Hermès: Fashion from Paris – The luxury brand for bags, belts & perfumes

Hermès – Everybody knows and loves Hermès, the French luxury label has been around since the 19th century and has been family-owned ever since. When you think of Hermès, you think of luxury, of the highest quality products and of the most expensive bag in the world – the popular Birkin Bag, of the luxurious accessories such as belts, scarves and much more. Hermés products are a status symbol. Models like Kendall Jenner or Gigi Hadid, or even the young entrepreneur Kylie Jenner are constantly being spotted with Hermés products.  One thing is clear: everyone wants to be able to afford something at Hermés, whether as an investment or simply to be able to keep up with the high society of stars and rich people.

Luxurious and expensive – Hermés bags

Hermé’s bags are a status symbol. The French luxury brand Hermès thus enjoys an absolute cult status in the fashion world. Some people get the bag as an investment, because they say that the investment in a Hermès bag is even more worthwhile than investing in gold. No matter if it’s an investment or just to spice up the outfit, normal people can dream of these bags, because the prices go into the six-figure range and are therefore anything but affordable. But the high prices are justified by the breathtakingly high-quality material and the optimal equipment. The bags have a history, a value. The beautiful bags of the French luxury label have been in the wardrobes of the elite and well-known faces for several decades.

The most expensive bag in the world – The Birkin Bag

Who does not know it – the legendary Birkin Bag. In the 1980s Jean-Louis Dumas launched the Hermès Birkin Bag. The bag was named after the famous British actress Jane Birkin. All this because of a chance encounter – Jean-Louis Dumas met Jane Birkin on a flight to Paris. The actress, who was always seen with a bag made of straw wicker, is said to have complained that she had been looking for an ideal leather bag for years. As a result, Jane Birkin and Jean-Louis Dumas created the first design of the famous bag, which convinces many people with its outstanding design.

The Birkin Bag, is larger than the Kelly Bag, which was known before. Just like the Birkin Bag, it is one of the most sought-after bags in the world. The iconic and exclusive Birkin Bag is handmade only on request in the Parisian studio, with particularly high-quality materials. For example, three to four reptile skins are needed to produce a Hermès Birkin Bag in crocodile leather. In addition, calfskin, ostrich leather and lizard leather are used. Production can take up to two weeks. Buyers are free to choose material, colour and size. It can even take up to three years to get the leather for a Birkin Bag in the case of exotic types of leather.

Not everyone is allowed to buy a Birkin Bag from Hermés, because you have to go to a Hermès boutique, because the bags are not sold online. The staff at the Hermès Boutique will then decide whether you are worthy of buying a Birkin Bag. The battle for a Birkin Bag is tough, because the waiting lists are endless and the high demand is reflected in the price. Whether as a status symbol or as a pure investment – we love the Birkin Bag!

  • Birkin Bag was designed by Jean-Louis Dumas
  • High quality
  • Luxurious material
  • Good investment
  • Tax…
  • Handmade

Kelly Bag – bag made of high quality leather

The Kelly Bag is, along with the Birkin Bag, one of the most sought-after and famous bags in the world. The popular Kelly Bag was already designed in the 1930s, but the bag was not always called Kelly Bag – when Grace Kelly the Princess of Monaco was sighted with the Hermès Bag in 1956 and photographed by the paparazzi, the high-quality bag was henceforth called so. The Kelly Bag thus caused a real hype among fashion fans. Similar to the Birkin Bag, it is very difficult to get a Hermés Kelly Bag. The luxurious Kelly Bag is very expensive, and is handmade with very luxurious materials and only made to order in a Parisian studio. The waiting lists for an iconic Kelly Bag are very long, but in the end the customer is wearing a custom made Kelly in her arms.

The price for the timeless and iconic bag varies between $3,600 and $60,000, depending on size and material. The bag is trapezoidal in shape and has very straight and clear edges. The Kelly Bag comes in six different sizes, and is made of exotic leathers, including crocodile, alligator, buffalo, lizard and goatskin. The iconic bag is handmade in 18 to 24 hours. The Hermès Kelly Watch, or Hermés Kelly Wallet, is inspired by the style of the Kelly Bag. The classic design of this coveted bag is taken up by many other manufacturers and designers. So one thing is clear – the Kelly Bag is iconic and has a timeless design.

