Fendi: bags, watches & Co – the roman luxury fashion label

From baguette bags to furs to haute couture, Fendi is famous for many things. The world-famous FF logo, created in 1965 by German designer Karl Lagerfeld, is a status symbol and everyone knows it. The Italian fashion brand Fendi was founded in 1925 and first established itself as a leather and fur company, but nowadays the international luxury brand scene is unimaginable without it. Whether a small investment or simply the fulfillment of a long-awaited wish – the purchase of an article makes you happy. We love Fendi and so do the stars. You can see the FF logo on Kylie Jenner, Nicki Minaj, Hailey Baldwin and many more. Learn all about the Italian luxury brand, from the legendary FF logo to stylish sunglasses and Rob Raco.

Fendi who?

The Italian fashion label from Rome has been inspiring people all over the world since 1925. You can see the designer clothes on stars like Bella Hadid and Blake Lively. Famous faces wear Fendi on the world’s biggest catwalks, but ordinary people are also enthusiastic about the luxury label.

Karl Lagerfeld

For over 50 years Karl Lagerfeld designed clothing, haute couture collections, accessories, bags and shoes for Fendi. Most of the typical Fendi motifs were created under his direction and his designs are used by masses of international designers.

Bags at Fendi

The bags from Fendi are world famous, they are available in many different variations and colours. For every outfit you will find the right bag at Fendi, which either skilfully rounds off the outfit or sets an accent. You can see the designer bags on many different stars and fashion icons.

Watches and accessories

The watches and accessories from Fendi are real eye-catchers. Whether the latest collection or statement pieces that have been around for many years – Fendi convinces all age groups. Whether a real investment or the fulfilment of a long-awaited wish: Fendi makes you happy.

Creative Director Karl Lagerfeld & Career at FENDI

The quote “If you wear sweatpants, you have lost control of your life” is familiar to almost everyone. And it shouldn’t be difficult to assign it to the right designer: Karl Otto Lagerfeld, born in Hamburg in 1933, is probably one of the most important fashion designers in the world. Lagerfeld has worked as creative director in various fashion houses, including

  • 1955-1958: Pierre Balmain
  • 1958-1963: Jean Patou
  • 1963-1978 (1983), 1992-1997: Chloé
  • 1965-2019: Fendi
  • 1974-2019: Karl Lagerfeld
  • 1982-2019: Chanel
  • 2004: Hennes & Mauritz (H&M)

Lagerfeld began his career in the 1950s in Paris, but the focus is now on his career at the Italian luxury fashion brand FENDI. Karl Lagerfeld once said “Chanel is my French side, Fendi is my Italian side, or even better: my Roman side” and we love his Roman side. The German designer was the creative director of the Italian fashion brand for a total of 54 years and convinced the entire fashion world of his skills. He died in February 2019, and the shows of autumn and winter 2019/2020 were marked by his death.

Baguette bags to peekaboos: FENDI bags

The bags from Fendi are divided into different categories:

  • “Peekaboo
  • Baguette
  • Fine leather bags
  • Handle bags and dead bags
  • Boston Bags
  • Shoulder bags
  • Mini and fanny packs
  • Clutches
  • Backpacks

Sarah Jessica Parker’s baguette bag

“This is not a bag, it’s a baguette!” – all Sex and the City fans now know what we’re talking about because Sarah Jessica Parker made the handbag everybody’s favorite in the 90’s. And in 2019 the Baguette Bag finally has a comeback – everyone is cheering. We see them with Carrie Bradshaw, Emma Roberts, Amanda Seyfried, Emma Stone and Olivia Palermo. Timeless, classic, elegant and available in so many different variations – it’s obvious that everyone will find something here. We also love the #BaguetteFriendsForever series on YouTube and are a bit envious of every Fendi bag owner. Here we have picked out our favorite video of the series, why don’t you watch it and let the Baguette Dream Room take effect on you.

Clothing: Prêt-à-Porter & Haute Couture

Whether Spring Summer or Fall Winter – Fendi convinces with every collection anew. Fendi has designer clothes for women, men and children in its range. The combination of high-quality materials and fresh designs is amazing. The range is extensive, from coats to sweatshirts, everything is included. Nicki Minaj is also a huge fan of the Roman fashion brand and released her “Fendi Prints On” collection in October 2019, where the world-famous FF logo meets futuristic metallic and bright colours.

Fashion Show & latest campaign: Fashion & Hairstyle Trends

To give you an impression of the different facets of the Italian fashion label we have a nice Haute Couture Fashion Show example for you and of course the Fendi Men’s Fall Winter 2019-20 campaign. Fendi presents the latest collections at fashionweeks worldwide – whether Paris, Milan or Berlin, Fendi can’t be missing. The biggest names strut across the world’s most famous catwalks and enchant the audience.

Women: Fendi Haute Couture Fall/Winter

Here you see one of the legendary shows of Fendi. The Haute Couture collection 2019/20 has a very special atmosphere, especially because the fascinating Coliseum of Rome is in the background. The collection, which was created under the direction of Creative Director Karl Lagerfeld, consisted of 54 looks, the same number of years Karl had spent at Fendi. The models inspire with extravagant wigs and haute couture pieces in beige and rosé.

Men: Autumn / Winter Collection

Fendi makes fashion not only for women, but of course also for the men of creation. With super modern looks, clean style for business men, but of course also the certain, light extravagance that you expect from Fendi as a man. With such a dynamic campaign, it’s hard to decide where to look first, don’t you think?  The Fendi Men’s FW 2019-20 campaign features various models in subtle colours, some with colourful accessories that set the tone. Here the motto is practical – but make it fashion. Our favourites are the leather jackets. Decide for yourself what you like best.

Shoes: pumps, boots & luxury sneakers

Sneakers, pumps, boots and ankle boots, flat shoes and even sandals and mules – for every occasion and matching every outfit!

Ladies, men and children

Women, men and even children will find what they are looking for at Fendi. The Italian luxury brand simply does not go out of fashion and convinces small and large, young and old. Sometimes totally street style, but sometimes also very elegant – as multi-faceted as it gets. We especially love the FFluid sneakers.

FFluid Sneaker

Especially the glossy neoprene won us over completely. Fendi presents itself skilfully sporty and sets an accent with the beloved chunky sneakers. Whether high top or low top – these shoes attract 100% of the attention. Did you already know? The inscription FENDI 41′ 50′ 11′ ‘N are the geo-coordinates of the headquarters in Rome. FIV Magazine has picked out the video of the Fendi FFluid sneaker campaign for you.

Accessories: eyewear, bags, belts & wallets

Whether wallets, belts, glasses, scarves or caps – Fendi got you! The offer ranges from creative and extraordinary to simple and elegant. Whether the FF logo has you under its spell, or you want to add an accent to your outfit, Fendi has the right accessories ready. What do you really think about oversize eyewear? Fendi’s eyewear lines include both prescription and sunglasses, and the designs are exceptional.

The Fendi Eyewear campaign Fall Winter 2019 with actor, musician and model Rob Raco shows him on a cool autumn day wearing various sunglasses in an old Mercedes Benz. The iconic sunglasses have the FF logo on the temples, and he also wears different models, for example in transparent or opaque from the outside. The Fendi accessories are already a small investment, as most designer items are, because they are in the upper price range. But even just once lying by the pool, with large Fendi shades on your nose, the sun on your face and a glass of Lillet in your hand? A dream.

Watches: about Fendimania & Momento Fendi

Timeless designs and real eye-catchers – different collections ensure that there is something for everyone. Fine, noble and small or cheeky, refined and versatile; since the late 80s Fendi has been delighting young and old with incomparable watch designs. Both women and men will find what they are looking for at Fendi. And whether you’re looking for a discreet watch that only reveals at second glance that it’s not just a simple bracelet, or you want to make a statement – Fendi has everything you can only dream of.

We have chosen the campaign for the Fendi Timepieces collection, because it meets the current Fendi style one hundred percent. This collection is characterized by classic designs, but it convinces especially with extraordinary details. Do you also have a weakness for the stylish combination of gold and silver? Have a look at the campaign here.

