Beauty tips and tricks on the subject of models are presented with Hair Stylist & MUA Maria!

Nowadays, many girls and boys want to become a professional dream model. But this is not easy! We have for you a number of little tricks or important tips from make-up artist Maria (Marie Instagram). Here you can learn what is helpful for models, whether at the beginning, already professional or what you can pay attention to, should you want to become the dream model, come closer.

Beauty Tips for expectant models!

Maria is a professional make-up artist from Cologne and Senior Artist of the Pro Academy (Cologne / Düsseldorf), who has been working in the fashion industry for almost 20 years. She herself always had an artistic streak and started her job as a hairstylist and make-up artist (MUA) with a make-up artist education.  Stylist and Make-Up Artist have the first contact with the models at the shooting, because they prepare them. The models get the first reception at the make-up and are therefore also a big aspect if the model feels comfortable during the shooting. She told us something about her area, gave us tips and explains which points are important for a model, so that a shooting can be successful.

General for women and men Models

For New Faces it can be quite exciting when you go to the first shooting. So that you know how much you have to pay attention to, what you shouldn’t do and what points Male and Female Models all have to pay attention to, Maria has given us some General Things for you to consider. As a New Face it is important to always have good communication. It starts with the model informing herself well at his agency. What will the model expect at the shooting? What should it bring with it or how should it appear? The make-up point is also incredibly important. If a model has allergies or very sensitive skin, this should be communicated so that the styling can adjust to it. When the model comes to the shooting, it is professional to introduce yourself, ask who the people are and what they are responsible for, to greet the whole team and create a good pleasant atmosphere for a successful shooting. Apart from general hygiene and care that a model should always maintain, Maria has again listed important points for explicitly men and women who make it easier and possible for styling to do good work.

Here are the important points:

  • No Go: Come to the set with make-up
  • Availing tattoos / piercings or etc. like extensions communicate
  • Polas should be current
  • No drastic look changes without agreement
  • All avoidance that additional time costs (make-up removal, wet hair etc.)
  • Always slept in / come to the set relaxed
  • Fresh hair (wash the evening before)
  • face peeling (evening before)
  • Coloured models must bring their own products, depending on skin tone

Tips for women

Apart from the fact that models should always come to the set without make-up, female models must also make sure that their nails are not lacquered or gel nails. Lacquering nails off, or blow-drying wet hair dry, always costs make-up and hairstylists time that should be used for the shoot. Nails and general appearance should be maintained, however, the model should never come painted to the set, unless it is expressly required otherwise. The model should be well shaved, girls with greasy hair must make sure that they appear with fresh hair to the set and generally inform their own agency always up to date, should there be problems with the look or change.

Tips for Men Models

Men should still pay attention to the care of the shave for their face care. If a model is to be seen in all pictures with beard and has been booked with beard by the customer, it should appear in such a way, or always current pictures should come. A professional model has a fresh haircut (depending on the haircut, the hair should end just above the ears, for example, otherwise they disturb) and a fresh shave. Male models always have to bring their own shavers because of hygiene, since shaving can cause burn and irritated skin if you have to shave directly on the set after. Men models should also make sure that all nails are well groomed and not too long.

points why a shooting can’t take place?

There are requirements that a model must meet in order for everything to work. Here are a few examples that Maria came up with of the fast one, so a shooting didn’t work or a model couldn’t be shot.

  • bad skin (pay attention, what can be a trigger: food, make-up etc.)
  • Party before the job (Sleepless: dark circles, skin and model cannot do the job)
  • skin inflammation / rash (avoidance of hands on face due to everyday bacteria)

How to make a shooting successful for Model & Team:

It’s simple! If a model feels comfortable in the industry, is open and friendly, when introducing and getting to know the team, half is already done. Every model who works professionally or wants to work professionally should have a skin analysis done. So you have direct information about problem zones, and which are most optimal for products for your own skin. Every skin is different and if you should use oils, moisturizing or oily creams, you can easily find out. Mary’s Tip: Skin Analysis at Dermalogica! For everything else it is important to maintain good communication between the model and the agency, as well as the photographer and the rest of the team.

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  • Bonjour Paris! Fashion Week Paris – the latest trends of the new season

    The fashion month is almost over and finds its conclusion and climax in the capital of France. The cream of the fashion industry is gathering this week to see the trends of the new season A / W 2018/19. Of course FIV Magazine is right in the middle and reports on the trends for the coming season!

