Model: Requirements, application, model agency & tips! 33 questions to Stephan Czaja

Becoming a model – Stephan Czaja, owner of Cocaine Models gives us answers to all important questions today! The new season of Germany’s next Topmodel is on and hundreds of thousands of young girls are following Heidi Klum’s show. Stephan takes us behind the scenes of haute couture, advertising and casting today. What do you need to be a model? How much do you earn as a model? How important is Instagram for models? Everyone is talking about the candidates for the GNTM again, the show gives young girls a good insight, but what’s it really like? We want to know how a modeling career starts and what is important.

Model: Requirements, size and lifestyle

Stephan Czaja is owner of Cocaine Models, author of The Model Book, he brokers luxury real estate and has one of the leading social media agencies in Germany. If anyone knows what he’s doing, he does! We were able to meet him today between two appointments for an interview. CM is one of the leading agencies in Germany with jobs all over Europe but also in USA and Asia. They work with companies like Hermès, Prada, CK, Dior, Nike, Levis, and many more.

FIV – My first question: What do you think makes a good model?

Stephan Czaja – discipline and ambition! Beautiful looks, talent for the catwalk and fashion shows, photo shoots, commercials, that everything can only be checked later. That’s why the discipline of a model is at the beginning of all. That means punctuality, reliability and stamina.

Added to this is ambition, that is the own, independent will to improve constantly. The competition is fierce, especially when a model later goes to the big fashion capitals, to Paris, New York, Shanghai or Milan.

Modeling abroad: Paris, New York, London, Shanghai

FIV – So Paris, New York, Shanghai are the big destinations for models?

Stephan Czaja – As a model who works professionally and wants to make a living from it, it is very advantageous to have worked in these cities for a certain time. It’s not only about jobs, but also about international experience and of course photo shootings with the top photographer. The more experience, the more different photo series, the better for the model. The own model portfolio becomes stronger and stronger by new photo shoots and therefore models get bigger jobs.

In cities like Shanghai, London but also New York there are the big advertising campaigns, haute couture shows, brands – For models, cities like New York, LA, Paris, Milan, London but also Shanghai and Hong Kong are the place to be.

FIV – How does a model get jobs abroad? Are they individual campaigns or do you spend more time on location?

Stephan Czaja – After the build-up during his school time and after the first jobs, models who meet the requirements of size and proportion usually go to a city for 2 to 3 months. This is called “On Stay”. Young models then live in model shared flats, attend many castings every day and ideally get their first jobs. This is also where you can get the leading brands in fashion such as Hermes, Burberry, Dior, Prada, Givenchy and many more.

We as an agency pay and finance these trips, later on they are billed. So there is no risk for models. In return, we expect exactly the qualities I mentioned at the beginning of the interview: discipline and ambition.

Photo: Dolce & Gabbana fashion show in Milan, Model Linn Fausten @ Cocaine Models / Women Milano

Model scouting: What’s the point?

FIV – If you are looking for new faces for your modeling agency, you will surely have a few factors to consider when choosing and deciding. What do you pay attention to when scouting young models, when you see and meet a potential model in the agency, or in other words, how do you recognize a good model as a model agent?

Stephan Czaja – Scouting is all about body size, facial contours and figure. Discipline and ambition are unfortunately not apparent at first glance! In those few moments when you see someone who wants to become a model, it is primarily about figure and proportion.

Minimum size and proportions are always the first requirements. After that it is all about the contours of the face but also all the subtleties and special features that everyone has. From striking faces, to extraordinary faces, freckles, the taunt of the skin, long and short hair or even tooth gaps. During the quick evaluation there are many interesting details that make a model unique, for us as Model Scouts.

Accordingly, the decision-making process in agency meetings is often long, for example after a casting with 100 models. In the end, everything plays a role in the selection and selection process. In the second round we get to know each other at the introduction in the model agency. Here you talk to each other in detail, models get to know the agency, the bookers but also the cooperation. At the same time you learn a lot about the model, the personality, your own ambitions and of course your appearance. Here you want to see the famous “fire in the eyes” as an agency, so that you realize that the person in front of you really wants the job.

FIV – About the performance in your agency I have a few more questions about your personal tips. But before that I would like to know, should you as a model rather “look special” or “rather average” to be successful?

Stephan Czaja – For the majority of models, the typical ideal of beauty is fulfilled. Extremely extraordinary is special, but is hardly ever booked by customers in regular business around commercials, online shops, campaigns, showrooms and fashion shows.

“Good looks” are better received than the “extravagant”

In the end, as a model you don’t live from extravagant photo shootings and video productions like you see in TV shows. There are no paint cartridges injected, there are no wild animals at the shooting and no, there is never a “nude shooting” like on TV. The real model life is different!

You earn most of the money as a model with “typical” photos for online shops, campaigns or even commercials. Accordingly, the appearance must not be too “extreme” or extraordinary, or deviate from the typical ideal image that we all carry within us. If you take the taste of all people together, the majority of people have a “typical” image of beauty in terms of appearance and proportions.

Apart from that, in real life, a natural, sympathetic appearance, in combination with the right body size, always wins in the end.

90-60-90: Ideal measurements or ?

FIV – Speaking of convincing, when you think about the “perfect measurements”, you immediately have the typical 90-60-90 in your head, which everyone knows. Are these really the perfect measurements for female models and is this a general misconception?

Stephan Czaja – I am asked this question more often, dream measurements or not? In fact, nobody has ever thought up these proportions and said, this way it is perfect! These proportions are derived from our general ideal image, in short: Who do we find attractive?

However, if you look at the cut of people, as mentioned before, and put all beauty ideals on top of each other, then for most of them a proportion of 90-60-90 for women is far ahead in the ranking of attractiveness. Accordingly, we take women, with similar proportions, as attractive in the media.

But it is interesting to note that the proportions are not set in stone, they are relatively independent of body size.

This opens the market for smaller models with chances for castings and jobs

An example: Bikini Shootings are often booked for smaller models, here again the proportions or the relation of body to face plays a role. With smaller models, female curves look even more beautiful. Accordingly, the 90-60-90 is more a synonym for the typical “hourglass figure”, whether Cara Delevingne or Jennifer Lopez. Beauty ideals also change when you leave the continent.

Another example: In Asia and cities like Beijing, Shanghai and Seoul, the most successful models are between 171-176cm, which makes them a full 4-5 centimetres smaller than in Europe or America.

Application, goals and personality

FIV – How many applications do you receive as a model agency per month?

Stephan Czaja – Many, very many. In a month, let me make a short projection, there are about 100 to 150 applications a day, that means up to 3.000, 4.500. The applications come from all over the world, from New York to London, Hamburg to Shanghai. Our agency invites 5 to 10 applicants for interviews or video calls. A model contract in our agency will then be given to 2 to 4, which means “only” 2 to 4 new models per month. Why? Because as international management we build career plans, where do you start and how do you reach your goal as a model in 2 or 3 years. The better and more intensive the management, the faster it goes. We want the best of the best, after all, in the end it’s about worldwide commercials, Fashion Week in Paris, On Stay in New York, photo shoots in Hamburg, showroom in Milan. Right from the start, a lot of responsibility for young models.

For me as a model agent and even more so as owner, it is extremely important that young models understand the seriousness. If you start modeling at the age of 15, 16 or 17, you have a long way to go. Many people are not aware of this, they want to be on the cover of Vogue within a few weeks and if that doesn’t work, they stop again. It’s extremely frustrating as a modeling agency, that’s why you’re so extremely selective when it comes to casting and applications.

So if you get a model contract after application, introduction and casting, you know that he or she has the right qualifications. The next steps are then: personality and model portfolio to convince clients.

FIV – With so many applications, isn’t the market already saturated? Is an application still worthwhile at all?

Stephan Czaja – It’s like everywhere else, if you want to make it to something, you have to try a lot! If you start modeling with the attitude that the competition is too big, you definitely won’t make it. It’s not only like that with modelling, it’s the same with football, as a musician and singer or even as an actor. In the end you need ambition, discipline and a good agency or club that provides you with the right contacts, training, opportunities, castings and jobs.

FIV – Apart from the appearance and characteristics of the model, when is the perfect age for models to start?

Stephan Czaja – For me personally, the perfect age to start modeling is between 15 and 17 years. But here it does not start immediately 100%, school has priority. School education is extremely important for models, no matter if it is about texts you have to learn for a commercial, English for small talk with the team around photographers, creative directors and fashion designers, but also mathematics, after all you are an entrepreneur. The smarter, the better! That’s why good model agencies make sure that you get a good degree. After that the world is open to you. The smarter you are, the further you can get. Because as a model you also live on follow-up bookings. If a client likes you, you get another job and another one. Be likeable, convincing on set, that will get you further. But until then, 1 or 2 years will pass until the final graduation with the build-up of experience and visual material in small steps. So to speak, the basic set to make it later in the big cities like New York.

FIV – That’s why so few models manage to get a contract in the end, right?

Stephan Czaja – Right. After all, we want to take very good care of our models so that they can develop free from all the work behind the scenes. For us, this means models who can live well from their job and constantly experience new things. In fact, the time as a model is so intense and interesting that you can never convey all the facets in an interview! When I think about it, at the age of 17 I went to Paris for the first time, a little later I went to Milan for the first time during the holidays, as soon as school is finished, the real model life starts: Shanghai, Fashion Week Paris, photo shooting in Hamburg, catwalk in Düsseldorf. At the age of 19, 20, you have already experienced so much, so much to tell – a real dream job.

FIV – How does such a setup work, quickly described?

Stephan Czaja – If you come to a big model agency like ours at the age of 15, the first thing you need to do is to achieve good results in school. At the same time, your model portfolio will be built up step by step, with the aim of having diverse and multi-faceted photo shoots. Once you have a model portfolio together, which can stand up to experienced models in casting, it is a pity. You do not become a top model overnight. School, build up your portfolio, gain first experiences on jobs, career plan, graduation, foreign countries. Your big goal sort is to be able to live well from this job at 21 years, 22 years! The one who goes with the attitude has the best chances.

photo: new male models / spring @ Cocaine Models

Model agency advantages

FIV – If you summarize the support of a modeling agency, what is the most important thing a modeling agency gives to a model?

Stephan Czaja – Network. As an independent model you could never build up the contacts that a model agency has through years of work and the many employees. This is about creative director, fashion designer, marketing director, managing director, advertising agencies, the whole administration behind it, shootings with photographers, the list is very long and we are not yet on tax issues, invoicing, dunning, travel planning, calculation of usage rights, partner agency abroad, financing of travel, etc.

As a model you have to make it within a few years, you don’t have forever, so it’s only possible with a good and strong model agency behind you, which takes care of everything important as management. A model’s job is to stay disciplined, have fun at work, have positive charisma and and of course professionalism, it’s about stressful travel, tight schedules and of course the pressure behind you when in the end a whole campaign depends on your performance as a model. While the advertising agency has prepared everything important in the background, you are in the focus of the whole production during the photo shoot as a model. In the end, the overall success of a campaign depends to a certain extent on your performance. That’s why it’s so important to build up the team, gain experience, take time for yourself, so that you can grow bit by bit to get the big jobs.

If you make an effort and stick with it, you get a great fork, you can discover the world, get to know many people. As I said, modeling is a real dream job.

Minimum size: Runway (fashion show) and Commercial (advertising)

FIV – How tall does a model have to be to runway in a fashion show?

