Fashion Week New York 2018/2019

The international fashion marathon starts in New York. Twice a year all New York has a fashion show fever and everyone can be inspired by different styles. International designers and labels offer different collections. Even if you weren’t among the stars in the Front Rows, our editorial team will show you the designers and trends of Fashion Week New York 2019.

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Ralph Lauren Fall Winter 2018/2019

Victoria Beckham Fall Winter 2018/2019

Philipp Plein Fall Winter 2018/2019

Philipp Plein’s show started with a rap concert, a light show. The models were accompanied by robots. Come in and enjoy the exclusive show of his collection!

Dolce & Gabbana Fall Winter 2018 / 2019

Dolce & Gabbana presented this year the collection with flying bags. An unforgettable highlight of the Fashion Week!


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Fashion Week Milan

It’s Fashion Week! – The fashion metropolis of Milan is upside down. Models and designers and other celebrities from all over the world travel to experience the latest trends of star designers. We at FIV have summarized the highlights of the last Fashion Weeks for you.

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Milan Fashion Week 2019 – Versace

Chanel also inspires with her Spring/Summer 2019 collection

Prada redefines high fashion with its Spring Summer Collection 2019

Louis Vuitton shows what high fashion means

Also at the next Fashion Weeks FIV will be there to keep you up to date.


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Yves Saint Laurent is more than just chic bags, lipsticks and sunglasses

Yves Saint Laurent, or YSL for short, is a world-famous brand with much more to offer than just beautiful bags, sunglasses, T-shirts, lipsticks, make-up and perfume. The Frenchman Yves Saint Laurent (1936-2008) was already considered one of the most talented young designers in the 50s. Initially known as the right hand of fashion designer Christian Dior, after Dior’s death (1957) Yves succeeded in making his own name known as one of the most prestigious fashion brands in the world.

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Biography of fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent

Yves Henri Donat Mathieu-Saint-Laurent, son of an owner of a cinema chain and an insurance company and big brother of his younger sisters, Michèle and Brigitte, grew up in Algeria, where he attended a grammar school. He was the favourite child of his fashion-loving mother Lucienne-Andrée. He discovered Yves’ enthusiasm and passion for the fashion world, especially for expressive costumes, at the theatre performance “Critique de l’École des femmes” by Molières.

Bad mobbing actions shaped the designer

During his school days Yves Saint Laurent was often exposed to the bullying of his classmates. But his early passion for fashion led Yves to make his first sketches and designs for costumes at the age of eleven. Thus he created his own personal refuge from the wickedness of his classmates.

Fashion competitions as a career springboard

Every year a fashion competition of the International Wool Secretariat took place, which attracted Yves Saint Laurent’s attention through an advertisement in the Paris Match. Without further ado, the then seventeen-year-old submitted three of his designs and won third place in the competition with an evening dress. As a result, Saint Laurent left Algeria for the award ceremony in Paris and, thanks to contacts made there, began training as a fashion and stage designer in 1954. This training took place at the Paris Fashion School Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture.

When friends become enemies: Enemy with Karl Lagerfeld

However, Yves did not complete his training and instead submitted three more designs to the International Wool Secretariat’s fashion design competition. This time he achieved the first place with the design of a cocktail dress. At this point we have a fun fact for you: not only Yves was successful and respected in the competition, but also the designer Karl Lagerfeld, who won the first place in the coat category. Over the years, the friendship between the two designers developed into a serious enmity.

Kate Moss shoots for YSL

In the following video you get a first glimpse of the new, glamorous Teddy Bag, presented by Kate Moss in a unique way.

Saint Laurent climbs the career mountain

The young designer’s renewed participation in the fashion competition of the International Wool Secretariat in New York proved that dropping out of his training was not the worst idea. Because the successful participation opened Saint Laurent further doors.

Thanks to Vogue: Yves’ career at Dior

Saint Laurent’s designs were published in the international fashion magazine Vogue. The world-renowned magazine has a strong global influence on the fashion world, and the cocktail dress designed by Yves Saint Laurent attracted great attention. The then French director of Vogue established a contact between Yves and the young designer Christian Dior, who Saint Laurent worked for until Dior’s death in 1957 and became known as his right hand. At the age of 21, Saint Laurent was promoted to Art Director by Marcel Boussac, the owner of Dior.

The designer meets his great love

At a dinner together with the fashion journalist Marie-Louise Bousquet (Harper’s Bazaar) in March 1958, the young art director met Pierre Bergé. At first, the young entrepreneurs were only business partners. Over time, a firm friendship developed. It didn’t take long and the two of them learned to love each other quickly. Thus business partners became beloved life companions, who also supported each other daily with their business.

A nervous breakdown that changes everything

Yves was drafted into Algeria in 1960 for military service. The Algerian war had been raging there since 1955. However, Saint Laurent suffered a nervous breakdown before he moved in and was transferred to a psychiatric institution. There he was treated with drugs and electric shocks, which led to a lifelong drug addiction. As a result, he lost his job at the fashion house Dior. During this time Bergé did not abandon him and did everything necessary to get Saint Laurent out of psychiatry. The two of them sued the fashion house Dior and received more than 100,000 US $ compensation for breach of contract.

1961: The foundation of the Paris fashion company YSL

They used this money as seed capital and founded the fashion company Yves Saint Laurent Couture with the help of the American financier J. Mack Robinson (1923-2014). The separation of Saint Laurent and Bergé followed, but they remained happy as confidants and business partners and always stood by each other even in difficult times.

Out of the public! After alcohol and drug abuse

Nevertheless, the fashion designer’s state of health deteriorated from the mid-1970s onwards. Depression, anxiety, nervous breakdowns and side effects of medication determined Yves’ life, which led him to flee in alcohol and drug abuse.

In 2002, the designer finally withdrew from the fashion world and lived as isolated as possible in his numerous properties. In 2007, a malignant brain tumor (glioblastoma) was diagnosed. The formal marriage of the lifelong Saint Laurent and Bergé followed to confess their togetherness. On 01 June 2008, the fashion designer died at the age of 72. A Catholic funeral service was held in the parish church of St-Roch in Paris. 800 invited mourners attended the ceremony, among them President Nicolas Sarkozy, his wife and many well-known fashion designers such as Jean Paul Gaultier, Marc Jacobs and Valentino Garavani. The ashes of Yves Saint Laurent were scattered in the rose garden of his villa in Marrakech, which he had bought together with Bergé in 1980.

BTW 15 Facts about Saint Laurent

Within 12 minutes you will find 15 interesting facts about the fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent.

YSL collections write history

Yves Saint Laurent’s first Ligne Trapèze collection in 1958 for Dior was an absolute success. Saint Laurent earned worldwide recognition and fame for the trapeze line he created. These liberated women from the often unnatural wasp waist, as it had almost been demanded before. Thereupon Yves freed further garments from stiffening at the waist, chest and shoulder, as well as from padding. At the same time, however, he retained the abundance and splendour of costumes typical of Dior. Over the course of six seasons, the designer rapidly modernised and rejuvenated Dior’s collections, but met with antipathy from the owner of Dior, Boussac, as well as from older customers. His employment at Dior ended with Saint Laurent’s nervous breakdown in 1960.

“Zhivago look”: a scandalous appearance of the designer

However, the dismissal was no reason for him to refrain from designing collections. The young fashion designer made use of transparent fabrics, the nude look, for the first time. In addition, the designer used permanent black fabrics and often the fabric jersey. This was initially considered scandalous, but then became the trend. From 1965, geometric, colourful and patterned costumes followed, to the delight of international fashion magazines. A year later, the designer made another scandalous appearance as the “Schiwago look” was created. This drew from transparent tops; black chiffon blouses with bow collar, without wearing underwear. But Saint Laurent remained true to his style and managed to set another trend. Because the Schiwago look was successful in the western world.

Birth hour of tuxedo for women

In the following years, the designer created more daring looks such as women’s pants suits, thigh high boots, tight pants, the beatnik look and tweed suits. In 1965, Saint Laurent created a splendid prêt-à-porter collection, Rive Gauche, for the following year. This was the official birth of the Haute Couture Smokings for ladies (Le Smoking), which were now available in different variations. This was not so much modern clothing as a symbol of the emancipation of women in the 1960s.

Haute Couture with ready-made sizes, Saint Laurent thanks

In 1966, Saint Laurent opened its first store for the cheaper Rive Gauche prêt-à-porter fashion line in order to attract new groups of buyers. Thus, ready-made sizes were introduced for the first time. For the 1970 season followed the Rive Gauche fashion for men.

YSL fragrances go down in history

Saint Laurent’s business partner and partner Bergé signed the first contracts for a YSL perfume as early as 1963. One year later, the YSL Beauté cosmetics collection was opened and the Y women’s fragrance was available immediately. In 1971 the women’s fragrance Rive Gauche appeared, as well as a perfume for the gentlemen of creation, YSL pour Homme. Saint Laurent personally promoted this product naked in an artistic pose. This was followed by an expansion of the products available in the YSL range, so from the mid-1970s sunglasses, writing instruments, home articles, women’s stockings and cigarettes were also available.

Black Opium: The official promotional video of the trend perfume

In this video you’ll see how high fashion companies, in this case YSL, market their products. An authentic everyday situation is magically transformed into an appealing advertising video.