Outlet: Fendi at reasonable prices ?

Fendi at reasonable prices? From brands like Nike, Fila & Co. you know it, the typical stock sale. But is there also Fendi at lower prices in the outlet store? You will never find an outlet store from Fendi itself. But there are many shops that offer different brands. In these stores, you can usually find older pieces that can no longer be sold in high-end boutiques because the season is over. In these stores you will not only find Fendi, but also bags, belts, school and much more for men and women from brands like Fendi, Givency but also Prada and Gucci.

Casa: Italian luxury interior design from Milan

Since 1989, Fendi has been taking over the world of interior design, inspiring not only Italy, but the whole world. Are you interested in interior design? Here you can find out all about Milan Designer Week and Fendi Casa.

Hermès: Fashion from Paris – The luxury brand for bags, belts & perfumes

Hermès – Everybody knows and loves Hermès, the French luxury label has been around since the 19th century and has been family-owned ever since. When you think of Hermès, you think of luxury, of the highest quality products and of the most expensive bag in the world – the popular Birkin Bag, of the luxurious accessories such as belts, scarves and much more. Hermés products are a status symbol. Models like Kendall Jenner or Gigi Hadid, or even the young entrepreneur Kylie Jenner are constantly being spotted with Hermés products.  One thing is clear: everyone wants to be able to afford something at Hermés, whether as an investment or simply to be able to keep up with the high society of stars and rich people.

Luxurious and expensive – Hermés bags

Hermé’s bags are a status symbol. The French luxury brand Hermès thus enjoys an absolute cult status in the fashion world. Some people get the bag as an investment, because they say that the investment in a Hermès bag is even more worthwhile than investing in gold. No matter if it’s an investment or just to spice up the outfit, normal people can dream of these bags, because the prices go into the six-figure range and are therefore anything but affordable. But the high prices are justified by the breathtakingly high-quality material and the optimal equipment. The bags have a history, a value. The beautiful bags of the French luxury label have been in the wardrobes of the elite and well-known faces for several decades.

The most expensive bag in the world – The Birkin Bag

Who does not know it – the legendary Birkin Bag. In the 1980s Jean-Louis Dumas launched the Hermès Birkin Bag. The bag was named after the famous British actress Jane Birkin. All this because of a chance encounter – Jean-Louis Dumas met Jane Birkin on a flight to Paris. The actress, who was always seen with a bag made of straw wicker, is said to have complained that she had been looking for an ideal leather bag for years. As a result, Jane Birkin and Jean-Louis Dumas created the first design of the famous bag, which convinces many people with its outstanding design.

The Birkin Bag, is larger than the Kelly Bag, which was known before. Just like the Birkin Bag, it is one of the most sought-after bags in the world. The iconic and exclusive Birkin Bag is handmade only on request in the Parisian studio, with particularly high-quality materials. For example, three to four reptile skins are needed to produce a Hermès Birkin Bag in crocodile leather. In addition, calfskin, ostrich leather and lizard leather are used. Production can take up to two weeks. Buyers are free to choose material, colour and size. It can even take up to three years to get the leather for a Birkin Bag in the case of exotic types of leather.

Not everyone is allowed to buy a Birkin Bag from Hermés, because you have to go to a Hermès boutique, because the bags are not sold online. The staff at the Hermès Boutique will then decide whether you are worthy of buying a Birkin Bag. The battle for a Birkin Bag is tough, because the waiting lists are endless and the high demand is reflected in the price. Whether as a status symbol or as a pure investment – we love the Birkin Bag!

  • Birkin Bag was designed by Jean-Louis Dumas
  • High quality
  • Luxurious material
  • Good investment
  • Tax…
  • Handmade

Kelly Bag – bag made of high quality leather

The Kelly Bag is, along with the Birkin Bag, one of the most sought-after and famous bags in the world. The popular Kelly Bag was already designed in the 1930s, but the bag was not always called Kelly Bag – when Grace Kelly the Princess of Monaco was sighted with the Hermès Bag in 1956 and photographed by the paparazzi, the high-quality bag was henceforth called so. The Kelly Bag thus caused a real hype among fashion fans. Similar to the Birkin Bag, it is very difficult to get a Hermés Kelly Bag. The luxurious Kelly Bag is very expensive, and is handmade with very luxurious materials and only made to order in a Parisian studio. The waiting lists for an iconic Kelly Bag are very long, but in the end the customer is wearing a custom made Kelly in her arms.

The price for the timeless and iconic bag varies between $3,600 and $60,000, depending on size and material. The bag is trapezoidal in shape and has very straight and clear edges. The Kelly Bag comes in six different sizes, and is made of exotic leathers, including crocodile, alligator, buffalo, lizard and goatskin. The iconic bag is handmade in 18 to 24 hours. The Hermès Kelly Watch, or Hermés Kelly Wallet, is inspired by the style of the Kelly Bag. The classic design of this coveted bag is taken up by many other manufacturers and designers. So one thing is clear – the Kelly Bag is iconic and has a timeless design.

  • Price: 3.600 to 60.000 US-$
  • Timeless design
  • Iconic and expensive
  • 18 to 24 hours of manual work for the production
  • Kelly Bag is also a good investment – tip! Read more about fashion as an investment here

Belts – for women and men

The iconic Hermés belt – The buckle with the large H logo makes many wonder what’s behind it. This is a belt of the French luxury label Hermés. The well-known belt convinces with outstanding quality and elegance, whether for women or men and can be integrated into any outfit, whether casual or business chic. It can be combined with a normal blue jeans, or even a suit. Luxurious and high quality leather is used for the production of Hermés belts. The elegant Hermès belts have a one size fits all, which can be adapted to any body shape. With a Hermès belt you can spice up any outfit, and at the same time it looks high quality. The Hermés belts can be bought online on the website of the French luxury label, or in the Hermés store. The prices start at 650 euros and go into the four-digit range.

  • stylish and luxurious
  • It goes with any outfit
  • Unit size: fits any body shape
  • Prices from 650 Euro

Perfume – feminine to sassy

Hermés has a wide range of high-quality and long-lasting fragrances. The right bottle can be found for everyone. From flowery sweet or noble strong – everything is included. FIV Magazine introduces you to the most famous fragrances of the French luxury label so that you can find your dream scent the next time you buy a perfume!

The floral luxury perfume – Twilly d’Hermès

The Hermés Twilly d’Hermès perfume convinces with its noble design, which fits the luxury label Hermés. The bottle is kept square and has a noble silk ribbon around the bottle neck. Not only with the design the noble perfume of Hermés attracts attention – the perfume smells outstandingly flowery-spicy oriental and combines the spiciness of ginger with the sensuality of tuberose and sandalwood. The perfume was developed especially for confident young women. Because Hermès’ head perfumer, Christine Nagel, had young, free and cheeky women in mind when she created the fragrance. Check out the popular Hermès perfume – available online and in your perfumery.

  • cocky and confident
  • floral and oriental
  • “sensual

Perfume Eau des Merveilles – fresh and feminine

Sensual, feminine and imaginative – Eau des Merveilles by Hermès is a woody-oriental perfume with a fresh, intense fragrance. With an amber-wood accord combined with floral notes, the femininity is only to be felt in this way. Created in 2004 by Ralph Schwieger and Nathalie Feisthauer, this fresh, intense perfume makes dreams come true.

  • lily-woody oriental
  • feminin
  • “Lilly fresh”…
  • flowery

Yves Saint Laurent is more than just chic bags, lipsticks and sunglasses

Yves Saint Laurent, or YSL for short, is a world-famous brand with much more to offer than just beautiful bags, sunglasses, T-shirts, lipsticks, make-up and perfume. The Frenchman Yves Saint Laurent (1936-2008) was already considered one of the most talented young designers in the 50s. Initially known as the right hand of fashion designer Christian Dior, after Dior’s death (1957) Yves succeeded in making his own name known as one of the most prestigious fashion brands in the world.