Stephan Czaja – For catwalk and fashion show the typical, known measurements of models are extremely important. The more top-class the brand, the more international the location, the more uniform the measurements of models. The reason is quite simple, fashion shows are meant for a buyer to see and order or buy new collections. Even if there are celebrities in the audience and influencers, the most important people for fashion designers are buyers, because they buy collections in large quantities. Of course, influencers and celebrities are also important as brand ambassadors, but before the outfits are on sale, it is buyers who bring business to the designers. Only if they are later available in the trade can they be bought by private individuals. Accordingly, it is said: Focus on the collection.

So the focus is on the fashion and not the model. A fashion show therefore requires the typical measurements that are known in the world of modeling. In countries like Germany, a female model usually needs a minimum height of 176 cm for the runway. Since female models usually wear high shoes, men must be at least 186 cm tall accordingly, for a harmonious image of the group.

If we are then on a fashion show in New York, Milan or Paris, the measurements are even more strict. On the one hand the height, female models must be 178 cm tall, maximum 180 cm. Men have to be 2 cm taller accordingly, 188 cm to 192 cm, max 194 cm. In addition, in the big fashion metropolises of this world, the hips of women also play a major role. For female models, it should be a maximum of 90 cm. In cities such as Tokyo or New York and Paris, even 89 cm is often demanded as the maximum.

Even though there is a lot of hype about diversity, 99% in the paid fashion market moves exactly around these measures.

FIV – For models there are two areas, the high fashion but of course also the large area of advertising, how big must a model be when it comes to advertising (commercial)?

Stephan Czaja – Nice that you ask this question! Because there is not only the High Fashion and Haute Couture, another big part of the industry is in advertising. Here, size is not the most important thing, usually you pay attention to a very “nice” face. Then there is the professionalism on set, facial expressions and the right emotions at the right moment.

One of my best models for example is only 171 cm tall and already 57 years old. She is fantastic! The customers love her! She works all over the world and has a fantastic personality, she is such a positive person! But I don’t want to go into raptures right now.

Photo – Take measurements yourself (hips, waist, chest and height)

FIV – How much does a model earn in advertising, can you give an example?

Stephan Czaja – If you want to be successful as a model in advertising, then facial expression, emotion and body language are the most important factors. If your model agency knows that you perform consistently and consistently well, you can get a lot of jobs! Especially jobs in advertising are very worthwhile, because here you get paid for usage rights. It’s very simple: If an advertisement is produced, the rights of use are bought by the client for one year, for example. If the commercial is well received, it is played for a second year, maybe even a third, fourth and fifth year. With every extension of the rights of use you will receive an additional fee as a model. That can easily be a few thousand Euros, so that in theory you can pay your rent for one year with just one job. If you earn 5.000 Euro in the first year, then 4 times extended, you have 25.000 Euro for one day of work.

To get there, you need ambition and discipline as a model!

Application and interview

FIV – If someone decides to become a model and sends in an application, what kind of photos should models send?

Stephan Czaja – Simply put: Take the photos with your smartphone, show your natural look without make-up, without styling in natural light, i.e. preferably daylight just before, after or during lunchtime; not at night. Back to the naturalness, your clothes should not distract either, it’s best to wear a simple black top as a woman or a shirt as a man model. Show yourself 100% natural, because that’s exactly what model agencies and their clients value most. Only natural beauty is convincing.

Therefore I can only recommend, show yourself exactly as you are right from the start!

It is also important to say that you do not need a paid photo shoot! Many look for a photographer to send “creative” photos. My tip for all those who want to become a model, just take the photos with your mobile phone! Ask your mum, dad or just a good friend or girlfriend.

FIV – Many people spend hours every day in social networks. Therefore I would be interested if you get a model application, what role do the followers play nowadays? How big is the role of social networks in the selection of new models?

Stephan Czaja – Again, naturalness is the most important factor! The job of a model is not about the range, customers need and want models, the appearance decides in the casting. Interesting becomes only with young people, who have for example on Instagram already 200,000 or 300,000 Follower have however “only” 95% of all conditions fulfill.

Young people who already have 200,000 or 300,000 followers at the age of 15 or 16 are extremely, extremely rare. Accordingly I would say that the number of followers doesn’t matter, unless you are one of the 0.001% who will have half a million followers at a young age and as I said, 95% of all requirements have to be fulfilled anyway.

FIV – Is there a minimum or a maximum age for models?

Stephan Czaja – First of all the best thing about modeling or the job of a model, there is no maximum age! Even better, the older you get as a model, the less competition there is, because many of them decide in the course of their life to pursue another career, e.g. in journalism, marketing, they become a doctor or do something completely different.

photo – VW commercial with Milva Spina @ Cocaine Models

T-Cross campaign with Cara Delevingne and others

The minimum age is different, if you want to work as a model, you should apply with 15 years, 16 years, at the latest 17 years in a model agency Because especially in the younger years you have time to travel abroad, do test shoots and much more. You can’t make up the time later.

Beginning age, perfect measurements and model jobs

FIV – How old is the youngest model in your modeling agency?

Stephan Czaja – At Cocaine Models we start from 15 years, that’s how old our youngest are. Before that you should definitely enjoy your childhood: Friends, free time! But the first jobs don’t start until they’re 16, 17 years old, then comes the foreign countries.

FIV – Every job is different, from showroom to fashion show, photo shootings and video: How different are the requirements in the different areas? Where do quality and skills differ?

Stephan Czaja – Every job is different! Short run sequences for the new Nike commercial, runway show for Calvin Klein, e-commerce shooting with 25 outfits, group shooting in the city centre for an advertising campaign, every job has its own special challenges.

The first steps of a model

FIV – If you find a New Face interesting in your modeling agency, for you and your clients and it presents itself successfully in your modeling agency, how does the typical start of a model work, what are the first steps for young models?

Stephan Czaja – After the interview, first of all there is the model contract, then the first photo shoot and then the building of the model portfolio starts. Depending on the age, this can take a relatively long time, because if you are still in school, this has absolute priority, of course. It is important that everything is ready by the time you leave school, say 6-8 good shoots with good photographers, plus 3-5 photos of jobs.

This is a good start if you want to work a little more in the last school year. After graduation you have already done a few small jobs in Germany, then with the right qualifications you can enter the big world of fashion, media and advertising! The big cities, especially cities like Los Angeles, New York, Paris, Milan, London, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Beijing and London. Then there are many more interesting spots like Cape Town, Barcelona or even Seoul. Models have to take their time after school, about 2 years for the whole international build-up. After that you have international experience, the staff and managers of the partner agencies of your parent agency (in our case Cocaine Models) know you. Your book also has strong photos of jobs and photographers from all over the world.

Everything starts with the model portfolio

You need good and meaningful photos. As a tip for young up-and-coming models, the quantity of photos is not important, but the quality! You need different settings, black and white, sporty, photos with fun, fashion, colorful backgrounds, laughter, being serious, and much more. So that the customer can see himself in all possible facets. For example, if an advertising campaign is planned in which you should smile, you need a photo where you have fun and laugh. At some point an international sports fashion manufacturer comes along and the casting director sees a sports photo in your book directly. The advantage: On the one hand you can imagine the model faster in the casting role to be cast, on the other hand you know that you have already gained experience in this field. Accordingly, it does not matter how many photo shoots you have, your model agency will make sure that the photo shoots are varied so that you show as many pages of yourself as possible. Therefore, as a model it is also important to forward all requests to the management. Once you are in a modeling agency, people will pay attention to you. So you get more and more requests, for example about Instagram. The secret is not to “do everything”, the more exclusive you are, the better and the more you earn as a model.

Also important: the higher the quality of the client, the more natural the photos. You should make sure right from the start that you don’t have too experimental photos in your book. Your face must always be clearly visible, must not be covered. Models should also make sure that photographers don’t do too much retouching, naturalness brings you up as a model.

Showroom and fashion show

FIV – If the model portfolio is strong enough, what are the next steps for young models, where does their career start?

Stephan Czaja – Young models usually start as fitting models or in the showroom. In showrooms here fashion designers present new collections. In the showroom there are buyers from big fashion chains and also from department stores, not many of them only about 1-5 persons. As a model you present the individual pieces of the new collection in a kind of small fashion show. Customers can get a direct impression of the materials, fabric, workmanship and quality of the new garments. A relatively simple job.

The first real challenge is then the first fashion show. The actual show is relatively short, but the preparations are very intensive. Here you have to work with up to 20 different models, you are under time pressure but also have an audience. But as a model you are actually working, outside of Paris, Milan, London, New York, etc. rarely on fashion shows. Much more important are photo shootings.
The next step in the claim are therefore also the first photo shootings, for example for Instagram or online shops or e-commerce. From here on, it is usually no longer just a matter of “being beautiful”, now it is also about performing and delivering consistent performance. That means positive charisma and smiles even with the 18th garment and 7 hours of production. As a model, one of the big goals is to get follow-up bookings from customers who were extremely satisfied with the model’s work. If you do a good job as a model, the customer will book you again for similar jobs or even bigger model jobs.

At some point it is no longer just about you alone in the online shop. In the next step you shoot e.g. your first campaign together with other models. You should all be together in the campaign photos, smiling, perfect movement and harmony. Now it’s no longer just about performing yourself, you have to perform in combination with the others. That means, every time the photographer takes a photo, the movements of all models have to fit and of course the facial expressions, of all models. To coordinate these emotions together is really difficult! As a model you need a lot of practice and experience.

At some point you will not only get photo shoots from your agency, but also this campaign and as the next commercials. In such commercial productions, the teams are already much larger, and so are the costs for such a commercial production. So a lot depends on you as a model. Therefore it is worth it, we have discussed how much you can earn as a young model with commercials with all rights of use on top.

Video – Nike Factory Store commercials (international) with Lisa and Louisa @ Cocaine Models

Video – Dailies commercial (international) Johanna, Hannes and Marie @ Cocaine Models

FIV – One last question, what do you think about Germany’s next Topmodel? Can you become a famous model with the show?

Stephan Czaja – Through formats like Germany’s next Topmodel you can become a famous person, that’s true. But usually there are only three or four people from each season who create lasting success. The rest have the GNTM stamp forever, which is not necessarily beneficial, as it distracts from the actual campaign. GNTM is a great push for Instagram. What’s important for the candidates is that they stay on the ball after the show and don’t rely on the hype of the broadcast time. Just a few weeks after the show, almost everyone’s mailbox is quiet. Anyone who then wants to switch to a normal model agency usually remains trapped in the GNTM universe.

Many of the candidates are also cast outside the dimensions that are finally needed as models for high fashion clients. When they want to move to a good model agency a year later, they often don’t understand the rejection, because everything was right at the GNTM. In real life, however, they often don’t stand a chance at casting with real models. Often their hips are too wide, their waists too small or too prominent. As a GNTM candidate, therefore, you have to make sure that you take as many followers with you as possible. After GNTM, Instagram is the basis for other jobs, such as advertising also Instagram.

The participants are usually also slightly older than the models, who may decide to pursue a professional career as a model and apply when they are 15 or 16 years old. But it is a great format to get publicity! Especially in times of Instagram, you can build a good fanbase and make a good living from it. For those who want to be at events, promote products, the show is a great chance.

How much do GNTM candidates earn on Instagram?