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    Fashion Week Paris – my personal experiences

    My journey started early Wednesday morning when I boarded the train from Cologne to Paris. With full anticipation in the luggage, I arrived in Paris and checked in first in my hotel. At the reception the first invitation to the show on Friday awaited me, which was deposited there for me. After unpacking and sorting after a small suitcase, we went straight to the city of love.

    For my short trip, I was allowed to make a little stopover on Reservations before the departure on Tuesday and equip myself with some parts for the Fashion Week, because especially at a fashion event, the matching outfit is of course crucial. The new collection from Reserved is very trendy and characterized by eye-catching color accents, elegant fabrics and modern influences. Which parts I have chosen and how I combined them for the special event you can see in the videos + photos in this article.

    In the following days a wild mix of typical Touri sightseeing, Fashion Week feeling, and great insider spots awaited me – you’ll learn more about that at the end of the article. Of course it is very important to have the right footwear for such an eventful trip. Personally, I am a human being, I wear almost always high shoes in everyday life, but I can not recommend this even for high-heels lover in a city trip, because you are running but more than you think and of course thank the feet the flat shoes. My luck – at Reserved I found quite a few super comfortable sneakers that proved to be perfect travel companions. Because they are not only comfortable, but also visually a highlight and something very special.

    Paris is so much variety and variety that you would probably need weeks to look at all the highlights there. But my absolute favorite spots in the city have a special wow factor. The small island in the Seine, on which Notre Dame and Sainte-Chapelle are located, because especially in summer this small patch of earth is surrounded by so much magic. Small markets with an incredible selection of flowers and food, stroll along the banks of the Seine and just let your mind wander. This peace in a city that is still so big radiates from the Eifel tower. Strolling through the park or sitting in a small café and enjoying the sun on your skin makes Paris something special.

    Last but not least, I still have some restaurant recommendations, as they have me so excited, of course, it is not difficult to find great restaurants in Paris, because they are there like sand on the sea, but these three I can for personal tests only recommend. Very close to the hotel I found by chance the pizzeria Lucky Luciano. The pizzas are a dream come true. I tasted the pizza with buffalo mozzarella and rucula – just great (and not overcrowded).
    In a completely different corner, it was me for lunch. Directly at the Sacre Coeur is a great and above all local restaurant with traditional French food. There you get a menu (3 courses) already for 16 euros – and that is really a bargain for Parisian prices. I tasted French onion soup, traditional potato casserole and – how could it be otherwise – Crepe.

    Fashion Week Paris – shows & the trends of the new season

    Of course, the shows were the highlight of the trip, because in Paris means Fashion Week again something different, as in Berlin. Fancy outfits, special celebrities everywhere cameras and everything according to the motto: ‘See and be seen’. Not only the so-called “Buyers” visited the special events, but also a lot of press, special personalities, like Blogger and of course the fashionistas and real Parisienne of the city. With lots of kisses, old well-known people were greeted before the show and then, of course, the main topic of conversation was first of all the designer and guesses about the new collection. The collections were especially staged and thus presented the trends of the new season.

    #TB to paris fashionweek with @ivaivaofficial ? #paris #fashion #week #runway #show #model

    Ein Beitrag geteilt von FIV MAGAZINE (@fivmagazine) am

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    Uma Wang Show A / W 2018/19 – Warm Colors, Oversized & Unisex

    The Uma Wang Show took place on the 1st of March in an impressive presentation. An old library in a still active school. The parts of the Asian designer were very unusual. Particularly eye-catching, the warm colors stung. Many red, beige and brown tones. Many parts were oversized, such as giant bags, coats, blazers and dresses. The women’s fashion was characterized by many masculine influences. Jackets, trousers and thick wool coats. The designer interprets the trends of the new season in a very own and creative way, thus keeping to her style.

    Andrew Gn Fashion Show AW 2018/19 – Velvet Boots, Ruffles & Timeless Elegance

    The Andrew Gn Fashion Show took place on the 2nd of March in a beautiful ballroom of a classic Parisian hotel. The pink catwalk matched the elegant parts of the collection as well as the beatiful music. The designer’s collection was reflected in the versatility and influence of different cultures. Concise stitched out embroidery, which emphasized both garments tone on tone and in contrasting colors. From the special collection, the designer sets trends for the next season. Velvet Boots both over – and Underknee in colors such as dark green or magenta, but also ruffles, which the designer put oversized scene.

    Travel Tips & Tricks in Paris – Restaurants, Attractions & The Best Photo Spots

    A weekend in Paris can quickly get stressful. There is a lot to see in the city of love and of course you want to take as much as you can. But what are the Places To Be and which sights can one also save?

