Supercandy: The Influencer Paradise

Pink. Cute. Unique. That’s what Supercandy describes pretty accurately. The trend from the USA has finally reached Germany. We can assure you that waiting was worth it. FIV was for you in Cologne – Ehrenfeld, where the Pop-up-Museum conquers the hearts of all influencers and bloggers until 30.December.2018. We were there with the singer Luna Farina and ourselves, or in Lunas fall many pictures, taken from the colorful world of Supercandy.

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Where does the Instagram Museum come from?

In America the model is known by the term “Museum of Ice Cream” and attracts superstars like Katy Perry, Kim Kardashian, Gwyneth Paltrow, Drew Barrymore, Blue Ivy and Beyoncé with husband Jay-Z. The trend began in July 2016 in New York, where the first tickets were sold out 18 minutes after the start of advance sales. Also in Germany Supercandy attracts the crowds just like that. From small children with their families to influencers like Luna Farina or even over 70-year-old couples, everything is represented. 97% of the visitors are women and girls, which shows that men are very little represented there. However, this does not mean that they are less welcome there, everyone who wants to make an extraordinary selfie or simply experience the Bunte Candywelt is invited to visit them.

Museum and Instagram?

Supercandy is of course not a normal museum, but a so-called “Pop-Up Museum”. You can imagine this as an exhibition that is in one city for a few months and then moves on to the next. Fortunately for us from Cologne it is until December 30th – Cologne Ehrenfeld. Supercandy offers you an extraordinary Instagram scenery after the other, from a huge ball pool to a confetti shower, each room is a unique experience. In total, there are more than 10 different “Instagram Museums” in America and Frank Karch, the operator of the extraordinary attraction, was the first to bring it to Germany.

Blogger and Influencer only waited for Supercandy

Frank Karch has observed the trend in America over the last 2 years and has always wondered why it doesn’t exist in Germany. With the popularity of Instagram and other social media platforms, it should be booming. That’s exactly how it is, at the beginning people were a bit cautious, but that soon subsided. The masses are pouring in from all parts of Germany to take the experience with them. Rightly so, because whether the Super Event Supercandy will remain in Germany after its time in Cologne has expired is uncertain. You need a suitable location, sponsors and much more. In the interview Frank told us that there is a possibility that Supercandy might be the next to go abroad. So to every blogger, influencer, Youtuber, boy, girl, man and woman – hurry up! We don’t know if and when we can experience the event again here in Germany, so go online, get a ticket and go to Supercandy.

Influencer and singer Luna Farina enjoys her time in the pink flamingo bathtub in the Supercandy Cologne

The perfect outfit for your shooting

Now you think for sure that you have to hurry totally dadrin and with such a strong rush not have the possibility to take pictures in peace. Don’t worry, admission is always in 30-minute intervals and you can spend up to 2 hours with your ticket in the world of Supercandy. So you have plenty of time to make some great pictures for Instagram and to stand out as an influencer. You also have the opportunity to change in the museum, as wardrobes are provided especially for you, so that you can always wear your suitable outfit for the incredible attractions Supercandy provides for you. a tip from FIV – Supercandy is colourful and crazy, so keep that in mind when choosing your outfit!

Supercandy makes children happy and Luna also

Thanks to the organizer Frank Karch and his cooperation with Haribo Supercandy is finally here. Haribo sponsors a lot of sweets, which the visitors can also eat. Bloggers, influencers and more flock to Cologne to be the first Germans to experience the innovative museum concept. The entrance fee is 29€, for children and teenagers up to 14 years only 21€. We recommend you experience Supercandy with your friends, if you buy 4 tickets you only have to pay 3. There is also a whole room around the Haribo theme. Chains with gold bears hang from the ceiling, columns filled with various Haribo treats and huge glittering gold bears. For every candy fan this is an absolute must! In addition, the sweets are distributed throughout the museum, a round tour begins directly at the entrance with a cup filled with various Haribo sweets and in every second room there are even more available for free cash on delivery. Delicious, we can’t say no to FIV either.

What does Luna Farina say to Supercandy?

Luna is totally thrilled. After 2 hours of intensive photo shooting, some fooling around and a lot of nibbling, she can only tell everyone – Supercandy is incredible, unique and definitely worth a visit. She liked the Black White Wall the most, the light and the whole location was for her taste the best place to take pictures, together with the huge ball pool, if it wasn’t for the time Luna would probably still be swimming in the ball pool now, but unfortunately the day of an influencer also comes to an end. You can only grab one of the Goodiebags, a delicious free ice cream and Supercandy good nosh.

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YouTuberin TamTam Beauty – organic, show and breast surgery ?

Styling expert, YouTuberin and industrial engineer. Tara, better known as “TamTam Beauty”, is a young and successful woman who can do just about anything. Despite her success, the 27-year-old remains as approachable and down-to-earth as at the beginning of her career. Her hobby developed into a vocation.

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YouTuberin “TamTam Beauty” alias Tara was born on May 10, 1991 in Iraq. Four years later the family fled to Turkey, where they lived with their grandfather. A few years later the family moved on to Germany, to be exact to Baden-Baden. After passing his Abitur at a grammar school, Tara moves to Gummersbach. In the meantime, the brunette has her bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering in mechanical engineering in her pocket and continues her studies in a master’s degree. Meanwhile Tara lives mainly in Cologne.

Cologne girl

How comfortable Tara feels in her new home Cologne is written all over her face. At least that’s how her smile suggests it.

3 facts: Size, weight and nationality

  • YouTuberin Tara is 1.70 m tall
  • The influencer weighs 56 kg
  • Tara is half Iraqi and half Kurdish

YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter

In 2013, Tara opened its YouTube channel “TamTam”. It now has over half a million subscribers on YouTube. For years she has been publishing three videos a week and postest on other social networks such as Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter all around the topics: Beauty, lifestyle and fashion. It is one of the most successful influencers in the whole of Germany.

Tara’s Wonder Weapons and Beauty Hacks

Full lips, long eyelashes and an even complexion. These are probably a woman’s greatest wishes when it comes to her looks. Here Tara reveals her tips and tricks for the perfect look to her viewers.

TamTam Beauty Shop

Tara impresses not only with her inner beauty, but also with her appearance. Her fans love her style and can’t get enough of the authentic brunette. No wonder that a merchandise shop is desired by TamTam. Unfortunately she doesn’t have her own shop yet, but Tara regularly shows her subscribers what she has bought from other shops.

Shopping with Tara: Autumn do’s & dont’s

Slowly but surely the hot summer says goodbye and autumn gradually breaks in. In keeping with the change in the weather, the YouTuber has shot an autumn Haul and is presenting her favourite products for this season.

Showtime: Girls evening with tare

Correctly read, the beauty queen goes on tour ! Next February Tara will travel all over Germany and will be there for her fans during her tour “Mädelsabend”. There’ll be goodie bags and pop-up stands. Tara takes pictures with her viewers and is available for open conversations, because it should be a real girls evening. Tickets are available from 27,10 € on

beautiful, beautiful, tare

Colour, fullness and length amaze their audience. Nobody says no to what Tara’s got on his head. YouTuberin Tara is known for her beautiful hair and has been squeezed out for years on this subject. The biggest thanks goes of course to the mood of nature but with a few tricks everyone can beautify his hair. And the influencer is happy to pass on these tricks.

Curls without heat

A beautiful hairstyle in the twinkling of an eye and also gentle on the hair ? Tara shows you how to do it easily.

Breast OP

Although the successful YouTuberin, unlike others in her industry, has only a few Hater, she is not immune to rumors. That’s how the first rumors start: Tara had her breasts enlarged. And although the pretty brunette is fundamentally not a big enemy of beauty surgery, she has not yet put herself under the knife and does not intend to do so. She is satisfied with herself and feels comfortable in her skin.

Tara’s idols

Influencer Tara also likes to be inspired by other social media big names. And although the Instagramerinnen differ clearly in their style, Tara is a big fan of Camila Coelho and Taraneh. These girls also radiate from the inside out and stand by themselves. Tara loves and admires these qualities.


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Simon Desue – one of the best Youtuber in Germany

Simon Desue is probably a name for every Youtube fan. He is regarded as one of the biggest Youtube stars in Germany. But what is behind the sympathetic facade? We have researched and selected some interesting facts for you.

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Who’s Simon Desue?

Joshua White Leather. Rather known as Simon Desue, was born on August 20, 1991 in Hamburg. Before he started school, he lived a year with his father, who came from the Ivory Coast and lived there. However, this stay was interrupted due to a civil war and Joshua returned to Hamburg. 12 years later he opened his first Youtube channel, followed shortly after by a second one. This was followed by guest appearances in numerous television programmes, roles in feature films and series and book publications. In 2016 he left his home in Cologne and since then has been producing his web videos in Miami, USA. His videos are mainly about comedy, entertainment and music, which are followed by over 3 million people.