Here is a list of some YSL fragrances

  • Opium (Women, 1977)
  • Kouros (Men, 1981)
  • Paris (Women, 1983)
  • Jazz (Men, 1988)
  • Champagne (Ladies, 1993, renamed Yvresse)
  • Opium pour Homme (Men, 1995)
  • Baby Doll (Ladies, 1999)
  • M7 (Men, 2002)
  • Rive Gauche pour Homme (Men, 2002)
  • L’Homme (men, numerous variations, from 2006)
  • Elle (Ladies, 2007)
  • Parisienne (Ladies, 2009)
  • Manifesto (Women, 2012)
  • Le vestiaire of perfume (series of particularly expensive fragrances, from 2015)
  • Black Opium (Ladies, 2015)
  • Y (Men, 2017)
  • Mon Paris Couture (Ladies, 2017)

Female emancipation fashion

Saint Laurent created other looks in the course of his career, which were particularly intended to fulfil the purpose of women’s emancipation. He created the safari look (1968), a modern “nostalgia look” (late 1960) and the unusual “noble farmer’s wife look” (mid 1970). At the end of the 70s, Saint Laurent left the Rive Gauche fashion line to other designers and his muse Loulou de la Falaise to focus on haute couture. The first designs of the Bolero and Liftboy jackets followed in the 80s.

Announced Fashion Must Haves from YSL

The high fashion fashion company represents the market with a wide variety of products. Bags, T-shirts, shoes, sunglasses and co. Yves Saint Laurent has everything a fashion lover’s heart could wish for. You even have the opportunity to get hold of the expensive designer pieces in the Sale. Like every fashion label, Yves Saint Laurent also has some pieces in its assortment that are known as absolute permanent trends in addition to attractive and unusual products.

Youtuberin Maria Draganova takes you on a little shopping tour and gives you first insights how it is to shop in luxurious boutiques.

5 facts about Yves Saint Laurent

first bookings of dark-skinned models

Yves Saint Laurent was one of the first fashion designers to book dark-skinned models. When international fashion magazine Vogue refused to print British model Naomi Campbell on the cover of the magazine, Saint Laurent threatened to cancel advertisements in 1988.

 designs at the NY Metropolitan Museum of Art

Yves Saint Laurent was the first designer whose works were exhibited at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York (1983).

A pharmaceutical company makes fashion ?

In 1993, Yves Saint Laurent and Bergé sold their company YSL to the pharmaceutical group Sanofi for US$ 600 million because their sales figures had fallen sharply. Nevertheless, the two entrepreneurs retained control of the fashion industry.

YSL Fashion at the Paris Private Museum

Yves Saint Laurent’s self-designed garments and accessories are still kept today in a private museum in Paris. There are around 15,000 accessiores, 5,000 dresses and lots of drawings by the fashion designer. To prevent these valuables from being damaged in the long run, the museum has a permanent humidity of 50% and a room temperature of 18°C.

sold out shoe trend for 8.000 Euro

Yves Saint Laurent’s company YSL created a huge hype last year: overknee boots with conical heels and glittering rhinestone trim. Celebrities like top model Kendall Jenner or superstar Rihanna didn’t burn for long and bought you boots without thinking long. Although the Eyecatcher had a proud price of approx. 8.000 €, there was fast a waiting list.


  • 1985 – Oscar de la mode, the highest award of the fashion world
  • Yves Saint Laurent was accepted into the Legion of Honour in 1985 by Francois Mitterrand,
  • 1995 he was appointed officer of the Legion of Honour.
  • 2001 by President Jacques Chirac to the Commander of the Legion of Honour
  • 2007 by President Nicolas Sarkozy to Grand Officer of the Legion of Honour

Film tip of the editorial staff

Would you like to watch the story of the unique designer again in feature length? Then I recommend the film for the following trailer.

YSL story filmed

The Film to the previous trailer is available e.g. on Amazon.


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From the catwalk to your wardrobe Prêt-à-porter – ready to wear

It’s time again. You take a look in your wardrobe and you just can’t find anything to wear. Either it does not correspond to the current trends, your favourite sweater no longer fits or you simply feel like something new again. Most people then head for shops like Zara, H&M, New Yorker, Vero Moda or Bershka and re-equip themselves for little money. These clothes belong to the fashion category Prêt-à-porter. But what is prêt-à-porter anyway? How long has this term existed? Who thought of that? What are advantages and what are disadvantages?

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Prêt-à-porter – Current, cheap and versatile

Prêt-à-porter means “ready to wear” and means the clothes that can be bought in shops, that are available in all sizes and that also keep costs down. Prêt-á-porter is therefore not tailor-made, but is in principle ready for every possible buyer.

The Origin Paris

Just like haute couture, the term prêt-à-porter first appeared in Paris in 1930. The emergence of this fashion category was initially seen by fashion lovers as the end of the great fashion world. Mass production of clothes sounded like doom. Previously, only haute couture was regarded as real fashion. Since then, a distinction has been made between prestige fashion and consumer fashion. Prêt-à-porter clearly belongs to consumer fashion. But how did this actually come about? Everybody knows him. Yves-Saint Laurent was the first to make Prêt-à-porter collections. In 1966 he opened his first Prêt-à-porter boutique. From 1960 onwards, the most famous fashion designers began to design and present collections on a regular basis. The Prêt-à-porter collections in Italy really got going.

Milan in the center of fashion

Milan became the centre of this fashion category and the first fashion shows were also held there. The new collections were treated according to the motto “See now, buy now”. Customers had the opportunity to buy clothes that they had just been presented on the catwalk directly. This concept immediately inspired brands like Burberry, Tommy Hilfiger and Ralph Lauren. The decisive factor for this development was the youth movement. The young people wanted changes in fashion.  Prêt-à-porter collections are also often presented to models floating across the catwalk. This is because fashion is seen and trends are set as a result. Of course not every trend prevails, but it is always worth a try. Even today, there are prêt-à-porter fashion weeks twice a year in Milan, Paris, London and New York. Once the spring-summer collection is presented and once the autumn-winter collection.  Prêt-à-porter has become an indispensable part of the fashion world. One of the co-founders of this fashion industry is Pierre Cardin. He developed his own women’s and men’s collection for this category. In this video you can see a prêt-à-porter fashion show by Chanel, one of the most famous companies in the fashion and cosmetics industry.

Prêt-à-porter – Just look, don’t buy?

In the course of time, different categories have formed within this fashion industry. It was all there. From folklore look with sweet patterns, androgynous fashion style to grunge and poor look. The various outfits are no longer only there to be viewed, but can even be purchased by interested parties. So not only fashion chains are among the places where you can buy such fashion, but also smaller boutiques that have somewhat more unusual pieces with them. Since online shopping has become so big and popular in our time, you can easily order prêt-à-porter fashion on the Internet. If you click on this category in an online shop, you won’t come across Everyday Basic, but also more unusual clothing that not everyone would wear. This picture is an example of how the grunge look was implemented.

Fashion-Weeks Prêt-à-porter

As already mentioned, fashion weeks on the subject of prêt-à-porter take place twice a year. In New York, Milan, London and Paris, the most diverse fashion types present the new ideas of the famous designers. Here you can see a nice example of the presentation of a spring-summer collection from 2015 at a Fashion Week in Paris. One girl more beautiful than the other and they all present the latest dresses and skirts. At the Fashion Week in Paris you will meet familiar faces. As you can see, it’s not as if celebrities are only interested in haute couture. Among the guests were celebrities such as Bill Kaulitz, Rihanna and Justin Timberlake.

Prêt-à-porter is divided into different fashion collections. There is the spring, summer collection called Resort fashion collection, the autumn, winter collection called Pre-Fall fashion collection. Then there is the Capsule Collection Mode, which cannot be assigned to any season. They appear irregular and unexpected.


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High Fashion – How clothing became haute couture

In 1857/8 Charles Frederick Worth, the founder of Haute Couture, opened the first fashion house. The Englishman only wanted to sell his best pieces to the highest officials of the country. He had great influence on the fashion designers after him.  Since then, however, some time has passed and fashion is subject to constant change.

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High Fashion: Chanel, Dior and Yves Saint Laurent

Emancipation by Haute Couture

In the past, women often had to cope with the household at home and men had to go to work and bring the money home.  In the middle of the 19th century the first sewing machine came onto the market and some women started to produce and pass on clothes in homework. After this development, haute couture came into being. In France, “haute couture” is a legally protected term reserved for the women’s fashion of fashion houses authorised by the Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture to designate their works as haute couture. Haute couture basically stands for “upmarket tailoring”.  The profession of the fashion designer developed and there were more and more unique pieces and private orders. According to Charles Frederick Worth, famous French designers such as Christian Dior and Coco Chanel had a great influence on the development of haute couture. In 1868, the Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture was founded, which was to be regarded as the worldwide representation of the craft trade.

High Fashion – Fashion in the course of time

The expenditure for the ladies fashion became bigger and bigger and the result more and more conspicuous. The women began to wear more and more skirts and tighter tops. It was particularly modern to appear on the street with a hat. A real fashion revolution began in 1900. Now changes began where it was possible. Women could proudly present themselves on catwalks and wear clothes that would have been unthinkable before. Women wore trousers or short skirts for the first time. During this time, Yves Saint Laurent ensured that women could even present themselves in transparent dresses and blouses. The society saw the whole thing mixed, some held their hands only shaking their heads in front of their eyes and many women, on the other hand, were completely enthusiastic. Yves Saint Laurent was not only once a hot topic of discussion at this time, he became again the topic of conversation number 1, when many different figure-hugging completely black dresses, reminiscent of rocker fashion, were launched on the market.  Not only the trousers for the woman were copied from the men’s fashion. From then on, some of the women’s wardrobes also contained plain, practical clothing that did not have to be overly striking. From now on, the woman could always dress appropriately for the occasion. The women became more and more independent and the skirts shorter. From also times sporty appearance of the woman became elegance. The skirts and blouses of the women were accentuated in some places, but only so that it still looked elegant and not too naked. An example for you, so that you can imagine this time better, is the Godet-Rock. With the time it came to princess dresses and even costumes. The blouses of the ladies were more and more often equipped with shoulder pads.