  • Price: 3.600 to 60.000 US-$
  • Timeless design
  • Iconic and expensive
  • 18 to 24 hours of manual work for the production
  • Kelly Bag is also a good investment – tip! Read more about fashion as an investment here

Belts – for women and men

The iconic Hermés belt – The buckle with the large H logo makes many wonder what’s behind it. This is a belt of the French luxury label Hermés. The well-known belt convinces with outstanding quality and elegance, whether for women or men and can be integrated into any outfit, whether casual or business chic. It can be combined with a normal blue jeans, or even a suit. Luxurious and high quality leather is used for the production of Hermés belts. The elegant Hermès belts have a one size fits all, which can be adapted to any body shape. With a Hermès belt you can spice up any outfit, and at the same time it looks high quality. The Hermés belts can be bought online on the website of the French luxury label, or in the Hermés store. The prices start at 650 euros and go into the four-digit range.

  • stylish and luxurious
  • It goes with any outfit
  • Unit size: fits any body shape
  • Prices from 650 Euro

Perfume – feminine to sassy

Hermés has a wide range of high-quality and long-lasting fragrances. The right bottle can be found for everyone. From flowery sweet or noble strong – everything is included. FIV Magazine introduces you to the most famous fragrances of the French luxury label so that you can find your dream scent the next time you buy a perfume!

The floral luxury perfume – Twilly d’Hermès

The Hermés Twilly d’Hermès perfume convinces with its noble design, which fits the luxury label Hermés. The bottle is kept square and has a noble silk ribbon around the bottle neck. Not only with the design the noble perfume of Hermés attracts attention – the perfume smells outstandingly flowery-spicy oriental and combines the spiciness of ginger with the sensuality of tuberose and sandalwood. The perfume was developed especially for confident young women. Because Hermès’ head perfumer, Christine Nagel, had young, free and cheeky women in mind when she created the fragrance. Check out the popular Hermès perfume – available online and in your perfumery.

  • cocky and confident
  • floral and oriental
  • “sensual

Perfume Eau des Merveilles – fresh and feminine

Sensual, feminine and imaginative – Eau des Merveilles by Hermès is a woody-oriental perfume with a fresh, intense fragrance. With an amber-wood accord combined with floral notes, the femininity is only to be felt in this way. Created in 2004 by Ralph Schwieger and Nathalie Feisthauer, this fresh, intense perfume makes dreams come true.

  • lily-woody oriental
  • feminin
  • “Lilly fresh”…
  • flowery

Louboutin: The shoe with the red sole

At that time it was the glittering shoe of Cinderella, today it is the shoe with the red sole. Louboutins! “Shoes with a red sole” is according to statistics one of the most searched terms on Google. But why are the black patent high heels with the red sole so popular? What’s behind the hype of the red sole and what cheaper alternatives there are, you can find out today in our FIV Magazine.

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LOUBOUTIN – The shoe with the red sole

Actually it was only the nail polish of an assistant of Christian Louboutin that changed his whole life. One day he got a prototype of a high heel, but found it a bit boring. When he then saw his assistant’s nail polish, the idea came to him and used the nail polish to paint the sole of the shoe red. And so a masterpiece came into being. A shoe of the absolute extra class. Today the shoe is worn by the most famous faces in the world. The shoes convey a special self-esteem for the women and make every woman more self-confident, because red stands for the colour of love, passion and fire. In addition the shoe is a secret flirt signal, because which man does not stand on the Sexy shoe with the red sole. The Louboutin stands for luxurious elegance.

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Louboutin offers a wide range of shoes and co.

Louboutin is a luxury brand that doesn’t cost little, but offers a wide selection of beautiful, glamorous shoes. There are actually not only high heels offered, but also other beautiful shoes. Louboutin shoes never look boring because they are decorated with little stones or rivets, with wacky prints or just stick out through the red sole.

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Apart from shoes, Louboutin also offers handbags. Of course, these are also usually available in an unusual look. There are big bags and small bags. The colourful embroidery or small details also make the handbags from Louboutin an absolute eye-catcher.

