slovenia – a dreamlike journey into nature

Romantic towns, mountains, beaches – Slovenia offers about everything you could want for your summer holiday. The small country bordering Croatia is nevertheless not yet besieged by mass tourism! That’s why it’s the perfect place to just switch off. The best way to explore the idyll of the country is with a motorhome or tent, and above all you are always flexible. Doesn’t one like it in that place right now or wants to see something new? No problem, you pack your things together, sit down in your car and the tour continues. Since the distance to Slovenia is very long depending on where you start in Germany, it is advisable to make a stop in between.

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The highlights of Slovenia

Romantic moments in Bled

This sweet and romantic village, just in the north of the country, is characterized by its beautiful alpine lake. But not only that, in the middle of the lake there is a small island with a church. The village is very small and manageable, but that’s exactly what it is. Everyone in this place simply enjoys the lake with the beautiful church in the middle of the island. Take a stroll and then have dinner in one of the sweet restaurants and the day is perfect.

Absolute nature at Bohinj Lake

Not far from Bled is Lake Bohinj. Unlike Lake Bled, this lake is crystal clear and surrounded by the Julian Alps. Once in the cold water you don’t really want to go out anymore, the lake is so fresh and pure.
But not only swimming in the lake is a popular activity in Bohinj, it is also very worthwhile to unpack your hiking boots and explore the nature, respectively the Triglav National Park.

Ljubljana: The beautiful capital of Slovenia

Don’t forget anything on a trip to Slovenia: Ljubljana.
Slovenia’s capital is one of the most beautiful cities I have ever seen. A small and sweet city, with small streets, canals and bridges where the eye reaches. Just pure romance.
At every corner you will find cute cafés or restaurants and beautiful, modern shops. In Ljubljana you can walk through the city without a plan and simply enjoy the ambience, drink a glass of wine and explore the student quarter. But one does not need to plan many days for this, Ljubljana is manageable and after a day trip one already knows best about it. Important for campers: Here, it is best to book a hotel or an AirBnb apartment. The prices in Slovenia are very reasonable and especially for short stays it is worthwhile to start directly from the centre.

Discover the caves of Škocjan

There are several caves in Slovenia that can be visited. My favourite are the Škocjan Caves. Since 1986 these have also been UNESCO World Heritage Sites and attract almost 100,000 visitors annually. Reason: The Cerkvenik Bridge over the Canyon. The biggest Eurpoas and third biggest in the world! The cave also has some stalactites to offer.

Small but fine: the coast of Slovenia

From the cave you can immediately continue to the coast of Slovenia. This one is small and there are only three cities: Koper, Piran and Izola.


Koper is the largest city on the Slovenian coast and is only 10 kilometres from the border with Italy. This can be seen not only in the bilingual street signs and the like, but also in the design of the old town. The picturesque little alleys often remind one of small coastal towns in Italy. In Koper there is the biggest port of Slovenia, and every year there is a jazz festival, “MareziJazz”. For 13 years musicians from all over Europe have come for the musical experience.


Piran is unique with its small and winding streets in the Venetian style. The village is largely car-free and can therefore best be explored on foot. This place is a must for all Slovenia travellers. The sweet old town attracts tourists every year, but is not overcrowded.

You won’t find a sandy beach in Slovenia, but on hot summer days people only romp around at Piran’s headland. Colourful towels and air mattresses wherever you look – right next to the pedestrian zone. In July the Piraner music evenings are particularly popular. Every Thursday in July, soloists and chamber music ensembles perform in the Minorite Monastery. In general, the city comes alive in summer: the Summer Festival and the Tartini Festival are just two of Piran’s top summer events.


Izola is located directly between Piran and Koper, so it is a good idea to stay in this small town to get to know the three coastal towns best. It’s more quiet here. A stroll through the old town, a view of the harbour – there is not much more here. Nevertheless, Izola is definitely worth a visit. The fishermen can still be watched at the harbour and especially the water sports attract the people to Izola.

National Park Triglav

At 2,846 metres, Triglav is the largest mountain in Slovenia. Even the Slovenian 50-cent coins depict the peak of Triglav, but Narional Park has so much more to offer. Particularly impressive: the Soca, which stretches through the Julian Alps. A river you can’t imagine turquoise, therefore untouched nature far and wide. A true paradise for fishermen and hikers. The Valley of the Soca has so much to offer: Peace and relaxation with waterfalls, mountains, tributaries, gorges and troughs. But the valley is particularly famous for activities such as hiking, cycling and water sports. Rafting, kayaking, canyoning, fishing, fly-fishing and even winter sports can be practised here.

For those who are not so keen on sports: just grab your bike and explore the area, in the Triglav National Park there is really something to see and discover everywhere.

Very recommendable: with a cable car you can reach the top of the mountain. In good weather you have a beautiful view of the valley, but beware: in bad weather you prefer to stay down because you can’t see through the clouds.


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Louis Vuitton – the French luxury brand

Louis Vuitton has been regarded as the status symbol par excellence for over decades. For decades, the high fashion brand has been an indispensable must-have for every fashion lover and combines easy individuality, personality and fashion awareness. From burned bags to litigation. We’re uncovering all the secrets.

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Louis Vuitton: The genius behind bags, shoes and high fashion

Here I have collected all the facts for you once again!

When was Louis Vuitton founded?

The French luxury fashion company was founded in 1854.

Who invented Louis Vuitton?

The company was created by the designer Louis Vuitton.

How old is Louis Vuitton?

The designer and entrepreneur was born in 1821 and died at the age of 71 (1892).

Where was Louis Vuitton born?

Louis Vuitton was born in a small town in the east of France, in Anchay.

History: From craftsman and designer to superstar of fashion

In 1854, the French designer and craftsman Louis Vuitton (also entrepreneur) founded the Paris luxury goods company Louis Vuitton Malletier S.A., which initially concentrated on the production and sale of exquisite luggage and suitcases. Over the years, the company has gained worldwide popularity and expanded its products as a result. Even today, luxurious luggage is still an important part of Louis Vuitton. In addition, precious clothing for him and her, bags, backpacks, belts, wallets, shoes, jewellery, perfumes and watches are also available. The monogram pattern of many Louis Vuitton products, consisting of the initials of the company founder, “LV”, was first introduced in 1896. It was originally intended to protect against the production of counterfeit goods, but over time it achieved exactly the opposite.  Since 1987, the Louis Vuitton company has merged with the spirits producer Moët Hennessy to form the luxury goods group LVMH Moët Hennessy & Louis Vuitton S.A.. Meanwhile, the Group also represents other luxury brands. All products are available in international boutiques as well as in the Louis Vuitton online shop. You can find out how to get your dream of a luxurious Louis Vuitton product on sale or at low outlet prices in the course of this article with the help of our insider tips.

Bags, backpacks, wallets, shoes – the collections

In today’s world, the biggest do’s and don’ts in the fashion industry are determined especially via social media. What is striking, however, is that one repeatedly comes across products of the luxury brand Louis Vuitton. This makes it clear what a diversity the brand is characterised by. For decades, the most diverse personalities have been discovering their very own favourites among the numerous Louis Vuitton products.

Kylie Jenner: The It girl is a huge fan of the luxury labels LV

Kylie Jenner shows here how the status symbol can be combined simply and suitably for everyday life.

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Bags for women and men: Not cheap but chic

From bright colours and slanted shapes to simple classics such as the popular “Neverfull” model, there is something for every taste. So it’s all in your hands how your new shoulder bag or shopper from Louis Vuitton should turn out. But one thing is certain, whether simple or colourful and crazy – every available model is considered an eye-catcher.

Backpacks from LV: Montsouris Vintage Look

Montsouris is not only a park in the French capital Paris, but also the namesake of a Louis Vuitton backpack. The “Montsouris” model is considered one of the most popular in the luxury class. In the on-line Shop is the up-to-date for 1.450,00 ? available. But Louis Vuitton can also be used with other variants such as vintage look or with mini versions.

Belt: “Damier” the model of the luxury class

The belt model “Damier” by Louis Vuitton, which is meant for the gentlemen among us, is considered a particularly popular eye-catcher. Available in the online shop for 335 €, the belt is valid for a comparatively cheaper status symbol of the luxury class.

Portemonnaie for women and men: The accessories for every day

If one thing is needed daily, then it is probably a purse. Accordingly, these are of course available pretty much everywhere. This is also true of the French luxury brand. Among the ladies, the “Sarah” (from €475.00) and “Emilie” (from €335.00) models are particularly popular. However, even with a smaller budget, a large selection is available to customers for both men and women.

Shoes: High Fashion Boots or Sneaker in pink, red

Here, too, the motto is: colourful or simple, high or flat, closed or open, summer or winter. From sandals and sneakers to pumps, ankle boots and boots. There is something for every occasion and every type.

Everything for men: From belts to watches to sunglasses

Not only that, but also everything else Louis Vuitton has to offer the ladies is available to the same extent for the men of creation. Especially in demand are the casual travel bags and the jackets of the luxury label. These are also available in every imaginable variant.

Fashion Show Autumn/Winter 2018/2019

Louis Vuitton´s Fashion Show of the current autumn and winter collection took place this year at the Louvre in the French capital. With this collection the perfect balance between the past and the future has been created. The show as a whole can be described as a masterpiece. What is striking is that this autumn and winter, very eye-catching garments are to be combined with simpler ones. Thus, the individual outfits are to be relieved of strictness and given casualness. The designer also created true to the motto “opposites attract each other”. So he combines to a girlish pleated skirt, shearling coats or leather jackets. All looks are fused together in a lovely French way.