Questions about Simon Desue – already known?

Does Simon have pets?

No, he once had a little dog called Simba, but unfortunately he gave the dog away again. He probably didn’t have time to take care of the dog the way he deserved.

What’s his favorite show?

For Simon, the absolute best series is Breaking Bad. Nothing’s gonna get there.

Who’s his favorite musician?

There’s a lot of good music out there, Simon thinks. But his favorite artist is and remains Drake.

Why was Simon on Celebrity Big Brother?

He was looking for a challenge and that was just right for him! He played a young hooligan there and with success. His fans and numerous other spectators enjoyed it. We at FIV have also been big fans.

Facts about Simon Desue

  • Optimal day: “get up, eat, sleep”
  • Simon has published 4 books
  • He makes his money only through Youtube
  • Simon owns its own Merchshop
  • In his first video he criticized the platform SchülerVZ
  • His girlfriend is Enisa Bukvic and is model

More Simon for you:

Here is a video where Simon baths in jelly, incredibly funny.

Simon’s 7 ways of kissing. Sympathetic and humorous as always, he shows us the craziest ways to kiss.


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Dounia – Mom, Youtuber, Make-up Artist and influencer

Dounia Slimani, a power woman. Since 2011 she has been one of the best German influencers. With her personality, the 33-year-old creates a great platform for everyone. No matter if mummy everyday life or beauty tutorials, her positive charisma is always appreciated by her followers. As a full-time mother and blogger, she is also a make-up artist at various fashion weeks around the world.  Our editors have conducted an exclusive interview with her where she talks about her love, family and job.

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Dounia: I’m a workaholic

FIV: Very inspiring: You are a young mama, make-up artist, influencer and YouTuberine. How do you manage to get all these components under one hat? Despite your busy schedule and the many journeys, you always come across very sympathetic and relaxed. What are your tips for relaxation?

Dounia: My tips for relaxation: I’m a workaholic I have to give honestly because I love my job so much. The best way for me to relax is when I go for a workout or take a nice bath and do a beauty treatment. As a mom, you hardly have time left for it, so I have to consciously clear my time. Painting nails, applying a mask, watching a video are highlights for me. If my parents or my husband have time, then I also treat myself to a massage or a hydrafacial from time to time. It’s very important for me to have me-time. This is my personal relaxation oasis.

FIV: In the last few months you’ve been travelling all over the world with the Maybelline Trendsquad to track down beauty trends. Which journey has influenced and interested you the most?

Dounia: I was most inspired by the Bahamas journey with Maybelline together. I will never forget to watch the sunset and this beautiful blue of the water. Bahamas and Tokyo were also my places of inspiration for my two looks.

FIV: You made up your sister at the Maybelline show. To what extent was this an emotional moment for you and what made it so special?

Dounia: At the Maybelline Show I made up my sister Lamiya Slimani. For me it was a mega emotional moment, because I always wanted to make up on a fashion show. It was on my bucket list. The additional fact that my sister, who is curvy and a full-wife, was also allowed to run across the catwalk as a model, was doubly emotional for me. On the one hand, to show that we celebrate the body of a woman with all its facets. And on the other hand, because I was allowed to make up my own sister for such an event. It all felt so surreal.

View this post on Instagram

Happy Birthday @mikaelslimani Vor genau einem Jahr wurde uns vom lieben Gott das größte Geschenk dieser Welt gemacht -nämlich du mein Schatz. Es ist ein Jahr voller Glück, schlaflosen Nächten, Kraft, Sorgen, Freude und unendlicher Liebe gewesen. Wir sind als Eltern gewachsen und sind so stolz, dass wir dir jeden Tag dabei zuschauen können, wie du mit deinen unschuldigen Augen die Welt entdeckst. Ich wünsche mir, dass du nie verlernst zu träumen, zu glauben, zu lachen, neugierig zu sein, unvoreingenommen bist und immer die Welt mit deinem Herzen siehst. Ich liebe dich so sehr mein Schatz, dass ich dich manchmal einfach nur beim Schlafen beobachte und weinen muss. Als du geboren wurdest, habe ich ein Teil meines Herzens für immer dir gegeben. Für alle Zeit. Ich liebe dich ❤️ Nhebek Mikael ❤️

A post shared by Dounia Slimani (@douniaslimani) on

Time out from everyday stress?

FIV: Besides your sister Dounia, you also grew up with your brother Sami. Both are also in the limelight and very successful on social media and YouTube. Is it sometimes difficult for you to distinguish professionally and privately?

Dounia: For us it was no problem from the beginning to separate professionally and privately. We always treat ourselves to breaks as a family, not only between the years or at Christmas. Since the three of us are so different and complement each other so well, working together is a wonderful and successful experience. Everyone has their strengths and can contribute them. In addition, all three of us are creative and we have now opened our own office in Berlin.

FIV: You three have a very intimate relationship and are very close to each other. Do you wish for your son Mikael also siblings with such a firm connection?

Dounia: I would so much like my children to get along with their siblings as well as me, Lamiya and Sami do. My brothers and sisters are a blessing and the most beautiful gift my parents could have given me.

Youtube has changed

FIV: In mid-June you will celebrate your 6th YouTube anniversary. Happy birthday! How has YouTube and the social media changed over this period?

Dounia: Youtube has changed a lot as a platform. It’s become more diverse. Youtube and social media are suddenly a household name for many. Almost everyone I know at least has Instagram. People network faster and you’re not looked at crooked anymore because you’re dealing with social media. Many professions and areas have also developed that did not exist before: social media managers, influencer marketing…. We ourselves have thus created a profession for ourselves, which to this day cannot be titled with a single term. We are influencers, consultants, entrepreneurs, authors, brand ambassadors and people. My job has a new challenge every day. We work worldwide, internationally and together as a family. At that time I studied economics (controlling, international management, business informatics) and thought I would pursue a classical profession. Years later I found my dream job, which has hardly anything to do with my studies anymore.

FIV: Do you like the “old” or the “new” social media world better? Which one would you choose if you had to?

Dounia: I like the old, new and future social media world. I am curious which new platform will be in, which trends there will be and what we will all do in 5 years already. I find the whole thing so exciting.

Thank you Dounia for the interesting interview!

Here you can learn more about Dounia:
Instagram: Douniaslimani
Youtube: Douniaslimani


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Joely between fitness, Youtube and school stress

FIV: Joely, you regularly make videos, count on Instagram currently 87,000 followers and on your Youtube channel you post more and more videos. But tell us a little bit about yourself and your content. Try to describe yourself with three words!

Joely: I would describe myself as an entertainer, as funny and even a bit cheeky. Entertainer, because I enjoy entertaining people and even have success with them – which you can see from my reach. Funny, because I always go to projects with a lot of fun and energy and also like to produce comedy videos for my fans. Sometimes I also like to make some jokes with my fans because I just dare to do what I want to do. Even if my family says it’s probably not a good idea, I think, “Now more than ever!”

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FIV: You’ve only uploaded three videos to Youtube, but with Musically you’ve already built up a real fanbase which you affectionately call ‘Team Joely’. What do you think your fans appreciate most about you?

Joely: I think because I’m always there for my fans. I just want to give my fans back what they give me and I’m just EXTREMELY thankful that they are always behind me – no matter what.

Joely has time for gym – despite school stress

FIV: As you can easily see, you like to go to the gym. How regularly do you exercise and since when? In summer it is much easier and you like to move, but in winter you often lack motivation. Do you have any tips for my readers on how to stay on the ball?

Joely: I haven’t been training that long and I’m just doing it for fun to feel better. In the gym I just get a free head and by the way you of course do something good for your figure. I also don’t know where I got my motivation from (laughs). I just don’t think so much and just go to the gym, because as soon as you are there, you are somehow automatically motivated.

FIV: You are only 16 years old, because your social networks are always up to date, you think up new things for your fans, events, friends and even at school. This must be really stressful for you. Doesn’t that get too much for you sometimes?

Joely: Yes, you’re right. That keeps me pretty busy but I just enjoy it so much and I wouldn’t do that if it was different. For example, I had to prepare for a job and then didn’t have time to go to the Echo Awards. I was really sad. But of course I am happy to experience so much with my 16 years, so I don’t find it bad to cancel an event. School goes first and I am only 16 and have my whole life ahead of me.

FIV: Your sister Chany is also known from Musically, Instagram and Youtube. Sometimes you guys produce something together. How did your parents react to the fact that suddenly both of their children are in public? Do they see that strictly and look at your content regularly or do they give you full freedom?

Joely: Our parents are our biggest fans. They always stand behind us and help Chany and me as good as they can. Of course, they also give us tips and tell us what they like and dislike. Our parents have noticed from the beginning how we have grown in the social media, so it was no big surprise for them.