Little Money Alternatives

A Louboutin is currently available from 500 Euro per pair. Most people don’t just put that on the table for shoes. Now you can find out what alternatives there are and where you can get them. At Chic me you get the black patent pumps with red sole already from 46 Euro and they look almost like the unique original.
For those who don’t like so much paint, there are also nice alternatives on other platforms. These have a matt material and yet the red sole makes the shoe something very special. There you can buy the shoes from 35 Euro. You can also visit Zalando or ASOS from time to time. The online shops represent a lot of different brands and there you will certainly find them from time to time.


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Summer and music festivals: these outfits will be worn in 2019

The Somme is approaching. The first festival tickets will be sold or given away on the radio. Who wants a summer with good music, cold drinks and stylish outfits? Meanwhile festivals are not as dirty as they used to be. Today you go shopping for the events and buy the best outfits for good photos. Coachella Festival is the best example of photos, fashion and music. If you want to prepare yourself perfectly for summer, you should read our trend tips.

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Crown, flower wreath and sun hat – your headdress for the festival

Finally, you have a plausible explanation for wearing a crown and for your exaggerated floral wreaths – the festival. The matching headdress belongs to every outfit. Flowers and floral in general are a very popular summer look every year and that will probably not change in 2019 either, because who doesn’t want to celebrate cheerfully colorful in heat and sun?

Perfect hairstyles for a festival – curls, glitter and color

At festivals you can always find people with exciting outfits. The last years a trend has developed to present the hair as suitable as possible for a festival and still stylish. Starting with different braided hairstyles and updos, up to coloured accents and glitter. Those who like to attract attention should follow this trend in summer. Different tutorials or descriptions show you how to get these hairstyles done! If that’s not enough, you can also stick glitter in your face! An eye-catcher for everyone.

Kimono, and flower patterns – summery at the festival

The kimono is also very popular. The traditional Japanese clothing is a very popular piece of clothing for the summer. Of course, it does not consist of several layers like the original, but is available as a maxi kimono and a mini kimono. In many different colours and cuts the Kimono 2019 has been an incredibly popular piece of clothing, from which we can also expect our own variations. If you don’t just want to walk across the meadow in a bikini, you can casually put on a kimono and still look very stylish.

When the sun shines, you hardly wear black. It is much too hot and the atmosphere at a festival should always be colourful and shrill. That’s why girls and boys can dare to wear eye-catching outfits. Whether flower pattern or animal pattern – with these outfits you feel free and happy!

Sunglasses more than just sun protection

The sunglasses should of course primarily act as sun protection. Complete nonsense, if you are on the road on de,m Hurricane or Parookaville, you do not wear them to protect yourself. First and foremost it is one of the most important festival accessories and it will always be. There are so many different glasses, it’s best to pack several at once. Whether it’s mirrored pilot glasses you already know or something more discreet you can choose to match your outfit.

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Flowers BH 🌺🍁 #flowersl4f . Quando: 27 de abril Horário: Das 23h às 15h Local: Villagio – Nova Lima, BH Line up: Arrasta pro lado . Como a festa começa de noite e termina durante o dia (tarde 😅), acho que dá pra apostar num look com uma pegada mais notuna mesmo. 🌚 . Produções puxando pro preto ou com um toque mais “glam” são bem vindas. . Dei uma olhada aqui na temperatura esses últimos dias em Nova Lima e parece que as madrugadas tem sido mais frias. Então já prepara pra sair vestindo o casaco. . Jaquetas de couro, parkas e bombers são ótimos complementos ao look e podem ser mais neutras, deixando o foco para o que está embaixo, ou mais elaboradas e estilosas (de paetê, coloridas), sendo o ponto focal da produção. . Nesse caso vá agasalhado e deixe espaço na bolsa para ir guardando as peças que for removendo do look quando começar a esquentar, se necessário. . Se optar pelo casaco mais elaborado, ao invés de guardar, amarre na cintura pra ele continuar “pertencendo” ao look! . Nos pés, com de costume, algo confortável que te permitirá curtir a maior parte de tempo possível. Tenis, coturnos, botas com saltinho baixo e quadrado, sempre em materiais que não estraguem com facilidade. . Arrasta pro lado que tem mais inspos. No último look: não aconselho o uso de rasteirinha. Eu trocaria para algo fechado nos pés e acrescentaria uma jaqueta como no look 1 da mesma montagem. . Curtiram as inspos? 🤩 . #looks4festivals #looksforfestivals #flowersbh #warungdayfestival #warungdayl4f #tribel4f #lollapaloozal4f

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The bum pockets are back

Since 2018 there has been no escape of them – the fanny packs are back. We not only want style, but also efficiency. The fanny packs simply offer both. Meanwhile there are more and more designer belly bags. In addition, no bag offers better protection for your valuables, since you always have them right in front of you. Of course, FIV also has an article where you can read all about the coolest aboutbags.