Christian Dior brings new fashion ideas

In the middle of the 20th century Christian Dior brought new impetus to the fashion world. They say fashion comes back over time. In Christian Dior’s fashion, you can see that’s true. He puts again on wide skirts and narrow tops. At the beginning of the fashion world the famous female designers were rather women, in the middle of the 20th century there were many male designers. The bottom, the breasts and the hips of the woman were more and more accentuated in fashion. In the 60’s the jeans finally gained acceptance in Europe and until today they have persisted in the fashion industry. Another scandal in the fashion industry was the mini skirt. At first he was only represented in the youth and there was much discussion about it. With toys like the Barbie doll children were taught from an early age what is beautiful and so the first big scandal finally prevailed as a very long-lasting fashion trend.

The latest high fashion trends

As already mentioned, all fashion trends come back again and again, becoming even more extreme and diverse. Nowadays there is hardly any taboo topic. There is no limit to the creativity of the designers and everything that is possible is tried out. So we live in a very beautiful fashion era, in which we can live out ourselves perfectly and wear what we want. From PVC clothing, fringe clothing, oversize coats to crazy animal prints, everything is included. Let’s see what great fashion trends we can still experience.

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Famous High Fashion Designer

There are countless high fashion designers who are responsible for the incredible variety on the catwalks and the constant change.  Everyone influences or has influenced the fashion world in their own way.

Coco Chanel

Coco Chanel probably tells everyone something. Her real name was actually Gabrielle Chanel. She was one of the most influential fashion designers of the 20th century. Coco Chanel, who grew up in an orphanage from the age of 13, draws an incredible amount of strength from her past and makes it to the very top of the fashion and beauty world. She’s a lion from the zodiac, which might explain her fighting spirit. Coco Chanel opens her first store at the age of 27 and changes the whole fashion world. There’s a lot of Chanel quotes. One of them is “I am against fashion that is fleeting. I can’t accept people throwing clothes away just because it’s spring.” Even today the Coco Chanel fans are completely crazy about the newest clothes. When a new collection is out, people immediately google: Chanel dresses. Coco Chanel has influenced the fashion world in many ways and left its mark. She adorned women’s fashion with long pearl necklaces, launched a very famous and successful perfume on the market, equipped handbags with chain straps and was particularly convincing with simple, knee-length dresses. However, the Chanel collections also have an incredible variety of different dresses to offer. The new autumn-winter collection includes many long and special dresses. Why don’t you see for yourself? And if you want to know more about Coco Chanel, you will also find a article about her life and her successes.

Calvin Small #Ck

Calvin Richard Klein is an American fashion designer who was born in New York City in 1942.  He graduated in fashion design in 1963. Calvin then worked for fashion houses until he finally launched his first collections. Calvin Klein convinces with simple, timeless designs and inspires fashion lovers again and again. Calvin Klein underwear is particularly popular. Everyone wants to own them, everyone wants to have at least one of the simple colours in their wardrobe. The sweaters are also particularly popular. Everyone probably knows the famous Calvin Klein lettering, which can be found on almost every Calvin Klein T-shirt and sweater.  But how do Calvin Klein and Haute Couture fit together? In fact, they go pretty well together. Under the name you will find not only simple basics, but also striking, unique fashion creations. Here you are Rihanna in a dress designed by Calvin Klein.

Christian Dior

Christian Dior was one of the most important fashion designers of the 20th century. He even founded his own fashion house in France. Not only did he revolutionise fashion in the middle of the 20th century, he still presents haute couture collections under his name today. His autumn-winter haute couture fashion show featured a wide variety of cut dresses, trouser suits and skirts. Usually the works are simply kept in one colour, but nevertheless they become something very special through special cuts and forms. His fashion above all very varied. It is not only limited to simple, elegant designs, but there are also striking, extravagant dresses. Christian Diors’ fashion fits perfectly into the haute couture category and will probably always remain very popular. See for yourself:

Michael Kors

Michael Kors has been at the forefront of high fashion for a long time. Everybody wants her. The Michael Kors bag. They come in all colours. You can combine it very well, because it is very often monochrome and still very high quality processed and looks. Michael Kors watches and shoes are also very popular. In one of our articles we wrote about ladies luxury watches, where watch lovers should definitely have a look. Haute couture fashion by Michael Kors is above all one thing: varied. If you look at the Winter Haute Couture by Michael Kors one thing immediately becomes clear, Michael Kors stands for colours. It is always combined again, what the stuff holds completely in contrast to the bags, which are often kept monochrome.

Philipp Plein

German fashion designer Philipp Plein has always been creative. The 40-year-old has put together his first bags and accessories from remaining exotic leathers. The Philipp Plein Jeans is particularly famous. Everyone wants them, there are them for women, for men in all different colours, shapes and sizes. But since not everyone can afford such expensive designer jeans, there is only 30 minutes from Düsseldorf enternt a Designer Outlet, where among other great Haute Couture brands there is also a Philipp Plein Store. If there is time and some money on the weekend, you should definitely stop by there. But what kind of haute couture comes onto the market under the name of Philipp Plein? They are very unusual, extravagant creations that appear under the name Philipp Pleins in the haute couture industry. Convince yourself:

High fashion shows

Who wouldn’t like to be part of a real fashion week? We have collected the most important information for you, so that you should get the feeling to have been there very closely. Here you can get some insights into what happened, but if you want to know every detail, there is an article linked to every Fashion Week, where you can find out everything.

Milan Fashion Week 2018

Milan Fashion Week plays the most important role ahead of the other famous fashion cities.  At the Milan Fashion Week, countless designers presented their new collections. From Roberto Cavalli, Prada, Dolce & Gabbana to Versace, everything was there. The Spring/Summer 2019 Fashion Week was brilliant. More variety is not possible. Especially beautiful looks could be seen from Emporio Armani. Love Moschino inspired with colourful outfits. For Prada, the new spring/summer collection is characterised by neon colours. Stars like Gigi Hadid, Kaia Gerber and Kendall Jenner hovered over the catwalk. In the auditorium the faces of Nicki Minaj, Chiara Ferragni and the French fashion icon Julia Restoin Roitfeld were discovered. You want to know more about Fashion Week Milan? Then read our article, which is completely limited to this topic: Fashion Week Milan.

Paris Fashion Week 2018

The time had come again recently: the Paris Fashion Week has taken place. There were great guests again. Among others Emma Stone, Sophie Turner, designer Marc Jacobs and Karlie Kloss.  Paris Fashion Week once again had a lot of great backdrops to offer. The designer of Yves Saint-Laurent Anthony Vaccarello lets the models who present his collection run through ankle-high water. The collections were very diverse from glitter robes, animal print clothing to huge hats to mini shorts for men. If you want to know more, we have a special article for you, which only goes over the Paris Fashion Week.

London Fashion Week 2018

The London Fashion Week 2018 featured famous faces. Supermodels Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss were seen together. They’ve always had a good relationship. The show ideas on this evening were once again great. There was an impressive laser show relative to the end. The Burberry collection in particular was particularly present at this Fashion Week. Italian designer Riccardo Tisci presented his first collection for Burberry. He not only changed the logo, but also the pattern of the company. Not only the models on the catwalks present the latest collection, but also Burberry lovers like Sienna Miller sat in the audience. An anti-fur demonstrator who walked on the catwalk caused a lot of excitement at this fashion week. Some very special evening dresses have attracted a lot of attention. Didn’t get enough? Here we have an extra article for you, in which you can read everything again exactly.

Berlin Fashion Week 2018

Of course there is also a great Fashion Week in Germany. It was particularly interesting that a ski fashion of the brand Bogner was presented. The presentation of the new fashion took place in the E-Werk of the main location of Mercedes Benz. Among the guests were former bachelor Sebastian Pannek, Sara Nuru and also hair and make-up artist Boris Entrup. You can find more information about the Berlin Fashion Week here.

New York Fashion Week 2018

In the fashion metropolis many models, stars and designers come to every Fashion Week. Among others the ex-GNTM candidate Carina Zavline, Gigi-Hadid on the catwalk and the Victoria-Secret angel Taylor Hill were present. The fashion show was something very special. Again it was especially colorful. The Boss collection impressed with its dark red shades in combination with rose tones.  A yellow dress from Christian Siriano’s collection has attracted a lot of attention. If you want to know more about what happened at the last Fashion Week in New York, read here: Fashion Week New York.

Haute Couture and Prêt-à-porter – the difference

Haute couture and prêt-á-porter. What’s that, anyway? Haute couture garments are made of very high quality material. Haute couture is the “leading tailoring art” for fashion. It is mostly handmade and therefore requires many hours of work. Haute couture has above all one task: to set trends. If you want to own a haute couture garment, you have to spend a lot of money, if you can sell it at all.  Prêt-à-porter, on the other hand, translated means “ready to wear”. This term refers to clothing sold in several sizes by fashion chains.

Prêt-à-porter – Zara, H&M, New Yorker, Vero Moda

Since you can’t always spend a lot of money on a basic shirt, if you want to buy everyday clothes, you usually head for shops like Zara, H&M or Vero Moda. These fashion chains offer fashionable clothing produced in large quantities and in all possible sizes. Without such fashion chains, the average citizen would probably only have a quarter of the clothes currently in the wardrobe. If you want to know more about prêt-à-porter fashion, read my extra article: Prêt-à-porter.

Haute Couture Gucci, Prada, Louis Vuitton, Calvin Klein

Haute couture only left to the very rich? No way. Just watching the models at a Fashion Week presenting the latest collections, even if it’s just a video recording, is a great thing. Fashion is something very varied and exciting.

Whether it’s haute couture or prêt-à-porter, we can’t possibly do without both.


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Giorgio Armani Watch, Perfume & Outfits: Unique Elegance

The name of the Italian fashion designer Giorgio Armani has always been synonymous with elegance. Armani is famous for his puristic dresses in muted colours. After an interrupted study of medicine, the designer first worked as a window dresser and buyer until he founded his fashion company named after him in 1975. He became famous through the creation of his chic men’s suits, which helped him to his international breakthrough. He then began to design women’s fashion and uniforms. In 1982, he launched his first women’s fragrance “Armani” on the market.