FIV: Last summer you already brought out your own merch. The style is very sporty and casual. Who or what inspired you? It must be an awesome feeling to know that there are people who wear your logo and your designs!

Joely: I’ve seen other Youtubers and Influencers publishing Merch and I wanted to. But the designs were my own ideas and I’m always looking forward to seeing mega at events fans wearing my sweater.

FIV: Your style is like your merch very casual. What is your absolute favorite piece you couldn’t do without? What can’t be missing in a man’s wardrobe?

Joely: I really like to wear cappies, which has always distinguished me in the past. But lately I wear them less and not so often, because I am very satisfied with my hairstyle at the moment. A year ago, I didn’t dare to go out without a cap.

FIV: I saw in my research that you and your sister met Madison Beer! I’m a little curious about that. How did it come to that and were you very excited or what it was for you rather normal, because you yourself are already quite well known?

Joely: I was a little excited before, but when we met her it was really chilly with her and you could talk to her normally. It happened because we saw that she was on tour in Germany and we wanted to meet her personally. Our management took care of it and then we met them in their tour bus after their show in Frankfurt. It was really cool.

FIV: On Instagram you also uploaded videos like the parody about the jungle camp. Can you expect more of these comedy videos on your Youtube channel in the future or what kind of content do you have planned?

Joely: The production of the videos was great fun! I’d love to do more of them but the videos are very time consuming, so I haven’t uploaded that many yet. In the future one can count on such videos again and again, because I have soon again holidays and much time to produce. I am not only planning comedy videos, but also want to offer other content to my fans. I also like to make vlogs or just some cool pictures for Instagram and with Musical.lys I show what moves I have.

FIV: If you’re 16, you should be in 10th grade right now, right? Do you plan to do your Abitur after finishing secondary school or do you want to concentrate more on your career as an influencer?

Joely: The school is like I said before and I want to do my Abitur. If there’s time, I’ll invest you in my career as an influencer.

FIV: You’ve been to many events like the Kids Choice Awards and the Glow. Will there be more of this kind for you next year?

Joely: Yes, I would like to travel more, but it’s more spontaneous due to time constraints. Now I was just in Munich at the AboutYou-Awards and soon Amsterdam-Trip is just around the corner! For my age, I’m on the road quite a lot and I’m always happy about it. Let’s see where I go, drive or fly everywhere until the end of the year.

FIV thanks Joely for the nice interview!

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Sami Slimani – Youtuber for nine years

Sami Slimani has been a successful YouTuber for nine years. He was one of the first to make videos to give advice and recommendations. It has been imitated by many users and now there are countless YouTuber, but Sami is something very special. Because it also convinces through its personality and its life experience. Sami: A lust influencer.

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Birthday, Origin and Sisters Sami

Sami Slimani was born on 20 March 1990 in Esslingen am Neckar. Together with his two older sisters Lamiya and Dounias he grew up in Stuttgart with his Tunisian father and his French mother. The three brothers and sisters still have a beloved half-sister, but she wants to lead her life privately and not appear in public.

Luxur apartment in Berlin

A dream apartment in the heart of the German capital Berlin. In the following video Sami introduces his new home to his viewers. Sami will also give you little advice on how to beautify your kingdom.

From student to Youtube Star: Subscriptions 1.6 million Euro

The 28-year-old is an old hand in the world of YouTube. During his graduation he started to produce his first videos, as Mr. He focused on fashion, lifestyle and cosmetics. He has worked with renowned product distributors and shot test videos about their products. This encourages viewers to buy. Samisch now has 1.6 million subscriptions.

Moderator Sami writes a book

In addition to his career on YouTube, Sami has been working for the German music channel VIVA since May 2014, where he hosts the chart show VIVA Top 100. In the same year he published together with the sisters the book The Slimani Principle. It is available in paperback for 14,95 €. The trio also sells its own products from the Maison Slimani line. In their book the brothers describe everything that interests and concerns them. From styling tips to recipe ideas. The trio has a lot to say to their fans.

Fashion collection

YouTuber Sami launched its first fashion collection for the Review brand in 2016 in collaboration with Peek & Cloppenburg. This was not his only little hit in 2016, because he also had a dubbing role for the animated film Kong Fu Panda 3.

Instagram, Twitter and Facebook

Sami has many fans not only on YouTube, but also on other social networks. More precisely, there are 1.4 million on Instagram, 899 thousand on Twitter and nearly 700 thousand on Facebook. Sami reaches his fans every day with new e-mails and videos, which makes his fan community grow more and more.

Car – luxury on four tyres

As a very successful influencer, YouTuber, moderator, author and dubbing artist for many years, Sami Slimani could earn well according to rumours. No wonder his viewers are interested in his luxury car.

This is the Sami luxury car.

The first publishers were looking for Sami’s car. Here you can find out which Sami car drives and how expensive it was:

Trio Slimani

Have you never had enough of Sami Slimani? Then he checks the YouTube and Instagram reports of his older sisters Lamiya and Dounias. They often publish shared videos and photos. The trio shares many similarities, but Lamiya and Dounais will probably enchant you with their own way.


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Marvyn Macnificent – Bullying, Merch and Make-Up

Shrill, humorous and glamorous. This might be a suitable description for the German YouTube star Marvyn Macnificent. He enchants his fellow men and impresses with his appearance as well as with his character. Girls envy the 26 year old for his make-up arts and the social media world can’t get enough of him. But his life wasn’t always as easy as it is today.

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All important facts: Age, brother, place of residence

Marvyn Macnificent was born in Germany on 27 June 1992. The social media star has a brother and a sister.  After finishing school, Marvyn trained as a makeup artist with Maggie b. and then worked for MAC Cosmetics as a freelancer. He opened his YouTube channel on 06 October 2014 and has been living in Berlin for three years.

Marvyn’s brother: Ossi Glossy

The 14 year old YouTuber Oskar, better known as “Ossi Glossy” resembles Marvyn very much. The two often shoot videos together and share the same interests. Spectators and fans ask themselves whether the two Beauty Gurus are brothers. No, they’re not. But in the meantime the two have become so fond of each other that they call each other brothers.

Brotherly love: Marvyn gets makeup

In the following video you can see who Marvyn’s brother really is and if his make-up skills can keep up with Marvyn’s.

A make-up man in front of the camera: Why ?

At the time of his puberty, the YouTuber did not yet have a clear idea of his identity and sexuality. He was looking for advice on the internet and came across the YouTube channel of Gigi Gorgeous, then still Gergory Gorgeous, a man who put on make-up and that was available for everyone on the internet.

This encounter, these videos have been a great help to Marvyn. He slowly but surely learned to be himself and also started to put on make-up. Marvyn finally felt comfortable and wanted to be a role model for others as Gigi was for him then.

Coming-out, mobbing and swimming against the current

Meanwhile Marvyn has over 775 thousand subscribers on YouTube, 419 thousand on Instagram and via Twitter he reaches 94.5 thousand fans daily. The influencer is particularly popular with viewers because it swims against the current. Because the 26 year old is different. He’s colorful, flashy, shrill and just an eye-catcher.

But for him, that’s quite normal. He’s learned who he really is and what makes him happy. He reports on his experiences and deals with topics such as bullying, coming out or how it is unintentional to stand out in the crowd. Because the YouTuber knows how it all feels thanks to his experience.

YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and Musically

So that you don’t have to search long, I’ve picked out Marvyn’s usernames for you on various networks.

  • YouTube: marvyn macnificent
  • Instagram: marvynmacnificent
  • Twitter: MrvynMCnificent
  • Marvyn Macnificent

Merch: Marvyns Shop

The demand from the YouTuber fan community is high. They love him and always want to carry him with them. They even want to show publicly that they stand behind him and admire him for his own kind. But Marvyn doesn’t have an official shop yet, but a first own product of the Social Media Star is already available.

Make-Up range: Cooperation with BH Cosmetics

“Marvycorn by Marvyn Macnificent” the YouTuber christened the make-up palette created by him. In cooperation with BH Cosmetics he created a make-up palette with 13 colours. Including ten matt, shimmering, colourful and metallic shades and three glittering highlighters.

The palette not only looks really cool and doesn’t conjure up a perfect look but is also vegan, gluten-free, animal-free and allergy-tested. Marvyn’s Wunderpalette can be purchased for 17.50 €.

Copy the look: 3 make-up looks for make-up

Here Marvyn presents you three make-up looks for different occasions and uses only colors from his “Maryvcorn Palette”.

Marvyn is in love ! – Friend or girlfriend ?