FIV – At the end of the interview I really want to tickle some insights out of you! Besides your model agency you also have one of the leading social media agencies in Germany. The most successful GNTM candidates have many followers after the show, which interests me. When does one start earning money as an influencer on Instagram?

Stephan Czaja – How much money you earn on Instagram depends extremely on the individual person behind the channel. One is more entrepreneur, the other less. Some manage to make money with 100.000 followers, others don’t know how to make money out of it and constantly post promotion codes where they earn 5% or 10% per sale. If nobody buys, she doesn’t earn money. But if you sell yourself well, you can charge up to 1.000 € for a posting with 100.000 followers and more. Whether the respective customer takes part is another question, that’s where the individual negotiation skills come into play. Especially if you don’t have an agency and negotiate privately, which most ex-candidates have to do. But here, as I said, it depends extremely on how business-minded the respective person is. There are also many positive examples such as Stefanie Giesinger and Lena Gercke.

FIV – How does your social media agency calculate prices for Instagram?

Stephan Czaja – The evaluation is not only about the number of followers, but also about interaction and the own community. Anyone can buy followers on the internet for a few dollars. Even apart from bought followers there are many people who for example post “only” sexy photos, but have hardly any interaction with their own community. Those who have little interaction, little discussion and participation, quickly drop in the rating. However, those who interact a lot with their own community, are active on a daily basis and make an effort to create strong content so that their own community is entertained will be rated well.

The interaction ultimately decides who gets the job and, above all, how much he or she gets for the job!

Model Castings

FIV – For your social media agency, the model agency but also fashion shows you often organize castings, how does a model casting work? And can everybody participate in such a casting or only by invitation?

Stephan Czaja – A classic casting, as well as for my last fashion show at the Berlin Fashion Week, usually takes place in a time window of 3 to 4 hours. The casting date is then sent to selected model agencies or bookers about 2 weeks in advance, who in turn send suitable models to their agency for casting. Accordingly, such good casting dates are not publicly available, such as so-called open castings. Castings for fashion shows but also for jobs are usually never public. Public castings are mostly done for two reasons: Either to save costs (people models) or as PR effect (many participants, nice videos). Castings for jobs are almost always exclusive and only on invitation of the advertising agency or model agencies. The network and the reputation (the reputation of the model agency) is extremely valuable for models, because this is how they get the good jobs.

The casting usually takes place 1 week before the fashion show, so there is still time to adjust clothes, logistical issues have to be solved, the location has to be prepared, then there is a fitting and a rehearsal in advance. All this is part of the organization of a fashion show. During the fitting, the clothes are tried on, so that everything is guaranteed to fit on the day of the show. At the rehearsal the choreography is shown to music, directly on the location, depending on how complex the catwalk is, from a simple hall to a big show in Paris. Therefore the casting will take place 1 week before the show.

At the casting everything happens very fast! Between 40 and 200 models wait in front of the entrance, depending on how many are finally booked at the show. Most shows book 12 – 24 models. At the casting, model after model is now called. She or he introduces himself or herself briefly, does a short catwalk in front of the Creative Art Director and the designer. After the casting all model agencies are informed about the booked models, they then organize everything in the models’ schedule.

One more little tip! So the actual casting usually takes a minute, maybe two. Sometimes the fitting is done directly at the casting, so if you are asked to try on a piece of clothing, you are a little closer to the job.

Tips for Model Castings

FIV – What can you recommend models for their next casting? Do you have tips for young models and their first casting in a marketing, social media or advertising agency?

Stephan Czaja – Yes, I have two very simple ones. First: Smile! Second: Be natural! When Creative Art Director like me has a long day, it’s nice to have a smile. After all, you want to sell your own product with pleasure, especially if you have spent weeks and months working on a project, the concept, the strategy and the implementation! Accordingly, one is happy when models come into the room in a positive mood. A smile directly brings a few extra points in the casting.

You should be absolutely natural, no make-up, no hairstyling, just you! Your outfit should not distract either, best you wear black jeans and a black top. You should also wear plain white or black shoes. Female models should also have a pair of high heels and a plain black bikini. This way you are perfectly prepared for an audition as a model!

Model portfolio at casting

FIV – What if you are absolutely new and have no photos?

Stephan Czaja – If you don’t have your own model portfolio yet, with lots of photoshootings, you should honestly say, “I have been modeling for about 3 weeks and I am happy to be here”! Take your first photos with you on a tablet, just like the pros! New Faces should always be honest! After all, you have the chance to convince personally at the casting. Use it! And don’t forget a friendly smile every now and then!

FIV – What does the perfect model portfolio look like?

Stephan Czaja – In a perfect model portfolio you should have about 30-40 different photos. 1 photo each from tests with good photographers and jobs from customers.

FIV – After a casting you usually go directly to the shooting. How long do you actually work on a social media campaign, from the first concept to the shooting and publication?

Stephan Czaja – That differs extremely, but usually a campaign is planned in a period of 2 to 6 months, then published. Depending on how many agencies and actors are involved, how extensive the project becomes, for example in the area of different countries and languages, different media, 2 to 6 months are then realistic. Accordingly, everything has to work on the day of the photo shoot!

Exactly this one day, when the model is booked, is the intersection: the media production. Before that came the whole conception, strategy, planning. After the media production comes the whole marketing, promotion, analysis and reporting. So the day of the photo shoot is crucial, for the release date, the whole run-up to an advertising campaign and for everything that comes after in the area of public relations. That’s why you don’t become a top model overnight. When agencies send models on such jobs, suggest them or even send them to castings, then only if they have absolute trust in the model, through many years of cooperation.

Fashion show: How do you plan a show?

FIV – At the end I wanted to come up with a special topic, you organize fashion shows! Speaking of GNTM, the winner of last season Simone was at your last show in Berlin, as well as other celebrities and influencers, but also media such as Sat1 Prominent, Hapers Bazaar, the full program. For all those who were not there, Stephan’s fashion show was a real highlight this summer, with Swimming Pool Runway, right in the middle of Berlin, in Crested Grebe. After Karl Lagerfeld there was no one from Germany who makes great haute couture shows, except Philipp Plein who lives in the USA. Your last fashion show set new standards at Berlin Fashion Week. Can you tell us a bit about your last show as Creative Director?

Stephan Czaja – For me, as a creative director or organizer of a fashion show, like everyone else who does this kind of job, it means work, of course! In short, while everyone is enjoying the after show party, I usually drive models and staff back to the hotel, for example if a driver drops out, I organize the dismantling for the next day and just fall KO into bed! So much for the real life! I pay attention to all details, accordingly I am with my employees and models, not on stage.

But the last show was absolutely crazy for Berlin! Maybe you can add the YouTube video later. We did the show extremely spontaneously, I think in two or three weeks everything was organized, from the catwalk elements to the musician, guest management, model casting, choreographer, snack and drinks, everything. It was important for work! And it was extremely spontaneous but in the end we really did it and created a real highlight on Saturday night, for the grand finale of Berlin Fashion Week.

[ our video version is currently being edited and will be online soon ]

New highlight in Berlin – July

FIV – Finally, can you tell us something about your next fashion show? Which highlight can we as visitors look forward to and will we get Front Row Seating?

Stephan Czaja – We can spoil a little, we definitely grabbed the same location Guido Maria Kretschmer had last year. One of my absolute favourite hotels in Berlin, directly at the Spree! What makes this hotel so special? Here you can order your own electric guitar in your room, for example, a real Rockstar Hotel! On top of the Rooftop there is a separate 7 million Euro studio for recording songs. Everything top modern and chic. It’s located directly at the Spree, in the heart of Berlin and we’re just planning. Nothing is set in stone yet, but if everything works out, it will again be an absolute highlight in July. I can’t promise you Front Row, who knows who will come, but you will definitely get invitations, gladly.

FIV – Thank you very much for the detailed interview and for taking time for all our questions. That was our XXL interview with Stephan Czaja, owner of Cocaine Models. If you want to know more about the model agency, you can find the website of Cocaine Models and the agency Social Media One here.

Agencies and tips

Become a model, free tips on the blog and the book “The Model Book” by Stephan.

Models & Photographers: How to recognize a real model?

A gifted body, a sympathetic charisma and of course the “certain something” – this is how pretty young women imagine their good prospects for a well-paid modeling career. But reality also demands further attributes, depending on the model industry, hard work in front of and behind the camera as well as absolute stress resistance. What distinguishes a real model from a dreamy, fashion-conscious girl is above all the professional orientation, which is subject to income tax. Catwalks are only the few glamorous highlights in the mercilessly demanding advertising world.

Tip! Interview with model agency owner Stephan Czaja (Cocaine Models): Become a model

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Requirements for a model in the fashion industry

Young, beautiful, slim and tall, these are the attributes model agencies are looking for when they want to hire fashion models. A real model, however, is characterized from the outset by these attributes:

  • The correct size and a very slim figure
  • A face and a look that matches the respective fashion themes (at best as many as possible)
  • The model career as full-time, at least part-time activity
  • Loadability under the stress of photo shootings or catwalk operations
  • adaptability to the wishes of designers

Tattoos & Co in the model world

Fashionable habits such as wearing visible tattoos or piercings are generally not welcomed in the fashion industry. If the other attributes are correct, this can still be an exciting advantage for niche topics. Fields of work for a real model are runway shows, advertisements, catalogue sessions and photo shoots for special magazine requirements. A real model always carries one thing with him: a folder as versatile as possible, as thick as possible, as advantageous as possible with photos of himself and the best or all or the most successful shootings of the last two to seven years.

Which model for which industry

A real model can also become a person who only fulfils the strict requirements of the glamour industry fashion to a limited extent. Because there are three roughly definable categories for different model types:

  • Fashion or Editorial Models

They have the best chances of getting involved near the fashion metropolises of Hamburg, Düsseldorf, limited Cologne and Munich. They are – once engaged – paid princely if they adapt to the strict requirements for a long time.

  • Commercial Models

The famous “dozen face” can actually lead to a single housewife, a die-hard single or a student in need of orientation being engaged for advertising purposes in the fashion industry. For commercial purposes such figures and faces are in demand, in which as everyone as possible somehow recognizes themselves. Nevertheless, even such visually average models must be strict with themselves and tolerant with the specifications. Because only in this combination do those optical impressions emerge which the advertising industry would like to suggest to us with views from almost daily life. Instead of a pot figure, the charisma counts here. Above all, the individual peculiarities of commercial models should create recognition in as many people as possible, and this should be positive for the product and the performer.

  • Erotic Models

Beauty is undoubtedly an advantage in this industry. But only in connection with an erotic charisma candidates of both sexes have chances to be booked for such special shootings and shows. In addition to optical advantages, a real model has the unconditional will to be professionally active in this industry for a long time. Whether a fashion agency or a commercial interested party or even the erotic industry is interested in a cooperation depends on the natural prerequisites that every aspirant (and every aspirant, especially herself) brings to the profession.


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Becoming a model: How the Model Scout recognizes your potential

Not everyone has the potential to become a model, unfortunately you just have to say that. The prerequisites for becoming a model vary depending on the market (national and international). However, there are always certain minimum sizes and certain modem dimensions to keep. Only in few exceptions things like the model size are not considered, however one should not rely on the fact that this applies to one. How a Model Scout works and what the perfect measures to the model become are you find in this article.

Tip! Interview with model agency owner Stephan Czaja (Cocaine Models): Become a model

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become a model – Perfect dimensions, features and the right setting

FIV: The profession of model is a dream for most girls. When people hear that someone is a model, the person is immediately associated with special beauty. But what are the prerequisites for being able to practise this profession?