French mode in the Louvre

Louis Vuitton’s High Fashion Autumn and Winter Looks 2018/2019 were presented at the Louvre this year. Here is a video of the Fashion Show, so you can get a first impression of the looks yourself.

Insider News

You’re probably hearing about these three cool news for the first time right now.

Burnt at the stake! Bags Inferno #1

You have been looking in vain for a long time for an outlet store to get cheap products from Louis Vuitton? Unfortunately we must inform you at this point that you will never find such a store. If a Louis Vuitton shop has any shopkeepers that are simply not sold, these products are first archived and then (and now hold on tight!) burned. This is all because the company does not want to create the reputation of having to sell such high quality bags below their value.

LV punching bag from Karl Lagerfeld #2

For the 118th anniversary of the luxury label, the management came up with a very special project to celebrate the day. So they had global top designers create very special products. Among others, the well-known designer Karl Lagerfeld created such a punching bag, decorated with the Louis Vuitton Monogram. According to the manufacturer, prices for this unusual product are only available on request.

legal dispute after film shooting #3

In 2011, the movie “Hangover 2” caused a lawsuit from the luxury label. In one scene Alan, aka Zach Galifianakis (42), defended his apparent travel bag from Louis Vuitton. The label quickly realized that it was just a cheap duplicate and filed a lawsuit against the Warner Bros film studios. You should change the scene before sales start. The federal court in NYC, however, proved a great sense of humor and dropped the lawsuit because the spectators would not even recognize the fake in the few seconds the bag took to break in.

Secret tips for your bag purchase

Here I have a few more tips for you when buying bags of the luxury label. As promised, we will share last insider tips with you before you decide to buy. Not only online, but also on the street lurk nasty trick shops with the sale of avoidable products of the luxury brand Louis Vuitton. Cheap prices, alleged bargains are waiting for you. But as you already found out in the article, there is no Louis Vuitton outlet store. With a bit of luck and patience you will find a few sale offers waiting for you in the official online shop.

Tips and tricks for your Louis Vuitton purchase

Here I have a few more tips for you when buying bags of the luxury label. As promised, we will share last insider tips with you before you decide to buy. Not only online, but also on the street lurk nasty trick shops with the sale of avoidable products of the luxury brand Louis Vuitton. Cheap prices, alleged bargains are waiting for you. But as you already found out in the article, there is no Louis Vuitton outlet store. With a bit of luck and patience you will find a few sale offers waiting for you in the official online shop.

Buy Louis Vuitton Bag? Tips from Charles Gross

Beauty Guru Charles Gross tells you in the following 13 minutes exclusively how exactly you should buy a bag of the high fashion brand.

Kitty Cat! Sweet cat all in love with LV

Now you know all about the history of the luxurious fashion label, know the most popular products and know what to consider before and during your purchase. But before you jump into the next Louis Vuitton Boutique, take a minute and watch this sweet video of a Louis Vuitton crazy cat.

Here you can find the official website:


Fake or real? Louis Vittion cheap Sale

Many are looking for well made imitations, especially if they can’t afford an original Louis Vuitton handbag, shoes or belt. Also on Amazon there are some pieces where you only see at a second glance that it is not an original. Here are three finds!

Hand Bag: Shopper Bag in all colours

This bag looks very similar to the original and costs only 39,99 Euro. Here you can find the bag on Amazon: Shopper Bag

Travel bag: The XXL carrier bag for ladies

If you are travelling soon, you can get a real bargain for the next short trip to London, Barcelona or Paris for only 23,99 Euro! The offer: Travel bag XXL

Einkaufstasche: Schultertasche mit Clutch Bag Designer Look

Shopping 2 in 1 für nur 21,59 Euro! Hier bekommst du direkt das zwei in eins Paket, mit praktischer Designer Einkaufstasche und passender Clutch. Die Kombi auf Amazon: Einkaufstasche + Clutch


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Versace – the luxury label of Gianni and Donatella

Versace is a young luxury label that has remained in family ownership to this day. In addition to the exclusive collections, the brand has also become known for its upsetting family life, which brings with it some scandals.

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Gianni Versace: Designer and Style

It all began in Florence in 1976, when Gianni Versace was discovered and supported by a textile dealer in Florence. Until then, Gianni was a nobody in the fashion world, although he had already designed for other brands. After his first show there were divided opinions. There were many critics who considered his work obscene. On the other hand, he not only convinced many people with his daring outfits, but really inspired them. His collection was striking and characterized by pastel colors. The designer was inspired by ancient Greece and the art of Roy Lichtenstein and op-Art. The clothes were often provocative. Bright colours, figure-hugging cuts and a lot of skin were part of it, as well as opulent decorations and extraordinary materials such as metal. He also established himself as a costume designer in the art scene and designed costumes for theatre and ballet performances. He was brave and provoked with his designs but was able to stand out from the other designers. His designs reflected the upsetting family history. Gianni Versace was the first designer to put jeans on the catwalk and caused a stir.

After Gianni was shot in front of his villa, Donatella Versace became the head designer. She holds the image of the label. Their designs are also special, courageous and eye-catching. She personally dresses stars like Jennifer Loopez and Lad Gaga with her designs. Lady Gaga even wrote the song “Donatella” for Versace. Nevertheless, there is always speculation whether there will soon be a new successor for Donatella.

Interview with Donatella Versace

From 2009 to 2012 the designer Christoph Kane supported the Versace line Versus. He was discovered by Donatella and she wanted to promote his talent. After the cooperation both were very thankful for the time and the collected experiences.

Versace was invited as guest designer to design a fashion line for H&M in 2011, like other famous high fashion labels did in the years before.

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Important data – the way from the textile business to the luxury brand

  • 1976 The textile retailer Albert Eickhoff becomes aware of the unknown designer Gianni Versace in Florence
  • 1978 The brand Versace is officially founded
  • 1978 The first fashion show takes place in Lippstadt. Among others, the top model Jerry Hall
  • Spring 1978 the first Versace Boutique is opened
  • September 1978 the first men’s collection is presented
  • 1980 Versace establishes itself in the art scene as costume designer
  • 1982 The first perfume for women named after Gianni Versace is launched
  • 1984 The first men’s perfume Versace l´homme follows
  • 1985 Versace gets his own exhibition in the Victoria and albert Museum in London
  • 1989 For the younger generation, a second line is designed
  • 1989 A haute couture line is created in cooperation with the Atelier Versace
  • 1990 Bags, shoes, accessories, tableware, furniture and home accessories are launched
  • 1990 Donatella Versace takes over the second line
  • 1990er The label is one of the internationally most successful fashion brands
  • 1995 In the movie “Showgirls” the actors of Versace wear designed fashion
  • 1995 Madonna models for the first time for Versace
  • 2000 The Palazzo luxury hotel is opened by the Versace company
  • 2004 With a few exceptions, the second line is shut down
  • 2009 Designer Christoph Kane takes up the second line for the new women’s collection
  • 2010 Versace develops its own mobile phone
  • 2012 Christoph Kane leaves the company
  • 2013 A film is made about the family history of Versaces

Versace Collections

  • Atelier Versace – Couture women’s fashion in the uppermost price segment
  • Versace – catwalk line with women’s and men’s fashion in the upper price segment
  • Versace Collection – Ready-to-wear fashion for women (Donna) and men (Uomo) in the upper medium price segment
  • Versus – Young second line in the upper middle price segment for women, licensed until 2009, licensed until 2004 and again since 2013 with men’s fashion
  • Versace Jeans – Sportswear collection in the medium price segment, formerly called’VJC Versace’ or’VJC Versace Jeans Couture’, licensed to Swinger International
  • Young Versace – Children collection for 0- to 12-year-olds

Logo in check. Discover the Men's #VersusSS18 collection at the link in bio.

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The Fashion Show 2018

At the last fashion show, the models wore clothes printed with newspaper articles and headlines such as “Super Exclusive” or “Versace spricht endlich”. Top models like Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner presented the new collection on a Plexiglas catwalk. From the ceiling hung a sea of blue rain. The show was accompanied by the song “Inhliziyo “by Faka. In general, however, the show was rather boring and did not experience a real climax, the audience had expected more.

Internationally successful models for Versace

Versace is represented by many famous models and stars. Demi Moore, Halle Berry and Jon Bon Jovi are firmly attached to the brand. So is superstar Madonna. It presents the brand and is almost part of it. In the 1990s, top models Naomi Campbell, Claudia Schiffer and Linda Evangelista were allowed to adorn themselves with Versace jobs. Today you can also see the brand on stars like Kendall Jenner or Karlie Kloss.

The trademark is a medusa head

The trademark of Versace is an intricate Greek medusa head. The designer loved Greece and was inspired by it, so this should also be reflected in the logo.

The brand is also known for the safety pin dress. It is a figure-hugging, long, black evening dress. Typical for Versace it is revealing with a deep neckline and cut out from the armpits to the waist and from the hip down. The special thing about it is that it is held together by seven large safety pins.  Further safety pins decorate the straps and the corset of the dress. The dress was designed in 1994.

The Family History as Film and Series

House of Versace- a life for fashion is a film about the family history of Versaces.

Brand new is the series American Crime Story: The Assassination of Gianni Versace. The series is also about family life, but above all about the brutal murder of the designer. In 1997, he was shot dead by a world-famous serial killer on the steps of his villa in Miami. What remained were his partner and his sister in sadness. His sister Donatella Versace is played by Penelope Cruz, the Oscar winner. There are already 2 seasons of the series. Season 3 and 4 are already in planning. She’s watching Sky Select.

One of the most important awards

  • 2005: Womens World Award in the category World Fashion Award for Donatella Versace


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Burberry – inventor of the trench coat and legendary designer

Burberry is one of the most famous high fashion brands in the world. The brand has become particularly famous through the invention of the trenchcoat and the famous check pattern that everyone now recognizes.