YouTuber Marvyn confesses: He’s in love ! Thanks to his public statement about his sexuality, his fans learned three years ago that Marvyn was gay. So we won’t see a woman at his side, only a man. Which one will be the lucky one we don’t know yet and Marvyn probably also not yet. He fell in love with a make-up look created by Isshehungry.

Confession of Love

The look of Isshehungry’s make-up, which Marvyn immediately fell in love with, can be seen here.

Partners: Sephore, Urban Decay and more.


  • Social Media Cooperation ‘Misslyn’
  • Social Media Coopration ‘Sephora’
  • Social Media Cooperation ‘Urban Decay’
  • Video production for the ‘dm beauty campaign’
  • Social Media Cooperation with ‘Netflix’
  • Video production for ‘eBay Beauty’


  • ‘Join the Revolution’, Social Media Cooperation ‘Makeup Revolution’, Rossmann
  • ‘L’Oréal Colovista’, Brand Ambassador, L’Oréal
  • ‘On the toilet’, FUNK
  • ‘#unique campaign’, dm drugstore market


  • ‘L’Oréal Colovista’, Brand Ambassador, L’Oréal
  • ‘Maybelline Trendsquad’, Brand Ambassador, L’Oréal
  • ‘Style Bible 2017’, Model with Kelly Osbourne, Lifeball
  • ‘Glossy Talk’, Talk guest, Maybelline YouTube channel, L’Oréal


  • ‘Makeup for photo gallery with Bonnie Strange/Grossraumindiefresse’, IndieMagazine
  • ‘Articles and Makeup Photo Gallery Feature ‘The Bold & The Beautiful’, NakedButSafe

Anna Maria Damm – YouTuberin, Influencerin and mother with 22 years

Model, YouTuberin and Influencerin in one. Anna Maria made her breakthrough in the social media career at the age of 17 and is also a popular model. But Anna Maria is not only doing well professionally, but also in her love. Her daughter makes her life perfect.

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Anna’s life: Her family, her age and her siblings

Anna Maria Damm was born on 11 April 1996 in Neuenbürg (Baden Würtemberg). At the age of three Anna Maria emigrated to the Philippines with her Filipino mother, her German father and her older sister Katharina (* 05. September 1994), at the request of her father. Six years later her parents separated and Anna Maria’s mother moved back to Germany with her daughters.

Anna Maria and Katharina regularly visit their family in the Philippines and even support their family financially because they have to live in very poor circumstances. Besides her sister Katharina Anna Maria has four half siblings.

What size for GNTM ?

In 2013 the then 17 year old Anna Maria took part in the eighth season of the casting show Germany’s Next Topmodel. The 176 cm high model took fifth place. She did not win the season, but was able to draw attention to herself and build up a new foothold through social networks.

10 Secrets about GNTM

Anna Maria Damm was there live and knows how it works behind the scenes at the popular show Germany’s Next Topmodel. In the video she has summarized ten blatant facts about GNTM for her fans.

Social Media: YouTube and Instagram

Anna Maria’s participation in Germany’s Next Topmodel was her unexpected springboard into the Influencer world. Because the young model quickly became a popular spectator magnet. She started to produce photos and videos and quickly realized how much fun she had.


On YouTube Anna Maria has not only one, but two channels. Her private channel “Anna Maria Damm” now has more than 704,000 subscribers. On this channel Anna shows above all her favourite products, gives her fans insights into her grooming routines or simply answers the questions of her fan community.

Anna Maria shares the “Ankat” channel with more than 520,000 subscribers with her sister Katharina. They take their fans with them on their travels and shoot numerous vlogs. The sisters present themselves very close and authentic.


Anna Maria Damm shines on Instagram with around 1.3 million subscribers. Every day, the 22-year-old posts new photos of herself and some well staged products that make Anna Maria a true influencer. She also regularly fills her Instagram story and keeps her subscribers up to date.

Anna Maria as singer and actress

This is where few fans know but Anna Maria not only models, but also tries her hand as an actress and singer. In the feature film Bibi & Tina: Voll verhext! Anna played the role of Vampirella (2014). In August 2016 the model released her first single Too lost in you.

Official music video for Anna’s song

Anna’s single is a cover of the song Too lost in you from the third album of the English girl group Sugarbabes (2003). Here you can see her official music video for the song.

Anna and her boyfriend on cloud 7

Two years ago Anna Maria Damm showed her friend Julian for the first time in a joint YouTube video. Meanwhile, the two are regularly together in front of the camera. Love at first sight was not with the two lovebirds. They’ve known each other since 11th grade. We are all the more happy for the two of them that one day they saw each other with different eyes and could find each other like this.

Baby luck after pregnancy

Via Instagram, Anna Maria announced her pregnancy on December 30, 2017. Anna and Julian were the anticipation written all over their faces. All the more pleasing that little Eliana perfected the love happiness of her young parents on 07 June 2018. The model and her boyfriend have to face some Hater comments and are often criticized because of their young age. But they won’t let it get them down.

Baby video

How happy the new parents are makes this video feel.


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Sarah Harrison (aka Sarah Nowak): From Playmate to Super Mama

Here you can learn all about Sarah’s story and how she went from a bank clerk to a Playboy star. Thanks to social media, she met the love of her life and then gave birth to her daughter Mia Rose, who made Sarah’s life perfect.

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Sarah Harrison earlier: Born Sarah Nowak

Sarah Harrison, née Nowak, saw the light of day on 06 June 1991 in the Swabian district of Günzburg. During her training as a bank clerk, Sarah made sure of media appearances. She terminated her training contract and devoted herself to her media career.

From Playmate, to Bachelor, to Promi Big Brother

She took part in three major Playboy productions and became Playmate August in 2014. One year later she was voted “Playmate of the Year 2015”. In the same year, she participated as a candidate in the RTL programme Der Bachelor. There she reached the third place of the dating show. In August 2015, she took part in the program Promi Big Brother, where she took fourth place.

Nasty mobbing actions at the celebrity Big Brother

Sarah’s participation in the reality TV show Promi Big Brother was not easy. The pretty blonde had to put up with a lot of mean things. Not infrequently Sarah could no longer hold back her tears.

Beauty- and Lifestyle-Queen: Sarah on YouTube

Meanwhile, Sarah opened her YouTube channel in June 2015. She dealt with the topics beauty and lifestyle and shot videos and vlogs. She didn’t mince her words and talked openly and honestly about unpleasant topics such as her excessive sweat production, thereby helping some of her viewers.

A dream in white: Your wedding with Dominik

Her wedding with her fiancé Dominic Harrison followed on 11 November 2017. Since that day Sarah does not call herself Nowak in her social media profiles anymore, but Harrison. How happy the newly wed lovebirds Sarah and Dominic are together they let their fans feel every day via social media.

Baby daughter Mia makes Team Harrison complete

Early on Sarah told her subscribers that her love happiness would be made even more perfect because her husband and daughter were expecting a little daughter. Their daughter Mia was born on 27 November 2017. Since that day at the latest, the three have been known as Team Harrison.

Social Media: From Playmate to Super-Mutti

Sarah’s television appearances

  • 2015-2016: Welcome to Mario Barth (Guest, two episodes)
  • 2015: The Bachelor (RTL) (Candidate)
  • 2015: Promi Shopping Queen (VOX) (candidate)
  • 2015: Promi Big Brother (SAT.1) (candidate)
  • 2015: Promi Big Brother – The Late Night Show (Sixx) (Guest)
  • 2015: Big Brother (Sixx) (guest dressed as Santa Claus)
  • 2016-2017: The Great ProSieben Nationals Ball Championship (ProSieben) (Candidate)
  • 2016: Germany, your celebrities! (RTL II) (guest)


On 10 June 2018, the then 24-year-old opened her YouTube channel. She produced numerous videos about lifestyle and beauty. Sarah always orientated herself on the interests and questions of her fans. Thanks to her open nature, she is not afraid to ask the most unpleasant questions, which constantly increases her fan base.

Since her marriage and the birth of her daughter, Sarah has turned to other subjects and presented her happy family life. But this also appeals to their viewers. Thus, her YouTube channel team Harrison has more than 777 thousand subscribers.


Sarah posts new photos from her everyday life every day and keeps her subscribers up to date thanks to her insta stories. Thanks to Mama, her daughter Mia Rose also saw the light of the social media world early on and is proudly presented by Sarah. Sarah’s authentic nature is very well received. To be precise, it is so good that Sarah, with 1.4 million subscribers, is one of the most successful influencers in Germany.


Meanwhile Facebook is more in the shadow of other social media sites, rather than in the center. Nevertheless, almost 199,000 people like Sarah Harrison’s official Facebook page, because the influencer shares the contents of her life with her fans every day via Facebook.

Sport as compensation from family life

Dominic Harrion, Sarah’s husband, is not only a social media star, but also a successful personal trainer. He won this year’s About You Award in the fitness category. Because Dominik shows how easy it is to successfully combine work, family, healthy nutrition and sport with some discipline.