Young women who dream of becoming models must first bring the right proportions with them. If this is the case, the paths differ depending on whether you consider modeling as a secondary profession or whether you want to work internationally as a model. If you want to work as a model, you should always have a minimum height of 1.74 m. Here you as a model will have the most chances of getting a job and will be booked accordingly. Models that are smaller need an extra portion of ambition or a special feature that makes them so interesting for the agency, but also for the customers, that they are booked again and again. The majority of the jobs, however, go to female models with a body height of 174 to 180 cm. One reason for this is that collections are cut to certain sizes before they are put on the market. Also at fashion shows you should always be able to show a similar body size, with female and also with male models. Therefore, there are standard sizes that are booked by most designers and customers. Apart from the body size it depends above all on the proportions. When it comes to skin couture, the measurements around the hip and chest become a little narrower. In general, different mental requirements apply to international models than to models who want to do this job as a part-time job.

Priority setting on the way to supermodel

In international model agencies, as in ours, the scouts pay particular attention to the absolute will. Modeling must be your A priority in life. At the age of 15 or 16 you prepare yourself for life as a model parallel to school. During your holidays, you’ll travel for a few weeks to the fashion capitals of the world, such as Paris or Milan. As soon as you get your diploma, your career really starts. This also means that the studies have to be postponed and a year abroad via Work and Travel in Australia is not possible. International agencies invest in you and therefore need planning security. Therefore, the international level is once again different from that of smaller, national agencies. If you want to make it onto the catwalks of this world, run for the highest quality Brenz, get lookbooks shoots for luxurious brands, you have to focus your whole life on becoming a model and give everything to make this dream come true. That means a lot of initiative! figure, skin, hair, appearance, walk, poses,…

As far as body size is concerned, the international requirements are once again stricter than those of the national market. As a fashion model, you usually get the biggest jobs (90%) with a body height of 178 to 180 cm. The competition is big and if you are at a casting in Milan, there are not only three or four models, but already 50 international models from the absolute top agencies are waiting for you at the entrance. So that you can keep up here, a good international agency is the A&O.

The most important indication and your guarantee for a long-term career is your charisma. Whether it is the first agency visit, a test shoot with a photographer, a casting appointment with a renowned client or a photo shoot for the new collection of a fashion designer. As a model you are self-confident in the center and often the person who takes care of the good mood. Especially when marketing staff are on site who are responsible for the success of a campaign and today the cover picture decides! As a model, you shouldn’t have any tension. You are calm, friendly, smile and do a professional job! Who convinces the customer with its kind, has high chances on a reservation and thus the first ?regular customers? But these only make up a small part of your jobs. Most of it’s for new customers you haven’t dealt with before. That’s why it’s so important that you go to every job with a positive disposition and have fun with it!

How Model Scouts Recognize Model Potential

FIV: What are the perfect model dimensions? In all heads the 90-60-90 still buzz around at the thought. Are they still up to date?

In fact, the classic 90-60-90 are a good indication for models. In the area of high fashion, the measurements, especially at the chest and hips, are still a few centimetres down. In the area of national jobs, it may well be a few centimetres more, e.g. when it comes to female models over 20 years of age. The beauty ideal does not set a commission. People like these proportions and feel inspired by them, e.g. to do more sports themselves. Clothes fit nicely and fall much better.

FIV: How do you know that someone has the potential to become a model?

For me, a good model always has to be an appearance first. Whether in Berlin Mitte or at a flagship store opening, when you meet a new person, they have to make an impression immediately. This, wow effect. Because that’s your job! You’ve got a photo, a moment, and it has to sit. Whether you’re on a large billboard or in a commercial played out on YouTube, you can be seen and must immediately think Wow. This is exactly what customers are looking for for their campaigns. On the other hand there are a lot of rough diamonds especially with young models. Just inconspicuous people, packed in big hoodies, with glasses and dishevelled hair. It is difficult to develop a direct view here, but the face in particular plays a major role. First the body size must be right but then it depends on the look, the features in the face, such as small tooth gaps, freckles and also hair and skin. To find the rough diamonds here, which also show personalities with a wow effect, who think entrepreneurially and have a clear goal in mind, is the big challenge as a model scout.

FIV: Are there also girls or boys who do not have any of these characteristics, but who are nevertheless ideally suited?

Absolutely! Perhaps two concrete examples from our agency. We have a model from Paris who is 170 cm tall, but has an Asian European mix and a distinctive tooth gap. She is also an absolute Parisian girl in terms of charisma and character. Her dress style, her appearance, her cheerfulness, all this is convincing. On the other hand, we have a model, a man only 1.80 cm tall, ideal would be at least 185 cm, but he has an incredibly strong presence in front of the camera and the absolutely unmistakable advantage of being an albino with African roots. Especially for urban fashion manufacturers, international fashion brands, these are unique faces for campaigns. Anyone who remembers TV spots of large online shops and fashion chains will always discover particularly eye-catching models, e.g. through an extreme ethnic mix or even through very special peculiarities such as large tooth gaps or freckles. Many people are now certainly thinking of the bushy eyebrows of supermodel Cara Delevingne, since she conquered the world through Karl Lagerfeld, thick eyebrows are again absolutely on Vogue.

FIV: Where do you prefer to look for models? Do you have any preferences?

The easiest and fastest way is always to apply directly to the agency via an online form. There are scouts working who, with their professional experience, can quickly judge whether you would make it far as a model in the agency. Of course there is always internal competition and if there are 3 new faces with blonde long hair and you happen to have blonde long hair, you might get a rejection from an agency even though you would have fitted theoretically. Don’t worry, maybe try it a second time in half a year and look around for other agencies.

The second way to be discovered, but the chance is much smaller, you have to live in cities where the big agencies are. Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne and Munich. Here the model scouts also go through the city centre, e.g. when they shop and whenever you discover an interesting face, address the person. However, as I said, the chance is much smaller! In Berlin alone there are over 500 streets in the city. What is the chance that you will be on the same street at the same time as the model scout who finds your type perfect? Each agency tries to keep its model board as small as possible so that the management work can be focused precisely and the models represented on its own board can be promoted as well as possible. An agency like ours represents selected 50 to 60 models. Every day, however, we receive 30 to 40 new applications alone, which quickly amounts to 1000 applications per month. So you see how big the chance is to get invitations here! Who doesn’t dare, doesn’t win! So take a look at good, serious, international modeling agencies and try your luck with several. Here is a little tip for all models who are applying for the first time. In very few model agencies you will get feedback due to the large number of applications. If you don’t hear from the modeling agency anymore, you should always consider it a rejection.

No-go’s before model career

FIV: What about casting shows? Are shows like Germanys Next Topmodel a sensible way to make it to the top?

You can definitely become a famous influencer! A public figure. And that’s not so bad, is it? If you want to make it as a sustainable fashion model, with fashion magazines, the lifestyle about it, you need a real model agency that not only takes care of TV season but a career. Because ultimately it is about you as a person and about your life and not about the unique success. Of course, 3 or 4 can make it to known persons. The remaining 2000 who took part in the casting didn’t get far. If you apply in a model agency, you should also leave out the fact Germanys Next Topmodel. Especially in big agencies, there are models immediately the TV stamp. Not all agencies want that.

FIV: Would you accept someone who has already participated in Germanys Next Topmodel? Or has this even happened before?

Yeah, there’s been a few of them. We had also invited 2.3 to the casting. They were really nice, but the measurements were not right for our customers and partners in New York, Paris & Co. We had to pass.

FIV: Are you following Germanys Next Topmodel? Which winner did you like best?

Good question! Now I have to think for a moment, in fact I only know one, Lena Gercke. Then there was the short-haired one, but I can’t remember the name now. Who’s your favorite winner? Who did you like best?

FIV: My favourite winner has always been Barbara Meier, who has always fascinated me. She has an incredibly great charisma with her long red hair and blue eyes. Her success after GNTM has shown that she was a winner who deserved it! Which international models fascinate you?

Cara Delevingne took my heart by storm! So I could absolutely understand Karl Lagerfeld when he chose her. Since then she has had a great career and has really evolved. She’s a real entrepreneur now. So she’s really taken out everything that’s possible. Still, she never had any big scandals or excitement. Really great work and a really great person. I also find Kaia Gerber very interesting at the moment. New female muse of Karl Lagerfeld and daughter of Cindy Crawford. Cindy Crawford used to be the top model, and Kaia also has the top prerequisites for an international career. She even has an international career, plus this hammer background story with her mama, the top genes and her enchanting nature. To sum up, I think I can say that trusts in Karl Lagerfeld! Maybe you can show some shows of Karl Lagerfeld and Chanel later in this article!

FIV: Thank you very much for the detailed interview! And yes, I am definitely looking for some articles about the best shows of Chanel for our readers. If you want to apply as a model, you will find the important links here.

  1. Coco Chanel Article
  2. Karl Lagerfeld Articles

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Behind the Scenes: Model Booker Enable Career

Once run over the fashion week in New York for the biggest brands like Prada, Dior, Gucci is the dream of some young girls and men. However, many are not aware that there is more behind the model. Because every successful model has an agency that represents her and to which the job requests go. The one who handles the job requests for the respective models is the Model Booker. He alone decides which model is proposed for which job and manages everything from contracts to communication with the model. We met with a Model Booker and asked you the most interesting questions.

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The perfect conditions for a model

FIV: Many girls dream of being able to work internationally as models. What are the prerequisites for this dream to come true?

As a young girl you should usually have a height of 174 to 180 cm. You need a lot of self-confidence and ambition, because you have to perform well at a young age, such as at a fashion show; quick change of clothes, new run and all that without mistakes. The bigger the jobs become, the greater the responsibility, especially when there are 20, 30 people on site for a production, all waiting for you as a model. Even if someone is in a bad mood, you stay professional, friendly and do a good job! This means that you need a certain body size so that you fit perfectly with the patterns or the other models, you need a lot of self-confidence and ambition but also a very professional way so that you can still conjure up the perfect smile even with difficult customers who may have had a bad day.

You have to love your job, bring energy and of course it’s all about facial expressions, gestures, posing and much more.

FIV: What are the perfect measurements for a model? Are the classic 90-60-90 still valid for orientation?

The classic ideal of beauty naturally prevails in every situation. Also here one can say that in the range of proportions, models are very often at the ideal size of 90 60 90, whereby the sizes vary slightly, e.g. with models for high fashion. Here the measurements of chest and hip often have a few centimeters less. What’s the matter with you? The fewer curves the model has, the better the fit and fall of the clothes. Important, not only for normal photo shoots and commercials, but also for fashion shows. If you want to work as a model, e.g. at the Fashion Week, you absolutely need the international requirements. 95% of designers are looking for exactly this look. Apart from the High Fashion and Fashion Weeks, there is of course also the large area of advertising. Here the measurements can also go a little higher. Especially in commercials, it is often not the height that is important, but the charisma and personality of the model.

FIV: Are there any exceptions or is this completely fixed?

In addition to body size, there are two other important prerequisites for making exceptions. Beautiful and special faces with unique, rare features that have a special charisma. This can be a special face with recognition value, freckles, a large tooth gap, white hair, despite dark skin. There are several possibilities. A few examples of extraordinary models are:

  • Chantelle Brown

  • Lindsey Wixson

  • Jessica Hart

Modelscouts – Attention is paid to this

FIV: Where can you find the best models? Do you have any preferences?