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“Elegance is not about being noticed, it’s about being remembered” (Giorgio Armani)

Inside! Giorgio Armani – The fashion legend: Portrait + Interview

The video and interview is in English, but very interesting! It’s worth it. Tip, here you can find more about Giorgio Armani’s sports brand EA7.

Armani, the synonym of elegance for celebrities from all over the world

The English musician and guitarist Eric Clapton wore Armani’s clothes to various performances and composed music for the designer’s fashion shows in the nineties. Clapton brought the designer to the attention of a number of Hollywood stars. His creations are worn by Hollywood stars such as Clint Eastwood or Naomi Watts.

Facts about Giorgio Armani

“Elegance isn’t about getting noticed. It’s about remembering” – the name of the Italian fashion designer is synonymous with elegance.

  • Giorgio Armani began to study medicine
  • instead of studying, he founded his own fashion company
  • 1982 he launched his first fragrance called “Armani” on the market
  • Eric Clapton often wore Armani’s creations on stage

It’s Fashion Week! Highlight of the last fashion show by Giorgio Armani

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Yuna Yang: Fashion from Korea, Live at New York Fashion Week

At the Fashion Week in NewYork in 2019, designers from all over the world will again be coming to present their latest collections. Among them is the Korean designer Yuna Yang. With the big theme of peace, she presents the latest outfits for women at Fashion Week. Her collection takes place in a spectacular church and gives the viewer even more opportunity to feel the idea of peace of Yuna Yang.

Art and Design – Yuna Yang

After studying Fine Art in Korea, Yuna Yang moved to Italy to spend a year specializing in fashion design. She loves to immerse herself in different cultures and to live this fascination in the fashion industry. Her international experience (Seoul, Milan, New York, Boston, London) develops her artistic vision further into the field of couture quality and yet everyday women’s clothing. Among the hobby artists she can be called the fashionable Renaissance woman.

Yuna Yang NYFW SS19 Runway Video

Even if you weren’t at the Fashion Week, you can now find here exclusive insights into the whole fashion show of Yuna Yang.

Yuna Yang NYFW SS19: Photos of the fashion show in New York

Images c/oYuna Yang

Images c/oYuna Yang

Images c/oYuna Yang

Marcel Ostertag: Spring / Summer Fashion Show in New York

Every year New York Fashion Week has an incredible number of designers showing their latest collections and trends. Marcel Ostertag presents his collection for men and women at Spring and Summer 2019.  The catwalk music was produced by his brother Johann Ostertag and made for an incredibly colourful journey into the 70s. In his show, well-known models like Barron Hilton and Tessa Hilton run.

Marcel Ostertag – former dancer, today international designer

Marcel Ostertag began as a ballet dancer at the Salzburg Landestheater and later at the Vienna State Opera. He had to stop his career as a dancer due to an injury. As a result, he began studying at a renowned design school in Munich and completed his bachelor’s degree with a men’s collection in 2004, for which he received his first prize. After his master’s degree in 2006, he founded his own fashion company in the same year. The years that followed couldn’t have been better. In 2008, he is allowed to participate in the Berlin Fashion Week and wins the New Generation Award and the Fashion Debut Prize in Berlin. He also makes it to TV, wins various competitions and is allowed to present his collection for the fifth time to an international audience at the New York Fashion Week in 2016. His inspiration are the 70s and 80s. He creates feminine outfits with masculine details and works a lot with tech fabrics.

Runway: First row at Marcel Ostertag in New York

Photo © Getty Images for Marcel Ostertag

Photo © Getty Images for Marcel Ostertag


Photo © Getty Images for Marcel Ostertag

Valentino Bag, Shoes & Accessories: What’s behind the Italian luxury label?

“tipico italiano” – fashion and numerous designer brands – that’s what Italy is known for. To stand out from this competition is not easy, but Valentino is one of those brands that has been making women’s hearts beat faster for decades. But why Valentino?

The fashion brand Valentino

Elegant dresses, luxurious fabrics, poppy extras and clean colours. Only recently was the Haute Couture Fall Winter 2018 in Paris. Exclusively you can now watch the fashion show and get an insight into the world of Italian fashion. Pierpaolo Piccioli has been Valentino’s chief designer since 2016 and presents the collection in France. From plain black dresses to floral headdresses in the brightest colours, in this show you’ll feel the Italian mentality of the designers.

History – Valentino as a brand

The founder of the fashion label is the Italian fashion designer Valentino Garavani. Born 1932 in Milan and 1949 at 17 in Paris, through a scholarship for fashion design. Inspired by the fashion there and the work under different designers, like Guy Laroche, he returned to Italy to take off himself.

In 1959 he founded his first fashion label together with Giancarlo Giammetti. The first creations also fell into this period. Besides his elegant evening dresses for women, the Valentino red is still known today. The brand gained popularity mainly because famous personalities such as Audrey Hepburn and Lady Diana wore these dresses.

In the 1970s, in addition to striking evening dresses, men’s collections and the No.1 Valentino perfume were created.

In the 2000s, however, the fashion label began to falter. The desired success did not materialize and so the founder Valentino Garavani retired from the company in 2007. Since then, the company’s history has been known above all for a constant change of owners and chief designers. However, it remains to be seen whether it will be possible to regain the status of one of the most respected brands.

Rebellious, Rebellious: The Exclusive Shoe – Rockstud

Recently, however, the style of the Valentino label has changed considerably. With the Rockstud shoe could be continued to old successes again. The Rockstud was presented in 2011 and since then the enthusiasm for this shoe has been unbridled. It symbolizes the change of the company. This one would like to be much more modern and a little more unusual. This represents a departure from the pure classical evening fashion. The courage to present the Rockstud seems to have paid off. So you can find Rockstud in many variations nowadays. If you are looking in fashion shops that offer Valentino shoes, you can choose the current models. These are either with high heels, as ballerina, or the variation with ankle straps.

The Lock Bag of Stars and Influencers

While Rockstud are rebellious women, Valentino’s Lock Bag is chic and playful. With discreet colours and a very eye-catching design this bag sets true accents. The Lock Bag is at Fashion Week and many influencers a frequently seen model, which is why the name suffix “It Bag” is very appropriate. The special thing about this accessory is the adjustable chain, which acts as a carrier. This can either be adjusted so that the bag can be carried loosely over the shoulder, or tighter so that it lies only on the shoulder. If you like, you can also remove the chain completely and wear the Lock Bag as a clutch. Axelle introduces you to her Lock Bag and gives you a nice insight into the world of bags.

4 facts about Valentino

  • The final breakthrough came with the help of the former First Lady Jackie Kennedy
  • Characteristics: Valentino Red, selected, high quality fabrics, decorations of dresses (sequins, pearls, rivets)
  • The fashion label belongs to the Qatar SWF. In addition to the Valentino fashion house, he owns Louis Vitton
  • Valentino lines : Valentino, Valentino Haute Couture, Valentino Roma, R.E.D. Valentino, Valentino Garavani

Versace – the luxury label of Gianni and Donatella

Versace is a young luxury label that has remained in family ownership to this day. In addition to the exclusive collections, the brand has also become known for its upsetting family life, which brings with it some scandals.

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Gianni Versace: Designer and Style

It all began in Florence in 1976, when Gianni Versace was discovered and supported by a textile dealer in Florence. Until then, Gianni was a nobody in the fashion world, although he had already designed for other brands. After his first show there were divided opinions. There were many critics who considered his work obscene. On the other hand, he not only convinced many people with his daring outfits, but really inspired them. His collection was striking and characterized by pastel colors. The designer was inspired by ancient Greece and the art of Roy Lichtenstein and op-Art. The clothes were often provocative. Bright colours, figure-hugging cuts and a lot of skin were part of it, as well as opulent decorations and extraordinary materials such as metal. He also established himself as a costume designer in the art scene and designed costumes for theatre and ballet performances. He was brave and provoked with his designs but was able to stand out from the other designers. His designs reflected the upsetting family history. Gianni Versace was the first designer to put jeans on the catwalk and caused a stir.

After Gianni was shot in front of his villa, Donatella Versace became the head designer. She holds the image of the label. Their designs are also special, courageous and eye-catching. She personally dresses stars like Jennifer Loopez and Lad Gaga with her designs. Lady Gaga even wrote the song “Donatella” for Versace. Nevertheless, there is always speculation whether there will soon be a new successor for Donatella.

Interview with Donatella Versace

From 2009 to 2012 the designer Christoph Kane supported the Versace line Versus. He was discovered by Donatella and she wanted to promote his talent. After the cooperation both were very thankful for the time and the collected experiences.

Versace was invited as guest designer to design a fashion line for H&M in 2011, like other famous high fashion labels did in the years before.