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Biography of fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent

Yves Henri Donat Mathieu-Saint-Laurent, son of an owner of a cinema chain and an insurance company and big brother of his younger sisters, Michèle and Brigitte, grew up in Algeria, where he attended a grammar school. He was the favourite child of his fashion-loving mother Lucienne-Andrée. He discovered Yves’ enthusiasm and passion for the fashion world, especially for expressive costumes, at the theatre performance “Critique de l’École des femmes” by Molières.

Bad mobbing actions shaped the designer

During his school days Yves Saint Laurent was often exposed to the bullying of his classmates. But his early passion for fashion led Yves to make his first sketches and designs for costumes at the age of eleven. Thus he created his own personal refuge from the wickedness of his classmates.

Fashion competitions as a career springboard

Every year a fashion competition of the International Wool Secretariat took place, which attracted Yves Saint Laurent’s attention through an advertisement in the Paris Match. Without further ado, the then seventeen-year-old submitted three of his designs and won third place in the competition with an evening dress. As a result, Saint Laurent left Algeria for the award ceremony in Paris and, thanks to contacts made there, began training as a fashion and stage designer in 1954. This training took place at the Paris Fashion School Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture.

When friends become enemies: Enemy with Karl Lagerfeld

However, Yves did not complete his training and instead submitted three more designs to the International Wool Secretariat’s fashion design competition. This time he achieved the first place with the design of a cocktail dress. At this point we have a fun fact for you: not only Yves was successful and respected in the competition, but also the designer Karl Lagerfeld, who won the first place in the coat category. Over the years, the friendship between the two designers developed into a serious enmity.

Kate Moss shoots for YSL

In the following video you get a first glimpse of the new, glamorous Teddy Bag, presented by Kate Moss in a unique way.

Saint Laurent climbs the career mountain

The young designer’s renewed participation in the fashion competition of the International Wool Secretariat in New York proved that dropping out of his training was not the worst idea. Because the successful participation opened Saint Laurent further doors.

Thanks to Vogue: Yves’ career at Dior

Saint Laurent’s designs were published in the international fashion magazine Vogue. The world-renowned magazine has a strong global influence on the fashion world, and the cocktail dress designed by Yves Saint Laurent attracted great attention. The then French director of Vogue established a contact between Yves and the young designer Christian Dior, who Saint Laurent worked for until Dior’s death in 1957 and became known as his right hand. At the age of 21, Saint Laurent was promoted to Art Director by Marcel Boussac, the owner of Dior.

The designer meets his great love

At a dinner together with the fashion journalist Marie-Louise Bousquet (Harper’s Bazaar) in March 1958, the young art director met Pierre Bergé. At first, the young entrepreneurs were only business partners. Over time, a firm friendship developed. It didn’t take long and the two of them learned to love each other quickly. Thus business partners became beloved life companions, who also supported each other daily with their business.

A nervous breakdown that changes everything

Yves was drafted into Algeria in 1960 for military service. The Algerian war had been raging there since 1955. However, Saint Laurent suffered a nervous breakdown before he moved in and was transferred to a psychiatric institution. There he was treated with drugs and electric shocks, which led to a lifelong drug addiction. As a result, he lost his job at the fashion house Dior. During this time Bergé did not abandon him and did everything necessary to get Saint Laurent out of psychiatry. The two of them sued the fashion house Dior and received more than 100,000 US $ compensation for breach of contract.

1961: The foundation of the Paris fashion company YSL

They used this money as seed capital and founded the fashion company Yves Saint Laurent Couture with the help of the American financier J. Mack Robinson (1923-2014). The separation of Saint Laurent and Bergé followed, but they remained happy as confidants and business partners and always stood by each other even in difficult times.

Out of the public! After alcohol and drug abuse

Nevertheless, the fashion designer’s state of health deteriorated from the mid-1970s onwards. Depression, anxiety, nervous breakdowns and side effects of medication determined Yves’ life, which led him to flee in alcohol and drug abuse.

In 2002, the designer finally withdrew from the fashion world and lived as isolated as possible in his numerous properties. In 2007, a malignant brain tumor (glioblastoma) was diagnosed. The formal marriage of the lifelong Saint Laurent and Bergé followed to confess their togetherness. On 01 June 2008, the fashion designer died at the age of 72. A Catholic funeral service was held in the parish church of St-Roch in Paris. 800 invited mourners attended the ceremony, among them President Nicolas Sarkozy, his wife and many well-known fashion designers such as Jean Paul Gaultier, Marc Jacobs and Valentino Garavani. The ashes of Yves Saint Laurent were scattered in the rose garden of his villa in Marrakech, which he had bought together with Bergé in 1980.

BTW 15 Facts about Saint Laurent

Within 12 minutes you will find 15 interesting facts about the fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent.

YSL collections write history

Yves Saint Laurent’s first Ligne Trapèze collection in 1958 for Dior was an absolute success. Saint Laurent earned worldwide recognition and fame for the trapeze line he created. These liberated women from the often unnatural wasp waist, as it had almost been demanded before. Thereupon Yves freed further garments from stiffening at the waist, chest and shoulder, as well as from padding. At the same time, however, he retained the abundance and splendour of costumes typical of Dior. Over the course of six seasons, the designer rapidly modernised and rejuvenated Dior’s collections, but met with antipathy from the owner of Dior, Boussac, as well as from older customers. His employment at Dior ended with Saint Laurent’s nervous breakdown in 1960.

“Zhivago look”: a scandalous appearance of the designer

However, the dismissal was no reason for him to refrain from designing collections. The young fashion designer made use of transparent fabrics, the nude look, for the first time. In addition, the designer used permanent black fabrics and often the fabric jersey. This was initially considered scandalous, but then became the trend. From 1965, geometric, colourful and patterned costumes followed, to the delight of international fashion magazines. A year later, the designer made another scandalous appearance as the “Schiwago look” was created. This drew from transparent tops; black chiffon blouses with bow collar, without wearing underwear. But Saint Laurent remained true to his style and managed to set another trend. Because the Schiwago look was successful in the western world.

Birth hour of tuxedo for women

In the following years, the designer created more daring looks such as women’s pants suits, thigh high boots, tight pants, the beatnik look and tweed suits. In 1965, Saint Laurent created a splendid prêt-à-porter collection, Rive Gauche, for the following year. This was the official birth of the Haute Couture Smokings for ladies (Le Smoking), which were now available in different variations. This was not so much modern clothing as a symbol of the emancipation of women in the 1960s.

Haute Couture with ready-made sizes, Saint Laurent thanks

In 1966, Saint Laurent opened its first store for the cheaper Rive Gauche prêt-à-porter fashion line in order to attract new groups of buyers. Thus, ready-made sizes were introduced for the first time. For the 1970 season followed the Rive Gauche fashion for men.

YSL fragrances go down in history

Saint Laurent’s business partner and partner Bergé signed the first contracts for a YSL perfume as early as 1963. One year later, the YSL Beauté cosmetics collection was opened and the Y women’s fragrance was available immediately. In 1971 the women’s fragrance Rive Gauche appeared, as well as a perfume for the gentlemen of creation, YSL pour Homme. Saint Laurent personally promoted this product naked in an artistic pose. This was followed by an expansion of the products available in the YSL range, so from the mid-1970s sunglasses, writing instruments, home articles, women’s stockings and cigarettes were also available.

Black Opium: The official promotional video of the trend perfume

In this video you’ll see how high fashion companies, in this case YSL, market their products. An authentic everyday situation is magically transformed into an appealing advertising video.

Here is a list of some YSL fragrances

  • Opium (Women, 1977)
  • Kouros (Men, 1981)
  • Paris (Women, 1983)
  • Jazz (Men, 1988)
  • Champagne (Ladies, 1993, renamed Yvresse)
  • Opium pour Homme (Men, 1995)
  • Baby Doll (Ladies, 1999)
  • M7 (Men, 2002)
  • Rive Gauche pour Homme (Men, 2002)
  • L’Homme (men, numerous variations, from 2006)
  • Elle (Ladies, 2007)
  • Parisienne (Ladies, 2009)
  • Manifesto (Women, 2012)
  • Le vestiaire of perfume (series of particularly expensive fragrances, from 2015)
  • Black Opium (Ladies, 2015)
  • Y (Men, 2017)
  • Mon Paris Couture (Ladies, 2017)

Female emancipation fashion

Saint Laurent created other looks in the course of his career, which were particularly intended to fulfil the purpose of women’s emancipation. He created the safari look (1968), a modern “nostalgia look” (late 1960) and the unusual “noble farmer’s wife look” (mid 1970). At the end of the 70s, Saint Laurent left the Rive Gauche fashion line to other designers and his muse Loulou de la Falaise to focus on haute couture. The first designs of the Bolero and Liftboy jackets followed in the 80s.