Most models are found today via the Internet. What is the probability that we will meet in downtown Berlin? Or in Hamburg? Or in Munich? Exactly, most models are found and discovered today by the application on the Internet sides. But there are also still situations in which you accidentally become aware of models, such as at Fashion Week or during a simple shopping tour, e.g. in the Mall of Berlin. Of course, pretty girls can be found everywhere, even in the countryside. Only there’s very little chance of meeting here. The best chances are therefore in the big cities and in the mega metropolises such as Paris or Milan. Somehow everyone is drawn to the big cities. As a model scout, you can find good models here, especially in the city centre, when you don’t expect it at all.

FIV: What do you pay attention to when you discover a potential model? What’s the first thing they pay attention to?

As described at the beginning, the size of the model is an absolutely decisive factor. The absolute majority of jobs depend on body size, which is why it is the most important and decisive point. Then proportions, face and distinctive features. Then details, teeth, hair, skin and of course the most important things, looks and charisma. Of course you can still learn a lot, but if you bring the package with you at the beginning, it’s perfect.

Alternatives to model life

FIV: Is participation in Germanys next Topmodel a good start for a model?

Not as a model, but primarily as an influencer. In the end you live from the TV glamour of the show. With every new season there are new favourites. Most of the models we don’t even remember. Who was number five again three years ago? Who was number one again in the fourth season? I couldn’t answer it for you! In campaigns, on jobs, you rarely see them. Mostly they are still booked for fashion shows, so you get some PR for free. For a sustainable modeling career, however, the TV stamp is rather counterproductive. The models also notice this when they apply in the real agencies after the show. Suddenly there is no more applause, but the hip is criticized. Instead of a 92er hip as indicated on the Sedcard, the model has a 97er hip. Plus the big ego, through a one-time show. And the TV stamp, too. As an influencer, Germanys next Topmodel is a really great format to win 100,000 fans. If you market yourself properly afterwards, you can also bring it to very good customers and campaigns! But you also have to remember that only 5 out of 1000 make it. The rest remains unknown or has forever the stamp, without the many fans from the final show. Everyone has to weigh that up for themselves.

FIV: Which international models do you find best?

At the moment I am particularly fascinated by Kaia Gerber and Ellen Rosa. These two models are also at the top of the international list. As the daughter of supermodel Cindy Crawford, Kaia has got great genes and the right attitude. Kaia has come a long way at her young age and her modeling career has only just begun! And then there’s her super demeanour.

Ellen Rosa is well on her way to becoming a successful supermodel. Your charisma speaks for itself.

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The Model Book – Become a Model Special #5

The Model Book! Everyone who wants to become a model needs the book in which everything about modeling is explained. Even models who are already successful and just waiting for their big breakthrough should take a look at the bible of modeling. From general questions about agencies, Polaroids or photographers to jobs, casting situations or international modeling. Everything is covered in this book. Take a look at the Youtube video to get a first impression of The Model Book! You can now find more tips on Youtube: FIV Magazine.

Tip! Interview with model agency owner Stephan Czaja (Cocaine Models): Become a model

The Model Book – Amazon

The Model Book! From Model Basics to professional modeling.

Become a model Special: All episodes

  1. Model Application – How to become a model
  2. Model Casting – How to prepare?
  3. Model Jobs – From Instagram to Advertising Campaign
  4. International models – New York, London, Paris
  5. Model Book – The Book for Young Models, Author Interview
  6. fashion show – catwalk and fashion designer
  7. Photo Shooting Tips – Behavior at Shooting Set
  8. Fashion photographer – Interview with tips from Oliver Rudolph

International modeling: New York, London, Paris – Become a Model Special #4

The premier class of modeling: International Modeling. Once you’ve made it and become one of the top international models, the world is open to you. Your everyday life is full of big campaigns for top brands like Dior or Gucci. You spend a lot of time on the plane flying from Paris to New York and doing one fashion show after the other. In short: it is an exciting life. Watch the video to find out everything about international modeling and how you can become a mega star. You can now find more tips on Youtube: FIV Magazine.

Tip! Interview with model agency owner Stephan Czaja (Cocaine Models): Become a model

The King Class of Modeling: International Modeling!

Become a model Special: All episodes

    1. Model Application – How to become a model
    2. Model Casting – How to prepare?
    3. Model Jobs – From Instagram to Advertising Campaign
    4. International modeling – New York, London, Paris
    5. Model Book – The Book for Young Models, Author Interview
    6. fashion show – catwalk and fashion designer
    7. Photo Shooting Tips – Behavior at Shooting Set
    8. Fashion photographer – Interview with tips from Oliver Rudolph

Fashion show: Catwalk, Posing and Procedure – Become a Model Special #6

This episode of our Model Special is about fashion show. From the Paris Fashion Week one sees mostly only pompous and breathtaking videos. Designers present their new collections and clothes. Usually you don’t know how it works behind the scenes. But what budget do you need to rock your own fashion show? Stephan M. Czaja – Model agency owner tells from the model everyday life! Watch the video now! You can now find more tips on Youtube: FIV Magazine.

Tip! Interview with model agency owner Stephan Czaja (Cocaine Models): Become a model

The Model Book! From Model Basics to professional modeling.

Become a model Special: All episodes

  1. Model Application – How to become a model
  2. Model Casting – How to prepare?
  3. Model Jobs – From Instagram to Advertising Campaign
  4. International models – New York, London, Paris
  5. Model Book – The Book for Young Models, Author Interview
  6. fashion show – catwalk and fashion designer
  7. Photo Shooting Tips – Behavior at Shooting Set
  8. Fashion photographer – Interview with tips from Oliver Rudolph

Earn money as a model: rights of use and buy out for jobs

How do models make a living? How can you earn money as a model? Every year many young girls and of course boys ask themselves whether they can become models themselves and how they would make a living from their job as models? Whether magazine models, like Cara Delevingne model Mama Heidi Klum, Bella and Gigi Hadid, a perfect life in a rush, between hip as VIP parties and campaign shootings. Where exactly does the money come from? We met with an expert today to answer the question! See the full List Buy Out / Rights of use.

Tip! Interview with model agency owner Stephan Czaja (Cocaine Models): Become a model

Looking for a luxury property? New York, Los Angeles, Miami - Take a look at Lukinski: Luxury Realtor

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Earn money as a model – usage rights

As a model there are different ways to earn money. As our expert from Model Agency One says, each model starts with building its own model folder. The first thing to do here is to build up your own portfolio in a variety of ways. From Portrait Shooting to sports shoots and also pictures with other models, e.g. in situations like love or friendship. The better one’s facial expressions and gestures become, the stronger one’s personality and the more professional and friendly one’s appearance with the customer is, the further a model can go. The larger the customers become, the more frequently the produced media are used. Whoever makes it as a model in one of the top agencies can earn a lot of money here! Let’s look at a simple example:

The first jobs: small customers

The first model experiences you will make with smaller customers or also with larger, international customers but then these are small jobs. Small customers, for example, can be regional fashion brands that do not have a national or international presence. An example of a small job would be a showroom for a collection presentation. Every season, new fashion collections come onto the market, yet fashion designers present their new collections to their customers six months in advance. This moment when customer and designer come together is called a showroom – a small fashion show without an audience. If you convince with this first job, you will get the opportunity to do photo shoots for online shops or even better, film and video productions.

All the big jobs and usage rights

Punctuality and professionalism are very important in this industry, as your model agency will only refer you to big jobs if your appearance is right.

The shooting of such a commercial is much more complex in comparison to a photo shoot! In a photo studio, the teams usually consist of only a few people:

  • Photographer, directs the shooting
  • Model for presentation
  • Make-up artist for hair and styling
  • Stylistin for the outfits
  • Assistant of the photographer or photographers
  • Sometimes an employee of the customer, e.g. from marketing

In productions for commercials, the teams are already much bigger. Here the list would also be much longer, briefly summarized

  • Production management and assistance
  • Camera people, cable tray and pickups
  • Models and Actors
  • Comparsen, these are e.g. people in the background at an inner city scene
  • Make-up Artists for hair and styling
  • stylists for the outfits
  • Set designer with props
  • Light technician
  • Special Effects for everything from dust to special props
  • Catering and service staff

Not only the production is more complex but also the usage rights are much more diverse and the publications are of course much bigger than a free shooting.

Use rights comparison small and big jobs

For small jobs, the usage rights are often very clear. For example, the customer only has a website or an online shop on which the photos are presented. If customers book models for a job, then you also send the corresponding usage rights to the model agency, where an appropriate offer is then calculated. For this calculation you need different data, which are the most important ones:

  • Media – In which formats are the photos or videos shown? Print, online, social media, poster advertising, cinema, streaming,…
  • Countries – Where will the photos or videos be displayed?
  • Time – How long will the photos and videos be visible in each media format?

At the beginning the inquiries are relatively clear, so a small customer, who has e.g. 5 stores in Berlin, would book the following relatively simply

  • Onlineshop and website for one year + Social Media

Based on the Buy-Out list the model agency can now calculate the fee for the model including the usage rights for the one year with website and online shop. For larger jobs, as well as commercials, the rights of use are of course correspondingly more extensive, this can look like this in a short form:

  • TV station, 6 months, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Great Britain, Italy
  • Posters in calendar week 42 to 46 in Paris, London, Berlin, Rome
  • Online video for advertising in social media, six weeks before premiere

The buy-out list also helps here, because it not only has the individual items, for example for social networks YouTube, Instagram, Tik Tok and Facebook, here you can also find package prices. If a customer e.g. different print media bay, one can make a larger package. In the end, the model earns more money, but the customer also saves a little. Win Win for both sides.

Calculation example for Model Jobs

When models work is always a basic daily commitment agreed. A simple invoice, for example, would be 1000 EUR for the customer. But now he wants to use the photos internationally for streaming. The model agency now takes a look at the list and can calculate from it how high the client’s budget must be. In the Buy-Out list you will find percentages, these are calculated on the daily fees. It’ll look that way:

  • Day ticket 1000 €
  • Usage rights 560 % = 5600 €
  • earnings 6600 € total

If the usage rights are then extended for another year, the model will of course earn money again! And this is where we come to the crux of the matter and the answer to the question, how can you earn money as a model? If the commercial is bought for another year, with the same rights of use, the model earns 5600 € again. If the video is bought for another year, it will be 5600 € again. In the end you have earned more than 15000 € from one single day of work!

Model Agency One: Official Buy-Out List

Model Agency One is a free platform where models can find the most prestigious agencies worldwide. Whether New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Milan, Paris, Shanghai, London, Hamburg or Cape Town. Models can not only find the best agencies worldwide for free, they can also find a lot of tips, a complete guide on the subject of models and of course all important information on the subject of minimum size, weight and of course all kinds of jobs, from fashion shows to trade fairs, photo shooting for online shops and of course commercials.

On Model Agency One there is also a buy out list for model agencies. Here, these agencies can find out worldwide how high the usage rights are for individual media, for individual countries and, of course, for a specific term. This makes it very easy to calculate job offers. The Bayreuth List is updated twice a year and is based on the respective gross domestic product of the individual countries. This means that the more money a country makes, the higher the buyouts.