Animal pattern: hat, jacket, shirt, trousers – everything works with Leoprint

The fashion trend for 2019 is badly headed Leo and Snakeprint. Of course, it should not be missing in your outfit. For 2019 it means crazy snake patterns and wild leoprints. Leo can be bought everywhere again – skirts, blouses, pullovers, leggings and the same goes for snake. Although the trend has already started in 2018, it will definitely be present in many collections in 2019 and thus also decorate your wardrobe.


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Retro-Statement – Luxury brands present fanny packs

Bellybags are vintage? – The Fanny Bags are celebrating their fashion comeback. At that time the belt bags were worn by Claudia Schiffer, Chanel or in Sex and the City Star Carrie Bradshaw. After a long flop, they appear more and more in luxury labels. Brands like Valentino, Gucci and Burberry bring the belly bag back on the runway. Also hippie streetwear labels like Supreme or Alexander Wang present their fanny packs in different colours and material combinations in their collections. The bag is not only practical and handy – it is super casual, modern and can be combined to any outfit!

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Valentino,Miu Miu, Prada & Co. – The bum bag for every style

If you think belly bags are for people without taste and class, then you are wrong! Fanny back, belly bag, belt bag or bum bag, the list for the small buckle bag is endless. Streetwear brands and also luxury brands present in their latest collections various forms of the bag. There is something for every taste and shows an incredibly beautiful side effect!

The different styles and combinations are presented to you in this video. Here you get an insight into the world of Fanny Back!

Top 7 the luxury Bum-Bag

Gucci – GG Marmont Leather GG #1

Gucci presents a very ladylike belly bag in red. It’s a perfect eye catcher for the lady among you.

Balenciaga – embroidered belt bag Wheel #2

Balenciaga presents the sporty model of a belt bag with a logo print typical of the label. The model can be worn as a belt bag or as a crossbody – a unique street style moment.

Prada – Saffiano belt bag – leather #3

Prada introduces the black belt bag made of high quality leather. A luxurious finish is provided by the large golden label logo. On top there is even a removable chain, so you can carry it as a normal shoulder bag. Perfect size for smartphone, wallet and lipstick!

Saint Laurent Paris – Kate #4

This time a rectangular Kate belt bag with red smooth calfskin from Italy. Centrally on the bag, there is the YSL logo. Can be worn as a waistband or across the shoulder. Nobly combinable with an evening outfit!

Valentino Garavani – Free Rockstud Spike #5

A Belt Bag of Valentino? – Perfect for autumn and winter sessions. Made of red lamb leather and decorated with gold pyramid studs, it’s your it piece to stand out!

Burberry – Belt bag with leather #6

The label-typical vintage check pattern of Burberry is familiar to all of us. With dark leather details the bag is an Essentials in autumn!

Miu Miu – Matelassé Leather #7

A pinch of Italian luxury! The Miu Miu bag is a luxurious way to add to your everyday look. With the curved shape and the golden zipper, unlike the other belly bags!

Special: Top 3 – sporty bum bag

Adidas Originals – Funny Bag#1

You like colorful bags and eye-catching colors? Adidas has different patterns for you and already your outfit looks casual!

Tommy Hilfiger – Waistbag #2

Not only women can combine belly bags well. Men also have the right to stylish bags. Tommy Hilfiger presents a big men bag, in the colors of the label!

Supreme – Bum Bag Unisex #3

Supreme – a favourite with influencers and stars. Not only known for sporty outfits, but also belly bags, in any color and shape. The style is simple and therefore suitable for boys and girls!