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Important data – the way from the textile business to the luxury brand

  • 1976 The textile retailer Albert Eickhoff becomes aware of the unknown designer Gianni Versace in Florence
  • 1978 The brand Versace is officially founded
  • 1978 The first fashion show takes place in Lippstadt. Among others, the top model Jerry Hall
  • Spring 1978 the first Versace Boutique is opened
  • September 1978 the first men’s collection is presented
  • 1980 Versace establishes itself in the art scene as costume designer
  • 1982 The first perfume for women named after Gianni Versace is launched
  • 1984 The first men’s perfume Versace l´homme follows
  • 1985 Versace gets his own exhibition in the Victoria and albert Museum in London
  • 1989 For the younger generation, a second line is designed
  • 1989 A haute couture line is created in cooperation with the Atelier Versace
  • 1990 Bags, shoes, accessories, tableware, furniture and home accessories are launched
  • 1990 Donatella Versace takes over the second line
  • 1990er The label is one of the internationally most successful fashion brands
  • 1995 In the movie “Showgirls” the actors of Versace wear designed fashion
  • 1995 Madonna models for the first time for Versace
  • 2000 The Palazzo luxury hotel is opened by the Versace company
  • 2004 With a few exceptions, the second line is shut down
  • 2009 Designer Christoph Kane takes up the second line for the new women’s collection
  • 2010 Versace develops its own mobile phone
  • 2012 Christoph Kane leaves the company
  • 2013 A film is made about the family history of Versaces

Versace Collections

  • Atelier Versace – Couture women’s fashion in the uppermost price segment
  • Versace – catwalk line with women’s and men’s fashion in the upper price segment
  • Versace Collection – Ready-to-wear fashion for women (Donna) and men (Uomo) in the upper medium price segment
  • Versus – Young second line in the upper middle price segment for women, licensed until 2009, licensed until 2004 and again since 2013 with men’s fashion
  • Versace Jeans – Sportswear collection in the medium price segment, formerly called’VJC Versace’ or’VJC Versace Jeans Couture’, licensed to Swinger International
  • Young Versace – Children collection for 0- to 12-year-olds

Logo in check. Discover the Men's #VersusSS18 collection at the link in bio.

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The Fashion Show 2018

At the last fashion show, the models wore clothes printed with newspaper articles and headlines such as “Super Exclusive” or “Versace spricht endlich”. Top models like Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner presented the new collection on a Plexiglas catwalk. From the ceiling hung a sea of blue rain. The show was accompanied by the song “Inhliziyo “by Faka. In general, however, the show was rather boring and did not experience a real climax, the audience had expected more.

Internationally successful models for Versace

Versace is represented by many famous models and stars. Demi Moore, Halle Berry and Jon Bon Jovi are firmly attached to the brand. So is superstar Madonna. It presents the brand and is almost part of it. In the 1990s, top models Naomi Campbell, Claudia Schiffer and Linda Evangelista were allowed to adorn themselves with Versace jobs. Today you can also see the brand on stars like Kendall Jenner or Karlie Kloss.

The trademark is a medusa head

The trademark of Versace is an intricate Greek medusa head. The designer loved Greece and was inspired by it, so this should also be reflected in the logo.

The brand is also known for the safety pin dress. It is a figure-hugging, long, black evening dress. Typical for Versace it is revealing with a deep neckline and cut out from the armpits to the waist and from the hip down. The special thing about it is that it is held together by seven large safety pins.  Further safety pins decorate the straps and the corset of the dress. The dress was designed in 1994.

The Family History as Film and Series

House of Versace- a life for fashion is a film about the family history of Versaces.

Brand new is the series American Crime Story: The Assassination of Gianni Versace. The series is also about family life, but above all about the brutal murder of the designer. In 1997, he was shot dead by a world-famous serial killer on the steps of his villa in Miami. What remained were his partner and his sister in sadness. His sister Donatella Versace is played by Penelope Cruz, the Oscar winner. There are already 2 seasons of the series. Season 3 and 4 are already in planning. She’s watching Sky Select.

One of the most important awards

  • 2005: Womens World Award in the category World Fashion Award for Donatella Versace


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Burberry – inventor of the trench coat and legendary designer

Burberry is one of the most famous high fashion brands in the world. The brand has become particularly famous through the invention of the trenchcoat and the famous check pattern that everyone now recognizes.

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What you didn’t know about Burberry – discoverer of Cara Delevingne and designer for Kim Kardashian

These designers have made Burberry a high fashion brand

Thomas Burberry opened his first textile shop in Hampshire in 1856. He became known for the gabardine fabric, which he had invented and used for his designs. It is a fabric that is very robust and waterproof but also breathable. Thomas brought the material and its articles to international wholesalers. Then came his greatest success: the trench coat! This was invented by him and made Burberry famous. Because probably everybody wants to own a trenchcoat and of course the classic from Burberry.

Roberto Menichetti has been designing fashion for Burberry since 1998. He was the one who made the popular check pattern so famous. Before it was only known as inner lining but Roberto Menichetti turns it outwards and people loved it. The camel-black-red-white check pattern is still an integral part of the brand today.

The successor designer was Christopher Bailey. He designed all collections for the brand from 2001-2018. When he came, the label had a slightly old-fashioned reputation, but he changed it all into a world-renowned label that sets international trends. Every year he surprised the world with an exciting new design of the famous trench coat. Sometimes the trenchcoat was to be seen in bright neon colors, sometimes with much fluffy sheep wool. Bailey focuses not only on the collections but also on branding and marketing. He always adapted to the spirit of the age and developed new ideas. For example, he was the first to broadcast his fashion shows on live stream. He also developed a new concept. That’s called See now- Buy now. The basic principle is that you see fashion that you like and can buy directly. Experience fashion directly! Fashion that no one has to wait for is his idea. In addition, he had the idea of presenting autumn fashion in autumn and spring fashion in spring and not the usual autumn fashion in spring and vice versa. Actually a simple idea, but the implementation was difficult. Not many were convinced by the idea and also his own designs suffered and became a bit boring. After 17 years with Burberry, he decided to take a new path.

Riccardo Tisci has been the new designer for Burberry since March 2018. Previously he worked for Givenchy and even designed Kim Kardashian’s wedding dress. In September he will release his first real collection for Burberry and everyone is waiting, because it has already been announced that a new drop culture is planned. this means that the designs will be released little by little to build excitement. In May, the designer had already provided a small foretaste. He published a capsule collection with many heritage pieces, i.e. clothes from the past, which were pimped up again. It is clear that this designer is always good for a surprise and an expert at mixing and combining different styles. Besides, Tisci is a sports fashion fan, maybe something expects us in this direction? We are curious!

Absolute trademark: the trench coat

The brand’s logo is a knight in his armor sitting on a galloping horse carrying a lance in his hand. There is a flag with the inscription Prorsum on the lance. This is Latin and means forward in German. It stands for the fact that the fashion industry is constantly evolving and never stands still.

The trench coat! It simply belongs to Burberry, from the classic to the most unusual creations. Since 1895 it has been an integral part of every collection and is even officially registered as Burberry’s trademark.

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When you think of Burberry, the beige-black-red-white check pattern immediately comes to mind. It is an important part of the label and gives them a certain recognition value. The famous pattern is used in almost all designs.

From the first textile shop to the absolute luxury brand

  • 1856 Thomas Burberry opens his first textile shop
  • 1880 The Gabardine fabric invented by Thomas Burberry is used
  • 1891 In London, the brand’s flagship store opens in the well-known Haymarket shopping street
  • 1895 The first trenchcoat model “Tielock” is designed
  • 1901 The logo of the brand is created. It is a knight on a galloping horse holding a lance flag with the inscription Prorsum (lat. forward) in his hand
  • 1909 The trenchcoat, which is now regarded as a trademark, is launched on the market. Half a million units are sold to the army
  • 1910 The first store opened in Paris
  • 1915 For the first time the label cooperates with Japan
  • 1924 Burberry uses his famous check pattern for the first time
  • 1930 In America the label is expanding and becoming more and more well-known
  • 1955 Queen Elizabeth II declares Burberry a Royal British purveyor to the court
  • since 1960 The collection is extended with accessories
  • 1961 Audrey Hebburn wears the Burberry trench coat in the film “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”
  • 1963 Peter Sellers is in the film “the pink red panther ” in the Burberry trench coat
  • 1981 The first perfume “Burberry for Men” is sold
  • 1988 For the first time a line is designed for young people
  • 1998 The name is changed from Burberrys to Burberry
  • 1998 A jewellery collection and a swimwear line is launched

Models and stars presenting Burberry – Audrey Hepburn and Kate Moss

Burberry worked with famous models and was represented by stars. The best known is probably Audrey Hepburn. She wore the classic trench coat in the award-winning film “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”. Shortly afterwards, Peter Sellers also wore the trench coat in the award-winning film “The Pink Red Panther”.

Top model Kate Moss also loves Burberry! She modelled for Burberry’s advertising campaigns and has since been associated with the high fashion label.

In addition, top model Cara Delivinge was discovered by Christopher Baileys. It still represents the brand on the catwalk and in campaigns. Burberry and Cara Delivinge simply belong together!

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The unforgettable fashion shows

Social media has always been an important part of Burberry’s fashion shows. They were the first to broadcast their fashion shows in a live stream on the Internet.

Besides, good music has always been part of it. Young British up-and-coming stars sang live at his shows and now famous singers like George Ezra had their first performance there. For his final show, designer Christopher Bailey chose synthie-pop band Bronski Beats, which delighted everyone. She played the song “Memories” shortly before the show and when it really started the mega hit “Smalltown Boy” exploded and carried everyone along. As a reminder, the designer published a playlist of 200 songs on Apple Music, reminiscent of the unforgettable moments.

Of course, the clothes were available for purchase immediately after the show, following the See now- Buy now! principle invented by Christopher Bailey.

George Ezra live on the Burberry Runway

Burberry promotes young talents

The Burberry Foundation is a corporate foundation that has been supporting young people with talent since 2008. Christoph Bailey developed this foundation into the Burberry Acoustic. With British brands and artists they supported young musicians and even recorded a CD.

The new logo promises a new beginning

The new designer Riccardo Tisci frightens people! He developed a new logo at Burberry a few days ago and just a few months after his relaunch. Apparently he’s up to something big! The biggest change, the knight is gone! the complete logo, which has been part of the brand since 1901, is no longer on display. In addition, the classic Burberry lettering was replaced by another typeface. Instead of the signature “established 1856”, “London England” now stands under the Burberry logo. In addition, the intertwined initials of the founder Thomas Burberry now adorn the monogram.

