The Bread and Butter – then a fashion fair for the professional audience, during Fashion Week. Today a fashion and cultural festival for everyone. In 2016 the fashion fair was taken over by the Berlin online shop Zalando and is now called “Bread&&Butter by Zalando”. The event takes place once a year at the beginning of September. The perfect chance for fashion & lifestyle enthusiasts to spend a weekend in the Arena Berlin with incredible specials. With more than 20.000 visitors and 24 business partners a fashion, music and food festival of the finest class!

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4 specials

The Bread & Butter invites you to cultural and fashionable exchange. Numerous fashion and cosmetic brands present exclusive products. Over the weekend there are daily different programs and everywhere something to watch.

Talk show

Special Guests – Bloggers, influencers, models and designers are invited and give open panel discussions about current and future fashion or cultural topics. It discusses sustainability, the hype of instagram, beauty trends and beauty ideals of today, as well as taste and expression through social media.

Pre-launches and limited collections

Levi’s, Nike, Adidas, Reebok or Vans – various brands sell limited fashion and with some brands you can even have sneakers, jeans jackets or socks with your own initials made. The most famous brands are presented in various showrooms. Not only to look at and buy, with some brands there is something to take part in. The cool Bread&&Butter team has been offering photo shoots, tattoos and selfmade key rings for the last few years. Of course there are also Goodie Bags and other small things to take with you – with a lot of patience and time, you can spend a wonderful weekend at this festival!

Streetfood – just the thing for food bloggers

While one falls in love with the fashion of the Bread&&Butter, there are noble stalls for the hungry in a beautiful atmosphere. Fries with feet in the sand or a gin tonic with petals on the Spree? – Just the thing for connoisseurs! There are snacks and drinks to try.


The pop-up event invites you to various concerts. Besides DJ gigs and live performances by different artists, Bread & Butter offers an after-show party with live acts like Evian Christ, Hamza, Kitty Cash, Sheck Wes, Paigey Cakey, Princess Nokia, Stefflon Don, Ufo361, Yung Hurn, Luciano and many more.


You didn’t have time to show up at Bread & Butter? – After the event, there are selected products to buy online and you can view all possible specials later.

Want to participate next year? In recent years, prices for the pop-up event have been 15 euros per person or 45 euros for group tickets.


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Never out of Style – Jeans

Finding a pair of matching jeans is not easy these days. Apart from different sizes, there are also new styles for men and women. Every fashion store, online shop and every brand now sells jeans.

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4 Female Cuts

Bootcut jeans #1

The classic of jeans. Narrowly cut at the thigh and slightly flared at the hem. These jeans can be worn with almost any type of figure, only people with wide hips should try the cut first.

Straight Fit Jeans #2

Also called Regular Fit, they are body-focused, but rather straight cut. Fits perfectly to the classic casual look!

Slim Fit Jeans #3

These jeans have a tight fit on the whole leg. So girls – if you have body-hugging and narrow silhouettes, she is very comfortable.

Super Slim Fit Jeans #4

Also known as Skinny Fit, these jeans are characterized by their particularly narrow fit.

Styling Tips For Woman

You can also make a normal pair of jeans look more beautiful, especially for women.

  • High-Heels make the legs longer and stretch them optically
  • a jeans should be a bit too long rather than too short
  • attached pockets make your bottom rounder and fuller
  • prefer rather dark jeans, lighter jeans often wear

As soon as a shopping tour is due, one is prepared to try on different trousers. Usually you try out every brand and are often desperate because no jeans fit right. What should the perfect jeans look like? Taff has tested the 3 newest jeans models for you and shows you what to look out for!

4 Cutting forms for the man

Loose Fit Jeans #1

These men’s jeans stand out for their casual fit. Also at the waistband they are usually very loose and belong to the most comfortable models. Jeans with very straight legs are called baggy jeans – a real all-rounder!

Slim Fit Jeans #2

Also known as skinny jeans, it is a newer variant of men’s trousers. Very narrow and body accentuated, these models are mostly seen in younger people.

Regular Fit Jeans #3

Straight and yet body-focused cut. These jeans are the most classic fit and can also be found under the name Straight Leg.

Shorts #4

An all-rounder in summer time. Loosely and casually cut cargo or skater fits.

Styling Tips For Men

Not only the woman, also the man can hide with the purchase of a jeans well!

  • do the trousers fit perfectly during fitting? – Buy one size smaller, because the trousers will widen after wearing several times
  • Undecided? Less is more, a classic model always fits
  • Rule: The further a jeans goes, the more can be carded
  • Belt: To decorate a jeans something, a man can very well tie a buckle
  • Today the trend is – jeans to jeans – you can combine jeans trousers with a jeans shirt or jacket as well

Men have the hardest time shopping. Often we all need good advice after all. In less than 6 minutes, this video explains exclusively for men which jeans are hip, now in autumn!