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What you didn’t know about Burberry – discoverer of Cara Delevingne and designer for Kim Kardashian

These designers have made Burberry a high fashion brand

Thomas Burberry opened his first textile shop in Hampshire in 1856. He became known for the gabardine fabric, which he had invented and used for his designs. It is a fabric that is very robust and waterproof but also breathable. Thomas brought the material and its articles to international wholesalers. Then came his greatest success: the trench coat! This was invented by him and made Burberry famous. Because probably everybody wants to own a trenchcoat and of course the classic from Burberry.

Roberto Menichetti has been designing fashion for Burberry since 1998. He was the one who made the popular check pattern so famous. Before it was only known as inner lining but Roberto Menichetti turns it outwards and people loved it. The camel-black-red-white check pattern is still an integral part of the brand today.

The successor designer was Christopher Bailey. He designed all collections for the brand from 2001-2018. When he came, the label had a slightly old-fashioned reputation, but he changed it all into a world-renowned label that sets international trends. Every year he surprised the world with an exciting new design of the famous trench coat. Sometimes the trenchcoat was to be seen in bright neon colors, sometimes with much fluffy sheep wool. Bailey focuses not only on the collections but also on branding and marketing. He always adapted to the spirit of the age and developed new ideas. For example, he was the first to broadcast his fashion shows on live stream. He also developed a new concept. That’s called See now- Buy now. The basic principle is that you see fashion that you like and can buy directly. Experience fashion directly! Fashion that no one has to wait for is his idea. In addition, he had the idea of presenting autumn fashion in autumn and spring fashion in spring and not the usual autumn fashion in spring and vice versa. Actually a simple idea, but the implementation was difficult. Not many were convinced by the idea and also his own designs suffered and became a bit boring. After 17 years with Burberry, he decided to take a new path.

Riccardo Tisci has been the new designer for Burberry since March 2018. Previously he worked for Givenchy and even designed Kim Kardashian’s wedding dress. In September he will release his first real collection for Burberry and everyone is waiting, because it has already been announced that a new drop culture is planned. this means that the designs will be released little by little to build excitement. In May, the designer had already provided a small foretaste. He published a capsule collection with many heritage pieces, i.e. clothes from the past, which were pimped up again. It is clear that this designer is always good for a surprise and an expert at mixing and combining different styles. Besides, Tisci is a sports fashion fan, maybe something expects us in this direction? We are curious!

Absolute trademark: the trench coat

The brand’s logo is a knight in his armor sitting on a galloping horse carrying a lance in his hand. There is a flag with the inscription Prorsum on the lance. This is Latin and means forward in German. It stands for the fact that the fashion industry is constantly evolving and never stands still.

The trench coat! It simply belongs to Burberry, from the classic to the most unusual creations. Since 1895 it has been an integral part of every collection and is even officially registered as Burberry’s trademark.

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When you think of Burberry, the beige-black-red-white check pattern immediately comes to mind. It is an important part of the label and gives them a certain recognition value. The famous pattern is used in almost all designs.

From the first textile shop to the absolute luxury brand

  • 1856 Thomas Burberry opens his first textile shop
  • 1880 The Gabardine fabric invented by Thomas Burberry is used
  • 1891 In London, the brand’s flagship store opens in the well-known Haymarket shopping street
  • 1895 The first trenchcoat model “Tielock” is designed
  • 1901 The logo of the brand is created. It is a knight on a galloping horse holding a lance flag with the inscription Prorsum (lat. forward) in his hand
  • 1909 The trenchcoat, which is now regarded as a trademark, is launched on the market. Half a million units are sold to the army
  • 1910 The first store opened in Paris
  • 1915 For the first time the label cooperates with Japan
  • 1924 Burberry uses his famous check pattern for the first time
  • 1930 In America the label is expanding and becoming more and more well-known
  • 1955 Queen Elizabeth II declares Burberry a Royal British purveyor to the court
  • since 1960 The collection is extended with accessories
  • 1961 Audrey Hebburn wears the Burberry trench coat in the film “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”
  • 1963 Peter Sellers is in the film “the pink red panther ” in the Burberry trench coat
  • 1981 The first perfume “Burberry for Men” is sold
  • 1988 For the first time a line is designed for young people
  • 1998 The name is changed from Burberrys to Burberry
  • 1998 A jewellery collection and a swimwear line is launched

Models and stars presenting Burberry – Audrey Hepburn and Kate Moss

Burberry worked with famous models and was represented by stars. The best known is probably Audrey Hepburn. She wore the classic trench coat in the award-winning film “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”. Shortly afterwards, Peter Sellers also wore the trench coat in the award-winning film “The Pink Red Panther”.

Top model Kate Moss also loves Burberry! She modelled for Burberry’s advertising campaigns and has since been associated with the high fashion label.

In addition, top model Cara Delivinge was discovered by Christopher Baileys. It still represents the brand on the catwalk and in campaigns. Burberry and Cara Delivinge simply belong together!

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The unforgettable fashion shows

Social media has always been an important part of Burberry’s fashion shows. They were the first to broadcast their fashion shows in a live stream on the Internet.

Besides, good music has always been part of it. Young British up-and-coming stars sang live at his shows and now famous singers like George Ezra had their first performance there. For his final show, designer Christopher Bailey chose synthie-pop band Bronski Beats, which delighted everyone. She played the song “Memories” shortly before the show and when it really started the mega hit “Smalltown Boy” exploded and carried everyone along. As a reminder, the designer published a playlist of 200 songs on Apple Music, reminiscent of the unforgettable moments.

Of course, the clothes were available for purchase immediately after the show, following the See now- Buy now! principle invented by Christopher Bailey.

George Ezra live on the Burberry Runway

Burberry promotes young talents

The Burberry Foundation is a corporate foundation that has been supporting young people with talent since 2008. Christoph Bailey developed this foundation into the Burberry Acoustic. With British brands and artists they supported young musicians and even recorded a CD.

The new logo promises a new beginning

The new designer Riccardo Tisci frightens people! He developed a new logo at Burberry a few days ago and just a few months after his relaunch. Apparently he’s up to something big! The biggest change, the knight is gone! the complete logo, which has been part of the brand since 1901, is no longer on display. In addition, the classic Burberry lettering was replaced by another typeface. Instead of the signature “established 1856”, “London England” now stands under the Burberry logo. In addition, the intertwined initials of the founder Thomas Burberry now adorn the monogram.

The latest collection by designer Christopher Bailey for the LGBTQ community

The last Burberry collection will be remembered. It is the Rainbow Collection dedicated to the LGBTQ community, dedicated to lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgenders. Burberry will continue to support and stand up for this organization. All garments were decorated with rainbows or rainbow colours and the famous check pattern is also mixed with these colours. The catwalk was a sea of colors.


  • 2003: In recognition of his achievements, the Royal College of Art awarded Christopher Bailey honorary membership in 2003.
  • 2005: Christopher Bailey is voted British Designer of the Year.
  • 2007: In November 2007 Christopher Bailey receives the Bambi for “Best Fashion Designer”.
  • 2010: Christopher Bailey receives the International Award of the Council of Fashion Designer of America (CFDA).

Here you find the official website:


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Gucci shoes to bag – Luxurious accessories for men and women

Gucci sells women’s, men’s and matching accessories. Since 2011 Gucci even has its own children’s collection. You can also buy fragrances, jewelry and watches from Gucci. The prices are very high class. It all began in 1921 with the master saddler Guccio Gucci, who had specialized in leather goods and luggage in his shop. He founded the Gucci brand! With resources becoming scarce during the Second World War, Guccio had to become creative and use natural products such as hemp, linen and bamboo in his designs. His handbag with bamboo handle is still known today. He was inspired by equestrian sport, which was reflected in his special field of fine leather goods and handbag. This special field helped the brand to become known worldwide.

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Gucci: Designer and Style

Tom Ford, this famous American designer designed the new Gucci collections from 1990 to 2004. His designs for women’s fashion were sensual and elegant combined with bold, eye-catching cuts. For men’s fashion he designed clothes in dandy style, i.e. fashion that stands out from the crowd and dares to break styles. Tom Ford’s collections have made Gucci a coveted luxury label and have won recognition around the world.

In April 2004 Alessandra Faccinetti, Frida Giannini and John Ray followed in Ford’s footsteps. Faccinetti was responsible for Die Damen-Mode, Giannini for the accessories and Ray for the menswear. But already in 2006 Giannini took over all tasks. It was able to maintain its success for several years, but after 2013 sales figures declined and it left its position in 2015.

Alessandro Michele is the new successor. He only has a few days for his first women’s collection. He is missing out on a radical change in Gucci’s image in 2015. The new collection is colourful, wild, with patterns, animal and flower motifs. Combined with old-fashioned accessories such as nerd glasses, the cuts are reminiscent of the 1970s. Typical of the collection is also the unmistakable Gucci lettering. With its bold collection, it breaks the gender boundaries. Fashion is presented casually, carefree and cheerfully by young models. In addition, the shops will be redesigned. At first many critics are sceptical, but then a huge hype arises around the label and it is described as the most popular in the whole world. Alessandro Michele receives many international awards.