Announced Fashion Must Haves from YSL

The high fashion fashion company represents the market with a wide variety of products. Bags, T-shirts, shoes, sunglasses and co. Yves Saint Laurent has everything a fashion lover’s heart could wish for. You even have the opportunity to get hold of the expensive designer pieces in the Sale. Like every fashion label, Yves Saint Laurent also has some pieces in its assortment that are known as absolute permanent trends in addition to attractive and unusual products.

Youtuberin Maria Draganova takes you on a little shopping tour and gives you first insights how it is to shop in luxurious boutiques.

5 facts about Yves Saint Laurent

first bookings of dark-skinned models

Yves Saint Laurent was one of the first fashion designers to book dark-skinned models. When international fashion magazine Vogue refused to print British model Naomi Campbell on the cover of the magazine, Saint Laurent threatened to cancel advertisements in 1988.

 designs at the NY Metropolitan Museum of Art

Yves Saint Laurent was the first designer whose works were exhibited at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York (1983).

A pharmaceutical company makes fashion ?

In 1993, Yves Saint Laurent and Bergé sold their company YSL to the pharmaceutical group Sanofi for US$ 600 million because their sales figures had fallen sharply. Nevertheless, the two entrepreneurs retained control of the fashion industry.

YSL Fashion at the Paris Private Museum

Yves Saint Laurent’s self-designed garments and accessories are still kept today in a private museum in Paris. There are around 15,000 accessiores, 5,000 dresses and lots of drawings by the fashion designer. To prevent these valuables from being damaged in the long run, the museum has a permanent humidity of 50% and a room temperature of 18°C.

sold out shoe trend for 8.000 Euro

Yves Saint Laurent’s company YSL created a huge hype last year: overknee boots with conical heels and glittering rhinestone trim. Celebrities like top model Kendall Jenner or superstar Rihanna didn’t burn for long and bought you boots without thinking long. Although the Eyecatcher had a proud price of approx. 8.000 €, there was fast a waiting list.


  • 1985 – Oscar de la mode, the highest award of the fashion world
  • Yves Saint Laurent was accepted into the Legion of Honour in 1985 by Francois Mitterrand,
  • 1995 he was appointed officer of the Legion of Honour.
  • 2001 by President Jacques Chirac to the Commander of the Legion of Honour
  • 2007 by President Nicolas Sarkozy to Grand Officer of the Legion of Honour

Film tip of the editorial staff

Would you like to watch the story of the unique designer again in feature length? Then I recommend the film for the following trailer.

YSL story filmed

The Film to the previous trailer is available e.g. on Amazon.


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Men Watches – The Fashion Trend for Men

At the word men’s watches, most men think directly of Rolex, Patek Phillipe or other luxury brands. But there is also a wide selection of cheap men’s watches, from brands such as Diesel, Fossil or Casio. Here we have listed everything you need to know, from Smartwatches to watches for men cheap up to 50€ up to watches in gold and silver.

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Watch brands: Casio, Rolex, Fossil or Diesel?

When choosing a watch there is more to consider than one thinks. The model – automatic or not? Do you value a certain brand such as Diesel, Fossil, Casio or a good Rolex? Of course this is all a question of budget, not every normal earner can afford a Rolex, so you have to pay 10.000€. Each brand has its own designs, and it’s up to you to decide what you want to do with your watch. Sport, business, fashion or no special preference? Read on if you want to know what to consider when buying and the different types!

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The Chronograph, not automatic and yet Modern

A timeless trend among men’s watches is the chronograph, which actually only stands for the time recorder of a watch. Nowadays mainly analogue clocks with a stopwatch function are called that. This makes this watch not only elegant, but also sporty. Considering that this had its origin in 1821, it is hard to believe that it is still considered high fashion today.

What you should look out for when buying

  • make sure that the time of the clock is well readable
  • Mass goods or manufactory chronograph? – The difference is in the accuracy, but the manufactory chronograph is much more expensive
  • Shift wheel or scenery control? – The ratchet wheel is very expensive to manufacture, the splitter control in turn is ideal for cheap watches
  • look at the water resistance of your watch
  • what about additional functions?
  • the processing – do you notice flaws?
  • the robustness
  • the accuracy of the movement is an important aspect

Close on cash? Men’s watches at special price

You have a limited budget and are looking for a cheap men’s watch up to 50€? There are also some possibilities, it is not a Rolex, but even the “cheap” watch market continues to expand. Of course, you can’t expect a 20€ watch to last long, but a cheap, good-looking accessory can now all be found. Be it in the city centre or in an online shop, the market is big and growing constantly!

Which watch type are you?

Now comes the question, the question. With so many watch types, it’s important to know which type suits you? From automatic watches, chronographs, pilot watches, radio controlled watches to pocket watches, diving watches or Swiss watches. Less is often more, but not always. The watch says a lot about you because it is one of the few “male” accessories. While a thick watch cries out for attention, you show more discreet seriousness, which of course leaves a much better impression in management consulting or banking. Men in suits are recommended to wear a flat, classic watch that radiates “understatement”. Silver, gold or black, steel or leather bracelet is not so important. Whether you wear them left or right is also irrelevant. The only important thing is that it “fits” the watch, because a watch belongs under the shirt.

Watch care – you extend the life of your men’s watch

Finally it’s here, your new fashionable gentlemen’s watch. Of course you want to get something from her for as long as possible. Here are a few simple tips for you on how to extend the life of your watch.

Notice the water density #1

  • Water resistant up to 3 bar – hand washing, splashing water
  • Waterproof up to 5 Bar – Bathing, Showering
  • Water resistant up to 10 Bar – Swimming, snorkeling
  • Water resistant up to 20 Bar – Diving

Note that the jump in the water briefly increases the pressure start and you can damage your beautiful, expensive watch.

Beware magnetism in everyday life #2

Magnetism affects the accuracy of your watch, depending on the watch model, you are well protected nowadays. Magnetism comes from your mobile phone, fridge magnets, speakers and many other devices. However, you should avoid leaving your watch right next to your mobile phone overnight.

The safekeeping of your watch #3

Make sure that your watch is not lying unprotected next to you on the bedside cabinet, but in a matching case. There it is safe from shocks and other accidents in the early morning.

Movement for the movement #4

If you don’t wear your watch every day, you should consider getting a watch winder. This small device keeps your watch moving, which prevents the wristwatch from winding up and also keeps the oils in the movement moving, which prevents it from resinifying or running.

In less than 1 minute, this video explains how to clean a metal watch.



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Luxury ladies watches

In 1810, Breguet invented the wristwatch. Since then, they have been available in a wide variety of variants. Whether digital, analog, with a leather or a stainless steel bracelet, the wristwatch now belongs to almost every outfit. So that you can find exactly the watch you are looking for, here is a compilation of the best ladies’ watches.

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Luxury ladies watches – the right thing for every budget

There are so many different people in the world and everyone has a different taste. It’s a good thing that the world of watches now also offers a huge variety. From expensive to cheap, everything is included. Here you can find out which watch might suit you best.

Watch type – Which watch suits you?

There are many different types of watches. There is not only the mechanical wristwatch or the Smartwatch. The pocket watch was particularly popular in former times. You can get these things at flea markets these days. Pocket watches are not only popular as tattoo motifs. At the flea market you can find great, unique pieces of jewellery that will make your outfit something special. The special thing about a pocket watch is that you can attach it to your clothes with a small chain.

Then there’s the automatic watch. The good thing about an automatic watch is that no battery can go empty. The energy for the watch is either gained from movements or there is a wheel on the side where you can wind the watch.