    Restaurants Paris – something for every taste

    Paris is teeming with cafés and restaurants. My personal recommendation (after careful consideration) is definitely the ‘Le Comptoir de Pantheon’, where you can enjoy not only delicious coffee and desserts, but also the traditional French Croque Madame – a crusty bread topped with ham, cheese and an egg French fries and salad – and of course Mamma Primi, an Italian restaurant that offers incredibly tasty buffalo mozzarella pizza and the ‘Gnocchi Gnocchi on Heaven’s Door’ (gnocchi with tomato sauce baked with cheese). Two real insider tips for the Schlemmer among us.

    Sights & Photo Spots – the most beautiful places Paris

    Nobody can deny that Paris is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, but as a tourist it is important to plan well and be prepared. To save you some work here are the tips for the best sights and photo spots:

    Arc de Triumph – Champs Elysee – Pont Alexandre III – Grand Palais – Tour Eifel

    You can plan these sights for a day, because once you have reached the rest on foot. Starting at the Grand Palais (where, among others, the Chanel + Louis Vuitton Show took place) a beautiful palace, which is also great for photos, you walk only about 100-200m until you are in the middle of the Pont Alexandre III. A stunning bridge with golden ornaments, from which you can also take a look at the Eifel tower – this is also a popular spot for beautiful photos. From there, it’s a 5-minute walk to Avenue Montaigne. Nothing for Shoppaholics, because there are the most luxurious fashion houses housed. From Chanel to Dior, Prada and Yves Saint Laurent you will find everything your luxury heart desires. If you run this to the end, you are already in the middle of the Champs Elysee with the Arc de Triumphe, which drifts at the end of the road. Also, this one is great for pictures but watch out – goes to the opposite side of the Arc de Triumph (not where he goes to the Champs Elysee) because there is much less bustle and your pictures are all the more beautiful! Not to forget, of course, the Eiffel tower, the spot of spots in Paris for great pictures!


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    Trend Piece – Baker Boy Hats

    Hello my love!

    After a long break, I’ll get back to you. Unfortunately, the University has taken the last weeks of my life, because exams are unfortunately not written by itself. In spite of all that, I am here for you again and report on the latest trends and fashion must-haves.

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    Baker Boy Beanies – the new trend in spring

    The Baker Boy caps can now be seen not only everywhere on Instagram and social networks, but also in the city and in everyday life. The caps were worn as early as the 19th and 20th centuries, but then exclusively by men, traditionally by workers and artisans in Paris. In the 1920s, this stylish accessory was discovered by golf and tennis and is now celebrating its revival.

    Styling Tips & Insider Knowledge

    You will not only find them classic in black with a band over the cap, but now in many colors, patterns and designs. The cool accessory directly enhances the outfit in its very own way. This is especially evident in bloggers and influencers at Fashion Weeks in Berlin, Paris, London etc.

    The best thing about this trend? With a bad hair day we do not have to despair now. Cap on and style the hair undone look underneath. Your look is finished à la Parisienne. However, this trend is not entirely new either, because true style icons, such as Kate Moss or Christy Turlington, have long appreciated this stylish accessory.

    In conclusion, I can only say that I simply love the trend. The beanies go with everything and just look perfect. I hope I could inspire you a little and encourage you to the new accessory. If you have any suggestions, questions, wishes or criticism, feel free to write me in the comments! Until then, I wish you a great week.

    Your Iva ❤

    Kolumnen von Ivaiva

    Weitere Kolumnen von Iva Bernard x


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    Trend Guide – Red Bags and how to combine them

    If you want to be trendy, wear red. The bright color you see this year everywhere, whether the celebrities, bloggers or on the street. The striking color has become suitable for everyday use and integrated in our wardrobes. But how do you style such a bright color and what really fits?

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    Red, red, red, – the trend color of the year

    The color red has reached its peak this year and it is still very big at the end of the year. Whether bags, shoes, pullovers, coats or pants. The color is everywhere and everyone wears it. Such a bright color is daring and not everyone dares to wear them, because combining them is not always easy. I show you now 2 different styles with bags in trend color!

    Look 1 – Elegant with eyecatcher

    The design of the bag is rather elegant and simple (apart from the color). I think to a bright color you should combine rather subtle tones and not dress from head to toe as a colorful canary. My choice is therefore beige, white and black.

    Due to the cold season, I style my first red bag with a warm sweater and a coat. Sweaters are basic in winter and can be worn to just about anything. The beige color and the turtleneck make it look elegant. For this I combine a white coat which complements perfectly with his sweater.

    A simple black pants and boots complete the look. Despite the bright color, the outfit is suitable for everyday use even for the office or the university.