The latest collection by designer Christopher Bailey for the LGBTQ community

The last Burberry collection will be remembered. It is the Rainbow Collection dedicated to the LGBTQ community, dedicated to lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgenders. Burberry will continue to support and stand up for this organization. All garments were decorated with rainbows or rainbow colours and the famous check pattern is also mixed with these colours. The catwalk was a sea of colors.


  • 2003: In recognition of his achievements, the Royal College of Art awarded Christopher Bailey honorary membership in 2003.
  • 2005: Christopher Bailey is voted British Designer of the Year.
  • 2007: In November 2007 Christopher Bailey receives the Bambi for “Best Fashion Designer”.
  • 2010: Christopher Bailey receives the International Award of the Council of Fashion Designer of America (CFDA).

Here you find the official website:


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Gucci shoes to bag – Luxurious accessories for men and women

Gucci sells women’s, men’s and matching accessories. Since 2011 Gucci even has its own children’s collection. You can also buy fragrances, jewelry and watches from Gucci. The prices are very high class. It all began in 1921 with the master saddler Guccio Gucci, who had specialized in leather goods and luggage in his shop. He founded the Gucci brand! With resources becoming scarce during the Second World War, Guccio had to become creative and use natural products such as hemp, linen and bamboo in his designs. His handbag with bamboo handle is still known today. He was inspired by equestrian sport, which was reflected in his special field of fine leather goods and handbag. This special field helped the brand to become known worldwide.

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Gucci: Designer and Style

Tom Ford, this famous American designer designed the new Gucci collections from 1990 to 2004. His designs for women’s fashion were sensual and elegant combined with bold, eye-catching cuts. For men’s fashion he designed clothes in dandy style, i.e. fashion that stands out from the crowd and dares to break styles. Tom Ford’s collections have made Gucci a coveted luxury label and have won recognition around the world.

In April 2004 Alessandra Faccinetti, Frida Giannini and John Ray followed in Ford’s footsteps. Faccinetti was responsible for Die Damen-Mode, Giannini for the accessories and Ray for the menswear. But already in 2006 Giannini took over all tasks. It was able to maintain its success for several years, but after 2013 sales figures declined and it left its position in 2015.

Alessandro Michele is the new successor. He only has a few days for his first women’s collection. He is missing out on a radical change in Gucci’s image in 2015. The new collection is colourful, wild, with patterns, animal and flower motifs. Combined with old-fashioned accessories such as nerd glasses, the cuts are reminiscent of the 1970s. Typical of the collection is also the unmistakable Gucci lettering. With its bold collection, it breaks the gender boundaries. Fashion is presented casually, carefree and cheerfully by young models. In addition, the shops will be redesigned. At first many critics are sceptical, but then a huge hype arises around the label and it is described as the most popular in the whole world. Alessandro Michele receives many international awards.

Interview with Alessandro Michele

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important data: Guccio Gucci, designer and perfume creator<7h2>

  • 1921 Guccio Gucci founds the company in Florence
  • 1938 Gucci opens a store on a prestigious shopping street in Rome
  • 1939 Additional Gucci stores are opened in Florence, Rome and Milan.
  • 1930-1940 Due to World War II, Gucci mainly uses alternative materials such as hemp, linen, jute and bamboo.
  • 1953 The first store in New York City is opened
  • 1953 Guccio Gucci dies. His death triggers a big family argument about the inheritance
  • 1960 The intricate G, which represents a stirrup, becomes a trademark
  • From 1960 The brand develops into a globally recognized status Symbol
  • 1970 The first clothing line appears
  • 1974 The first perfume, the women’s fragrance Gucci No. 1 is launched
  • 1976 The first men’s fragrance follows
  • 1981 The first fashion show of the brand takes place
  • 1983 The company is on the verge of collapse due to property disputes
  • 1993 The family business is sold to an Arab investment group and is therefore no longer owned by the Gucci family for the first time.
  • about 1995 Gucci becomes a luxury label again thanks to US-American designer Tom Ford
  • 1998 The company is now based in London
  • 2010 The company moves to Switzerland
  • 2011 A Gucci Museum is opened in Florence
  • 2018 The Gucci Museum is now called Gucci-Garden. In addition, a Gucci restaurant opens.

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Gucci Show: Last Collection / Fashion Show 2018

The way the Gucci brand presents its fashion is unique and unmistakable. It is non-individual, special and above all striking. The shows are inspired by the film world and indeed they remind of a science fiction film. Especially the show in February 2018 attracted attention. The models were wearing white make-up on their faces, walking down the catwalk with staring glances and transparent garment bags over their clothes. There were noises like in an operating theatre and also the surroundings reminded of such a hall. But that wasn’t the highlight for a long time. Some of the models have been transformed into futuristic mythical creatures. They had 3 eyes, wore their heads under their arms or looked like the typical Gucci snake. In addition there were special effects, which were combined by digitally created and 3D effects.  Of course you wonder how Allessandro Michele came up with the idea of presenting his fashion in this way, but he knows exactly what he wants to say! Each of his shows is supposed to transport something to the people. Individualism is the basic principle! Every day we have to redesign ourselves and ask ourselves again and again whether we are ourselves or just a personality adapted to our environment. He encourages us to use all our possibilities to develop ourselves further and to be the person we would like to be. His last fashion show should be a farewell to the past, because the world will never be the same again. His collection is intended to show that the present is quickly becoming the past. We can put the past behind us, but we can also learn from it and use it. Gucci should take away our fear of the future and help us see it as an opportunity to do everything that seems impossible to us.

Gucci Trademarks

Everyone knows the brand logo, it is an intricate, double G. It should remind of a stirrup, since the label was formerly inspired by equestrian sport. The typical colours are red, green and white. The brand’s first top seller was the bamboo bag, a handbag with a bamboo handle. Until today it is the trademark of the company and everyone should know it! The bag can be found again and again on stars like Grace Kelly or the Queen. The brand also became famous for the Jackie O scarf. It was designed in 1966 for Jackie Kennedy. Today the brand is known for unusual, bold designs, as well as for extraordinary combinations and stylistic breaks. 2018 the Gucci belt with a brass buckle is the absolute must have. It is available in different colours and designs.

More about Gucci – Brand & Online Shop


  • 1996 Tom Ford “Designer of the Year”
  • 1998 “European Company of the Year”
  • 2009 Frida Giannini “International Designer of the Year” of the Japanese Fashion Editor’s Club (FEC)


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Coco Chanel a fashion icon – perfume, fashion and emancipation

Gabrielle Coco Chanel, grown up as a sad child in an orphanage, died as a legend. Born in 1983 in Saumur/France, she made a name for herself 30 years later in the fashion industry. Her speciality: unusually functional and yet feminine and elegant women’s fashion. Who wanted a corset and wanted to look like everyone else was wrong with Coco Chanel. Light blouses, airy tops, wide cut ladies’ trousers or calf-length skirts made of comfortable fabrics such as English tweed, mottled weed, wool jersey, bouclé or bourette silk.

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Fashion is ephemeral, style never – Coco Chanel

One of Chanel’s most famous creations is the Chanel costume. A waisted costume jacket with a continuous shoulder seam over the sleeves, narrow sleeves that are cut so that the jacket does not slip even when the arms move, and discreet shoulder pads that always guarantee a straight silhouette. Gold-coloured chains and gold-plated lead weights have been sewn into the seams to ensure a perfect fit.

The classic Chanel jacket had four straight-cut pockets at hip height. The jacket is either not closed at all, with a head or a chain at chest or waist height, a usually single-row button placket or a simple zipper. The lining of the jacket is individually matched to the outer fabric or the matching blouse. A pastel-coloured blouse with a silk georgette sling collar was usually worn with a classic Chanel costume.

Coco Chanel’s most important milestones for you:

  • 1909 Start your own hat shop with the name Chanel.
  • 1914 Opening of your boutique in Seebad Biarritz.
  • 1918 Designed the first pajamas for women, since pajamas were originally intended for men only.
  • 1923 international breakthrough with its fragrance “Chanel No.5.”
  • 1926 Chanel designs the little black, she rejects bright colours because she likes simple colours like beige, white and black better.
  • 1930 Chanel equips screen stars from United Artists and Hollywood for a few weeks.
  • 1932 presents her jewellery collection with diamonds in Paris under the name “Bijoux de Diamants”.
  • In 1936, the number of Chanel employees rose to over 4,000.
  • 1939 Chanel discontinues haute couture fashion and temporarily only sells perfumes and accessories.
  • 1954 Chanel, after accusations that she collaborated with the National Socialist.
  • 1954 Opens a store in Paris, where she realizes her “war collection”.
  • 1971 Death of Coco Chanel at the Hotel Ritz.
  • 1971 Gaston Berthelot, a Dior designer, takes your place.
  • 1974 Alain Wertheimer receives the controlling majority of Chanel together with his brother.
  • 1971-1983 Image of the fashion house dusty, is considered “moustimode”.
  • Since 1983 Karl Lagerfeld has been employed as a consultant for haute couture.
  • 1984 Karl Lagerfeld becomes the head designer of the entire fashion department of the company.
  • 1988 Lagerfeld received the International Award from the Council of Fashion Designers of America for his Chanel collections.
  • 1990 Claudia Schiffer is hired by Lagerfeld.
  • 1996 Schiffer and Lagerfeld go separate ways.
  • 2000 Schiffer and Lagerfeld are working together again, and more international stars like Vanessa Paradis, Nicole Kidman Audrey Tautou, Keira Knightley or Blake Lively have been used as testimonials for Chanel.
  • Since 1983 until today Chanel has again been considered a “high fashion brand” and has found its old glory thanks to Lagerfeld.

The Chanel Logo: Simplicity in the Integrity of Design

Chanel himself designed the logo in 1925. The two “Cs”, pushed into each other, stand for the first letters of the name of the founder and surname. The Chanel logo is as effective as it is long-lasting thanks to the simplicity in the integrity of design.