The jeans conquer the world

In addition to fashion chains that produce and represent their own trousers, there are labels that have been known for many years for their jeans. Not only through their quality, but also through name recognition or a certain trouser cut, the jeans become a unique specimen.

Levi’s #1

A brand that has existed for over 150 years and has a turbulent history. Levis Strauss, a German Jew who emigrated to America in the middle of the 19th century and invented jeans.

  • 1600 first production of denim fabric in France
  • 1853 first production for cotton trousers from brown tarpaulin fabric
  • 1882 first production with indigo dyed
  • 1926 first jeans with zipper
  • 1949 first German jeans are produced in a clothing factory in Künzelau
  • 1990 new jeans forms and cuts like Baggy Pants – new foundations of many jeans labels

Diesel #2

The Italian fashion label was founded in 1978 and with the sale of jeans they managed to educate a billion dollar turnover as a global player. The assortment of Italians is constantly extended by shoes, wristwatches, glasses, perfumes and underwear. The philosophy of designer Renzo Rosso was, as diesel was an alternative to petrol in the oil crisis of the 1970s, not to equate fashion with current trends, but to develop its own style. So in 1985 the new jeans began to work with sandpaper and stones as if it had been worn for years. At that time the jeans style was called “saddle”. Diesel’s jeans jacket also achieves cult status. In 2008, the brand presents a luxury collection “Black Gold” for the first time. More expensive than the previous products, but worn by many celebrities.

Rossos success concept : “be stupid”

G-Star #3

G-Star has the revolutionary success with the G Star Elwood 1996, Pierre Morisset designed the first 3D jeans.  With more than 10 million pieces sold, these jeans are among the best selling jeans in the world. G-Star has always stood for a rejuvenated and harmonious image. While trends, styles and fashion epochs changed, G-Star always remained attractive and authentic.

G-Star property : ” original and genuine, stylish, fashionable and functional “

Pepe Jeans #4

It’s a story, like in the book. Three brothers – Nitin , Arun, Milan had a small market stall in the middle of London in 1973. Made of boring, anonymous trousers, the boys let their creativity run free and turned these trousers into detailed creations that the youngsters bought in Notting Hill. The fashion label was created on the street of London. Today, Pepe jeans are known for the perfect fit and urban look.


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Fossil: Retro and yet Modern

Retro fashion has long been “in” again. Fossil, a fashion brand known for selling retro style accessories. A US-American company founded in 1984 is the shop if you like vintage or retro style. In addition to its own brand, Fossil also sells other fashion brands such as Burberry or Armani, so all price ranges are represented there and there is something for everyone.

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Fossil – Cheap Luxury

If you’re not looking for a Rolex, but you’re still looking for a good looking watch, or a cheaper handbag instead of Louis Vuitton, Fossil is a great alternative for you. The brand offers elegant men’s watches for little money. If you are of course more interested in Luxus watches we have an article for you. Fossil has been around since 1984 and was founded by the American Kosa Kartsotis. Meanwhile, his brand markets fashion sizes such as: Diesel, Emporio Armani, DKNY, Burberry, Michael Kors, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Adidas, Tory Burch and Karl Lagerfeld. Of course they also offer products of their own brand “Fossil”. However, you can also get accessories for less than 100€ instead of 15000€, which is attractive for you and other young people.

You want to know more about Fossil? Here we have summarized some important data of the Fossil Group for you.

  • 2001 – Acquisition of Zodiac brand from Genender International for approximately $4.7 million
  • 2004 – Takeover of the Swiss watch brand Michele through the acquisition of Tempus International Corp for approx. 50 million US dollars
  • 2007 – Acquisition of Watch Station International, a watch retailer with global sales operations, from Sunglass Hut
  • 2012 – Acquisition of Skagen Designs for approximately $225 million and 150,000 fossil shares. (Skagen is a more established watch and jewellery brand with Danish design)
  • 2013 – Fossil acquires Latin American distribution business of partner Bentrani Watches, LLC from Miami, Florida
  • 2015 – Fossil takes over Wearable Computing provider Misfit Wearables from Burlingame, California for approx. 241 million US dollars

Vintage on sale: Fossil Brands Outlet

Alternatively to the online shop or Amazon, you also have the possibility to visit one of the numerous Fossil Outlets. They lure with great offers and who can say no if a vintage handbag is on sale? There are a total of 13 outlets in Germany alone, including those in Cologne and Wolfsburg. In the shop you will find everything from handbags, over ladies watches, mens watches, leather bracelets or even shoulder bags at fair prices.

Necklaces, earrings and other jewelry

Every fashionable outfit of a woman needs the matching earrings, a handbag or matching rings, also there you will find at Fossil. Silver, gold, Swarovski there is an incredibly wide selection of jewelry from your own brand to Swarovski. Also here it applies, cheap chains with engraving or a noble designer chain – no matter what it is, you will find almost everything. From high fashion to casual, no matter how you want to dress, you are sure to find the right accessories.