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❤️🖤 กระเป๋าคาดเอว คาดอก Supreme 🖤❤️ 💰 ราคา : 219 บาท 🛍 รายละเอียด : กระเป๋าหนัง 🌈 สี : ดำ 🔰 ขนาด : 30cm*13cm*2cm 📮 จัดส่ง 📬 ลงทะเบียน + 50 บาท (ชิ้นต่อไป + ชิ้นละ 20 บาท) 📬 EMS + 70 บาท ชิ้นต่อไป + ชิ้นละ 20 บาท) 📌 พร้อมโอน พร้อมส่ง 😊 🆔 Line : piipriw 🍀 Line : http://line.me/ti/p/~piipriw 🎏 Facebook Fanpage : DD_DOUBLEd_DD 🌀 Facebook : https://m.facebook.com/DD_DOUBLEd_DD-982104665295936/ 🏞 IG : dd_doubled_dd #dd_doubled_dd #dddoubleddd #dddoubledddshop #กระเป๋า #กระเป๋าแฟชั่น #กระเป๋าแฟชั่นเกาหลี #crossbodybag #bag #กระเป๋าเป้ #กระเป๋าsupreme #กระเป๋าsupr #เป้supreme #supreme #supremebag #supremethailand #shouderbagsupreme #supremewaistbag #supremebumbag #กระเป๋าคาดอกsupreme #กระเป๋าคาดเอวsupreme #กระเป๋าคาดอกสุพรีม #กระเป๋าคาดเอวสุพรีม #กระเป๋าคาดอก #กระเป๋าคาดเอว #waistbag #waistpack #waist #bumbag #bumbags #waistbag

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Valentino Bag, Shoes & Accessories: What’s behind the Italian luxury label?

“tipico italiano” – fashion and numerous designer brands – that’s what Italy is known for. To stand out from this competition is not easy, but Valentino is one of those brands that has been making women’s hearts beat faster for decades. But why Valentino?

The fashion brand Valentino

Elegant dresses, luxurious fabrics, poppy extras and clean colours. Only recently was the Haute Couture Fall Winter 2018 in Paris. Exclusively you can now watch the fashion show and get an insight into the world of Italian fashion. Pierpaolo Piccioli has been Valentino’s chief designer since 2016 and presents the collection in France. From plain black dresses to floral headdresses in the brightest colours, in this show you’ll feel the Italian mentality of the designers.

History – Valentino as a brand

The founder of the fashion label is the Italian fashion designer Valentino Garavani. Born 1932 in Milan and 1949 at 17 in Paris, through a scholarship for fashion design. Inspired by the fashion there and the work under different designers, like Guy Laroche, he returned to Italy to take off himself.

In 1959 he founded his first fashion label together with Giancarlo Giammetti. The first creations also fell into this period. Besides his elegant evening dresses for women, the Valentino red is still known today. The brand gained popularity mainly because famous personalities such as Audrey Hepburn and Lady Diana wore these dresses.

In the 1970s, in addition to striking evening dresses, men’s collections and the No.1 Valentino perfume were created.

In the 2000s, however, the fashion label began to falter. The desired success did not materialize and so the founder Valentino Garavani retired from the company in 2007. Since then, the company’s history has been known above all for a constant change of owners and chief designers. However, it remains to be seen whether it will be possible to regain the status of one of the most respected brands.

Rebellious, Rebellious: The Exclusive Shoe – Rockstud

Recently, however, the style of the Valentino label has changed considerably. With the Rockstud shoe could be continued to old successes again. The Rockstud was presented in 2011 and since then the enthusiasm for this shoe has been unbridled. It symbolizes the change of the company. This one would like to be much more modern and a little more unusual. This represents a departure from the pure classical evening fashion. The courage to present the Rockstud seems to have paid off. So you can find Rockstud in many variations nowadays. If you are looking in fashion shops that offer Valentino shoes, you can choose the current models. These are either with high heels, as ballerina, or the variation with ankle straps.

The Lock Bag of Stars and Influencers

While Rockstud are rebellious women, Valentino’s Lock Bag is chic and playful. With discreet colours and a very eye-catching design this bag sets true accents. The Lock Bag is at Fashion Week and many influencers a frequently seen model, which is why the name suffix “It Bag” is very appropriate. The special thing about this accessory is the adjustable chain, which acts as a carrier. This can either be adjusted so that the bag can be carried loosely over the shoulder, or tighter so that it lies only on the shoulder. If you like, you can also remove the chain completely and wear the Lock Bag as a clutch. Axelle introduces you to her Lock Bag and gives you a nice insight into the world of bags.