You’re more of a sports guy? Then probably a chronograph watch is the right thing for you. With it you have several functions at your disposal. These watches still have a stopwatch function. A watch like this can be very useful, especially when you are highly motivated to play sports. Whether you need to measure time on push-ups or sit-ups, your watch ensures you can’t cheat.

As the last watch type there is still the radio clock. With this watch, you don’t have to turn the little wheel to set the time. It receives the correct time via radio at regular intervals.

Leather or wood – How do I protect my watch?

Once you have indulged yourself in an expensive watch, you often wonder where to put it now? Do I need an extra watch drawer in my closet? Do I treat myself to a watch box? Or a separate box for each watch? That’s definitely a matter of taste! If you do not necessarily have the space to set up a drawer only for watches, a watch box is a noble alternative. There you can store several watches in a box and through the window in the lid you can also present them beautifully. Here you can order beautiful clockboxes from Christ.

Bargain hunting: reduced luxury watches

You always wanted to own a luxury watch, but you always lacked the money for something like that? Under this link you can fulfil your dream and save a lot of money: cheap luxury watches.  There’s just everything. You can get a Tommy Hilfiger watch, which cost 189Euro before, here for less than 132Euro. If that’s still too much, it doesn’t immediately mean your dream of a luxury watch is over, because you can get hold of used brand watches that look like new on Ebay classified ads.

The most popular luxury watches

Here I have collected a few suggestions for you, so that you can orientate yourself a little in the brand world.

Something for every taste – Michael Kors, Rolex, Fossil

When you think of luxury watches, you immediately think of famous brands like Rolex, Breitling and Patek Phillipe. But what watch should you choose? Should it be something modern, like a Smartwatch with great features or would you rather have a vintage pocket watch to stand out from the crowd? Find what you are!

Smartwatch – the most modern of the modern

Smartwatch has been around for a few years. With some you can set music, receive notifications and with some even pay at the checkout. The Smartwatch is constantly evolving.

With this golden luxury smartwatch from Michael Kors you can take calls, plan appointments and view photos, among other things. The best part is she looks super good at the same time.  The golden design looks great with almost any outfit, because it is not overloaded with rhinestones, so the occasions when you can wear such a watch would not be fixed in any way.

Eyecatcher, Rhinestones, Silver – Rolex enchants

For most people it is important that a watch can not only show you the time, but also make a statement about yourself. So a watch can show the person likes it more conspicuous and tall or rather filigree? How does the person see himself ?

This Rolex watch is a real eye-catcher! Due to the many rhinestones and the pleasant size, this watch will certainly not remain undiscovered by anyone. If you don’t like it so much in everyday life, you can get the watch out on special occasions and give your outfit that certain “something”.

Simple Elegance – The Secret Weapon of Fossil

The Fossil brand is famous for watches with beautiful, simple leather straps in a wide range of colours. Leather wristbands have the advantage that they sit particularly comfortably on the wrist. In addition, the costs for the watches at Fossil are kept within limits. You can get a great, high-quality watch for a little money. This watch is an elegant blend. It can be worn and combined in everyday life and is also a great accessory on festive occasions.


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Retro-Statement – Luxury brands present fanny packs

Bellybags are vintage? – The Fanny Bags are celebrating their fashion comeback. At that time the belt bags were worn by Claudia Schiffer, Chanel or in Sex and the City Star Carrie Bradshaw. After a long flop, they appear more and more in luxury labels. Brands like Valentino, Gucci and Burberry bring the belly bag back on the runway. Also hippie streetwear labels like Supreme or Alexander Wang present their fanny packs in different colours and material combinations in their collections. The bag is not only practical and handy – it is super casual, modern and can be combined to any outfit!

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Valentino,Miu Miu, Prada & Co. – The bum bag for every style

If you think belly bags are for people without taste and class, then you are wrong! Fanny back, belly bag, belt bag or bum bag, the list for the small buckle bag is endless. Streetwear brands and also luxury brands present in their latest collections various forms of the bag. There is something for every taste and shows an incredibly beautiful side effect!

The different styles and combinations are presented to you in this video. Here you get an insight into the world of Fanny Back!

Top 7 the luxury Bum-Bag

Gucci – GG Marmont Leather GG #1

Gucci presents a very ladylike belly bag in red. It’s a perfect eye catcher for the lady among you.

Balenciaga – embroidered belt bag Wheel #2

Balenciaga presents the sporty model of a belt bag with a logo print typical of the label. The model can be worn as a belt bag or as a crossbody – a unique street style moment.

Prada – Saffiano belt bag – leather #3

Prada introduces the black belt bag made of high quality leather. A luxurious finish is provided by the large golden label logo. On top there is even a removable chain, so you can carry it as a normal shoulder bag. Perfect size for smartphone, wallet and lipstick!

Saint Laurent Paris – Kate #4

This time a rectangular Kate belt bag with red smooth calfskin from Italy. Centrally on the bag, there is the YSL logo. Can be worn as a waistband or across the shoulder. Nobly combinable with an evening outfit!

Valentino Garavani – Free Rockstud Spike #5

A Belt Bag of Valentino? – Perfect for autumn and winter sessions. Made of red lamb leather and decorated with gold pyramid studs, it’s your it piece to stand out!

Burberry – Belt bag with leather #6

The label-typical vintage check pattern of Burberry is familiar to all of us. With dark leather details the bag is an Essentials in autumn!

Miu Miu – Matelassé Leather #7

A pinch of Italian luxury! The Miu Miu bag is a luxurious way to add to your everyday look. With the curved shape and the golden zipper, unlike the other belly bags!

Special: Top 3 – sporty bum bag

Adidas Originals – Funny Bag#1

You like colorful bags and eye-catching colors? Adidas has different patterns for you and already your outfit looks casual!

Tommy Hilfiger – Waistbag #2

Not only women can combine belly bags well. Men also have the right to stylish bags. Tommy Hilfiger presents a big men bag, in the colors of the label!

Supreme – Bum Bag Unisex #3

Supreme – a favourite with influencers and stars. Not only known for sporty outfits, but also belly bags, in any color and shape. The style is simple and therefore suitable for boys and girls!

View this post on Instagram

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Gucci shoes to bag – Luxurious accessories for men and women

Gucci sells women’s, men’s and matching accessories. Since 2011 Gucci even has its own children’s collection. You can also buy fragrances, jewelry and watches from Gucci. The prices are very high class. It all began in 1921 with the master saddler Guccio Gucci, who had specialized in leather goods and luggage in his shop. He founded the Gucci brand! With resources becoming scarce during the Second World War, Guccio had to become creative and use natural products such as hemp, linen and bamboo in his designs. His handbag with bamboo handle is still known today. He was inspired by equestrian sport, which was reflected in his special field of fine leather goods and handbag. This special field helped the brand to become known worldwide.

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Gucci: Designer and Style

Tom Ford, this famous American designer designed the new Gucci collections from 1990 to 2004. His designs for women’s fashion were sensual and elegant combined with bold, eye-catching cuts. For men’s fashion he designed clothes in dandy style, i.e. fashion that stands out from the crowd and dares to break styles. Tom Ford’s collections have made Gucci a coveted luxury label and have won recognition around the world.

In April 2004 Alessandra Faccinetti, Frida Giannini and John Ray followed in Ford’s footsteps. Faccinetti was responsible for Die Damen-Mode, Giannini for the accessories and Ray for the menswear. But already in 2006 Giannini took over all tasks. It was able to maintain its success for several years, but after 2013 sales figures declined and it left its position in 2015.

Alessandro Michele is the new successor. He only has a few days for his first women’s collection. He is missing out on a radical change in Gucci’s image in 2015. The new collection is colourful, wild, with patterns, animal and flower motifs. Combined with old-fashioned accessories such as nerd glasses, the cuts are reminiscent of the 1970s. Typical of the collection is also the unmistakable Gucci lettering. With its bold collection, it breaks the gender boundaries. Fashion is presented casually, carefree and cheerfully by young models. In addition, the shops will be redesigned. At first many critics are sceptical, but then a huge hype arises around the label and it is described as the most popular in the whole world. Alessandro Michele receives many international awards.