Anything other than retro – BMW and Fossil bring out Smartwatch

Who would have thought it from a brand known for its retro and vintage styles? BMW and Fossil launch a Smartwatch collection. Sales start in January 2019. The Smartwatches are to be offered for sale in over 4000 BMW sales outlets. It is still speculated whether the watch will have a touch screen similar to the Emporio Armani Smartwacht. They are also waterproof, have GPS distance tracking, heart rate monitoring and are compatible with iPhone and android phones. Fossil confirms that this is the first time they have worked with an automobile manufacturer. Furthermore, thanks to the NFC payment system, you should be able to pay in many shops with your watch instead of your card.

The project Emporio Armani Connected was published in 2017 and combines the classic high fashion Giorgio Armani with the Smartwatch technology.

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Louis Vuitton – the French luxury brand

Louis Vuitton has been regarded as the status symbol par excellence for over decades. For decades, the high fashion brand has been an indispensable must-have for every fashion lover and combines easy individuality, personality and fashion awareness. From burned bags to litigation. We’re uncovering all the secrets.

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Louis Vuitton: The genius behind bags, shoes and high fashion

Here I have collected all the facts for you once again!

When was Louis Vuitton founded?

The French luxury fashion company was founded in 1854.

Who invented Louis Vuitton?

The company was created by the designer Louis Vuitton.

How old is Louis Vuitton?

The designer and entrepreneur was born in 1821 and died at the age of 71 (1892).

Where was Louis Vuitton born?

Louis Vuitton was born in a small town in the east of France, in Anchay.

History: From craftsman and designer to superstar of fashion

In 1854, the French designer and craftsman Louis Vuitton (also entrepreneur) founded the Paris luxury goods company Louis Vuitton Malletier S.A., which initially concentrated on the production and sale of exquisite luggage and suitcases. Over the years, the company has gained worldwide popularity and expanded its products as a result. Even today, luxurious luggage is still an important part of Louis Vuitton. In addition, precious clothing for him and her, bags, backpacks, belts, wallets, shoes, jewellery, perfumes and watches are also available. The monogram pattern of many Louis Vuitton products, consisting of the initials of the company founder, “LV”, was first introduced in 1896. It was originally intended to protect against the production of counterfeit goods, but over time it achieved exactly the opposite.  Since 1987, the Louis Vuitton company has merged with the spirits producer Moët Hennessy to form the luxury goods group LVMH Moët Hennessy & Louis Vuitton S.A.. Meanwhile, the Group also represents other luxury brands. All products are available in international boutiques as well as in the Louis Vuitton online shop. You can find out how to get your dream of a luxurious Louis Vuitton product on sale or at low outlet prices in the course of this article with the help of our insider tips.

Bags, backpacks, wallets, shoes – the collections

In today’s world, the biggest do’s and don’ts in the fashion industry are determined especially via social media. What is striking, however, is that one repeatedly comes across products of the luxury brand Louis Vuitton. This makes it clear what a diversity the brand is characterised by. For decades, the most diverse personalities have been discovering their very own favourites among the numerous Louis Vuitton products.

Kylie Jenner: The It girl is a huge fan of the luxury labels LV

Kylie Jenner shows here how the status symbol can be combined simply and suitably for everyday life.

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Bags for women and men: Not cheap but chic

From bright colours and slanted shapes to simple classics such as the popular “Neverfull” model, there is something for every taste. So it’s all in your hands how your new shoulder bag or shopper from Louis Vuitton should turn out. But one thing is certain, whether simple or colourful and crazy – every available model is considered an eye-catcher.

Backpacks from LV: Montsouris Vintage Look

Montsouris is not only a park in the French capital Paris, but also the namesake of a Louis Vuitton backpack. The “Montsouris” model is considered one of the most popular in the luxury class. In the on-line Shop is the up-to-date for 1.450,00 ? available. But Louis Vuitton can also be used with other variants such as vintage look or with mini versions.

Belt: “Damier” the model of the luxury class

The belt model “Damier” by Louis Vuitton, which is meant for the gentlemen among us, is considered a particularly popular eye-catcher. Available in the online shop for 335 €, the belt is valid for a comparatively cheaper status symbol of the luxury class.

Portemonnaie for women and men: The accessories for every day

If one thing is needed daily, then it is probably a purse. Accordingly, these are of course available pretty much everywhere. This is also true of the French luxury brand. Among the ladies, the “Sarah” (from €475.00) and “Emilie” (from €335.00) models are particularly popular. However, even with a smaller budget, a large selection is available to customers for both men and women.