A list of usage rights is available for free download here


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The Right Model Job – Become a Model Special #3

Once in a model agency, the big dream of most models is also to earn enough money with their model jobs. As a rule, you don’t start directly with a commercial for Gucci or Prada and run at the Paris Fashion Week, but must first convince in a showroom. Stephan M. Czaja – Model Agency Owner – tells you which jobs are the best paid and where to look for them. Have a look at the other videos of our Model Special to find out everything about modeling. You can now find more tips on Youtube: FIV Magazine.

Tip! Interview with model agency owner Stephan Czaja (Cocaine Models): Become a model

What are the right jobs for me? What do I earn the most money with?

become a model Special: All episodes

  1. Model Application – How to become a model
  2. Model Casting – How to prepare?
  3. Model Jobs – From Instagram to Advertising Campaign
  4. International modeling – New York, London, Paris
  5. Model Book – The Book for Young Models, Author Interview
  6. fashion show – catwalk and fashion designer
  7. Photo Shooting Tips – Behavior at Shooting Set
  8. Fashion photographer – Interview with tips from Oliver Rudolph

Miss Germany? The Camp, the Candidates & Winners – TV Interview

The new season of Germany’s Next Topmodel has started! Here the new advertising icons of Heidi Klum are discovered. There used to be a Miss Germany election. Miss Germany? Currently it takes place again, the election to Miss Germany! Hardly anyone knows the names or can you remember one of the winners of the Miss Germany election? That’s exactly what it’s all about today: We take a look at the world of the Miss Germany election with all the details and the most important questions and answers all about prerequisites, votes and, of course, all the winners.

All about Miss Germany: Requirements, application until final

Today Nikeata Thomson, successful on TV and also as a coach at Germanys Next Topmodel, as well as Stephan Czaja, owner of one of the upcoming agencies Cocaine Models, could be seen together at Sat1. Exciting, because somehow you don’t get much of the choice! Reason enough to take a look at what you should know about Miss Wahl. Here you find the post in the Sat1 Mediathek (German): Stone Age or career booster? Miss Germany.

Saturday evening the new Miss Germany 2019 will be elected. In the TV report, Nikeata Thompson, who is currently coaching the current Miss Germanys, talks about the current finalists. 16 candidates are now preparing for the big show. A few celebrities are also expected, as well as Sarah Lombardi. In the TV interview everyone was still under palm trees to get fit for the big finale in tropical warm weather. From personal talks with the coaches to catwalk training.

Catwalk Coaching with Nikeata Thomson

The participants are on average with the 20s. Many have already gained a little model experience, but some are also completely new in the world, so this year there is for example a policewoman and a farmer’s wife, like Soraya.

These are the pictures from Camp 2019 – Best Of

Questions and Answers on Miss Germany Election

Many would like to apply for the Miss Germany election, try their luck themselves and maybe even make it to the finalists. But what are the requirements for the application? Today we’ll clean up the most frequently asked questions and answer whatever you need to know about the choice!

How long is the Miss Germany election?

The Miss Germany election has been around for a very long time, since 1927. There are many Miss events, the “Miss Germany” is only one of many, but the best known in Germany. Behind Miss Germany are sponsors, who finance the entire event, the casting, the travels and of course the planning for all dates. Therefore, all events and of course the final always take place in the locations of the sponsors. The Miss Germany election is a big PR event. Most of the time the event is reported by the tabloid media.

Is there an age restriction?

Yes, in fact there is a requirement, which may be at the Miss Germany election maximum up to 28 years old. I’m afraid you’re too old after that! So if you ever want to try your luck, you should definitely do it before you turn 29.

Is there also a Mister Germany election?

Also for men there is a contest, the Mister Germany election from the same organizer. Here you can see the candidates from this year:

How to be successful as Miss Germany?

Is it worth it for the participants, can you really earn money with the title of “Miss Germany”? This is exactly what marketing expert Stephan Czaja from the Sat1 team was asked to do in a TV interview. He replied that the winner would have one year to make the most of all possibilities. He goes on to say that if you use the network cleverly, you may well make it to a decided prosperity within the 12 months that you carry the title.

Who deserves more, Miss Germany or Influencer?

Marketing expert Stephan Czaja provides a clear answer to this question: as an influencer on Instagram and YouTube, you deserve much more than a Miss Germany. What’s the problem? A “Miss Germany” lives solely from her title. All dates are booked in advance by the organizer. All that is bought is the presence and the name. With an influencer, customers pay attention not only to “the name”, but also to the community, i.e. the fan number of the influencer or his or her range.

What does Miss Germany do after the victory?

Once the winner has been determined, her diary is already filled for a full year. For the winner, it is a matter of many PR events of the sponsors, but also events, such as discos or the opening of shopping centers. The name Miss Germany works and attracts visitors, which in turn brings her or the management behind the title Bookings. The winner will then bear the title for a whole year. Then she hands over the crown and her sash to her successor.

Can I still be Miss Germany over 50?

Yes, women over the age of 50 can apply for the Miss Germany 50+ election. This is what the Miss Germany 50+ looks like:

Miss Germany Winners

Do you know any of the winners? If not, here we have again for you the list with all winners of the Miss Germany election in a clear list, with all winners 2000. As described above, there was the first election already in 1927, won at that time Hildegard Kwandt from Berlin. All winners can be found here on Wikipedia.

  • 1927 Hildegard Kwandt – Miss Berlin
  • 2000 Sandra Hoffmann – Miss Central Germany
  • 2001 Mirjana Bogojevic – Miss Hamburg
  • 2002 Katrin Wrobel – Miss Berlin
  • 2003 Babett Konau- Miss Schleswig-Holstein
  • 2004 Claudia Hein – Miss North Rhine-Westphalia
  • 2005 Antonia Schmitz – Miss North Rhine-Westphalia
  • 2006 Isabelle Knispel – Miss Berlin
  • 2007 Nelly Marie Bojahr – Miss T-Online
  • 2008 Kim-Valerie Voigt – Miss Northern Germany
  • 2009 Doris Schmidts – Miss Baden-Württemberg
  • 2010 Anne Julia Hagen – Miss Berlin
  • 2011 Anne-Kathrin Kosch – Miss Thuringia
  • 2012 Isabel Gülck – Miss Ashampoo
  • 2013 Caroline Noeding – Miss Lower Saxony
  • 2014 Vivien Konca – Miss North Rhine-Westphalia
  • 2015 Olga Hoffmann – Miss
  • 2016 Lena Bröder – Miss West Germany
  • 2017 Soraya Kohlmann – Miss Saxony
  • 2018 Anahita Rehbein – Miss Baden-Württemberg

The wedding of the year – Heidi Klum & Tom Kaulitz

Finally it’s time, the model Mama Heidi Klum says “Yes”. Tom Kaulitz dared to ask all the questions – will you marry me? Soon the Toko Hotel star and the super model take the next big step in their relationship. FIV has listed everything about wedding planning and other facts that are of burning interest to you.

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Dream wedding in Cologne

We could hardly believe it ourselves, after 8 months of relationship already the wedding follows? Everyone wonders if this isn’t a little too fast. But if you look at Tom and Heidi like that, you can just be happy for them. They’ve been showing it on every Instagram Post for months. Now the big million wedding is coming up in the beautiful city of Cologne. Cologne is close to Heidi’s homeland, the Bergisch Gladbach. On the menu are traditional German dishes such as sausages, schnitzel and how could it be otherwise a decent amount of beer. That’s how a German wedding should be celebrated.

The engagement of Heidi and Tom

A normal evening on Instagram, we thought. A new post from model Mama Heidi is a big surprise. In the picture Heidi poses with her Tom, holding her brand new engagement ring in the camera with the words “I said yes <3”. Lightning engagement or was it to be expected? Anyone who has followed the flirtations of the two over the last few months is probably less surprised, because they never miss an opportunity to express their affection in the form of posts or the like. A closer look at an engagement is of course less surprising. After only one hour, the post office already had more than 6000 comments, the next morning even more than half a million congratulations!

The wedding of the year guest list

At the wedding of the international top model Heidi Klum and the musician Tom Kaulitz a prominent guest list is to be expected. Not much is known yet, but it has been leaked that the US-American singer Gwen Stefani and Mel B are on the guest list. As good friends of Heidi this was to be expected of course. To the surprise of many, ex-husband Seal, with whom she still maintains a good friendship today, is also to be found at the wedding.

Heidi and Tom – That’s how they got to know each other

Heidi and Tom had met on Michael Michalski’s birthday. Since the two are good friends, Heidi was there of course. Michael is also friends with Tom and Bill Kaulitz. When the two met there, according to Heidi and Tom, it was love at first sight. After the birthday “secret” meetings followed and we could only speculate, more and more they were seen together, but nothing was official until they made it official at the end of March – Heidi Klum and Tom Kaulitz are a couple. They had their first joint appearance at the film festival in Cannes, France, which caused a big commotion. After all, heidi is “only” 28 at the time 44 and Tom is “only” 28, but that doesn’t seem to be a problem for either of them. Why should I? All that matters is that they’re happy, and that’s what they are.

Bill Kaulitz on the relationship of twin brother Tom

Bill and Tom are twins and have already had great success as teenagers with their band Tokyo Hotel. With such a close bond, there is of course the danger of quarrel, especially if the twin brother marries a woman 16 years older. Not with Bill and Tom Kaulitz. After long speculation like Bill about the relationship and marriage of the dream couple, Instagram is now followed by a clear statement. Bill posts a picture of the two lovebirds on his Instagram Channel with the words “lovebirds ♥♥” and asserts several times that he is indescribably happy for them. Such a nice gesture doesn’t go unanswered, of course – shortly afterwards Heidi promoted the music of Zwilling Bill on her channel by posting an excerpt from his new music video and using a few kiss and heart mojis as titles. Thus the big family dispute is probably averted and the wedding can be planned with full support.

Heidis past relationships

The first wedding is not for model Mama Heidi. Heidi had her first marriage at the age of 24 when she married the Australian star hairdresser Ric Pipino, who was 56 at the time. At that time she was still on the brink of her international breakthrough, unfortunately her young love lasted only 4 years, then followed the divorce. In February 2014 she meets the singer Seal, with whom one year later her 2nd wedding follows. Their marriage lasted for 7 years, where to the surprise of everyone in 2012 the separation follows. As an unmarried woman she lives her life happily ever after. Again and again she has asserted that she has never lost faith in marriage and true love, then she meets Tom Kaulitz in 2018 and finally our Heidi is in love again. Now the wedding follows in 2019. FIV is excited and fingers Heidi and Tom of course that they have a happy and long relationship.


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THE MODEL BOOK – Become a model… Now in the book trade

Model agent Stephan M. Czaja (Cocaine Models) is very busy. We could still meet him for a short interview and ask him three questions! His new book, The Model Book, has been available in stores since today. The 264-page book is for young models and clarifies all questions young models have. Just in time for the new season of Germanys Next Topmodel, the book market is now opening and is now available in German stores. Stephan M. Czaja is a model agent and mediates models internationally with his team to top customers. His customers include brands that we all know: Prada, Tom Tailor, Calvin Klein, Dior, Peek&Cloppenburg, and much more. The agency’s portfolio includes not only fashion, but also customers such as Microsoft, Opel and Mercedes Benz. We met him for a quick cappuccino interview!

Tip! Interview with model agency owner Stephan Czaja (Cocaine Models): Become a model

The Model Book – Printed book on Amazon

The Model Book – Ebook on Amazon

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3 questions about the model book by model agent Stephan M. Czaja

New Faces and young models between dream and reality

FIV – Stephan, why did you write that book?