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Coco Chanel as pioneer of emancipation

A tightening corset just because it’s socially acceptable? Not with Coco. Thanks to Coco Chanel’s fashion, women were no longer the decorative object and wealth card of their husbands, but on the right path to independence.  She demonstrated to the women that a woman can be independent in every respect – if she is willing to pay the price for it. No matter what others said, Chanel has always defended her fashion and view of things, which was absolutely scandalous at the time, but it paid off with a revolution in the apparel industry.

Especially in the present time, in which feminism is a big topic, Coco is remembered, who stands with her fashion until today for the emancipation of women.

In September 2014, Lagerfeld reminds us of Coco’s legacy – by having his models storm across a rebuilt street in the Grand Palais in Paris at the end of the Chanel show as an attractive horde of young women, protesting for women’s rights. The audience became very sentimental and many felt reminded of their youth, the younger ones enjoyed the revival and the cheeky sayings.

Karl Lagerfeld is committed to feminism.

Is Karl Lagerfeld a worthy successor?

The sales figures speak for themselves! Since Lagerfeld became chief designer, sales figures have skyrocketed. But Lagerfeld is of the opinion that Coco hated his designs. Lagerfeld had complete freedom to decide what he would do with the brand “If you can do something, that’s okay, if not, I’ll sell the store,” the owner told Lagerfeld. Despite the conviction that fashion goddess Coco Chanel would not be satisfied with his work, the world thinks differently. Lagerfeld has brought Coco’s convictions and values to the present day or modernised them. He varies colours, silhouettes, jacket and skirt lengths, uses new fabrics and accessories, replaced the classic braids with fringes and presented the Chanel costume in both the Haute-Couture and Prêt-à-Porter collections.

It’s time to be beautiful when the world gets too ugly

Lagerfeld decides to add a statement with the spring/summer collection 2018. His designs show the will to turn to beauty instead of despairing of all the ugliness in the world. The sometimes soft and sometimes bright colours illustrate the lightness of the collection. An interplay of transparent silk tulle and a heavily embroidered, textured tweed then pushes it to the top.

However, Lagerfeld not only designs “pretty things” with his collection, he also thinks up new forms. Skirt parts on the dress, which suddenly only start from the middle of the thigh, frills only on the sides. The ruffles are broken through in the middle by a glittering triangle or midi dresses are covered with a transparent veil. In the collection, Lagerfeld Chanel re-designs without losing the old, which is once again met with great enthusiasm.

Coco Chanel changed the fashion world forever, her legacy was inherited from Lagerfeld and is still being treated today. And once again Lagerfeld has proved with his new cut and colour combinations that he is a worthy successor by refusing to bow to ugliness. And as Coco Chanel liked to say, “elegance is refusal”.

Fashion Show 2018 – Spring Summer Looks by Chanel

Fashion Show 2018 – Autumn/Winter Collection by Chanel


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Gen Y – Urban elegance and 100% Made in Italy

Discreet designs for everyday life, “black is the new black”! Today I want to introduce you a new fashion label from Italy – thanks Instagram. Unlike many, Gen Y does not rely on sparkling extras or bright colours but on simple designs, soft materials and elegance. Typical Italian! My name is Stephan, I like to wear simple designs in everyday life and rather an accessory or a piece of clothing that catches the eye. In summer the pockets are missing, of course, shorts, tank top, that’s it. But somewhere the mobile phone has to go in and the water and and and and. But with backpacks and bags I have the problem that a mix of elegance and fashion is hard to find. All have embroidered fancy logos or are too conspicuous for me. I didn’t want to search forever at 32 degrees downtown either: In sport, everything is a little too much of everything. But even in the big shopping houses in the city centre, from Zara to H&M, you won’t really find what you’re looking for. Instagram brought Gen Y to my attention! Already one hour later I had our Iva on the phone for a quick photo shoot, because I had the first samples sent to me directly! You can find the looks at: Gen Y Instagram.

Videos and shop with the Pieces you can find here on Gen Y.

Samples from Italy with Iva: Summer Look + Gen Y

Besides the shirts and caps for me, there was this bag among others: Dare.

Gen Y for Men

More of Gen Y – Italy

You can find the looks at: Gen Y Instagram


Berlin Fashion Week S/S 2019: Review of Shows & Fashion Pieces

Fashion Week is back! With impressive 32° degrees and star designers like Guido Maria Kretschmer but also Hugo Boss is back. We were there for you: 4 days S/S 19 (Spring-Summer collections for 2019). Berlin Fashion Week runs from Monday to Thursday and shows various shows by designers at the mainstage and various smaller side venues. Most of the hustle and bustle takes place on the Main Stage. Here are four to five fashion designer shows a day. International? Unfortunately not, Berlin Fashion Week is far away from the fashion weeks in London, Paris, Milan or New York. Nevertheless: A real highlight, especially in summer, when Berlin shows itself from its most beautiful sides. And this year, we were really lucky: 30°, 31° and 32° – thanks to air conditioning, doable. Whether big fashion magazines like Vogue in InStyle, the strongest fashion designers from Berlin and Germany or also bloggers, VIPs, musicians and actors. This week all meet to celebrate in Berlin and fashion. From the boutique owner who looks at the fashion fairs around Seek and Premiere or Influencer and fashion magazines at the shows – there’s something for everyone. I take you today, also every day and our highlights of the Berlin Fashion Week S/S 2019.

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First, here are the highlights and failures of Fashion Week S/S 19

Highlights and failures of Fashion Week S/S 19

For me, Fashion Week S/S 19 can summarize you like this

Top: Fashion Week back in Berlin Mitte

  • Main Stage Location back in Berlin Mitte, near Potsdamer Platz / Mall Of Berlin / Bundesrat
  • strong designers from Berlin with established and newcomers
  • Stage full seated (no standing room) and great sound in industrial buildings

Fail! No lounge, no electricity (mobile phone), no water

  • Networking used to be: Please don’t stay too long! No drinks from ever popular Jules Mumm and no water for spectators (32° degrees outside temperature). Drinks bought at the location may not be taken along, drinks in bags already – eh? We had to refill our purchased water bottles into plastic cups first, on instruction. Back at the entrance we had to throw them away, “you can’t take them in”. In my pocket are two glass water bottles – ok.
  • Rebelpin Fashion Awards by Acte – Puh, later you read more, that’s boring. Welcome to the year 1970! The Design Award (Europe-wide) is certainly a great idea, the presentation, the show, the performance of the presenter and the jazz band – disaster! It’s only stupid when you can’t walk for 45 minutes. Conclusion: Buy a Spotify subscription!

Shows: Guido Maria Kretschmar, rebekka ruétz, Lana Müller, Ivanman and I’VR

Anyone who knows Berlin Fashion Week and has already visited a few seasons knows that quality varies from year to year. Sometimes you meet in beautiful locations and sometimes in shady locations, for example in Berlin Wedding. This year they decided to go downtown again. Great idea! As in 2015, at that time still at the Brandenburg Gate, very chic, a real highlight. Shortly afterwards we went to the Erika-Hess-Eisstadion (prefabricated building in Wedding) and then to the department store Jahndorf (no style, XY building in Berlin). Fashion needs a nice environment, of course. Therefore a great idea to go back to Berlin Mitte! After all, you meet friends, colleagues and many new people you would never have met otherwise in the office or in the editorial office. Well, we’re back in.

Day 1+2: Fashion Week has to wait, no Guido

Day 1 consisted for me first of a lecture, still far away from the Berlin – influencer marketing – then it went Tuesday morning by express into the capital. That’s why Monday and the weekend before had to be cancelled, which is very practical to “arrive” in Berlin. Unfortunately, we also missed a real highlight that Guido Maria Kretschmar had already created for OTTO. Very everyday fashion from the star designer. Here are some highlights of the GMK x OTTO Show in Berlin:

Highlights: Guido Maria Kretschmar x OTTO

We finally arrived in Berlin – 11.51 pm, at least on Tuesday. Quickly into the apartments and in a few hours our Fashion Week Berlin S/S 19 starts with great shows by rebekka ruétz, old friends like Ivanman but also new highlights like Lana Müller and the always charming (every show a highlight, you will see later) I’VR: Isabel Vollrath.

Day 3: Rebekka Ruétz and Model Agency Casting

Instead of the usual plane ride, this time we went to Berlin in a van – full of cameras, photographer, videographer, editorial staff and me! Parallel to Fashion Week there are many more to experience: Photoshootings with international models who travel especially to Berlin or also model castings. The first appointment: The Model Casting of Cocaine Models at Alexander Platz in the House Of Weekend. Parallel to Fashion Week the agency was looking for models – Curvy, High Fashion – we are there! Over 250 pre-registrations, including 50 invitations and three hours for small talk, catwalk and posing. Phew, before that we went to the wonderful Rebekka Ruétz, to the Spring-Summer 2019 show:
Rebekka Ruétz Runway Show Berlin: Spring-Summer 2019

style ranking: 8.4 / 10

Colors, so many colors. While many designers in their S/S 19 rely on muted tones, white, beige, the new fashion collection for the coming spring/summer season from rebekka ruétz brings colour accents. Matching the title of the collection: MAKE LOVE GREAT AGAIN, my first show of the season, in Berlin, since we were on the road in southern Germany before. All the better that it is directly rebekka ruétz, who we have accompanied for a long time and are always looking forward to her presentation. Not only we wanted to see the new collection, but also prominent guests like Alexandra Polzin, Annabelle Mandeng, Bahar Kizil, Caro Cult, Eva Nürnberg, Kathi Wörndl, Katrin Wrobel, Lea Mornar, Marie von den Benken (columnist), Rolf Scheider (casting director and former GNTM jury member), Stephanie Stremler and Tanja Bülter. The highlights of the show:

rebekka ruétz fashion show S/S 19 Berlin – Runway Video

We are still waiting for the cut of Fashion Week S / S 19, but here is the video of the last Fashion Week for you:

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Cocaine Models Agency Casting with us and RTL

Curvy Models – Strong theme! Not only men bloggers Riccardo Simonetti was looking for Curvy Models at the Berlin Fasion Week for a show in Hamburg, also Cocaine Models was from the game and was looking for new top models over the rooftops of Berlin (House of Weekend) from 19-22 o’clock. High Fashion & Plus Size. At the casting were also 3 Germany’s Next Topmodels of the current season, plus a camera team from RTL and the top location: The House of Weekend. The highlights of the Model Casting in Berlin:

Hugo Boss Runway Spring / Summer 2019

After a long time back in Berlin, Hugo Boss:

Day 4: Ivanman, Lana Müller and I’VR Isabel Vollrath

Day three was the start of our shows this year. Ivanman was one of the very few highlights at Berlin Fashion Week for men. The bag is packed, here we go. Today, our editor Natascha and two friends or bloggers. Perfect weather, 32°, blue sky. The first and only show for men’s fashion, upcoming for Spring/Summer 2019.