Shoes: High Fashion Boots or Sneaker in pink, red

Here, too, the motto is: colourful or simple, high or flat, closed or open, summer or winter. From sandals and sneakers to pumps, ankle boots and boots. There is something for every occasion and every type.

Everything for men: From belts to watches to sunglasses

Not only that, but also everything else Louis Vuitton has to offer the ladies is available to the same extent for the men of creation. Especially in demand are the casual travel bags and the jackets of the luxury label. These are also available in every imaginable variant.

Fashion Show Autumn/Winter 2018/2019

Louis Vuitton´s Fashion Show of the current autumn and winter collection took place this year at the Louvre in the French capital. With this collection the perfect balance between the past and the future has been created. The show as a whole can be described as a masterpiece. What is striking is that this autumn and winter, very eye-catching garments are to be combined with simpler ones. Thus, the individual outfits are to be relieved of strictness and given casualness. The designer also created true to the motto “opposites attract each other”. So he combines to a girlish pleated skirt, shearling coats or leather jackets. All looks are fused together in a lovely French way.

French mode in the Louvre

Louis Vuitton’s High Fashion Autumn and Winter Looks 2018/2019 were presented at the Louvre this year. Here is a video of the Fashion Show, so you can get a first impression of the looks yourself.

Insider News

You’re probably hearing about these three cool news for the first time right now.

Burnt at the stake! Bags Inferno #1

You have been looking in vain for a long time for an outlet store to get cheap products from Louis Vuitton? Unfortunately we must inform you at this point that you will never find such a store. If a Louis Vuitton shop has any shopkeepers that are simply not sold, these products are first archived and then (and now hold on tight!) burned. This is all because the company does not want to create the reputation of having to sell such high quality bags below their value.

LV punching bag from Karl Lagerfeld #2

For the 118th anniversary of the luxury label, the management came up with a very special project to celebrate the day. So they had global top designers create very special products. Among others, the well-known designer Karl Lagerfeld created such a punching bag, decorated with the Louis Vuitton Monogram. According to the manufacturer, prices for this unusual product are only available on request.

legal dispute after film shooting #3

In 2011, the movie “Hangover 2” caused a lawsuit from the luxury label. In one scene Alan, aka Zach Galifianakis (42), defended his apparent travel bag from Louis Vuitton. The label quickly realized that it was just a cheap duplicate and filed a lawsuit against the Warner Bros film studios. You should change the scene before sales start. The federal court in NYC, however, proved a great sense of humor and dropped the lawsuit because the spectators would not even recognize the fake in the few seconds the bag took to break in.

Secret tips for your bag purchase

Here I have a few more tips for you when buying bags of the luxury label. As promised, we will share last insider tips with you before you decide to buy. Not only online, but also on the street lurk nasty trick shops with the sale of avoidable products of the luxury brand Louis Vuitton. Cheap prices, alleged bargains are waiting for you. But as you already found out in the article, there is no Louis Vuitton outlet store. With a bit of luck and patience you will find a few sale offers waiting for you in the official online shop.

Tips and tricks for your Louis Vuitton purchase

Here I have a few more tips for you when buying bags of the luxury label. As promised, we will share last insider tips with you before you decide to buy. Not only online, but also on the street lurk nasty trick shops with the sale of avoidable products of the luxury brand Louis Vuitton. Cheap prices, alleged bargains are waiting for you. But as you already found out in the article, there is no Louis Vuitton outlet store. With a bit of luck and patience you will find a few sale offers waiting for you in the official online shop.

Buy Louis Vuitton Bag? Tips from Charles Gross

Beauty Guru Charles Gross tells you in the following 13 minutes exclusively how exactly you should buy a bag of the high fashion brand.

Kitty Cat! Sweet cat all in love with LV

Now you know all about the history of the luxurious fashion label, know the most popular products and know what to consider before and during your purchase. But before you jump into the next Louis Vuitton Boutique, take a minute and watch this sweet video of a Louis Vuitton crazy cat.

Here you can find the official website:


Fake or real? Louis Vittion cheap Sale

Many are looking for well made imitations, especially if they can’t afford an original Louis Vuitton handbag, shoes or belt. Also on Amazon there are some pieces where you only see at a second glance that it is not an original. Here are three finds!

Hand Bag: Shopper Bag in all colours

This bag looks very similar to the original and costs only 39,99 Euro. Here you can find the bag on Amazon: Shopper Bag

Travel bag: The XXL carrier bag for ladies

If you are travelling soon, you can get a real bargain for the next short trip to London, Barcelona or Paris for only 23,99 Euro! The offer: Travel bag XXL

Einkaufstasche: Schultertasche mit Clutch Bag Designer Look

Shopping 2 in 1 für nur 21,59 Euro! Hier bekommst du direkt das zwei in eins Paket, mit praktischer Designer Einkaufstasche und passender Clutch. Die Kombi auf Amazon: Einkaufstasche + Clutch


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