But you don’t just have to watch the proud father of a family playing sports, you have to take part directly. Because Dominic sets an example on the family’s YouTube channel, among others. At his side you can see most of Sarah, who on the one hand wants to keep herself fit and on the other hand has fun supporting her lover.

Fitness Vlog of the dream couple

In the following video you can watch Sarah and Dominik doing their workout in the gym and get some tips and tricks.


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The fabulous Riccardo Simonetti – A bird of paradise to touch

Bestselling author, blogger, influencer, model, presenter and actor at the same time. Riccardo Simonetti is one of the most successful social media stars in Germany. The 25 year old has hundreds of thousands of fans and remains as down-to-earth as he grew up. Everyone should know this very special star.

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From past to present: Riccardos life

If you’re interested in Riccardo’s life story and want to know how a boy from the country made it to the biggest fashion shows in the world, you’ve come to the right place. I have summarized the most important information about Riccardo Simonetti’s life for you.

First on the radio, then on stage

His media career began at the age of 14. He moderated his own radio show for a long time. Appearances in front of the television camera and articles for local newspapers followed. Meanwhile Riccardo took regular acting lessons and played at the age of 16 in the youth ensemble of the Landestheater in Salzburg.

After Riccardo Simonetti had his A-levels in his pocket, he moved from Bad Reichenhall to Munich. There he worked for well-known media companies such as Bayrischer Rundfunk or InStyle.

Riccardo becomes a blogger

Riccardo started building his blog The Fabulous life of Ricci (2011). There he offers his readers a wide range of topics and likes to publicly discuss socio-critical topics. The blogger is dedicated to topics such as travel, events, lifestyle, models and fashion. Infuencer Riccardo shines with his unmistakable identity and can proudly call himself one of the most successful in Germany.

Inconspicuous? I can’t!

Ricardo left Munich and moved to Berlin to better pursue his work as a blogger, model, presenter, actor and influencer. The state capital is known for its very special characters. Who’d fit in better than Riccardo?

View this post on Instagram

On my way to work like … 👑

A post shared by Riccardo Simonetti (@riccardosimonetti) on

TV appearances

  • Place To B Award (Moderator)
  • German Blogger Prize (Moderator)
  • Promi Shopping Queen (candidate)
  • Red (guest)
  • Galileo (guest)
  • Sat.1 Breakfast television (guest)
  • Riccardo’s Dream Date
  • u.v.m.

Awarded influencer

  • 2018: About You Award in the category Fashion
  • 2018: Entertainer Of The Year (Madonna Magazine)
  • 2017: Best Blogger International (Madonna Magazine)

Best-selling author: Riccardo’s book is available

Since early childhood Riccardos was very keen to bring his own book on the market. “My right to sparkle” is the title of Riccardo Simonetti’s biography, which is finally available since September 2018. For more than a year, the blogger has been working full of energy together with the publishing house Community Editions on his biography, because he wanted to make his first book a very special one.  Influencer Riccardo shares with his readers all the details of his story from an outsider to a successful social media star.

The numbers of pre-orders speak for themselves. Many of his fans have already pre-ordered his book, which made sure that the blogger could already call himself a “bestselling author” before the start of sales.

Interview: Love, alcohol and drugs

Most interviewers ask the same questions over and over again and stars always answer the same questions with the same answers. To bring a breath of fresh air into his interviews, Riccardo takes the matter into his own hands and asks himself questions that nobody dares to ask out loud.

Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook

As one of the most successful influencers in Germany, Bayer-born Riccardo Simonetti is of course represented on the most popular social media platforms to give his fans new insights into his life day after day. Of course, this lifestyle doesn’t leave much privacy, but the 25 year old has no problem with that, after all, that’s exactly his job and this job is his biggest dream.


The free instant messaging service gains new users every day. They love the new kind of communication because all sent photos or messages are only visible to the recipient for a few seconds, depending on the setting, but only for a maximum of 24 hours.

Snapchat has become for Riccardo like the air to breathe. There he is known under the name “Fabulousricci”. The Infuencer takes his fans everywhere almost every minute. No matter if it is a hairdresser appointment, a meeting with his friends or a Red Carpet performance. Ricardo films and posts what the stuff holds. So every hour he gets sometimes hundreds of reactions from his fans.

Nude image of Riccardo

Logging Even the professional influencer Riccardo has already had a big breakdown. How it came to its naked photo and which consequences it brought you experience here.


The microblogging service enables Riccardo Simonetti to disseminate telegram-like short messages worldwide. The blogger reaches over 2,800 thousand followers daily via Twitter. He posts amusing contributions, congratulations or simply lets his fans know his personal opinion. Because the 25 year old loves to discuss socially critical topics in public and this is particularly well received because Ricardo speaks with his special personality for the most different characters.


The perfect blend of microblog and audio-visual online platform makes Instagram so popular. The posting of photos and videos, which can even be distributed on other platforms, finds new growth every day and Riccardo thus new fans. Riccardo also posts daily updated photos of himself on Instagram and fills his Instagram Story hourly, similar to Snapchat, with posts. In addition, he communicates openly with his 159 thousand subscribers and his fans have the feeling to be even closer to the Social Media Star.

styled, sweaty or no make-up

The influencer does not disguise itself and has been himself since day one. He doesn’t need good film roles because the best role he ever got was his personality. Riccardo enjoys and loves his life, which his fans may accompany permanently. So he shows himself top styled on the red carpet or sweaty after the sport in front of the camera. This unvarnished truth and Ricci’s diversity inspire.


14.725 thousand Facebook users like the crazy bird of paradise Riccardo Simonetti, because he doesn’t neglect his Facebook page either. Every day, Ricci’s Facebook fans receive updates from his everyday life. From funny videos to serious statements about current topics that are discussed worldwide. The influencer does not disguise himself and publicly shares his opinion and interests.


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Pimkie x Cathie Hummels – celebrate 30 years of fashion!

Pimkie and Cathy Hummels celebrate their birthday. The fashion label Pimpkie and the model Cathy Hummels were born in 1988 and turn 30 on the same day. With a first-class shooting and a limited Tshirt, they honour the big event.

First photo shoot with Cathy Hummels for Pimkie

The Pimkie brand has its origins in Lille. Besides France, Italy, Spain and Germany, Pimkie is represented all over the world. The limited Cathy Hummels special Tshirt is available in more than 700 stores, as well as in more than 27 countries in the online shop. In this photo series you have the most exclusive favourite styles of Cathy Hummel and you can put something together at Pimkie in the store or online! Have fun with it!


Faye Montana multi talent! The youngest German youtube star, actress, singer and presenter

Faye Montana is an actress, singer, youtube and even a presenter. With her many talents she has the potential to become a big star. Here you can find out everything you need to know about them.

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Faye Montana goes on tour with Lukas Rieger

A big dream comes true! Faye can join the big tour of the German megastar Lukas Rieger. Overjoyed she posts on Instagram that she will be on the Lukas Rieger tour and will perform some songs with him on stage. But with this information a huge shitstorm breaks loose. The thousands of female Lukas Rieger fans get jealous! They don’t like the fact that Lukas Rieger is on stage with another pretty girl. The comments under Faye’s latest instgram images and YouTube videos are full of insults and hate messages that often go below the belt. “Go kill yourself”, “Are you deaf or why can’t you hear that you can’t sing?! It’s not an easy phase for a young girl like Faye, because she has to learn to deal with such haters and not let the messages get to her. Luckily she also has many loyal fans who encourage her to do the right thing and give her a lot of strength, courage and love.

Who‘s ready for the Code tour🔥?

A post shared by F (@fayemontana) on

Faye Montana Profile – All you need to know about her

How old is Faye Montana?

She is 14 years old and has her birthday on September 6th.

What’s Faye Montana’s real name?

Her first name is the same but in real life her real name is Faye Briest. Her stage name was inspired by the world-famous Hannah Montana.

Does Faye Montana have a boyfriend?

There are many rumours about Lukas Rieger and Faye since they went on holiday in the Caribbean together and announced afterwards that Faye will join Lukas Rieger on the Code Tour. Again and again they argue that they are a couple and emphasize “We are just friends”. Lukas Rieger seems a bit annoyed when he says: “I have no idea how this rumour came about.

Where can I get the phone number of Faye Montana?

Faye’s phone number has never been published and she probably won’t do it voluntarily in the future, because as a star admitting the mobile number brings many dangerous risks and robs the young girl of every spark of privacy, which is already a little too short because her whole life can be followed on Instagram, Youtube and Snapchat.

Who’s Faye Montana’s mother?