Interview with Alessandro Michele

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important data: Guccio Gucci, designer and perfume creator<7h2>

  • 1921 Guccio Gucci founds the company in Florence
  • 1938 Gucci opens a store on a prestigious shopping street in Rome
  • 1939 Additional Gucci stores are opened in Florence, Rome and Milan.
  • 1930-1940 Due to World War II, Gucci mainly uses alternative materials such as hemp, linen, jute and bamboo.
  • 1953 The first store in New York City is opened
  • 1953 Guccio Gucci dies. His death triggers a big family argument about the inheritance
  • 1960 The intricate G, which represents a stirrup, becomes a trademark
  • From 1960 The brand develops into a globally recognized status Symbol
  • 1970 The first clothing line appears
  • 1974 The first perfume, the women’s fragrance Gucci No. 1 is launched
  • 1976 The first men’s fragrance follows
  • 1981 The first fashion show of the brand takes place
  • 1983 The company is on the verge of collapse due to property disputes
  • 1993 The family business is sold to an Arab investment group and is therefore no longer owned by the Gucci family for the first time.
  • about 1995 Gucci becomes a luxury label again thanks to US-American designer Tom Ford
  • 1998 The company is now based in London
  • 2010 The company moves to Switzerland
  • 2011 A Gucci Museum is opened in Florence
  • 2018 The Gucci Museum is now called Gucci-Garden. In addition, a Gucci restaurant opens.

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Gucci Show: Last Collection / Fashion Show 2018

The way the Gucci brand presents its fashion is unique and unmistakable. It is non-individual, special and above all striking. The shows are inspired by the film world and indeed they remind of a science fiction film. Especially the show in February 2018 attracted attention. The models were wearing white make-up on their faces, walking down the catwalk with staring glances and transparent garment bags over their clothes. There were noises like in an operating theatre and also the surroundings reminded of such a hall. But that wasn’t the highlight for a long time. Some of the models have been transformed into futuristic mythical creatures. They had 3 eyes, wore their heads under their arms or looked like the typical Gucci snake. In addition there were special effects, which were combined by digitally created and 3D effects.  Of course you wonder how Allessandro Michele came up with the idea of presenting his fashion in this way, but he knows exactly what he wants to say! Each of his shows is supposed to transport something to the people. Individualism is the basic principle! Every day we have to redesign ourselves and ask ourselves again and again whether we are ourselves or just a personality adapted to our environment. He encourages us to use all our possibilities to develop ourselves further and to be the person we would like to be. His last fashion show should be a farewell to the past, because the world will never be the same again. His collection is intended to show that the present is quickly becoming the past. We can put the past behind us, but we can also learn from it and use it. Gucci should take away our fear of the future and help us see it as an opportunity to do everything that seems impossible to us.

Gucci Trademarks

Everyone knows the brand logo, it is an intricate, double G. It should remind of a stirrup, since the label was formerly inspired by equestrian sport. The typical colours are red, green and white. The brand’s first top seller was the bamboo bag, a handbag with a bamboo handle. Until today it is the trademark of the company and everyone should know it! The bag can be found again and again on stars like Grace Kelly or the Queen. The brand also became famous for the Jackie O scarf. It was designed in 1966 for Jackie Kennedy. Today the brand is known for unusual, bold designs, as well as for extraordinary combinations and stylistic breaks. 2018 the Gucci belt with a brass buckle is the absolute must have. It is available in different colours and designs.

More about Gucci – Brand & Online Shop


  • 1996 Tom Ford “Designer of the Year”
  • 1998 “European Company of the Year”
  • 2009 Frida Giannini “International Designer of the Year” of the Japanese Fashion Editor’s Club (FEC)


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Coco Chanel a fashion icon – perfume, fashion and emancipation

Gabrielle Coco Chanel, grown up as a sad child in an orphanage, died as a legend. Born in 1983 in Saumur/France, she made a name for herself 30 years later in the fashion industry. Her speciality: unusually functional and yet feminine and elegant women’s fashion. Who wanted a corset and wanted to look like everyone else was wrong with Coco Chanel. Light blouses, airy tops, wide cut ladies’ trousers or calf-length skirts made of comfortable fabrics such as English tweed, mottled weed, wool jersey, bouclé or bourette silk.

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Fashion is ephemeral, style never – Coco Chanel

One of Chanel’s most famous creations is the Chanel costume. A waisted costume jacket with a continuous shoulder seam over the sleeves, narrow sleeves that are cut so that the jacket does not slip even when the arms move, and discreet shoulder pads that always guarantee a straight silhouette. Gold-coloured chains and gold-plated lead weights have been sewn into the seams to ensure a perfect fit.

The classic Chanel jacket had four straight-cut pockets at hip height. The jacket is either not closed at all, with a head or a chain at chest or waist height, a usually single-row button placket or a simple zipper. The lining of the jacket is individually matched to the outer fabric or the matching blouse. A pastel-coloured blouse with a silk georgette sling collar was usually worn with a classic Chanel costume.

Coco Chanel’s most important milestones for you:

  • 1909 Start your own hat shop with the name Chanel.
  • 1914 Opening of your boutique in Seebad Biarritz.
  • 1918 Designed the first pajamas for women, since pajamas were originally intended for men only.
  • 1923 international breakthrough with its fragrance “Chanel No.5.”
  • 1926 Chanel designs the little black, she rejects bright colours because she likes simple colours like beige, white and black better.
  • 1930 Chanel equips screen stars from United Artists and Hollywood for a few weeks.
  • 1932 presents her jewellery collection with diamonds in Paris under the name “Bijoux de Diamants”.
  • In 1936, the number of Chanel employees rose to over 4,000.
  • 1939 Chanel discontinues haute couture fashion and temporarily only sells perfumes and accessories.
  • 1954 Chanel, after accusations that she collaborated with the National Socialist.
  • 1954 Opens a store in Paris, where she realizes her “war collection”.
  • 1971 Death of Coco Chanel at the Hotel Ritz.
  • 1971 Gaston Berthelot, a Dior designer, takes your place.
  • 1974 Alain Wertheimer receives the controlling majority of Chanel together with his brother.
  • 1971-1983 Image of the fashion house dusty, is considered “moustimode”.
  • Since 1983 Karl Lagerfeld has been employed as a consultant for haute couture.
  • 1984 Karl Lagerfeld becomes the head designer of the entire fashion department of the company.
  • 1988 Lagerfeld received the International Award from the Council of Fashion Designers of America for his Chanel collections.
  • 1990 Claudia Schiffer is hired by Lagerfeld.
  • 1996 Schiffer and Lagerfeld go separate ways.
  • 2000 Schiffer and Lagerfeld are working together again, and more international stars like Vanessa Paradis, Nicole Kidman Audrey Tautou, Keira Knightley or Blake Lively have been used as testimonials for Chanel.
  • Since 1983 until today Chanel has again been considered a “high fashion brand” and has found its old glory thanks to Lagerfeld.

The Chanel Logo: Simplicity in the Integrity of Design

Chanel himself designed the logo in 1925. The two “Cs”, pushed into each other, stand for the first letters of the name of the founder and surname. The Chanel logo is as effective as it is long-lasting thanks to the simplicity in the integrity of design.

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Coco Chanel as pioneer of emancipation

A tightening corset just because it’s socially acceptable? Not with Coco. Thanks to Coco Chanel’s fashion, women were no longer the decorative object and wealth card of their husbands, but on the right path to independence.  She demonstrated to the women that a woman can be independent in every respect – if she is willing to pay the price for it. No matter what others said, Chanel has always defended her fashion and view of things, which was absolutely scandalous at the time, but it paid off with a revolution in the apparel industry.

Especially in the present time, in which feminism is a big topic, Coco is remembered, who stands with her fashion until today for the emancipation of women.

In September 2014, Lagerfeld reminds us of Coco’s legacy – by having his models storm across a rebuilt street in the Grand Palais in Paris at the end of the Chanel show as an attractive horde of young women, protesting for women’s rights. The audience became very sentimental and many felt reminded of their youth, the younger ones enjoyed the revival and the cheeky sayings.

Karl Lagerfeld is committed to feminism.

Is Karl Lagerfeld a worthy successor?

The sales figures speak for themselves! Since Lagerfeld became chief designer, sales figures have skyrocketed. But Lagerfeld is of the opinion that Coco hated his designs. Lagerfeld had complete freedom to decide what he would do with the brand “If you can do something, that’s okay, if not, I’ll sell the store,” the owner told Lagerfeld. Despite the conviction that fashion goddess Coco Chanel would not be satisfied with his work, the world thinks differently. Lagerfeld has brought Coco’s convictions and values to the present day or modernised them. He varies colours, silhouettes, jacket and skirt lengths, uses new fabrics and accessories, replaced the classic braids with fringes and presented the Chanel costume in both the Haute-Couture and Prêt-à-Porter collections.

It’s time to be beautiful when the world gets too ugly

Lagerfeld decides to add a statement with the spring/summer collection 2018. His designs show the will to turn to beauty instead of despairing of all the ugliness in the world. The sometimes soft and sometimes bright colours illustrate the lightness of the collection. An interplay of transparent silk tulle and a heavily embroidered, textured tweed then pushes it to the top.

However, Lagerfeld not only designs “pretty things” with his collection, he also thinks up new forms. Skirt parts on the dress, which suddenly only start from the middle of the thigh, frills only on the sides. The ruffles are broken through in the middle by a glittering triangle or midi dresses are covered with a transparent veil. In the collection, Lagerfeld Chanel re-designs without losing the old, which is once again met with great enthusiasm.

Coco Chanel changed the fashion world forever, her legacy was inherited from Lagerfeld and is still being treated today. And once again Lagerfeld has proved with his new cut and colour combinations that he is a worthy successor by refusing to bow to ugliness. And as Coco Chanel liked to say, “elegance is refusal”.