4 facts about Valentino

  • The final breakthrough came with the help of the former First Lady Jackie Kennedy
  • Characteristics: Valentino Red, selected, high quality fabrics, decorations of dresses (sequins, pearls, rivets)
  • The fashion label belongs to the Qatar SWF. In addition to the Valentino fashion house, he owns Louis Vitton
  • Valentino lines : Valentino, Valentino Haute Couture, Valentino Roma, R.E.D. Valentino, Valentino Garavani

Your holiday can start while packing your suitcase: So everything fits and remains wrinkle-free

The beginning of the annual holiday is approaching. Just the right time to deal with travel preparations such as packing a suitcase. Two questions are in the foreground: What belongs in the suitcase? How do I store the luggage as effectively as gently? We want to give you tips and suggestions on the most important aspects and reveal a trick on how textiles with light wrinkles become smooth again even without an iron.

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Basically, the luggage can be divided into five categories:

  • Documents / Key
  • first aid kit
  • Personal Care and Cosmetics
  • Clothing
  • Accessories / Technology

It is important to make copies of all documents and place them in different pieces of luggage. Thus, in case of loss, an emergency replacement is always available. In addition, important medicines should be in hand luggage when traveling by air. Otherwise, all jars, tubes and vials above the 100 milliliter limit are in the suitcase.

So much clothes should be there

The choice of clothing depends largely on individual factors such as personal needs, travel needs and local circumstances. A few basic structures have also proven themselves in very different situations:

  • On underwear and socks / stockings, at least one set should be included per day of travel.
  • Also the stock of t-shirts, polo shirts and shirts for men respectively Tops and blouses for the women should allow a daily change.
  • Trousers, skirts and dresses can usually be worn multiple times with a break of one day for airing. Does not mind, is sufficient for short trips every two days and for longer stays every three days a part.
  • Blazers, jackets and other jackets are packed according to personal needs. This also applies to headgear.
  • Depending on the nature of your trip, shoes for beach, city strolls, Outdoor activities, party, special occasions and of course needed for the room.
  • There are also sports and swimwear. Again, make sure that there is always at least one spare set in your luggage.
  • In addition to sleepwear, washcloths and towels round off the travel range of textiles.

By the way: Especially with connecting flights, it can happen that the suitcase arrives with a slight delay. So that the stay then does not have to start with an emergency shopping, it makes sense to pack at least a complete clothing set in the on-board case.

Pack the suitcase properly

So that everything fits into the suitcase, you can use some tricks when packing . All clothing that is not susceptible to creases will be rolled up. Socks and / or stockings can be stuffed into the mirrored opposite shoes. The lower portion of the case is filled with these heavier or insensitive parts. A strong pressure to compress is quite allowed. In addition, gaps can be filled with small parts. On top come pants, skirts, dresses, jackets, blazers and similar textiles. They are placed in the suitcase so that they protrude alternately right and left beyond its limits. After that, they are placed one inside the other from top to bottom. At the top, best in a separate area come the neatly folded blouses and shirts. Here are the best non-iron or easy to iron models chosen to be placed between the tissue paper or fine towels. It is important to unpack the suitcase immediately upon arrival and to hang delicate textiles on a stirrup.

Conclusion: With a little preparation and the right packing technology, everything arrives safely

So it is not that difficult to get everything you need in your suitcase and to bring it to the destination with care. If there are a few wrinkles, that’s no problem. Tip: A shower after the exhausting journey not only refreshes. It can also help to eliminate slight wrinkles in the jacket, blazer and the like when they are briefly suspended in the bathroom.


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Handbags – These are the Trends 2018: Bucket Bag, Micro Bag & XXL Shoppers

A coherent and modern outfit needs the right handbag. Whether chic mini bags, practical XXL shoppers or casual fringed bags – the handbag trends in 2018 are very varied. In addition to some old acquaintances in a new design, there are also many stylish novelties.

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Which handbags are trendy in 2018?

The current handbag trends are characterized by variations and variety. Small, tall, colorful, simple, chic or casual, this handbag guide lets you easily decide which model suits you best. You are definitely up-to-date with the following bags:

Bucket bag

Thanks to their round shape, bucket bags (or pouches) offer plenty of storage space and are therefore a very stylish everyday accessory. For example, fabric bag bags are great for casual casual outfits and city outings. Leather variants even fit into the office. You can even wear mini-size models – as an alternative to the classic clutch – to send events. Because they are an elegant it-piece, with which you are guaranteed to draw the attention to you.