The actress Anne-Sophie Briest is Faye’s mother. At the age of 6 she played her first role in a children’s film. After that she became famous in 1994 with the Sat 1 production Natalie- Endstation Babystrich. She also appeared in the series Polizeiruf 110, das Traumschiff or In aller Freundschaft. After Faye’s birth she took a 4-year baby break and then started again in movies like Kokowääh. Anne – Sophie is a great role model for her daughter and the two maintain a close relationship with each other. Because the actress knows the business so well, she can always support Faye, but above all she can understand her. But she also knows from her own experience that you have to be very careful in this industry and therefore always keeps an eye on her daughter’s public relations. Even though she is very proud of her daughter’s creative hobby, the school remains the number one for her and she must not suffer under any circumstances.

What about Faye Montana’s father?

Few know the sad story about Faye’s father, for she does not show the painful loss. The rapper Markus Oergel aka Big Sal died of bone cancer. With only 35 years he had to leave his daughter on the earth. He and Anne Sophie Briest had already split up in 2008, but Faye still had a very close relationship with him and even if she knew about her father’s illness it was a hard blow for the family. But Faye is a strong girl! She visits her father’s family a lot and has stories told about him. Of course she would have liked to spend more time with him and remembers the best moments of the two of them.

Does Faye Montana have siblings?

Jahmar Walker is Faye’s big brother. He’s five years older than she is.

Where does Faye Montana live? Faye lives with her family in Berlin. Where exactly does she keep top secret to have a place for privacy.

How important is school to Faye Montana?

School is her mother’s priority. Only when it’s going well at school can Faye live her dream, that’s a great incentive. It is important that she does not miss important things at school because of the social media. Her mother was very proud when Faye did not miss a single lesson on the report card last year.

What are Faye’s hobbies?

Sure, she loves making music, making videos and acting, but in her spare time Faye Montana is also a cheerleader. She even trains several times a week to be successful at competitions.

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She sells her own school calendar

For the 2017/2018 school year, Faye designed a school calendar with space for notes, formulas and mnemonic notes as well as tips on food, beauty and DIYs. The pages are decorated with sweet sayings, funny games and cute motifs. That way the school won’t be boring!

Wer hat schon meinen Schülerkalender bestellt?🙈💓

A post shared by F (@fayemontana) on

Instagram #fayemontana

Over 320,000 people follow Faye on Instagram. Every day she posts new pictures to keep her fans up to date. Instagram is part of her life and you can see she enjoys posting new photos of herself on Instaram. She posts pictures from holidays, big events, selfies or pictures with friends. She wears cool outfits on all posts and is therefore also a great role model for her fans in terms of style. The many insights into her life make the fans feel connected to her and they are always happy when they find out what is going on with the young star.

spread your wings and fly☁️💖

A post shared by F (@fayemontana) on

The versatile power career of Faye


The music was put into Faye’s blood by her father. Therefore the Multi Talent released their very first single “Numbers” on April 21, 2017. The song reached almost 5 million hits on YouTube, a complete success. The song was produced by the Berlin music producer Andre Brix, who was also responsible for Lena Meyer-Landrut’s hit “Satellite”. A short time later she released a cover version of the song red by Taylor Swift. After that she produced songs like “Wie ich bin” for the movie “Liliane Susewind”.

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Faye started making videos at the age of 9. A short time later she published it on her YouTube channel Faye Montana. Today, it already has over 300,000 subscribers who regularly follow its videos. The young girl has a real talent for making the audience laugh. Particularly popular are challenges in which she has to put on make-up blindly, for example, or the well-known flat wit challenge. She also likes to shoot Hauls and product recommendations, show her favourite outfit and summer favorites or test crazy beauty products. Your youtube site is really varied and creative, so check it out for yourself: Faye Montana youtube


In 2009 Faye Montana started out as an actress in the film Zweiohrküken. Due to the friendship to Till and dana Schweiger she got her first film role at the age of 6. From the beginning it was fun for her to stand in front of the camera and she felt comfortable. That is why her career as an actress continued in 2010 in the film Inga Lindström – Princess of Hearts. In 2013 followed a role in the film Polizeiruf 110- Fischerkrieg and in 2016 she took part in Cruise to Happiness. A short time later she is allowed to play the leading role in the film to the bestseller of Anne Will’s companion Miriam Meckel. The movie was called Letters to my Life and was quite a challenge, because it was about burn-out, but Faye could surprise and convince everyone with her talent. Her most recent appearance as an actress was in 2017 in the film Hanni&Nanni – More than best friends. She particularly enjoyed making this film because she was always with a lot of girls and boys her own age.


In 2012 Faye was already allowed to appear as a news reporter for the fundraiser “A Heart for Children” at the age of 11. Only three years later she was already working as a real moderator. She hosted the ZDF game show “das Spiel beginnt” from 2015- 2016 alongside Johannes Kerner and gained a lot of important experience.

The lyrics from her first song “Numbers”

Remember playing in the summer house

Wondering what it is all about

Wondering where the day went

Sleeping in the makeshift tent in the bedroom

Glad that you could stay I remember coming right to see you

Wishing I could be you

Wishing I was older

Someone should have told her to stop wishing those days away

We were thirteen going on fourteen wishing we were eighteen

When we’re nineteen we’ll be famous And we’ll buy some happiness

When we’re twenty, we’ll have plenty, with no worries

Cause we’ll have money in the bank

And it’s all a game of numbers, it’s all a game of numbers

It’s all a game of numbers, it’s all a game of numbers

It’s all a game of numbers (it’s all a game of numbers)

Remember things getting darker, wishing for some laughter

Fights getting longer, words getting stronger everytime

Can we run from here Remember tension rising, so it’s not surprising

How it all ended, no one could amend it you but then But I still would pray

We were fifteen going on sixteen wishing we were eighteen

When we’re nineteen we’ll be famous And we’ll buy some happiness

When we’re twenty, we’ll have plenty, with no worries,

‘Cause we’ll have money in the bank And it’s all a game of numbers, it’s all a game of numbers (Yeah)

It’s all a game of numbers (it’s all a game of numbers) It’s all a game of numbers (it’s all a game of numbers)

Wish that I could fix this, wish that I can mend this Try to find a way, pray to

God for you to just be happy The fighting to be over

There must be a way, I’ve learned the problemsolve, it’s only numbers

It’s all a game of numbers (it’s all a game of numbers)

It’s all a game of numbers (it’s all a game of numbers)

It’s all a game of numbers


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Lukas Rieger – the singer, social media star and girl swarm goes on tour

He’s a singer, social media star and crush of girls. Lukas Rieger is the German superstar! With almost 2 million Instagram followers and almost as many loyal fans, he is one of the most successful German stars. In November he starts his second tour to see his fans live again. Everything you need to know about him, his career, his music and his tour can be found in this article.

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Everything you should know about Lukas Rieger

  • How old is Lukas Rieger? Lucas is 19 years old
  • When’s lucas’ birthday? He was born in Lehrte on 3 June 1999
  • How big is lucas? With 1,78m the singer is a bit smaller.

Where does Lukas Rieger live? The singer was born in Lehrte, a small town in the Hanover region. Lukas moved at the age of 16 and lived in Berlin for half a year. Now he lives again with his parents in Hanover. Nevertheless, he enjoys a lot of freedom.

Who are Lukas Riegers parents? His parents Michael and Birgit Rieger are proud of their son. Birgit misses her son especially much and would like to have him with her as much as possible, this is only a little difficult with the many appointments of Lukas. Nevertheless Lukas tries to visit his family as often as possible in the small village near Hannover.

Does Lukas Rieger have siblings? Marie Rieger is the star’s sister. He has a very special connection to her, because his sister suffers from microcephaly, which is a rare disease that stands for a developmental disorder caused by a malformation of the brain and which also causes a physical disability. For a long time his sister was kept out of the spotlight but not to hide her, Lukas only wanted to protect his sister and still does.

Enjoy the little things 💕 @lukasrieger #teamrieger #lukinator

A post shared by 《Lukas Rieger Fanpage》 (@riegersdesire) on

Does Lukas Rieger have a girlfriend?

Lukas Rieger wants a friend. He says that his love life was too short due to all the hustle and bustle, the busy schedule and the concerts. Now he longs for someone he can trust and talk to about everything on his heart. Finding someone like that, however, is not easy, Lukas knows. He still travels a lot and has hardly any time, so a relationship would be very difficult for him. Secretly, however, he hopes for a happy coincidence in which he meets his lady of the heart. He longingly posts pictures on Instagram with the signature “Need a Girl in my Life” or “Can someone be mine?”.  You can impress Lukas above all with humor and adventurous spirit. In an interview, he reveals how his girlfriend should be – simply cool and funny.  He does not have a certain type of woman, it is important to him that it fits and they have a nice and exciting time together.

How do I get the Lukas Rieger phone number?