Fashion Show 2018 – Spring Summer Looks by Chanel

Fashion Show 2018 – Autumn/Winter Collection by Chanel


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Kobe Travel Guide: Sightseeing, Fashion Week & Lifestyle in Kansai

Kobe is the sixth largest city in Japan. It is located north of Osaka Bay and about 30 km west of Osaka itself. With a population of 1.5 million and as part of the Keihanshin metropolitan area, Kobe is one of the most important cities in the Kansai region. The severe earthquake of 1995 changed the appearance of the city considerably, but Kobe has not lost its character and continues to enchant with its surprising versatility and the fusion of old and new, tradition and progress, prefabricated housing and green spaces such as Sorakuen Garden or Zuihoji Park, so typical of all major Japanese cities. Read more about Japan’s metropolises Tokyo and Kyoto.

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At dizzying heights above Kobe

Built close to the water

The city of Kobe is long and narrow, which is due to its location between the coast and mountainous country. As everywhere in Japan, the lack of usable land can be felt in Kobe – but thanks to its proximity to the coast and the sea, the Japanese have managed to build two artificial islands between Kobe and Osaka to expand the base of the Japanese island complex, namely Port Island and Rokkō Island.

Without snow through the winter

The weather in Kobe is characterized by hot summers and cool winters. With an average annual temperature of 15 to 20 degrees Celsius, it can be tolerated here all year round. The hottest phase is in August with an outside temperature of up to 32 degrees – in winter the temperatures rarely go below 0 degrees, so that it hardly ever snows in Kobe.

Melting Pot Kobe: internationally popular

Incidentally, about 13% of the city’s population is made up of people under 14, 67% of people up to the age of 64 and 20% of people over 65. 44,000 non-Japanese are registered in Kobe, with South Korea and China as the most common foreign nationalities, and Vietnam and America by far.

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The nine faces of Kobe – all municipalities at a glance

International ME: Angela with over 15 destinations in just one day!

Nishi – fresh fish from Akashi

Nishi is the westernmost district of Kobes and with almost 250,000 inhabitants the most populous district of the city. Nishi borders the town of Akashi known for its fresh fish – the temple Gessho-ji is located on the 135th meridian east of Greenwitch, which determines the Japanese normal time JST. That is why the JST is also simply called Akashi time in Japan.

Kita – Natural paradise on the mountain Rokko

Due to its mountainous structure, Kita is the most suitable area for hiking in Kobes. The two mountains Rokkō and Maya invite you to take long walks – the Rokkō Alpine Garden, for example, offers an impressive array of colours and plant diversity especially in autumn and is the perfect place for a day out in nature. If you are looking for relaxation, Arima Onsen is the place for you. The hot spring is an absolute insider tip and lies well protected behind the mountain Rokkō By the way, it is one of the oldest sources at all and is already mentioned several times in historical texts from the 8th century. By the way: Rokkō towers above the whole city with a proud 931 meters height!

Arima Onsen – hot spring, footbath & Mouchi with Allan tea

Tarumi – over the bridge to Awajji

The area around Tarumi was originally not part of the city and was only incorporated in 1946. Tarumi is mainly a residential area and offers few attractions for tourists. However, the AkashiKaikyō bridge, which connects the main island Honshū via Tarumi with southern Awaji on Awajishima, is worth a visit. With a span of 1,991 metres, it is the longest suspension bridge in the world – its actual length is as much as 3,911 metres!

The longest suspension bridge in the world – the crowning glory of bridge construction

Suma – Summer, Sun, Beach and more!

This municipality is located in the western part of the city along the coast and Osaka Bay. Formerly a picturesque district with beautiful small wooden houses, Suma has not been the same since the strong earthquake in Kobe at the end of the 1990s. But the famous beach complex in Suma Kaihin Kōen Park continues to inspire many visitors all year round, but especially during the summer months of course, and invites them to extensive walks and beach parties.

Nagata – the best shoes in Japan

According to figures, Nagata is the smallest district of the city and the least populated compared to the other eight districts. Nevertheless, with almost 9,000 inhabitants per km² it has the highest population density – the majority of the people here are among Kobes with the lowest income. Nagata is known for its shoe production and is still the leader in Japan. Also worth mentioning is the Nagata Shrine, one of the largest shrines in the city.

Hyōgo – drawn by time

Hyōgo is the historical heart of the city and has been run under various names throughout history. Once the core of Kobe’s business, Hyōgo has never fully recovered since the severe damage caused to the area by the Second World War. In 2004, the municipality was further affected by devastating floods. Nowadays people live here at a population density of 655 inhabitants per km² – a faint reflection of the past.

Chūō – from Motomachi to Harborland and Chinatown

The current business and entertainment centre of the city is clearly Chūō – the city centre Sannomiya, the office and business district Motomachi as well as the popular shopping district Harborland directly at the harbour form the character of the area. The artificial islands Port Island and Kobe Airport are also part of Chūō. Along with Nagasaki and Yokohama, Cobes own Chinatown Ninkanmachi is one of the most important conurbations for residents of Chinese descent in Japan – among Chinese, the term “Tangren Jie” is preferred because of its historically negative use of words.

Harborland Tour: Tiger in the shopping area of Kobe

Nada – Uni, Zoo and Sake Production

Nada is home to Oji Zoo, Oji Stadium and Kobe University. Together with the neighbouring district of Higashinada, Nada is best known for its sake. Adding the annual production rate of rice wine to that of Fushimi in Kyoto, as much as 45% of the country’s total production of sake is produced here!

Higashinada – celebrate in Kobe for the wagon festival

Higashinada district is located in the eastern part of the city. A large part of the area is the artificial island Rokkō, which was completed in the early 1990s. The Kōnan University and the Canadian Academy, an international university, are located in Higashinada as well as numerous museums, not least of course the Hakutsuru Gallery, named after the great sake producer Hakutsuru. The Okamoto plum garden makes botanists’ hearts beat faster and in May the whole town comes together to celebrate at the Danjiri-Matsuri.

Economic centre Kobe – upswing of the city

Economically, Kobe is an important hub on Japan’s main island Honshu. Large and well-known companies such as UCC have their headquarters in Kobe, but also various companies of the Kawasaki Group and the Mitsubishi Group can be found here. Some Japanese companies have moved to Tokyo over the years, but the city has not lost its appeal for international companies and is home to many successful companies such as the pharmaceutical giant Eli Lilly & Company, the consumer goods group Procter & Gamble, Boehringer Ingelheim – the largest research-based pharmaceutical company in Germany – and the Swiss food group Nestlé.

Teamwork with partners & sister cities worldwide

In addition to official city partnerships with Tianjin in China, Philadelphia, USA, and Daegu in South Korea as well as numerous sister cities, the port of Kobe Sister Port is linked to the ports in Rotterdam, Netherlands, and Seattle, USA.

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Research in Kobe: High-End Technology & Supercomputers

Furthermore, many research institutes are present in Kobe, above all the RIKEN Kobe Institute Center for Development Biology and Medical Imaging Ttechniques. An example for the work on RIKEN – short for “Rikagaku “Rikagaku”, which means physical-chemical institute – is the K-computer, which RIKEN developed together with Fijutsu. With a computing power of 10.51 petaflops, the K-Computer took first place among the fastest computer systems in the world in 2011!

The history of the K-Computer from 2006 to 2012

Attractions and Culture: Luxury Meat, Golf and Kobe Fashion Week

Apart from rice wine, the famous Kobe Beef has its origin in Kobe and is named after cattle of the Japanese breed of Tajima cattle from the region around Kobe. It’s the most expensive beef in the world. The meat impresses with its strong marbling and the low content of saturated fatty acids. Market prices range from 400.00 euros to 600.00 euros per kilogram – Kobe Beef’s EU import has only been possible since summer 2014!

Food Guide Kobe: from Akashiyaki to Kobe Beef with Lyz Kelly

From jazz to wrestling and futsal – music & sports in Kobe

Every year in October the music event “Kobe Jazz Street” takes place, but not only culturally the city near Osaka has a lot to offer. Kobe is home to Japan’s first mosque, inaugurated in 1935, and the country’s first golf club, founded in Japan at the beginning of the 20th century. In general, sport is very important in Kobe – it has a rich tradition in baseball, football, rugby, volleyball and wrestling as well as futsal, a variant of indoor football internationally recognised by the World Football Association FIFA, where flying changes in the team’s own area are possible and the ball may not be controlled for more than four seconds when at rest.

Kobe Fashion Centre: Kobe Fashion Week

In Kobe there is a saying: “If you can’t go to Paris, go to Kobe”, because cosmopolitan and fashion are particularly important here. Kobe Fashion Week is held twice a year and brings together the country’s most important designers and numerous international guests. The Kobe Collection was launched in 2002 and was one of the most important fashion shows in the region until it was discontinued in 2007. The Kobe Fashion Museum was chosen by CNN as one of the top 10 museums in the world!

CSE TV News: Interview with fashion god Keitaro Takada

Impressions: Kobe Collection x Tokyo Girls Collection

Read more about Japan’s metropolises Tokyo and Kyoto.


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Top 10: The most expensive handbags in the world from Chanel, Fendi to Hermes

Handbags are the absolute dream of every woman. Whether big, small, with or without handle – numerous models make the female heart beat faster. In the following ranking we have listed for you the best, most luxurious and expensive handbags in the world. If you want to know more about fashion trends and labels, then check out the best shoe labels, most expensive jeans labels and the most popular handbags in the world.


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1. Chanel – The classic for the woman of the world

One of the most expensive handbags in the world was made by the classic fashion label Chanel.

2. Fendi handbag for incredible $ 28,000

For $ 28,000 you can buy this Fendi bag.