Interview with Alessandro Michele

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important data: Guccio Gucci, designer and perfume creator<7h2>

  • 1921 Guccio Gucci founds the company in Florence
  • 1938 Gucci opens a store on a prestigious shopping street in Rome
  • 1939 Additional Gucci stores are opened in Florence, Rome and Milan.
  • 1930-1940 Due to World War II, Gucci mainly uses alternative materials such as hemp, linen, jute and bamboo.
  • 1953 The first store in New York City is opened
  • 1953 Guccio Gucci dies. His death triggers a big family argument about the inheritance
  • 1960 The intricate G, which represents a stirrup, becomes a trademark
  • From 1960 The brand develops into a globally recognized status Symbol
  • 1970 The first clothing line appears
  • 1974 The first perfume, the women’s fragrance Gucci No. 1 is launched
  • 1976 The first men’s fragrance follows
  • 1981 The first fashion show of the brand takes place
  • 1983 The company is on the verge of collapse due to property disputes
  • 1993 The family business is sold to an Arab investment group and is therefore no longer owned by the Gucci family for the first time.
  • about 1995 Gucci becomes a luxury label again thanks to US-American designer Tom Ford
  • 1998 The company is now based in London
  • 2010 The company moves to Switzerland
  • 2011 A Gucci Museum is opened in Florence
  • 2018 The Gucci Museum is now called Gucci-Garden. In addition, a Gucci restaurant opens.
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Gucci Show: Last Collection / Fashion Show 2018

The way the Gucci brand presents its fashion is unique and unmistakable. It is non-individual, special and above all striking. The shows are inspired by the film world and indeed they remind of a science fiction film. Especially the show in February 2018 attracted attention. The models were wearing white make-up on their faces, walking down the catwalk with staring glances and transparent garment bags over their clothes. There were noises like in an operating theatre and also the surroundings reminded of such a hall. But that wasn’t the highlight for a long time. Some of the models have been transformed into futuristic mythical creatures. They had 3 eyes, wore their heads under their arms or looked like the typical Gucci snake. In addition there were special effects, which were combined by digitally created and 3D effects.  Of course you wonder how Allessandro Michele came up with the idea of presenting his fashion in this way, but he knows exactly what he wants to say! Each of his shows is supposed to transport something to the people. Individualism is the basic principle! Every day we have to redesign ourselves and ask ourselves again and again whether we are ourselves or just a personality adapted to our environment. He encourages us to use all our possibilities to develop ourselves further and to be the person we would like to be. His last fashion show should be a farewell to the past, because the world will never be the same again. His collection is intended to show that the present is quickly becoming the past. We can put the past behind us, but we can also learn from it and use it. Gucci should take away our fear of the future and help us see it as an opportunity to do everything that seems impossible to us.

Gucci Trademarks

Everyone knows the brand logo, it is an intricate, double G. It should remind of a stirrup, since the label was formerly inspired by equestrian sport. The typical colours are red, green and white. The brand’s first top seller was the bamboo bag, a handbag with a bamboo handle. Until today it is the trademark of the company and everyone should know it! The bag can be found again and again on stars like Grace Kelly or the Queen. The brand also became famous for the Jackie O scarf. It was designed in 1966 for Jackie Kennedy. Today the brand is known for unusual, bold designs, as well as for extraordinary combinations and stylistic breaks. 2018 the Gucci belt with a brass buckle is the absolute must have. It is available in different colours and designs.

More about Gucci – Brand & Online Shop


  • 1996 Tom Ford “Designer of the Year”
  • 1998 “European Company of the Year”
  • 2009 Frida Giannini “International Designer of the Year” of the Japanese Fashion Editor’s Club (FEC)


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Gen Y – Urban elegance and 100% Made in Italy

Discreet designs for everyday life, “black is the new black”! Today I want to introduce you a new fashion label from Italy – thanks Instagram. Unlike many, Gen Y does not rely on sparkling extras or bright colours but on simple designs, soft materials and elegance. Typical Italian! My name is Stephan, I like to wear simple designs in everyday life and rather an accessory or a piece of clothing that catches the eye. In summer the pockets are missing, of course, shorts, tank top, that’s it. But somewhere the mobile phone has to go in and the water and and and and. But with backpacks and bags I have the problem that a mix of elegance and fashion is hard to find. All have embroidered fancy logos or are too conspicuous for me. I didn’t want to search forever at 32 degrees downtown either: In sport, everything is a little too much of everything. But even in the big shopping houses in the city centre, from Zara to H&M, you won’t really find what you’re looking for. Instagram brought Gen Y to my attention! Already one hour later I had our Iva on the phone for a quick photo shoot, because I had the first samples sent to me directly! You can find the looks at: Gen Y Instagram.

Videos and shop with the Pieces you can find here on Gen Y.

Samples from Italy with Iva: Summer Look + Gen Y

Besides the shirts and caps for me, there was this bag among others: Dare.

Gen Y for Men

More of Gen Y – Italy

You can find the looks at: Gen Y Instagram


Selling self made products: How to start a new career

Selfmade products are in demand on the market like never before. Because fashion that is not mass produced gives its wearer a touch of uniqueness. A pinch of nostalgia at the time when everything was still handmade, also resonates. If you like to make your own clothes and accessories, the sale of your good pieces could give you an interesting future perspective. But how can homemade be sold?

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Get feedback for your handmade things

For a professional business, it is not enough, if you make the stylish tunic once. You must be able to produce the product in appropriate quantities – and also spend the necessary time. The materials cost money and need space. Therefore, not only should you have enough storage space, but also be able to shop for your required fabrics and other materials in such a way that you still have a profit margin at the end. Unfortunately, it is not enough if the best friend likes the homemade garment. Before you professionally raise your business, you need unbiased feedback. Praise can inspire, but does not help you if there are still things to improve. It’s best to make a selection of the clothes or accessories you plan to sell and give them to selected test subjects. Ask for honest feedback on the materials used, workmanship, design and overall look. Then you have a first impression of how your creations could arrive on the market.

Calculate the profit margin

Many have slipped into the sale of homemade things, step by step. Over the months and years, but sometimes over night, the hobby became a profession. However, if you do not want to bake small rolls right from the start, you can not get around a business plan. Not only do you need materials and tools, you also have to pay for packing material and shipping costs. Keep in mind that the production of your good pieces consumes electricity, water and heating in your workspace. Also remember that you need to invest in labels that comply with the EU Textile Labeling Regulation, homepage, logo, printed matter and advertising. All expenses on your list should be allocated to the single handmade piece. Calculate the sales prices so that you have something left after deduction of all costs. Now you can count how much self-made things you need to sell each month to earn a profit or even live off the sale of your products.

Use online portals for home-made

As good as your products may be, they do not sell themselves by themselves. Of course, you can go the classic way and offer your home-made things at city festivals. However, this only reaches a very small number of customers. On the Internet, on the other hand, there are customers worldwide for your products. There are now several national and international platforms that specialize in the sale of home-made things. DaWanda is the most popular marketplace in Germany for Do it yourself. You can quickly open your own shop and get started. DaWanda earns on the registration fee and sales commissions. Etsy works similarly. Other online marketplaces for handmade are muckout, vondir, palundu and ezebee. Under certain circumstances, there is a niche for home-made even on Ebay. Still relatively unknown is the option “Handmade by Amazon”. To be accepted, your products must comply with Amazon requirements and successfully complete the application process. Alternatively, you can open an online shop on your homepage.

It does not work without advertising

However, it is not enough to open a shop on a do it yourself portal and wait for the customers. Because to attract potential buyers, it now needs marketing and advertising. The social media help you reach as many people as possible. You can use Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter to drum up your creations. When you advertise on Google, you reach your targeted audience. There will be no cost to you until your ad is clicked. Always make sure that you are legally on the safe side. For example, find out about copyright and get tax advice so there are no nasty surprises. Thanks to the Internet, it is now easier than ever to start a successful business with handmade products. However, if you do not want to stay on a sideline, you will need to spend a lot of time, energy, and financial resources to make a living selling your home-made creations.