    Look 2 – à la Parisienne

    The black and white horizontal stripes are a classic trademark of Parisian women. I wear this as a sweater with trumpet sleeves. My red bag is more sporty, complements the otherwise elegant look but perfect as an it-piece.

    Again, I have chosen only subtle colors to make the outfit does not seem too cluttered. In addition, I combine black trousers and elegant boots to round off the outfit.

    This outfit is also perfect for everyday wear and can be supplemented with a coat in wind and weather.


    I hope you liked my two looks and I was able to inspire you to own great looks with the trend color red. If you have questions or comments, feel free to write in the comments!

    Your Iva  ❤

    Kolumnen von Ivaiva

    Weitere Kolumnen von Iva Bernard x


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    Outfit Inspiration – Trueprodigy for the perfect summer look

    The sun is shining again, the temperatures are high, the air is warm and once again the question of the perfect outfit arises. Especially if you want to go out in the evening. Is it too warm for a pair of pants? Do I take a jacket or not? Also, I ask myself these questions too often and to give some of you a little inspiration on what to combine perfectly and wear on warm days and nights, I’ve put together some outfits from the new Trueprodigy collection for you.

    Outfit # 1 – fresh summer night

    This outfit is perfect for a cozy evening on a fresh summer night. Whether sitting in the park, go for a walk or just end the evening on the balcony. The leggings are nice and comfortable and the leather jacket keeps you warm enough not to freeze. The perfect combination!

    Outfit # 2 – work / school in summer

    This outfit is a true classic and perfect for everyday wear. The leggings have great highlights on the knees, which does not make them look boring. Still she is still super comfortable and not too warm. The top is simply casual and perfect for warm temperatures thanks to the short arms. Together we create a great basic look for every occasion, which can be enhanced by great accessories.

    Outfit # 3 – Elegant and versatile

    This Outift is super versatile but still very simple. The pants are very simple and can therefore be perfectly combined with everything. She also has great details on the knee and a cozy waistband. The top is a basic with elegance. If it gets too cold, just put the coat over it and the look is perfect.

    Outfit # 4 – Beachlook

    The last outfit is perfect for a day at the beach. Under the casual and comfortable pants you can pull the bikini super and the top is by the print not only an eye-catcher, but by the short arms and the cozy fabric perfect for warm days.

    I hope I could help and inspire some of you a bit. The new Truepodigy collection will be available online and in stores from late summer. Have fun with your new outfit inspiration!

    Trend Piece Ruffles – How To Combine It Right

    Hello my love! Today it’s all about ruffles. Of course not blouses, but the currently very trendy ruffled blouses. This spring it has been very feminine so far. Colorful colors, such as a bright pink, flowing fabrics and sweet cuts. Even in summer, this trend seems to continue. Almost everywhere you can see one right now. Ruffles. And these really everywhere. Whether on tops, pants, skirts, dresses or even on shoes. It seems like you can not escape the trend. This trend has also pulled me a little bit, because through the ruffles, I feel a bit like a little girl in a princess dress, and who does not even like to look back on his childhood. How best to style the trend, I’ve looked a little closer to you.

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    The Ruffle Blouse – It Piece of Summer

    Apart from the fact that you are in fashion with a frilly blouse, it is also super practical. It is cozy, airy and easy to combine. It is therefore perfect for hot summer days. Also super hip, are off-shoulder ruffle blouses, which are also super cheap in the big stores, such as H & M and Zara gets. I have Zara frilly blouse and she just combines it with white trousers and sneakers.

    Ruffles as Crop Top – must have for the hot days

    Even with the crop tops, ruffles are hard to imagine. They spice up the often boring crop tops directly on. Even your outfit gets an eye-catching upgrade. I combined my black ruffled / lace crop top from Asos with a pair of white jeans.

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    Ruffles in dress – Allarounder in summer

    Ruffle dresses are available in a thousand different designs this summer. Ruffled blouse dresses, boho dresses with ruffles or off shoulder dresses with ruffles. All are super beautiful and super comfortable and therefore this year definitely my favorite for the beach. Here I’ve combined my off-shoulder ruffle dress for everyday use with ankle boots and a patches bag. You can find out more about the It-Piece Patches bag here.

    Of course, there are endless combinations and many different styles to combine the trend of ruffles. I like the female very well and am looking forward to more great styles this summer. I hope you liked my blog about the trend ruffles and you will be back next week !! Until then, I wish you a great week.

    Your Iva ❤

    Kolumnen von Ivaiva

    Weitere Kolumnen von Iva Bernard x


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