3. Hermes launches with bags at $ 120,000 to $ 210 million

4. Hilde Palladino for pure luxury on the wrist!

5. Lana Marks bags and clutches for $ 100,000

6. Louis Vuitton $2,000 – $25.9 billion

7. Marc Jacobs $50,000

8. Mouawad $3.8 million

For incredible $ 3.8 million you can buy the diamond-studded bags from Mouawad.

9. Prada

Ein von Prada (@prada) gepostetes Video am

10. Judith Leiber $90,000 – $1 Mio

The handbags designed by Judith Leiber cost between 90,000 and 1 million US dollars in extravagant designs.

Ein von Mark (@saksandbags) gepostetes Foto am

Here are a few tips on how to keep your handbag tidy!

Luxury on Instagram! What is currently going on at IG?


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Anna Sanecka-Klimczak??

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Taschen, It-Pieces & Bags: Mehr zu Michael Kors, Gucci & Co. auf FIV


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Top 10 most expensive leather jackets in the world

The leather jacket is always a cool accesoire, it is super good for a style break and lets every “boring” outfit appearing rocky and casual. Many celebrities love this trend. But what are the most interesting and expensive leather jackets on the market? We’ve selected them for you and listed Read more

It-bags! Designer Bags Haul with Gucci, Celine, Hermes & Co.

Hello my love! Today I have something very special for you. Who does not know it. You can see her in town, on Instagram at his favorite blogger / blogger. We languish after them, but for most it remains an unfulfilled dream. Designer bags! Every woman knows it. Whether Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Celine, Chanel or Givenchy. The luxury brands are constantly bringing new bags to the market and one would love to fall in love with a piece that unfortunately costs twice as much as one’s own rent. I have picked out my personal favorite bags of designer brands and found for you look a like alternatives that are still high quality, but still fit into the budget, because of cheap fakes, I’m absolutely no fan!

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Gucci Dionysus GG Supreme Designer Bag

At the moment you can see this gem on every blogger on Instagram and of course I fell in love with the beauty of Gucci. Luckily I found a remedy – because the price of € 1,800 upwards is not within my budget – and bought me a Look a Like alternative from the Cologne store Kay’s. If you want to get that piece of jewelry, you’ll find great alternatives both at Kay’s store on Ehrenstraße 104 and on the internet at

just adore this @aboutyoude coat // #liketkit

Ein Beitrag geteilt von Iva Nikolina Juric (@ivanikolina) am

? #ootn

Ein Beitrag geteilt von iva (@ivaxbrd) am

Givenchy Antigona: News Must Have!

Also this bag can be seen everywhere at the moment. It is perfect for everyday wear as it is big enough to hold everything important in it. Even this original price of € 1,700 is not in the budget of most, so after a long search I found an alternative. The online store fashiondrug sells high quality Look a Like at a really affordable price. Influencers, such as madelinemercedes, prefer to buy the alternative instead of paying dizzying prices for the original.


Ein Beitrag geteilt von Katarina Juric (@katarina_ju) am

Celine Luggage Multitalent: Small, Tall, Shopper & Clutch

This beautiful piece by Celine has been a topic of conversation for quite some time, but the trend remains as Celine brings out many different variants of the model. They are available in small in size as a shopper and as a clutch, in many different colors and materials. But since it is an expensive fun with 2,300 €, of course, there is also an alternative for them. Here, too, I found something at fashiondrug. Here you will find the alternative from 64.95 € and that in good quality. Also at the Cologne shop ‘Jumeirah Store’, you can buy the bag. You can find this in Pfeilstraße 24 in Cologne.

i’m determined to channel spring vibes even if the weather disagrees with me ?☺

Ein Beitrag geteilt von melis ? NYC blogger (@melotones) am

Luxury! Hermès Birkin Bag

Last but not least, I introduce you to this Hermès bag, which can mainly be seen at the Kardashian Klan. Because even this bag seems to be too expensive for ‘normal’ bloggers. The starting price of 8,000-9,000 € is probably only for superstars or the Kardashians affordable. But of course I have found an alternative for you here that looks deceptively real, but more than in the budget. Again, I refer you to the online store fashiondrug, because here you will find the Look a Like starting at a price of 89.95 € !!

These were my designer bags alternatives for you. I found myself in my search for Look a Likes in one or the other online shop, which can also be very interesting for you. So for example, the great look a Likes but also special own bags and parts have. The store fashiondrug, where I found most pockets, is also new to me, but I’m very excited and will soon be buying some new it-pieces myself. For the Cologne among you, I can only recommend the shops ‘Kay’s’ and ‘Jumeirah Store’. Great bags and great fashion is definitely there.

Next week I have a very special topic for you. Sustainable and Fair Fashion. If you do not know what it’s all about, and what great new labels there are in the industry, check back on my blog next Monday! Until then, I wish you all a great week!

Your  Iva ❤

Kolumnen von Ivaiva

Weitere Kolumnen von Iva Bernard x


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Veneer Wiki! That is how VIPS, stars and celebrities shine with perfect teeth

Veneer Wiki – What are veneers and … how do they work? Thanks to the tooth attachments, celebrities and VIPs around the world shine with perfect and straight teeth. Teeth are always a trademark, especially for people in public life, always individual and often make the character of a person, at first glance. So if you do not have the perfect teeth, think quickly about an alternative from the dentist. Sooner or later, the recommendation will always go to veneers. Not only stars from Hollywood rely on the dental veneers of experts, in Germany, too, many celebrities wear veneers to make a better impression in TV shows, at moderation events and on stage. Further down you will find our wiki for veneers!

Veneers are too expensive for you with 15.000 – 20.000 dollars? Then take a look at how you can get straight teeth with Invisalign, sometimes in a few weeks, Iva’s experience report: Invisalign.

The before / after effect of a veneer treatment by the dentist

Stars and VIPs with veneers

Blogger and Influencer Shirin David
She is a known influencer of instagram. Perfect look is Sherin’s trademark!

Oscar winner Matthew McConaughey

The actor makes hearts beat faster with his radiant smile.

Actor Denzel Washington wears veneers

Denzel Washington is a two-time Academy Award winner and a world star.

Jessica Simpson has white and perfect teeth

Singer, songwriter and fashion designer.

Not only VIPs in spotlight wear veneers. Of course, many businessmen have come to the taste! With today’s precision, the ceramic bowls are durable by the dentist for well over ten years. The use takes place completely painless, since it is not drilled. The veneers are handmade and then placed tooth for tooth. We wanted to collect in the wiki all the important terms for you that are on the topic! The before / after effect is absolutely amazing, as you can see in the video:

Before / After: 5 months after veneer treatment

This experience video shows how satisfied patients are after using the veneers.

Wiki! The most frequently asked questions about veneers

Here we have collected all the important terms and explanations about veneers and beautiful teeth for you. Gradually we add new information, so you have a perfect first overview, when it comes to beautiful teeth from the dentist.

  • Before, afterwards
    The before / after effect is impressive, as seen above. The treatment is done quickly and only needs 2-3 sessions.
  • Cheap
    Cost-effective, good-looking veneers are in no case. Celebrities therefore rely on a handful of German dentists when it comes to the precise preparation.
  • tooth
  • Stars
    Especially for people in public life, the ceramic essays are exciting, because their own laughter is often photographed and filmed
  • Disadvantages / Teeth Disadvantages / Risks
    Since neither drilled nor ground, the teeth suffer no damage during use and use.
  • To Go Cost / Alternative
    There are alternatives to elaborate veneers, but on closer examination you can see quickly that the inserts are not adapted and therefore seem artificial.
  • On crowns / dead tooth / on implant / on bridges
    We are just researching the question for you!
  • Brightening / Color A1 / Subsequent Brightening / White Teeth
    The attachments are perfectly adapted in the production or production of the dental technician (after prior agreement with the dentist and Smile Designer), to your own tooth color. With a previous whitening, so the teeth are automatically white.
  • install
    Applying the veneers is completely easy and without pain as the teeth themselves are not treated.
  • species
    There are different types, but mostly high quality ceramic veins are made.
  • on healthy teeth
    On healthy and vital teeth, the attachment is the easiest. Here the veneers only have to be produced and already the essay can start.
  • close at tooth gaps / gap
    If you have a tooth gap between your teeth, it will be balanced differently. Veneers are put on and therefore always need firm hold.
  • with broken teeth
    If the teeth are broken, the dentist in charge must first decide to what extent a preliminary treatment of the individual tooth is necessary.
  • overbite
    Even with overbite, the new teeth can be modeled so that a perfect result is guaranteed.
  • Duration / Duration Treatment / Onset / Procedure / How does it work?
    The veneer treatment at the dentist is usually done with 3 appointments. This includes the initial consultation, here is usually taken already a first impression. In the second session the first rehearsals will be used. If everything fits, details are still being worked on and in session 3, they will be finalized.
  • diastema
  • Renew
    As with the normal teeth, you should also regularly check with his veneers. These can then be perfectly combined with the anyway pending control at the dentist.
  • Experiences / opinions
  • Individual teeth / Canines / Incisors / Anterior / Anterior teeth
  • Remove
  • for crooked teeth
  • financing
  • guarantee
  • Durability / Do not Hold / Durability Experience / Life
    Specialist veneers last 15 years and longer with professional preparation by the dental technician and precise use by the dentist.
  • Caries
  • Cost / Total Cost / Experience / Renewal / Ceramic / Plastic
    Of course, many dentists do not give any advance information about the exact cost, as it varies from case to case. For a high-quality treatment in Germany, but you can always assume a five-figure amount.
  • Lumineers / Lumineers difference
    Medical indication
  • Non Prep / Immediate / To go / Test / Attach
  • after braces
    Wearing a brace before does not affect the use of veneers.
  • after bulimia
    Auch nach einer Bulimie können die Veneers eingesetzt werden, insofern die Zahnsubstanz nicht grundsätzlich gefährdet ist.
  • without loops
    The panels are as stated without drilling attached, even on the grinding of the teeth is completely omitted.
    Upper jaw / Up and down / How many teeth?
    Veneers can be made for single teeth, as well as separately for upper and lower jaw, as well as for the entire more demanding tooth area.
  • Celebrities / Hollywood Stars
    Many celebrities and VIPs wear veneers. We already had a few for you at the beginning of the article.
  • Care / cleaning / proper care
    Since they are like your own teeth, the care is the same. Using regular teeth, flossing and sugar-free chewing gum should be part of the daily routine.
  • Private health insurance
    Do not take the use of statutory health insurance. Even with private health insurance companies should be clarified beforehand, if even a part of the costs will be taken over. As a rule, veneers are paid out of pocket.
  • quality
  • Smoke
    Smoking does not only harm your health, but also your teeth. Residues of cigarette smoke remain in the throat and on the teeth. As a result, bacteria can accumulate, which can not only cause disease but also provide permanent tooth discoloration.
  • Crack / repair
  • rail
  • Insurance / dental insurance
    Of course, there are also insurance companies that offer the protection of veneers and teeth.
  • Veneers vs crowns
  • Benefits / Before After
  • Requirements / when possible? / When useful?
    The ideal conditions before treatment are healthy and complete teeth. As a result, the effort is the least. However, you can also work with broken teeth, even with missing teeth. Individual assessments are given by the dentist.
    are shifting
  • How many teeth?
  • How do they stay?
  • Teeth crunching
  • gums
    Good dental aesthetics also treat gum problems directly, for example the ‘Gummy Smile’. When people laugh, you can see a lot of gums here. Some bother that.
    Before, afterwards