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Handbags – These are the Trends 2018: Bucket Bag, Micro Bag & XXL Shoppers

A coherent and modern outfit needs the right handbag. Whether chic mini bags, practical XXL shoppers or casual fringed bags – the handbag trends in 2018 are very varied. In addition to some old acquaintances in a new design, there are also many stylish novelties.

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Which handbags are trendy in 2018?

The current handbag trends are characterized by variations and variety. Small, tall, colorful, simple, chic or casual, this handbag guide lets you easily decide which model suits you best. You are definitely up-to-date with the following bags:

Bucket bag

Thanks to their round shape, bucket bags (or pouches) offer plenty of storage space and are therefore a very stylish everyday accessory. For example, fabric bag bags are great for casual casual outfits and city outings. Leather variants even fit into the office. You can even wear mini-size models – as an alternative to the classic clutch – to send events. Because they are an elegant it-piece, with which you are guaranteed to draw the attention to you.

XXL Shopper

These maxi bags are much more than just spacious shopping bags! They offer a lot of space: inside for important everyday objects, outside for patterns, colors and logos. Bags made of raffia or cotton are casual and suitable for leisure. With them you are perfectly equipped for the next shopping trip. But there are also very elegant variants made of high quality leather, with which you can complement a festive evening dress.


This year it’s going to be extreme: in addition to XXL bags, mini-models are also very popular. The small accessories with great effect only provide space for the most important utensils such as lipstick, credit card or smartphone. Practical: Often you can attach micro bags to other handbags or clip several models together. So the little bags become an eye-catcher and you can take them with you at every opportunity.

Fringe bags

Bags with fringes radiate happiness and pure zest for life. The difference to the previous year, in which these hippiesken models already conquered the catwalks: The fringes are no longer just at the hem, but cover the entire bag. These bags are a perfect match for retro looks, rock outfits and boho style.

Old familiar reinterpreted

For a long time, it is indispensable for chic events, parties and elegant evening events: the clutch. This also applies to the year 2018, but the trend bag is now bigger. The clutch is now just as elegant, but with much more storage space.

There is also a revival of the fifties bags known from the 90s. Since her appearance on the catwalks of many star designers this year, her bad name is gone. They are now mostly made of leather or imitation leather. These bags are extremely practical, because you have your hands free and at the same time everything at hand – perfect for dancing in the club or in the cold winter. Fanny packs are so popular among other things because they are very variable. You can wear them in different ways (you can find more ideas here):

  • At the hip or waist height
  • Under or over the jacket
  • Crossbody

These are the trend designs 2018

Red, red and red again

Small, big, round or square – handbags in red are definitely in fashion. This signal color dominates this year’s season. It peps up any of your outfits, expresses power and brings the vibrancy of the summer already in your wardrobe. They come into their own when you wear red handbags to dark outfits or looks in plain colors. Because then they immediately jump in the eye and act as a stylish eye-catcher.

Transparency is in

Whether clutch, shopper or bucket bag – transparency is announced! This has several advantages: The clear plastic that makes up most models is super easy to clean. Water rolls off and stains you can just wipe off. In addition, the translucent or translucent trendy bags have a lightness that fits perfectly with summery outfits. In 2018, the secret of the content of a women’s handbag will finally be revealed – of course only if you want! Because the stars are doing it and sometimes carry an opaque bag in the bag.

Large logo imprints

In 2018, there are large, present-day logos on the handbags. True to the motto: Show what you have. The brand names are usually strikingly placed on the front or on the shoulder straps – a trend with which you definitely make a fashion statement! In order to preserve the high-quality look of such models for a long time, you should maintain the bags regularly.

Varied wearing variants

By the way: in 2018, fashionistas will be wearing their handbags in very different ways

  • You can throw shoulder bags over your shoulders in a classic way. This season, the focus is more and more on the handles, which are often decorated very conspicuously.
  • Small bags are often provided with a short handle, for example with a metal-look ring. These you carry directly in the hand and thus have everything important at hand.
  • If you no longer just want to carry your handbag by the handle, just take it in your hand. This looks extremely cool and modern – no matter how big the bag is. Long straps are allowed to hang down. Many designers therefore provide the straps of shoulder bags with eye-catching patterns or bright colors. In addition to a practical, they also have a style function.

Pictures: © Moustache Girl / Shutterstock © Creative Lab / Shutterstock


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Top 10: The most expensive handbags in the world from Chanel, Fendi to Hermes

Handbags are the absolute dream of every woman. Whether big, small, with or without handle – numerous models make the female heart beat faster. In the following ranking we have listed for you the best, most luxurious and expensive handbags in the world. If you want to know more about fashion trends and labels, then check out the best shoe labels, most expensive jeans labels and the most popular handbags in the world.

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1. Chanel – The classic for the woman of the world

One of the most expensive handbags in the world was made by the classic fashion label Chanel.

2. Fendi handbag for incredible $ 28,000

For $ 28,000 you can buy this Fendi bag.

3. Hermes launches with bags at $ 120,000 to $ 210 million

4. Hilde Palladino for pure luxury on the wrist!

5. Lana Marks bags and clutches for $ 100,000

6. Louis Vuitton $2,000 – $25.9 billion

7. Marc Jacobs $50,000

8. Mouawad $3.8 million

For incredible $ 3.8 million you can buy the diamond-studded bags from Mouawad.

9. Prada

Ein von Prada (@prada) gepostetes Video am

10. Judith Leiber $90,000 – $1 Mio

The handbags designed by Judith Leiber cost between 90,000 and 1 million US dollars in extravagant designs.

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Here are a few tips on how to keep your handbag tidy!

Luxury on Instagram! What is currently going on at IG?


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Trend Piece Ruffles – How To Combine It Right

Hello my love! Today it’s all about ruffles. Of course not blouses, but the currently very trendy ruffled blouses. This spring it has been very feminine so far. Colorful colors, such as a bright pink, flowing fabrics and sweet cuts. Even in summer, this trend seems to continue. Almost everywhere you can see one right now. Ruffles. And these really everywhere. Whether on tops, pants, skirts, dresses or even on shoes. It seems like you can not escape the trend. This trend has also pulled me a little bit, because through the ruffles, I feel a bit like a little girl in a princess dress, and who does not even like to look back on his childhood. How best to style the trend, I’ve looked a little closer to you.

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The Ruffle Blouse – It Piece of Summer

Apart from the fact that you are in fashion with a frilly blouse, it is also super practical. It is cozy, airy and easy to combine. It is therefore perfect for hot summer days. Also super hip, are off-shoulder ruffle blouses, which are also super cheap in the big stores, such as H & M and Zara gets. I have Zara frilly blouse and she just combines it with white trousers and sneakers.

Ruffles as Crop Top – must have for the hot days

Even with the crop tops, ruffles are hard to imagine. They spice up the often boring crop tops directly on. Even your outfit gets an eye-catching upgrade. I combined my black ruffled / lace crop top from Asos with a pair of white jeans.

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Ruffles in dress – Allarounder in summer

Ruffle dresses are available in a thousand different designs this summer. Ruffled blouse dresses, boho dresses with ruffles or off shoulder dresses with ruffles. All are super beautiful and super comfortable and therefore this year definitely my favorite for the beach. Here I’ve combined my off-shoulder ruffle dress for everyday use with ankle boots and a patches bag. You can find out more about the It-Piece Patches bag here.

Of course, there are endless combinations and many different styles to combine the trend of ruffles. I like the female very well and am looking forward to more great styles this summer. I hope you liked my blog about the trend ruffles and you will be back next week !! Until then, I wish you a great week.

Your Iva ❤

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It-bags! Designer Bags Haul with Gucci, Celine, Hermes & Co.

Hello my love! Today I have something very special for you. Who does not know it. You can see her in town, on Instagram at his favorite blogger / blogger. We languish after them, but for most it remains an unfulfilled dream. Designer bags! Every woman knows it. Whether Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Celine, Chanel or Givenchy. The luxury brands are constantly bringing new bags to the market and one would love to fall in love with a piece that unfortunately costs twice as much as one’s own rent. I have picked out my personal favorite bags of designer brands and found for you look a like alternatives that are still high quality, but still fit into the budget, because of cheap fakes, I’m absolutely no fan!