Finding out the phone number of such a star is almost impossible. He is very careful with something so private and trusts only a few people. If you find your number once on the Internet, you can almost assume that it is a fake and probably only someone has taken the liberty of having fun.

In the official online shop with merch you get everything that makes a fan’s heart beat faster

For his fans Lukas Rieger opened an online shop where he sells his merch and casual designs. It always adapts to current trends and its target group. The target group are of course young girls who are fond of him. That’s why almost every garment has its name on it. The delivery conditions are simple. It is sent exclusively by post and there is no minimum order value, the customer bears the shipping costs. Within Germany 5,95 Euro will be charged. in his online shop you can find all possible fan articles from shirts, bracelets, mobile phone cases, bikinis up to jackets.

The right sweater for everyone

Sweaters are the biggest part of the online shop. They are sold in a wide variety of designs. The classic is a black sweater with the cover of his new album Code printed on the back. Just as beautiful is the hoodie in white, with patterns on the sleeves and its name on the chest. This sweater is available in two versions, the second version additionally has all tour dates on the back. If you like it a bit crazier, you can order a hoodie with a big yellow smiley. All hoodies cost 45 Euro. Also new are two pink sweaters without hood. The pink sweater number 1 has the lettering First Lady and Team Rieger. The other one has a pizzeria and pizza print. As a special feature, the back is decorated with the lyrics of All I Want. That was only a small insight, the selection is infinitely large. It is worth to have a look at his website to see all models.

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T Shirts in different designs

For 25 Euro you can order a Lukas Rieger T Shirt in our Online Shop. The T shirts are also available in different designs. The common feature is that they all have the star’s name printed on their backs. There is a simple black one with the album logo, a horrible one with a sunglass print and the words Kiss Me and a special T shirt, which supports the organization Best Buddies. This organization is committed to ensuring that everyone has a best friend.

The Flamingo summer collection is super popular

For the summer there was a collection with the trend animal Flamingo in the online shop. This collection includes 2 white T-shirts, a jeans jacket, a cap and what the girls were especially happy about: a bikini. All parts are printed with flamingos and of course with Lukas Rieger.

The book of Lukas Rieger Code

On 9 October 2017 Lukas Rieger published his first book. In this book he tells about his life, his dreams and his fears in private. He talks about friends, family and his career. The fans are touched by how personal he becomes in this book and critics are also convinced.

The Code Tour 2018

please let us stick in this together.. for ever 💜⭐️

A post shared by rizzle (@lukasrieger) on

On November 2nd Lukas Rieger starts part 2 of his ” Code Tour 2018″. We start in Bremen and then across Germany. This time it even goes beyond Germany and his fans can experience him live on stage in Austria, Switzerland and even the Czech Republic. Already his last tour was completely sold out and took the breath away of thousands of girls. The young star has proven that he really has what it takes and can also deliver live. As Vor Act Faye Montana will perform, she is also a young social media star, youtube, singer and even actress. However, not all fans are thrilled that Lukas is accompanied by a girl and haten the 14 year old on their social media channels. Can she stand it and really perform? The show will definitely be an absolute highlight!

Here you can pre-order tickets at Eventim, because soon the tickets will be completely sold out.

Since 2016 and 2017 thousands of girls stormed the fan meetings and everything got out of control, Lukas organizes only very rarely fan meetings. It’s just too dangerous, the young girls in love are so excited that they had to tip over in a row and be picked up by the ambulance.

The tourdates for November 2018

  • November 02, 2018 – Bremen, Modernity
  • November 3, 2018 – Rostock, Moya
  • November 4, 2018 – Magdeburg, Old Theatre
  • November 06, 2018 – Nuremberg, Löwensaal
  • November 09, 2018 – Dresden, old slaughterhouse
  • November 11, 2018 – Mannheim, Germany, Capitol
  • November 13, 2018 – Saarbrücken, Garage
  • November 18, 2018 – Freiburg, Germany, Jazzhaus

on Instagram #lukasrieger the Teenie Star inspires millions of people

Lukas Rieger has 1.8 million fans on Instagram. He regularly posts pictures from his free time, concerts and also posts some insider information. His fans feel connected to him and it is the only way for them to be in contact with him. In the comments under the pictures Lukas receives thousands of love declarations and yearning requests to get to know each other. But lucas knows that he can’t grant the girls that wish. Because there are so many girls who are crazy about him. The fans don’t write comments, they create fan pages and support their hive as much as possible. Unfortunately, some cross borders and try to call him at home, visit him or follow him wherever he goes.

Here you can find his Instagram account

Lukas music and his career

Lukas Rieger has always had a special relationship to music, even as a small child he loved to sing and make music with his family. At his school in Burgdorf he attended a music class and was allowed to participate in several performances and thus gain first experiences on stage.

Everything started with The Voice Kids

In 2014 he ventured a big step and applied for the Tv show The Voice of Germany Kids. In the first round he convinced Lena Meyer Landrut with the song “Can´t hold us” and became part of her team. But already in round two, the battels burst his dream and he had to leave the show.  Of course he was sad but giving up was not an option for him!

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Social Media makes him famous

Luke started building a social network through the media. He first released cover songs on Instagram and YouTube, which quickly became popular and attracted more and more fans. His fan base was growing. He also became active on and could enchant the girls with sweet videos. In 2014 he released his first single “Be My Baby”. Only a few months later he released two more songs. The singles “Ready 4 This Shit” and “Lightspeed Lovers” were loved by his fans.

The first album “Compass” is a great success

A music production label became aware of the social media star and gave him the opportunity to fulfill his dream. His first album! The producers have worked with stars such as Justin Bieber and Justin Timberlake, so it was no surprise that the album’s hit “Elevate” reached number 4 in the charts. Yet Luke was overwhelmed. On September 30th his first album “Compass” was released and became a complete success. Shortly after the release he also started his first tour across Germany. All concerts were completely sold out and the halls filled with screaming girls who adored their star, an absolute success!

The second album “Code” storms the charts

In February 2018 the fans were happy about the second album of their swarm, because on February 16th the album ” Code” was released. The 11 songs on the album are great and varied, the fans are absolutely thrilled and so the album reaches number 2 in the German charts. His songs are about love but also about his life, business and family. Also with this album he soon goes on a big tour to conquer the hearts of the girls.

Songs on the new album

  1. Used To
  2. Never Be This Young
  3. Slowmo
  4. All I shrouds
  5. Won’t Forget About You
  6. Phantom
  7. Treasure
  8. Kiss Me
  9. Remember
  10. Heart Skips a Beat
  11. When the Curtains Fall

Music video for “Treasure”

The lyrics of his hit “Elevate”

“Elevate” is the first successful single and the favourite hit of the Lukas Rieger fans. Below the lyrics you will find the popular music video, which was shot in Tokyo.

You’ve got my heart all up in a knock
You pic me up just so i can drop
Back to reality
Opposite of gravity
Why won’t the green light tell me to stop
Please, just tell me down Bae
Please, don’t tell me you know more
Once i’m during i will stop until i distancing
No more breaks, elevate
No more breaks, elevate
Fade out of traction
You take my breath
After reaction i must confest
Look what you do to me
Baby this is new to me
We’re going out girl you what’s next
Please, just tell me down Bae
Please, don’t tell me you know more
Once i’m during i will stop until i distancing
No more breaks, elevate
No more breaks, elevate
No more breaks, elevate
Why won’t the green light tell me to stop
No more breaks, elevate


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Lina Larissa Strahl: Music star, actress, influencer, multi talent!

Young, successful and happy. She did that when she was only 15 years old. Lina Larissa Strahl, the German actress, singer and singer-songwriter fights her way to the top. Starting with a self-written lyrics sent out for the fun of it and already being seen in the cinema as an actress and on tour to present her own album.

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Past and casting show breakthrough

How old is Lina anyway? Lina is 20 years old today, just before the famous age “21”, which many artists like Taylor Swift have sung about. She was born in 1997, more precisely on 15 December, in Seelze and she grew up there with her parents, without siblings. The small, tranquil town with just 30,000 inhabitants has left its mark on Lina on her way to becoming a music star. Music star, that’s always been her dream. So is the dream of many young people. Not in Seelze now, but all over the world.

Lina Larissa Strahl, also often known as a singer only as Lina. In Swedish, her name means the blonde, which goes well with her appearance. Very often Lina is accompanied at the moment by her golden retriever poodle hybrid Ilvie.

Lina attended the Georg-Büchner-Gymnasium and finished school with a 1.9 Abitur. She always wrote her own songs. Besides school, she made her breakthrough in 2013 when she won the casting show “Dein Song” with her self-composed song “Freakin’ Out”.

News from Lina to Instagram

On her Instagram account _lina_official_ she provides her 528k subscribers with current pictures from her private and public life: Lina Instagram.