In our model agency we are confronted with an incredible number of questions every day, which is often hard to imagine. Each year and every season new models follow, new talent! Do you know how many models apply alone every day? On peak days, we easily receive 20 or 50 applications from models. Every new model has absolutely understandable questions, very many questions! It ranges from absolute basics like “What does giving an option actually mean” to “How do I build up my model portfolio correctly” or “What do you have to prepare for when it comes to agency visits, castings or jobs? To collect all these questions in a single book, I retired in the evenings after bookings and on weekends and spent four months writing hard! In my favorite cafe, for several days, weeks and hours. Here I collected a lot of information together, formulated new terms and of course talked to my friends photographers. Also models and of course young models. It was important to me to find out which questions are particularly important to them! Four months later the time had come and now the book is on sale! I hope it will be the new standard work for models and look forward to the first results from the publisher!

FIV – Many love printed books! Is the book available only as eBook or also in Print?

As an author I am of course an absolute friend of books. I think everyone understands that, because it’s much nicer to have a printed version at home. Especially books you love! Or where you want to look something up again. That’s why! The book is published not only as an eBook, but also as a printed version with hardcover. Also as a gift much more beautiful than an eBook. We even did an extra cover shooting! With our little top model Lea Schiffmann and fashion photographer Oliver Rudolph. He also gives strong tips for posing and facial expressions in the book.

Tips for young models looking for a model agency

FIV – If you can give today an important tip for all New Face, what would that be?

First of all, it’s always about self-assessment! The subject also a large part in my book. If you don’t fit into the high fashion world in terms of your measurements and requirements, you shouldn’t waste your time expanding your model portfolio or your career in this direction. Every year there are thousands of new models and many corresponding requirement of the customer more than you. If you’re in the wrong area, you lose valuable years. That is why it is very important for models to find the right agency at the beginning that will help and support them in their career. There is an extra guideline in the book. With it you can distinguish serious model agencies from dubious ones. For the agency search there are also a few practical links. If you focus directly on the right area, you will save valuable years as a young model.

As with athletes, the first few years in particular are your most important ones. Here’s the New Faces bonus. You don’t have big commitments like a job or a family yet and you can perfectly prepare for the future and earn even more money. The choice of agency or your management decides whether you get few or many jobs. Accordingly also little experience or a lot!

Another quick tip at the end: If you want to start as a model, don’t invest money in photo shootings. Good agencies can use it if you send him some simple mobile phone photos. It’s simple, you in daylight. It’s called Polaroids. Never invest money in agencies! No serious agency will get money from you! And always believe in yourself! Like an entrepreneur, you have to get up every morning with a smile. As long as you say I did it! Self-doubt is blocking you.

Author & Model Agent Stephan M. Czaja

Stephan M. Czaja is an entrepreneur and owner of renowned advertising and media agencies. As an author he publishes many articles in blogs but also books. His main areas of expertise include business development, personality development, media development, model management and trend topics such as influencer marketing. Stephan M. Czaja took his first steps as an entrepreneur at an early age. At the age of fifteen he founded a music magazine, published several studio albums, wrote lyrics and produced. At the age of twenty-one, you founded his advertising agency, specializing in the digital world and business development. Over a hundred media projects later, Stephan M. Czaja founds one of the top agencies for models. International clients are the hallmarks of the agencies’ rapid growth. As a model agent and media expert, Stephan M. Czaja also speaks in media and TV about models, influencers and media.


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The biggest German supermodels of all times!

Most of the really big top models in the world come from Brazil, America or Australia. However, there are one or the other supermodels in the world who come from Germany. The first name that comes to mind is of course Heidi Klum, but there are many more who have also made a name for themselves in the scene. German model agency newcomer or established agencies, from the first fashion shows to the big campaigns in New York, Los Angeles and London. We have put together a list with the best and biggest top models from Germany for you!

Tip! Interview with model agency owner Stephan Czaja (Cocaine Models): Become a model

Caro Daur

The German model and influencer Caro Daur is one of the new generation models who are also booked on social media because of their reach. She is very successful and designs, among others, for brands like Dolce & Gabbana, Chanel and Calzedonia.

Stefanie Giesinger

At the age of 17, the 1.77-meter former high school student Stefanie Giesinger took part in the ninth season of the casting show Germany’s Next Top Model, which aired on ProSieben from February 2014. On May 8, 2014, she won the final. In June 2014 she was on the cover of German Cosmopolitan. Like other participants of the season, she received from Günther Klums model agency ONEeins a two-year contract, which she did not renew. Since then, she is very active on social media and as a model, and is often booked as an influencer.

Anna Ewers

In 2013 she came into business and ran at 42 fashion shows in Paris and New York. A call from designer Alexander Wang promoted her career. The German-language edition March 2015 of fashion magazine Vogue brought with her for the first time ever five different cover pictures of the same model by star photographers like Patrick Demarchelier or Peter Lindbergh. She lives in Brooklyn, New York and is, according to Stern, “currently the internationally most booked German model”.

Toni Garrn

As a model she was discovered in Hamburg at a Fanfest for the Football World Cup 2006. The international breakthrough came in the following year, when she was booked exclusively for Calvin Klein. After graduating from high school Ohlstedt in Hamburg, she also moved to New York City to work as a model professional. She also starred in campaigns for Burberry, Chloé, Dior, Emporio Armani, Fendi, Hugo Boss, Jil Sander, Prada and Versace.

Much ? to my glam team this week @christophersouthernldn @sarahkarranmua

Ein Beitrag geteilt von TONI GARRN (@tonigarrn) am

Lena Gercke

At the beginning of 2006, Lena Gercke participated in the first season of the casting show Germany’s Next Top Model broadcast by the TV station ProSieben. On March 29, 2006, she was named the winner of the competition, received a contract with the modeling agency IMG Models and appeared on the cover of the German edition of Cosmopolitan. Her career started from there on a quick start and today she is still one of the most sought-after top models in Germany.

Mondays couldn’t start any better with ???

Ein Beitrag geteilt von Lena Gercke (@lenagercke) am

Vanessa Hegelmaier

In 2008, Hegelmaier took part in the third season of the casting show Germany’s Next Top Model and reached there the 9th Place. In 2009 she was contracted by her mother agency Place. Later, she was also accepted by other international model agencies such as IMG Models in their model charts. Vogue counted Hegelmaier in the spring / summer season 2010 to one of the eight best newcomer models. Meanwhile, she is still a successful model and was the advertising face for campaigns of various brands, including DKNY, Esprit and Swarovski.

#happybirthday #vanessahegelmaier #beautiful #love #girl #models #modeling #model #ootd #style #fashion

Ein Beitrag geteilt von PLACE MODELS Hamburg / Germany (@placemodels) am

Julia Stegner

Stegner was discovered at the age of 14 by the agency boss of Louisa Models, at the Munich Oktoberfest 1999 and signed by her. She first began modeling after completing secondary school at the age of 18. Her breakthrough came in 2003, when she opened the show by Yves Saint Laurent in Paris. Today, she lives in New York and is still a successful model.

Day at the office with @hungvanngo @brentlawler ✨ #bts

Ein Beitrag geteilt von Julia Stegner (@juliastegner) am

Heidi Klum

The career of Heidi Klum began in 1992 with her participation in the Model ’92 competition, in which the then 19-year-old student won against 25,000 competitors and won a $ 300,000 endowed contract as a model for a period of three years. Heidi Klum achieved his breakthrough in 1998 with the image on the front page of the swimwear edition of the US magazine Sports Illustrated with 55 million readers. Meanwhile, she is a model and juror, presenter and producer of television programs Germany’s Next Top Model and Project Runway.

Nadja Auermann

The high school graduate was discovered in 1990 in Berlin for shots for a travel magazine. In October 1991, Ellen von Unwerth made photographs of Auermann for the British edition of Vogue magazine, and in September 1993, she appeared on the front page of the US edition of this magazine. Meanwhile, she has retired after a successful career.

Claudia Maria Schiffer

In 1987, she rejected her plans to study law when she was discovered in Dusseldorf in Checker’s discotheque by Michel Levaton, managing director of the Model Agency Metropolitan. Her career was a lightning start. Elle Strecken, catwalks for Chanel, Muse by Karl Lagerfeld and finally the Vogue cover. Even today, Schiffer is still one of the most famous models from Germany and a role model for many young girls.

Sun is out for the weekend! X

Ein Beitrag geteilt von Claudia Schiffer (@claudiaschiffer) am

Upcoming! Luisa Schumacher

Which model has the potential to become one of the next big cover models? Luisa Schumacher brings everything it needs! From dream measurements up to the unmistakable tooth gap. With jobs in Paris, Berlin and Cape Town she is at the beginning of her modeling career. We will keep you up to date about new jobs and shootings from Luisa.

Model Application – Become a Model Special #1

GNTM has started! The new season is on everyone’s lips again and has millions of spectators. Many dreams of becoming a model and understandably have many questions! From the first casting to the international supermodel. In our special about modeling Stephan M. Czaja – model agency owner – answers the most important questions about modeling. The first part is about the basics! How exactly do I become a model? do I really need a complete model folder and how do I approach all this?

Tip! Interview with model agency owner Stephan Czaja (Cocaine Models): Become a model

Model Application? From application photos to agency casting

The Most Important Questions: Become a Model

Here I have the most important answers for you, if you want to know how to become a successful model. Also have a look at the other contributions to our series to find out everything about modeling!

How much do you make as a model?

Large, worldwide campaigns for H&M, Zara and Otto. That’s what most models dream about. Fashion Brands pay the most money for orders that are published indefinitely. That’s often more than a whole month’s salary for just one shooting day! You can also earn a lot of money with catwalk orders for Victoria Secret or Gucci. One level below this would be the classic online shop shootings. These are paid moderately and are relatively strenuous. Among them are the Instagram Shootings. The showroom jobs, where you have to present clothes to customers, are in a similar price category. No photos or video will be taken.

What dimensions must a model have?

90-60-90 are the top measurements you think. That’s not quite true these days. Clearly at the Paris or Milan Fashion Week you should of course pay attention to your measurements. However, there is always the possibility to become successful as a Curvy Model.

How big do you have to be for a model?

Women should have a minimum height of 1.78m and men 1.81m. Is it true? No, not directly. Again, you should be taller on the catwalk. For photo or video shootings, there is no fixed size for modeling.

To model! Q & A about becoming a model: you have to know that!

Becoming a Model – We are always back at the Fashion Week, meet models and influencers and also get some questions in the editorial. We wanted to collect some for you now and answer here. For models who are looking for a model agency, a great opportunity to answer the most important questions in advance.

Tip! Interview with model agency owner Stephan Czaja (Cocaine Models): Become a model

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Key questions

  • Annual costs for a modeling agency?
  • Can I become a model with 164cm?
  • Am I old enough to model at the age of 14?
  • Is Instagram worthwhile as an older model?
  • How much can you earn as a model and influencer on Instagram?
  • How many followers do you need to be an influencer?
  • Is it easier than a male or female blogger?
  • At what age is it best to start with Instagram?
  • Next: Scouting via Instagram hashtags, it’s worth it?

Annual costs for a modeling agency?

Question: I was posted on Instagram last week by a modeling agency that wants to take me to the agency. Now she has sent me a contract and it states that every year I have to pay 500 € membership. Now I wanted to ask you once, do you think that this is a serious offer? I really do not know about that and would like to model and make jobs as a model.

