Your holiday can start while packing your suitcase: So everything fits and remains wrinkle-free

The beginning of the annual holiday is approaching. Just the right time to deal with travel preparations such as packing a suitcase. Two questions are in the foreground: What belongs in the suitcase? How do I store the luggage as effectively as gently? We want to give you tips and suggestions on the most important aspects and reveal a trick on how textiles with light wrinkles become smooth again even without an iron.

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Basically, the luggage can be divided into five categories:

  • Documents / Key
  • first aid kit
  • Personal Care and Cosmetics
  • Clothing
  • Accessories / Technology

It is important to make copies of all documents and place them in different pieces of luggage. Thus, in case of loss, an emergency replacement is always available. In addition, important medicines should be in hand luggage when traveling by air. Otherwise, all jars, tubes and vials above the 100 milliliter limit are in the suitcase.

So much clothes should be there

The choice of clothing depends largely on individual factors such as personal needs, travel needs and local circumstances. A few basic structures have also proven themselves in very different situations:

  • On underwear and socks / stockings, at least one set should be included per day of travel.
  • Also the stock of t-shirts, polo shirts and shirts for men respectively Tops and blouses for the women should allow a daily change.
  • Trousers, skirts and dresses can usually be worn multiple times with a break of one day for airing. Does not mind, is sufficient for short trips every two days and for longer stays every three days a part.
  • Blazers, jackets and other jackets are packed according to personal needs. This also applies to headgear.
  • Depending on the nature of your trip, shoes for beach, city strolls, Outdoor activities, party, special occasions and of course needed for the room.
  • There are also sports and swimwear. Again, make sure that there is always at least one spare set in your luggage.
  • In addition to sleepwear, washcloths and towels round off the travel range of textiles.

By the way: Especially with connecting flights, it can happen that the suitcase arrives with a slight delay. So that the stay then does not have to start with an emergency shopping, it makes sense to pack at least a complete clothing set in the on-board case.

Pack the suitcase properly

So that everything fits into the suitcase, you can use some tricks when packing . All clothing that is not susceptible to creases will be rolled up. Socks and / or stockings can be stuffed into the mirrored opposite shoes. The lower portion of the case is filled with these heavier or insensitive parts. A strong pressure to compress is quite allowed. In addition, gaps can be filled with small parts. On top come pants, skirts, dresses, jackets, blazers and similar textiles. They are placed in the suitcase so that they protrude alternately right and left beyond its limits. After that, they are placed one inside the other from top to bottom. At the top, best in a separate area come the neatly folded blouses and shirts. Here are the best non-iron or easy to iron models chosen to be placed between the tissue paper or fine towels. It is important to unpack the suitcase immediately upon arrival and to hang delicate textiles on a stirrup.

Conclusion: With a little preparation and the right packing technology, everything arrives safely

So it is not that difficult to get everything you need in your suitcase and to bring it to the destination with care. If there are a few wrinkles, that’s no problem. Tip: A shower after the exhausting journey not only refreshes. It can also help to eliminate slight wrinkles in the jacket, blazer and the like when they are briefly suspended in the bathroom.

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London Shopping – Oxford Street & Shopping Tips

Of course, I could not resist taking a day’s shopping in this city. From Topshop, River Island to Victoria’s Secret, everything was there that a woman’s heart desires. There I also found my one or another new favorite part for spring!

For example, this coat by Topshop. I bought it on sale in the Topshop Store on Oxford Street. I love the color and especially the length, as it is perfect for spring.

My 2nd It-Piece is this jeans skirt! I also bought it in a small boutique on Oxford Street and I love it. He is not only great for the spring but also in the summer, jeans skirts are back in fashion. I also bought the red bag from the English brand Pauls Boutique in London. She is a real eye-catcher and great in the spring.

My last favorite is this T-shirt by Philipp Plein. It’s actually from the men’s section, but I find the rhinestone-studded lion on the back also fits great in my wardrobe.

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London Tour – Harry Potter and Lion King

In London you can do so much and see so much! Of course, I did some sight-seeing, such as the London Eye or Buckingham Palace. But as I am a true Harry Potter fan deep in my heart, I could not resist taking Track 9 3/4 and stopping by the Harry Potter Shop. Unfortunately, the snake was so long that I could not take a picture. For that we were in the evening at the ‘Lion King’ at the Lyceum Theater and watched the Stunning Musical. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a great evening program in London !!

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London Food – Cheap but delicious! The insider tips

Since no food was included in our hotel, we were often out and about and tried out spontaneous restaurants. One of them was Burger & Lobster directly on a side street off Oxford Street (6 Little Portland St, Fitzrovia, London W1W 7JE). In addition to lobsters, some of which still alive in the aquarium next to the table to swim up to super delicious burgers with frieze is here to have everything. A real insider tip and quite affordable!

My second tip is a cupcake shop directly in the Topshop on Oxford Street. There are super delicious cupcakes in all imaginable flavors and that for only 2 pounds. I tried Red Velvet and it was just heaven!

This was my blog about London, its sights, food tips and shopping experiences! I hope you enjoyed it and you will be back at my blog next week! Until then, I wish you a great week and a nice day!

Your Iva ❤

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