Your most recent successes from “Glitter” to “Egoist”

Among her most successful songs are “Glitter” and “Egoist”. In her lyrics Egoist she sings about selfish behaviour and how it can affect other people.

Does that song have something to do with Lina’s boyfriend?  Since December 2016 she is officially together with her acting colleague Tilman Pörzgen. At the beginning it was not quite obvious and there was a lot of speculation. But now the two are regularly happy on Lina’s Instagram account. Nevertheless, Lina wants to concentrate on her career, especially as a singer. She even has a record deal. She signed with BMG Music Plubishing. BMG also represents great and international artists like Alicia Keys and Kylie Minoque.

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Lina is not only known from the music business. She is also a successful actress. Most people probably know them from the well-known films “Bibi and Tina”. Bibi plays the witch in these movies. That means she not only enchants us with her great new music videos, but also plays a leading role with witchcraft. In 2015 Lina won the special award of the “New Faces Award” for her role in Bibi&Tina for her acting.

In the Disney cinema film “Vaiana”, which appeared in cinemas on December 22, 2016, Lina is allowed to speak to the princess. In this role she particularly likes the strength of character, courage and optimism, which she likes to take as an example.

She also writes lyrics. In her free time she also likes to play piano and guitar. Lina is an all-round talent. But she wants to concentrate more on her singing career. Something “down-to-earth” should not be missing from her opinion either, which is why she plans to study history at some point.

Fan articles and tickets for their tour

There is a cool online shop where you can find everything about Lina. Whether you’re looking for a T-shirt, a bracelet, a cell phone case or a pillow, you’ll find it all. Everything you need to be a “spotlight”, as Linas fans call themselves, well equipped for the next fan meeting or the next concert. The next live gigs are just around the corner. Lina goes on tour with her own album. The title of the album is “Ego”. She describes the album as more mature and more reflective than her previous album “Official”. Tickets can now be pre-ordered: Lina concert tickets.

Tour Vlog by Lina #backstage in Hamburg, Berlin and Hanover


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Lisa and Lena – Influencer, Singer and Allround Talents

The following article is about the twins Lisa and Lena, the two girls who probably can do everything and have won many fans for themselves in a very short time. How do they live and what do they do?

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A twin rarely comes alone – Lisa and Lena

Young, blonde and cheerful. This is Lisa and Lena. The twin sisters from near Stuttgart. They were born on June 17, 2002..and fast, 15 years later they are internet stars. In 2015 LeLi discovered for themselves and presented their lipsync videos there. Meanwhile they are among the most successful users of Behind such a great success are, of course, protective parents. LeLi’s adoptive parents support them wherever they can. At the age of 6 months they were accepted into the family and grew up with their siblings Tayra and Tim. Jeodch attach great importance to a private life for the twins, so the siblings have never been seen before. All the more reason for them to share their own lives with the fans. Whether “Our time in Oslo” on YouTube, a picture at dinner at the dance academy on Instagram or a lipsync video to Happier by Ed Sheeran on The fans are everywhere.

Allround talents LeLi: The two dance to the latest hits

Rarely alone comes the career

In 2015 everything started with Within a year they were one of the most successful users on the platform. Even Ariana Grande praised her for a video on her Facebook account. Through private pictures and dance videos, they also quickly got a large reach at Instagram. And because that’s not enough success yet, the girls keep up the good work. “J1mo71”, her first fashion line. LeLi have always regarded fashion as a hobby and already drew their own designs as a child. Invitations to fashion weeks and numerous events. Lisa And Lena: web video producers and influencers at the age of 15 – what more could you ask for? Exactly, the right music business. In June 2017 LeLi also released a song “Not my fault”.

Here you can listen to the new song of Lisa and Lena!

Cities, Meet and Greet and Fifa

So young, but experienced so much. Girls’ everyday life is certainly not for everyone. Sometimes they’re here, sometimes there. And in between? Before a performance in Oslo, a round of Fifa is a must. Then: pure excitement on the way to the stage, but as soon as they stand on the stage all the excitement is blown away. Like professionals for years, the girls welcome their fans and loyal followers. They let their fans get to them, hug them, take pictures and shoot Musical.lys. A day in Los Angeles looks different. With the guys from New Hope Club they spend a day at the beach. They play football in the sand, chat, exchange ideas and of course record Musical.lys. But a Meet and Greet is a must on such a relaxed day. Same scheme, the girls are great at their meetings with the fans. They are beaming over both ears and are totally thrilled by the affection and attention of their fans.

Lisa and Lena are taking us to Los Angeles

Did you know that…?

  • LeLi plan their first own movie?
  • her mother turns the clips, but also takes care of the matching outfits of the twins?
  • Do you have a plan B if it doesn’t work with the long success?
  • LeLi started an education as a dance teacher.
  • even the two of them keeping secrets from each other?
  • Lena is bigger and older than Lisa?
  • two cats named Kitty and Mozart?

Youtuber like Lisa and Lena:, Lifestyle and Talent

If you can’t get enough of all-round talent or are a huge fan of Musical.lys, don’t miss out on these young stars!

Baby Ariel

17-year-old Ariel Rebecca Martin, known as Baby Ariel, is also a star. Out of boredom, she downloaded the App in 2015 and now has over 26 million fans. Like Lisa and Lena, Baby Ariel presented their first song on YouTube.

Lea Elui

Another young person who became famous through is Lea Elui Ginet. The 17-year-old Frenchwoman has become famous with her hip swing to songs like Hips don’t Lie by Shakira. Meanwhile she also runs a youtube channel where you can learn how and with what Lea puts on her make-up.


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IVA NIKOLINA X NA-KD Store Opening + Interview and Styling Tips

NA-KD is known for a wide range of fashion and well-known brands. The great popularity of NA-KD is mainly among younger audiences, which is also due to the various collaborations with influencers. This time the online shop inspires with a collection in cooperation with the well-known fashion blogger Iva Nikolina. The beautiful Croatian, who lives in Germany, inspires almost 900,000 people every day at Instagram with her elegant style. With this collection she takes another step in her career and proves that she has what it takes to become a fashion designer.

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The collection – flowing fabrics, summer & great colors

In an interview Iva tells us that she wanted to create a collection that was perfect for the summer. She implemented this by not only integrating many dresses, but also using flowing and elegant fabrics. Her collection is characterized by a dark green tone and a magenta red. She combined these colours with some parts in white and rose. She designed a total of 25 pieces together with NA-KD, not only giving her followers the opportunity to shop their own style directly after, but also inspiring many to great own combinations with their clothes. The collection is probably just like Iva, distinguished by elegance and lightness.

The Event – Drinks, Talk & Shopping

For the launch of its collection NA-KD organized an event which took place in Breuninger in the city centre of Düsseldorf. There you could not only shop exclusively for the collection, but also meet Iva Nikolina personally. NA-KD organized a great afternoon with DJ, snacks, drinks and of course shopping. There was also a small make-up area where you could get styled. Iva was there and could talk directly to her followers about the collection and these meetings.


Photo: Linda German

IVA NIKOLINA x NA-KD – how to style the collection

At the event I was allowed to choose some pieces and now show you how you can combine and style the pieces from the collection. Among the styling tips you will find photos from the store opening in Dusseldorf!

Chiffon Short Dress – cute & with cool details

This white summer dress is very cute the outer fabric has small applications and is cut on one side. The cut makes it move very smoothly and the belt for tying is also a nice detail. I combined the very cute dress a little cooler with black boots, a black lace ballet and an elegant black bag. This gives the outfit a cooler overall look and still looks very elegant. The dress is very uncomplicated and fits simply super. The perfect summer dress to not be dressed too warm on hot days and still look great.

Photos: Robin Plate / Cocaine Models

Short Flounce Short elegantly combined as a highlight

These great satin pants from the collection can be combined in many ways. It is perfect both for a walk to the beach and to wear in everyday life. I combine it with a tight black body with a lace adornment, which makes the trousers look even more elegant. Gold jewellery goes perfectly with the dark green of the trousers. I combine two gold chains with coin pendants and a watch with bracelet. The pants are perfect for summer days because they fit perfectly. It does not slip and adapts to all occasions.

Halterneck Off Shoulder Dress – the elegant all arounder

This Bordeaux colored dress is a real all arounder, because you can wear it very elegant for a special occasion with high shoes as well as in everyday life with boots or espadrilles. I combine the airy dress with boots and a belly bag. When worn like this, the dress looks fashionable and modern. This dress is also perfect for the summer and especially for warm summer evenings. Personally, I particularly like the flowing material. This not only feels incredibly good on the skin, but is also very high-quality and elegant.

Store Opening Düsseldorf with Iva Nikolina

Photos: Linda German

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Photos: Linda German


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