Ivanman – jacket, jacket, coat

block rate>style ranking: 7.9 / 10

We have been accompanying Ivanman since the beginning and are looking forward to his shows every year. Because he shows cuts that are wearable for Fashion Victoms, but also a few Pieces that are over the top. But for Berlin Mitte, Hamburg or the short trip to London and Paris is just the right thing! For the S/S 19 Ivanman uses colours, blue and red. The show convinces with strong, striking faces of the male models and a strong beat that accompanies the show from beginning to end, without interruption.

Here are my highlights from Ivanman for you:

Ivanman Fashion Show S/S 19 Berlin – Runway Show

#ss19 #ivanman #jacke #meins #wallstreet #mbfwb

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Lana Müller – I would buy these outfits to my girlfriend

style ranking: 8.6 / 10

We visited Lana Müller for the very first time, we were very curious to see her first collection at the Berlin Fashion Week. My highlight by Lana Müller? Super wearable fashion, very chic, airy and a look in which everyone would like to see their girlfriend. The show starts with singer, the transition is seamless. Basses fill the room, showtime starts! All in all a strong first appearance and here we have all highlights of the S/S 19 collection of Lana Müller in Berlin.

Lana Müller Fashion Show S/S 19 Berlin – Runway Show

Spring Summer 2019 ⚡️#lanamueller #lanamuellerss19 #springsummer19 #newcollection

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We are still waiting for the cut of the S/S 19, as long as the current fashion collection for summer 2018!

I’VR – Isabel Vollrath: A breeze of calm and elegance

style ranking: 9.1 / 10 + extra point for’enchant’

After Lana Müller put another topping for the evening? Welcome to I’VR. Every season, I’VR enchants with little special features that not all fashion designers at Fashion Week think of. For example, Seating Cards. In the cards, you will find some information about the new collection, the materials and the thoughts under which the collection was created. A great idea, because it can take 30, 40 minutes from the entrance to the beginning of a fashion show – if you’re unlucky. It might be a clever idea to appear shortly before the event, but on the other hand the best places will be filled. I’ve been waiting for about 20 minutes now – and I’d like to point out the “No drinks in the show” problem this season. I’m dying of thirst! But I’VR can’t help that. Fashion Week planning is. Luckily I have two water bottles in my bag and another orange juice from the Mall Of Berlin. At least the supermarkets in the area benefit from the “drinks” ban. Let’s go: I’VR!

Lights out, spotlight on. The sound of the sea, how nice. A quiet, slightly rising bass feels the rows and the hall. The first model, elegant, almost floating, light fabrics, the sound of the sea, a very magical moment after three days of hustle and bustle. Like every year: I’VR enchants! Thank you for the moment! A great show with many highlights, here are a few pieces we really want to show you!

Runway Show: Highlights from the catwalk

We are still waiting for the cut of the current S/S 19, as long as Isabel Vollrath’s last show at Berlin Fashion Week.

Rebelpin Fashion Awards by Acte: Get a Spotify Abo – Fail!

style raking: 3.2 / 10

Can I be angry? The moderation would have fit perfectly into the Federal Chancellery (directly opposite), with an audience of around 60, politicians, professors… at an evening gala. But not here! It’s Fashion Week, come on! Welcome to the year 1970, as you look at the Rows across the street, one yawn after another.

Apart from that, the designers and their collection pieces (3 each) were really great and varied. From the absolutely wearable to the fashion made for shows. But…

The opening moderation is agonizingly long, far from modern and light years from a fashion week! Long, seven minutes later it should finally start. And the band, is it staying or was the 70s music just for the boring moderation? They stay. No! Already at the first fly (run of the models) and the feeling: Get away! Unfortunately, the exit is on the other side and we would have to walk over the catwalk, in front of all the people, photographers and the boring moderation. Right now, I take my notebook and start with the article. I’m flattened with boredom, the shows are already 35 minutes long and we are still not at the end.

Even after 42 minutes, I’m still torturing myself. In front, a 60-year-old man speaks into the microphone with a low voice. Somebody here, somebody there. Drumroll from the 70s drums. Stop at that spot! Fiasco! For next year: Please engage a person who knows about moderation and fashion. Someone with friends, someone to watch and please: Get a Spotify subscription! I’ve had enough of jazz, that’s enough. I can’t take any more. Over and out, please!

But no – and I won’t bother you – now there were prizes in three categories and of course everyone wants to say something else, some vice president from somewhere. Monotone, without emotion. Next time I’ll make you a video, post on our YouTube channel and whenever you can’t fall asleep, check out Rebelpin’s moderation.


Fashion Week S/S 2019 Berlin: Well done!

Fashion Week was short for me this season – but a real highlight in July 2018 – especially the new move to Berlin’s city centre has really paid off for the flair that fashion needs to be effective. The location, that E-Werk, really gives something away. The only small drawback is that there is no longer a large lounge where you can really network. Especially at such a fashion event! After all, you travel from Germany and all over Europe. There should always be a place to get to know each other.

Apart from that, Fashion Week was excellently organised. Even the decorative elements (palm trees) were right down to the last detail. It was also great in the new location that there are no more standing places, but everything fills up in the row of seats. So everyone has the possibility to take a seat and does not have to wait long in a standing position. Very important for us as editors!

Matching to it, also all shows, very well done (only on a choreography one should work, one turns on 3m in front of the photo wall, the other 5m, then 1m, turn left, turn right). The sound is right, the basses roll through the rows, variety, from deep house, to hard beats, to soft sea noise and relaxing music at I’VR. A good mix that makes the shows different and interesting.

Are we as good as London, Paris and Milan? Unfortunately not! Nevertheless, as every season, Berlin Fashion Week is worth a visit. Especially this season the event came back and was a lot of fun, nice location, well organized. Next: Düsseldorf + London.


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Michael Michalsky: Let’s talk about style – the book

Michael Michalsky has become one of the German fashion designers. Having almost single-handedly conjured the Adidas brand back to a young, hip brand, Michael Michalsky is now on his own two feet – with a label, TV show, and much more. With so much success that he has been on the side of supermodel Heidi Klum for several seasons as a juror. Now he’s releasing his new book: Let’s talk about style!

+ AD + Do you know?

For matching promotion, there was a first appearance on Sat 1 breakfast television. This is 1 breakfast television has so far incredibly high ratings, not only on TV but also online the videos are around the moderators … super often retrieved. As well as breakfast television in the US but also in countries like Japan, it has also been extremely popular in Germany for decades and for Michalsky the perfect start to the new writers career.

Michael Michalsky reveals in his new book what style is all about! Let’s talk about style: said, done, from breakfast to V-neck. Stylist more than outfits, yes … according to Michalsky the style is also about food. This morning on the breakfast TV, it was all about a delicious breakfast and the right plate. Good feeling starts in the morning! It continues in the summer: flip flops, sandals? For men an absolute no-go, as well as tank tops in the office and – absolutely out – V-neck shirts, absolutely outdated!

GNTM juror: All-rounder Michalsky on the side of Heidi Klum

The new season of Germany’s next Top Model is nearing the end. Team Black again, with Creative Art Director Thomas Hayo, Team White, Michael Michalsky and his motto “Diversity”! Whoever wins this year’s Germanys Next Top Model season can not be said yet. That’s what the location for the finale is, Cologne! Three years ago, a bomb threat was received and the Germanys Next Topmodel Finale was relocated to Mallorca, the following year then to the Ruhr, it is now back in the media capital of Cologne. Michael Michalsky, Thomas Hayo and, of course, the boss Heidi Klum will be in charge of the new top model. They will have advertising contracts, their first cover shoot but also jobs at the Berlin Fashion Week and Michael Michalsky, the man who published his new book today.

About the book

What is style? What does one of Germany’s most successful designers think? Michael Michalsky has his very own definition of style, which for him consists of different elements. In addition to fashion we are culturally influenced, music and films affect us and how we travel plays just as much a role as our living conditions. What makes us stylish and what Michael’s personal style has shaped, he tells in “Let’s talk about style” interwoven with memories and experiences from all stages of his life.

Michael knew early on that his fashion taste is a bit more sensitive than that of his neighbors and classmates in the northern German province. Passion became a passion, today he is a significant influence on the German fashion scene. And not only visually he is ticking differently, also in music Michael always has the edge. Anyone who performs on his StyleNite can hope for great success. Michael Michalsky does what nobody expects.

All-rounder: creations by Michalsky

In addition to fashion, TV and new author life, Michalsky also make various beauty products and perfumes, such as Berlin I and Berlin II for Men and Women.

Michalsky Parfums: Berlin I & II

Michalsky Beauty Products


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