Luxury Ranking – Watches, Dream Travel & Fashion Trends

Luxury? As an editor, I meet influencers, models and sometimes stars in the men’s blog to talk to you about trends and fashion. As a man, you’re always a bit of a nerd. Today I wanted to find out what ‘Germany’ is looking for when it comes to luxury. Everyone wants to escape from everyday life. Preferably on white Caribbean beaches, with a luxurious yacht or only once with the private jet to New York – why not !? At work or at home, sitting comfortably on the sofa, we then look on Youtube and Google, what the luxury world would have to offer for us. But, what is Germany looking for? Our luxury ranking! And if you want to know more about luxury, have a look here.

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Top search terms in connection with luxury

Luxury watches for men and women as a status symbol

Luxury watches for men and women are the absolute top keyword when it comes to luxury. Manufacturers and manufactories are available all over the world. Watches made in Switzerland, for example, are especially prized. Whether rarities or new production – luxury watches rarely lose value and are therefore for many people as an investment an interesting speculative object.

Luxury & luxury items inspire super rich and ‘normal’

In terms of luxury there are no compromises. If you are looking for luxury, you will always expect excellent preparation, regardless of whether it’s the staff, the planning or the event / product / etc. per se. If you are looking for luxury, you are ready to invest many for these things. Luxury is prestige and therefore always a benevolent sign, luxury should do good! Luxury should and distract from everyday life and let the soul “dangle”. Anyone who can afford it can always expect the best of the best. Therefore, many trust good recommendations when it comes to luxury things. Because who likes to buy the cat in a poke? Nobody. That’s why it’s so important for luxury brands to maintain their own reputation and always offer more than the other brands do.

Luxury brands in Italy, USA & Co.

The world of brands is so diverse that hardly anyone knows everyone. It’s a little different in the luxury industry. There are only a few who understand how to turn exclusive ideas into a brand. In addition to the many well-known luxury brands such as Gucci, Prada or Dior, there are also many brands that are known only to absolute connoisseurs.

Luxury real estate and luxury homes of the super rich

Living like the super rich? Many have this dream. Anyone who has ever seen the luxury villa of a VIP knows how impressive real estate can be. Special experiences in multi-storey houses (without separations) show how exclusive houses can be built. Luxurious properties can be found especially in the big cities and in exclusive, remote locations. Here, VIPs and celebrities find time to recover from exhausting jobs and meetings. There are VIPs on beaches worldwide. For example, quiet islands in the Bahamas are particularly popular. White beaches, chic villas and no paparazzi.

The luxury motorhome or caravan for individual travel

Travel once? Many super-rich people have the “simple” dream of traveling in a camper. It may well be luxurious! Anyone who has worked for decades for success and has already seen all parts of the world wants to spend his time simply and relaxed. And how is this better than relaxing on a Bavarian mountain lake or extremely secluded on the Mediterranean? Many enjoy the absolute freedom that a caravan offers. Fast and easy, you can start anytime. Carry without hotel booking, flight reservation, taxis and luggage. Motorhomes offer all that! And if you like it, you can of course buy upgrades. How about, for example, with a built, small parking garage in the rear of the motorhome? With a simple push of a button, the parking deck drives out and you can start your holiday in the Smart. Boxspring beds, gilded showers, for caravans and motorhomes there are actually no limits in the luxury segment.

Luxury holiday home, luxury holiday, luxury travel and hotels

Sylt, Usedom or the Bahamas, there are many destinations, if it allows the holiday fund. Particularly popular in Germany are the easily accessible holiday destinations. Over the weekend it goes to the North or Baltic Sea. Short journey, direct holiday feeling. Especially in summer we appreciate the nearby holiday destinations. However, if you have a little more time, you will be happy to board the plane or your own private jet and travel even more exclusive destinations. Whether city trip or a relaxing week with holiday house with Jacuzzi and leisure program. There are only a few travel tips and most of them are just clumsy offers.

Luxury beds for relaxed sleep & regeneration

Sleep? Absolute luxury! Top models, actors and business people trust that getting enough sleep, as well as sport, increases the overall performance in the job and everyday life. In every German shopping mile and in every corner, where business people and wealthy people are at home, one shop joins the next. Furniture, interior design and exclusive accesssoires are presented in large stores with lots of glass and pageantry.

Luxury furniture for luxury homes: Exclusive workmanship and precision in craftsmanship

As interesting as luxury beds are furniture in general. Particularly Italian furniture designers are considered worldwide, not only since the modern age, as absolute trendsetters and guarantors for high-quality processing of designs and materials. Even with wood, extremely large differences are made, depending on how exclusive a piece of furniture is. One uses cherrywood for an elite look, the other one for sturdy oak. Depending on the requirements of your own interior design, for example as a single household or as a family, the demands increase. Luxury furniture is in great demand because it is not only made with absolute precision. The names of the manufactories and designers also stand for reputation and experience. That is why such exclusive pieces do not exist in every furniture store in Berlin or Hamburg. Only the best stores can afford to represent these brands.

Luxury Yacht: The Must Have for International Yetsetters

Super rich have an absolute favorite: yachts. The absolute super yachts are parked in the world’s most expensive marinas. Believe it or not, the least of their years really does. Only those who love to sail occasionally will get their own yacht. So it is a mixture of status symbol and the dream of many boys, a boat by the sea. That is why many wealthy people fulfill the dream of owning their own yacht. It does not always have to be the most exclusive motorboat, many sails like and tune their boats and equipment accordingly. For weekend fishing with friends or for exclusive parties in Monaco. Yachts are part of the Yetset life and no matter if you are a manager, boss or super-rich, many love being on the water – free of questions, phone calls and important decisions. At sea or even on the ocean, you are often completely free for a few hours with your own thoughts.

Luxury bags: Chloé, Burberry and Karl Lagerfeld

Chloé, Burberry, Hugo Boss, Karl Lagerfeld … JOOP! The luxury brands are omnipresent in all shopping malls and inner cities. Many make the leap to the international brand or have been involved in fashion history since the very beginning. Especially for ladies bags and handbags are an absolute fashion must have. It does not matter if fashion trends take place in spring, summer, autumn or winter, luxury bags are always popular with women. But men are also increasingly using the branded product. The high quality workmanship, the good name, are all beating arguments for an exclusive luxury bag.

Luxury chalet: live like the king in France

May it be a little bit more? If you do not want to spend your vacation in a hotel or in a luxury mobile home, you can book a quiet chalet in France or Spain. Especially these two areas are especially popular with travelers from all over Europe. Here you will not only find beautiful landscapes, mountains, rivers and gentle valleys. The peace and relaxation attracts many – wellness! In your own chalet or holiday home, there is no distraction, unless you want it yourself. As a single, couple or with the family you can relax here outstanding. Secluded and far from the cities, between nature and locals.

Luxury cars: More equipment, more comfort, more horsepower

In particular, men attract luxury cars and special equipment almost automatically. On countless luxury fairs and also on normal automobile fairs the new masterpieces of the renowned automaker are presented. Who likes the extraordinary, will not limit his fleet to one car, but buy several. While many rely on PS, many value the brand and that certain something. For this reason, even the least buy their luxury car off the shelf. Tuning, extravagant painting, these are features that you, especially as a man, for his most expensive piece likes!

These were the absolute and most important searches of the Germans! However, only the tip of the iceberg! If you want to know everything about the secret desires of the ‘normal’ and ‘super-rich’, you’ll find everything here from A-Z.

Luxury watches for the super-rich – this is how masterpieces are made

Luxury with A: car brands and bracelets

We start directly with one of the absolute favorite topics of the Germans: cars. Especially often we are looking for “luxury car brands”, but also for interesting things like “luxury Aldi” or “luxury alpine hut”.

  • Luxury Apartment
  • Luxury Aldi
  • Luxury alpine hut
  • Luxury aquarium
  • Luxury advent wreath

Living in Ibiza – villa, pool, car … all there!