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Gucci Dionysus GG Supreme Designer Bag

At the moment you can see this gem on every blogger on Instagram and of course I fell in love with the beauty of Gucci. Luckily I found a remedy – because the price of € 1,800 upwards is not within my budget – and bought me a Look a Like alternative from the Cologne store Kay’s. If you want to get that piece of jewelry, you’ll find great alternatives both at Kay’s store on Ehrenstraße 104 and on the internet at www.imxprs.com/free/kayscgn/kays

just adore this @aboutyoude coat // @liketoknow.it #liketkit http://liketk.it/2pvlv

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? #ootn

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Givenchy Antigona: News Must Have!

Also this bag can be seen everywhere at the moment. It is perfect for everyday wear as it is big enough to hold everything important in it. Even this original price of € 1,700 is not in the budget of most, so after a long search I found an alternative. The online store fashiondrug sells high quality Look a Like at a really affordable price. Influencers, such as madelinemercedes, prefer to buy the alternative instead of paying dizzying prices for the original.


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Celine Luggage Multitalent: Small, Tall, Shopper & Clutch

This beautiful piece by Celine has been a topic of conversation for quite some time, but the trend remains as Celine brings out many different variants of the model. They are available in small in size as a shopper and as a clutch, in many different colors and materials. But since it is an expensive fun with 2,300 €, of course, there is also an alternative for them. Here, too, I found something at fashiondrug. Here you will find the alternative from 64.95 € and that in good quality. Also at the Cologne shop ‘Jumeirah Store’, you can buy the bag. You can find this in Pfeilstraße 24 in Cologne.

i’m determined to channel spring vibes even if the weather disagrees with me ?☺

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Luxury! Hermès Birkin Bag

Last but not least, I introduce you to this Hermès bag, which can mainly be seen at the Kardashian Klan. Because even this bag seems to be too expensive for ‘normal’ bloggers. The starting price of 8,000-9,000 € is probably only for superstars or the Kardashians affordable. But of course I have found an alternative for you here that looks deceptively real, but more than in the budget. Again, I refer you to the online store fashiondrug, because here you will find the Look a Like starting at a price of 89.95 € !!

These were my designer bags alternatives for you. I found myself in my search for Look a Likes in one or the other online shop, which can also be very interesting for you. So for example sassyclassy.de, the great look a Likes but also special own bags and parts have. The store fashiondrug, where I found most pockets, is also new to me, but I’m very excited and will soon be buying some new it-pieces myself. For the Cologne among you, I can only recommend the shops ‘Kay’s’ and ‘Jumeirah Store’. Great bags and great fashion is definitely there.

Next week I have a very special topic for you. Sustainable and Fair Fashion. If you do not know what it’s all about, and what great new labels there are in the industry, check back on my blog next Monday! Until then, I wish you all a great week!

Your  Iva ❤

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Luxury Watch Brands

Not only Daniel Wellington, Fossil, Breitling and Rolex, but also many brands which are known among experts. Many of the luxurious watches can be used by ladies and gentlemen Read more

DIY accessories – It does not always have to be off the peg

Accessories are just as important as our outfit itself. Only with the right accessories do most of the garments come into their own and many of us are looking for something very individual. Of course, the manufacturers of jewelery and accessories come up with a lot and there are great things to buy, but if you really want something really special, you should make your own accessories yourself! The result is guaranteed unique items. Who did not braid or put bracelets in his childhood? The self-woven friendship bracelet was something very special among best friends. We want to give you some ideas to become creative fashion designers yourself. DIY accessories are a great way to recycle fabric scraps, beads or old and broken pieces of jewelry, and for a little money and with a few tools, any accessory can be designed. You do not have to be a professional for that. If you want more DIY ideas just drop in here and at the end of the work you will find the Top 14 DIY Jewelry & Accessories Videos!

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Editorial Photo: (c) JohanJK – fotolia.com

Bows – A great ornament for hair accessories, shoes, belts and many more

Sanding is very easy to do. Sanding can be used as a hair accessory or decorating other accessories, from hair clips, bracelets, belts to ballerinas. For sanding you can use different materials, especially fabric scraps and remnants of other crafts.

Take two pieces of the fabric you want to use, one thick and one thin. The thicker strip is now folded on both sides and glued together with the hot glue gun. This creates a kind of loop. Once the glue has dried, you can squeeze the loop in the middle, the typical loop optics come to light. With the help of a bit more glue from the gun, the small strip of cloth is wrapped around the middle to close the loop, supernatant is cut off. The actual loop is done with it. We can now attach these with the help of the hot glue gun (a very important tool for the fashion designer at home), on a hair clip or on shoes. With loops, you can also decorate handbags and belts, various fabrics and ribbons invite you to try out the creative.

Echten Diamantenschmuck selber zusammenstellen

Many are astonished now. How should a layman make diamond jewelery? This is relatively simple: On 77 Diamonds you can configure your diamond jewelry yourself. The website is programmed so that everyone can customize rings, necklaces, earrings and so on – with real diamonds. So you can also design engagement and wedding rings, which have just the right size, width and diameter. In addition, you can choose between different models (whether classic, vintage or modern) and determine the style of the cut (brilliant, princess, emerald, oval, drops and many more). The result is high-quality, individually created diamond jewelery.

DIY bracelets are not just for little girls

Even big girls enjoy crafting bracelets, and they get really pretty with the right technology and materials. Bracelets are also good as gifts. A great idea is the crafting of bracelets for bachelorette parties, to make this special day for all involved even more memorable. For this you need letter pearls, artificial pearls, Swarovski crystals, elastic nylon cord, satin ribbon (best white or cream colored) and a pearl needle for threading.

First, you have to think about what should be on the bracelet. For example, the name of the bride and the year, or the initials “JGA” and the year, or directly the names of the bride and groom or their initials. And then it starts: The nylon string is threaded through the needle and beads, letters and rhinestones in the desired order reared. The best way to keep the bracelet in color in delicate white, beige or pink tones to optically tune to the wedding. Once the wound bracelet has reached a length of about 18 cm, knot the nylon string together several times and cover the knot with a pearl. Finally, the bracelet is decorated with a satin bow between two beads.

There are no limits to creativity; on the internet, you can be inspired by countless suggestions for making bracelets on specific occasions or simply as fashion jewelery.

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Anyone can make earrings himself – pendant in boho look

A very simple way to design earrings yourself is the design of pendants. Here, with a bit of creativity, you can resort to unusual materials, such as hairpins. For earrings in boho look we need 19 hairpins, a piece of cardboard, nail polish in different colors, a brush, jewelery wire, a pencil, pliers and 2 earhooks. First of all, the hairpins are pushed in two parts next to each other on the cardboard. Now a pattern is painted with the pencil, for example three arrows. This pattern is painted with nail polish, then allowed to dry the hairpins. The rest is a breeze: The finished painted hairpins are also pulled a piece of jewelry wire, which is bent into a triangle. This comes to the stud earrings and we have made great fancy earrings in boho look itself.

Top 14 DIY! Jewellery & Accessoires on Youtube

DIY jewelry: link chain / link bracelet with ribbon

I-Love bracelet made of wire – DIY that really goes fast!

Statement jewelry! Always popular and made easy.

DIY: Emoji Accessories: Unicorns and Smilies

Makoccino shows really colorful DIY – just as emojis are.

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Upgrade jewelery box! The box for everything

HappyandfitDIY has a lot of great videos here. Among other things for the most important accessory, the jewelry box itself!

Spice up school supplies! For all students ♥

Typisch Susi has collected a couple of organizers in the video!

Schmuck aus Büchern – DIY von The Loony Life

Ein langes Video zum Thema Bücher als Accessoire – das geht?

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Simple & cheap DIY accessories

Katy ends with her simple tutorial for four accessories. Just do it yourself!


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The 30 best accessoires and jewellery video commercial ads

Jewellery fascinates us. No matter if its gold, silver or diamonds, the important thing is that it is sprakling. We searched for, cool, pretty and emotional spots from Tiffany, Swarovski, Cartier & Co. The best 30 spots you can find here. Read more