Hello! Reputable and big modeling agencies do not want to have any money from you. Good agencies want to earn money with you! They invest in you, your career and in your modeling portfolio with photographers’ test shootings from their network. First, you should always check the seriousness of the model agency, z.b. on the website. Here you can see which models the agency represents or how professional they are. But you can also look in the blog which customers the model agency serves or which jobs it has currently made. As a result, you can at least look at a few criteria that show whether the agency works well. Of course you can also see a lot from Instagram, you can buy likes, but you can see if many people are interacting with the pictures or videos.

I would always invite a reputable agency for an interview, so she can see you live and take your measurements, of course, so that she can get to know you personally. So before you commit to an agency, be sure to look it up so you know what you’re getting into. I hope we have been able to help you a bit and wish you a lot of success on your way to becoming a model!

Can I become a model with 164cm?

Question: Hello dear FIV team. You hear everywhere that you have to be pretty tall as a model, unfortunately I’m only 165cm tall, can I become a model or am I too small? Other models like Kate Moss have made it though they do not have the ideal size and minimum size! I would very much appreciate an honest answer from you!

Basically, there is a minimum size of 174 or 175 cm for women, in America about 9’8 ” for the international model market. Of course, depending on the city, the measurements are a bit stricter and more accurate. In Paris, London, New York or Milan, you need loosely 177 or 178 cm, in America 9’9.5 ” and that with a dress size of 34 to a maximum of 36. Your hip should not be greater than 90 cm and ideally he 88 cm. With these measurements, you have the biggest chance of earning your money as a model so that you can live off the job and not just do it part-time.

Of course, as a smaller model, chances are, have a look here in this post, we talked about people agencies and your chances to earn money in this agency area.

Am I old enough to model at the age of 14?

Hello my name is Jennifer and I’m from Toronto. I always wanted to be a model. Now I wanted to ask you once before I apply, is it worth to go to an agency at the age of 14?

Good evening! In principle, it pays off in any case if you already start modeling at an agency at the age of 14. Why is easy, in addition to the school and the many homework that you have or the exams, there is little time left. But you can invest this time to prepare yourself as a model. Because before you can work well as a model, you need of course photo shoots with photographers. Of course, you will start working with smaller photographers or photographers who are still at the beginning of their careers. But if you are in an established modeling agency status, you can of course build up much faster. It is not necessarily about earning a lot of money right at the beginning, but first gaining experience.

As I said, it does not depend on the money! As a student, you have relatively little time and therefore can not do many jobs. Because many jobs require you to travel. Of course, travel is always associated with additional time. So a one-day shooting with trip, can take three days directly. If you miss school for 3 days several times a month, you will not be able to keep up with the material. That’s why at the age of 14, you should definitely focus on school! But you can already take the first step into an agency, just apply and send some pictures of yourself. It’s easy.

Explained here briefly, I present in daylight in front of a white wall or against a flat background, so that nothing distracts from you. Take a black jeans and a white shirt or a top. If you want to model as a woman, you should also wear high heels. Then you ask a friend or your parents to quickly take two or three photos with their cell phones. Look at the camera head-on and make a portrait. For the second photo, your friend or your parents goes back a bit and takes a full body photo of you. These two pictures you send to model agencies with a short text that you would like to advertise. In addition you still send:

  • Your e-mail address
  • Your full name
  • Your current place of residence
  • In the attachment of the e-mail you put your photos

Of course you can also be scouted on Instagram today! Here’s a list of the most popular hashtags on Instagram in America from Los Angeles to New York: Instagram hashtags for models.

Next: Is Instagram worthwhile as an older model?

Question: Good evening, I just came to your website through a search engine and discovered your questions and answers and wanted to ask something myself. I have been working as a model for many years and not full-time but sometimes for small photo shoots. I’m not a classic model now but also as Curvy, I’m 35 years old, you can still do well by the side for small fashion labels for work! In any case, I notice that more and more talk about Instagram and how many followers one has, now I wanted to ask once is it worth having an Instagram channel for me? Do I get any more customers or how does it work? I also have no idea about the whole thing and would be very happy about some tips because I already have quite a lot of photos and also like to take pictures and in any case could imagine that I win a few fans on Instagram but just do not know how and if that is worthwhile for me at the time, I do not do it full-time but would still like to do something. I would be very happy if you answer me!

Good morning and thank you for your question! Instagram and social media is really important for models today, especially when it comes to young models. If you still have 10,000 fans, for example, see a photo of the shoot or even a later, finished photo of the campaign, then it is of course a huge advantage for the fashion brand. What is an advantage for the fashion brand, may then be an advantage for you! But let’s just take your question apart, in principle yes, Instagram is also worth 35 years. Why? The users on Instagram are getting older, while in the past, especially the younger people were traveling here, from 14 to 18 years, today are many with 30, 35 here. They also like to get inspiration for their everyday life or want to follow their stars, no matter if they are musicians, actors or even models. But building another successful Instagram channel is another job.

How can you build yourself a successful Instagram channel? Above all, it is important that you post regularly. As a model you already have the advantages that you regularly get new footage. Of course, you also know photographers with whom you can take new photos. You also have an eye for aesthetics because you have to deal with it independently. That’s three real benefits that you can use as a model to build on Instagram reach. Of course, what always works is sex appeal. Whether as a man or as a woman, who shows a little skin, usually wins faster fans. This can be z.b. in the picture selection. In addition, you should post regularly, at least once a day in your timeline and of course a few stories. What did you do this morning, where was your lunch today, what was your shoot and where are you going out tonight? Because these are questions and answers that fans are interested in. If you deliver content regularly, you will get used to retrieving content from you. As well as a good series on Netflix.

The last tip I can give you spontaneously is patience! Just as you build your career step by step as a model, you build up your Instagram channel step by step, improving yourself every day. If you stick with it long enough, be diligent, show commitment, you’ll bring it to reach.

I hope our tips could help a bit and that you will soon start with Instagram! Good luck and if you have any questions, write us!

How much can you earn as a model and influencer on Instagram?

In short, how much can you earn as a model and influencer on Instagram?

Of course the exact answer is extremely difficult to give! For some, of course, the “VIP status” is added, z.b. if he or she is better known through other jobs as well as music or drama. In principle, however, the value of the range can be roughly determined, since the calculation of advertising costs is usually calculated in relation to the persons reached. So if you reach 100,000 people through an ad in a fashion magazine and that costs $ 5,000, the equivalent on Instagram is easy to calculate or compare, if you reach just 100,000 people. Important: The value is not equal, because print media (for example) offer more space and with a whole A4 page, many people will read the information (advertising) as well. On Instagram, many products are only “casually” placed and are of little value.

With this range of data and other variables, as well as the rate of interaction, that is, the amount of likes and comments that are given on an average image, the price, or the money, that you earn as a blogger is calculated.

How many followers do you need to be an influencer?

In short, how many followers do you need to be an influencer?

The exact number varies depending on the area or topic that you are dedicated to as a blogger. If you cover a very specific topic, eg. Clothes for little Pomeranians (sweet dogs), then already enough 2,000 people. If you’re on a popular topic, as well as fashion in general, eg. Sunglasses or stylish clothes, then you need more. To be interesting and get clothes for free, you need at least 5,000 fans. If you really want to earn money with your Instagram channel, then you need 20,000 to 50,000 fans. It is really profitable only from 100,000 followers.

Is it easier as a male or female blogger?

In short, is it easier as a male or female blogger?

As you’ve probably already seen, there are extremely many female bloggers on Instagram. Finding male bloggers is not that easy. As in the modeling world, more and more young girls are interested in this profession. Many boys often come here by chance or through their girlfriend. So, if you start as a male blogger, you can quickly build a big community if you’re diligent.

At what age is it best to start with Instagram?

In a nutshell: At what age is it best to start with Instagram?

Ideally, of course, you start as early as possible. Of course, you should always look to see if you are the “right guy” and become a blogger. Because ultimately you give a lot of private price. However, if you start at the age of 13 or 14, you build up your reach relatively early, which you can use extremely well over the remaining months and years. Those who work hard on blogging build their own community. If you have your own community on Instagram or in other social networks, you are valuable as an influencer.



Theuerkorn: Dior Model and Rap Idol

Milan, London, NewYork – he has already conquered the catwalks of the world. Norman Theuerkorn (31), one of the most famous male models of the international scene. He has already run for the top designers of the fashion industry such as Dior, Berluti, Puma and more. In Germany he starts under the stage name “Theuerkorn” in the rap scene.

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Dior, Berluti, Theuerkorn

Norman Theuerkorn has an exceptional portfolio that thousands of models can only dream of. Due to his unique appearance as a tattooed painting model and his talent as a model, he was already allowed to run on the international catwalks of the world, e.g. for Dior, Puma, Berulti and many more. So fashion is something that has always haunted him and on which he has built his good reputation in the modeling scene throughout the year. In 2012, he ran for Mugler, Rick Owens, Qasimi, Duckie Brown, General Idea, Bespoken, Alexandre Plokhov and Rochambeau, and also did several editorials with Zoo Magazine and Surface Magazine. But those weren’t his only editorials, followed by some with Essential Homme, Interview Germand and The Lab Magazine. In 2013 followed the autumn show of John Richmond, DIesel, Rick Owens, Berluti and Hermes. Numerous large campaigns followed. Campaigns with Bershka or Antony Morato. Norman Theuerkorn is under contract with M4 Models Hamburg, Scoop Models Copenhagen, Dominique Models Brussels, Uno Models Barcelona, Next London, Elite Milan, Success Models Paris and New York Model Management New York. His mother agency, however, is M4 Models in Hamburg.

love out with Mick Jagger’s daughter

After the end of Georgia May Jagger, Mick Jagger’s daughter, Theuerkorn decides to focus all his energy on his music. On Instagram he is supported by prominent followers like the German band Jennifer Rostock. This popularity comes not only from his modeling work, but also from his strong personality. One factor that makes Norman so incredibly likeable is his healthy self-confidence, which is also reflected in his music. Many of his songs are about self-confidence and that you can do anything if you believe in yourself.

Norman returns home

Norman lives in Los Angeles, but originally comes from the beautiful Halle an der Saale. After years abroad he now returns to Germany to record his new songs. Norman loved Germany and it was always an important part of him, even during his time in America. But he will only be here for us once in a while, because LA is, just like Halle, his home. Of course we can fully understand that. However, it is nice to know that he has such a connection to our country and proudly produces his rap in German.

Boxing is his passion

Besides the music and the model jobs, boxing is an absolute passion of the artist. Due to his tight schedule due to the model and music work it comes much shorter than before, but it is still a hobby, which the musician does not want to give up completely. Your combative nature is not only reflected in the music, but also in his hobbies. A sport in which one must not allow oneself to be underwhelmed, it couldn’t be more suitable for Theuerkorn.

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Theuerkorn convinces with unique style

His unique personality is also reflected in his style. Clothes make the man, as they say. Theuerkorn is a perfect example of this proverb. One of his trademarks is his red Levis denim jacket, which only exists once in the world, suitable for the only Norman Theuerkorn. He wears clothes where you normally think “Who wears something like that?” with pride and even makes it look good. This is probably one of the many reasons why he is such a sought-after model in the fashion industry and will also convince as a musician. At any rate, we at FIV are already enthusiastic about Theuerkorn.


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