This dreamlike video from Ibiza shows how architecture and lifestyle come together. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that we can do it! With villa, pool and car.

Luxury with B: bathrooms & boats

Before we come to luxury yachts, first a look at boats and mountain huts. Farms are also very popular. Probably because many of those who “live in luxury” are looking for relaxation and nature.

  • Luxury bathroom
  • Luxury bed
  • Luxury box spring bed
  • Luxury bathrobe
  • Luxury bungalow
  • Luxury brunch
  • luxury bunker
  • luxury bus
  • Luxury baby bed
  • Luxury boats

Swiss country cottage for $ 28 million?

Switzerland is one of the most exclusive places in Europe. Not only the prices are lifted but also the standards. For example, mountain huts cost $ 28 million. Why? The reporter from Bloomberg finds that out!

Luxury with C: Can it still be a champagne?

  • Luxury car
  • Luxury camping
  • Luxury couch
  • Rent a luxury chalet
  • Luxury campers
  • Luxury campsite
  • Luxury executive chair
  • Luxury Caravan
  • Luxury champagne
  • Luxury coffee table
  • Luxury Casino
  • Luxury car hire
  • Rent & buy a luxury chalet

Luxury Casino + Hotel in Las Vegas

Even away from private homes, there are beautiful places, like here in the old Royal Perfection, Las Vegas.

Luxury with D: decoration

  • Luxury ladies watches
  • Luxury definition
  • Luxury decoration
  • Luxury down jacket
  • Luxury designer
  • Luxury down comforter
  • Luxury dessert
  • Luxury down coat
  • Luxury dinner

Lluxury with E: Somehow, electrically!

  • Luxury E Cigarette
    Smoking is not good!
  • Luxury electric cars
  • Luxury events
  • Luxury electric car
  • Luxury espresso machine
  • luxury ebay

Luxury Events – this is how you plan them!

Luxury with F:

  • Luxury finca mallorca
  • Luxury Fashion Brands
  • Luxury furniture Sale
  • Luxury fashion
  • Luxury family hotel
  • Luxury furniture brands

Here at the Chanel fashion show with star designer Karl Lagerfeld:

In diesem Video spricht Karl Lagerfeld über die Kollektion

Luxury with G: Gifts & Gadgets

  • luxury Gifts
  • Luxury garage
  • Luxury belt
  • Luxury garden shed
  • Luxury garden
  • Luxury garden furniture
  • Luxury Gadgets
  • Luxury gas grill
  • luxury goods
  • Luxury gas stove

Luxury gadgets for tons of fun

Here host Hendrik Hey takes you into the world of the super-rich. Whether speed bike, space capsule, mini submarines and white piano watches. For ordinary people, all these luxury gadgets are priceless.

Luxury with H: houses and hotels

Who of you ever was in multi-storey houses – without dividing walls, knows how impressive luxury can be. Space gives exclusivity and grace.

  • Luxury House
  • Luxury Hotel
  • Luxury Handbags
    Bei uns findest du auch viele Blog Posts zum Thema Luxus Handtaschen. Super beliebt sind zum Beispiel nach wie vor Handtaschen von Michael Kors.
  • Luxus Houses
  • Luxury hotel room
  • Luxury Hotel Berlin
  • Luxury handkerchiefs
  • Luxury helicopter

Luxury with I: Like expensive private islands!

  • Luxury interior
  • Luxury Iphone Case
  • Luxury interior
  • Luxury island
  • Luxury Instagram
  • luxury igloo

Locations for billionaires: islands worldwide

Luxury with J: jewelers and Jacuzzis

When I collected these searches, I just thought, is there jacuzzi in the private jet?

  • Luxury jackets
  • Luxury jeans
  • Luxury jet
  • Luxury jeweler
  • Luxury jobs
  • Buy luxury jet
    The price seems to interest many in jets. Pre-coat, spoiler! According to Advisory HQ, good private jets currently cost between $ 3 and $ 300 million.
  • Luxury jeans label
  • Luxury jeep
  • Luxury Jacuzzi
  • Luxury jackets with fur
  • Luxury jackets sale

Jacuzzi – An absolute luxury brand

Luxury with K:

  • Luxury kitchen
  • luxury kitchens

Luxury with L: lamps and lifestyle

  • Luxury lamps
  • Luxury loft
  • Luxury lodge
  • Luxury leather jackets
  • luxury life
  • Luxury lifestyle
  • Luxury leather sofa
  • Luxury Lashes Shop
  • Luxury laminate
  • Luxury love Lamminger

Luxury with M:

We are looking for the most interesting things in connection with luxury, such as “luxury mineral water”!

  • Luxury mattresses
  • Luxury microfiber
  • Luxury mobile home
  • Luxury Magazine
  • Luxury massage
  • Luxury mineral water


Luxury with N: nature, North Sea and Norderney

In Germany, many wealthy people like to travel to the northern coasts. The holiday is booked quickly, the resort quickly accessible and for the well-being of the guests is provided on the spot plenty.

  • Luxury natural cosmetics
  • Luxury notebook
  • Luxury nails
  • Luxury Nails
  • Luxury nightwear
  • Luxury notebook
  • Luxury name
  • Luxury nightgowns
  • Luxury nail polish
  • Luxury nail salon
  • Luxury nesting box
  • Luxury nature
  • Luxury News
  • Luxury Norderney
  • Luxury notebook leather
  • Luxury North Sea

Luxury with O: Online Shops and Outlets

From fashion, we also come to kitchen equipment such as olive oil. Almost everything is also available in a luxury version. And did you know that many Germans search for “luxury fruit Japan” every month?

  • Luxry Online Shop
  • Luxury Outlet
  • Luxury Online
  • Luxury oven
  • Luxury olive oil
  • Luxury overalls
  • Luxury open stable
  • Luxury Overknees
  • Luxury outdoor furniture
  • Luxury organizer
  • Luxury outdoor kitchen
  • Luxury Online Shop Men

Luxury with P: pools and private jets

The dream of every teenager? Pool Parties! Private Jets and of course in between, keyword: “luxury party”.! We keep our dreams for a lifetime, as you can see here again impressively.

  • Luxury pool
  • Luxury parka
  • Luxury private jet
  • Luxury parquet
  • Luxury party
  • Luxury parka
  • Luxury penthouse apartment
  • Luxury private birth
  • Luxury pumps

Luxury architects! The pools of stars and VIPs

Luxury with Q: quads and quotes

  • Luxury quad
  • Luxury quartz watches
  • Luxury Quotes
  • Luxury quiz
  • Luxury quadrocopter

Luxury with R: Restaurants and Resorts

La vida loca – The crazy life. In restaurants we find ourselves with friends.

  • Luxury restaurant
  • Luxury Russians
  • Luxury Resort
  • Luxury rings
  • Luxury raclette
  • Luxury Resort Thailand
  • Luxury Russian
  • Luxury Restaurant Vienna
  • Luxury roses

Luxury Resorts in the Maldives: Paradise!

Luxus mit S: Sale! Sale! Sale!

From second hand to the sale at the fashion store.

  • Luxury Sale
  • Luxury second hand
  • Luxury shoes
  • Luxury sofa
  • luxury SUV
  • Luxury Suite
  • Luxury synonym
  • Luxury shop
  • Luxury sneaker
  • Luxury sports car
  • Luxury sauna
  • Luxury stairs
  • Luxury safe
  • Luxury smartwatch
  • Luxury ski lodge
  • Luxury sunglasses

The 7 most expensive sneakers in the world!

Luxury & Second Hand: This Munich boutique shows how it works

Here you can see very well how Second Hand creates something new. A great trend we support!

Luxury with T:  This time it’s teas

  • Luxury toilet
  • Luxury tea
  • Luxury Time
  • Luxury taxi
  • Luxury terrace
  • luxury TV
  • Luxury toaster

Luxury with U:

  • Luxury underwear
  • Luxury underwear brands

Luxury with V: Villas of the super-rich

Especially villas are popular in the USA many are looking not only for villas of specific people or in certain countries, even whole floor plans are sought.

  • luxury Villa
  • luxury villas
  • Luxury Van
  • Luxury vodka
  • Luxury villa Playmobil
  • Buy luxury villa
  • Luxury villa croatia
  • Luxury Villa Rent
  • Luxury vaporizer
  • Luxury villa Mallorca
  • Luxury villa floor plan

Backstage! This is what it looks like in a million dollar worth villa

Even away from private homes, there are beautiful places, like here in the old Royal Perfection, Las Vegas.

Luxury with W: why not?

Fitting on luxury, the question, why not? In luxury, everything is allowed, whether wellness, or water for 100$!

  • Luxury wellness hotel
  • Luxury winter jackets
  • Luxury Wellness
  • Luxury water
  • Luxury weekend
  • Luxury winter jackets
  • Luxury wall unit

Luxury water for $ 100 in the test!

The music superstars Diplo & 2 Chainz test the most expensive water in the trade. 100 US $ cost these premium bottles. Is it worth it?

Luxury with Y: finally yachts

No one is looking for X and Z! That’s why we go straight to one of the big issues in the luxury sector: yachts!

  • Luxury yacht charter
  • Luxury yacht rentals
  • Luxury Youngtimer
  • Luxury yoga vacation
  • Luxury yacht price
  • Luxury Yoga Clothes
  • Luxury yoga mat
  • Luxury yacht in
  • Luxury yacht manufacturer
  • Luxury yacht buy Mallorca
  • Luxury yachts of the super-rich

$ 41 million: Megayachts

With this video we say goodbye for this Post! Now that we know everything about luxury, we head straight to the city center to discuss some new topics – keyword: “Luxury Aldi”


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