XXL Shopper

These maxi bags are much more than just spacious shopping bags! They offer a lot of space: inside for important everyday objects, outside for patterns, colors and logos. Bags made of raffia or cotton are casual and suitable for leisure. With them you are perfectly equipped for the next shopping trip. But there are also very elegant variants made of high quality leather, with which you can complement a festive evening dress.


This year it’s going to be extreme: in addition to XXL bags, mini-models are also very popular. The small accessories with great effect only provide space for the most important utensils such as lipstick, credit card or smartphone. Practical: Often you can attach micro bags to other handbags or clip several models together. So the little bags become an eye-catcher and you can take them with you at every opportunity.

Fringe bags

Bags with fringes radiate happiness and pure zest for life. The difference to the previous year, in which these hippiesken models already conquered the catwalks: The fringes are no longer just at the hem, but cover the entire bag. These bags are a perfect match for retro looks, rock outfits and boho style.

Old familiar reinterpreted

For a long time, it is indispensable for chic events, parties and elegant evening events: the clutch. This also applies to the year 2018, but the trend bag is now bigger. The clutch is now just as elegant, but with much more storage space.

There is also a revival of the fifties bags known from the 90s. Since her appearance on the catwalks of many star designers this year, her bad name is gone. They are now mostly made of leather or imitation leather. These bags are extremely practical, because you have your hands free and at the same time everything at hand – perfect for dancing in the club or in the cold winter. Fanny packs are so popular among other things because they are very variable. You can wear them in different ways (you can find more ideas here):

  • At the hip or waist height
  • Under or over the jacket
  • Crossbody

These are the trend designs 2018

Red, red and red again

Small, big, round or square – handbags in red are definitely in fashion. This signal color dominates this year’s season. It peps up any of your outfits, expresses power and brings the vibrancy of the summer already in your wardrobe. They come into their own when you wear red handbags to dark outfits or looks in plain colors. Because then they immediately jump in the eye and act as a stylish eye-catcher.

Transparency is in

Whether clutch, shopper or bucket bag – transparency is announced! This has several advantages: The clear plastic that makes up most models is super easy to clean. Water rolls off and stains you can just wipe off. In addition, the translucent or translucent trendy bags have a lightness that fits perfectly with summery outfits. In 2018, the secret of the content of a women’s handbag will finally be revealed – of course only if you want! Because the stars are doing it and sometimes carry an opaque bag in the bag.

Large logo imprints

In 2018, there are large, present-day logos on the handbags. True to the motto: Show what you have. The brand names are usually strikingly placed on the front or on the shoulder straps – a trend with which you definitely make a fashion statement! In order to preserve the high-quality look of such models for a long time, you should maintain the bags regularly.

Varied wearing variants

By the way: in 2018, fashionistas will be wearing their handbags in very different ways

  • You can throw shoulder bags over your shoulders in a classic way. This season, the focus is more and more on the handles, which are often decorated very conspicuously.
  • Small bags are often provided with a short handle, for example with a metal-look ring. These you carry directly in the hand and thus have everything important at hand.
  • If you no longer just want to carry your handbag by the handle, just take it in your hand. This looks extremely cool and modern – no matter how big the bag is. Long straps are allowed to hang down. Many designers therefore provide the straps of shoulder bags with eye-catching patterns or bright colors. In addition to a practical, they also have a style function.

Pictures: © Moustache Girl / Shutterstock © Creative Lab / Shutterstock


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Top 10: The most expensive handbags in the world from Chanel, Fendi to Hermes

Handbags are the absolute dream of every woman. Whether big, small, with or without handle – numerous models make the female heart beat faster. In the following ranking we have listed for you the best, most luxurious and expensive handbags in the world. If you want to know more about fashion trends and labels, then check out the best shoe labels, most expensive jeans labels and the most popular handbags in the world.

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1. Chanel – The classic for the woman of the world

One of the most expensive handbags in the world was made by the classic fashion label Chanel.

2. Fendi handbag for incredible $ 28,000

For $ 28,000 you can buy this Fendi bag.

3. Hermes launches with bags at $ 120,000 to $ 210 million

4. Hilde Palladino for pure luxury on the wrist!

5. Lana Marks bags and clutches for $ 100,000

6. Louis Vuitton $2,000 – $25.9 billion

7. Marc Jacobs $50,000

8. Mouawad $3.8 million

For incredible $ 3.8 million you can buy the diamond-studded bags from Mouawad.

9. Prada

Ein von Prada (@prada) gepostetes Video am

10. Judith Leiber $90,000 – $1 Mio

The handbags designed by Judith Leiber cost between 90,000 and 1 million US dollars in extravagant designs.

Ein von Mark (@saksandbags) gepostetes Foto am

Here are a few tips on how to keep your handbag tidy!

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It-bags! Designer Bags Haul with Gucci, Celine, Hermes & Co.

Hello my love! Today I have something very special for you. Who does not know it. You can see her in town, on Instagram at his favorite blogger / blogger. We languish after them, but for most it remains an unfulfilled dream. Designer bags! Every woman knows it. Whether Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Celine, Chanel or Givenchy. The luxury brands are constantly bringing new bags to the market and one would love to fall in love with a piece that unfortunately costs twice as much as one’s own rent. I have picked out my personal favorite bags of designer brands and found for you look a like alternatives that are still high quality, but still fit into the budget, because of cheap fakes, I’m absolutely no fan!

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Gucci Dionysus GG Supreme Designer Bag

At the moment you can see this gem on every blogger on Instagram and of course I fell in love with the beauty of Gucci. Luckily I found a remedy – because the price of € 1,800 upwards is not within my budget – and bought me a Look a Like alternative from the Cologne store Kay’s. If you want to get that piece of jewelry, you’ll find great alternatives both at Kay’s store on Ehrenstraße 104 and on the internet at www.imxprs.com/free/kayscgn/kays

just adore this @aboutyoude coat // @liketoknow.it #liketkit http://liketk.it/2pvlv

Ein Beitrag geteilt von Iva Nikolina Juric (@ivanikolina) am

? #ootn

Ein Beitrag geteilt von iva (@ivaxbrd) am

Givenchy Antigona: News Must Have!

Also this bag can be seen everywhere at the moment. It is perfect for everyday wear as it is big enough to hold everything important in it. Even this original price of € 1,700 is not in the budget of most, so after a long search I found an alternative. The online store fashiondrug sells high quality Look a Like at a really affordable price. Influencers, such as madelinemercedes, prefer to buy the alternative instead of paying dizzying prices for the original.


Ein Beitrag geteilt von Katarina Juric (@katarina_ju) am

Celine Luggage Multitalent: Small, Tall, Shopper & Clutch

This beautiful piece by Celine has been a topic of conversation for quite some time, but the trend remains as Celine brings out many different variants of the model. They are available in small in size as a shopper and as a clutch, in many different colors and materials. But since it is an expensive fun with 2,300 €, of course, there is also an alternative for them. Here, too, I found something at fashiondrug. Here you will find the alternative from 64.95 € and that in good quality. Also at the Cologne shop ‘Jumeirah Store’, you can buy the bag. You can find this in Pfeilstraße 24 in Cologne.

i’m determined to channel spring vibes even if the weather disagrees with me ?☺

Ein Beitrag geteilt von melis ? NYC blogger (@melotones) am

Luxury! Hermès Birkin Bag

Last but not least, I introduce you to this Hermès bag, which can mainly be seen at the Kardashian Klan. Because even this bag seems to be too expensive for ‘normal’ bloggers. The starting price of 8,000-9,000 € is probably only for superstars or the Kardashians affordable. But of course I have found an alternative for you here that looks deceptively real, but more than in the budget. Again, I refer you to the online store fashiondrug, because here you will find the Look a Like starting at a price of 89.95 € !!

These were my designer bags alternatives for you. I found myself in my search for Look a Likes in one or the other online shop, which can also be very interesting for you. So for example sassyclassy.de, the great look a Likes but also special own bags and parts have. The store fashiondrug, where I found most pockets, is also new to me, but I’m very excited and will soon be buying some new it-pieces myself. For the Cologne among you, I can only recommend the shops ‘Kay’s’ and ‘Jumeirah Store’. Great bags and great fashion is definitely there.

Next week I have a very special topic for you. Sustainable and Fair Fashion. If you do not know what it’s all about, and what great new labels there are in the industry, check back on my blog next Monday! Until then, I wish you all a great week!

Your  Iva ❤

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